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we'll get a mysterious universe season twenty-three episode six coming up on this show. We've got tapping the space bar of the mind the Hologram off deception and the time captial of the wing makers I'm Benjamin grungy joining us. Aaron right are at what happens when you hit the space bar to the mind you see you see the Matrix. Come on if you do it enough times. I've got this guy who used to work at Princeton's Engineering normally research lab. You know pay. Yeah they ran from the nineteen seventies. I think they only closed down in nineteen ninety-seven Iran. All these crazy experiments on random event generators and off to the lab closed down the author who? I'M GONNA be covering in the plus extension. He's name is Herb Mertz. He started a private company where they essentially replicated. The random event algorithm is this like the human consciousness project ahead of those random number generators on the weld area. Similar lay basically wanted to make something that was less cumbersome showed what was used Princeton because Princeton had these big bulky combat the machines that ran on dos and that was just a nightmare to use so he started this private company and they made a cellphone sized USB powder random event generators and it came with software and essentially it allowed anyone to run their own experiments where they could see if they consciousness affect the output of the random randomly generated events when you say randomly generated advances. Just numbers isn't it. I'll explain it later. Basically plots out on a graph the results of the random generation. Yeah and what you're trying to do is influence the results. Yes and the way he would do. It is essentially Spice Bah and use his mind to influence said Except he had to run over a million experiments so the story have coming up is about a guy who spent literally spent twelve plus years heating spice spa until he sold the Matrix. The second even more than that. So you've got a story of a guy hitting spice bar a million times you decide to story of Guy Hitting his baseball nice to see you. Save the best ban really really happy coming up. We'll I went to this very very odd path yesterday because we had our discussion on the plus episode about breakaway civilizations. By asked you. This question continued to to mull over it as I got home and I was thinking well if you have a group. Let's say a human group it doesn't have to be extraterrestrial. You just have a human group. And they somehow manage to stumble across some type of advanced technology and it doesn't have to be that advanced stumble across it just three. Oh what's this well? No because I mean there's a lot of scientific advancements do come from accidents I mean penicillin and itself. It wasn't an accident but it came from a happy surprise in reality. Happy surprise so I wasn't so tragic. Us syphilis it was essentially because I believe that The Creator Penicillin had left a Moldy Cup. Somewhere and next to some bacteria found that the bacteria wasn't growing near it so this was penicillin inside there which was resistant or provided antibiotic help but anyway. That's not where I'm going. What happened was I started looking into this idea of a breakway civilization and I thought do they really exist and if they do if they have these technologies and I ask you this question then. Why aren't they sharing them with the rest of humanity? Would there be a benefit then with the rest of humanity. They wouldn't be breakaway point. It would just be like everyone else so I was even thinking fun in that well. That's and that's what it is about. It's about apparently according to the story that go into today. It's about the drama even these most advanced scientists that have this incredible technology. They love a bit of drama and the drama is drummed up. Because you're in a secret club you know something that other people don't so it sets you apart. It's like this whole element of human psychology. Yeah so this is a role in. This is extending on research that we dug up from Owen. Kosher forgotten his name already from the loss plus episode where the research was deemed information on supposed- breakaway colonies. Was the idea that this old tied back to the ship sightings of the late eighteen hundreds. That's correct dill Xiao Sonora era club. Those the idea that there was a particular family involved with those strange airship sightings in the eighteen hundreds that essentially like you said had developed something discovered something or maybe stumbled across something that set them apart from the rest of civilization and they've essentially kept themselves separate for a long time and it doesn't have to be much. This is the thing I think when we think about the concept of a breakway society or civilization in the past when you went off discussed it and I'm probably guilty of this also. Is that you think well at some group that's made contact with extraterrestrials. That had been given highly advanced technology. But it doesn't have to be that I mean you. Use the example of you know. There was possibly a group that had discovered a slightly hot form of stainless steel. Well that's from the novel. Atlas shrugged brought inventory. He's like a well. He's not really middle adjust but he's life is about middle and he. He creates his metal. That is stronger than steel. It's lighter than steel and the implications of this invention reverberate through society. Because all of a sudden you can have machine you can have an engine for example that has high heat tolerances. You can now build things that can take more white so it just changes everything. Yes so doesn't have to be you know the discovery of anti gravity to somehow set yourself on a trajectory where you've got a huge advantage of of the rest of civilisation. Also Bosley is the author also covering actual yes? See I say that when we were talking about some of he's ideas of a breakway colony? He's written three books on it. So on that law show said well. Let's let's get those books in and then I realized there awhile away three weeks to get. Yeah so thanks for following the threat. Well it's combat through an accident in reality because I picked up the time travel handbook which is manual of practical teleportation. Time travel. It's edited by David Hatcher childress but I was going through a chapter cold time bandits from the eighteen hundreds time big time brigands so immediately that grabbed my attention. Of course we thought well. Yeah I mean if you had developed the ability to travel through time surely would be. I mean. Obviously there'd be some very honorable people but also the probably be a lot of people that go. Hey I can use this to my advantage and don't lie most of US probably. Would you know if you could go back to twenty eleven and buy a whole heap of Bitcoin to the sports? Exactly exactly this is something that is part of popular culture. That's why this movie's time cops. You know this whole series that you relate to this kind of thing where it's you've got people that have discovered the ability to travel through time and they use it for less than altruistic purposes. But what I saw looking at is that it was a C. stories of how people back in the eighteen hundreds especially through Texas and areas like that encountering people flying in these airships dirigibles at the at the very peak or at the start of technology at the start of aerial technology. So what people were seeing in these ads ships with technology that was just not quite developed it. That were conned there. But they had that hadn't got now and so a lot of people think. Oh well no this was just a group that possibly had been working on this for a while but no this was actually at the dawn of aviation and yet the technology that wasn't even that was steam punk and quite dated from our perspective that we using things that seem like anti gravity technology and as always going through this hallway stories and he which. I won't even bother you with because all linked to them in the shots so you can actually see them but one thing that came up with a lot of these stories is that it seems like where these airships were whether or most often seen it was associated with sites of natural crystals. No no no. If they're referring to crystal law or something else but it seems like from this book a lot of the stories we find by pace places for example in Hot Springs Arkansas. This isn't the six the main 1897 there were two police officers. That witnessed an ashes land in a field on already. Not The way that this thing landed though it would seem to have almost anti graphic properties to it but it was this lodge cylinder s ship. The came down a man with along came news holding a length in his hand but the Latin. They said that it looked