Deeper Than It Looks?


The all new Lexus ES three fifty ES three hundred h and I ever ES sport are here every curve. Every innovation, every feeling product of mastery experience. Amazing. Your Lexus dealer. The fantasy focus football podcast is brought to you by ZipRecruiter. Most job boards overwhelming with tons of the wrong resumes. Not smart, but ZipRecruiter finds the right people for you. Actively invites them to apply. You get qualified candidates fast. Now that's smart. Try it for free. It's dot com slash oh six. Oh one, no ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Thing. What be the focus football podcast, Thursday, September, twentieth field gates, Matthew berry Safaniah Bill, and I have an announcement if you will. Can you indulge before a moment? Please? Go right ahead. Seems like I'm usually the one that gets indulged, but sure this time we will allow you to be indulged by all means go for it. I am sober right now which come as no surprise. Now we are on a live podcast, but the city of Cleveland not be tonight, not to forecast not to give away too much of the show, but I've got that good, Bud, Light vibe going into, tonight's stab between the Cleveland Browns and New York predicts, are you? Are you calling it or you like, are you like Broadway, Joe? Or are you are you? Are you pushing your chips into the middle or you making a call here? I feel like it's not that bold of a call 'cause they are favored by three and a half points, whatever. I'm just saying I woke up this morning excited about the Cleveland Browns and the possibility of the win a football game tonight for the first time. But then I'm looking over there at not cool Keith, who has everyone knows is you know, grew up in. Ohio is a huge brand die, hard lifelong Cleveland, sports fan, and he has he muted optimism, would it be. Never creeps in. Right. Never creeps in ninety. No. In fact, this actually scare field is very rarely one who will go out on a limb and say this team's winning this team's losing a field as very guarded and smart about that stuff to come out like this scares the bejesus out of simple as now. I didn't mean to do that. Love and I hope you're right. If Keith afraid, you know, when you know emotionally when you've been burned fields, this is what happens like you get burned and then you don't trust anymore. It's hard to be committed. And so poor, Keith, he's been burned so many times he doesn't want to invite us himself. So good coming from us to find. It feels like you've been in. This feels like I've been there before. Yeah, coming from experience. Right. Thank you. I stand from Joe Montana, Steve Young. It was such a such arms. This ruling transition, hey, gone, you. Let's not forget. We had some forgettable Blaine gabbert moments in not not. So not. So recent pass through the Blaine gabbert. Yeah. What do you ever do to you. To see news the national. The interest. Play. Gable after the two, he got a game. Oh, yeah. Got a couple of game balls in my NFL career there. Cooling. I've Obermann sometime said that was from Wesleyan. I was like my NFL career cheese. Patriots. Got some. Yeah, pretty bad. There's a fun fact about field. We do not know. Nitrates. Did you know that? Well, yeah. Now they went to Wesleyan university not get out. I want this person that went to Wesleyan university. I feel like you are. I am close maybe like two hundred nineteenth. I wanna know I way way back. Let's go back to this game. You have to at least provide the context and like, how did they present it? Like in the locker. Like. Yeah. Yeah. What did you, what did you do to earn in the case of the Kansas City Chiefs one, for example, everybody wants. It wasn't really likely we Jim. The walking by with a broad. Eighty six game balls commissioned until we had clinched. So my first year in Kansas City, we went four and twelve. Next year we turned around largely on the MAC hassle twenty-six touchdowns seven interceptions Jamaal Charles, ran wild, and we we had a really exciting young team and we win. We make the playoffs xeroxed a bunch of stuff. Let's be honest right? Kokin coffee like so, right. Everyone contributed a team effort guys. Okay. I'm trying to I. I have a couple of others. I'm trying to think of like the circumstance. I don't have as much of a. I have a Super Bowl ring which is kinda cool to from. Okay. That they bring. Send for. So in very, yeah, you totally buried Utah. Barry. I mean, I didn't even wear it once you have you, you've never worn it. I've literally wanted once today that I was gifted. It is that winter isn't. It is you need to bring that in shaping and put that on your finger. Yeah. I just I just took away a couple of Super Bowl diamonds. And yeah. Why would you not wear that? You should if nothing else? Like we're that around your neck. Let me tell you that around your neck like flavor flav at all times. Around me for a second writing my reasoning, Eddie Bruschi one of the great patriots over the past twenty years bet are teammate, SPN and a great NFL analyst. By the way on today's fantasy show any as plus muschamp any man. Teddy stop by today. He'll be really good because he's really insightful. Tedy Bruschi won three separate, Super Bowls. He did Bruschi went to a Pro Bowl papers. He was called by Bill Belichick the perfect patriot at his retirement. Yes, you ever just teddy, whereas his simple ring around not around, but I have seen him wear. It won't twice on air rhino does like especially. SuperBowl week when he's doing about Super Bowl coverage, he will. He will on occasion. But in fairness, in fairness, though, let's be clear about this Tedy Bruschi is Tedy Bruschi in big capital letters because like he walks in the room like, oh, there's three times SuperBowl champion Tedy Bruschi like he doesn't need to wear the ring all due respect when you walk into the room, that's not what people think. So that's what made it a little bit of bling who's Microsoft. I know exactly what they think about field because I told them what to take those surface tablets don't charge themselves. Someone has got to do that for the side. We didn't even have surface tablets at that point. So allowing my money. The ring sometime bring it ahead, kiss it airing. You know when I declare tomorrow? Well, tomorrow Friday show. Next Tuesday. Ono's to find you sit here on Tuesday. Next Tuesday also is our live show. We'd love to see you there. Oh, you know what? At the at the live, bring. Oh, no. No, no. But we have to show Intel day. We will show and tell day off air we need to. We need to belong to do show until they will. You bring in, you will bring in your Super Bowl ring. Let's get to cement and I will bring in my Toco during that I got from fruit loops this morning, especially not bad. Let's get to some news, Aaron Rodgers confirmed on Wednesday that his left knee could get worse as the season goes on as passed along by rob demoskop's to find you is this. This is not news or noise. But what does this news mean? I think is just Aaron Rodgers being honest. You know, we talked about this on the podcast. I said, after the games, we were talking about how well he performed. I was like, don't let that fool you make you think he's over this. This is something that has a long way to go to heal. He was cool and comfortable. There was some close ups of his face and some of the facial expressions he made when he got hit. I mean, he's playing in pain, and we should all remember that. He also had great protection that game. So he's worried, of course, if there's another situation where maybe it doesn't. He gets hit the wrong way. He steps wrong. These are all things that could set him backwards. I think he was asked the question context, important, you know, is he concerned? And his response was like naturally, it's a concern that it could potentially worsen. So we, as we said earlier in the week that he is literally day to day and Mike McCarthy is not exaggerating that is absolutely true. He'll day to day and week to week. And if at some point things are