Dan Patrick Show - Hour 3 - Sean Salisbury (02-27-19)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week long. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in his Hoppy skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his gates in the trash, but then he heard how gyco proud partner of the NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out broadcasting from the Mercedes man cave. This is Dan Patrick final hour on this Wednesday, Dan in the danettes, Dan Patrick show. We've covered a lot of ground. I think the dodgers might be swooping in signed Bryce Harper by the end of the week. Check in with Sean Salisbury. Great football analyst. He's a talk show host in Houston. Sean will join us coming up. We'll talk about the combine and Cuyler Murray. Do you throw the Iran? Do you do neither you just go there to do interviews? Virginia Tech beat Duke last night without Zion Williamson third consecutive year that Virginia Tech has beaten a top five Duke team the last division one team to beat a specific opponent three consecutive years. When that opponent was in the top five Maryland did that against North Carolina two thousand six seven and eight but Virginia Tech picking up the win. Not sure when Zion comes back. I'm wondering if maybe you don't bring him back until that North Carolina game the regular season finale poll question. Mclovin updated give the audience what it is. Okay. Who gonna talk about most over the next six weeks choices being Zion? Lebron James Carla Murray or Tiger Woods. Now. The brand is number one. But surprised number two coming up behind him. Kyla murray? Maybe combine combine is big. And it's quarterbacks draft NFL. Yes. I I can see that happening. But it feels like especially today Keiler is people are buzzing about I heard there's a Vegas over under on the site. I don't know if that's true. There's a prop bed from Vegas. I I saw that on Twitter. I can't confirm. That's true. But it's just such a big number as a five nine or five ten. I don't care. I'm assuming it's under five ten. Oh, yeah. We gotta do this on the record vinyl segment of the show. Everyone pixie exact measurement for Kyle Murray. Closest to the whole because I think it's nine thirty AM tomorrow. Mclovin. I sit yet nine thirty tomorrow. His group is supposed to go began begin getting there's a lot of measurements coming out. Now. Newsflash NFL players are huge. There's like that decay. Oh my God calf. He's ridiculous and he's a wide receiver. Yeah. Ole miss wide receiver the all the tackles. Do you know I was just like. Tackles, we take it for granted at everybody's three hundred fifty pounds member in the hogs for the Washington Redskins where huge at three hundred pounds. There's like forty five tackles who were six six three seventy or whatever the big number. That's a little heavy. Yeah. Yeah. That is. I think that's hyperbole. There are you? Are you feeling the combine this year? Is it all getting no silly? Well, I just think we look at these measurements. John Ross ran one of the fastest forty yard times in history. The Bengals are trying to trade him. He ran a four to forty. And I don't know if he could play football, but he can run really fast you get caught up in measurable 's. And you can talk yourself in or talk yourself out of a prospect here. And I do believe teams are trying to talk their way out of Cuyler Murray. You know, he's too short is hands are too small. And I haven't heard anybody say, you know, what the position is changed you protect your quarterback. And you put him in an offense that is catering to his strengths. He can be successful. He can be dynamic Joel Klatt who I've great respect for college football. Analysts says collar Murray's better thrower than Michael Vick. Now, I agree with that Michael Vick had one of the strongest arms I ever saw. But accuracy was Bill. Sometimes it was there. Sometimes it wasn't. It was optional. But he ran a lot more in in college. Now Vick was you know, we had not seen that before. But Cuyler Murray may go down as the greatest runner in NFL history, if he has a sustainable career if you said he plays if you tell me right now Tyler Murray plays eight years. He might go down as the greatest running quarterback of all time. Now, I'm not talking about touchdowns because Cam Newton how many rushing touchdowns Cam got close to sixty rushing touchdowns. I believe polling. Yeah. Cam Newton is almost at five thousand yards. He's got sixty eight rushing touchdown. He's on pace to be top ten all time in rushing touchdowns. For anybody running back. That's what's amazing. But there is a lot of chatter that Carolina may draft a quarterback here you start to think about this to the chargers. Take one. Patriots take one like somebody somebody might fall to one of these teams because they may surprise you that they're taking a quarterback with their first round pick. Yes, mclovin. I heard one the other