The Great Gildersleeve 50-11-08 (381) A Better Man Than Bullard


The graph, foods, company presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you. Each Wednesday by the kraft foods combination. Craft you know the makers of the wonderful new craft deluxe slices that extra mellow tasting pasteurized process cheese in perfect slices? I wonder if you've seen them in your grocer's Derek case, those neat really need square packages of craft. It looks slices there so neat. You'd never guess. Everyone holds eight big slices of extra delicious process cheese, eight perfect slices know slivers of broken pieces that are cut wrapped and sealed for you by craft, so look for them when you shop the five delicious kinds of craft deluxe slices. Well, it's a brisk fall morning in Somerville. The maples are turning red and gold, and there's a fine lift in the air makes them feel like being up and doing? The Great Gildersleeve is up. and. What's he doing well? He's coming out to get the morning paper. What a day Sun giant blue sky right Georgia they like. This man can't go wrong, thank. God! You Judge Hooking. Up Pretty early, aren't you heart? Yes. I'm taking a walk getting some ozone and Matiz zone. Very good. How. Do you like my autumn Necktie Yeller? Brother Purple Guy. Was Judge Agreeing Duck. That's actress goose. Language! Combination in old goat with a chartreuse Goo yeah. Morning Levi. Football on bought me King Her crackerjack yeah. I got it for me. What if I little boy? We're GONNA. Work out tricky plays and stuff aren't we aren't sure how nice it is to see you and literally ride growing closer together doing things together. I can do anything better than anybody. Just, like a boy John, Is Standard for you to live up together? You should be very craft. Yes, sir. I have to be going the way. I. I know. Okay. Come on, let's run a couple of plays. I'm not exactly dressed for football. Come on. How about your swell football player when you were in school? I was pretty tricky, Nimble two hours. That could've stream your. It? During a path for the man with the ball. You can clear around. that. You know this player Choo Choo Justice. Used to call me Hong Kong Gildersleeve. My uncle. Longtime ago. You better take the ball and find some of your little friends. Just one pass on just warned. All right you run across the lawn and I'll throw into eating. You're listening. L. Mr Bodine playing football I am no no just tossing the ball around. A famous football player really. Sure! He was a cat. The team Ranch Leroy I didn't say that. This is very interesting. I played football. You know. Oh At. What College did you play? Gildersleeve you college? You'll see you better. Get Out of this. What was your position on the Gildas name position. I can play any position, couldn't you? Leroy ended. No, you were active in Sports Gildersleeve, Yo, I'm not. He was the trickiest on the team show in Hong Kong. Position. Let's try Gildersleeve just before. The opposing team and you carry the ball. Try to stop. You GotTa be keen. Hand on yong-kyu, my goodness. Go. Look out. Down you go. Girl. I tell you last about five yards on that leg. More than that? BULLARD would've sneaky thing to do. Me Right Front of Leroy and after I, told the boy I was such a hot football player. Only told him that to make him happy. Hong Kong Gildersleeve. You have your head examined. Docomo a happened I, look at your suit. Measuring Oh, yes. Well I was playing Leroy must have slipped. I I've seen you running any dissipated. Did you follow it a home? was nothing but. Just playing a little day I never seen unlike their. Game. Drop the water commissioner. Nothing but. Yes. Then then he was them. Leroy still out there in front talking to Bullard. Lead bullets standing in our grass. Grow with his big feet on. What happened between you and Mr Bullard? New. Just that I get pretty tired of him coming over here, showing off in front of Leroy. I should tell him to get off the Property Oh. I'm in the living. Room Levi. Crested no nothing is bust. Nothing. That's shows at any rate. Leroy. Stop asking me what happened. L.! Did Nothing. Simply because I slipped on the wet grass, and that bullard jumped up. Talking to him. Gee. He's pretty good at a lot of stuff. Leroy simply because the grass was wet. On your football. Things. You can do better than he can. Isn't there? Certainly. Plenty of