like it was a blue flame so some people actually speculate that this wasn't a flame at all. It was actually an electric lamp of some kind now like all the other ashes sightings around this time this thing had this extremely bright searchlight which was seen pacing all of the land before it landed and he was questioned about it and I said well what's searchlight and he says well actually causes drains a lot of POW so I have to shot it off every now and again because I need to devote power back to the issue. Let's let so great about these. These stories from eighteen hundreds. These sidings is at first glance. They've just looked like a ufo counter that you have one common time. Yes anything will have just used the language of the time for a flying saucer or something but they made the crew. The crew comes out that just like us. They're wearing the same clothing from the era. And like you saying he's he's lamp isn't running on some kind of unlimited energy no they haven't perfected it yet. Yeah exactly it's not right. And this is what people say. All they must have discovered zero point energy back then no. It's nothing like that. They must have battery. I've come across something just because you've got one technology doesn't mean you have all the other technologies so they may have come across something and we know from the Dell show you know reports the possibly that had some type of gas that was far lighter than air and that was what was permitting them to have almost angiography properties. Like you could have something the size of a h bowl and fill it with that gas and you could lift a few taunts but we don't know what happened to that gas so we don't know who developed it but it seems like with these stories is that European they were human beings least. The variously appeared to be human beings now. Some speculation. Is that a breakaway. Civilisation actually occurred in the eighteen hundreds and this is kind of cool because when you think about a breakway civilization you think about it being very advanced very futuristic. You almost down to. I think when you picture in your mind you just see an underground facility where everything is widened. Shiny and people aware catsuits. And it's all varied sly fi and advanced but that may not be the case because there was a story from New Mexico whether there was a crash. Ufo. And what's really strange about that story? Is that apparently? It crashed in the very very early nineteen hundreds now the story goes and of course it's only anecdotal because it's a ufo crash that there's no way that we can verify these details but the story goes according to this book that when people were recovered from the crash and went to the rescue is that went to it. They found that they were human beings that were pulled from this cross. This was a cylinder Kroft. It wasn't a dirigible luck the ships but it does fit with the time but they're all wearing eighteen nineties clothing so as possible that this is a group that broke off around the eighteen nineties and what time traveling yes. Well I think we can immediately say yes absolutely. But that's one thing that was put forward is that this group hadn't actually developed the anti gravity technology. The group that was a breakaway civilization had somehow uncovered some type of time travel technology and much like the back to the future films had gone into a future location and had pulled all the technology like anti gravity technology and applauded to what they had so much. Like it's crazy because it's almost like these stories of with fiction but it's like with back the future you're going to build the time machine you shoved in a car a conventional car and then you go to the future and then you bring back anti gravity technical He greeted technology. So as I said all into the spoken the show not seeking read moral stories Fi. Self though they're really crazy but what really got me going for this show is. I came across a chapter cold. The wing make is and time travel and the premise of this story in itself was really intriguing and it got me going but after I ended up reading the premise and going through the story it comes to this interview with someone who was supposedly involved in this particular project. Which all of which I'll explain in a moment but in the nineteen nineties and the Light Naughty Naughty story exploded on the Internet. I didn't realize just the following that this story hat and just how much attention that this thing got. It just became this huge story. This kept on developing and development. All the way into two thousand and eight and people like carry cassidy and bill from project. Camelot started interviewing people that were climbing to be associated with this James Caz ball to remember the super soldier guy that claims that he was a black ops strange super soldier from underground as he specifically said he encountered he. He was called out to a house fire. Yes he saw a house fire in England and he went to inspect as a deployment team rise through and there was an octopus being. That had escaped because the house fire was crushed flying. Was It from a crash flying saliva and those an audible lead on the loose rise. Yes and I don't know if they trapped it. Somehow they capture they closed. He claims that they closed off streets. Stop the OCTA point right. The mechanized octopus escaping right. So if he's involved legit definitely going to be what. You've mentioned some suspicious characters. They're very suspicious. I mean should we be taking the story seriously? No and this is the thing so actually. I shouldn't say that rotten at what I WANNA do is present this story fee and I want you to decide whether or not you know how much of this you believe. But what's really happened here? I think that this is a story of disinformation but not from a group. That's on earth. It's almost like it's very similar in its Development like the poll Benowitz story and how he was exposed to disinformation and got so caught up in the belief of but ultimately destroys life. This story is very similar in that so many people have been dragged into this and the warriors have been muddied so badly that it's really difficult to work out what's going on. But let's start with the original story and then we'll move into more of the psychology in the witness of a little bit later on all of this started in nineteen seventy-two happened in a remote section of northern New Mexico and allegedly a group of hackers discovered this unusual artifact and pictographs within an Obscure Canyon. So what had happened was is that these hikers had been moving through this canyon and had come up against what appeared to be a cave of some sort but the entrance to the cave had only recently been disturbed. I want to show but look like it was almost beckoning to them so they walked inside this cave and when they got inside they found it to be the most amazing sight that anyone could possibly imagine that they could see they said. The walls were covered in strange graphic symbols pictograms. There was pottery and apparently in the middle of this room. They found a compass like artifact and I say compass but that's an inverted commas because it's not a compass it's something else that this too had strange holographic symbols seemingly engraved into it. Now that didn't know what this was and coming across. Something like this is Almost disconcerting to them was the word that was used because it shouldn't have been there and even the art so all the walls inside were covered in this art. This incredible ought now around there that had been other native American tribes but apparently those tribes hadn't been there since the eighth century and there were there was some rock up but nothing that was similar to what was inside this particular cave. So because of these normal is the artifacts was actually sent Someone contacted the US government because it went to the local university. The local university went to the government and more specifically ultimately ended up in the hands of the National Security Agency. Now is getting out faster cave. Why would the NSA beginning artifacts out of a cave? What is this? What does this have to do well? Apparently it was decided that these artifacts might suggest a pre historical extraterrestrial presence on earth and the NSA had the appropriate agenda and programs to initiate a full-scale scientific expedition to determine the nature and the significance of this site. So this were in the story. We have to start pulling back some of you know peeling back. Some of the lives of young and allegedly from. So that's not included in this story. So this is the original story but obviously because this story has become so big. There's a whole range of websites informs and people discussing this so I went and found some motels which are