Ellen Pompeo Hints at Grey's Anatomy End, Khloe Defends Kim's 40th B-Day Trip Amid Backlash - Daily Pop 10/29/20


It's time for some daily. Pop Morgan. Is out today suggested I joined once again by actress kitchen night polio. Thank you for joining us from Georgia. Loving for having me. Thank you. says. They do even. Just in case. Well, thank you very awesome. I want some. Okay. One of your favorite TV shows may be ending grey's anatomy has been on for fifteen years and Ellen pompeo just made a very shocking confession about what is next she tells variety. We don't know when the show is really ending it, but the truth is this year could be at this is also the last year of Ellen's contract. Okay. So Justin. Do you think they should end the show now while they're on top because people are still loving the show. Grey's anatomy is Kinda Sorta like young and the restless in the sense that like it can go forever and could miss a whole year. I'm back watched two episodes and then be caught up again you know what I mean. Yeah and the answer minds right and almost reminds me of the time. Do you remember when the hills was I going off Air Lauren Conrad was going to walk out the church and it was going to finish and she thought the curtains were going. To close and all of a sudden kristen cavalieri walks in and they revamp did I think Ellen pump? POMPEO is gray but the show can survive without her but can't survive without Shonda see. So Shonda, of course, just send them big NETFLIX's deal and it's to my understanding from what I was reading that she is literally parting ways with ABC completely, which may mean she's not GonNa have our hands on this show as much as she has in the past maybe not at all. And without shining once you've created show. Yeah. But once you've created a show, it's your show and I mean who's changed things happen we don't know how her contract is structured it could just be humming net flicks. One hundred percent but do I mean I think ABC has Shonda rhimes was so early in her career I don't think any see would have given Shonda. rhimes so much ownership over that show where she could move it to ABC but I think that Shonda rhimes, this voice, her blood, her sweat is so in this show that yes if shot arrives went to Netflix she will still get her coins from this show and she will let Iran. We'll be run by somebody else. That's does her voice. Okay. So listen I know somebody who used to write for how to get away with murder and he told me that his job was literally pointless because he says we were instructed to come in with ideas and we always did we came in and we said here's this. Here's that here's this but it always went with whatever Shauna had envisioned. Thank you for your ideas. Those are good and all but. We're going to do this. Appreciates the help but what did you say? No I said well, clearly, she has something you know I know it can be frustrating for someone to shoot down your ideas but the longevity of her career and all the shows that she is there's a reason why they've been successful and I know the Debbie Allen has been doing a lot with race mad at me. You know. You never know she still no matter she goes to net she still you know that's still her show. They can't take that away even if she starts creating another network. One hundred percent you know what? I am all about being petty and I heard about the drama shameless ABC for not giving Shonda that extra fast pass at Disneyland Shame on you. But if I'm Shonda RHIMES, I don't give y'all keep the show going on still get the cash I'm not gonNA. You know bitch and fuss about it. I have two kids got college should be four and I love living fancy like Oprah. We'll see what happens but I know there's some diehard grey's anatomy fans that are just not ready to say goodbye yet. So we will have to wait and see okay Khloe Kardashian has a message for the people who are hitting on Kim's birthday trip. She told Ellen Degeneres. She knows this year has been very frustrating for everyone but there Was a good thing. I did hear that people were upset that we all went out of town but also its her fortieth, and this is something that she really wanted to do for us. It was such a nice thing and being there with all the precautions and everything that we took and being there and how grateful everybody was for the tourism aspect of it and how. So many people said that we were their first party or guests that they've had in months and what it's done like for them to be able to pay their bills or to do. So for their family I mean just hearing those. Yeah. Messages when we were there, it was really a we felt really good and we felt so safe. So safe Wow. You know I knew the minute that first photo went. Oh, here we go. It's GonNa be a firestorm and For me I went to Cynthia Bailey's wedding in Atlanta and a lot of people were giving flack about that I thought about it for ten seconds and when it's a milestone, a wedding or fortieth birthday or