Episode 382 - The Prickly Heat


It. Gentlemen, who will come to the rock patters rental. Bye, go spent dot com. Neighbouring Jade's Branson. Heard branston. We all know you want Branson's life. It's not his life. It's the freedom right as life, that, that he enjoys sure that he's been afforded to enjoy. And he's, he's earned it taking any of that away from his I'm in the camp of you work hard. You should be able to do whatever you want right after certain amount of time. Yeah. However, that hasn't happened for a lot of people, therefore, you resigned to whatever shit storm or whatever fuck. All your life is. But for some people, it does work Branson. It worked for big dick brands. I'm talking about Richard Branson, virgin. Virgin mobile showroom Atlantic shore. The spaceship man, he's the new rocket man him and base. Os wanna go to fuck in space and Branson is going to do it. He's been building. This thing in what ten years now and Las Cruces cost taxpayers. Millions. Man, we're going to space, we're going to space brother. That was two thousand eleven twenty nine scenes it's been a moments. But it looks like this bitch is finally ready to, to set sail. Okay. So the hemisphere and he's going to do it. There's a new report out all indicators that he's going to get on this fucking spaceship and do it now. Elon Musk launched a tesla into space, but didn't get inside the car. He put what a fake dude in it. You know, let out that guy. About the guy that happened to. Listened to that episode. That was the one where James was convinced there was somebody driving. Seized when I first saw the picture. Sure, you're like the test of out in faith, and I was like about the guy in there. Yeah. He is. He going to be too. Real human didn't go to space, but but new. France. Yeah. Richard Branson's, a real human who's, who's going into space. And if he does that, that's the Most Polish of all time if he does he goes out as a fucking legend, obviously, right, if he lives, and he's even bigger legend. It's a win win for him across the board. The only way he could personally, lose would be himself because then he doesn't get to be Richard Branson anymore. Fuck it. Yeah. But if he lives, he becomes even better than he was, and that's virtually impossible. We've talked about big Branson on the show before. I mean, Google topless kite surfing, with Richard Branson. You're gonna find a supermodel whose topless and they're just surfing in the middle of the ocean. They're not near near a shore. They're not in a lake. Yeah. They just got dropped towed in in the middle tote towed in the middle of the fucking ocean. There's no one out there, except for big dick brand. Even sharing a fucking dime. Piece on his back who's topless and both of them are laughing, like it's the end of the world. I mean you want wanna see the two happiest people of all time you'll ever seen your entire life. It's wherever that Schick is in big, dick Branson out in the middle of the ocean. Now, do we know that he has a big dick? We don't okay I'm assuming I'm just wondering and there's any reports all be reels here with you. Because, you know, my motto in this life, a lot of people do should probably get a tattoo to myself. Big big dreams, right? Big Dicks big dreams has always been my motto. Why? Because if you have a big dick in this life, chances are you're dreams already came true. If you don't let's say he's got a tiny penis may. That's why he works hard and he's going to space so he can overcome. It'd be like, dude. I don't even care Smalls Dicky's. It's Richard Branson. He went to space. He's fucking kite surfing in the middle of the land. I mean. Look, I'm not saying everybody should follow this, this advice at home, but you should probably follow this advice at home. If you got a really small penis in this world, right? Work super hard like Richard Branson. You can overcome it over overcome a small penis. Maybe that's why Asians work so hard. You know, fuckers are buying up everything in America, China owns America. Maybe just maybe if you really stop to think about it is because they've really small penises. Yeah. And now they own everything in America. They own half of our movie studios. Right. All of New York City. If you wanna go to New York City and go to a high rise just walk in and see people in a lobby empty. Why each one of them's owned by Chinese LLC, and you're like fuck do I live here like? Don't worry about it. That's Mr. home. Yeah. We've, we've never even met them met his broker by. He came in and bought this shit. We've never actually. Yeah. He's probably never even seen the place. Not once I bet you he'd even going Zillow because it's probably blocked over in China any form of happiness of what this might be that motherfucker knew he had to get rid of the money and I didn't even see the place. Didn't even get to go on, on Zillow at all. And see it like not one pick. They were just like Amen. It's going for four point eight I think we can get it for four point seven nine five in cash. Just wanted to click on over LLC wise. Yeah. And it's yours, you got a place to stash your cash, and then you're never living there again in. Oh, yeah. It's sad. It's sad. That that's happening to New York. Art thing is we want to do the second half there. But it's like at this point is that ever going to be possible. Maybe. The reason why I also bring that up is China's cracking down on this right now. And they're checking where the investments go because you're tired of their own people investing in American shits to get rid of their money, and they want to invest over there. So like New York. Realtors are saying we're having a problem. We're not bringing in the Chinese like we used to the government's cracking. Okay. So maybe maybe there's a chance. But if that happens. I mean you don't have to be a doctor. Scientists figure I was going to go on then housing market's gonna crash. Yeah. And then you're going to be involved in smo- h shit where you're just like all right? Cool man. You drove up the prices as high as they could possibly go. Then what then to sell them to try to get rid of this shit? I mean it's going to be fucking bombs. So is that good for us or bad for us? It would be good. We're ready for the second hand to be good. If the timing's, right. Your fucking snowed. But what, you know, where's another place flagstaff who've flagstaff is pretty, you know, they went through their own real estate boom as well. They got nukes, sorted Vegas. Yes. LA for a little bit. There was like a two year stretching LA where it was just like, oh, hey, the twelve hundred square foot for. Yeah. And a half instead of five million. But that came in Wentz, New York's