When Will Covid Tyranny End? W.H.O. Director: 'Never!' Unless...


There will be no return to old normal for the foreseeable future. But there is a roadmap to a situation where we can control the disease and get on with our lives. But this is going to require three things. I. Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty report with today's is Daniel. Mike Adams are co host damn good to see you so exciting to. We got to see the director that we got confused. Assure you that things will be okay. We won't tell them, but they who knew how to handle your. He'll protect our liberties. Protect our pocketbooks. All that what a tragedy it's! You still bewilders me how how the American people who have allowed to go this far and they get in long goes to seasonable for more aggressive people get. I mean just the other day. What somebody? What didn't have their mask on? Somebody comes in and Mason in their face. I mean it's. It's totally out of control, but. We're doing our best to try to reassure. People is not not quite as bad as a safe thing to say not quite as bad as they've painted. It is serious. People been sick, but now the more I read the more I think. That it's even less dangerous than they said. Because came across this article on Lucite today and Had to do with the testing we've talked a lot about testing and how they fudge the numbers, and they don't test. Sometimes they're positive and anybody who test positive is infecting the world, but here here's one that really opens it up to even be being worse and here the title of it is manufactured pandemic testing people for any strain. And strain of Corona Virus Not specifically for Kobe nineteen. So can you imagine what it I two or three, I, five or ten KHURANA viruses. Like a plain old cold virus and they haven't distinguished it. It's hard for me to believe that every once in a while there will be a scientist involved with CDC and and who, but evidently not not so it looks like they're bureaucrats and politicians and people in the drug industry so I don't know what we can. What would what we can believe? And I think trump's right he he hasn't said any kind worse for either organization, but of course he's up against the whole world. And that's a that's sad, but here here is if you. If you do this testing, there's already been so many mistakes made and And they have fudge these numbers they even. Don't even do tests on people. People are getting noticed. That they've tested positive and they've never even had a test, so you would think this would wake people up in discredit this whole thing that's going on but what if one person? Head cold it well. That'd be bad. How many people are going to die over the lockdown? And that's what's that's what's coming out now home. What the tragedy is you? Hear case here case their students getting behind in year, not missing school but I'm thinking right now more. The more I see and understand it. Like wiping out a generation of kids you. The way they. Terrorize the the kids and scare them to death, and they're very become very timid, and if you get locked in their houses, which some parents do then all they do is. Developmental problems so. This whole idea that get prepared. We don't have an answer. It's going to be here longtime time, but we have a couple of things that we can do we. We can keep the really bad things happening from having better masking beggar better discipline in all this more authoritarianism, and it looks to me like the number one cause of the pandemic. Has Been. Authoritarianism because we've had a lot of opportunities, Saudi diseases and know what's going on, and on occasion a vaccine helps, but it looks like sometimes. There's one article out today. Where shows that doing nothing? They got over. Law had nothing to wear. The vaccines got credit, but the timing wasn't right in the vaccines came out after the epidemic been in close, so there's a lot of false information I get to this stage and almost all programs that seems like a struggle. To really understand sort truth fiction, and then convey it to people, so it's believable, and and convince them it's in their self interest, their best self interest for themselves and their family and the country, and for the cause of liberty but there's so many people now that have been terror terrified by, and and they're scared to death, and that runs their whole life. It was to me discussing. I've talked about baseball before, but. I watch a couple of minutes, but it was disgusting of the opening. Even know who is playing, but it was on our TV and I walk by it here. I could see the Pitcher, the batter and the catcher and empire and I couldn't see the other players in on this on this. Picture then nobody in the stands. But the or had a big MACs gone. A night I mean. I keep thinking. How long can this last in according to the CDC? And who? What would they do for a be out of business I've? David enjoyed. enjoyed their life as the past year. All the attention they're getting and who knows some of them have probably been able to make a couple of dollars off the whole deal. Yeah, I think you're using the right word terrorism. It is a form of terrorism and they terrorize people, and it's what they do. You know these these petty bureaucrats people like