something. Of that magnitude, it's hard. Skip it. It's hard to say or I'll just wait until next year. So I completely understand why there was so much backlash but I also understand why you wanted to continue in go on with it because you know sometimes. Life Yeah Kisha. And and the truth is that you know they did everything I think unfortunately, the Kardashian. Sometimes are just a position where you're kind of damned if you do damned if you don't. I'm not mad at him. I'm like, go ahead live your best life you share money you should be able to spend it how you WANNA spend it and they did everything they could to keep people safe in terms of quarantine in terms of getting Kobe task I mean, what more can you ask for it? Some people are upset because they don't have the option to do it, but you know sometimes you you can't just live perilously through the and plan your trip that newest you. Right I'm a little confused by the trolls that are saying stuff like read a room Kardashians like so much. So many of us are struggling I'm like. Why why would you even compare your life to celebrities life? anyways. I mean none of us can afford what she can afford. We can't take forty friends to a private island and pay for it they. She allegedly spent a million dollars on this party. You guys nobody has that kind of money like the Kardashians still hard. So don't don't even go there already understand like why would even read that and then feel poorer. Your life because there's not a comparison, you guys, apples and oranges nobody lives like the Kardashians but the Kardashians and the very few select people in this world who have that kind of money will year and I'm for celebrating. I often say it's not about what's right or what's wrong. It's about what's going to cause me the least of headache. I tell that to my friends, your husband's wrong. Are you going to call him out two days before Thanksgiving? No because it's going to cause more of a Ruckus you've got to take a step back and say, okay, you know what I did was just in Mexico. My trip was amazing. I had a great time with five friends but I decided that I wasn't going to post anything because I didn't want the headache of all my God why are you on vacation? Why are you not at home quarantining? So it's sometimes it's not about right or wrong because she has a right to post whatever she wants her birthday. Virtue Roles. It's right or wrong. Even compare your life to someone who's so far away from yours. That's the Kardashians hair though like I'm not. Living there. All the time. So the choose a better. You're writing all this stuff and you're miserable while they are just chilling laughing to the bank. Right Wasted your. Time here on good stress. Let people just do their thing and you. Won I mean as long as everybody's safe, it is what it is and they did probably we've she dropped a million dollars. You really did bring some money. You can. Do that. Yeah true. So Courtney's got they were on the trip. They clearly had a lot of fun. Once again, fans are freaking out. Are they what's going on here? Are they together not? So Scott people fired up by posting this photo with the caption working on my night moves. ooh What do you think this means Quiche Man I think that they never really stop that that they were between relationships but I feel like, no that love for each other never died you know, yes, they dated other people but they always seem to find themselves back with one another. I completely wouldn't be surprised if they decided to give it another go and quite frankly I'm rooting for you know baby what is this number will be number four what is she? employed. It is about the. Younger. There's some emotional attachment to them being together I totally rooting for them to even though I really practically speaking when I watched the show and I think back, they do ever make sense and. They've grown apart from each other. They've grown up and they feel like this isn't they're not the right fit but yet I still always want them together. But I think at this point, they know what will make noise they know we'll. We'll get fans going like it's A. And Cavalier was really getting back with Stephen Lead when she posted that photo no, she knew exactly what we get people talking I also think if you watch J. Lo and Marc Anthony, I think they are amicable X.'s. But every time they get a chance, they pull each other up on stage and they relive that moment for people and they sing this love song to one another new damn. Well, they don't WanNa tap each other again again. She don't want to see that way. She does it because she knows that's what people want. Yeah. Yeah I. Mean That's kind of my first thought was okay. They're just enjoying this spectacle and Mason knows how to take a photo. Shoot now Mason's taking the rains come on. That's. Of hilarious though. Areas, any low key spills the T.? Okay coming up you guys, Kelly Ripa tells us the secret to her and marks marriage. The