LADS#219 - Walker Party, Neymar's New Dad, Greatest PL Defenders, and Fan Questions


You know you know thing of hey. I'm competitive and Martin Frazier and we are loud Americans. Discussing soccer better known as today is Wednesday April fifteenth. Already halfway through April Holy Shit. And you are listening to lads podcasts in. I think this is a sex special. We're talking about a lot of sex during this quarantine. I'm but a Marin now the hell are you. I think I'm better now now that we talked about some of the topics. We're to jump into before the podcast and it's a pretty sick. The special you know. When there's no soccer the lads goto weird little parts of the soccer world to find news until you all about it so I'm ready and I'm I'm stoked my day's done. I just had an awful chat with an old man that lasted for forty minutes. So that kind of room but night but now I'm here we're talking sex soccer beers and I'm outside with puke dog in a cigarette in hand. So you know it's beautiful. I mentioned to you before the show. It's like I love how old people love to talk now. It's like well. You had all this time to talk your whole life and now you want to. I. I don't get it. I don't you know it doesn't make sense to me but anyway We have a very exciting show. We're also doing our top per merely defenders of all time We have fan questions at the end. And Yeah we also. I guess I'll open up with all the sex talk We were supposed to talk about this about Last week didn't get a chance. You know life happens. I was you know Martin was busy. I was viewing bid bummed out. I had to face time my therapist. Barbara's doing well by the way Mar and she says hello. Well I like to call a Babar kisses from well. She's not actually from Boston. Associates even more but Babar is doing fine and I you know things happen. We're trying to keep the schedule. It's hard you know making content without any content to even talk about but since this is content I suppose Kyle Walker had a sex party in getting shamed for it so thoughts. Martin you know. I never thought I'd I'd say this you know on a show or to a person before but I've never been a bigger Kyle Walker Fan than I am right now. Like just the absolute balls on that lad to use quarantine as an excuse to you know or some fucking top class hookers to go. Meet him and his friend and I. I'm just so about it like we have no soccer. We have like barely any solid transfer news because nobody knows when the transfer window is going to happen So all were looking for. Are these gossip girl fucking column New Stories and this is it to have we have reached peak. Quarantine News fucking SEX PARTY AT CALLS. Walkers Car Walker's house and Kev I might be the biggest call Walker Fan ever at this point like I might just consider myself a stan. I might even order His Jersey it's going to be an England one for sure but it has to be England. Yeah for sure for sure. Even though he can't even make it into the English national team right now so he has to have some fun getting some sex parties in and I'm all about it. Man Like this is some nineteen eighties soccer player. Rockstar life and bring it back baby. I'm ready for some headbutts on the field. Some Roy Keane's in the midfield some sex parties off the pitch. You know what I want will griggs to fuck his brother's wife just to give some again it. Just no will griggs. My boy will on fire at Wigan athletic to just give his tip of the hat to Ryan Giggs and you know a day of the better fucking soccer. Yeah I miss the days of like. You Know Terry controversies and you know sleeping with players teammates wives like this is like you know. We're just like just drawing straws here. Is that the expression anyway? I gotta say though Martin and there was a lot of comments and I was kind of one of the first people about this week for a sex party for an G. Oh Yeah Oh. Yeah for an orgy if Walker. We're GONNA call him an orgy guy. Now I'm expecting at least five plus six. I mean he just the minimum. I feel I feel like you need at least five where there's a awkward number or someone's kind of. Dow doesn't know what to do. That would be me in this situation. I'd be like Yeah Nice I don't know what I would do you know or D. scenario. I probably hang out by the buffet. But I don't know man I it does. It seems pretty weak for sex party and everyone get so upset. I I gotTA AGREE. With you light. There's a reason we call Slipping like three people sleeping together threesomes. There's a reason we call for people sleeping together. Foursomes nobody as ever numbers. Yeah it makes sense. We're sticking with numbers if you get above five. That's Orgy Terry territory. Nobody says five sums but maybe people do. I don't know what people would fivesome say I've never been in one So I think it's pretty weak sex party I'm okay with newspapers calling it a foursome. And that's it. That's the only word that accurately describes it. But you know points you gotta consider how just absolutely gorgeous these girls must have been to get the quarantine call from Kyle Walker. And whoever his friend was like that that service must have been like all right. Balkan come there Carolina girls a girl whose name I can't pronounce butts from Brazil We're going over to call Walker's house like Mad Kudos to him for having the balls to do that. What a mad lad. Mad Lad Hobos fleas Lou. That would been fun. He's like nineteen in the I don't I don't know maybe he's seventeen. Maybe his his young though he's young. Maybe maybe we're spreading. Rumors were like the Guardian and the sun were just making shit up now Maybe we'll get sued by the prince. Next what's his name. Harry and the suits girl Meghan. Markle yeah I boy. I think they're Canadians now. I don't I don't pay royal family but they left the royal family and heavy and I live in Canada now. I don't know I don't file that enough. I don't I don't care and people in England don't give a fuck either. I remember when I was over there. They were like yeah. It's all just a show like the people who care Kinda Weirdos and I still hold onto the Americans fucking. It's all Americans. It's all the weird fucking Americans who watched the royal wedding and the other one with the other Prince and whoever his wife is like I remember. That won't be a huge deal like seven years ago. I never understood that for the life of Man I never think I will but I I do know. One thing is for certain while we're on the topic of royalty like has anybody considered giving a circle Walker a bid for knighthood like this is. This is the content we need. He is sacrificing himself his reputation his body his place on the England squad his place on the Manchester City squad to give content. Give this man a knighthood I I the first one the vote Yay Yay for Kyle Walker Sir Sir Walker. Okay so That sounds good. That sounds great. Has It as good ring to it? Okay that's I think we'd be in this two death. Yeah hold on to the next story kind of sex Neymar not involving his sister. Surprisingly I dunno family his mom. I'm like treading on water right now. I don't know how to I don't even know how to announce this story. Just Divan right in okay. So Neymar has a new step dad. Who's twenty two Twenty year old influence ser? Who doesn't even look real. I