day do the ravens look at a quarterback because Lamar was so bad against the chargers in the first half of the playoff game. Oh, you can't do that. You can't right. Well, don't you have RG three as your backup? Adair's? There's a lot of speculation. They might go for tyrod Taylor veteran in addition to banning tobacco up just bizarre. G three barely barely got in this week Wednesday night hockey, it's a double double header. It's seven thirty eastern on NBC S in it'll be the lightning taking on the Rangers in New York. Then Patrick Kane leads the Blackhawks against the ducks mentioned this the first two hours on mention it again, we will give you more details on where we will be headed our partnership with the NBC sports network will end at the end of the month, and we're going to be under the Turner sports umbrella and also being a part of Bleacher report be our live which were very excited. Think it's a great site fact talking to the Turner people two years ago, I said I'd like to be involved in Bleacher report, even as a consultant I saw the growth there, the possibilities there. And we're excited about being involved with Turner sports and Bleacher report. But we'll give you more details on that. And of course, how you can find the show side from direct TV the audience network channel two thirty nine and our great radio Phillies around the country and Sirius satellite radio a couple of tweets this morning, then I'm gonna talk about this Tom Brady rookie card that sold for four hundred thousand dollars. Here's a tweet. It's amazing. How the NFL can be hypocrites really a player can't work over a peaceful protests. But in turn they don't know what to do with an owner, Robert Kraft Kraft is in fact, a video than the NFL needs to make a decision. They're gonna make a decision. But as I said to you yesterday, somebody who knows Robert Kraft said that his advice to Robert Kraft will be you need to step in need to step down. If you do that in it's a preemptive strike, it's a little cleaner. You can move back. But, you know, want that great elixir that that magic dust when you become a star a celebrity you go to parties. Everybody loves you, you hang out with me mill, you know, the president's you go to Oscar parties got your private plane. Many got it all. There are a lot of billionaires. But you want to be a relevant billionaire is only a handful of billionaires out there that own NFL teams or an NBA team. But you want to be one of those guys. Because then it's different there. A lot of guys who have a lot of money, but they don't own the New England Patriots EPO. I I can't see this. I think I'd bet a week's pay that that does not happen. I e studt me doesn't step down. No. I think I would bet a week's pay. Well, this is this is somebody who knows and he was going to recommend advising him. You're not saying he's considering it. But I think he'd loved rarely do billionaires apologize for anything. And especially when they're on the back nine if you know what I mean is is different though. This is embarrassment. Yeah. Well, but I think he really enjoys being on the podium on Super Bowl Sunday. I think that's the highlight of his year. And you take you even even though he can hand the control to his son and still run everything. Just you know, he's not technically the owner. He wants to be on the podium with that thing and his hand when you're giving him the trophy. He loves that an economic replaced by any business deal any yacht Leno Gifford's, he I agree from ego standpoint. And also, you don't want that to be the last chapter of your patriots story from a legacy the last thing of your whole patriot resume if you will. Be what happened doesn't matter if they win a couple more Super Bowls. It doesn't matter with his image. Nobody's looking at Robert Kraft going. Hey, you won those Super Bowls. It'll be Bella. Check in Brady that can't be the last thing of as far as your relationship with the team that you own name, and then you gave it over to your son. And the last thing that we remember happening was that? But you're still going to remember that the last thing you would remember that his team accomplished is winning the Super Bowl. The last thing that you're going to remember about him is what happened in this prostitution sting. How do you show up one day with a blue Bentley? And then less than twenty four hours later in a white Bentley that'll show because the police had pulled him over just to ide- him. And then you go I can't bring out the blue Bentley. I'll bring up the white one. No. That wouldn't stand out in a strip ball at a spa. No. They'll never think that I'm the same guy who came back. Lee Buick skylark. Yeah. Something like that. Yes. You don't have anything in the in the garage. That's a little less like a miata or something something there's a scene in the dark night. When Bruce Wayne he's like, I'm just gonna go out. I'm gonna take something casual