linked to as well. But it's claimed from that story the stories that we hear that a faction of the greys did make an agreement with is and how back in the late nineteen forties and when that happened the NSA essentially was tossed with the US. There was a subgroup created within the NSA that was responsible for assimilating the alien technology that was provided to us in this agreement. Apparently this there was this agreement that we came from the guys that you know the old story. They could abductor certain number of people from Earth every year as long as I gave us some of the technology and some of the genetic results and so within the of this group was created. Now this group is not supposed to exist if you start looking forward in government websites or anything else even the NSA. Unless you're in the need to know you don't know about this special group but this special group walls deploy was deployed to decide. And so when they went into the site they found that it actually wasn't just a single cave. It was a site was branching out the described it as an older with branches. Coming off the side of it like lungs almost and in these rooms they were twenty three rooms and H. These rooms had different hieroglyphics and different information and in the middle of the room. They found this optical disk. This isn't the very final room at the very back and I didn't know what to do with this disc optical disc an optical disc and Carter CD ROM. I was thinking. Well this is the thing right. It's the industry in. Rome has twelve encyclopedias on well. Back in the ninety this is back in the nineteen seventies so everything apparently when they found this disc why would they? How would they know what a disk used in the nineteen seventies call it an optical disk and it could be an optical disk is so water could be the what is suggested here is because this particular group this team within the NSA known as the AC so there the advance contact intelligence organisation? They apparently because they had been dealing with great technology and the job was to assimilate great technology or alien technology and understand it that They knew what the article discourse but they didn't know how to access it. Apparently at that time there was no technology that they had decided to change. Does allow them to access compact. This came out in the eighties right. Yes that's Sony Sony Technology. Well you know what you joking Roy. But apparently what the was supposed to. They had their own agenda. There was an agenda that was supposed to be doing certain things the group within the NFL. This is yes you know about them but we know about them from this journalist which I thought it was this general okay so this is why. I'm just giving answer all of that so I'm just giving you the overall of what happens. So there is a source. There is a crazy source of information which I will. I will explain to you but I want to give you the story I because otherwise it doesn't. It's too difficult to follow. All the things I found. Compaq is seventy optical disc. That's always the technology they've never seen before then they're like. Oh this is GonNa take this on it. But maybe they had senate so part of the role of the I was to take the technology from extraterrestrials and diluted so much that they could then sell it out into the white world out into the general populace so just joining your best Serta. Haven't you talking about it? But maybe that's part of what they did. Look I'm not I'm just obviously spooling here. I'm not actually getting myself completely involved in believing the story about that. We'll worry about that. We'll come back to that right. We'll come back but apparently this is. What one of the agendas was it was to make money for the NSA? So that they could do their other programs by selling this diluted alien technology and Strangely Enough. I mean all the time it fits with the PC computer revolution. It fits with the technologies that we have it all Lonzo. It all adds up. We'll stick with that lining up for the moment serve regardless they shut this thing down for around twenty one years. They called this particular sides of code-named Ancient Arrow because they realize that when they went to this site the as I said been names because it dated back on codenames meant to hide what it is. Well I guess I mean who knows but it dated back to the eight hundred so whenever this cave was lost open it was the year eight hundred so it's been closed for a long time. And they know that the there's a little into the native American legends around that area and there was nothing in their oral traditions. Which suggest any contact with anything which we do here on some other stories. So I'm going. Well what's what's with this site. So this sought was shut down for twenty one years but then a series of rockslides reopened the site. And because it was no longer obscure the had to go and sanctioned it off because they will hackers and campus that were heading around that area and they said you know. We have to do something about this. We have to stop people from getting in there. So they did. They shut the whole area down. Apparently it was cut off from hikers was labeled as being a dangerous region for people to go into so no one would ask questions but after this a small team of operatives went inside but when they went inside they had to basically they found a language because they had the optical disc but they couldn't get the information out of the optical disc but didn't know how to do it. They lacked the technology but they believed with old the pictographs and hieroglyphs on the walls that they would be able to translate this to get the information to be able to unlock the disk and found out the information. That's inside the disk. Okay so what happens this way we get this story from so apparently the story comes from a Mr Anderson now. Mr Anderson was working for the. Acc I miss. Anderson apparently was a linguistic genius. Apparently he spoke thirty languages Twelve of which are now extinct. Smoke a spoke ancient Sumerian Kadarshian OTHER LANGUAGES. Long gone But he was so good with his language that the came to him and said we will pay you four hundred thousand dollars a year to be able to work for us but you can never leave. You can never leave this group. And according to the story he said yes. Okay that's fine. This is this is this is going to be a perfect opportunity for me to really push my skills to limit on. I wanted to cover this for you. So he did. He went in. And they spent seven months restoring cataloging and analyzing the ancient Arab side. But it remained a complete enigma. So much energy went into deciphering the artifacts and attempting to solve the puzzle but they couldn't get any further with it ultimately though before they're able to decipher any of the details. This hypothesis came about that. Essentially an ancient culture had established itself on Earth in the eighth century with a mission to leave behind a massive time capsule. That would be discovered sometime in the late twentieth century. What exactly was the nature of the time capture was completely unclear to the research team at the time but it was probable that this was some type of cultural exchange and there was no intent to attack. Earth. Now that's odd. Why would you even say that? There was no intent to attack us but that might become apparent later on so when I got this disk. And they had this Anderson Mr Anderson. Spent two months of unsuccessful efforts trying to decipher this and try to create a translation. Matrix and he. Apparently at one point did manage to pull its shots from some of these. These PICTOGRAPHS I. It was trying to understand where this was coming from this the theory that there was some type all extraterrestrial presence that was associated with this but they didn't get any way until the head project. Directo somehow said to Mr Anderson will want you try going back into the and but you can do it. Virtually so apparently they took in some type of tennis can top device and they scanned the entirety. Now this is technology that exists today but back then it would be in its infancy. But it's used in forensic today if you have a motorcycle and you put it in a panel game which essentially just three sixty camera it spins around. Scans the whole room and then not to recreate it. You know a photographic recreation. Well apparently what they did is they? Put this penner scan thing but it's scanned the entire room but also took measurements. So they were able to recreate virtually this room and so what he would do would spend his days going through this recreation to unlock the puzzle of this optical disk and did he said eventually come up with a simple set of twenty three words that elicited of eight thousand pages of Dada from the optical disk is