saw him and I've seen videos of him dancing like he looks like he was made in like a tick tock tube in instagram and all the things. I hate like youtubers. Prankster youtubers in a bottle. And now he's Neymars Daddy. So that Sucks Renee Marlee. I you know. This is very strange. Weird like almost alabamian like no offence any Alabama listeners. On the show. What kind of a weird like family dynamically the whole thing of Neymar? His sister that's still strange. If you don't know about that look into it. I sound like Joe Rogan. Just look into it. Look into but what I'm trying to say. Is the name our call him? Dad I mean. What do we know what to make of? This is strange. I think if anything neymars Portuguese or fucking Brazilian and speaks Portuguese. So I think he calls him papa. I this is just another like maybe neymars back in for the balloon war. Who knows because this is another just great news story First off your point about the dude looking fake shit that like nail meet Hammer. I saw the instagram videos. That I think it was like bleacher. Report Football Posted like all right if bleacher report football posting shit about this. We can definitely talk about this. This is real soccer news. Y'All Like I saw the videos that they posted of him dancing and the pictures of him with the name. Moore's MOM And Man looks like Ken. He looks like a Barbie version. He looks like a Brazilian Barbie. And it's just incredible like this name. Our family just fantastic news every single year. And let's be honest give. We're not talking about name our sister but we are talking about no soccer which means Neymar has just all the time in the world to be with his sister right now. He doesn't have to make news getting before A Champions League semi-final so I genuinely think the Neymars can be the next car dashing. You heard it here first. I'm just perplexed how this all goes down like does he slip into Neymars MOMS. Dm's does Neymar does more introduced him to his mother because they're like similar age. I need more. I need the story of how who let this happen and to thank them because honestly this is just hilarious. I didn't think like Neymars personal life could get any weirder. It just got weirder like. Does this thing where he's literally like has been injured. Air Quotes Guy me right now For every time. It's a sister's birthday. Which is weird. They'RE WEIRD. Touchy Touchy relationship. I mean I'm an only child. I don't know you don't have any sisters. Martin think it's strange behavior. If a listener of the show has a sister let me know let me. Is that normal behavior? I don't think it is so I just you know what thanks for the content mart usually. We're talking Shit on you now. We're just talking. About how fucking weird. This whole thing is. Yeah I mean I just want to reiterate the point that a name or is twenty four years old. This man is twenty two years old For all the people who are saying you know. She can do whatever she wants. Yeah fucking power to this woman. She snatched Barbie doll off. The show took it home and and She's winning cougars winning. He's winning too because now he's Neymars Dad and how many twenty two year olds in this world can say yeah. Neymars my stepchild like that is just D- best pick up line ever. I know he's married now but in in the future like yeah. I was a neighbouring Stepdad. That is just incredible. That will get you a job anywhere in the soccer world right there. I think it's a great business move. Maybe a Romantic move definitely a tabloid move by my young Brazilian friend I don't even know what the fuck is name is. Let's call him Gary Song. Yeah Talk McGee fucking off. Mary's a mom of famous author star. That's tabloids right there. I can't sit up literal goals. There we go. It's a double entendre. Okay would you. Would you marry her for sure? Just just just. This is just be hilarious. Mary Hong Absa Neymar all dude. I would talk shit today more. I'd be that strict father I'd be like hey no more dawn out you're grounded. I want to let him leave the house. I'd separate him from his sister at every given opportunity on make him feel bad in front of him. Bay remind him that he's never anything without messy. I I think I would be a great grueling father too young Neymar I could do it. I'm older than fucking Neymar so Yeah I WANNA be up next and I have experienced dating older women so Kevin. Every every oh I think we ought to and I'm I'm ready. I love is blind truly seen the show. Love is blind. So that's all I got to say for that. I did sign up for season two. So if love is blind listening Yep Okay I got a couple more new loss over something like that. What no nothing. It's totally nothing I just signed up for. Love is blind season two. They may have reached out. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see I wanNA talk to you. We're GONNA say I might be a reality star. What else did cries. I'm just saying. Oh my God if I do I do. I don't care if like I don't even like the girl. I'm gonNA pretend to totally shallow because I want that free vacation. WanNa become a reality star. I need that clow and my mans a businessman. My knows what he's talking about. It's all there's levels to this shit. People were not on my level. I'm sorry okay one more story that that was the season two thing. So your boy Martin. Have you heard about the drama today? Which one is a slot nor is it his convincing him to leave Manchester United and telling him they all? We know which one's talking about. I'm talking about your boy. Graham the one who always talk shit on him. He's become a me. Yeah fucking what is now no so Graham who Graham Sonus? Who's like. Am I pronouncing last name? Rae I always forget soon as soon as soon as legendary player from like a billion years ago his whole punditry thing is no matter. What even if. Pug does not playing. He's trolling on. Pug Bar for bringing down the team. Whatever he's become mean apparently poked got asked about it you know. What do you think about all this criticism he said? I don't even know who the guy is. So now there's a big debate of like of course bug was heard about him and how people were debating their careers saying that like soon. This was a way better player than Polka. And like it's just it's gotten out of hand where I'm just like God like I feel as though Pug by has to have heard because the guys always on social media he he's had to have seen the memes of him like you know the Mr Crabs like swirling into the vortex of him saying like Paul Pablo is there so that was the big thing coming out today but everyone to sing well. Popa has like four Syria titles a World Cup in like a Europa League. He does have the awards to back it up. Obviously not like you know a Premier League Champions League but you know I I feel like they were trying to be little pug accomplishments up to this age. I feel like that was unfair. I mean I'm I'm GonNa just say I've been watching soccer since like a fucking longtime and I'll be completely honest if it wasn't for Paul Paul and for watching like Pundits talk about soccer in the past five years. I wouldn't even know who Graham soon is's and I consider myself a stupid diluted fan and I I would have heard of him. I would have known the name if it was put in front of me but I