two different beasts though, man because again, having been there, so many times and seeing how empty all of these buildings truly are I don't know what would really happen. There's also like a certain amount of places and land. Right. So it's not something that's like keep building building, like they at this point kind of have every square inch built up. I mean at this point where do you go into the park and they're billing building battery park battery park, simply dirt? Yeah. Leftover from real estate that they put in the river and then built on top of that. So I don't know. I don't know what you do. But if you want a shot at it, maybe, maybe it will come back, maybe fucking, even if there is a crash, maybe big brands, it'll save cell. And what build something in space space, or he'll just come in and by the New York real estate, and then just one big virgin hotel type sich purple lighting. And everything's read to this day best planes, I've ever been on those flights. It got to a point where I would only fly because I had to fly back and forth from LA to New York a lot, I would only look for those virgin flights. And if I didn't get one that was genuinely pissed off about it. We're just like fuck trips gonna suck. I'm not gonna have club music blaring, and then purple Strobe lights as soon as I come on the plane. Yeah. And happy ass. Stewardess is one of the fucking stewardesses were so happy on this guy implants, they didn't have to work the little screens drink, boom, swipe your card press the button, and then it was giggles. Two minutes later. Here's your drink, sir. You're like fuck and I would literally because I had to go with Brandon a lot and then with claim a lot back and forth in New York, and I'd be like God, dammit, man Branson. Anthony, and brother Lee Branson is see the mobile as well. The mobile didn't do too well do well, but it's hard there. There's a. I don't want I'm gonna throw the sponsor under the bus. We don't we better sponsors because we're not just selling you anything just to sell the shit too. Yeah. As it comes back on us. It is use it and you don't like it one time we sold something I wasn't. I wasn't sure how confident I wasn't it and people came back, and they were like fucking hate this. And so we got rid of it. And I was like, I'm not going to do that again. There was a mobile company that hit us up numerous times of the last four five months. Right. And they were like, look, we want to switch, when you do on the show we're going to give it to all you, your and all this other shit. And I looked it up, and it was like forty bucks a month for this mobile plan. And I was like here by how good can this be right? I went I went to the user reviews and all that shit. And people were like dude, you have to basically stand on top of your car in rain, our at eleven fifty eight in the morning to get a gun, it a call through to Jima and the hospital and I was fuck. I can't do that right to building a mobile thing is really hard because you've gotta. Have all those cell towers hotspots all that shit. And then enough people to do it. It's essentially, why there's what three companies can't and then you're going against just like with everything these huge established companies eighteen see Verizon, T mobile. Chye. Look, I will say this speaking, honestly here. Eighteenth, he's probably the best, but they're fucking asshole coverage wise coverage wise, but their customer service or Dicks. You turn into let me talk to the manager. It's real Amy klobuchar. Shar. Let me let me talk to your manager you turn into that. You're gonna these weird contracts that somehow extends beyond your life in India children's. Like, oh, no. You can't escape that he had a new bell. Guess what? He's getting AT and T net. Then when they bought direct TV because I used to have direct TV for years, because of the NFL package. Right. Trying to deal with them on the phone, then with direct TV those contracts or whatever it was. I mean you're googling how many different ways slit, your wrists and every every time it just said go down. I don't know why I kept going back to Google for the same answer. That's how much hated AT and T on a daily basis. Then you got horizon, right. Which I have now, so hated AT and T. And I hated direct TV and I want to get out of that shit. Yeah. And I switched to Verizon, Verizon works, unless you're going to a big event. So the problem is for the sport show for drinking sports. Go to a lot of big events. I can't get a hold of anybody. I mean, it's, it's like twenty eight days later up in that motherfucker, right? If you go to at the college football game Super Bowl, wherever you're going. Good luck. It's you're holding it up. Doom went you into like a deaf guy to other people, and it's like, I don't know why I'm losing my hearing just because I don't have WI fi a phone or I can't make a phone call here. That's all I talk to people do you do. Kinky booking. Being all you wanna do is pop up one ten seconds story on key of, you know, in the front row, the front row or, you know, some chubby marching band dude, that guy in the fucking tuba can't do out. Can you shan't last that out? Can't can't do anything. No, nothing. Instead, you get a bunch of delayed stories, and that's what happened in the Super Bowl. It was like, yeah. Why are you posting shit like two days? Finally, go through cool. I am. And. Def. Right. Tori, and really embarrassing. Yeah. It's okay, bro. We get it you're at the SU. Okay. Cool. I was like, no man. It was live. And it was two days ago in the shit was read and know anymore. Right. So I think that's why the big Dicker oh, the Branson, probably got out of that whole sich where you just realize fuck, man. Do I really want to deal with all these pills? 