things, thank, you can beat them plan golf. He's as the only shoot seventy. will spend some money to beat him at that. I only have one club. Gee Maybe tennis shonky. He's the only three times a week. You what happened to my tennis, right? Yes, Birdie used the night. The Bat got in the House. Missed a bullet something. The Hash to be sapper. Hiking maybe hiking, say thought. Bullard doesn't even walk down to the drugstore. Hiking is a sport, isn't it? Certainly it is challenge Monk Leroy. You can't challenge Amando hike. Let's not be silly about this thing. We got to win at something. You poor little fellow. All Right? My boy zooms I changed. My clothes I'll stop over and see Mr Bullard. Take. Sneaky trick. Hike! After all I walked to the office almost every morning. And Bullard, watching the living room and the dining. Nobody has but serves. He knocked my legs out from under me. I'll walk his legs off of him. Hello Listening Oh I stopped by. Say No hard feeling. That's nice of you, but if there are no hard feelings, why are you smiling? Well I'm smiling because it's a nice day. Oh, in fact I was about to suggest you might take a little hike together. D'Amato morning hike. That means to go someplace walking. You want me to go for a hike. Might be a lot of sport. Good exercise very well. We'll go tomorrow morning. Bright and early if you lie. Kelly go out to old stove as But I've never been there, but it sounds interesting. Does don't base Mr Bullard. At the crack of dawn. Thank you for asking me. All right see wanting your mind. Georgie fell hook, line and sinker. Dirty trick, but he's got to come into the. Side when he pulls up beside the road in the morning, a cock come out and get him. Say I'm. Going down to the barber shop. And I need a shave, but floyd is gonNA. Kick Out of hearing about this. I can hear him laughing now. I knew you'd get a laugh out of it blowing inviting bullet to go hiking. Funniest thing I ever. Do going out those stone-faced happy. Whatever that is. Someplace Bullard's heard about. He probably has no idea what it is or how to get. There knows what it is. It's Iraq goes way up in the air fact I. Tell them about it. You. Can Mash. I got news for you. Owe does high places bother you? High Yeah. I don't like it when you lift the barber chair up. Have, you ever wanted to crawl out on the ledge of a five storey building floyd. What are you getting a grip on? Yourself Commissioner Bullets. And Switzerland. He's a mountain climber. He goes looking for clips. It crawls up. I'm holding on by toenails. Hobby Commission if you him gone hike and you just go into those, don't face. You'll go and not. Gillislee, you've done it now this time. You've gone too far. The Great Gildersleeve returns in just a moment. Say Friends. Have you tasted the wonderful new craft to look slices? Every package craft it slices holds eight of the most perfect slices of the mellow, most delicious pasteurized process cheese. You've ever eaten you see grabbed. Illich slices are different. They're not cut from a low instead. An amazing new craft invention forms these perfect slices in a way that captures all the fine deep down mellow flavor in every slice, then right away, the slices raft eight to a package and sealed by craft that way these fine slices. Slices stay perfect and protected all the way to your kitchen, and you won't find a sliver or a broken piece in the package that way you can be sure all eight big slices are perfectly easy to separate to why you can feel these slices apart easier than you'd feel a banana, so get crafty look slices tomorrow. Get several packages, so you'll have some on hand always for wonderfully quick and easy snacks and sandwiches remember to look for them in your Grocer's case when you shop craft deluxe slices. This morning, the Great Gildersleeve out to his little nephew, Leroy that he was a better man than Rumson bullard. And it's turning out to be by the job. That Bullard Football play. Tennis expert girl. I was sure I could walk by, and he could. No, he's a mountain Clinton. Usually you just keep your big mouth shut. Well after this I will. Say That, but you won't. Anyway it's too late now you've done. INSISTING THAT BULLARD GO HIKING! Rather I can see myself going up old stone as like a bug on the wall. I don't dare tell little family. Say maybe I should. They'll put their foot down. They won't let me