really want you know here Graham soon as talk about Graham soon as all the time and So to its credit you know about twenty six years old. He grew up watching to thousands football an onward and so I could see the reason. Obviously he probably knows who he is. Because he's always talking shit about Paul and always On that you know people are always making memes about soon. As so. Obviously he probably has heard of him and knows who he is. But I didn't even realize that was controversial. You know. Obviously it's knocking literally scratching content. We're trying to get anything I know. I know I know about the bottom of the barrel and like Pablo gave a rational answer for like the first time ever and people are just like fuck it. Let's make some controversy. Let's sell some newspapers. Y'All and Ya sucks. I'm I'm here about I'm fucking all about it because I'm you know dying without sports. Let me tell you. The God's honest truth I've watched probably twenty twenty classic matches from like twenty twelve and backwards. There's a better word than backwards. But I'm fucking dumbest Shit. Y'All so I'm I'm using backwards I I've I've probably watched about twenty classic matches. I've probably watched about twenty classic Formula One races and I'm just desperate for something new. I need something new and there's talk have like kind of a transition to a soccer topic. There's talk of The Bundesliga coming back in mid-may there's talk about Other leagues starting up in June or July. And there's you know some cautious optimism and I'm trying to think of it every time I do think about it a knock on some fucking would because I don't trust it. I need it and you know as a whole it seems like we might be leveling off. We might be getting some sports bag. And I don't think I will ever be so happy as the day we get sports back. I will watch goddamn championship level. No league to Level Portsmouth versus Shrewsbury. Fc I will Binge Watch that Shit on repeat if it's a new game Sunday League someone streaming their Sunday League right now I'll watch it and I will. I will bet morton we will stream it together and I will bet marin on every play a drink I don't care like I need something more in the day it comes back. I think my head's going to explode because it's going to be so stimulating. I don't even know what to do with myself did. I don't think we've ever gone so long without some type of sports going on like like Yo know if you've been listening to this show since its creation The summer before the World Cup there was no soccer at all and I tried watching some baseball and it was. It was okay like at any given point during the year. There's some sports on that you can just turn on and just you know zone out and watch a motherfucker sports. This is the first time that I can remember of there being nothing. They're just being absolutely nothing and I need that to change. I need some fucking soccer my life and I don't think I can take it another six months. I I'm totally fine with everything. Being played behind closed doors but dear Lord give me that soccer inject that shit into my veins. I'm never going to complain about a matchup ever again. I'm going to watch if he's like. I don't care if it's WOFFORD whole I don't care I don't care what the fucking matchup is Martin. I'm going to watch it. I'm GonNa Begin. Espn plus subscription. I'm going to get a bsn subscription. I don't care I I'm going to watch fucking Indian league. I'M GONNA Watch Australian League. I don't care I'm Gonna. Watch every fucking league at every moment because this withdraw going way off the wagon when it comes to soccer it's GonNa be it's GonNa be a weekend long event like the second leg full weekend of saga appears. I'm GonNa have like phones going. I'm going to have TV's going. I'm going to have computers going. I'm going to have all the screens. Shown the different matches. Just injecting as much of this soccer back in my veins making me the person that I was supposed to be But you know I don't know if it's still going on but there is one crazy crazy crazy country out there. That is still playing some league. Soccer Bellarusse is apparently. I think it's Belarus. I'm pretty sure it's Belarus. I think they have a crazy Quasi dictator person leading the whole thing. I know he said that. Big Read not yet to the dictator but soccer but like he's dope he's dope like a crazy person. He's a dictator. He's an awful person but you know he's like he said. Just go to the Russian spa three times a week and during vodka every day. And you won't get sick of the krona virus and if that's not a Russian fucking crazy person person advise. I do not know what is so. I think they're still soccer. Going on in Belarus. If there is this weekend's games you WANNA bet on them. Yes Martin Larry. Going home and text. I'm going to text my bookie like hey I know this might be wild. But he's probably looking for any type of action he'll probably be like yes so My God this is just. It's it's getting to the point. Where like when this starts up again. I'm GonNa know the starting eleven of everyone. The Chinese Super League like it's getting to that point. Where like like my soccer knowledge. I'm going to be the big brain dumb ass hipster scarf guy who knows like the third guy in the academy like when this is over and I didn't want to be that Guy Martin but you've you've tempted me corona virus. I'm going to be a dupe. I'm going to be a douchebag after this is over when it comes to soccer so sorry. Sorry everyone had to happen. We were talking Yesterday and I genuinely think that the krona virus is bringing out the best in Kevin. I think Kevin is Evolved who is best form under the krona virus so like in all honesty we said this last night the krona virus. Great for Kevin. Yeah I I don't want to say but yeah I just know I just I have no further comment at this time. I don't know who that person is Paul. Papa Okay Oh I got. This is all his fault. I do have one last thing before we in the fan questions. I recently got fever. Twenty after all this time it was twenty bucks on the PS four The lads now have a twitch channel. We have a camera. I gotTA headphone this week. So twitch dot com slash podcast but more intifada still sucks. It's just the riskin of last year with even shittier like the one before they had nineteen for a long time and I recently discovered. Everyone hates fee for twenty ally. And I'm like Oh yeah it's not good. It's all a build up the defense like I had the ball stripped the ball away from defender and next to the guy just takes it right back. I'm like well you know I won this like it. Just a lot of like really just buggy stuff that I thought we figured out but like everyone is in agreement. I saw a bunch of other meam accounts talking about how the Internet is upset that. Ea just keep stripping away like awesome features that they used to have back in the day in like it's like Wiley had these features. Just implement them in the new game. So it's just really greedy and also. I saw this thing that someone posted that like. Why can't have it like to K when they have like all the classic teams like the invincibles trump man? United trouble winners. Galactic goes you know maybe even like Byron Twenty Thirteen team Nine Chelsea