'cause you need a cell phone everywhere you go right? You don't need a kite surf losing apparatus. Yeah. So that's probably why probably looked at it. It was just like dude. I'm tired of getting the messages of like I can't hear you or see you or whatever it is. And he probably got out of that the plane thing, I don't know why got out of that. I can't figure that one out. I want. I mean. You got so much right for so little so little that it just could not have been lucrative for him. No, I resell to, like I reached out to. And I just said hailing Twitter. And I just said, hey, man, I'll pay more, please. Don't take this away from me. And he said, you didn't answer me. Sure. But these probably busy surfing, right with a dime peace in the middle of the ocean on a Tuesday firm hand. So I reached out so homeboy and I was just like, look man, don't get rid of these planes, and it was like, that's the most serious, genuine posts of probably ever made on social media rows just like, please don't take this pleased. Yeah. Yeah, don't take this from me by, I've got enough, hard shit going on in my life. Right. Don't need this fucking plane away from me lease. It's all I have on answered on answered. Right. Planes are gone. I heard they rebooted them like sold them to other delta or American. Or whatever it is. And they took out those lights and everything. Made just lifeless and shrunk seats again and robotic. Yeah. Man. What was I own? Delta delta was probably the best now and it's just like even then. You're still paying for internet, that shit doesn't work, and it is what it is show. I probably go delta. And then American forget about it. I don't even know if they understood if they've ever seen a TV because they don't have one God, damn TV in any American airline flight ever. And I have a million of those miles and miles give and using miles. Great, right. The fuck and miles. If you wanna cash, those in, you've got a fly on, like July thirty first or the thirty second, which is in a day, like nine pm, two stops, and you're going to go through Utah doesn't matter if you're just going from Florida, you know, my orc you gotta go through Utah. My mom we always joke that she has these, like crazy flights of like just weird times twenty airports, going to AirAsia then back to whatever. Because she's miles. Just like and they not only extend you all over the Frick and country before they get you 'cause you're on your basically. Unlike standby everywhere, everywhere. Like, slowly, somehow zigzag you to your destination. But, you know traveling privilege for anyone so. Felt real privilege to go to San Antonio. Talk about that. Finally solve the Alamo. Oh, yeah. Which think it's real small. Did you go in the basement? Everybody asks it to every single person is asked me really, if I went to the basement of it, no serious. And I was just like no man didn't even go inside. There's no basement. Others. No basement peewee Herman thing, I don't know why so many people were asking everybody loves the movie. I got a lot of that. And did you find bike? Jeez. Yeah. I posted a picture outside the Alamo. Right. Cool. It was one of those things where Airbnb to place his it was on the last night when I was doing an interview after recording the audio book. Well, yeah. And so. Suggesting hotels, which is new to me, and I was like, oh, all right. Well, that's cool. But I can just go orbits or some shit like that. So they have anything to do with it or do they just suggest them to you? I think they get a cut, okay. One of them was. So long or Solano or whatever either way, we've we used we use that Salongo thing last time. Okay. And it was nice. So it was like Cooman, if you're popping up suggestions, let's get wet. Let's give fucking wedge shore. So there was this place called the Crockett. Right. And I was like, oh man. That sounds like hip. Aby. Yeah. Davy crockett. Yeah, sure yeah, I found it actually was okay, it was a hotel directly overlooking, the Alamo, I walked out, and it was a hotel, and I was like us shit. This is weird. So walked outside of the Crockett's, which had leg of point one stones and was amazing. It wasn't that amazing. I can tell you that sure not gonna shit on it because I respect Davy Crockett and everything he's done for this country. Right. But it was next door to the Alamo. And if you're a tourist and you're looking for, hey man, I wanna walk outside the front door. And then in twenty yards I want to be inside the Alamo. That's the place to do it. Well at the Crockett that's not ever anything. I would wanna do tell the people why you had to get an Airbnb. Why you couldn't stay. Jared's after your interviews. That's right. That's right. Yeah. Listen to drink, and rose podcast. They're highly recommended or yesterday it would be yesterday. We're recording. I don't normally say this, but it was really good. It was great. My best friend's married. A real life porn star. They know Jared, I know. Yeah. Okay. In case you don't. Oh. There. Look, we fifty percent of listeners, listen to a fifty percent, don't okay? Jared from jeered from drinking broke my best friend, one of my co hosts married, a real-life adult film, star share. And not only did we talk about. I'm going to I'm going to tread lightly here, her history and pornography. Right. With him sitting right. Next year. We all do the interview together. But then we got into me so confused because I was like, you know, I know if you male porn stars when I was just like, hey, did you ever get slammed out by James Dean? Right. He's probably the most famous dude male porn star right now. Yeah. Totally did. Men, get a fuck and hammer on them, doesn't he? And she was telling me like, whoa, weird all together. Yeah. Talking with one another. It's great. Yeah. Evan stone was another one like shit. Yeah. And they watch they've watched porn together all of these incorrect. The porn, she's done. They watched together. And then, and that's kind of one of their things, and that's a nice thing. My favorite thing, and I'll just tease one more thing about it. My favorite part was when they were talking about the trip that they're going to take and two different countries to Bank prostitutes. They're going to separate. Guess I maybe shouldn't give it away, they're going to separate. They're going to bang prostitutes. Then they're going to compare compare. And then possibly use the best one together corrects couple and then also posted like a yelp thing. So if you go to that country now that like Rica, correct. Okay. So Costa Rica. Right. And you, you wanna bang prostate? You wanna find out where the best prostitutes are sure this will be your go-to guide of like, oh shit. I can go to. That's great who. Costa rica. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So okay, that was my, my take away from it wasn't AMT in the whole thing. And so that the yelp part because then I was like, all right. Well, they are helping people. Right. So that's a nice thing, 'cause there's nothing worse than going on vacation than wasting good money on a terrible prostitute. At least that's kind of tip the scales back over to the good guys again. But. Yeah. It's one of the craziest interviews I've ever done. And I loved loved all miss that guy. Hope he comes. I mean he will he'll come. Yeah. He was talking about possibly coming to, you know, staying at the beach house and doing more shows and stuff. And I guess she's cool. So come on down guys school, come on down shrimp wife, and it's great with kids. All right. Right. Better than the last one. Yeah. Well. You do a lot of things in this world. Right. To try to make yourself a better person. Sometimes people take that away from you. And I feel like Jared people were trying to change him now. He can finally be real self. And it's magic isn't that beautiful magic. That's the world is beautiful. You know what else is beautiful ghost bed dot com forward slash drinking broS. We do have some sponsors pay for the whole, we get Sigitas chatting away. And then boom, forget about the sponsors who pay for this whole fuck ary to be on the air. Go sped dot com forward slash drinking broS is the best. We just wanted to three of these things. They came in three days, if that I know to. Yeah. Three days might have been like, h really fast. Yes. And they say that it's scary scary fast. Something like this, and it really is like no shit. And I was like cool man. In the new office. We got a bunch of bunk beds and whatnot. So we put some mattresses up there, and we're starting Colt possibly just a little Jonestown type of thing here. But yeah, yeah. And I just wanna have some nicely third numbered amongst for them. And then that way you go by cleanliness of sweet. You're in bed three, right? The dirty or one goes in the third. That way, you can keep it kind of pig panic Morley Heaven's Gate. But yeah, yeah, let's keep it thirty shit. And just be like you go lay there. Various. What, what sorry? Oh, sorry. Was that too much? Who's the there was recently a mattress company, so they wouldn't give matches. They win the cell mattresses to the border because immigration children Wayfair. That's it was way wouldn't. Yeah. They were like are there was a boycott against them, or whatever, like, don't sell mattresses because they're going to the board. Fuck you dude, those people need to place asleep. Yeah. Maybe special step in give them some mattresses for the border. Nice across the border. I sleep. I don't know. They're not gonna that. 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And that's because straight razors dot com. Get everything beard oil, shampoos, mustache waxes conditioners, you name it. Everything you need in this life to be real man. They fucking habit. Go straight razors dot com right now. Use the promo code revolution. For twenty percent of the big savings there. We're going to start off this, this top of the show here with the bottom half of the show, wherever we are. Snake brand prickly heat give shot out to the Ben's, dude. It's recommend. Of course. Hey, Russ, try this shit out discovered this while in the Philippines, on my first Marine Corps deployment and eighty nine a leg better than gold bond. Hashtag hope you rake, it the events. Right. I did we did a show called the gold bond experience. I don't know what number it was. Weird mood that day unlike any other day. But I went off on a fifteen minute rants about how much I loved go Gobind in how it saves lives and. Keeps your balls taint out and your first gold bond experience with the Minty run. I think strong it was. Sure. This is called snake brand. Brickley glee. Heat's original cooling powder classic. It's classic. It looks Asian. Yeah. So I don't know. I mean look, we'll give it a goes here on the on the on the show where are you going to put it? What do you think I'm gonna put it? I'm gonna put it look, if you're watching the video show, you can, you can actually see this. I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and. Throw a throw a quick dollop, on the dangles just test this out live on air. I don't know how bad this is going to be. But homeboy said this, that's a lot. This is a dollar. Can you see this home? This is a doll. No. If you're if you're putting something on your ball sack this is how much you want to use. Now. If you're doing cocaine this is way too much to pour out painting gonna be with you. That is. Mabel. I smell it from here passages, and it is it is strong. I don't know what this is going to do, but. We're gonna find out just a quick. It's warm in North Carolina right now. It is probably what ninety six today. Something that affects so we'll find out Rick Ben how just how cooling this is that is kicked in lengthy fasts. I was not expecting that reach across shakes and high fives. Everybody working to behind the scenes right out to this, who. My goodness. That is that is line. Asian very Asian. I love that packaging though packagings nice, isn't it? Gosh. I might empty this out and make a little flowerpot my God, that is quickly. Creeping up on me like Santa a chimney, fucking December twenty fifth. That is really going up the old gerbil catwalk right now. Lot of emotions. Is it that bad or, you know, it's? It's, it's almost numbing. It's gone fast, the cooling process and. Well, I mean obviously, it's all my hand dick does that feel on the hand. You don't you don't ever feel it on the hand? Okay. I don't know why it's specially rate so formulated for only the boy now it's his if someone is taking a blow torch to my scrotum in tain area and a blow torch. Yeah, it's hot and cold. We were like, oh man, I feel like. Almost very post-surgery Lance Armstrong, where I can't feel it one of my nuts. There is a bowl there. I don't know which one though that's how I selecting this is right now. But. Who I think it's look, I think it's like the other gold bond where if you get used to it, you get used to it. Sure. It's whatever. Why, maybe because I'm wearing the crowded t shirt today. I'm getting the whole karate kid vibe. I was going to give them the revolutionary figure the day because they brought him back that show to epic levels, but I started immediately meow game. My hands, if that was going to do something to my scrotum, which is not. At this point, I'd have to wash my full dick off in the sink to get rid of this, this, just like dissipate. I think it would be like those hot pepper challenges. Adding water would be the worst thing. Yeah. You gotta put some milk on it. And maybe this Rick bend. There you go. Buddy city, did it onto point in the Philippines. That's, that's a lot stronger heat than inside of a television studio. But. Who really flying right now? I am getting you high, maybe a little bit. I don't there's so many emotions right now, going on in my mind. It's like you let me down led by iron summer Swayze, because they made you a little ladies ones. I don't know if it's going to be available. It should be an a tank, top would be sweet over this. But this is the butter soft lady t- led by iron. Go to lead by these summer Swayze. They sold out in a half hour. So we put a new batch up right now. Yeah, they did. They did back. They're back the dope assured about it is. It's the most comfortable should I've ever had my life, and it's awesome. Go to lead by iron dot com. L