that unfortunately he doesn't say it just says that there was only three would he just says that what one thing that came up to him is that When you put the city roaming it says Password basically hacked well pretty much. I mean one thing that happened was that in the summer of Nineteen ninety-six this linguist expert said that he had this image companies mind and this is the strange thing as well. There seems to be this element of guiding from something. That's kind of farm. He said that something companies mind that he should look at ancient Sumerian text and he said I'm not GonNa do that but when he did and he was looking through. This skinny said he could see that. The characters were similar to the Sumerian language. It wasn't the same but it was similar and because of that. That's how he was able to decipher these twenty three words which allowed him to unlock this disc so he said the translation index itself actually took an additional six months to get together but when they did they pull that seven percent of the Dada so eight thousand pages off this disc and translated it to English. Now he said the data was segmented and it was difficult but he said there were things inside that there was philosophical and scientific papers on the porn folder. That's going to be some nasty porn. I can imagine they found poetry music and I also found an introduction to the culture and the identity of the creators. The creatives did confirm that they had created a time capsule and they refer to themselves as the wing makers that represented a future version of humanity. Who leaves some seven hundred fifty years in our future so he was able to somehow translate this alien language? Yes but it's not Iranian? It's human remains human. The information that came from the disc was that this was a future human rice that had come back to the eighth century and had put this time capsule there to be discovered by Leonard Group later on so it was an English. Nobody wants it was translated but the language was this ancient odd. Sumerian language that it's really strange. I just don't know how they match do this. But apparently left behind a total of seven time capsules in various parts of the world to be discovered. According to their will orchestrated plan. The apparent goal was to help the next. Several generations of humanity developed into a global culture with a unified system of philosophy science and art and art and art as well. And we know how. Well modern amendments You know surely this is working really well. You must paint according to the dialect official painting method. But this is why. This came up in this book. It's not extraterrestrials. We'll we'll be thinking. According to the information. This is a group of time travelers from the future. That are trying to help humanity now. This is where I had to say Rom because cleanly yeah they knew it was ten thousand years into the future. They're still using cd-rom no it's not that what it was is that they must have known that that technology would have been available relatively soon so that would have provided something that would have been and obviously cd-roms would've been even though developed in the eighties the whole concept and everything else would have been brewing in the sixties and the seventies. So you drop something. That is kind of consistent with a time period. It doesn't have to be exact and I didn't know I mean there. This is a well orchestrated plan. But they didn't know when it was going to be discovered exactly. I mean how could you? It was discovered by a group of hawkers accidentally. But they did it around the right times so I get how that possibly could work. Regardless of the the scientists to a originally discovered the access card so this optical discs actually became strangely sympathetic with the wing makers mission. We never exactly find out exactly what the wing makers mission is and this is the strange thing though. Yeah but so. Let me get straight. They came back to Al. Time period to Berry time capsules seven of them around the world to teach us what to teach us to develop a global culture of that's right and a unified system of philosophy science and art now communism as Amelia. And this is what happens. It's talking about this globalized government and a one world government and the U. Nodding and. I'm thinking I don't know if this is about rising humidity up at all. This is starting to sound like it's a little bit and of course because of the stories we talk about on this show and we've spoken about disinformation and I'm thinking where's this going because it seems like it's all nice at highway. He'd help you. We're GONNA give you the information but you had to find it on your own and just to guide you. But they got us towards a global society with the one world government and they can Okay so as I said this is where I have to make a little bit of a detour. Did some research on some other forms about what people think is going on here and boys the sources tell us about the source. I saw what the source is. Is that this Scientist who was Doing the linguists strange things started happening to him. So what happened was is that as it says. He became sympathetic to the mission. We don't know exactly what they mean. But supposedly it's supposed to be good and helping humanity. He became so sympathetic with the he became apparently a threat to the A. C. I A. So this is the subgroup within the secret innocent with the news secret group within the NSA now even deeper again apparently is another group within the NSA. That has an agenda and this agenda is being run by a man simply known as fifteen is that his age. No little teenage kid. No show okay so I will give away a little bit here. Apparently fifteen is the CEO of say. Okay so within this again as I say onions like layers within layers and confusion so you've got the NSA which people know the NSA exists. Then you've got the CIO which is described that we're not supposed to know exists but within the ACO is another group a subgroup of around twenty to thirty people that's headed by fifteen. The group is cold the labyrinth group now this Labyrinth Group apparently uh I can fifteen apparently of the Earth. Apparently fifteen is a genus. He is one of the most intelligent people ever to exist. Only tweets photograph in the show notes and by his dreadlocks and Hawaiian shirt I can tell that. He certainly is a very very brought individual. He looks like he's about to catch a couple of way before he gets back to being the CEO of the planet. Seeing photo all I think is David on human. That's all I get out of it. Well that's all I can say but apparently this man is the most intelligent man in existence. So this man was hired by the ICAO to interface with a subsection of the grays as part of the T. t. p. the technology the Taytay. So this isn't funny thing. Though there acronyms the military has a lot of acronyms so mike whereas it's kind of interesting these acronyms showing up but also it could be the rantings of a madman but the apparently was the the technology transfer protocol was an agreement between the grise and Eisenhower. Get the technology which I was talking about earlier. So because this guy was brilliant. He started coming up in academic circles. We don't know exactly where he's come from. But the belief is he is American. Obviously and when he started moving up academic circles he started pushing back against these professors and as professors actually went to crazy. And you're too out there because this guy became obsessed with time travel. He became convinced that he was able to create something cold block time and he could do so. I'm sorry not block time blank time. And he could do so by creating a computer that would be powerful enough to allow him to travel through time. What is blank time so blank? Tom Apparently is a specific type of time travel. That is different to the way that we understand trump trouble wicks so allegedly. There's two types of time. Travel one is okay. It's very advanced so we have out linnea horizontal time travel that we know that works so you can get into the future into the past but you follow this horizontal line and if you do something in the past to fix the future. There's this linear progression as to what happens Their type of time travel this this blue blank. Time is actually vertical. Time travel so the LINEAR HAS BECOME. The horizontal has become vertical and like another universe. It's well it's basically it's time is all together now. We've discussed this when we've talked about time in the past. But essentially with the way that they describe it in very reductive terms every single event that happens is like a block. A new layer those blocks on top of each other. It's like you're building a towel. But the entirety of Tau is all one moment so every