take a risk like that sure. Before. Listening. Anybody home. Looking for nuts. I'm going hiking with Mr Bullard in the morning. Keno Guy. Era I said I was going hiking with Mr Bulletin the morning. Aren't you even interested? Permits Hucker do Mike. I know you, Mr Bullard will have a good time Auntie. But monitoring wait, it's going to be pretty. WHISTLE KICK! We're going up a cliff straight up. Bullard is a mountain climber from Switzerland. Maybe. Children I'm telling you about it because I want you to know this going to be dangerous. When you go up a mountain, you don't always come down. Come down. About Mr Bullard donkeys neither am I. What about me? Don't you WANNA go. Well. Certainly, I want to go, but. Do you want us to tell you not to go no. Of course not. Then if you want to go UGO. Would've stubborn family. Hello PB. misting youngest. I. Can I do for you this evening? Just give me a copy double string gala. Everybody all right at home after guilty. My draco happy about the baby coming Apple Jim. Happy. Coke could be ten ten. And when I used to conversation next five Sanjay, extra. I didn't really five cents extra. Say That sometimes it music festival. Shield metropolitan. Ago As he and another fellow we're. GonNa out and climb. allstone pays Tamara through. What else did he say? PD recounting the all about mountain climbing. Things. Do. You, what do they do a? Teams they carry a kind of pick. And when they're five hundred feet in the air, the reach up and stick to point that pick in and overhanging rock. And then what? Up to handle. He, says, there's no danger invested. Handle comes loose. Mr Bridges There's one nice thing about going terming. Go if you make one slip, you don't have to worry about walking home. I'm not going. Nothing. Don't you. You weren't going well. I'm not. Getting off their student for I'm going. Get you wearing. I'm not. Mixed up I wouldn't say that. Leaving a pick handles five hundred feet in. Is going to. Simply going to tell Bullard it's all off. You can swing by pick V. wants to. Liquidate this water commissioner. Leroy in front of the House. Well, just tell him I can't make. Good evening your name though Bullard. Mr Tell me about mountain climbing. G You? Sure got nervous. You will. The fact of the matter is I came over to see if you had a stout Gildersleeve. Dow Drove yes, when we go up old stone face, we will tie end around your waist and the other around mine. Just in case one should slip. You will bully. We need it to an ascending the nose of all stone phase face I'm an Indian I understand has a lodge knows. We'll throw the rope from below anchorage to the tip of the nose, and then swing out from the upper lip. There's like. From an airplane. Over. Your bullard's I want to. Reign Ono we can go in the rain. I mean. We can only say watt rotten luck. I was looking forward to going wouldn't miss this climbing took. I'm sorry go. Live bullet. We have taken this way too bad. Back. In fact. Do! You leave. We can go after all act you delighted. Morning declining, Gildersleeve yeah. By? Blake. Going up that cliff, are we well? Of course, that's the first step in line. This is old stone as and that's the lower. What are we going to hold onto on the face? No wrinkles. But? That's the exciting part of it will make our own told. UP WE GO! This is going to be interesting. There's nothing with which to brace ourselves. British myself a May on goosebumps. Don't look down. I looked out. There's nothing there. Well we've reached the Indians upper lip. Brushing here. Mustache. To climb. Name. Sydney has been. Well, let's go home home. This is only the beginning. I'll throw the rope up to the end of the. No, you read Willard. Area. Up. We go Yoda's need. Lucent the top let's not dwell on laugh. Let's think happy. Happy? Hundreds of feet in. Over a stolen beings knows it'd be just my luck if steeds. you. Hold onto the rope they've. This is where we start up the part really. This is awful high. Yes, yes, it is lift just parents, doesn't it makes you wish you were a bird? Makes me wish I was a gopher? Dig a hole clear back to summerfield. Goes they. This is liable to be just a little risking. Just a little easier. I will have to go up over this eyebrow. Intelligent Water Commissioner. Hey onto an eyebrow. Tangling and space. Apparently goes the. On slip here and neither of us will have to walk home. ooh! We're