like you know not to legend and then you get like obviously the order legendary teams. But you know I'm trying to say like why can't they do it and it's apparently because of rights and stuff like that but like I don't know I feel. Why do we still invest in FIFA? Make sure to subscribe the twitch dot com slash podcast. But like what the fuck? Y'All so I think have Texan need like what was it like three days ago. You sent me you send it in the group. The picture of the headset that you got and the The microphone that you got and like the first thing everybody was like. Was You know? Teeth twenty like May and the crazy thing is maybe like three days ago I saw on bleacher report again bleacher report football where I get all my news A ten minute video of Wi Fi for twenty socks and I'm I'm one of those old classic faith of fans like I grew up on that v. o four shit like that was my jam back when you could actually slide tackle the goalkeeper They need to bring that back for sure. Because that was one of our favorite things to do I have not bought a new FIEF In the past three years I still play for seventeen. That's the best one other than fever fourteen and then ten And those are genuinely the only three fief of games that I play because it's just not worth it at this point. They look better like they've got the update or roster. They've got all those cool little pixels making bright colors and like what do all that's cool but the Gameplay is somehow Stang saying it's somehow staying the same but getting worse like they're never making an an improvement they're only getting worse and worse and worse and do fiba could be so fucking good at this point like imagine if we got like twenty percent. Better I'm just like fourteen and just do all the new kids all the new players. Yada Yada Yada and I'm play that Shit. I did up to sixty dollars for that shit all day. One of our friends said the only reason he bought fee for twenty because it was on sale on the PS four Sales say if like just you know. Dropped his twitter account For All the leads podcast. Shit but if any of your still playing Fee for seventeen fucking trying to get in contact with me. It will be tough but I promise you a whoop that ass me and my brothers are having a league right now. Top of the League baby. I went undefeated. Four six games and then lost two straight. So we're GONNA TRY BOUNCED BACK Manchester United. Under a seventy four rated Radford eighty rated Marchisio Andy Hitter. Add yes hall. Pobox ruin my center attacking Mid Luke. Shaw aired by daily blend. Bring him back. Is that giving you just use pumps right now? You have some just saying that raw man. That's my fucking roster of you know the perfect Manchester United Squad under me. It's honestly you're Manchester United Squad. If they want to. Wherever we should be the coach I I do not understand why haven't been getting calls yes aright airway old on cities taking Martin's dog Sadie is now running off with his beer. Sadie alcoholic. I don't know she got her nails painted today. Cad GIRL SO pretty Oh my God okay Real quick we're going to do our top premier league defenders. I deliver God. That was a talking point. I was about to fan questions I guess we should run through these real quick Okay go what what to five like we did last night. Yeah to one now. I feel like it'd be easier for me if I didn't one to five heard okay. This might be controversial and again my my top. Three Martin are so close. They're literally like agreed agreed. They're they're very close. I know people are going to get pissed off of me but I choose Manchester United Person for my last number one for my top midfielder of Paul schools. This time I'm going Chelsea John Terry. My number one defender roof roof. Kev like this. It hurts me honestly. This is honestly like freaky Friday. Because I feel like we're GONNA do the same thing that we did when we listed our top Centerman Because this time I went for a chosen man last week with Frank. Lampard's this time I gotTA GO WITH MY MAY. Man Ferdinand at the heart of that Defense I. We're doing it again. I know sue cues. We've Quirky Oh God our reach is like on the same level rate. Would we match on hinge? We one hundred percent now. Oh by the way we would never owned hinge. But I know the concept of it so I have it right now. I've never downloaded. I feel like for all the single men and ladies listening to the show. Right now hinge. Tinder is just a sad sight. Because you'll match match people might. This is sick but I'm like I can't go see them is kind of a bummer. I've been like this. I've been texting with this one girl and then she works in like a science. She's science job. I don't know what it is but anyway she Said that like what's it called like? Yeah we could be social dissidents descending till two thousand twenty two and I was like that's fucking absurd. That's why are we even talking? Like I don't even know what the point is like the other day. I just lead the APPS and I was like well if I'm bored. I need some like you know boosted myself as team. So you're right. I'm going to go down this path again so Are you talking about defenders. Hold on I gotta I gotta get on this tender hinge story because I finally downloaded tinder after taking like a fucking three year. Break this match. Yeah I've a fucking enforced hiatus And I match with his girl very very dote girl fogging like had a couple of dates with her we were getting along very well talking then. Corentin and she went back home to her fucking parent. I was just like. I don't think I've ever been caught blocked by a national emergency before and this is a this is a walker point NOCCO WALKER. See you know that is world class versus average and the average that were. That's that's the difference between you and greatness right there dude England captaincy right there. Jesus Christ just give it to him already. all right so let's fuck it rankings. Boy You WanNa talk about Terry I or Rio I I think he was Terri. From Javadi again. It's kind of like the Frank Lampard like you know argument where it's just like. He's the face of stability The face of Chelsea I mean what was the season was it. Oh five they lit up seventeen goals. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Part of what the greatest defensive teams of all the probe the greatest defensive team of all time in the premier league. I can probably say that right Just based on goals conceded in from the Trophies Champions League I believe five Premier Leagues off the top of my head. I mean he's got the trophies. He's just a massively big fucker and he was just always just such an like. You just knew you're GONNA have a bad day as a forward going up against John. Terry I think I I mean he just speaks for himself. You know. It's John fucking dairy. Yeah Man I completely agree with you on so many points there. I mean especially when you look at the face of that defense for so many years it was John Kerry on whoever was next to him and you know he had the pleasure of Gary K Hill. Jeez Yeah He. He had the pleasure of working beside great centrebacks like Ricardo Carvalho Carvalho and says equator. And then he had the displeasure of working besides just pretty fucking average as centreback. Louise fucking og. David Louise was topped fucking class. I will give him that. But like Terry had that ability which all great players do to make the player beside him around him a better fucking player and that's all he did at Chelsea and like you said man's was a crunching fucking tackler. Amine mugging teammate. Wives fucking just hard as just you know like you said probably part of one of the greatest defensive teams always a stalemate an og. Marino defensive teams. He has the most clean sheets of any prime defender. He is also the top scoring fucking defender and like. Let's put it in perspective. When Frankie Lamps was whipping whipping endless crosses in two thousand ten two thousand nine two thousand twelve it was. Da Drug and John. Fuck and Terry rising up in meeting. Those fucking crosses and man was lethal man was absolutely lethal and I have no problem. Swaps Weapon Rio Ferdinand and they are just you know just microscopically apart in that one to ranking and yeah like if you were to say like you say if John Kerry didn't exist he'd be my number one like you know. Just it's it's hard for me because I feel like I got the John just was a last not lasted. I mean they probably played around the same time but like I got to see John Kerry in the last couple years only retired a few years ago. Feels like so you know what I mean. Yeah and While we're you know on this let me just jump to Rio Ferdinand yes. Because Rio is my number one. Rio was the center back that I grew up watching admiring just fucking just just like John Kerry. He was an elevator of his fellow teammates. Luckily he played with just phenomenal fucking players but on the off chance that he didn't whether it was West Brown. Who you know. I think is underrated. But Not that. Fucking great Whether owes Johnny Evans he elevated those players to a different level and he had the pleasure of planet plane with phenomenal fucking centrebacks and the real vintage partnership I think is one of if not the best partnership of all time in the prem history With that being said the shit that he did before he even came to Manchester United. He'd lead a Leeds United team to the semifinals in the Champions League. And and I think it was. I think it was fucking. Oh three That sounds right. Yeah but he was always known for just a typical Fergie time goal whether it's against Manchester City or Liverpool A moment that seared into my mind I think it was the twenty twelve season Rio Ferdinand leaping up in Fergie time ninetieth minute plus and heading it passed mainly and just Pity is the hard working mentality of Manchester United. And if you ever get a chance go to the player's Tribune and read his letter to his younger. So that Shit will fuck that Shit. Oh fucking motivate you. Because the boy grew up hord he used to lead. Hard like yeah. He used to walk like ten miles and play with grown men at the age of ten and kick the ball on the sidelines until they invited him in. And then the first time he went to Manchester United the first pass that he made was left to Gary Neville and Roy. Keane screamed at him. This is Manchester United. What the fuck are you doing son? We go forward and he brought that mentality. He brought that mentality from the second. He was appointed captain and left many soccer so much more. I'm sorry to interrupt you. Just that just gave me mist. Bob's I won't disagree. I woke up the Roy. Keane scream my face. I don't think I'd be scared as be happy. Is that a weird reaction. I want him as my dad. I genuinely want him as my dad like the man is horrid as nails fucking toughest. Shit Irish is help. Probably a great drinker and a great lover if I might add and I want him to be my role model because dear Lord if I mean. We talked about center or Centre mids last week. We obviously mentioned Roy. Keane but Rio Ferdinand. I do think picked up that mantle of holding every Manchester United Player to task When he was the captain and when he was at Manchester United he tells the story on the Players Tribune. led to himself That his only regret is not telling. Sir Alex Ferguson play Rinaldo and Rooney in two thousand eight FA Cup semi-final against Everton. Because if he did that he thinks we would have one and go on to have won the final and he thinks we could have done the Trepelo again in two thousand and eight if that was fucking played and the fact that that's still eating away at him at fucking like whatever age is forty years old thirty years. Old is just fucking incredible just that passion leadership and undeniable love for Manchester United. And you know that and the reason that and I'm a Manchester United Fan is the reason that I'm putting him at number one. Yeah I I have no complaints of Rio. I mean unbelievable like create your ideal centreback. He would be one I would look at. Up He'd be right there. You know all right. Let's see where number three I think I'm going to have to go with. Probably this is probably GonNa be controversial because I feel as though a Lotta people have gotten to watch him. And I know who you're number three is who I had a number three but after doing some research for the pod and also my biased. I'm going to go. Tony Adams Respect that I can't hate that I just can't hate that top-class player just the Pitta me of that are still on over in just the Pitta me and embodiment of that Arsenal squad and you know he was part of the transformation under winger. He was before winger he was after. Winger was the leader in that fucking four-man defence grit. That man was just pure grit. And I just can't love the man enough. I mean shitty coach. He doesn't wear dancing practices. But if you look at his resume if you were going to design the perfect centreback for the time I don't know how you do with all the passing whatnot. Today's age what everyone has to play fucking forward. But we're going for the old school defender. I think you can't think you have to go to Tony Adams for sure so I. I think that that's my number three is I'm not gonNA guess who's your number three. I'm I do think it's you know once again. A tossup between these two. I'm going soul Campbell just because I didn't really watch the Adams play. Yeah I didn't Really Watch Tony. Adams play it was Kinda when I first started watching soccer and I was too young to really remember that Shit So I did see Sol Campbell play. I saw him play for fucking arsenal. I saw him play for Portsmouth and the man was just a beast in the defense. And he he's that stereotypical hawking figure who is going to head the ball out of any situation that he is in and I remember vividly watching him and David James on Portsmouth Just absolutely control the box. It did not matter who the player was Sol. Campbell was going at one hundred one thousand percent and he's a terrifying. God Damn Man so it worked in his favor so I just got to give Saul Campbell the edge strictly on watching bias. And what I've seen I I saw a lot of Campbell. I did not see enough of Tony Adams but like it's respect man. I gotta give respect where respect is due. I know enough about Tony Adams. I've seen enough of his highlights old games. Whatever to know his top fucking class so once again interchangeable for me. Yeah that would leave me. To you know Campbell Tottenham Legend People. Forget I love