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Welcome to Martha. World A podcast for the new take on running fitness and all things health-oriented I'm Martha. Use your host and each week. I present a new topic that is of interest to all runners. Welcome to episode seventy. Two of Martha runs the world. I hope you're doing well I. Hope you're runs are going great. I'm having a good time. I entered a new challenge this week. It starts this weekend. It's the coastal trails. But what is it called team coastal, one hundred Mile Challenge. Where from now until? June twentieth. I run miles so that's pretty big for me. Get a medal. And a buckle so that'll be pretty cool. And there's a lot of miles to run, and we have specific days where he runs specific mileage, so there's a bunch of us doing it, so it'll be kind of like together apart kind of thing, but I least it will make me feel like part of a group. And, I really miss being around people. I gotTa tell you. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie, no whining. No winding on this podcast, but I miss my friends and Miss Races. But. Today I have a great guest and amy. Clark is the editor of ultra running magazine. And when you think of. Running magazines, the premier magazines ultra running. It's just great. It's been great for years and years and years. It's never deteriorated. Gone down in quality. It's always been a consistent quality publication. And we're going to talk about it with her today. So here is a me Clark. Will you join me to welcome our guest? It's amy cart at a alter running magazine. Hi, amy, how are you I'm good Martha. How are you doing great? So how are you and your family handling things right now? Well I've got two kids who they're twins. They're ten years old to their home home, schooling and my husband's home. Working from home as well so it's you know the four of us. It's been. It's been good I can't say that we're not itching to get out and and be with people of course I think everybody is, but we're doing the best. We can so far My running has not been as consistent consistent as I'd hoped to, but. That's just because there's more more to do during the day so well. Yeah, and it's. It's hard to be motivated to get outside I've found yeah, it is. It's just hard because you feel like. You can't go as far anymore and I. Don't know if that's just my mental state as far as. Were closed around here in Bend Oregon where amount, but there again and you know I just don't feel like. I can travel as far so I'm I'm just kind of hanging out at home with the family and getting around on the neighborhood trails, and that's about it. Yeah I hear that so where do you like to go were like right now? Your neighbor turtles some that you enjoy. Well so far, you know Ben's got some really great trail access in the national forest area. So there's you know fills trail, which is a lot of mountain, biking and and single track and then. there's a couple of parks in town and they've got some like shelvin. Park. It got some really great trails. And then my favorite to go to is pilot butte. See Park in. It's just a mile and a half from my house, and so I run over there run up to the top and then come home, and it's about a good five to six miles so. That's my go-to. That's a nice. It's Nice regular run. Yeah, yeah, very cool. So how is ultra running magazine handling it right now? I know it's really hard for small businesses. You know so with all. The race has been canceled. part of our magazine covers a lot of our magazine covers races every month. and we were prior. To this a ten month, ten issues per year magazine and we just decided to combine the July August issues which. Normally the July issue would cover. It was kind of our at the races issue, so it would cover a lot of the sleet spring early summarizes in our August issued cover western states primarily. And so we combine the two given. The all the races have been canceled. Most races have been canceled and in thoughts with the thought that we would kind of make this kind of the summer issue, and it would be somewhat of a comeback, not knowing when races are going to start coming back which they haven't yet, but Kind of the he. Let's get through this together kind of deal where you know. We give runners ideas of what's going on right now and turning world. What can be done in lieu of ultra running? What coaches recommend for training I mean just kind of all of the things that people are questioning at this point in alter renting, because people definitely are not stopping there. They're continuing to Run. They're continuing to do adventure. Runs continuing to virtual races I. Don't know if you caught any of Zach bidders One hundred mile walk record on the treadmill this past weekend, but stuff like that has been. It's been fun to watch, and so you know we're covering that. That's kind of. That's kind of what we're doing so innocence. To answer your question, we've been doing find you know Oliver Columnists super energized and ready to write We just aren't going to be covering. The typical reasons that we we usually have results of and photos of in the in the magazine, so it'll be a little different, but it's not gonna be too crazy different. We'll still be covering the the sport well. That's great that you can adjust yeah. Because we all we all have to just right now and and yeah. I can't wait to read about it because I think the only way that I could enjoy. The treadmill is if I ran as fast as Zach does. I agree. Yeah! It might be fun. Right? I know it was funny. Because