or whatever. And it's a Lambert. Like, Mr. craft doesn't have like an eighty five zero in there. Like, you know, what I'm gonna really dumb it down a little bit noth me 'cause wouldn't that fit? A you have somebody driving you in your Bentley and you pull up like big baller here. And in a you get out I in your shoulder. Got it got a Super Bowl rings on knowing. Well, I'm I'm sore. Me much time. Good luck. Mr crap. Now, I'm Steve Oklahoma owner. Call me, Bobby. Yeah. Yeah. Not pulling up to some fancy hotel spa. Some kind of outrageous looking building all the heavy hitters come here to get their massage. Yeah. You can't sort of ease into the spa if you pull up in a Bentley. And I'm guessing you probably if you were going to the AFC title game, you've probably had your shirt with French cuffs cufflinks. I I don't know if you. Now, that's where you walk by. And you act like you're not going you weren't going in there like you might have been going to Godfather's pizza. But then you go, dude. You don't see Warren Buffett's check cashing facility and a strip mall had in his wallet. This reminds me of the move when they had real video stores with the adult section had like the movies right near there. Mr mom. There were like curtains or they'd have those beads where where you, you know, the the big strands of beads as you would go through. And then they could hear you going through. Yeah. There's a sec segment of this audience going wait there were video stores there, isn't there? One blockbuster video store in its in Alaska. Yes, yes. There's one left. That guy's hold that. I love that. I loved going to the video store. Can you imagine flying your little plane 'cause you had an Alaska they use like opt to prop plane kitty Kityo Vagit going all the way to the Fairbanks blockbuster getting your tape. Fly by ach. Video don't forget to rewind. I remember getting fined for be kind rewind, and I didn't rewind my video with actual very bad. John Jack, black movie be kind rewind actually made a movie about it's terrible. Yes. When I was about twelve my friends, and I on my mom's account at the local video store rented Caddyshack without her knowledge. And then we just kept it for about. Oh, two years, and she tried to told her starter turn it. They were going to charge her two dollars a day, but she just had to pay. But she ended up I shall she always reminds me, you know, I once paid seventy nine ninety five to buy Caddyshack for you. When you're thirteen. You still owe me couple of tweets look back at Cuyler Murray's Heisman speech, you could see his dad's role. Then he looked unimpressed that his son even one. And I remember that somebody else tweeted, I saw Dan's outfit today and thought I hope to someday have a position where I'm in charge, and I can dress like that. Hashtag baller. Yeah. Yeah. Seton always go whenever I wear sweatpants. He always goes did you give up on life? Let you give up today. Oh, I have these are brand new. It's a warm opin. I didn't realize it was Saturday. Oh, this is where I when I come to work. I come to work. And yet warming up for I I'm here to play golf shoot hoops host a national radio shell don't you have some puttering around the yard to do later. This isn't I could be walking around Brooklyn. And I'd be ending in with some people. Yeah. Mclovin date give Josh do mail. A hard time showed up that one time, and it knows TV. Okay. Josh do mill comes in in sweatpants. And he comes into a huge TV studio in it says direct TV studios, and he yeah. And there's big lights and he comes into our Los Angeles studio. And he goes, I didn't know this show was on TV. I go, oh my so disappointing. What gave it away? Josh the cameras the lights because he said he would have dressed differently. If he knew it was on TV. Oh, it's a good thing. He's good. Looking man. Couple of phone calls here. Let's see will in Palm Springs. Hi will. How are you? Hey, how you doing today? Goodwill, six to one eight. Bush as far as the Robert Kraft situation going he seems he's going to be one of the view owners have actually going into the hall of fame. Yeah. Do you think of all the stuff that's going on? You think this is actually gonna affect the decision of going in? Or they said delay. What is your input on that be careful when you turning? Thank you will. I like that. Yeah. Just turn signal, but I'm not gonna make short left turn here with my comment because you're not supposed to factor in off the field. With with these candidates for the whole fame. I don't know if it's different with owners since they're not actually on the field. But what else do you factor in? How your team performed? How many owners are in the pro football hall of fame? Because I just thought of that. But I thought the pro football hall of fame doesn't take into consideration things that happen off the they don't, but I'm wondering. Robert Kraft set up this system, the blueprint with Bela