reading the OD curator the you know original What's it called Judas? While yes do this is the original J- Anyway. I would like to say that. The invisibles book which goes into detail of that Premier League season and everything leading up to is really interesting They talk about how arsene. Wenger a young cool arsene Wenger was outside smoking a cigarette in the garden and had invited so Campbell in the heat of the night to am to ask him to join Arsenal. Like it's pretty sick so back when like Shit. Kinda had thing that still happens. But it's like really documented in the invincibles book. So definitely give that a shot. If you're bored over this you know quarantine time because I know you are listening to us. I guess I'm GonNa do my number four and five will be so Campbell for and then vintage five so who are your Ford Five I do well for obviously Tony Adams Five. I think it's a toss up between Gary. Police Durand Najib vintage both funded phenomenal centrebacks for Manchester United at different areas Gary Pallister obviously in the nineteen ninety s He was part of that. Steve Bruce back line with Yup Stan And obviously it's Michael and goal some fucking protection back there but he also led you know the likes of Gary Neville Beck's Ryan Giggs Nikki but Up through the ranks so he was part of that transformation that Manchester United under winning the Nineteen Ninety S. And then imagine that. It's I mean Shit. If you're a soccer fan you fucking heard about that man. The man put his life on the line in every single tackle that he made an if I'm going through history and there's been some means sons a bitches in the Prim history. I don't think you'll find a man more committed and more angry with every single tackle that he made Just you know Google if you haven't heard of Nemanja vintage and you just one image to sum up what he's about Google Nemanja Manza vintage Bloody I and it will show picture of just. His eyes torn the FAULK UP. His is his nose his face. Just absolutely bloody comes in later and still does what he's supposed to do. The man is like just is is brilliant. You know that Picture of Phil Jones diving at a defenders feet and just acting the fool visits used to do the same thing but uses head effectively one foot above the ground like the man just Marin. I've a question to you is vintage the most hockey guy soccer guy ever. Ooh ooh. That's a good one thank you. I think hockey guys who probably make fun of soccer for the flopping and the foot ferry stuff would have to respect vintage. I think if we're GONNA say the most hockey guy in all the premier league history I think vintage is number one. I think I would jump on that. I would jump on that and and Prem history I show Vintage. You know bloodied bruised. It doesn't matter. He's putting his life on the line. And you know. Maybe it's the recency bias. Maybe it's the Manchester United bias. Maybe it's the fact that I've pretty much watched Rio and vintage more than I've watched any other centre-back pairing Imprint history. But I think I would agree. I think I would have to agree. Yeah or Diego Kosta. Because he just can't fucking motherfucker. I love him. I Love Kosta. He used to terrorise arsenal. We know the joke. Let's two honorable mentions. I'm going to start thing. Vincent Company is a great shower. I think Ricardo Voglio on thrown that in there. You could easily kind. I see him in some people's top fives I would not be upset about in truth Also Rohan Steve Bruce japp Stam Jamie Carragher Sammy hippie A- You know keV throw in Colo Colo Tura. Thank you own the best team. It's it's up there and then of course y'all had to steal it bitch anyway. I E. Yeah okay okay before we were like we. Blau someone's speakers Yet but I think that's a solid list. I don't really need to go into detail on the other guys. I think they kinda you know. Speak for their. Obviously okay. Okay. Before fans blow our fucking. Give us like all the one-star reviews on itunes which you can go of his five star reviews Virgil Van Dyke. We need to see more of him in for him to win his first. You Know Premier League and but he's absolutely phenomenal. I definitely think he's going to be in the discussion. But let's just wait. Let's take some time breath. He's fucking great. He's the best defender in the world. He's the best defender in the world. Let it play out. Y'All we've talked about the playoff horn. He's led this for the past. Two Years Woo okay so you know how even many of every single list that we have named so the center mid Centreback so far we haven't named a single player that is still playing in the PRIMP. So you know I think we. We mentioned avid. But he's about to retire. He's a he stays here. Yeah he's look guys. He's on his way to the end he's done. We can include him just because we did not mention. Dvd Virgin Van Dyke doesn't mean he's not great is phenomenal. Let it play out all right. Let's move onto fan questions. I'm just glad I addressed that before it was smart. Kevin was very tactical. Crow Act Proactive Kevin. Well Good John. Love that hate us To Fan questions. The first ones come from our instagram. At Lads podcast gives a follow post memes and shit and also sometimes podcast stuff First question comes from Heart Foundation. Two thousand four he said will the podcast. Come the spotify while we are on spotify friend were also on iheartradio tunes anywhere. You can get podcast. We're also now on twitch and we have a discord channel. Where people can you know? I feel like I'm just plugging everything in we spotify. Great next question car. I definitely mispronounce that anyway. is is is question is is Harry Kane. Even worth one hundred million between injuries would team will take that risk now. Oh I've seen teams spend way more for less players for Harry. Can I think it was point? I think he is worth one hundred mil but like Kevin and I. I think we started this last year when he got injured at the end of last year. I'm we pose. The question is he injury prone. Can he finished the season is this should work for years. Is this three or four years that he's been injured at the end of every single season but this year there's a little asterik because if the prime comes back he's going to be healed up same as Marcus Radford. So it's it's going to be wacky all But with us he said I think he's the rim he's in the Prem fucking worth one hundred Mil Yeah. I totally agree. Plus does Marino loves a great striker. Now that every team hasn't Josie Marino. That's what he fucking thrives on needs talisman he needs as Diogo Kosta. Yeah and you know I feel. As though Josie an hurricane will be a match made in heaven. I don't know has jost has Marino losses magic also a great question so we'll have to wait and see but I feel Marino's like finally get some rest from all my players being on like playing third string guys out here. Jesus Christ so hundred million. Yeah I think I mean this market. So inflated fucking Nemo went for a quarter of a billion dollars so Harry Kane hundred million two hundred million four embiid summer I think Cain is more established and a better player right now than killing. Sure I do. I feel like it shouldn't be but it is. I think Harry Kane is a better player than killing Imbaba We talk Neymar in the