event that takes place in everything that happens sits within this towel within this vertical timeframe so because every event is happening at exactly the same time you can move you can slide up and down through that towel on that allows you to access any particular time that you want. Why don't you get it exactly? I mean come on it's difficult. It's they're actually. It's very difficult but this is the problem with this story. None of the details ever explained like it's just said that it sir complex and it's so overwhelming that you went onto status The source of this is look. I'm just going to tell you the very basic details about it. Which is why we're here. Because I asked you who the source was the now? I'm willing about Lego blocks of time. Okay so the source is skipping forward. But I will tell you the source is this guy that is the linguist so he was working. He's Dr Anderson and Doctor Anderson was working as a linguist and because he became sympathetic to the mission of the wing makers he created a lot of waves inside not just the ICAO but also within the Labyrinth Group. Right and fifteen was upset and fifteen was pissed. Fifteen was concerned about what he was doing. And for whatever reason we daren't nor but apparently there was a disagreement now no one has ever left the labyrinth group and no one has ever left the ICU. So apparently Dr Anderson knew that if he left he potentially could one could use their mind wiping technology. Yes I'm aware of what I'm saying. That could use their mind wiping technology to remove the last fifteen years of his life and he said this is something I don't want to get either. He if later moved off fifteen years if he's alive he would say he's like thirty years old he would wake up and be fifty a disney movie. Yeah exactly so like. Maybe that's why they call the fifteen because that's how he walks off fifteen years of your life and you wake up as a fifteen year old. That's actually more plausible theory. Is that come up this but no say. He decided that he wanted to leave. But as we know this is this is funny and we. We hear this a lot in X. particularly super soldier stories is if you want to get out of a of a secret clandestine organization like this. The best way to hide is in plain in the open. And the way that you do that is you. Bring your story to the media. You get your story out there and a little bit different these days. This was published back in not night. In nineteen ninety seven it was told to journalists that actually reported on it But it actually you know these days. It's a dozen when people say these stories because it's a youtube and I've applaud costin and every royals but he actually had gone to what he did is he got out. This is Anderson. This is this is Dr Anderson. He took all this information and everything that he had and he fled. He ran and he ran to the first journalist that he could find apparently was just a random journalist. This is what's reported. I mean. Imagine walking up to random journals and go. Oh my God. Could you imagine what they saw? Go please come in and sit down and tell me all about. Frogs publishes story stable. It's a different world so this is where it becomes complicated again. So the journalist is a woman by the name of an but that's a pseudonym and we don't know who and is we we have no idea who any so and is the one who got this story out to the world by contacting at the time. Apparently a person who was very good at he was very At the start of digital media his name is mock Hempel so Marc Hempel was a pioneer and Internet radio and apparently the and wanted to remain anonymous so she packaged up all these transcripts of interviews that she had with Dr Anderson and took artwork and audio tapes and Senate to Hamble and hampel published everything online and he published on the website which is wing makers dot com this was published in nineteen ninety eight and this thing went nuts like it went completely. Not Don't know why I don't know if it was because the Internet was new and people were still the conflict all just believe anything that I read but the song became immensely popular like it was discussed every way of forums. Otherwise it was the most disgust conspiracy theory website in the latter part of the nineteen nineties and Dr Anderson was just wanting to get information out. Apparently so this is how we get this story and the story that I'm telling you now is the original story but then lead the story changes but a mysterious James shows up but we'll come back to James because James is a is an interesting man because apparently James and Dr Anderson are the same person. But let's start with Dr Anderson. The staff run next to each other. He's not not Chinese Brooks. I was trying to hit the the shock stab okay so that was a big reveal bill. They're actually the same person is supposedly the same person so and when let's go back to win an met this guy and for whatever reason she seemed to various WanNa talk to him about his story so he came in and he agreed to five interviews with this woman. This journalist and He brings out photographs and drawings and You know odd-looking technologies that had strange symbols and grabbed on them and she sorrel the. She claims that she sorrel this and but she was still in disbelief fly. She still couldn't believe the store that she was being taught. So let me give you a brief rundown of these two interviews that she has with Mr Anderson Percent Mr Edison metrics because it kind of has this metro see feel and that does come up a little bit later on that stories about the major well this ties in a little bit with the Anthony. Pick discussion that. We had only recently. But when she has this discussion with him in these two interviews she sits down and he just unloads a huge amount of essentially. It's bullshit but it sounds like bullshit he starts saying things like some of the group is being talking to God and that he's connected with the many knows what's going on. But then he describes a group called the courtroom now the courtroom another grew another day a secret group within the Seger Guna S. I dare a secret group. Also the courtroom have been working with fifteen as part of the labyrinth so this is part again of that agreement that they have and so the court him have been working apparently. They're a group of two hundred members and not on what is known about that background. What they're doing but their against as far as we know they're against the Greis but the courtroom a working really hard to develop this blank time technology. They want to be able to travel through time. So that's why they're working with fifteen. Who apparently now after all these years and all of these crazy theories and he's working with this group which has got black. Ops funding is capable of developing this technology. But there are a little bit apprehensive about it. Because I've made this deal with the devil that working with an alien group that wants to develop time travel technology. I'd imagine if they do dodge just shoot the Messenger Story. I'm just trying to figure out the hell was going. Oh No it's so complicated so many groups to keep track you'll store you've got no idea. There's the consortium aliens. I thought you said though alien only they are aliens the courtroom group is against the Greis. But they're also alias. Grace Grace sticking with me. You still don't know idea you've got you've got no idea how this book is and how many thoughts are just humble looted messes of this story but apparently. I do find this to be plausible. Is that this has been done on purpose. The entire water has been muddied because they may be some truth to this. And it's all being completely destroyed because it's so muddy and it's so crazy no one's GonNa believe this story but this is where we come back to talk to Anderson. So Dr Anderson in these discussions starts describing that essentially the okay so the the labyrinth group headed by fifteen came across. You know you're smiling. A prophecy so the prophecy. They apparently pulled out all of their research. Intimacy so I went through oldest mythology and they went through all these old religious texts and all these details and they found that apparently in the twenty eleven so alert right now in the at twenty eleven an alien a clandestine alien invasion of earth will begin and the whole point that the courtroom and the Labyrinth Group. A working together to develop the time travel. Technology is because they're trying to stop the alien invasion so the way that they alien invasion work is that they will come to earth out the androids apparently so that let's get in the way of the truth of this story androids. It'll will just like us. I looked well. They don't they don't look like us but they've been cloned to look like us or they're being created till