this guy. All mayors and even governors around the country. They've never had to keep the business open, so they have no idea what it means to keep the business open. They think you can switch the economy off like a switch. Oh, we'll turn it off for a few weeks. Turn it back on. You probably saw this on zero heads this morning. That hurts is going to have to sell one hundred. Cars to try to stay afloat. What's that GonNa do to the market and used cars and all the reverberations of things that they've done, but getting back to the WHO director and his. We didn't play the whole thing. Because frankly, it's pretty stupid, but never going back to the old normal, but here's the three things. He said three things. We've got to do so that we can live with this disease. A we have to suppress transmission. What will that do that'll keep it alive forever. Here's the forty eighth wave. Shut it down again. That's number. One number two empowered engaging engaged communities that take actions in the interest of each other. That's a long way of saying. Put on your mask. And the third thing is, we need strong government, leadership and coordination of comprehensive strategies. That's ten dollar way of saying. We need world government to tell everyone what to do, so you look into the sky and it's well publicized. Who is he? Is He a doctor? No, he's not a doctor. He's not a scientist. He's a politician Oh. What part is he from? Oh he's he's a member of the Ethiopian Communist Party so the member of the Communist Party is going to tell us. This is what we have to do to get back to normal. No, thank you, but it's a shame that people still listened to people like this. On this testing. They don't test for one thing and they know exactly what they're testing is just a group viruses. Can you imagine how much effort has been put in to lockdown and quarantines and the penalties people have suffered from this, and it's all based on what could very well be total fiction. Now I know a lot of people will believe this I happen to think it's probably is very much this, but the problem is is getting the scientific proof and say that everybody will be happy with, but that doesn't happen. Even if you haven't even visits worthwhile, they could look. Look into why one good reporter! If we had a few more bill, Sardi's near investigate this and look into it in an objective manner, and then decide whether it's true or not, but you wouldn't see that on television I think I think Fox has done a little bit better job and being balanced on this and showing that there's an extremist element in making use of this pandemic. You know, but just think what twenty five viruses that are trying to measure and this article claim they don't distinguish before between the two so every everybody's GonNa be positive. You search long enough. It did this whole idea. Don't know for sure when Wendy infection occurred whether somebody's infectious, and they have the lockdown well. Okay I have to go and punish myself for fourteen days I'm going to save the world and. It's a shame that We fear the fact that we tried to point this out in. That were that they'll say. Oh, you're you. Guys are just making fun of you. There's a serious. Serious stuff, too, because somebody could truly be sick, and you're gonNA be serious, because the treatment is overwhelmingly worse than the than the cars, and that is the lockdowns or something. Just think all the economic. You've already mentioned like the automobile. Related to also related to the male investment of the financial bubble burst fat, but the combination here so if you were in the planning business cost street, par violence. Okay, we have the the Fed is created this, but we don't. Everybody likes the Fed because they print the money, so we can't say much about it. Oh, we'll use the corona vars and we can scare everybody on. And then they say well. We need a racial point here, so Oh, this is the time to let people know how strong. How strongly they have organized. Black lives, matter and Lo and behold. There lot stronger than I ever dreamed. That isn't all spontaneity. What's going on and they have the perfect make tim and make for just to terrorize the nation and. Unfortunately I. Don't see an end of this. Except we have to believe people know the truth, they will act differently and I. think that will happen, but as the saying goes, people regain. They're saying they're saying sanity. One wanted a time where they go nuts in mobs and herds, and so I think the people are returning, but you know I've used. This is an example which would discourage statement in that is. When? We had after nine eleven and TSA. Just GonNa be temporary because we gotta make sure knowing hurt well, nothing happened after nine eleven. One on and yet TSA store tougher than ever more embarrassing than very very expensive and boy. They are upfront here. The experts who and And CDs. CDC They're all. They're right on target with S so. That means no loafing on the job. Keep going on this and just hope that we we get more people thinking about. Of course, we have to be very thankful for our viewers. Our audience because we've had some good friends out there doing their very best. People are wanting to hear something different. You know, but the