fucking Farmers League all day. Who also it bobby. He's also it. So you know killing him bobby. Also great talent fucking phenomenal player but Hurricane tried and tested and in a hoarder league and made it to the Champions League final which he didn't play because he was injured and is also injury prone but I still think he's a better player and a- surely worth one hundred MIL I. I think we're both here for less. If you can get him for less snapping shut up eight you hit him for eighty million do any team that can get him for eighty million and I don't want him at Manchester United but if we can get him at eighty million dollars faulk marking that shit up. That's sounds as transaction. I knew that sounds crazy but with his age and even about the injuries so as a fuck ton of goals so anyway Next question comes from Dunkin Dunkin Riegler. He says which players move best without the ball rank them. Oh we were you know I. I think I know my top three you you sort off the list because I'm trying to think still you go first number one number one obviously Leah no messy if you look at his running like I think a good sixty percent of the shit that he does going at defenders is just movement off the ball. Just doing jukes embody faints to the left. And right while letting the ball go straight and it's just crazy to fucking seat number two Muhammad Salah I number two at an hazard because he does the same shit and Chelsea and Look up his goal from West Ham. I think it was two years ago. He dribbles from the middle of the field to the back of the fucking net. And he's literally running in a straight line just moving back and forth. It's it's it's crazy to fucking watch and number three Mohammed Salah because once again if you try and emulate message you're you'RE GONNA fucking end up in my top three He does the same shit. Watch any of his fucking runs the footwork that he does often around the ball. I it's fucking crazy. Talk man the ability to trick players by thinking. You're GONNA take the ball this way when you're not even close to the ball I. I'm pretty sure it's some type of dark magic. So that's off the top of my head. Top three an honorable mention. I'll throw in there. You know I think I think it's got to be human son. Just because the way he moves the ball if you ever watch His goal against Burnley Streaking runs he will push the ball out to the perfect fucking length and front of him. He'll he'll nod the ball forward to the side wherever just to avoid contact and The only player that reminded me of that when I when you know you watch him run with the ball. Run around the ball and just completely control the ball at any given point without touching it a lot is ricardo call Watch him run up and down the field the perfect amount of touches and running around the ball. So that's my top. Three and two honorable mentions. Yeah I think I really like your list. I'm a massive fan. I definitely have messy one. I'm right there with you. I mean it's just magical I mean I don't have to describe it for anyone else. It's like watching. You know our motion number all. Yeah I would probably give it to hazard as well. I mean the Chelsea has are like you were saying the Real Madrid wherever the folks going on there can get a little little little quarantine tough and now. It's has are like in all honesty for all the Chelsea fans out there like. I'm so sorry y'all lost has are but it just must give you a little happy glow and that cold dark heart of your Chelsea hearts that has our fucking sucks for Real Madrid. He's bad he's not good bad. Yes and then probably Neymar shout number three in Salah right behind him. I would probably give it to I. I was almost saying I put Martinez but right now I would just because you know. He's kind of being put in the corner because of his dad. So all right on to the next question Dylan pruitt three one. Eight says do you honestly think Dan Levy would sell Cain for two hundred million. Plus just to recoup the call from cove in nineteen. Oh I think Dan Levy would sell them for like any type of money. Dan Lewis a horrible horrible person and then live. He thinks he could get like fifty million by the first buyer and he would do it but I think he knows he can get away bigger investment. I don't know of a team will go two hundred million on Kane. I saw that trending like is he worth two hundred million. I think one hundred hundred and twenty but once you get into that after that Martin. I don't know yeah man I I think. Levy awful owner obviously just love some money. I think he would so hurricane at any cost. It meant a lot of money for his pockets so I mean obviously that's bad news for anybody who's a fan of Tottenham but I think that's the God's honest truth yeah Next Question Neil. Engine host ten says will FIFA out all the teams like the invincibles twenty ten Barca. Oh four or five Chelsea nine united. There's something about the copyrights it can't get the right to the players or they're just don't want to spend the money. They're making too much money on their foot fantasy teams or whatever so I don't think ever happen. It's kind of like the NC double a college getting the rights for the players. It's been really strict. But apparently there's been new laws about. I went on a deep dive yesterday but I was kind of high. So this is not the most accurate information. But it's something about copyrighted the fees and the name and the numbers and the uniforms and there's all sorts of south but apparently they're trying to work it out so I won't say I've maybe it will happen. Maybe because he used to have the all time greatest eleven. Remember that Martin where they'd have like Brechin Bauer Cantona. You know all those teams but it was also went away with the new. Which kinda sucks. So I don't know maybe in the near future but with EA they're probably just like. Oh what are you going to get in your your starter. Pack Bullshit? Yeah I have no idea. Unfortunately about socks I always want to play with some classic squads and those names you just listed are obviously my top three so I would love. Love Love Love if Manchester if some Manchester United Legend some Chelsea leading some Liverpool Legends Chelsea. I'm sorry arsenal legends. Not Manchester City legends. Were to appear on a team together. I would love to play with some classic things and I you know how can two k? Get those rights but EA which is a bigger company than to GEICO cannot get those rights and so who the hell knows That's why I played team with the all All Time Eleven. Stern want it Just you know use. The better older should should hits different all right next question Sweeney how junior says pick one team in the world that you could wipe off the face of the earth No one dies. Ll I think would it be? I WANNA say like people were probably on thinking we're GonNa pick our rivals like Tottenham and Liverpool but like I. I want them because I would miss the North London. Darby you would miss. I would miss the rivalry. Is You're a team that I could do with owl. No one dies again. That's the caveat strict. No one dies That's kind of tough as Cantona. Marin come on we would never say I mar a team that I'm just like could wipe off the face of this earth. That are just like. I'm just thinking of a team that