check and Brady or I. Your teams have won. And you've been an owner Jerry Jones goes in. But Jerry Jones did a whole lot for the growth expansion of lake. Robert Kraft has done a lot of that. And his teams have won more Super Bowls than anybody. Yes. Mclovin. I have some owners, Bert bell. Who was if former eagles owner Commissioner, okay, Charles Bidwell who owned the Chicago cardinals out Davis Eddy DeBartolo junior. Remember, he got Betty gets in. Yeah. I mean, I haven't heard anything that, you know, somebody saying that Robert Kraft won't get inner shouldn't get into the hall of fame. Just a couple more Halis Lamar hunt and Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones is in. So. Jerry Jones, and Robert Kraft are pretty much hand in hand with the expansion the growth of this league financially, but sorry, the the Rooney's Ralph Wilson junior also amongst that group of the bills owner Ralph Ralph Ellison on your he was a big he was well loved right except where he was thinking to taking the team to Toronto. They may have had a problem with that. All right. We'll take a break here when we come back. Tom Brady's rookie card set records by selling for four hundred thousand dollars. I wonder how much money I gave away when I was younger with my baseball. I didn't have football cards, not many. But I had a lot of baseball cards. We'll talk about this Brady rookie card in why it went for four hundred thousand dollars. Also, we'll check in with the great football analyst, Sean Salisbury will join us and that's coming up next nineteen after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick show. It happens to the best of us right before a big deadline or just when you're printing handouts for key presentation to printer runs out of ink tired of the frequent expense and hassle replacing in cartridges with internal Inc. Storage tank? Larger in cartridges and an intelligent page gouge that displays Inc levels, brother Inc. Vestment tank printers can literally change the way you Inc. Brother inc. 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Free agent cornerback Adam pacman Jones, you know, he's in trouble when they say pacman he was waived by the Broncos in November arrested on charges of public intoxication disorderly conduct and intimidation earlier this morning at a casino in Indiana. According to multiple reports. Like seven games for the Broncos been around for fourteen seasons in the NFL. So pacman Jones, you know, if it's Adam Jones, then he didn't do anything wrong. If he signs a new contract joint. It's Adam Jones joining the Broncos fees in trouble. It's pacman Jones arrested. Yeah, fritzy, he said, it was actually inky Biki blinky, and CLYDE that were the ones that we're doing it. And he was just an innocent bystander. Those are the goes from pacman. Yes. Yes. I think those are the ghosts from pacman. Yeah. Pacman? We don't have that noise where pacman dies. Hey, you sound like a fellow who may have played some pacman in his day. I I went to a bar when I was in college. And I would just go in there. 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Two thousand playoff contenders championship ticket Tom Brady autograph card and on EBay. It went for four hundred thousand dollars a record for a football card sold at auction. The card was rated a nine out of a possible ten by Beckett. Grading Services Limited to a production run of one hundred it was number forty one on that limited run, according to Beckett. It's the latest in a growing trend in high priced auctions for Tom Brady's cards last month. The company reported a similar card with the grading eight of ten sold for sixty thousand dollars last year. A different two thousand playoff contenders championship ticket Tom Brady card went for two hundred fifty thousand dollars. The previous highest selling modern day sports card auctioned off was LeBron James one of one rookie card went for three hundred twelve thousand dollars. I have a bunch of cards. I have baseball football hockey cards that I collected when I was ESPN. And I'm not even sure which is the one that I would want back because I don't even know which ones that I have are valuable, but I would get all these, you know, trading cards, the companies would send it to me when I was working at ESPN. So I just kept all of these boxes. Lot of them not even open. But I don't know if I have a treasure in there. I don't know if there's you know, there's something that's worthwhile. How many you guys had the mom threw him out situation? Well, my mom did. But she kept telling me if you don't come back and pick them up, then I'm gonna throw them out. And then she threw him out. The only thing she kept were the basketball programs from the Cincinnati royals back in the early seventies. So I still have my Pete muravich autograph. The Lakers came to town. I have all their autographs of the Washington they were the Baltimore bullets. So