E, B, Y R, N dot com. Get the summer Swayze tease back in stock, and yeah, they made you a little lady one, which is awesome. And love those guys a little lady. That's what I am. For him this fucking rule the free world. It's all first responders, too. So, like, no, you're probably helping somebody to this is who. Boy, and filling North Korea down there. I mean free seems like a good little pick me up. Wake you up. Like you're definitely like Pat all reels hat put it this way. If I did real cocaine versus this. Coke wooden replicate feeling this right now. So if you're out there, and you're, maybe you're addicted to coke, this is one way to get off at everything you every time we think about doing a line, just take a dollar this splash on your taint that really sink here, about Beth the bounty hunter S P. Is that so sad seem sad to me? She for like fifteen years, so like, and they were I think that's what's sad about it is they seem like so perfect for each other. And so in love and yeah. I think that's the sad part about it. It's weird. She died of through cancer. Lung stage for lung. Difference between lung and throat. Yeah. Isn't your lungs inside your throat? Lungs. Are the really I'm just saying? I mean you got to fucking on glue. What are you talking about? Let's this lungs right here. Yeah, but then you're on the inside right? Yeah. And this is four x throw. Yeah. Isn't that the Rex? That's the mouth breather. They call that again. I'm not a I'm not a person of science. I'm not a man of the cough. Okay. They call it the old mouth breather. So cancer is what she had she'd, some form of cancer. Oh, are we not? Okay. And you're right. It was throat cancer. Oh, you're right. No jesse. Oh, thought it was lung cancer. So she'd been diagnosed with stage two throat cancer back in twenty seventeen so she was declared cancer free. And then a year later, the cancer returned and you're right. When you said throats, maybe the audience will forget that, but I won't definitely want either way, she was on TV for like fifteen years. And I think that's what makes it so sad. And they used to rerun the shit out of dog the bounty hunter. Oh, yeah. Loved and over and over again, I look, I was gigantic fan when it first started. Oh, yes. But then afterwards because they had a spin off with the kids in her. I didn't wanna see her give fucked up. So, like I didn't I just stop watching the show because it was always an element of man, isn't somebody going to puncture in the face because if I'm a hardcore criminal, right? Yeah. All meth up like. That would be my biggest fear. I think of like, oh man somebody's going to punch my wife on meth. Yeah, I kind kinda stopped watching for that reason. But that's why it's so sad is, you know. She was felt like on everywhere, if you went to a car dealership or. It was always dog the bounty hunter, on it was silman safe so much gyp. It also dangerous where it was like. All right. Cool man, this so yeah. That was that was weird one weird. When we got breaking news on the show, right? Breaking news, what spring court ruled that. Man that you can't the census question you can't ask that you can't ask if their citizen. Right. You can't ask if they're a United States citizen on the US census and. It says, and it was it was a fucking conservative guy who flipped and said. It seems like contrived question doesn't just to ask if you live in the country that you're actually taking the census in. Well, yeah. Well, the, the whole idea, what did you what do you always say that you just want to know how many people are here for tax? And if there's any question on the census that's going to prevent people from taking it. Look, if your name your legally anyway, yeah, you're not you're not taking the census you're not doing it. Will you definitely not if there's a question on their citizenship, right? Okay, how many how many legals live in the country? Yeah. We've no idea. Yeah. Twelve minutes. Not, not right. Dan? Dan's offscreen Saint twelve million, it's not because they're undocumented, Dan, we don't have the fucking answer. And the census. Sure, Spock isn't gonna get the answer. I can tell you that right now. So with this, this whole thing like. What do you do any more? What do you do with all this stupid shit, where it's like you have all the, the illegal immigration that's going on. You can't we can't pay for it as an Asian. But, you know, you're also gonna give us your tired and poor and weak and all that shit who's gonna pay for it because it's nobody. That's actually bitching about it. So with the census, you're just trying to get an exact headcount of how many people live in the country. So, you know, how much to tax people to pay for healthcare food everything in this, this life in America? So I guess that's my thing, just devil's advocate. If you really just want to know how many people, that's all you want to know. Right. Right. So why do you need to know if they're citizens because if you're a United States citizen, your taxes are different than if you're, if you're not correct? Okay. You don't get AM. If you're here illegally, you don't get taxed at all right? So there is no way to tax. You. You have no sense is just to see literally. Ahead. Get a head count. You know, you'd have to tell everybody to line up in the streets, and be like great. We're going one by one. Yeah. So to me. Now that you have this, like the rest of it's all going to fall and crumble, all this other shit's going to crumble to nobody has any fucking answers. We were watching that debate last night, and all they did was bring the guy in the and the daughter who died that photo. I'm reminded of a story is pretty much all they said, much all the time, not one single person how to solution or an answer now they would just get really passionate about something and like raise up and raise their voice and talk about leadership and change. But I don't think I heard one actual solution, nothing. Yeah. You know why because you don't have to pay for it. You don't have to pay for it. You don't know how to stop it. The reason why you don't have to pay for it is, you know, how many people are fucking living near so you don't know what money or resources to dedicate. All, you know, is the border patrols like we're strained? We can't take care of all these. We can't do any of this shit because we don't have enough funding. Why don't you have enough funding people to tax? Live there like it's pretty goddamn simple. So this is gonna this to me, this decision that just came in right now. Get lock who's going to go on forever. People bitch at Trump about one and build a wall. It's some solution. It's a solution anything just an last