like apparently there is some group from another. Galaxy Inter dimensional. They're from another galaxy that the the labyrinth group and the CIO is knowledgeable about that are trying to invade earth in a subversive fashion much like while we was talking about in the past. Was you know alliens pretending to be human beings to sneak into US Assadi? They will start in two thousand and eleven and as they start coming through that will very rapidly start taking over the globe y twenty eighteen. They will be a mass global election which will bring them to power. And we'll bring about the destruction of humanity unless Ben unless the Labyrinth Group and fifteen a successful all so they did it. They did it well. Okay all right. Why he's the C O of the world's smartest out this is the thing. Apparently the grace the grace consider fifth grade hate us. They just think that we're the lowest of the low will lab. Rats were just nothing but fifteen is if they wanted them to think well maybe but fifteen is so just super duper intelligent that they consider him the c o of the of the planet. So this is why we get the of the world you know name or title has been given to him regardless though so what happened is that they were developing this time travel technology and allegedly this group the ICAO in connection with elaborate group did actually develop the technology in developing this technology. They convinced this group is extraterrestrial group to not invade earth. Okay so how do they do that? And this is where it seems completely legitimate. Apparently there are five technologies that they had been working on. They were five technology. W working on the required full this time travel this time travel thing but what it is. Is that when you travel in vertical? Tom Trouble sorry in horizontal time travel. You can only observe. You cannot change anything. You can't change it. Also it's not back to the future con of storyline. Will you can do something in the Pasta. The future it doesn't work that way because it set whereas if you understand vertical time travel you are able to affect change now. This is where some of the confusion starts coming because the following now the confused no idea so this is the way and because I do I have. I've seen the series of Star Trek Voyager. I sort of reading these stories and the describing one of these groups these alien groups that apparently apparently they have a hive. Mind this group and they are working together to bring about. The destruction of humanity sounds familiar. It's the ball I mean the describing the book. The next thing is is what I'm talking about. These five technologies required full vertical time travel. They had four of them had four of them working. But I needed this one extra technology. It's never said weather's technology comes from. I suspect though from what he's saying is we only got two out of five interviews for him that they actually pulled the final piece of technology from the optical disc that was in the Canyon so time travel is from the future. He actually says that they believe that. This whole thing had been orchestrated by a future version of the and the labyrinth group that had continued to persist seven hundred fifty years into the future that something terrible had gone wrong in that time. Something had gone drastically wrong so what they did. Is they utilize their time travel technology which develops too late to go back into the eighth century before the presence has any knowledge of humanity. Leave the time capsule there for a specific group for them themselves to come to them later. On so this is the paradox. They developed the technology in the future and then traveled to the past to give it to themselves so they could develop in the future to see. The paradox is the way fifteen to see Will See of the world is the way he did it to write a letter to his right right. Great great great great grandson using Western Union. Yeah and make sure that it's delivered right on time. The instruction says Matei back to the eight hundred leaves the technology. This riotings guy shows up heads if a document. We don't know exactly how that's and this is the thing it never explains it. I mean well. The Group of the Hawk is that found it. When what do they have to? The Hawk has had never found it within that apparently the reason why they knew that particular group would get it because they were the only group on earth that was designed to handle these sorts of things so if this is what they said in the pictograms and the lifts star charts in the wool. Apparently they did that so when it was I found though we all this extraterrestrial we have to give that to this group that has to be handed over so the idea is. I mean it's crazy but it's fascinating but allegedly. Let's go back to the timeframe so we live in two thousand twenty now and the world you know as far as we know hasn't been taken over by global government does extraterrestrials inviting us as far as where away so what happened. Well apparently developed the technology. The technology worked. What they did is that they pulled. The information from the district gave him the fifth level of this technology that allowed them to develop this vertical time trouble they utilized this vertical time travel to go and insert apparently in this is the super soldier. Stuff that comes out but apparently it has some type of mind wiping memory insertion technology associated with an. They actually went into the podcast and convinced. The aliens themselves like made the the invading force to never consider humanity to consider humanity to be completely worthless and never want to invite us at. Apparently that was successful in doing that. They put this thing in into their collective consciousness that prevented them from coming and taking over Ruth and this is why while the story is crazy. None of it ever happened. None of it ever took place as far as we're aware that the story is it would end there. And that's I mean it's the biggest mystery for me is the Iq level of the people that believe this in nineteen ninety eight continued. It continued into two thousand nights so as we know they will only two interviews. That apparently came from an this journalist Dr Anderson And we don't know who anti we got no idea who is The only reason why we know about an of course is from the you know the pioneer of Internet Radio Ma Campbell Mark. Campbell is still around. You can actually find youtube videos and you can follow he stuff. But apparently into around two thousand eight in that age somewhere in that region this Guy James shows up and this Guy James Contacts Marc hempel and he starts talking about information that he has about this entire saga and details that he knows what grabs mocks attention. Apparently is that were some details from the original document like the original story of the original interview that was conducted that came from Anderson. Some of it wasn't published so it wasn't public knowledge and yet this James seem to know the details about it. He seemed to know what it was. And so this got mock attention so mark starts interacting with him and he discovers the James Is Dr. Anderson. Watt was the go how Dr Edison had returned and he no longer need to speak to the journalists. This is according to the story. He no longer wanted to speak to the journalists he was GonNa talk to mock directly so what he does. Is he hands. Over Mach three more interviews three more books full of information about this but the books a full of the most convoluted over. I mean this is crazy. Ready and this is already coincide with the original story so much what he handed over crazy new information. Apparently according to this had been decoded from the tributaries lines we don't even know what the tributaries irons We've got no idea what this is. But the three missing interviews. This is all the the information about. This is the truth bat now. This is where it caused a divide apparently in the Internet community there were you know the original believers and with the new believers so apparently a man by the name of Fred Books who was working at the White House at the time on. Obviously you'd have to be with the administration. The Clinton administration he downloaded the entirety of the original website hanging onto someone within the Clinton administration following. This yes this is. We know that the Clintons at some point were talking about disclosure. They were they did have some connection with this. I don't know whether or not it was actually some type of disinformation campaign but there are a lot of stories and there was a photo of Hillary with was in front of Hillary was a podesta one of them had a UFO book yet getting on the plane and they had a ufo in the hand created all this speculation. That's right so apparently someone working