primary reason they're still together. It might surprise you up next the wild new. Jonas. Brothers conspiracy theory. Oh my gosh. My Nick is all about it. Everyone is very aware of the dodgers won the world series. He will about it. Yeah. Naked Jonas though is taking all the credit. He also has a suggestion for how your favorite team can start winning championships. Let him explain. So, for all you athletes out there who want to win championships, grand freeze and everything in between. Listen. The key to success. Come to a Jones for the show. Basically the reverse drake curse. Let's call it the. I'm sorry. Multiple Joe Brew. Concerts and. I'm still I'm still single what is going on and I was literally so close. Pants, he would hit me right on the. What's the heck? Okay. Did you buy lottery ticket right after you left because it's full of So Nick points out three different athletes, attended job rose concerts and won championships right after. So just in what do you think this going to be a thing this new Jonas brother conspiracy theory. What's so funny this is based off the fact that there was a conspiracy theory that anybody who draped rooted for would lose. And I don't. It was a drake curse I think drake talk so much trash that it would end up firing up the other team and making them play better because drake is the worst fan ever I'm telling you he's spike Lee its. Sanity. But. These guys are amazing. They have good vibes. I think their music just gives people energy and he might even autism my beyond but he thinks Kisha. I mean I'm not mad at it. It's kind of funny and cute and hey, that's a good reason that you've at least try it out if it's given some people good luck you might as well try I can't hurt. But if you know that works, what do you do you about to approach a big game and they're not on tour because I don't know it's Kobe. How are you supposed to make this happen? Here's Youtube. It's by in Youtube. Rather Go to like it's. Make you want to do something like if you go to a marriage a block concert you probably GonNa. End Up breaking up. Even, if you gotta a man, you still go break up with somebody that. You go to a J. LO concert. You WanNa get sick keeper. Somebody's GONNA call somebody up the job rose just make you WANNA win yes. Yes. I. Get that. Okay. So Justin is very, very excited about this because their crown is almost back season four of the Netflix show is what we've all been waiting for. It's the start of the Diana Years Korn joins the cast as young lady at Diana. How many times can this firmly make the same mistake by? Paying the consequences of. Who I want is beloved. For any of us won't from you. Oh my gosh. Okay. The show returns November fifteenth in. This is Emma Koren's very first season. So she tells L. There's a lot of people saying I'm really worried you'll change which is horrible to hear because I'm like I don't want to. Say that her co stars like Helena Bonham Carter told her to keep her head down work hard and keep good people around you. Kisha you've been famous for I'll a minute. How People. You know I think it's interesting. I think some of the grid advice that she did. was to give to keep great people around her because that's that's definitely he I have a different experience because I've literally been famous whole life. I started at nine months. and. So I have no a before and after fame referendum. But what I can say is we're all going to grow. We're all GonNa, evolve evolve so just Stick to your core group and make sure the people you surround yourself with have your best interest at heart enjoy the ride and you know some things will change like yet you may not be able to go to the mall by yourself but you know the good perks they're they're worth it. and. We'll just your friends with a ton of reality stars and that's like the perfect example of somebody who is a waitress and then now is super famous. So. Have you seen it firsthand on any reality show people oh yeah. But I think when you're on a reality show, it's literally in my friends luckily have had careers and lives before you know Kyle was active before she knew how to handle it but I think with everything a rubber band you get. So excited rubberband pulls back and it Burns you at some point it pops right back in your face and you're brought back down to life. But what I think is really interesting now when it comes to fame is that it's fleeting. So no one is as famous used to be when there was a rudy huxtable coming with. J. Lo coming up when all these people were coming up stars bigger because you couldn't get to them. Now, you can just get to anybody one hundred percent and on top of that fame is so so subjective nowadays because there's so many avenues to find a find some find content. So I'm saying like you have your social media stars. So their famous in their own right where like half the you may they may walk into a mall and. None of the anybody over eighteen has any clue who they