the flu listening to the director of the of the World Health Organization. This. Is something like never before? We can never go back to normal this unprecedented well, look at this next clip. Here's here's just an article. I pulled at random. Just generally anyone can look this up. Regular old flew six hundred forty six thousand people worldwide each year, according to a study that's just year in and year out sometimes a little better, sometimes a little worse, so then this covert outbreak must be orders of magnitude worse than that if we can never go back to being normal, so let's look how much covert has killed Oh. Oh. It's almost exactly the same as a normal flu, six, hundred, fifty, three, thousand, four, hundred, twenty, four, as of this morning killed. So how can he get away with saying? We can never be normal again. This is unprecedented when it when it's basically just a standard flu outbreak tragic terrible for those families. Unfortunately, it happens every year. That's just how it is, and it looks like they're going to continue because I do believe it matter of fact, they may even some of them. They probably can brainwash themselves and talking to them into doing. The Lord's work. Yes, I really believe this, and and they hear too many other people. Everybody agrees it must be true, so their job is just to promote it, and of course some no, no better, and and and that that is really disgusting part about it, but there was another thing related to this the defense health agency send. A notice hit was on Saturday by by mistake. They Sana six hundred thousand You notices to their I guess. Military, but it actually. Humana runs it for try care, so it's it's government and you know it's the insiders doing it, but You'd wonder how how's that is? Is This just plain stupidity? Does it enhance their position any, but it tells you how easy it is to I. Don't think you know now that he admitted it. You know most people. A lot of people are going to read a headline, and they're not going to see the retraction is. This really really serious, but what we writing. They were asking these people. We know you've had the virus, but it's okay if you still want to donate blood. It was totally absurd and yet I'm afraid When San's official, there's a lot of people who will just increase their anxieties and support for what they're trying to do, and they get angry at people who? Don't capitulate and say if we don't all wear a mask too bad and every place. In the world is going to come to an end, so I'll know when this is over when everybody can go out, doors and play play baseball without and the in that one group that was maced. They were having a picnic picnic. Semi comes over and just just anger I. Had even, if even half truth that maybe somebody did have it. Would which she did isn't going to help her. Why doesn't she go home? If she's unhappy out there and can't stand people to be so relaxed it. They're having a picnic in this crisis. Time boy, we were driving of the day, and someone was driving all over the road. They almost hit our car and I looked over. Of course there's the mass probably was having Hypoxia, but you know last week at this time. It seems like only a week ago because it was the big thing was the sun belt spike. With all my Gosh, we've got to cut Texas. We gotta shut it down again. governor Abbot was on the verge of shutting it down again at the behest of people like Lena Hidalgo, and Harris County and the others all of a sudden. There's something interesting happening in the Sun Belt Spike. Let's look at this next one. This is from this morning. Dr Paul there was definitely a peek. At least at this point, mid July. It is steadily going down daily new cases, even new cases interesting now it's going down in Florida. After trump said we're GONNA. Cancel the Republican convention. Right so that makes you wonder now it's okay. Let's do the next one because we should go through Arizona's hospitalization and new cases way down since a peak in early. July remember. That was a nightmare scenario. It was terrible. Let's look at our own. Republic of Texas. Daily new cases will use their terms daily cases. Going, down peak, mid-july in this is the the ramping up that we talked about where everyone was classified as covert. Even that is going down. Let's look in a couple of things closer to home here. Here's the EPA curve cases overtime in Harris County. Lena dog goes digs a. what's Lena going to do now? The EPA curve is going way down. She's GonNa have to do something else and one more Dr. Paul. Because we followed. The Texas hospitalizations is very important. This is the Texas Medical Center in Houston and here. Are there hospitalizations their daily covid nineteen hospitalization the seven day trend down down down everywhere, but that is. Is Not discouraging governors from getting even more to radical. Let's look at the next one from our friend Thomas Massey whose everyone should read 'cause they're. They're also very interesting and humorous Kentucky. Look at the look at the Chart Kentucky is down zero zero deaths per million almost and here's Thomas Massie. Kentucky's governor is proposing more lockdowns, but can this curve get any flatter? Two thirds of these deaths are from within nursing homes