I have Jerry Jerry West penmanship as you would expect was beautiful like penmanship back then in the seventies. Like you had to have good penmanship. Now, you can't read anybody's writing. But I just remember Jerry West had great penmanship. Johnny bench had great penmanship. Now, you just sort of scribble. But that's what stood out remember with these these programs. I got. Yeah. Mclovin. I did a stupid thing with cards when I was young. I wanted Phillies eagles flyers cards so bad. So I trade like Ken Griffey von Hagens. Anybody else go for the local team? I did. But then there were guys that you would get and it felt like they were punking you when you'd open up these cards, new you kidding me. I get I get these same guys over and over and over and over because they I am fritzy. Now, we're talking about this was it Rog really, oh more et macho the pronunciation, but I remember getting it's kind of like RO G E L I O last name MO are not a Red Sox. Yeah. I think left-hander a crafty left hander. But you'd get these cards, and you go why am I getting these crappy cards here constantly pack in Todd. Nikolov in this body. I trade it a Mike Schmidt straight up. I think in third grade for our White Sox, Chet lemon. And the guy even told me goes, you sure, you want to do this like the third grade friend of mine even said like, you sure, you know, what you're doing here because it was Mike Schmidt peak? Mike Schmidt and Chet lemon's note. Nothing to sneeze at. But does it can be easy to get. I'm just hearing from some people at the university of Dayton saying thank you for mentioning Tim's the bar that I went to to play pacman. So the. Yeah. Some of the guys who were there. Some of the other losers there with me at the bar. I got it. Still open at Tim's. I lived right around the corner. I lived about a pitching wedge away from Alana's great sandwiches. And then I had Tim's. And I'd go in there and get draft beer and play pacman by myself. Sad existence. What a loser. Hey was with long hair acne, and I'm playing pacman and drink and beer by myself, speaking of which Sean Salisbury joining us, the former NFL quarterback hosted the Sean berry show. Losers. You're a big man on campus at USC, right? Yeah. I didn't have any acne. But I did have long hair poll. Yeah. You were even if you weren't a starter USC you were joining. No, no, no. That was reserved for my NFL backup starter. Starter a US? Even if even if your backup wasn't, you know, you're just your quarterback at USC you walk into walked on sorority fraternity row. I play quarterback USA. It doesn't matter. If you're I rape you. It's a it's a very popular position on campus. Did you ever wear your jersey on campus? Only. Only. No, I never wore by jersey guy, tucked his jersey into his hygienes chest. And we're the number comes down to DC half the number because guy, tucked his jersey so much at here. You guys are talking about Chester lemon, and Roger Murrah cagey left-hander crafty. Beggaring this up about you know, on campus. Jon Gruden went to Dayton and John would wear his football letter jacket around on campus with a football in his hands. All the time. He didn't play. But he was he's he gave you the impression that Hama football player. And I got my letter jacket on is it like the guy who gets a championship ring, but never played. But he he he's at the Barneys tapping. Somebody next to him sees that he has a ring on type of thing cheesy move by Gruden but it's worked look at him. Now, man, I need I need to try that didn't work for me down. I need to try the jersey in lettermans jacket thing. I love your your analysis because you're you're very astute at looking at quarterbacks and I love your opinions. And I it comes down to this with the quarterbacking position. Now in how we draft or what he what do we look for in a quarterback as opposed to you know, ten years ago Cuyler Murray is probably made into a wide receiver or a kick returner. But you know, he's sort of. We're not sure what to do. We can't place him in a position where everybody goes. Okay. That's exactly what he is. I what do you what do, you know about Cuyler Murray that says he will be successful in the NFL changed? My narrative on him probably more than I've trained on any quarterback in such a short period time, maybe the last three or four months I fell into that trap. And I don't want to first of all the size thing. We've got to get rid. Of that. More quarterbacks under six foot. Fran tarkenton Russ. You know, Russell Wilson drew Brees this kid who have been more successful than guys like over six feet six. So this heightened incised, and we've got to get rid of that we've got to start treating quarterbacks and and athletes a little different in my mind. I went back and watch three or four four his games after the season was over just to watch him when he was doing some good things and some bad things. And I know Dan, you've been