night. We watched the debates the democratic debates nothing. Nobody had one even I owed of a solution. Just like you gotta do something man is going to continue to happen after this. So I think you're fucking done with it. I don't I don't see them doing anything. The see them doing anything Gration wise or really trying to change things. You'll never know how much tax Pete now. We're what twenty trillion in debt or something crazy, like that's going to keep skyrocketing? China will own us completely outright by, like twenty fifty 'cause they're buying up. They, they own all of our debt. Right. Tell what's, what's to stop them from saying, hey, more, not gonna pay this anymore. Fuck you guys. Yeah. I would if I were them coming, so until then we're just going to rage, and I'm might even throw another dollop on the old balls here on the old. Dangles just because just why not at this point you know. The other thing that I really wanted to get into with you here. Jabes Jaber ham Lincoln. Is the new horror films that are coming out? They keep getting more and more graphic in violence. To the point where it's like, man, we just going to see somebody murdered live on screen and asked to somebody, and they're like, dude. I'm just saying, like faces a death. Like, that's what that was. And I was like shit. You're right. Yeah. But those were real real people getting right? We're getting close to that. And like horror movies, and shit. What do you mean? There's a thing with. It's so the new chapter two comes out. There's a bloodbath scene that pushes hor to the brink of pure fucking madness. Obviously, I'm going to go see it because. Come on. I'm definitely now going to go see this because I wanna see how far you took it. But you go when you go up to that start killing human, brother. Bring about the faces death paying people to like. Like commit suicide or something. I think I think you're gonna casting probably. Yeah, that's probably like an underground thing that's going on, on the dark web. Right. Where it's like, hey, if you offer yourself, I'll give your family two or three million guide. Yeah. Probably right. Because you can get all kinds of ship. Women socks. Old party balloons. A child's birthday party with a yeah. Where they use them as water balloons, and they're like broken the pieces on the ground. Yeah. I wanna smell that pieces of grass in it. Yeah. Yeah. Where you're like man. That's really well explicit anything. You can think of there's someone else that is thinking about the same thing. So if you could pay for something to be filmed, and sent to you, what would it be some fucked up? What nothing what are you talking about? Nothing that I could pay someone to film. Yeah. No. Not now you can go, what is this? What is this? Know if there's something fucked up that I want somebody to film, and send to me, what's yours. I think it would be somebody correctly, using an apple remote for like six hours straight correctly. Yes. So you have to log in. So what I do is I give you this, I give you my apple TV, but it strips. Right. There's one hundred eighty apps on there. Okay. So I want you to go through every app re enter your Email, and your username, and you can't fuck it up. Like you can't fuck up one of these apps. Right. And you just have to turn it on. So I wanna see somebody go through every single app on stripped, enter in my full Email address, and their name never fuck it up. And then lot of people's like nightmare, right? But this is what I want filmed incentive me where if you're trying to think of things that would make you happy in this world watching that kids watch video games all the time. And they pay for it on twitch all. Is they sit there and watch other kids play video games. Not even better than them. Sometimes just kind of shitty just like, hey, man. Why are you watching that? It's in there and other kid playing video game that you have the dance in their defense. I watch people buying houses. As I'm buying a house. I watch people cook food. Their house. Why did you look at me? Like that was the most fucked up question. I ever asked. Like, maybe I don't know. It was like coming off this, like horror movie like, hang people to commit suicide. And then, you're like, what's the most fucked up thing that we want those like Alba weird for six hours? Yeah. Because that's to me. That's super Funk's out like that tiny little apple remote just for six out, no mistakes. So if you make a mistake to start all over again. Go the full six and re use password. Right over and over and over again. And so you get it rights. And the last step of it is to go to net flicks and fast forward to two minutes and just get right on the nose. Using apple remote and just fast forward and get it right on the nose. So you don't miss it and have to go. Puck. Of buck. Missed it. Miss it. That's all I do all day long where it's like how many times have I call announcing today show, this is awesome? This is amazing. No watching twelve minutes of the same program. I just watched to show you a ten second clip, because I can't use that God damn remote. And that's what I pay top dollar for. See that happen. Okay. For six hours, you like a nightmare us would have to be something in, in the cooking world or. Daines footage edited together. I wanted for you, as far as fucked up. I think it would be hilarious to see every Anthony bourdain episode, but the shit that didn't make it. And when he was screaming at people would love it because, you know, screamed at his cast and crew, here's what I would want. So, like I told you there's a moment when he's done with the interview like, when it's gone. South and he's over it. He says, let's go to the wide and the people, the, the guest doesn't know what that means, but his crew all means that means he's done. He doesn't wanna do this anymore. They're going to set it for the one just be done. Right. So I wanna see like the five minutes before and see it just disintegrate or just get to the point where like, what it what it is. That makes him say, let's go to the wide. Because he just interrupt. He'll like interrupt them just be like going to the wide like. Just be done with it when you want to see that footage. Yeah. Really said, yeah. I have a feeling I know what it is show because they showed one portion of it with the tuna sandwich. He was trying to tuna sandwich somewhere and it was his favorite tune, so yes. Yes, higher world and he goes, look, I don't care what you have to do. Get me this fucking tuna sandwich from this one, weird Asian place wherever they were. Yeah. Yeah. That he always would go to, and it was always there. And then he went there wasn't their production needs yelling