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Alexa, Say Hello


Welcome to the nightly rant. I'm mike. And I'm toria. This is the show where we talk about the awful things that have happened in our day. The awesome things that have happened in our day and all the things in between. Thanks for listening, and we truly hope you enjoy. So that's weird. We left our little visitor. Elsewhere. I know I know it feels very strange I flee actually, it's kind of the opposite of what I expected. So we we are temporarily fostering this super old black and gray kind of radish wiener dog donkey cut. His name is Duncan because his foster is up in Bakersfield, the vets are just way too expensive there, and he needs a lot of work done. So like his teeth alone. We're going to be six hundred dollars the estimate. We just got seven hundred dollars. That's including the giant sore? He has a shoulder end all his teeth and blood tests analyst an fecal exams and urinalysis or baby. So he's gonna get poked and prodded, but I expected the doctor given exam and then make a suggestion for things needed to be done and then make his comeback and other day. Yeah. Like even the dental it took two weeks for you to get his dental appointment size Sumed that he was going to say to us. All right. Well, your next appointment for dental is few right? But it wasn't. Maybe ODI was a flute. Yeah. I it just it was nice that what he did what he ended up doing was. He said all this this stuff that needs to get done. Is it? Okay. If we keep him. And any realized that tomorrow was Tuesday, and he said, well, Tuesday's are non anesthesia day so upkeep into Wednesday. We were like that's fine. Keep until Wednesday. He'll be fine. And it's nice because this that really takes care of the rescue. He doesn't charge them an arm and a leg. He doesn't go crazy with the fees. Right. I mean, I mean, we took the caddy and the cat was two hundred dollars to begin with. And then he was going to be another three hundred for x-rays for a five hundred dollar visit total which would have been encompassed blood exam. Annex x Ray, that's it. He's doing teeth cleaning teeth extraction cleaning out a. Just ULA in his dumbs closing it up. Cleaning up and removing that thing they on his side the absence on his side checking his eyes out keeping him for two nights and seven hundred dollars. It's not bad at all super reasonable. And I really liked this doctor himself. I think that he. I think he cares about the animals lot. Keep he seems to at least. And he does this for the right reasons. He's not doing it for the wrong reasons, it's like Mitchell, and I were talking about yesterday about the the running coach and Mitchell said that he could tell that the guy was not all about the money. And I asked him what made him feel that way. And he at that time didn't even know the guy gave us a discount. So it's kind of an interesting observation and his comment was will doubt, even at the end when you paid him. He was just ready to say goodbye to us and didn't even think about the money if he was all about the money. He would have been one of the first things he would have done was asking for the money. Right. And he's right about that. He really was ready to walk away. And then I handed him the the cash and he discounted it by almost fifty percent. I mean, that's I've been lucky like that throughout life like when Matthew played ice hockey. We found a goalie coach who basically charged eighty dollars a lesson and he would trudge as eighty dollars a month. I mean, we're going four times a a month. Then at some point he decided Matthew could use a little extra training and had him come in twice a week and continued to only charges eighty dollars a month. And he's the kinda guy dislike this guy about making the kids. Get better not about taking the parent's money. That's us. You know, when you think about it, so many people out there just about the money. Like, we we've learned this with developers on up work. They try to tell you that. Oh, they're all about helping you doing the right thing. And then all of a sudden, you know, other issues I will tell you that working with this team right now. He literally told me while. Yeah, we'd like to get this done because we know. That's when the first milestone gets paid to us as one this part is done. And I thought oh here we go. It's gonna say it's taken too long any wants money. And he said, so here's what we're gonna do. We're going to get all this stuff done for you by Thursday or Friday, the new and I can talk on Saturday or Sunday and make sure everything's the way you want it. And then any change that you needed to be down will be done in a day or two, and then you can fund the milestone, pay me after all the fixes are done. I was like, well, you didn't even get a shovel to pick you up. Maybe I found a reputable ethical development team. See if it continues. Yes. But so far so good. Yep. So far, so good and. It was one of those days today at felt like zero energy. I kinda had the same kind of day. And