are but anybody under eighteen and thinks they're the biggest person the whole entire world. And so there's like different levels of things. I think most people nowadays because there's so much content. There's so many quote unquote famous people adds their respective rights. It's easier to be famous and not get a big head because you're going to be constantly reminded of new argue until you reach Ayla status at this point I at least feel ABC status as a celebrity it's. A lot of people still don't know who you are. Going to say what I think also is though you just have to say grounded in who you are in your values and your integrity and your morals and it's possible like everyone doesn't go back. You can choose to do something different because you're still a career at the end of the day still a job and you're still the exact same person just you know with a little different exposure than you were before the with possible. Yes. One hundred percent I just hope that. I never become famous because I really love walking through the airport looking like almost I. Enjoy taking a low a little Benadryl. Glass of wine and passing. The Best Life? Only everyone around us people stop me morally I'm like. Nobody knows. Like yes. Yes. That's right. Okay. Secrest crashes interview with Kelly Ripa plus you gotta hear what she reveals about the wild plants for. Halloween. They always go so big. Well it's official. Brad. Pitt is single after two months of dating Brad on his twenty-seven-year-old model girlfriend Nicole parted ways. So they never actually confirmed or denied the romance, but he has learned it is over whatever it officially was. Are you surprised did not last not at all I told you all the minute people find out. He is going to be out the door. It's not as fun wants a secret is out it's cabinet an affair like the guy might not be hot he might not even be bombed he might even be broke, but it's something that you're not supposed to be doing and the minute. No not anymore I think you're right. I think this was fun. She's obviously married. We've talked about this but they have. Seems to be fine. She was. Seemed to be a roadblock in the situation. Occur. Young people have over religious. True. Are you surprised Cuba. And I no I'm not surprised I mean she's already married that that's like the complete. Embodiment of entanglement. So I've felt like fun while it lasted. You know now everyone's. Going their own way and I'm sure there'll be someone warm his bid so they'll be fast. She's twenty seven. She may not want to be the stepmother to how many kids you have. She can't be. You said she is very. This all very confusing but no, not surprising that. They had fun while last. Okay. Adele is also single after rumors that she was dating rapper scepter. She shot down the speculation instagram after thinking the SNL team she ended her post with the words I'm going to go back to my cave now to be the single cat lady that I am he's out 'til next year. So yes, she really wanted to plug in that single. She wanted everybody to know it love it or hate it. By the way I love this and I'm going to tell you Hawaii. Adele. Lech, I'll speculate about her and scepter for a long time. But she knew that SNL was her coming out party like, Hey, girl scouts an ashtray. Am Look at this hair. Look these guys and she wanted everybody. So that was me that was all the and nobody claiming it. She did looks. And you know what? She the only celebrity. Say Peace Out I'm not going to see you for at least three months but and then come back and everybody just is so excited I mean nobody WILL DISAPPEAR FROM US for years on end months on end and then pops up and. She's the white. Beyond Sake. Never thought about it like that but I could definitely see the in I've I I definitely get the and sometimes you know it's good not to be so over expose everyone else I we were talking about earlier as much access that you gotta let them. Miss you for a little bit in her talent it can do that. Well someone who is not single is Kelly Ripa and I finally got to talk to the daytime diva herself and we sat down things got real hot real quick take a look. At Joe Everybody, welcome the Queen of Halloween and daytimes leading lady Kelly Ripa everybody how thank you for acknowledging that that my title as Queen Alouine. Lot of people think it's Heidi claims title that's raw returned we turn with. She has nighttime daytime. Thanks very much is this landing the way you had hoped I'm excited because the live with Kelly Ryan Halloween show is actually tomorrow and we saw a preview image of you as Joe Exotic. Now, I have to ask you when you saw the documentary, the first time where you like eight months I'm going to do that I have to do that so. We is it's very funny. I took a picture of the television. And Senate it to our producer said, here's Halloween. You're welcome. Of course, we did not realize at that time that we would still be in this precarious. Health emergency