not going the right direction, they might choose to hold him out. Here's what I think the actual side of this is if you have Aaron Rodgers starting quarterback, you might want to strongly consider adding a second quarterback sooner rather than later. Because if you wait until something potentially happens to Rogers, we could get to a BI week where you've already got several other backup. Quarterbacks lifted from the waiver wire might not be a bad idea to have a second quarterback on your roster, and there are plenty of quality available options. Andy, Dalton, Ryan, Fitzpatrick, Derek Carr amongst them, or perhaps the other side of this Matthew would be, let's just say Aaron Rodgers. And actually a lot of people say, I have Patrick Mahomes. Sure. Trade him for Aaron Rodgers, which do the opposite. If someone offered you straight up, not to get too nuanced, but if someone offered you air your air Rodgers and they gave you there, Patrick Mahomes to take it. I would prefer Patrick Mahomes given this news. Sure. It makes you a little bit nervous and it seems crazy to say this to games in. Yep, that we're talking about guy. We're talking about a guy with three career starts that you would prefer to the best quarterback in the NFL right now, Tom Brady's the goat crying. I think he's the goat of all time, but at the moment in terms of their play, I think Aaron Rodgers at the best quarterback in the NFL peyot much to part of my take with RIP and said, they go to all time of all. Of all time. I did not do it intentionally, but you know, I, I, I love. I love the PF guy. So PMT and I love PF team, big cat. So, yeah, no question about that. I've been on that. I'm barring that for now and go to all time. Go to all time Marcus Marcus. Time of all time. Right. It's about time of all time. Yes, but I'm pound of those guys so shot it to them Marcus mariota the titans who is injured for right now for right now, acknowledged that he's got some numbness and tingling in his fingers. Finally, that stems to that elbow injury, right? What does this nerve? And and again, this is we, we talked about this last week on Sunday. I said, I'd be surprised if he was active because of the fact that he was still having trouble gripping the ball by his own admission. I mean, these are things that Marcus mariota has acknowledged, and yet he was active but obviously did not play. So the titans clearly have some concern about this residual numbness, lack of feeling like of strength. The problem with nerve tissue is it heals a very slow rate and there's no way to accelerate it. So he didn't give treatment around it to try and reduce swelling, etc. Make sure you're trying to strengthen as much as you can. But the rate at which this resolves is completely up to the nerve and you've just got to sit around and be patient. So there's no way to tell you. This'll be better in x. number of days or weeks, the fact that he said it has been improving is encouraging, but you can also get to like eighty five percent and then plateau bit, hey, can I ask you one question sort of just in general, on your opinion about Marcus mariota. I know that in general, you have often said about players. Some players are injury, prone in some players are just unlucky. I remember spun you and I've been working together for so long. I remember like when Matthew Stafford started and people forget when Matthew staffer was a young queer could not stay on the field. He got injured had the collarbone injury. One year he had the, he can't have the lien happen. I just remember going into sort of his breakout ear and I was very high on him and his breakout ear, and one of the reasons I was is because and I quoted you a lot. I was like, he's not injury prone. He's just unlucky. There is a difference. And of course, since that time, Matthew Stafford's been one of the iron man of the NFL Marcus mariota who you know whether it's the leg, whether it's the hamstring issue dealt with last year. Now he's got. This is Marcus mariota you think injury prone or just been really. Unlucky to start his NFL career. I think it's too. We use the injury prone labeled too much. I think the people who really fall in that category are the ones who have soft tissue injury after soft tissue injury in just cannot ever seem to get totally passed. It. Marianas have been a variety of different things is when it was just an unfortunate hit and where the nerve was exposed and now he's dealing with. I have one thing to add to that, and I don't know the how many people are riding with Marcus mariota as their starter in season-long. I'd imagine basically none absent to quarterback leagues, but maybe a few. Those that have them in dynasty in intrigued by the upside is the amount of injuries have piled up, make that much less likely that he will ever become a consistent dual threat quarterback, right? People always say like, may why not run by Mario to all the time, you know, by the way. And this is a good question that was posed by Alex Muniz on on Twitter and I get this sometimes. In your opinion, other of your, do you think Marcus mariota and I look alike. I could see it. Yeah. Best friend kind of in a cousins way like not. But like you, if you guys walked into a bar together, you'd be like, oh, you guys are sort of related just something like that. I could. I could. There's. Are we have it on our Twitter feed of we face structure is actually really different when you have it side by side like that. So I don't think anybody's confusing the two of you, but could you be like? But if you said I'm market like, you know, if you went into a bar and you said, hey, I'm Travis Morio. Well, you know, what is Marcus cousin like UPS rallies, Oregon from Hawaii grandfather went to Saint Louis high school to win as well. Maybe maybe when when does that twenty three and me sponsorship startup you think Marcus mariota has ever got a game ball right. He probably have our national championship. He's got a couple of them. Hey, in the pros, maybe. You never know. But I will say this. He doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. I'll say that ring. You're not starting any Tennessee titans this week. I. Maybe I don't think I even wanting on against the Jags I think who knows Marcus mariota makes this all respect the Blaine gabbert ex experience. I don't. You're obviously not starting Corey Davis, not against those corners, not with Marcus mariota, still worrying about gripping the ball. I don't know. I, I wasn't impressed with the those. Hopefully you have better options than either the running backs. I can't imagine starting any Tennessee titan this week against the Jags and feeling good about it. I'm with you on that. Every fall. Fantasy football has a breakout star. Scott's can be that Dr with just one fall feeding giving you a stronger yard now. And next spring, your fantasy football draft might have been full of tough choices, but then easy. The choice is easy with Scott's, pick up a bag of Scotts turf builder. Winter guard today to get you a stronger yard now and next spring. Time now for a game preview Dame redeem. Gabri Thursday night football. If you're the buzz already, they're playing at first energy field. That's what it's called right in Cleveland Browns versus the jets. And we start with the Brown side of this tyrod Taylor was really good in week. One from fantasy football perspective, not very good from real life perspective, and he wasn't very good in either in week two, he has now fallen out of our starting ranks. This week is the, but you could you could you? Could you talk yourself into starting tyrod Taylor? Sure. You can talk yourself into starting tyrod Taylor. I look, obviously you'd have to be pretty far down here, but he ranked second to Cam Newton in terms of Russia's rushing yards, rushing touchdowns among quarterback since two thousand fifteen where you're talking yourself into tyrod Taylor's. Hey, maybe throws a long one to Antonio. Calloway does his, you know, maybe he Russia's for a touchdown as well. And you know that