I think it's because we had kind of a busy weekend. Yeah. We spent Saturday at the city walk in Universal City. We took the train there in back. China's exhausting. I know the driving in traffic is exhausting for you. But I think the train is exhausting for the people who don't have to drive. Well, sorry suckers. He's been is had. Odi says his daddy was correct to take the train. Much more relaxing, really real weirdos on the train this time. No, it was it was fairly uneventful mean we came back a kind of a late hour. So we started a meet up with some strange people as coming along. Because that's when they come out of the woodwork, dude. Who's trying to sell you the phone cable? Yeah. The weird part about that discussion. So this guy comes up and you'll there's lots of like, I call them, you know, sales people on the train in the people walk in with coolers that are selling drinks my gosh, the one time the lady was selling alcohol shots of tequila. That was. Really special disguise like he was talking to us about which direction he should be going in, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then finally he starts talking to me about all look, do you have an iphone? I have these cables, and he's trying to sell me the cable, of course, I have a magnetic plug in my charging socket, and I use a magnetic cable. So that cable wouldn't work for me. And I was able to talk my way out of it. But he kept talking me weirdly on the train like all will, you know? At least I'm not, you know, taking a forty five out of my pocket putting into your head and telling you give me all your money. You know, you know, what it's like to get a gun to your head. Don't you going on? I was like dude if you're kind of inferring that you're gonna Tak me with a gun, you might think twice. That's kind of what it sounded. Like it sounded like he was under handedly threatening. You buy one my cables, or I'm gonna shoot you later. Yeah. It was weird. But, you know, people do people on the train do strange things. Stop candy. They cell phone chargers. They cell phone cell phone cases. I've seen them selling socks polluting enjoyed your phone charger. And I've seen him selling socks. I've seen them selling different kinds of food drinks. The most amazing to me was the alcohol. One the ones that make the most sense are there snacks and drinks. He got a long commute end the phone charger. Weren't make sense to me to the ones that sell the they're already charged. They charge them all before they sell you. So that makes sense to me too because people are running low on their cellphone. They're traveling in might needs on a pick them up, and they don't want to phone to die and even charge they'll serve their plug it in. And it's usually, you know, ten bucks, they're super cheap like the throwaway kind really not gonna last super long. But hey, it's all good. It's all good. It's all good. So I think that Dunkin's going to be fine. He's really sweet he's really old. I notice he didn't say anything about is really weird hunched back. You know, what it could even be unlike underfed saying yet his stomach is so high that is back looks like it's hunched over Yellen, kids know, but fat 'cause it's like the opposite of ODI ODI Luther he didn't have any neck. He was just like face the, Bobby. But I'm just really glad that he's keeping him for the two days. Just get it down said all the things can get done, and we don't have to keep running back and forth to the vet. I mean, we would have done that. If we had to write this is this is much more perfect. We took it on -ticipant and having to go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Then we walked, Lila. We did she wants to scream and David. She was funny. His really funny. She really wanted to go for a walk that once she was really offended. I smelled like Duncan. That was funny too. She sniffed the heck out of you. Yes. She sniffed every single inch of my shirt, and it's pretty hilarious. She's she's an interesting dog. She's a lunatic. Just. I know like I look at her when she's walking, and she's so cute just like got such pretty markings dainty, which is the she walks real Chantel, and she's just big dog, and I'm gonna medium sized dog. And there she goes, you know, walk in like what forty five fifty pounds. Yep. And but then max just kind of in her own little world doesn't pay attention to what anyone else's up to. She's just kinda doing her walk going for her thing. You know, it was it was really cute, and we found a place now that we can try for deep dish pizza, and then we're going to have to revisit our pizza, facade and reread all the pizza. I suppose we will. We tried lots of new pizza places since yes, we can add to the grand list, and we can see if our old ratings change at all. Yeah. Zama big believer that if you were to just go to a restaurant that was like a pizza restaurant, and you were to rate it you'll give it a number. Then six months later, you go to a different pizza place in you rate. It you'll give it a number. Then six months later