talking a lot about him. If I was on a cardinals. I would consider I would answer every phone call for Josh Rosen. I think as we speak today. He's a better playmaker than Rosen is now that doesn't mean Rosen can't be a good player. I think he can with the right situation. But with cliff and with Cuyler if he gets out of the top ten it's it's criminal that somebody didn't take him to the top ten. He's act accurate. He has plenty of arm. I've never seen a guy. Stop and start quick. Or maybe since Barry Sanders and especially at the quarterback position. He gets skinny and small to everybody talks about getting a handle the punishment. There's a bunch of six five guys. There's a lot of room to hit like me, you could there's a lot of room to it could move. This guy is like a running back get skinny in the whole he doesn't give you a lot to hit. I've changed Dan. I went back and watch I was under the fourth or fifth round guys. A baseball guy. Great athlete, and I love multi sport athletes. I'm telling you right now this guy, I believe he's going to be a star in the league. I believe he's one of those guys at once. He gets the job. You don't get it back. He wins. And Dan every time you watch them on film. I can go around the league right now, the NFL or college and find your quarterbacks that are never the best player on the field ever. I can go watch this, dude. And he's always always the best player on the field any wins. And there's something to be said for that. I will be shocked if he's fallen out of the top ten and I will not be shocked if he's picked first or in the top five, I wouldn't our top six. I'd made the point that if you're Zona, and you're gonna already change the paradigm. They're you bring in cliff Kingsbury. All right. You're looking for something unique. You're making a big change with a guy who had a losing record in college. Great offensive mind and is on record as saying take Tyler Murray. If I had that opportunity to take him number one overall if I could send Josh Rosen to the patriots, let's say and I could bring in Cuyler Murray. Let's say I get the patriots late first round pick for Josh Rosen. It seems like a win win for both sides here. Matter of fact, phone call should last thirty seconds, Dan, rose and goes and gets to learn behind Brady and gets to be with Josh mcdaniels. And it's perfect for him with. They do remember the the the narrative on Rosa when he came out as the most NFL ready, and quite frankly of all the guys drafted in the first round, he progressed the least so that would be great for him. And then you're cliff. This is what you do the kid knows the verbiage. He's an explosive talent if you're gonna go go all in Waco, seventy two percent in and then two years later say well, men, maybe we should have what's like any other position. And if we fail on a defensive end and enter the quarterback position sets franchises back. But this kid the only thing that's not too. Like if he was six foot one he'd be the first pick of the draft. And they do everything they could to maneuver to people to trade up to get him simple to two or three three our guys that play. It's just stupid. It's a dumb narrative. But you think about how three three years down the road. If you're gonna go go all in because what happens defensive end. Draft me doesn't work. We get another one quarterback doesn't work. Okay. Two three years down the road. We'll go get another one. It's a rough position to analyze the tough position to find out. If the guy's got it kinda Murray does now whether he's going to be a superstar not remains to be seen. But I know he plays well under pressure. He elevates his play against good players. And I've never seen him other than you know, maybe one or two times on the field where like he looks confused other than that. He looks in complete control football IQ, accurate, if I'm Arizona. I'm not even hesitate in on this. If I can get a first round pick for Rosen somewhere. I'm shipping him. And I'm drafting Kyle Murray. And let's do it cliff. Does let's put that kid in that offense. And let's cut it loose. I kinda Murray is a franchise changer with his ability. Okay. This is my idea. I know the giants have they appear to be locked in on doing Haskins out of Ohio State. If I'm the giants I go after Cuyler Murray because I got saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham junior. Now, I wanna see how you adjust to our speed as we you know, you have. Those sweeps you like, I I'm gonna come at you. And you're going to go. Oh my God. I'm in a track meet here. And I I would just change. I would turn the NFL on its ear and with those three if I could put Cuyler Murray in there on that turf. And I know that the giants love their six four six five quarterback. If you look back ally and Phil Simms, and Jeff Hostetler, but man, you put him on turf with saquon and Odell Beckham. And man, I just think that would be some fun