keeps the floor sort of high look had nine street games about multiple touchdown passes here. It's why I haven't as a low in QB to try. You know, it's a short week here, but they are the home team which you prefer the home team on a short week, favored home team has on home savored. Yeah. And you know, we know they know they know when they lines. I agree with you though, like tyrod Taylor, probably what based off of the numbers in week one and two. He was not a popularly started quarterback, and I think that one of the subplots of tonight, I think the primary plot could be, you know them winning, but I do believe that a subplot is maybe the the Baker Mayfield experience begin sooner rather than later of tyrod struggles persist. Carlos Hyde has thirty eight carries through two weeks. That's why Matthew hasn't stopped twenty play. I've got him at twenty to find it is a bit lower on him anything to be concerned about for us to find you. I mean, I don't know, do I believe that they're really going to switch up there? Running back was Asian in Cleveland? No, but for Carlos I, that's been a good thing. Right. Are you saying that you find the buzz? That's what I mean. I mean, I I'm giving a little bit of credence to it only because we think it's important that it happens right on what's divine is referring to is Hugh Jackson said, oh, sorry, yesterday day before conversation is if I made it really. Clear right. Get more touches for Johnson, right? I will concede, I do not know whether it was post to him, hey, Hugh, do we need to get more more? Did Hugh say this somewhat unprompted or unscripted to the point that you say are he's saying that because he's making a point here and they actually are going to follow through with that. But either way we all believe that Duke Johnson needs Chabal more. So if you are? No, I look at it like this. I mean, like I think carlin's it's been running decently, but. I mean the the problems with the the the, if the Cleveland Browns had a kick or they'd be to an now right now, right? That sets fair, but not because their offense. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, right, like the offense has so much to get better and they, they doubled down onto Johnson, the subsidies four million bucks a year. It'd be a bit role like I think he needs to my opinion is my opinions needs to be needs. A bell has catcher. My hesitates is that I don't think he's going to be more involved necessarily tonight, or at least I am worried about that. Like I'm I have the warm league. I don't know whether to play him or not. He's he's a legitimate flex option for us or not agree with you that I don't. I would be worried about having Duke Johnson as a starter for me, which is probably win. If you drafted him, you were hoping that you could start him on a regular basis. I wouldn't say start him tonight, but I think there's a potential that he cuts into Carlos hides workload. Interesting there. Jarvis Landry is define you. And I guess we could have led with this has been nursing a knee injury, but you said yesterday on the podcast like you're not that concerned about his availability. For tonight. He's never missed a game and nothing that can't change with just one injury, but this is a tough dude who I think as we saw in heart hawks, has it going to say. Aswering falling off the bone. The hamstring was not torn off the bone. And also when you see teams short week, especially early in the season, you've got to manage your players so that you can keep them healthy and you know, we talk about hard knocks, but you did get some insight there. Hugh Jackson saying that he wanted to protect some of the players, not give them too many reps because he wanted to make sure that they were healthy. So this is a coach who's very aware of that. I think the limitation on Jarvis Landry during the week didn't surprise me at all. He comes in, it's questionable. Remember there's no probable anymore. So questionable as anything less than completely certain. We've already heard a port from our Diana Rossini that he's expected to play. I don't think any of that comes prize now through through two weeks of the season and it's early. But would you say you've been. Encouraged by how Jarvis Landry has been utilized in this Brown's offense or about you've expected? I think I think encouraged somewhere in between about what I expected encourage. Okay. Candidly. I mean, it depends on what point are you asking me? Are you asking me before. I, you know, from three weeks prior to the season from when it started or like a week before the season because Josh Gordon's usage was all of them. Like we expected him to have a bigger role and then he wasn't at camp and then he came in. And so it's been a little bit all over the place in terms of where they've with a passing. Offense has been tyrod Taylor candidly has been more inconsistent than I thought he was going to be coming to the season. I'm a big tyrod defender. Yeah, you know, and he hasn't played great. There's there's no question about that. He's had good fantasy days, but he hasn't been. He hasn't been as good a quarterback as I thought he would be. And I did think I, I'll tell you the thing that surprised me the most is due Johnson's lack of usage, so so somewhere in between, like I thought he would be heavily involved. I don't know that it would. He would be as heavily involved as he has been that said, you know, I think you have to play tonight. Oh. I don't think anybody was questioning whether you have to play Jarvis Landry or not. I was just curious. He's tied for tenth in terms of targets through two games. He's averaging eleven targets per game. And you know what's been most interesting by Jarvis Landry. This is kind of where I was getting towards Matthews. He's averaging fourteen point six yards per catch her. That's not Jarvis Landry. That's why I think there's a case to be made that you'll be even more encouraged now Antonio, we, I think we all have them as a top twenty play. Antonio Calo that you have them. Like every back backer your ranking. So like you're thinking about playing a game of darts Thursday night, thinking about preparing for a Bud Light after the game before that you wanna place. Darts Calloway might make your wrist jets have allowed three touchdown passes this season. Every single one of them has been at least nineteen yards. Most we saw the three catches on the four targets last week eighty one yards and a touchdown, much of it. Coming on the one big play. We know his talent is unquestioned, and now that the Browns have moved on from Josh Gordon, Antonio Calloway has locked in as the number two wide receiver on this team, they are going to take some deep shots in this game. And so when you're down that low, when you're in the forties, you're just thinking about Ken somebody get into the end zone. Can you make a big play? So I think in Tonio Calloway given his talent given the fact that tyrod Lux to Chuck at deep given the lack of other receiving options. Again, we'll see if do Johnson gets more involved. It has been a slow start to the season for David joke you. Mike speculation is that the jets defense focuses on Jarvis. Landry given the lack of other weapons there. It could certainly, you could certainly see them getting one deep to Antonio Calloway. So again, I am ranked in the forties, but I'm the only one who ranked him this week among our ESPN ranker's. I do believe there's upside for him certainly tonight, but definitely for the rest of the season he's available in a lot of leagues supposed to find your. Matthew just mentioned David joke who, of course, former star at the u. I'm not terribly terribly concerned about the total catch number right. Seven catches through two games. I think there's a chance seven targets game. Say he's been targeted plenty. My issue is this. He's averaging four point seven yards per catch, right? He's like a slot receiver tight end and you're talking about a guy that's all of like six, four, two hundred and thirty plus pounds. It can