I just find annoying hole for me. Whole city yeah. I don't like them also their forward who fractured Petra Texas school. Who Fractured Skull on on hole? The player Stephen Hunt also they had Stephen Hunt in light. Two thousand six a fractured Petrocelli skull. So I'd wipe out whole and we're going to end Stephen Hunt that'd be my I totally fine with that. Yeah I'm trying to think like thinking of a top team in the world. I'm just kind of sick of. Ps G is just. I might be controversial. I just don't care for them. Just like there are a lot of flash and then when they come up against the big dogs like they always altered. I always think they're going to be the best team ever every year and just dog shit so that hit the nail on the head for sure. All right I I kind of want to jump on to that during that. Sounds like a fun trying to be on the fuck. Ps Gee I mean. I'm already kind of on that train anyway so like I'm just like it. They've never proven to me that they deserve to be and the same breath. Even though they say they are in the same breath of the Barcelona's the Real Madrid's the buyer. Munich's like the event is but there. I don't see them close. So that's thank you. Thank you well. The next question comes from Tom. Purvis two four two he says. Do you guys ever crack a beer open for the pictures or is that just me? Everyone should be cracking. The loud Americans do that. Why that's weird walk? We're definitely craft beers open. It's happened a time or a couple of hundred times without soccer. I yes shit. I don't need soccer to drink up jerk my God damn self at eight. Am Don't tell me soccer. What I can and can't do when I can drink or not. I'm just GONNA. I'm drinking more during this quarantine than I have normally and there's even sports just like just fucking depressing without sports. All right next question would more in this is from Felonious drunk he says would more in give a dude a handy. If we could get live footy again Martin are GonNa take one for the team honestly. Probably I mean I'll I'll do it to. You can't finish off. I do WANNA put Asterik. I DIDN'T WANNA put low caveat on it I would give a dude a handy. If only I could get live sports again like I. Oh you're selfish nearby. Tater over live sports. I would do that shit all fucking day. I'd give him the stereotypical fucking jerk. It hand job and let me tell you. That Shit's good good. So yeah you don't have to look for. You can just like like where a blindfold you know know stabbed fuck down. I'd stare right into his eyes. Why can't do it unless you look? I can't look at me to cap the way murder. Good good guy. I'm moving to the next question but I'm glad you take. This is our last question from our instagram. That we're GONNA breezed through our twitter questions. Thank you also for all these amazing questions from a underscore Somerville Underscore Bostonian residents I used to live in Summerville would you consider doing player? Rankings by positions only considering raw talent meaning not take into consideration of trophies. They've won yeah I think you. It's hard to do one without the other. You know what I mean. I think that was so hard about the midfielder. Debate with Stephen. Girard like at the raw talent even with Stephen to our. It's a massive raw talent. It was hard for me to put him above. Frank Lampard or scuzzy. Maybe he's just by the of the trophies but sometimes it's sometimes too hard to move past that you know what I mean now. I'm right on the same page like if we you know just looked at trophies and not raw talent than we say Fletcher Darren Fletcher is a better center fielder. Then Stephen G Obviously we take that into account and I would love to do a ranking a starting eleven of best players to never win the league best players to never win the Champions League whatever. Whatever like that'd be maybe we can do it He would we all right last two questions. Come questions I've had too many krona's fuck From Queen she. It's all right last questions. Come from our twitter lads podcast first one comes from Phil. Jones army at Bruno. Fc. One thousand nine hundred eight says worst center back in the Premier League right now your opinion of course. Obviously our opinion is law here at the show I think it's too easy to say like Mustafay and David Louise thing. That's just too easy for you guys. So let's pick someone else. Often Mendy is pretty tough. I think that's a fair shout. I'm I'm actually GONNA jump on this player that I've I've really had a hard time all season ban. Me Of of Bernie Somehow. Yeah he got his fucking transfer from I think it was either the gay seagulls at Brighton or the puppy dogs at Huddersfield and he went to Burma. Somehow he got the captain and I swear to fucking Christ it's been at least like four or five own goals or goals caused by Ben. Me's stupid fucking defensive. Mistakes so Ben. Mi I think is the worst centreback of this year. So far. Fuck Ben me I you know. I Hate Ben me in all honesty when he yet whenever he screws up unlike yet. It's me again. It again the me we get it banned. Yeah call we fucking hate you. We think your dog shit. I don't know how you got the captaincy dragging this team down to relegation. Look at Shawn Touch. Look what you're doing to. Sean budge deleting warms again. He's as innings again. Look at what you're doing so yeah one hundred percent worse. I did back of this year in all honesty. I would fucking murder van me. I honestly hate this name. In life or death. Situation of men were in the Gulag. I would just name him the faulk up. I wanted to wait to the timer. Ben Me Fucking metoo deadly got my answer. Everyone I'm crying totally. Everyone knows that we've been talking for over an hour straight. I did not think Martin had that type of energy to bring this show too close like that. We have one more question on that. Golly we can't leave out the can't leave out the last question which is from the most recent guested the podcast James Clove Copley Copley James Copley. I already fucked it up here. He told me his name. James Copley I've been saying for years. He was the Sutherland. Reporter who came on our show. Last week did an amazing interview. 'em LISTEN TO GO check it out. He says which player do you both think of. When I say Sunderland ooh ooh I'm I'm going to say Jermaine Defoe pretty good shout Jordan. Pickford people forget people really do forget I do. I forgot I fucking forgotten man. That's that's actually a fucking great one. I I love tremendous. I think he was a you know. Og Legend he did that. Many different clubs John I would say Lee Cattermole Lee cattermole like he was in the prime he was the only thing keeping Sunderland Afloat In in I pretty much since two thousand fourteen until they went down. I love Lee Adama's presence in midfield So I think that's gotta be my fucking God damn answer right there. Adam Johnson Adam fucking Johnson choice. I really I really hope nobody listens to this and writes a column saying Yeah Alexa fucking Pedo. He supports wrong. Oh my God. That's so that's our show is on fucking Pedo note. Got All right. We'll see you guys. Maybe later this week we love you and everyone stay safe during this year the best thing soon house Tulsa.

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