that we are in. So we shot it sort of in a very unusual way none of us when you see this show and I'm still not sure how this is all going to work and fit together about we all shot every scene individually alone in front of a green screen. So funny because you guys know each other inside and now you've actually played each other in a Halloween special now. Sits out now that you've done this years does Ryan even get a say in what he's going to be are you like listen I'm the woman of the House this is how it goes. You're going to be this don't actually question. Obviously, we run things by Ryan. Ryan is so agreeable. But the he's a brilliant mimic. So we like just sort of throwing things at him to see what? Sticks because it usually all sticks. Yeah. He's really really good and even if he has no cultural reference whatsoever because. He keeps saying that he's seen tiger king but I don't think he has I think he thinks that he's seen tiger king because that's cool thing to say. Yes. But just working with him he kept like he could tell he wasn't sure who or what we were talking about however when you see him, he definitely we all we had to do with show him a youtube clip and that was it. He that was enough for. Everything. Here. Ready for the. Halloween show share to me was one of the most quintessential one of the best ones you've done. How was it being share share was the costume my you know what's so interesting is My daughter. This year is going to be share I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say that but I'm GonNa say it to you and I sent her a picture of me as share and she said No I want to be share from the seventies and I said, no, that's me and she didn't realize that was me. She thought I sent her a picture of share which to me was the highest compliment ever Charleston it was so involved the makeup because we don't have similar bone structure. There's nothing similar about our faces and he turned me into share to the point where my daughter thought I, sent her picture of share. It's unfortunate that no one reuses your costumes but I hope that. Marcus. Weightless. Gets used again in the SUELAS household. Please tell me you're saving for anniversary or birthday as it turns out that was it quite a controversy that I didn't realize I had put out into the universe because I just put a bunch of pictures that I thought were cute and I was like Oh, these are all great I was like I'm going to use these and that was like and it wasn't even one year ago was like a Halloween memories. So it was like my kids were little Blah Blah. Blah I was like, Oh, bruce and mark I remember when they were chips who knew I wasn't you know listen. I'm married to him I'm used to all that I don't I look I don't look for sure for sure. But by the way, this is why you've been married twenty plus years apparently. The primary reason, it's not the only reason. I would say the top three, one of the top three. Allowed Kelly thank you so much. I love you I love. You have to watch this live with Kelly and Ryan how show and airs tomorrow October thirtieth. You too and by the way, if you ever need a side kick in New York and Ryan's born vacation be up girl, I will come how isolate I will come and Chitty chat. Look. Look wait. I heard that. Everybody needs. Justin Jesse you know he's not in a cost to. Get, ready for the show people want to know how does Ryan Dress? Off Camera. and. Pretty, much how he comes into work and then he gets in July his Ryan seacrest outfit. Only God. I literally, by the way when she posted that every gay in my phone, just go to Kelly represents. To. Zoom in on like this is my friend. I cannot zoo on this but I'm GonNa Zoom. Zoom back that. I can see it from here. That was good. That was fun. I love her the live with Kelly and Ryan, Halloween special airs. Tomorrow check your local listings in we're going to be dressed up tomorrow too. So. excited. Okay. Next why you don't want to mess with Jada Pinkett Smith. Her latest confession is causing quite a petty discussion next. All right time to tell the truth have you ever been a mean girl Jusuf show? Are. Girl. You don't seem that way at all. Did it begin Smith got real on this week's red tape. We'll talk on facebook admitting she is not always been the nicest. have either of you ever been a mean girl. I wouldn't say I'm a mean girl. I'M GONNA. Tell you what I am and that's a petty bit. I'm a petty bitch because he is the thing I might not say some meaty and I might not do so many things. But if you do something the me baby. Baby. Don't. Do you view Jada as petty. Bitch. Kisha. I mean, she's from Baltimore though at the end of the day you know. There's just something in you that when you had that upbringing I'm from the East Coast from Newark New Jersey that you can be as Nice Pie don't hit that one baby nerve just don't do it. You know all will be well in the world. I can see that I can one hundred percents that data to be doesn't seem for