run like the wind. Does that bother you at all? It bothers me in the game flow, but I think there's not pretend you're talking about Josh, Gordon being gone. We saw in the preseason again, I was watching hard knocks. We saw the big play potential. David Joko making those big runs down the field. I think that you know, New York Jets allowed. The second most heightened touchdown since the beginning of last season Cording to step from thirsty, Kyle. I think that this is the opportunity for Joe cooed to get more involved. And I think now that there's a clear lane for him to be a guy who can take it down the field, I think that's going to start to happen. Here's my question. Here's my challenge to the Browns. We're only asking for a few things we need you to win tonight. When you do Johnson more involve, we get David joke more involved, and we need tyrod Taylor to play better. Plus we need. Antonio Coweta play tennis net other than that Brown's yet. Nothing else to do math. He tells about some underwear and other stuff. You know, guys, we hear the fantasy focus podcast always thought that me on dis was that really cool unware brand with a fun, crazy prints. It says here on my sheet, but it wasn't until we actually made field. Try them on that. We all it was great. Did you really like it? I love me. Okay. There you go. Also keep going. All right, great underwear, but they have incredibly comfortable socks to like stance immunities. Good to know. Well, they use a micro fabric which is a full three times softer than regular cotton. 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Let's begin with the running backs because they do have to capable running backs. And last week we had the same conversation. I guess I should start there. Do you guys sense that will ever get clarity on which jets back you feel more apt to start? You think if we could just going to be, hey, I think Blau POWs little more likely to score touch on. I think I'm sorry. I think as a little bit more likely to score touchdown law POWs, liberal I could have six catches is that kind of where we're at with this wants to find you. That's how I feel. I mean, that's literally when I was going into the rankings that that was me going well, who do I feel like has and blow Powell to me has been has had the edge so far in the two weeks sample size of we've used. We've always thought that below Powell had potential, but the jets never ever really wanted to give it to him. And the only time he's excelled has been when somebody else has been hurt and he's had that increase. Volume work. But I, I actually like blah Powell a little bit more tonight than Isaiah Crowell. Have you been a bidding courage, Matthew, that Matt, blah pal was nine straight games with ten plus touches, but you and I have Crowell ahead of LA power, and here's the reason why my justification, I imagine it might be the same as yours. We think this could be a low scoring game, right? I don't know what the over under us, but it can't imagine it's more than like forty forty two point. Something like that. Forty. I believe four, right. Yeah. This feels like a ground grinded out win for whoever comes out victorious, it'll be the Browns by the way, which is why I say, well, there's more of the hammer back a little bit ahead of Isaiah of of of Balon pal. No, I agree with you. I've crow l. ahead of Powell. I both inside my top thirty, but you know, I've krill at twenty six. The moment Powell at twenty nine. The reason I have coil slightly hires. You mentioned it in terms of both grinding it out and who's more likely to score score touchdown. All four running back red zone carries for the jets. This year have gone to Isaiah Crowell law Powell's had many chances over the years to be the lead feature back for the jets and they have never wanted to at least under Todd Bowles commit to him as that guy. It is. Definitely, I think I think for the rest of the season, I think I would prefer Isaiah Crowell just slightly because I think there is a chance that at some point is Eric well could be the main running back for the jets. I think there's no chance Powell becomes that guy. I think it's unlikely that Crowley Crowell becomes that guy. Charcoal bowl seems to prefer. For an conversations I've had with them. Like at the combine that stuff, he's always sort of referenced that as well. He likes to backs. He likes a committee. She doesn't like to give it to one guy, but Carell was built to be that guy that if something were to happen to Powell, I think if something were to happen to Crowell they bring in another guy with Powell. This feels like a little bit. I don't want to get hyperbole. I don't know that we have in Alvin Kamara available after week. One of the season that becomes the waiver wire pickup that wins you a championship. Is it possible that Quincy Numa brings you about as much value those any player that was commonly added after week one. I mean, templates targets in two straight games and just feels like the best wide receiver on a jets team that now has a functional quarterback. He's a top eight receiver in both reception share in target share this season in new watch those games like they're manufacturing touches for him like there, whether it, you know, whether it's bubble screens, it's it's, it's a short routes at slants. They're doing different things to try to get the ball in his hands. And so to your point with a functional quarterback and. And that kind of target chair. I agree with you. I don't know that he's Alvin Kamara, but he's certainly somebody that is, you know, I have him at twenty six. You guys were slightly survive at twenty six year slightly lower on him field, but we all have MS viable starter. And so I'm sorry. I was just going to say, I feel like Sam darnold is getting comfortable with him, and there's a lot to be said for that rookie quarterback and and new noise quickly. The guy who last week is the most targets the most yards most catches on the team. Now a new way. Noon way was coming off the next surgery last year, so we didn't really know what to expect. And then he had more opportunity because curse was out. But I think now that that report has been established, why would you go away from it? If you're Sam darnold number part of the disc for trading for Germain curse last year because he was traded in that Sheldon Richardson deal just before the season began was because they didn't have Quint union where he was filling in for a noon run when the noone was hurt. A new Ma, obviously back in the full. The key is the most talented jets wide receiver that's somewhat damning with faint praise 'cause it's not a loaded group, but for now, I think there's a chance that I wouldn't be surprised for finishes with one hundred and twenty targets this year. I think that's completely reasonable, and he's available in thirty percent of leagues mill n ESPN league. So I mean a noon what should be started tonight. I mean to me, he's the, he's the best option for the jets to move the ball forward here because the problems believe it or not Browns actually have a pretty good defense. We'll get to that in just a second because I do want to note that we're not trying to ignore. Oh, Robbie Anderson, but clearly this is a player who's utilization has been slim in the first two weeks. It's got just four catches. Now. We had that one touch down which is kind of emblematic of the player that Robbie Anderson is if you haven't been your lineup tonight. I don't think and I could be wrong here. I don't think your banking on a seventy catch. Sorry. Seven catch eighty five yard one touchdown game. Like you are most likely saying, hey, I can live with three for fifty nine and a touchdown. That's what you're okay with Robbie Anderson because he has so much big play upside and rarely is targeted as frequently as someone like Quincy Noonan. But a good Twitter question who this one I don't know who comes from a tweet actually. I just can't read the name, Keith. Who is this person? Who has this thing about the Browns defense? Menda