got a third place rate it and give it a number. They're all gonna have different numbers. And if you went to all three a short period of time in at all three is group right one at a time because then you're comparing them in going. Well, the crust was better as this plays in your little more critical. I think I think they would get lower numbers overall by doing that. It's just a belief that I have generally CNN new pizza place. We've tried as the pizzas press. I think we need to do a taco episode two. When you try at least one more new taco place. Yeah. But we we needed to talk up. So because we've got one two three who got at least four taco places right now that was talk about. You got whatever that place is called over by Disneyland. Oh, yes. And your taco you got king taco. And then you got on top of the first ones, JIMBO talk us, JIMBO Simpson. Each take Deborah there and talk on housing. So I mean, there's a lot of choices of talk over there. Actually, I think we need five. I think we won't get one place. We'll get one more, and then we'll actually Lynton at place that Elissa Mitchell wanted to go to. The place that I had to sign over the title to my car in order to pay the Bill. That was literally the most expensive Mexican restaurant I've ever been team a fifth place. Then they ask him. Have you been behove years, which is in Newport Beach? It's the same. It's less price there than this. Obvious is where I met Tony for lunch that one time. So I don't know. I think I was God we had a busy weekend. It's kind of a nice having actually around. It's interesting to see Elissa come out of her shell when actually around. She's a little more, social and. Yeah, it's interesting. Yeah. Interesting concerns me on some levels. But why while? Why is she more social because her sisters here? Gets her sister. What are we what are we lacking? That. Her sister brings to the picture, probably nothing. We could make up for. I don't know. Just concerns me to think through then. Oh, yes. We have our new friend. We got her for free, quite frankly, Maya segment, so far is mostly useless. She was worth the free. But let's get her to introduce herself. Alexa, say Hello. That was Alexa. Yes. I got a coupon code that literally got me Alexa, four zero dollars zero cents delivered. And that's about all she's worth to me right now zero dollars zero cents. I essentially asked her to play music, and I asked her about the weather, and that's body. All I can ask I think the music thing is going to be more useful than curated me sitting here working you'd be like, Alexa, play me to such such thing. I also found. I also found an interesting. Feature in the app. There's like a you can create lists just like you can't on your phone, and you can tell her to add to the shopping list. Whatever bananas apples. We both have the appanage assigns in with your zone logging. Yeah, that's cool. I'll download it inside in the green after then we can share a grocery less. Maybe it'll actually synchronize. You could be like like, I say and potatoes to the shopping list. To your shopping list. That's a really good thing to do in the middle of the podcast. So that I have to cut it out. Why do you cut it down because they don't want that? In my podcast. Alexa, add blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And look the shit's already there. We're going to have to silence her during podcasts because her name. She's going work. John say, Alexa. Alexa, stop. It actually added that to the list like immediately. There was no pause. That's pretty. Shocking might be more useful than the other shopping think. So because usually I'll be in the kitchen cooking. It'd be like, hey. Dude. Can you add such and such a grocery list and fifty percent of the time? You hear me in fifty percent of the time. You don't. And then like fifty percent of the times you hear me you'd add it fifty times, you don't because you're in the middle of something. And that's okay. But now, I can just yell at that to add things to the shopping list. And it'll be time Bula. This is true. And I think. Even the kids they need something. Tell it to add to the list. I find it interesting that it doesn't like worry about your voice. It just knows the commands. I really do wonder. If when the commercials for it will be on TV if it will respond to the commercials. I wondered about that mean when they have an Amazon commercial advertising that device especially since the Amazon commercial tells a door to pizza. That's true. That's very true so anywhere anyway. Sure, everybody's heard enough of our rambling tonight. Good night. Everyone sta. La by. Hi, everyone. This is Mike, and I truly hope you enjoyed the show you're able to subscribe to the show on items, Google play and Stitcher. So as to never miss an episode if by chance you did miss an episode here or there you can catch up on all shows past and present by heading over to yogis podcast network dot com forward slash n our show. Thanks for listening.

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