when this whole thing started a as at home with my kids, my husband was still working at his office, and so I was on the treadmill a lot and you know there was there is live concerts and I was excited because they could you know do some pickups and ladders on the treadmill? And then eventually he came home and I was like okay. WE'RE GONNA go back out and renegade. That was fun for a few. Out No more. I, tried it I tried doing it, and it's like it's true and does seem like. An hour it's. been a Mile Oh my God. Honestly I feel like I'm running faster on a treadmill than I am outside. So that's another part of it that time I don't get. I know I know. Is it just? No I can't do it I. Think the only time I did do is when we had the wildfires outside. You just couldn't run outside so I. Yeah and. Where you located at in California San Francisco San Francisco Okay So. Yeah, you. You've been through the the wildfire smoke. Quite some time and and I. It's a beautiful city. There's no excuse not to run outside unless there's like smoke A. You, always, Hear. You guys have beautiful trails down there. And you don't even have to leave the city. You know most lot. Cities are really ugly and boring, but we have beautiful places us no excuse not to run outside. So our weather isn't bad, either. It's not like we have snow. You know cold or hand you have you know rain, but who doesn't really impede running? It's just kind of different. You know we have actually read right now. which is kind of a new thing for us this spring, which which is nice, it's a nice change, but I grew up in the valley in Salem Oregon and The rain was always kind of depressing, but over here it's it's a little nice to have the rain once in a while, so I'm sure you feel the same states to probably have a variety of of climates. Were you spend so beautiful? It's absolutely gorgeous there. It is yeah. I pretty lucky to be able to live here so. Nice. The the virtual racist that's that's become a really a gigantic thing. Now that's pretty. It has yeah I've done a couple of myself. It's kind of the new thing for you know people to connect. Not only you know you get your your daily run out there or your race or whatever your distance redoing, but it's. It's a great way for people to connect with the community. Air Vita running seems to be. Making up for all the reasons they've had to cancel. They've been scheduling all these virtual runs and it's been. It's been fun to see because I think it's really keeping the community. bonded to a certain level so. Yeah. Yeah, there's there's ones that my friends are doing I'm not doing any really long runs right now, but I'm following a lot of friends who do a lot of my friends are doing that that thousand K. across Tennessee right? Yeah, and then there's one that the one that I. It's I'm not doing the distance or The the the what is that two hundred forty nine mile when the New York City. Subway twelve all right that was really fun I. I would do that one, but I'm not doing the long distances right now, but there are just so many, and then there's the one the three different races in Colorado. There's all kinds of different ones. They are there plenty out there and You know we're trying to cover as much as we can. Give you know allows is one of our calmness. He he'll be writing about the Tennessee one He actually covered. The the Cornwall's. The quarantine backyard ultra was one of the first and actually was just editing. We had Gordian. Write a piece for us on that that whole thing and it's you know. It's funny to hear come from an elite runner. Who's WHO's just running hours on hours on end and I JUST It's some people can take it and go with it and I. You know it's not not for me, but I think that a lot of people have been really jumping on the bandwagon and I think again I. Think it's great for the community so. It's been cool to watch. Yeah, yeah, it is and I like that there are all kinds of different distances, no kinds of different types of the virtual just like regular races, so they can get anybody going. I need a goal. If I'm going to run, I need something to run towards right. Yeah, same here same here. I just had a race canceled last night actually so it had to. You know and again this year. Was Not my this was just kind of my a year to keep keep going and I wasn't planning anything super ambitious, but but I had a couple runs. I really wanted to do and and so far they've been all canceled so and I think that's just typical with the with the community It's just what's happening for safety, and for other reasons it's it's understandable so. got to look ahead to summer and see what else I can find. YEA, exactly it's. It's sad. It's like Oh. Yeah. This point with Western states. They'll do next year, but you know just stick so hard to get into it. Yes, exactly you know we've had. Conversations about that as well and. There was there's a time when we looked in and Carl are publishers on the board and he was talking about. You know postponing it, but it again. There's just there's just a point where you want to say you know. Let's just wait until next year and those are big decisions and I don't. Disagree at all I think that it the right call. given that people aren't able to train normally I. Don't think right now, so. I think that you know you want a year where you can actually do it, and and do it to to the best of your ability so. We'll be right back to the show just after this. You may have seen the free. Shave secret samples in your race swags. Maybe weren't too sure, so you didn't try