guy because maybe it's a cousin of somebody, maybe and what's the question? You will have the Browns top ten defenses this week. How comfortable are you in streaming them in this spot? It's like a teed up right to Matthew naturally. Browns tough defenses week. Yeah, I on honestly. I think we talked about it right over under his is like forty points. I think this is going to be a low scoring game Browns have had. I think they've scored at least eight fantasy points in each of the last two games. We don't expect the jets to be kind of an exploding offense here. I mean, it's not like they're playing the lions defense secrets like we expect not gonna go Wayne, you're right. It's not at all back. I'm just saying it's just like they're playing defense here and they're traveling on a short week. So the game is in Cleveland. Boy, that defensive line is is played really. Well. Myles Garrett has has looked like a beast. So first couple of games here. So like ninety six percent of this. He's so talented, it's impressive when a defense alignment plays eighty. That's a huge number eighty percent. He's at like ninety. So I I will tell you, I'm using the Browns and a couple of weeks where I need to stream. And so yes, I think if you're out there in a in a deeper league, probably you know, probably twelve team or deeper league. But if you're if you need a streaming defense, I do like the Browns tonight in what should be a low scoring game at home in Cleveland. I got Brown. Taking the Brown there three and a half point favorites. I got them winning this game three and a half a half really is not ideal. The NFL right now and they always know that's why they get you stiff on you or anybody else. I'm gonna take the jets. Together point. Yeah, I find you here. I'm taking the jets. I think the Browns win this game. I've take the jets. It's gonna come down to their new kicker, believe. Greg, Joseph, I going to. I am also going to take the jets and I will take a side prop it with you. Robbie Anderson under seventy catches. Done para STAN socks. If you get a real, you got it. Okay. So we are official. I'm taking the Browns. The rest of you are taking the jets. The big news from Subaru's the all new three row assent is the biggest SUV from Subaru ever. There's room for seven or eight passengers with a choice of second row, captain's chairs or bench seating. It'll talk to five thousand pounds, and it has all the interior space you need for all your gear. And it gets your whole crew to the game with the safety of a Subaru, including standard symmetrical, all wheel drive the all new three rows. Subaru, ascent love is now bigger than ever maximum towing capacity, various veteran level and trailer breaks, maybe required, see a retailer for details. The whole thing. Now a quick word from ZipRecruiter, smartest fan of the week. Hey, Terry Kassim you don't know. But now I'm smart as as when it gets shout girlfriend, Liz, we'll send them Bruce, the ten lucky people who have mission go Cowboys. So. I like it. They go out girlfriend the dogs and the ten lucky people that have him as Commissioner Peter smartest fan of the week. The wait a minute. Hang on though. Yeah, we said this earlier. Yes, you're correct. Ten. I mean, so he's he's the commission of eleven personally. So that's what we said. Figuring he's, you have people that maybe got one. Savy, co owner situation, Daniels said, maybe he's saying, I'm also very grateful to have myself as he's in a ten team league. He's right on time. Himself one time the SP's. I think carbon Anthony on the ward and right away was like, I want to make myself go third person. Like I know. I think he was saying, like, I want to thank my said he didn't even go. Himself, right? Thank himself, but just want to thank the ten people that are lucky enough to have me as Commissioner, including me also to be fair Terry. Sent me a picture of his dogs. Yeah, they are all the both of them super cute puppies voice that are both good boys go. I think we, I think we, we go to glossed over the headline here, which is that through two weeks. Your boy is leading and picks. We didn't. We just we just deliberately avoided saying he does understand bells down there at fifteen. I'm at seventeen. I'm crushing the competition peeled. You and not cool, Keith earned second at sixteen tied for sixteen. Then. S. fifteen thirsty, Kyle thirsty for a win. He's down there. Four can say, I can wake up tomorrow morning all square with you. Then Matthew come on Brown's. Don't let me down here. This is true. You could wake up tomorrow morning. Square with me or down to it's a good point, but man jets you. I want you to get close but not close. I need you get within three and a half. That's all I'm asking that works. I know. But I would like the Browns to win. I'm rooting for the Browns to win over the city. But yeah, but you know, listen as as much as I like the city of Cleveland and I'm rooting for the Browns to win and rooting for the franchise. I don't. I don't like them more than I enjoy beating you so good at the jets have to win, then they have to win. It is what it is. Matthew has a fifty facts column coming out today on ESPN dot com. Yes, we are all company people here. And although love hate is no longer Matthew, you still have players at you're really excited about this week and those that you more cautious. Well, love hate still exists. It just doesn't exist as a written column. So I do love hate segments on NFL, live on the fantasy show on ESPN plus. In fact, today's show for the fantasy show on ESPN plus I'm a company man. That's all right. Yeah, it doesn't matter. Some of us are company people that we, we don't mind saying it's defined. You know, you're just like we just did that, like whatever I get that you just sort of cash your check. For me, to be honest with you, it's about the name of Tibet the name on the front of the jersey, not the back like you, so that's right. I am a company man. That's right secrets. A man can't play that enough for this guy right here anyway. So on the famous shown ESPN plus we have a love hate show is well. And so yeah, they're still we can do. Some love hates here as well. And what I love is fits magic. I a funny fits magic tweet is morning, okay. Fields, having a snack Vom apps. Follow me on Twitter at field Yates. I thought I had a pretty good fits badger tweet this. Okay. What was it was an announcement from the crimson which is Harvard? Yes, aware Harvard latest capital. This was the the original tweet average latest capital campaign raise nine point, six billion dollars for the university. The highest amount ever raised by a single institute of higher education, which I quote tweeted and said, finally, Harvard has the adequate funds needed to build fits magic the statue he deserves, oh, there you go. Not bad. It's good. Do you follow the crimson on often tweet, which is that the that the account, that the passed along the length God, we'd like the things you need to know. But when you live in the state, where did you live in the city? The Boston, fair enough. F- feel well, here's something at exactly. It's so much better when field pitches for people to follow him. Then when you do it, why is that is like so smooth it, he's like, yeah, please follow me. Then he just moves right along. Bless you. I for such that he was allergic criticism. Right there. That was. So I was trying to like sneeze on son who's communist coming on, it's hoping subside. And then it didn't subside until I turned away. No, actually lost it. I decide to cover my sorrows allow allow me to then. Call for a moment timeout. Okay. And resets because we do have videos that wanna cut. Yes. Okay. Let's begin now with love, hate Matthew in one of the players that makes your love for this week is bucking near quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yeah, look the offense and the production is ridiculous. Not only is the number one quarterback and fantasy this year, which is insane. When you think about what Patrick Mahomes done and it's