almost at the top. Things I do believe. We get out of this on never set foot other house the game. We'll spend the rest of my life in. Low, Yellows leave. muttering about nothing. You. Just about to the top. Let's sediment in this Lynch is yours. Is a nice little circular pile of tweaks nice cushion. Yoda sleeve. A large bird overhead. He's glaring at you. A big. Tough looking to he's diving down. Out. You, get, out, get up matter. You're sitting on his nest. Rover bullock grabbed the banned picks. Brother. Everything. Nice work guiltlessly Nice work. The rope is gone. The pick is God. GIVES US leave. Barring the possibility that you are carrying helicopter in your pocket, we are here to stay. But bullard. It's only a few feet to the top. Yes, that's true. We could make it easily if we were meadow locked. Somebody will see it will call for help. Yes, yes, the butterflies will hear us. You mean. We could sit here. From now on, we could as I see it. This is probably one of the most inaccessible spots in the entire county, and all because you have to drop the rope Gildersleeve you. No wait the time like this. Let's not. No No. Let's not. I forgive you. I forgive you everything you've ever done to me. To lose your head. I'm. You to. Oh Fred. You Bow. You're brave. Youtube. Friends. The end illicitly. was that sound like we were? Usually, Lira Again. Judge. View! You're a lifesaver. How'd you ever get way up here as it rolled out here? And See if you'd make it, do sakes. We could have driven to the top of this darn thing. Down there again. We're playing CANASTA. And something that we can climb up. Wrote judge. You will hand something down. Adam take hold of this thing. You beautiful steak. Got It hold on judge. We'll put your. All God, coming up come. My! Who? Knew I got to the tough I to. Thank you. I think you hearing Mayakoba Feed Ya and grandest thing of all? Is that you and Mr Bullard in this heroic struggle on the treacherous slope have at last found each other as true friends Gildas leave. You stepped on my head. Good day after all. Aw. Regulars Lee, we'll be right back. Mother's. You'll give your family a real treat. If you serve craft deluxe slices, those big perfect slices of fine pasteurized process cheese that are cut wrapped and sealed by craft. You know craft you look slices. Come in five favorite times. Everyone at your house can enjoy his favorite whether it's delicious craft American craft. American with scarlet pimentos added not sweet craft, Swiss graph brick with that deep down rich tastes or sharp, tantalizing old English brand, so get several kinds for a quick easy to fix snacks and sandwiches. Ready whatever you want them tomorrow when you shop, look in your grocer's Derek, as for the five delicious kinds of convenient craft deluxe slices. You kidding Mr. Bullard really climb all the way up all stone-faced. Clear from the bottom camp believers. In a minute. been yesterday he got a picture of you. Miss the bullet going up that cliff. Well, let's see that. Those face, but I don't see you on Mr Broward you. SEE THOSE DOTS in the end of the Indian knows. I'm the one on the left. Did that just for ME A. March, get the football and run a couple of place. No, thanks I'm very busy, goodnight folks. Does play by wanted Waterman. Joe Is written by Paul last. Like using by Robert. The cast Walter Lee Mary Lee Robb Lillian Randolph Gale Gordon. Brian early DIG Legrand. This is John Huston saying good night for the draft company makers of a famous line of craft quality boots radames be shorter list man next Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Off. Here's a secret for making dull meals interesting. Craft prepared mustard. Do any meat fish hot or cold and see the difference hidden flavors pop right out because when you add liberal mustard, you add a lot of Tang. There are two kinds of craft mustard. Kraft Salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added have both on hand for remember any meat dish. When you add a little mustard, you add a lot of Tang. Get craft prepared mustard. Far A half hour of spine, tingling excitement listen to the Falcon next. Sunday afternoon over this station. Check Your newspaper for Time of broadcast, and be sure to hear the Falcon solve the case of the widows guerrilla. You'll let your life. You're next on NBC.

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