at production needs. Like what the fuck is the problem you can't fuck and find me this thing in all of bubble blah. Yeah. Yeah. And then he got it and they were like they took it from the store, put it in the packaging, and, like, totally outed, his whole snot, even right? But I'm gonna eat it. Imagine just having six to eight hours of boarding footage of been, like, hey, man. The fuck are we doing here? That would be. Yeah. That would be pretty hilarious. Yeah. I'd sit down and watch that. Oh, yeah. For one behind the scenes they didn't go too much into, like his blowups, but they do have a behind the scenes show in that last season when he died. So they do have a behind the scenes cut together, and it's a lot of that. Okay. And they're like he wasn't mean. No, he, he was particular. He wanted things the way he was. Sure. And I can understand that. I'm sure you can, if you could pay money for that footage. It's probably what you do. Yeah. Definitely want that. I can't think of anything I don't, I think of anything else fucked up that I would want. Oh, really? Yeah, man. I go through a laundry list of just weird things that I'd like people to do, and then send it in. Okay. I mean I. Yeah. Again, the apple remote is number one where share. Yeah. I wanna see I wanna see a direct TV customer service rep call in and get to get to a human in under twelve minutes. You want someone to call direct TV. I'm get to. Yeah. But who works there? And the reason why I bring this up specifically, I, we had a problem with Bank of America recently. Danny's behind camera. That few problems with peg America problem is, it's like the cellphone shit. We were talking about earlier, pretty much down to two banks, this point near down to Bank of America, Wells Fargo depending upon where you live. I Wells Fargo was so shitty that was resigned with the fact that I was going to be with Bank of America, and the rest of my life, and there's nothing I could do about it. Their customer service trying to get a hold of them, especially, like small small business banking. It's great. You can get right through. And the commercials are like somebody calling like guys. His off. Okay. Do you need help with your, you know? No reverse cowboy help getting fucking spread eagle jets, yeah, I do Bank of America problem is you never do that for me. And I was on the phone. There was a breaking point one day where I completely lost it because it eats up half my day with customer service. It was a breaking point where I was on hold for an hour and twenty minutes with Bank of America, small business customer service, and it just kept dead at. In that same fucking song. They play over and over again. You can hear it like you do sound you can hear it that little click click, and then it that at, and it's in that click that, that it gives you this hope inside your heart that somebody's going to answer your like jewel like it's good. You Julius somebody there. Nope. It's just that song repeating again, another three minutes. But data. Keep for holding. So it was like the level of anger that I was at that day was to the point of I was like, all right. The guy who had fucking giving me this account and said, surreal, have no problem setting this up on your own at home. Just take it on home, and we'll send you everything in a box in all your shitting box, and then just calling. We'll hook it up. So in my mind, I'm on the phone. It's at the one twenty Mark, I'm on Twitter. And since verified on that bullshit, I'm literally documenting what's happening with, with this and everybody's dying laughing, so I'm like men. I've thought about sixty eight ways to kill myself inside my house right now for the Bank of America shit, or whatever. And then what they do. If you're verified, is they send you a private message and they're like, sir. Sorry, having problems. Could you personally, and we'll take care of this right away? They did. So I did like another twenty six minute gap, and I was like fuck this charged up my laptop because I was using a desktop at the office charged up my. Laptop, I had the phone and I had that charging at the same time. So what I did was unplugged. It unplugged laptop drove with the laptop up in the phone still going cute the banks, you fucking branch went in and ask for the manager. And I said, hey man, remember when you hooked me up with all this shit? You said it's going to be soups easy. I was on an hour twenty eight but it's got to the Bank, so fucking ridiculous on speaker. And I just put that there, and I brought my laptop in put both of them on his desk, and I go, here's what I'm gonna do. Because you work here and he goes on God, sir. So I am so embarrassed by all this shit whatever and I go, here's what I'm gonna do because you work here is I'm gonna leave this on your desk. He's, I want you to hear the same song that I've been listening to for an hour and twenty eight minutes. You said this is so easy. So I want you to call your person, you can use my computer. It's already opened in my account is up. You work here. You sold me on this. You dump son of a bitch. I wanna see you do it. And it was like, oh, yeah, is this real? And I was like, I'm not going anywhere. And I haven't been because this this, fucked my whole day. So I'm here. Let's do it. Right. And so he tries to call this mother fuckers on the phone. Yeah, thirty six minutes. He works at the branch. He's a manager. He couldn't get their own customer service on the phone finally breaks through the two of us are huddled next to each other behind his tiny desk. Typing in the information hookup count. Right. This is just to connect the account, we do it together. Dan was doing this go by myself? This was the last one. Got it. We finally do this together after thirty six minutes, and it was like I'm sorry, sort of still having the same problems. And I go, yeah, but imagine if I hadn't come in, and I just held up the phone. Two hours and four minutes. I'm now on with Bank of America. No one answered and I go so next time you think about telling people to sign up for a small business, and it's so easy to o- once again at home. Just. No. This was two hours, four minutes of a human's life, that I couldn't get back. I was like most people aren't even in the labor for two hours and four minutes I could have fucking baby in that time maybe even twins. The point that I was on the phone when I actually gave birth to this new accounts, and they were just like, oh my gosh to this day because I still have to see this dude, he asked about it. And he goes remember that day you came in, like how fucking crazy was that? Okay. Let's even crazier than I lived it. Like I'm still alive to talk about it. I laughed because it's just you guys. It's all the time. What that with everything? What do you mean? That kinda shit. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. With you. Yeah. All the time all the time. That's how you handle and deal with Uber. Uber. Dan, selling saying Uber what happened with Uber? Oh, this is the best every time. So, and I've been doing this with, Dan. I was like, hey, Dan, man. Why don't you use my phone call over just get an Uber over here, every time the driver never shows up and they can't they cancel the ride, and like never rating suss what I thought right? So I was like, man, what is my rating, it actually wasn't that bad as I thought it was, it was a four point eight, which is not bad. No, it's not bad. Right. So that's what I thought it was Dannon. I've traveled to thirty different cities together at this point, not one single time. Have we been able to get Uber or always wonder, like is it really that it doesn't work for you or is it because you are? So ready for it not to work. And I wonder if that's what like that's what I always wonder about you. I'm like, are you already in your mind when you're calling? And you're putting that energy out there just like visit going to work north and fucking over works Bouba, and then it doesn't or is it really just never working for you? I can't I don't know the answer to that. And I don't know if we ever will write think there's a to answer for all of it, and it simulates, I have no problem with Hoover right stimulated. I have no problem. I don't know. I do. I think simulated world. I think whatever the character is. Everybody's got weird quirks. Right. Who's controlling all the shit. And I think whatever the character is being like men would really get him today is another missed because he always gets gotten. I mean because getting this guy. And I have no explanation for other than simulated world. And we were simulated world you need to change your character because they can't get outside of this dimension. But you need to change your mindset and your character so that somebody else's can trae will start making things work for you. Because you did something to somebody at some point in your simulated world, or whatever that, they're, they're not a never going to work for you. It's the guy who's running it like the sim guys on. Then that'd be a fun fucked up thing to do. This conversation. San antonio. Somebody to the similarly. This guy flat out this old sound engineer audiobook, and hang out. You're spending ten thirteen hours a day with these people, and you get to hang out with them and I was joking around about the similar goes. Oh, yeah. Fully fucking believe it. Starting to a man I'm starting to, to. We're gonna get to the revolution figure of the day, shall we James, we shall reason? I'm dressed like this. The old groti kid the Daniel son, t shirts got the band Danna on a buddy of mine. Who just randomly popped up from high school, which is like, hey, man. I'm in the new karate kid check me out on season two on YouTube. And I was just like I didn't I wasn't even I didn't know he was an actor to be honest with you. There is a season one there's two seasons. And, and it's huge. It's their most watched series. So like it'll probably go for like five or six seasons to be honest with you. And we were talking to Jamie producer and he said he, he watched it and loved it. Well, I flipped on this episode to see my buddy and it wasn't bad. It was pretty fucking good. But I'm sure those guys I'm saying revolution today. I'm sure those guys looked back at that movie because it was so famous was so big. And then they didn't really do anything after that. And they probably we're thinking, like fuck, man. I'll probably I'll never do anything again. And then being thirty five years later. Hey, I like to reboot the karate kid and make it into a TV show. Show. Yeah. I'd love to like, what a dream that is probably like Stephanie Tanner, coming back from full house, you know. Oh, yeah. He was like, oh, we're doing this again. I would love to I need that in my life ring wets. Let's get wet so wash gets what? Oh, yeah. She gets. She's shia. She grew up. She really grew up. No. I mean she parties hard. I don't know if she still doesn't anymore. But yeah, I think it was something about it. Might be a blind item phase. She kinda relapse a little bit after the show. It was a crazy situation with her her now ex. Yes. And dro- they were like ghetto shit was something fucking create. Right. That's all I know. But yeah, 'cause you live your life. You're never think you're going to get the call. Right. So you get the call and you have to be like, okay guy, we've been doing this ghetto ass white trash shit. Like I need you to go because I'm going to get back into my tenor and they get back into my shit, but this was fun. But so all these guys and they even brought back. Who's the sense as since John crease? Yeah. Yeah. They brought him back. He looks greats those guys look great in the show is. Remarkable pretty fucking good. And if YouTube continue on this path with good TV series, that could be mega someday, but we'll see so far, they've got that one. I really don't dig anything else I've ever seen on there, because there are always like, would you like to go into premium? And I'm like, what else they're like, oh, you can listen to music videos with your phone close in your pocket at the gym. It's like what fucking world do I want to connect those dots right, there, isn't one? So I just go to apple music, bro. And just turn my shit on, like I don't need to put a music video playing in my pocket in the background, or is that how it okay I don't know. I don't know if their whole stitches, but either way, congrats, congrats on my buddy. That was huge. They should enjoy. I'm from Georgia. So a high school friend in a lot of people are kind of dabbling in it of, like, oh, man, I want to be an extra kinda get like two or three lines. Yeah. And that's that's awesome. So I was stoked when that popped up fee. Eight. Japes simulated world. I mean so only explanation for all your and I do want to give it one last final update before we go off air, the snake brand prickly heat, Rick, Ben it has settled in nicely to genitalia. And it was a rough start really, really rough starting able to recover. Yeah, but I'm going to be real with you. If I if I do this two or three more times, I'm gonna build up a tolerance and this could be the way to go man. So when appreciate you and your magic Asian powder, really love it. Jesse wise, Maneka, the jails, I am Ross Patterson. This is the revolution good night's everyone.

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