me. Her petty richness would be like, I'm not inviting her to a party because I don't like I don't see data actually telling people off. Do you are you ever a petty bitch? slightly. At times. Let me just let everybody know something you tell me you never. Let me. Let me let you know. Let me Let. Everybody got a petty lever. Okay. Some levers are looser than others. Right? My petty leather has ever is a little bit tougher. If you pull on it, you really gotta pull, but it's like a slap but she you pull it get ready because it's all come out can't. Feel. Decide Oh let's hold of have a petty side but I will say for some reason I know this is just in the black community but like the older you get the Patio That's true. You like you start off like mean girlish when you're younger then you turn into Patti labelle down the line to me it's like Petty about silly things like if I've texted you or or if I've invited you to launch three times new, tell me no every time but you haven't retire like invited me back I'm I'm done I will be like I'm not inviting her ever again because I'm done like if you either return the favor or show up to lunch otherwise you clearly don't care. So I don't care I don't want to go into where we're nobody's. Kisha. No. No I was saying I don't think it's petty if you invite someone a million times and they keep saying no for you not to them and bite them using kind of wait for them to kind of come back into the fold I. I'm busy excuse on like what I'm busy to. We're all busy. You know. So it's either we make time does each other? We don't it's fine either way but you know, I'm just making it clear. Your lover is a little bit looser than mine. Mine is like I. Don't know you like that and you shade me a few times and I don't go back with you on the shame like obviously you and I are not in that groove and we don't know each other like that. Keep on shading me you getting real close to those three seven. Okay. Okay. And I will let someone know that I'm about to get petty because you don't want me to give Patty is what you don't want me to Scorpio I. got time. All the time. Has True. Really is going to tell us how does she plans celebrate her am nominations, and of next we're going to give you thoughts on some unexpected winter trends cystic. It's certain certainly get a little cooler outside. So we're starting to see some winter trends pop up, and there have been some surprising combos out there and a twitter poll. forty-seven percent of you revealed that tie dye has been the Aha fashion trend you WANNA keep rocking. Into winter. Let's. Let's discuss some other unexpected winter transient partnership with Aha flavorful sparkling water has arrived and I we have patchwork. So this was a huge trend on the runways and it's definitely going to make you stand out. So you can wear this trend with a lot of different ways you have a jacket hands even address. What do we think about the Patchwork Trent I love this because I love a statement coat on top of all blacks. So for me this, I will rock all day I would pay twelve hundred dollars for a jacket I'm going to. Say It'd be able to keep it and become a timeless piece that I can pass onto your kids Akitas kids. A hundred percent I think, hey, look exactly right. These are staple pieces that will take. You could just wear that jacket over black leggings and black tank top and boom you walk out and you look rich one hundred. Okay. So now our next trend is the same pattern and different colors as part of the same look. You can go subtle with this one. You can make it a little more bulled. See this one is riskier but I really like it and you just have to. Really. Tried all on. Make sure it all works together for I love dot? Org. Hey I was gonNA say both of these trends by I'm feeling really old now because I remember the first time they happened and now they're coming back but I love a good. Layering Pat I love it. Like I have a Leopard's dates me liberty mutual though I may not be the person to ask. More about I. Really with you and then this one I especially love as you can tell because what I'm wearing today, we have the belted jacket. This is perfect for winter gets us going to keep you warm and you can probably get this look with Adams who already have in your closet God I'm not to be so gain two seconds. This reminds me of Carmen Sandiego and when I was a kid all I wanted to be with someone who flew out of helicopters and like scam in Carmen Sandiego? This is the ultimate trend that if I had the waistline, I would be rocking it. Yes, I. Love this. Waistline. It does it but. You gotTa have something to start with. Okay. You know even. Even. If you're like you know six months postpartum and you still trying to get that back it's Still. Suck it in and I like it because it gives you like an extra. To your outfit, yes Maryland Maryland moment we all need that in our lives. Okay. You guys up next MAC and McConnell hey, to the rescue this seriously