Kentucky's unemployment is above forty percent. The governor should work on flattening that curve. Unbelievable. You know. The They must have good health habits. There are better than anybody. They must not be falling the governor his cronies. Liberals on away. You have to do Independent on all this regulation and all, but if If? If T T thomas maybe. They're falling Thomas. Lot of leadership, you know we did much better in the election and people. Yeah, so he's He's sort of one of these people that knowing him I'll bet. He knows by Vitamin D. A little home-care this so maybe but. That might be reflection that people people are that way. This might be very good news more than just for Kentucky. Maybe this is cinnamon. Spray it because. They the the noise from the bureaucrats and the politicians makes they're still on the top curve. But the truth will set in, and that's when more and more people are going to just chuck their masks. And now people are getting a little firmer and saying you know asking the right question. Where's the wall? That tells you do. This is a law. The governor's can't write law. Mayors can't write laws, but they can intimidate you know one thing is really disgusting. Even a mayor has a lot of power and city have a lot of power, because there's this thing which is unlimited -Tarian is the licensing. You know you have to have a license to do everything, and so they say all right your hairdresser. If you don't do what we say, we're GONNA. Take your license away. What you really need a license to have A. Bar, burt. Matter. Of fact, the Libertarian, the good libertarian can make the case for the medical licensors is not being very freedom oriented and and actually. I think people will say you don't care about your patient. No I would say that medical profession in the Ama and he's other. They're not very good at protecting You know free market, medicine or medicine in general. That's true. Well, you talk about mass whether masks work. Friends zero heads. They've been pretty hysterical at times. About the Kobe thing I have to say, but we do continue to read. Then we try to get through it but today. The big thing was Hong Kong. Oh, my Gosh! Just a huge spike in Hong. Kong, they got to shut the whole place down. There was no news about the sun belt because it's doing better now. It's Oh my gosh. Hong Kong, some looking at it. What's going on and must be terrible? Two people died one in the nineties and one in the seventies, and they're talking about shutting it down, but here's the other question that it brings up about masks because people in Hong Kong. There is a an increase in cases in Hong Kong. That is for sure you can look at the chart, but the real question is hold on a minute. Ninety nine percent of people in Hong Kong where masks. They were happy wearing masks. In fact, just in May vox DOT COM wrote an. An article about what a great success Hong Kong was because everyone wore the mask and they suppress suppressed the virus in Hong Kong nearly everyone wears a face mask in public. When almost as soon as the outbreak, I began millions of residents started wearing masks in public. One local said the government have to say anything. Before ninety nine percent of the population put them on. Experts now say the widespread mask used appears to be a major reason why the city hasn't been devastated by the disease. That was in May. They continue to whether mask and guess what. The the the cases are going up anyway so mass they work. No, they delay the inevitable, which is a virus spreading through society, but they may work for the people who are really excited about having because chaos is a goal of some, and they're not actually concerned about the health of the people, and it works in that sense, they accomplish what their goal is, and what what other? What other industry has done well they've got a lot of money, and they were trying to prepare and have the perfect vaccine and And yet most people right now. Don't believe the vaccine is going to be able maybe next year or so, and but even if they by that time you know the corona. Nineteen, that's probably going to be gone, but that's why they you always hear. There could be more could be more, so we have to be prepared and I. Think they'd be very discouraged. If if everybody decided the hydroxy chloride taken as a preventive or very early on at a very nominal price would solve the problem boy. Where's the interest it that is so disgusting. Things been. It's been around for sixty five years and there's a lot of drugs. Fortunately, we have moved away from prescription for some of the common things. I remember the first prescription. I ever wrote out of medical school was hundred cream. By by the gallons now. Did it, it got out so this this is the whole thing. People people can figure this out and they they will want to run and control and have this power, but ultimately you know common sense should overrule, and we get bits and pieces and glimpse of what it's like and things do get better, but right now. Our major hurdle now is the hysteria that is persisting in many places getting worse at the time. We're getting better. Numbers of people who are waking up and say hey, this whole reaction may be a hoax. It didn't didn't need this, and