good, it's Mahomes has been Fitzpatrick has been better. Here's the most fantasy points through two games of the season by any quarterback since the AFL NFL merger. I mean, that's what we're, we're talking about a historic run. He ranks fourth in average area arts for pass attempts this season. He ranked second in the number of deep passes. He has four different touchdown passes of at least thirty five thirty five yards this year. Why does it matter? Because the Steelers who he plays on Monday night allows has allowed five different touchdown passes of at least fifteen air yards. Most in the NFL they've allowed the second most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. Obviously, a lot of that inflated by what Mahomes did to him last week. I think these the recipe as to why fits magic has played so well is there once again on Monday night, it's it. He the buccaneers can't play defense. They can't run the ball and they have really talented, pass catchers. They can get deep. I'm not scared about the Steelers, secondary. I don't know that fits Patrick finishes the week as the number one fantasy quarterback, but I haven't as top ten play this week. I haven't QB six. I think he's a starter and I'm starting him in a number of leagues over. I'm starting them in one league over Jimmy Garoppolo. I'm sorry. I'm in another league over Philip rivers, like I got starter. By the way, as we talked about the Browns and jets having the lowest over under of the week. I, it's actually thirty nine last I saw, but the this Pittsburgh Tampa Bay game has the second highest over under of the week, looking at close to fifty three and a half points. All right, Matthew running back that you love this week. Kenyan Drake, kind of quietly started off pretty solid so far this year. Yeah, you know, look, I wasn't a huge Drake fan coming into the season, and we will see if he remains healthy. One of my arguments against him was that I don't think he was built to be a record or correspondent, and I don't think he was going to be used as a work horseback. But last week he was the twelfth best running back and fantasy fifteen for seventy a touchdown against the jets. And now he gets a home game against the raiders defense. That is a bottom ten defense against running backs over the last sixteen games. They've allowed the second most rushing yards. Two opposing running back so far this season, and they've allowed running backs to average a league high four point one, three yards per carry before I contact it real- really boils down to in terms of Drake, what's your confidence that the Miami Dolphins are leading this game or at least competitive. And candidly, west coast team traveling east. I feel pretty confident that the dolphins will be competitive in this game, if not win it one more. And let's go back to that Monday night football games within the Steelers and the buccaneers juju Smith Schuster. Who last night tweeted? About how ninja? Yep. First round ninja force, the gaming legend? Yeah, draft. The juju Smith Schuster in the first round. Apparently ninjas also a side has a side gig as a fantasy expert open invitation for ninja to come on this podcast. Anytime he wants, it'd be the one time. My fourteen year old would be impressed with me like because all my fourteen year old does is played fortnight or watch ninja bright for night, like pretty much every other fourteen years. Typical fourteen year old. Yeah, exactly. So another very cool. So ninjas on the cover of ESPN the magazine this week, and there's a, there's a feature story about him. So check it out on ESPN dot com. Once again, I'm a company man. The fine. Yeah. So that those very, very cool. Yes. Ninja, not maybe as good and fantasy football as he is at fort night. I don't know that anyone is as good for fantasy. Football as ninja is at fort night because I don't know that you wanna take juju Smith Schuster in the first round, but I will say he's closer a first round talent than people might realize I am as a top ten fantasy wide receiver. Did you know since week fifteen of last year? No wide receiver. The NFL has more fantasy points than juju Smith Schuster not even his teammate and Tonio Brown. So I think about the you think about the candidate chiefs who only the buccaneers have allowed more passing yards this season. It's been a bad secondary for Kansas City. I don't expect it to get better here. He's been a top five receiver in catches and yards this season. I mean, so the buccaneers bad defense as well. We expect a shoot out to your point about sort of hi over under. Think there's going to be one of the highest scoring games in the NFL Smith Schuster to me a locked in wide receiver one, which is not where he was drafted in most drafts. Let's go back to the. The hate side of this and we're gonna start with Russell Wilson before we get to Matthews insight. We do have a note via Watson, the Kyle will share from IBM Watson about Russ Russell Wilson's outlook for this week. IBM Watson, not liking this. They give Russell Wilson a twenty two point, nine percent chance to bust this week in score under twelve points while chance of hitting his twenty three point, seven points healing is just eight percent. Are you comfortable starting him this week against the Cowboys. When I rice, I tied my top ten look, the Cup was have allowed. Just one passing touchdown this season and look, you know, they haven't necessarily played the toughest competition, but the fact that matter is thing they are creating pressure at the sixth highest rate. We saw the bears get after Russell Wilson on Monday nights, six sacks, and he was constantly pressured. During during a Russell Wilson's career? No team is allowed pressure more often in the Seattle Seahawks. They're traveling on a short week as well. This game is in Seattle, but they played Monday night in Chicago. So I think this is another sort of low scoring game here. I'm nervous about the offensive line. We've talked a lot on this show about how Russell Wilson starts slow last three years. He's been much lower through the first five games this season. Then he has week six on. So I, I have Russell Wilson outside my top ten. I haven't QB fourteen. Yeah, you'd have to be in a fourteen team league twelve or fourteen league. It would depend on your options obviously. But yes, I prefer. I prefer some guys that are available in a lot of leagues, including Ryan Fitzpatrick over Wilson this week to volunteer in the same boat there. One thing I'd say about Russell Wilson is he kind of has that David Johnson vibe to me in this regard, is that like his struggles are largely not his own doing yes, the pieces around him. Let's go to Michael Crabtree Matthew, the raiders ravens wide receiver who faces a familiar foe in the Broncos because when he did play for the rave raiders he played them a bunch of times, but you're nervous. I am a little bit. So I mean, I have him as my wide receiver. Thirty eight. Okay. By the way, if he finishes at wide receiver, thirty eight this week, that would be better than a season average. I mean, he's, he's, he's a the forty third best receiver and fantasy so far this season. He's conscious fifty percent of his target so far this year. And then obviously the Denver defense is not a great match up here. Denver has allowed the fifth fewest fantasy wide receiver points since the beginning of last seat. AJ green key. Now in twice Jarvis Landry t y Hilton. Have all played the Broncos the beginning of last year. Pretty good names. They are right keenum Allen twice agent, green Jarvis Landry t y Hilton. The four of them averaged eleven point. Four fantasy points per game against the Broncos. Obviously t y Hilton Head Jacoby percent as his quarterback, but still not one of them caught more than five passes in this matchup. I just don't see Joe flacco going in there and lighting lighting it up with Michael Crabtree. I'm nervous about it even though the Bronx, the ravens offense is better than it has been in years past. I need to see it more consistently