within that Administration Fred Books. He copied his old at and kept the original. But that website with the original story just disappeared after James or Dr Anderson. The CY men showed up it disappeared. But all the new information that came out as I said was so convoluted and so crazy but extremely new agey it was serving. You Asia. The what it did is that. It spawned all of this online like new wage. Kind OF IMPROVE YOURSELF REGIME VIBRATIONS CRAP. That went insane. Like why of the top but some star to speculate that. What was it about this? He even he himself. This James was interviewed by Kerry cassidy from project camel and hate legend and he starts describing the the truth of what all did she ask him if he was some kind of idiot savant auto why. I'm sure she did. I think it's a trick question that she asked so we don't know exactly basically he gets on and it ends up being an email interview. He refuses to speak to them directly with an email interview. She also these questions but he reveals that and this is what the Anthony Paik stuff comes in and this is what you've got the new believe it so you've got the original story which is what was wrapped up with a nice bow that they created the time travel technology. That's not what happened. What happened is this was an alien disinformation campaign. Because the truth is we live in a simulation that was created by Inter dimensional entities so the dimensional entities. What they had done is they had been tinkering with genetics and created human beings when they created human beings. They offered us as kind of like rods. At a fair to the intimate I'll free multidimensional beings and trapped us in these bodies were now trapped inside assimilation. And there's some being on the outside that we're gonNA play thing and so it's not actually God. This thing is called. I think it's on new or something. It's like an under new keen God. But he's a rookie. He's not even like the whole concept of a benevolent God. He's just some rogue guy who was tinkering with genetics one day he's like the CEO of the solar system and this is actually a way it was that that was in one of the interviews. This details the comes up about. Where is it? Give the okay. Their planetary minds Solomon's galactic minds and a singular universal mine so the single universal mind is God essentially. You know whatever you want. But it's it's The all knowing the benevolent the Compassionate but age galaxy has its own collective conscious of minefield does an aggregation of all the species present within that galaxy. The universal mind creates initial blueprint for each galaxy related to the galactic mind or composite consciousness. The initial blueprint creates the predisposition of the genetic code seated with the Galaxy we within the Labyrinth Group believed that God designed every galaxy. But the offshoot. Is that this honest thing created his own and where trapped inside it so when we see apparently all its he is just human beings. It's just human beings. There's nothing else. But when we see grace or liens or anything else like that. It's because they're actually international travel. Is that come here like Westworld To Watch what's going on. But sometimes they get trapped and they can't leave so they go underground and under the ocean and this is the explanation as to why we have. Uso's UFO's and apparently what will just talking about on the plus show of these underground facilities is because the Inter dimensional beings at a stuck. You say oh come on. This is already know. I'm starting to believe. Get you going ready Ben. Because the new believers have actually realized. I don't know exactly what this is. Come from I don't know if this has come from hampel I don't know if it's come from other people but I found out actually the one of the sources were in. May Have come from a man by the name all of good at right here whereas Penn Ray now whereas Penn Ray has a website that's dedicated to things like the body and You know one world governments and a few things that would be considered to be fringe if not an extreme fringe but he claims And through some of the people that contact him in the details that come through is that James is not actually. James is not Mr Anderson Dr Edison. So yeah we thought that that you know there is not the same guy. The Guy Reason why the reason why James has all the knowledge and was able to masquerade as Dr Anderson is because he's actually the head of the consortium. Why don't you get the quality of? I'm sorry the quality of the quality of the Alien Group that was working with fifteen so he's an alien. He's an alien when fifteen. When Dr Anderson disappeared we can speculate that he was knocked off by fifteen who was pissed that he left the group. That's something totally totally. What fifteen but fifteen was also working with the head of the courtroom clancy audience was pissed off as well and the information was already out there once and had given this to hampel and blew up but it became so big and so many people getting involved in it. You couldn't shut down because if you kill off the journalists and if you kill off hampel and people that actually figures that are public. It's GonNa look pretty suspicious. So what do you do? You bring in an alien disinformation campaign. And that's where we have this head of the courtroom pretending to be Anderson and giving all this bullshit crap all this at the rest mobile suit craft than the other stuff more. And it's still continuing today. There are huge Internet forms dedicated to the wing makers. But what is really we? We never find out what the plan from the wing make is. We never actually find out what they were trying to do for humanity. Just that benevolent. But what's happened is a lot of new ideas. Have taken this this torch and run with it and so does the Japanese group of all things that transcribed where I got it. But they transcribed the music that was written on the walls in the picture graphical form and also what was contained within that optical disc at the very beginning of the story actually. Cd's out of the very earliest time traveling MP threes in a CD that you'll ever fi so if you go online let's have a listen. There's music from each chamber. Remember I said there were twenty three chambers. Yeah Yeah So. The music from each of the walls of the Chambers has actually paying put through his Co. wing makers chambers seventeen to twenty four and it's in spite because the original story that twenty-three chambers well in the new believe is the new content that came through there was a twenty chamber to contain this musing. So let's listen to the. Apparently this is the music for the soul. This will raise your vibrations. This will make you a benevolent good and wonderful person and this is the universe. Wants for us I feel like I'm just walked into a crystal shopper. Back get gang feted by someone. That's pretty nice. It's making me relax of urine science story pent-up with anxiety. Good things different argon. Zam To that you just find it somewhere else. I'm sure you would draw. Some of them are worse. Some of them sound like they're being put through the light. Naughty Naughty Synthesizer this is an eight hour track. Alice take you into Thai Day to listen to skip ahead. Let's skip ahead to ours. Current Africa now Indian filtered. Actually God is bad theories joss on. I'm more actually fascinated by the way that this story has spread. Like the psychology of it is amazing there on made an eight hour album by self this stall. Yeah and there's even like there's actually an interview there was a show. I think it was a Czechoslovakian. Tv Show where they had a Guy. Come on for eight hours. A really talk about the agenda of the wigmakers what they'll try to humanity. This thing just became global and I have no understanding why and there's actually more audio as well. Apparently James shows up on an interview. He starts speaking to people so. I don't know if this is some guy who's come along. And he's just run with the story and appearing on on shows or if there is more to it but the story hasn't stopped like it just seems to continue building and on today's show unfortunate. I only really gave you a very rudimentary explanation for this story. Visit becomes so much more complex but look I willing to the bulk of the time travel handbook in the show. It's all also linked to every website that I can fund has reasonable information about this and you can dig into some more of the conspiracy theories about it and to see what it's about I just Unmined blood with I don't necessarily believe it. But the fact that he did not believe it will cost on but the story itself is an intriguing story. And I'll make sure to it. I believe in fifteen because there's a photo of him. So can you put the photo? Yes I will put the