stuff. Quarterbacks for this the chance to change things completely. I can remember when Barry Sanders we played against him twice a year. You can't simulate speed, man. You just can't we put a Paul Palmer. We took anybody a running back wide receiver slot guy. Tried to make him the quarterback that week during the practice week. And then we go play. Barry Sanders in our defensive backs tackling air they hugged air because Barry was so good Cuyler Murray. The elusiveness you get those three cats together. Now, I loved Wayne Haskins. He plays great under pressure late in games. Great football IQ. If the giants don't get him somebody else should get him quick. Because I like that kid a lot. I like how he processes information but Murray with that speed, Dan, how do you? How do you defend it all you talk about the big three even though they may be small in stature? I don't know how you would defend it. So if you're going to set the NFL on its ear kinda Murray's the guy to do it. And I know people I can't stand it. He he's too small. Well, you know, what I hear that all the time yet the kid keeps playing on in at Oklahoma keeps succeeding. Everywhere. He goes they find a way to win. I love the fact that he's competitive now needs to be a better interview. But did you and you see the interview on my show? Did I ever see it? I was cringing at the same way too. Going into the interview, you know, Dan's going to ask probing questions just be prepared to give me an answer. I love when you had to call on the pops in the stands he wasn't giving. You an answer me off. At one point I go, but you know, this is on this microphones on. Yes. Well, you handled it great. But he's going to have to get better at that. Because he's going to be the face of a franchise to understand that those things happen in going to New York. They're going to happen rampantly if he goes there. So I'm with you, Dan, you can't see me late speed. You just can't and the kids a the key used to look at him. Dan is a baseball player athlete who was just dynamic football quarterback. Because he was a good athlete. I've changed. I think he's a quarterback who just happens to be a great baseball player, and an athlete like I said you had three inches to his his height. We wouldn't even be having this discussion, and we still shouldn't be having this discussion the guys winner and he's a dynamic game changer and probably will turn a franchise or the teams that play it on its ear. That's how that's how dynamic is good. Visit with you. And with you. We'll catch up soon. Can't wait, brother. Thank you, Sean Salisbury. Former NFL quarterback host of the Sean Salisbury show three to six on sports talk seven ninety in Houston. Yeah. I know people say, oh, you got a man crush on Cuyler Mary. Yeah. Yeah. I would say that have a man crush on. Because there's so many times when you talk yourself out of somebody and instead of talking yourself into somebody because I'm gonna draft you because this is what I envision doing with you. I don't know if the hash marks are big difference because you know, in college the hash marks are different than they are in the NFL. But if I can have Cuyler Murray if you have to account for Cuyler Murray saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham junior that's really hard to do. Because if you get Beckham back at peak Beckham form saquon Gabi eighteen hundred yards from scrimmage, and now, I put Cuyler Murray in there that dynamic now there is usually talk about gotta have a big strong quarterback playing at the Meadowlands because of the wind in there, and the weather I get it. It's windy in Oklahoma to. Yes, you do you think Beckham has the patience to? Let a rookie quarterback developed. He's going to have to whether it's Cuyler Maria Dwayne Haskins because he's already seen ally. And I don't think he's been too patient with Eli especially running quarterback. Yeah. But you're gonna have that run pass option with Cuyler Murray. It feels like on every single playing. I I think he's in might be a top five pick top. I mean, I feel like he is. I don't know if a team will pull the trigger on. Yes. Mclovin. This feels about where you know, guys starts out ten around and February to be number one is the Baker Mayfield path, and it goes back to when when they had that draft. And I remember coming in on that Monday. And I said guys Baker Mayfield is going number one. You guys went. There is no way. He's too small. I said, my friend who's a scout spoke to the Browns scouts who said we're taking Baker Mayfield. And you know, the social media erupted with oh my God. Can you the Browns reportedly in ice said at that's what I'm told? He's going number one overall because they're even Patrick Mahomes because prior to draft. That's when I got my friend who said, you know, you should have Patrick Mahomes on I go, man. I love. I don't know if he can play the NFL, and he goes, no, he's moving up higher than anybody. He's the hot prospect moving up because I thought to Shawn Watson was he goes, no, Mahomes is the guy, and I thought he goes the saints wanna get Mahomes, and I go oh my God. That's a big story at little did. We know Kansas City was going to go all in on the homes, and they already had Alex VIN. So I will come back final call for phone calls, and our final results of the poll question is well what we learned all of that coming up. Everybody's got it to do this. I get one for my wife drop off the dry cleaning pick-up, some milk figure out something to get out of the house. So I can relax. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. The good thing. You don't have to drop off or pick up. Anything? 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You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in most nesting doll her lot in life. Here. It comes. Didn't take long Adam Schefter tweeting. The cardinals GM Steve time asked today by reporters. If Josh Rosen is Arizona's quarterback is response. Yeah. He is right now for sure. Well that sounded permanent Louis Riddick. The mothership. When Cuyler Murray ends up going number one overall. Free your mind. The rest will follow. I've also seen at least ten NFL media type saying I've been telling you all along Kyla Murray's number like, wait. What? But this our Carson Wentz was right around ten fifteen this time of year, then everybody Trubisky was fifteen could Cuyler Murray. Be peaking too soon there. You'll get ahead of it. Yeah. That's a boy don't I'm the ones leading the charge for column or to go number one overall. And I'm starting to go maybe pecan a little bit. What is okay? Let's let's be on record. The official height of Cuyler Murray is going to be now is this inches or this is barefoot is combine measurement that tomorrow. Okay. All right. I'll go first ok five nine and seven eighth. I was going to say five nine and three quarters. So I will still I'm going five nine and five eight. So it'd be a five nine five eight five nine five eight maybe what do you guys got enhance size? I would go in nine. I dunno. No. We gotta go hide. Yeah. I got exactly what paulie had five nine seven eight okay for it. So I'm going to say five nine and a half. I would just go on. I would just go on over five nine. Or like, nobody's going five. Ten no. We were standing right next to the nobody wants the over. Yeah. I'm not going over here. Brian in California. Hi, brian. Would you have for me? Hey, five eleven to twenty. Dan, I've been I've been, you know, watching some film on the Super Bowl, and I've been watching all these situations with like the giants. And I I'm I'm starting to think nobody ever talks about the offensive line these teams because if you were to take Tom Brady put him on the giants team last year. He would have got killed. Everybody's bagging on Eli saying, oh, well, he's he's done. But he only had two to three seconds. That's the football. And it's like, I, you know, I I wanted to get your opinion on how many GM's come into new teams and start with basics like give me an offensive line. So I can have a Murray. So I can protect the quarterback that I have because you know, it's just the most underrated thing ever. I always make my Super Bowl picks. I look and thanks for the call Brian. I look at the offensive and defensive lines of these teams of how good they are. You know, I looked at the saints. Great offensive line of looking at the chargers with the offense and defensive lines there. Those were my Super Bowl. Picks. And I and I do look at their offensive lines. But Cuyler Murray will be he'll be blocked for differently than Tom Brady. Your Ben Roethlisberger will be fritzy what did you learn on today's program, Candace Parker says the Celtics look like they don't like each other on the court. Yeah. That was so strong commentary by her last night. Mclovin. Sean Salisbury talked about Kyle berry getting skinny and all paulie. Jon morosi speaks Italian. Well, see no, Connor gentlemen. Otzi? What did I learn for it? So it's high on Kyla Amari thinks he's already better now than the cardinals quarterback. Josh rosen. What we learned brought to you by Vic science nasal spray a couple of sine X nasal sprays. And it works in seconds to clear your nose and lasts for up to twelve hours. Be ready when congestion strike Sinek nasal spray uses directed talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for joining us here on the Dan Patrick show. 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It'll instead focus on campaign finance violations Trump's business practices and the accuracy of his public statements legal analyst Jonathan Turley. Could it be a no win situation for the president? He can damage the president. There's no question about it. Coen's? Testimony begins at ten this morning eastern. I'm Rita Foley.

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