from Crabtree to start him against the Broncos. I'm feeling like I'm I ski today. You know, I got the Browns winning tonight. I kinda wanna board bet Michael Crabtree Centric board bed. Okay. You've got him at thirty eight. I got him at twenty eight. Okay. We normally would split the difference at thirty three, but because I'm feeling I'm feeling nice today. I'll give you. I think my she will be a top thirty two wide receiver. This? Okay. Wow, sure. I say he will not be a top thirty two wide receiver. I say Michael Crabtree will not be a top thirty two wide receiver. This week I will the top thirty to wide receiver this week put on board on the board the get that out there. One more player that makes your hate list Matthews, Evan Ingram for the giants who really, really struggled a week one little better though in week two. Yeah. Look, I have as a tight end seven remember the love hate list is all about expectations. And so every Ingram who's like a top four fantasy tight end last week, look, the tight end position is so brutal that you have to that. You're starting anyone with a pulse and certainly have an increment. So you're starting Evan Ingram, make no mistake about that, but I would lower some expectations here. I'm a little nervous about about this since the beginning of last year. They're only three times a tight end has totaled more than sixty seven receiving yards against the Houston Texans, rob gronkowski rob gronkowski again, Travis Kelsey, although Kevin Ingram, he's he's not. He's not at that level yet, at least in my opinion. So if we're saying that he's not getting more than sixty seven yards here or that it's unlikely you need them to get into the end zone. Right needs to score to be to be worth it? Well, not only Zona has fewer red zone trips this year than the New York Giants had offense is really struggled through two games the season when Oto Beckham's out. Evan green Ingram has a twenty nine percent reg own chair, red zone, target chair. But when Odell Beckham is active, like he will be on Sunday. He has just a fifteen percent red zone target share. So my expectation is is I think it's unlikely that they get to the red zone that often and when they do, I don't think Eli manning is necessarily looking for Evan Ingram. So you're just you're basing to hoping to luck out for a blown coverage with a touchdown, which is what happened Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys. Again, I haven't as tight end seven. I'm just I'm lowering expectations for Evan Ingram. He's not somebody I would use in daily except as a contrarian play in GP. Well, that's definitely doable to find you on draftking speaking of daily Matthew. You like bragging rights and I like huge cash prices. Both are up for grabs this weekend and all season long draft kings. The leader in one week fantasy sports, how huge over. Two million dollars in total prizes with one week fantasy at draftkings you choose when to play, you can draft a new team every week with no season-long commitment at draftkings. You are the jam. Just choose your players standard, the salary cap, and see how your team stacks up against the competition, and you can play for free with your first deposit to complete for to compete. Excuse me for your share of over two million dollars. In total prices. Go to draft kings dot com or download the app today, use code focus to enter a contest for free this weekend with your first deposit and compete for your share of over two million dollars in total prizes that's code focus. Only draft kings the game inside the game. Minimum five dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions apply, see draft dot com for details. All right time. Now for a Twitter bonanza if you will and Daniel, do you want to handle the asking of the questions or I'm let Keith to it. Are you ever go Keith fire way? This is rapid fire sort of QNA style. So what do you got. I've been told these are in order of importance. The first one is from at Kyle soppy ESPN at what record you start to panic and make risky moves. Thinking that you have nothing to lose. I'm not sure. So I think that if you're Owen to which is the worst, you could be at this point, but you're in the top half of your league in scoring. For example, then I don't have any issue with you standing Pat and riding out. Once you get to Owen three, I think that's the point where no matter how much bad luck I've had. I'm not afraid to rock the boat a little bit. I've made some trade offers so far this week, but I think Owen three is where you start to really panic and make risky moves Owen two years. It's still very early. Also, it depends on basically the size your league and how many, how many playoffs obvious and and why you're into like you could be the highest scoring team in your in your in your league, but you've just, you know, or the third highest or whatever. Just each week you've played the one highest scoring rhyming. You're like, you know what? I've just had some bad luck that's going to correct itself or or you're just like, Wow, I've had a lot of injuries and I need to really sort of like get it, get it going. But like so like I'll give you example. I'm Owen to in the celebrity leak and I like my team there. I just. Last week was just a bad week in terms of like Garoppolo Garoppolo was brutal. Gronkowski was brutal. So my running backs were brutal last week. So yeah, I mean, like I, I, you know, it's a fourteen league. I think I'll be fine there. I'm not panicking just yet. They're also Doug Baldwin's hurt that doesn't help in a fourteen league. Moving along. Next Keith EA legend wants to know. I have Kenny golladay and Larry FitzGerald for one spot. Is it to the point where I put in golladay weekly, barring a significant matchup favoring fits as opposed to the other way around. I think right now, I'm okay with winning Kenny in. I think I have fits rated slightly higher, but if you wanna put getting kindergart- like clearly there's more upside their way more upside and until they prove that they're really gonna take a different tack. There's on offense. I would agree, got a less than one hundred percent. Larry FitzGerald with a bat. Offense playing the bears against kindergarten and what should be a shootout Sunday night at home against the patriots. Yeah. I mean, if when you read the fifty facts com, you'll see a lot of very positive Kennedy. Stats are next up. Aaron Wilson wants to know if there is a single Washington wide receiver worth rostering l. defer to the local expert. I don't believe so candidly. I don't have a problem if you wanna keep Jamison Crowder and hoping for better things. But so far through two games. They haven't been able to move the ball about effectively the best wide receiver on the Redskins have been Chris Thompson. I mean, he leads the team in receptions and targets. They're spreading it around. Josh Dotson is like one of the league leader in snaps in is just very toothless so far. And so in terms of his fantasy production, Paul Richardson, I like, it's it. I think, I think as a as a collective, I think they're fine group of receivers, and I think it's fine for the NFL, but in terms of fantasy, it does not believe it does not appear that any pass catcher with the exception of Jordan Reed or Chris Thompson has emerged. What is so funny to find you. Toothless toothless. Does he actually not have teeth? We're still stuck onto? No, they don't. I don't have to. You haven't heard the phrase toothless about, like just not having. All the time in World War Two. It's okay. No big deal. Off what else we got. I do. I move on here. Awkward pause here. I don't think it's a weird phrase at all. Have no bite. Because there without teeth. I what else keep is it lady on bell related question here from coordinate the Mary Hampshire dot com according to merriam Webster dot com. So many examples of toothless in a sentence. Liverpool fans were impressed by Marshall's performance away at Brighton. As once again, the Manchester club looked toothless registering just