photo of fifteen in the shirts I will also put the the project briefing and background to it Which comes in from the astral institute of Feeling Fifteen would be listening to this show right now. Well look the radio the smartest man in the world he you know. Obviously he'd be listening to shore where things become a little bit more. This way gets all messed up. Is that obviously this between people that have taken. The store built on top of it so you. Then you've got the super soldiers like James Caz bolt coming involved than he claims that this was he was like an icon off shoot. He was like one of the deployment people that was associated with the group. It's more likely that you know. He's just heard the story and run with it because he was already in this world. We'll stories have power pot of what got coming up in my segment for plus stories can have real effects on the world and yes they affect people's minds and how they think can they beliefs but stories have a real tangible effect on the material in days was something that was discovered at at Princeton and by her Mertz. That's coming up. After the break. On our plus extension the selection effect coming up the man who tapped spice spa a million times rich and compelling content and revealed the Matrix Story. I mean the thing is apparently remember guy the Prophet Jeremiah. Him So he was the guy that climbed to be the true Israelites. Yeah and he could summon Ufo so he could summon UFO's a he got all caught up in this as well. Apparently it all comes back to Benjamin Fulford. Rebecca how he was interviewing Rockefeller. Yeah the names and all the people that involve like it's just such a like a multifaceted story with all these tendrils going in every direction you can imagine that it's just almost overwhelming. Does someone cold Cobra doing updates on the site of the world like all of this is tied into this web that you've tried to unravel Remember the website. Twenty tools of twenty. Twelve polled walk spot dot com. That's potted this network. Provides updates from Cobra and Cobra is supposedly. It's just one again. One of these supposed individuals the has the real story has the yet Ryan and hey provides these updates like it's funny. There's one that's just been posted now. State of Mission Report January Twenty. Twenty right and I've tried to look into this before but I came across the same problems that you had because this story because this story has been evolving and it's so invested in itself. It's it's being going for so long. There's all this nomenclature and there's all these times that unless you've seen following it you have no idea what they're talking about now and trying to get to the bottom of it is like listening to our music compilation of pictographs taken from a cave. An Alien Cave So the state of the mission report for January twenty twenty. This is apparently from Cobra. Is this L. Four Pandora sequence in progress Jia plus exit optimization in progress minimum 'em slash deals slash. Hp requirements met VX and SD requirements. Not met as if anyone's going to understand what the hell that any all the comments things kkob road that's totally made me calmed down about the coming weeks walked today and I didn't end up going any further because I was just running in a time and my my head was full of just too much miss. I came across this Saad. Offshoot Story That apparently the remember how I said that. Okay so the group from the future that is the the labyrinth group they had apparently left seven time capsules around the world. The last one to be opened in twenty twenty three so the store could still be evolving because they claim the what has happened. Is a group of extraterrestrials actually hijacked the Labyrinth Group at some point in time because they got hold of the time travel technology. These seven locations around the world aren't time capsules at all. They're actually portals. And once the seventh portal is opened. It will allow the alien invasion force to come through so that Dow that it's twenty twenty three when the last one is found that will open up the portal to the aliens that are trying to get hold of this and take over the planet. We'll it seems like the tying it in with current avars now because they're saying that you need to prepare your twelve shield command Joel personal space as God's sovereign Free Bang because there is some kind of Avar artificial viral load that Spain pumped into everyone's genetic record and it's got something to do with the Communist spot is in another dimension to the Communists like how could I forget which apparently what giant spot is that sit ever certain plots on the earth that are trying to yes as well. I can't remember did have no idea what any of this means back in my young days of Sears Universe. I'll be all across the ship. Got Big baby to look after time. This is my problem because when I started reading this book I only read the first part about fighting this cave. It's like Oh that's cool cave with alien technology. That was left you nice and neatly packaged story. Which I'll just pretend to you and then it just ended up descending into this madness. It was fun watching the journey of discovering the story which started off as euphoric. Yeah like you hope for the future. It was The the feeling the very foreign feeling of being prepared on Thursday when we were up Friday I was amazed. I'm actually gone and then watching you. Spiral into a confused state of despair actually made my day like it actually my really positive in a bowl of confusion and then sharing it with the rest of us so thanks for that very welcome. That was really good. Well COMING UP AND PLUS AGAIN. I'M GONNA go into some real science. This is some some hard coal stuff that was done by Princeton in the nineteen seventies. All the way through to the nineteen nineties and the follow up Effects The follow up experiments done by private COMPANIES WITH RANDOM EVENT GENERATORS. And this goes in some really weird places he he reveals some things about the mind that you may have never considered and there are some effects that are revealed in their experiments that have huge implications for science in general huge implications for Experiments and the veracity of the results of experiments. There's a really interesting effect cold. The I think it's called the decline effect. And it's something about replicating experiments reduces the year. I've heard an azure ability of the effect. That's being measured. Yeah it's almost like when you first have an experiment done and you get these great results and then you repeat exactly the same way over and over. It seems like the results diminish over time and that shouldn't be happening. That's the thing that goes against. What whispered you understand? And keep it was a real effect. It should be their constant it should be measured like you would measure something in an engineering project. Yeah you need to know what it is but something about the attention of you know an experiment on the effect seems to have an effect on the effect. It's GonNa hit we plus it's going to. It's going to get to the news. The consortium and the CEO The courtyard the courtyard to get access to that had mysterious universal slash. Plus all the details of that. Gets you access to the extensions? We do every single week and you get exclusive shows that come out every single Tuesday. In addition to the extra shows you get a totally ad. Free version of PODCAST. You get a higher bit rate fe. Two plus members get the best audio quality. We put out and you get discounts. Stole does have a code on the dashboard. Which gives you fifteen percent off digital products in our store and all the features of APPs unlocked as well if you're on plaza. Check IT OUT. Mysterious universal old slash. Plus it's only nine bucks a month and you help keep us going here. Atmospherics Universe when you support the sharp still thinking. Freeload sign up. You know who you are listening in the car right now. I'm just going to pay get it for free but now we're talking about you. You're not getting the WanNa that history with your life back just pullover right now and just and think about your life seriously. Be Honest with yourself. Is Everything going? Okay because clearly. It's not because you haven't signed up yet. Could my life better? What is this gaping hole in? My soul doesn't seem to be filled by cocaine women or yeah you know all sorts of things. Could've you need soft plus stopping Eliza Stopping Geico. Lucerne sign off applause discrepancy bottles Oklahoma. That's a wrap for this free show. Thanks for listening. Federal plus stick around for the off to the break for everyone else. We'll catch you next week. We'll come back to you. Plus extension great to have you with us.

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