it's actually made things worse and they're not following the hippocratic oath. Supposed to remember. I do no harm I would say that they haven't accomplished at at all. They've done a lot of a lot of harm. Well now with with with the cases even going down in the sun belt and other places, the question that we would have is what are the petty tyrants going to do next? What are they gonNA. Start claiming next well I think I may have found doctor. Paul the answer to that, and let's look at that next clip. Going to go to war against. But on that clip, please. Chicken Wings Governor. Cuomo of New York is furious because he doesn't want bars to be allowed open. Because apparently you can catch corona in a bar having a drink, but you can't catch it having a meal, so some of these bars are offering some food. Saying Hey, we're not a bar. We got some food food and drink. He said no way you can't. Chicken wings are not food. How dare you and that's not even in the here's another tyrant over on the West Coast Governor Newsom. Let's look at the next the next clip. Beware the Kobe. This is from the The Daily Mail beware. The Cove Menu Police California cracks down on outdoor restaurants with new rule that requires customers to order a meal with alcohol. And wings she sticks Calamari and fries are not meal so corona will only get you if you're having a drink and not a meal. There's The answer from the BR Trust. The science is what they say. Here's the science you know there's a there's some good chicken wings in in Houston that they're not crackdown on. I just want to remind everyone that we're going to have our thanks to our super chatters after this. We're GONNA. Roll their names of people over the past week. Who donated in the super chat goes on during the show. It's kind of a Neat Coffee Club. That happens, and we appreciate you very much and keep the show alive and keeping US expanding. If you're not subscribed, please subscribe to our channel and hit notification, so you'll know when the shows are up. In finally docked Apollo would say people who want to find a way to break this tyranny, a good suggestion would be if you don't WanNa wear masks. Don't wear one. You know because that's how it stops when you start seeing people without masks on more and more people and I thought it happened in the grocery store. People will look me without one, and they'll pull those down. This is the only way we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Defeat this and everyone has to do of course what they think is right. That's not necessarily right for everyone, but for some people it might be the way to go, but anyway thanks very much. Thank you for all the super chatters last week for keeping US going. And hopefully we'll be able to continue Dr Paul Good, I have a member of my family. is a public school teacher and. She just told me yesterday that they will be opening school on the right time, but the first three weeks we'll be remote in a computer, but after three weeks they think everything will be ready and we all go into classroom. That's a little bit of a hand. At least they're moving in that direction, but you. You can just imagine the atmosphere in Houston Harris County is the greatest that you know. They're still going to be a lot of restrictions and a lot a lot of checking and Regulations that you'll have to follow. They'll probably be distancing and mass in different places, but anyway it looks like some of these schools will open up but I think. I think there'll be more what happened. With Walmart. You know the story about Walmart. They say every Walmart store. Everybody wears a mask. All customers works there boy and that was. That was really horrible lasted for three days. And guess what the Marcus spoke and they said they were they didn't want to have. It was disgusting, so Walmart admitted it no. No nobody follows us in. How do you enforce it? So that was You know a little bit of disobedience, but the violent type. So that's that's what we need, but no the answer to all this whether it's the master distancing corn teens. It's almost always can be. worked out with a voluntarism anytime. Two people come together or two groups that it is done in a voluntary manner. Both sides have to agree. That's why markets works so well. It used to be an economic that one person. If there was a economic transaction, one person would benefit in the other person said was injured. It's not true if his voluntarism somebody wants to exchange this for that and they do it both sides. Sides are happy, and that's the way it should be. In social matters to that's the way it should be with religious matter and sexual matters and everything else rather than having these bureaucrats writing all the rules and changing our language is changing biological definitions where nobody knows I mean it be tough to go to medical school these days in trying to fear well, I go to be gynecologist, or what am I going to be? To be open, minded well I'll tell you it's it's It is a mass, but this hope that we're moving in the right direction with the information. We give you and once again I. Want to thank everybody for being supportive and coming to our program and please come back soon.

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