three shots on target in the ninety minutes. Losing one. Oh, on the night. So there you go in the dictionary. That's example. It using some of us are brandy brains, you know, not all of us went online and got our college degrees at at Princeton dot com. Yeah, because that's where you do it. That's how you do it lady unveil related question from ATs manual, snap. Just that's what it says here. If you're a top team and the team with bell is fading in the standings, what sort of offer would you send try to take advantage of the win now urgency for your trade partner? So you have lady on bell. And you are in a good spot to acquire him. You can afford to stash him. Is the question right? So what sort of offering making? So I'm just gonna start to think around like if I could get lady on bell four and I don't know if you get this or not, but for example, I trade Jordan Howard for him. I think a number two running back or wide receiver for me. I was just going to say number two receiver. Yeah. That would be my preference. I'm leptin to give up running backs in this league, especially with the, we just don't know. We leave me about. Ultimately, that's the problem is you don't know. He could be sitting on your bench for multiple weeks if you trade for him, but somebody else could really need a receiver and you might be stacked because he repetition. I think it depends. Candidly, on the situation of the person that has lady on Belen the roster. Honestly, if I'm to an old lady on bell, I'm not trading if I'm Owen to then I'm right. So I mean that's part of it too, like, so you need to sort of look at the person that has lady unbalanced the roster and figure out what that person needs and why that person would have motivated to trade lay on bell. Like I have leaving on bell in the in the show league that we do not the show. I'm sorry, not the show league in the ESPN fantasy staff league that I play with in with both of you guys and you know care bell and Mike clay interest in and everyone. Right? Ken dobby, and I'm too and Owen that league. So I'm like, good. He. Yeah, yeah. So whatever eleven, Bill Levy on bell will come back even though Jim McCormack snake, James, Connor for me. That's all right. Fantasy karma. Got him because I still beat James McCormack even though he had James Connor against me and I didn't have lady on Belen week one what else? That's right. What else. What else hairs about your team? Don't you know that? What else? Keith, I just wanted to take the opportunity to call. Jim McCormack could work. Zach may wants to know, said Matthew earlier earlier mentioned that Josh Gordon's value potentially was peeking before even takes the field is with the same apply for Aaron Jones. No. And here's the reason why Mike McCarthy, the Packers coach said on Wednesday me chest, Aaron Jones is he's, he's the Third Reich. Then like the third running back. He's basically he's been more pleased with time on gummy and Jamaal Williams than those who roster them and fantasy football have been wanted to keep in mind that has always been a factor in Green Bay. And it's been discussed on this podcast and by many other fantasy analysts is that you know in running back play, you do have to cut it and prioritize being able to do things like pickup protections, hold your own in tough situations. You know the things that don't necessarily contribute to your fantasy box score, reliability, and Jamaal Williams and time on. Gumri old specifically Williams way have much explosiveness, but he has a lot of the other stuff. The not intangibles with things that go like gloss, we gloss pass and fantasy football enter talk about earlier, but the need for Aaron Rodgers to be protected doesn't they're placing a premium on that right now. It definitely gives the edge to Jamal Williams. What else you got forest? Keith have a nonsense related one here, which I'm sure everybody will enjoy men from Lucas says, which of the following has the highest lifetime total. Okay. So there's four things here, different craft brews sampled by field. It worked trips in quotes by by Stefania. Right. Boondoggle ING. Words slash phrases added to the English dictionary by Matthew. You had time and volume. And bands. You've never heard of that. Daniel listens to. They, Matthew runs away with it. Just gonna. Throw that out there. Okay. You mean he scooters away with it? I, I think we'd not after go to pet. Like the word of the English thing you're, you're crazy. I. Boy, I mean, different craft brews sampled by field seems to be like the obvious answer because it's so much easier to get easy to easier, much easier to to sampling craft beer than it is to create a phrase out of nowhere added to the English language, right? Or for boondoggle somewhere, she she, but she 'cause divine is normally here. Mostly during the season. She boondoggles maybe once a month during the season out of season, it's a constant boondoggle. So that's the close second for me. And who knows? I mean, Daniel could say like I'm listening to the the flaming crab patties that I'd be like, is that a band? I don't know. So that's one where there's no way to check Eddie's father of a young watch SpongeBob of here. I don't know the. Actually, really good band name. Well, yes, crab Pat. He's not crabby patties SpongeBob. They eat crabby patties. Plumbing. Have field new the reference? Yeah, feel Uruguay from watching SpongeBob himself, obviously, good run. Let's wrap this up with crappy promo. New York Times bestselling author, Matthew berry with another self-serving self-indulgent all about me promo. People like free things. People like being informed on fantasy football. It's one of the reasons you're listening or watching. This podcast is because you like free things and you like to be informed on fantasy football? Well, the fantasy life app does both things. It is one hundred percent free and the alerts are second to none. If you go to the app store and you read the reviews, four point eight stars. Now on the app store in terms of the alerts, the alerts on this app beat every other alert that you might have out there beats Twitter beats everything. So you're often able to get to the waiver wire or make moves based on the app before anyone else. It's a great community inside the app in terms of being able to post your team get instant feedback. Maybe we'll chat with friends. There's different chat rooms as well. Tons of funny posts as well in terms of memes and gifts, and can you can you can post to pull about your own team. You can talk with other people as well. It's basically like like a message board except it's in your phone. It's mobile. It's convenient and it's all in real time. So. The fantasy life app go to the app store on whatever device you have or just go to fantasy life app dot com. It is a terrific, amazing community all be popping in there and doing some chats later this season as well. You can find him maybe at Matthew berry, you can find him everywhere else on social media. Matthew berry team are she's to find you underscore ESPN on Twitter and find you eighty-seven on Instagram. I am field Yates everywhere. We are back on Friday. A loaded show were previewing games you the insight to need. And of course we are picking them. We'll talk to you then the week. Three pizzas preview underway. Go Brown, Brown peace out. Six. Bevvy you guys go ahead. Give me for being on sportscenter for forty, five seconds. Jan. You're terrible at hashtag, improv. You'll gate. Berry convert you. Fantasy. Ben. The all new Acura RDX was entirely reimagined from the ground up and inside out with the turbocharged two hundred seventy two horsepower v. tech engine. The return of available super handling all wheel drive driver-focused cabin featuring a class leading panoramic roof and innovative technology highlighted by a new true touch pad interface. The RDX is more luxurious and even more thrilling to drive visit your local Acura dealer to test drive the all new Acura RDX today.

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