sweet way he stopped Jennifer Garner from quitting their movie. This is actually very sweet. You guys. Jennifer Garner just gave Matthew mcconaughey a very sweet shadows. So it turns out she almost quit Filling Dallas buyers club but matt came to the Rescue Jennifer was struggling because she had just started working again after having her son Samuel she was still breastfeeding but was having trouble finding the time to pump so matthew could tell something was up so he talked to her and promised they would work around her schedule he reassured her you can do both you've got and my Gosh that movie went down in history as one of the best it's such an. Awesome Sad laws of Jennifer wouldn't have had that Opportunity Kisha, you've been an actress for a long time. You have a child did you ever experience anything like this and he struggles slip Brown breastfeeding? Absolutely. This isn't Dallas buyers club, but I did big brother. When I was snow brand meaning my daughter, and ultimately that was one of the reasons I decided enough because my breast milk started to dwindle I was literally like humping every chance like in milk the my daughter. So it's a challenge. because. Everybody was crazy. Combination of the two well, like all of us do duleep leap as plans changed a lot this year but she's not letting a canceled tour slow her down. We caught up with the singer to learn how she's rewriting her rules to fit twenty twenty. Hey daily puppets duty and I have some very exciting to show does she ever do a libra is back with some new rules for surviving life and twenty twenty one don't pick up the phone unless it's the thank your fans for nominating you. Two American music awards. You know I'm always celebrating just for the fun of them excite to do a performance. It'll be my third time performing the AMA's you know advocate party afterwards I mean it'd be in London this time, but I'm definitely Gonna Find to celebrate even if it's just with my family will make most of. Denzel. Roll number two when your organs canceled for a special live show it's very unique to I. Guess the Moma and being able to like have these incredible sets built for it, and it's very theatrical and more like a TV show like a long long music video and it's going to costume changes and choreography and guest performers and guest artists and. It's going to be a blast I'm so thrilled and excited, and we've been housing nonstop. Rule number three, always leave them wanting more. Oh, I can't tell my secrets now. Go to be a it's. It's it's. I caused my secret it's the way it's been of surprises. Rule number four, tell the people where to find you. My sleep. So the space. My Gosh. She's so beautiful by the way. Do yourself a favor Google duleep his dad you will not be mad. Not Up duly his father. Make. Sure to catch duleep at the People's choice awards to on November fifteenth she is nominated for four different awards this year. All right after the. which celebrity couple called things just days before their wedding were breaking out the X. Files Nights. Tomorrow is national text your ex day, but we'll leave it up to you. If you went to actually checks your, that's your thing but he's Going to take a trip down memory lane with a game recalling the X. file by the way what desperate person made that a national holiday. Guys correctly guess some famous ex couples I this pair met through his famous sister and started dating in two thousand two, they broke up in two thousand four after moving in and adopting a doug together. Why wouldn't be any DYLAN MAGGIE HOOKING NOBODY UP JAKE? This is a town hall one. Anthem `es picture of this actors staring at his girlfriend while eating a salad if that helps. Anne hathaway some. Honestly. This I don't know cured nightly not. Jill. See that one coming. Okay these access on the set of their movie and Nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred a year. Later, they were supposed to get married at a sound stage but just days before the call things who would wear sensible shoot pearls Julia Roberts. Somebody right away maybe. Halle Berry Oh. Robert. Wow, that's that's a plush back right there. Okay. These are really went to the. The what am I. Yes the couple reportedly started dating in nineteen, ninety nine after their chiropractor set them up. They broke up in two thousand, three Hotan chiropractor who kept the chiropractor. Kids tariffs. Daryl Savr did it must be all my who did. Kids, Salma, Hayek and Ed, or is that what it was? So high. Got Yes. Okay let's move on. The went public with their romance in two thousand six broke up in two thousand ten after co-starring three movies together. Universal. Zach. Vanessa Hudgens Yeah NIGGA. I'm. Not GonNa lie that was not a strongest game. We weren't very good at that one. Make. Sure you come back tomorrow for our special model. We'd show have a good one everyone. We'll see tomorrow. Don't texture ex no.

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