any. Let me tell you I did and I was amazed by how great this product is I purchase. Shave secret myself and it changed my shaving forever. Ladies Guys, razors are expensive, and if we can find a better way to shave, let's do it. Shave secret uses a preparation to soften the whiskers making it easier for the blade to get clean close shave shave. Secret is comprised of a proprietary blend all natural oils fragrances. It's not comprised of chemicals or preservatives. Small bottle last long time, so it's not expensive. Shave secret is a small American company employing Americans producing every batch in the US there little company, doing big things to help you with a great shave. You can find them at Walmart regionally at Heb or wagmans grocery or online at Amazon Dot Com and shave secret dot com enter MRT W checkout and receive a ten percent discount just for my listeners, and you can find the link for Shave secret at my website. Martha runs the World Dot Com. Yeah plus. A lot of the big. It now my. has both trail and road and a lot of the road marathons. They're all being pushed into November and October, so people are going to have like marathons every week. Ed. Yeah, no kidding. It's crazy. Ho and I hope that those can go on I mean I. You know I'm I'm crossing my fingers that things change over the summer so yeah. I just hope that people are able to get back at it. That's that that would be a real big boost for the running community to look ahead and say hey. Fall is when we're going running again. I would love to be able to say that. Yeah we have to eventually eventually things have to, because the economy has to move forward. So you know people are GonNa. Put up with not being stagnant for longer I. Don't think anyway but I've been wrong, so we'll say. Well and again you know our. This issue is kind of like what's what's it, GonNa look like when we come back because I think people are running more than ever right now and That's a great thing. I I were talking about a new generation of of runners I. Think when we come back after this whole, pandemic and I'm excited because. There's there's a part of me. That feels I've talked to others in the community about about this whole thing, but part of me feels like this is going to be opening. People's is to hey, there is running. There's recreation. There's no that Vikings huge right now. but a lot of people have been just getting back to you know, get outside, and hopefully that translates to you know a new generation of ultra runners, but You know it'll be exciting to watch actually. I'm I'm I'm looking forward to win racist up. Begin to see how many new people are are running because it's always kind of our goal is to spread the word of of how. Great Ultra running is and and how much fun it is, and so yeah, it'll be fun to see when it all get started again. Yeah that is true. That's going to be exciting. People are going to be so I. Mean I'm going to be excited to see my friends and see all the people I've missed and it's GONNA. Be So fun realize. Yes it is, and it will be really fun to actually be at races to get the metal to get whatever it. How however they're designed I I'm not sure what they look like, but the might be a little different, but. We'll through Witton and we'll handle it and we'll. We'll do it. And what I really liked about about. Ultra running magazine. Is that you guys offered now? through this all of your your back issues online free I think that's. That's really really cool thing. Well, it was. It was kind of a a no brainer as far as when Corrie are web. Guy And part owner of the magazine suggested that You know we should just. People are at home, looking for stuff to read, and you know this is, this is brain. Let's just open it up and let people start reading old issues because you know I mean who doesn't want to go back and dream about all the trails that they could run and maybe get ideas for new runs in the future, so yeah, it was. It was an old brainer. And who can keep I mean as much as I'd love to keep all my old magazine of fire hazards. Right. We. Old Issues Yeah the recycling bin Sometimes. Only. Have this accurate. It'll keep them I have a little bitty -partment. Each one of those people. That's on hoarders. I don't know how much room it's very. Very secrets face I get. Sacked, but so I. I kinda like that I can go back and look at something that that I remember from a couple years ago and it's there I. think that's. That's really cool so. Has Already magazine bit around so we've been around for forty years. It'll be actually. It was nineteen, eighty, one so May of nineteen, eighty, one and then so next year. Next year will be our fortieth year. This year I can't. I can't I. ASSUME IT be next year next May I I. Don't know if I'm off a year or not, but yeah. It'll be about forty years next May I think. Maybe I'm doing maybe I'm doing the math wrong. I think we're already at forty. With this last issue, we started into the fortieth year so yeah, forty years starting with the last issue. So yeah, it's. It's crazy I've been involved technically with the magazine for about five years and It's so much fun to see you know the the evolution of everything That's because I have issues from like the eighties Sitting on my shelves and it's so much fun to see the evolution of how. Running kind of change, but not really like alternative is still the same as it were back in the eighties. They've got different year and They're able to get a little further. Is You know the running two hundred miles plus these days, but Yeah, it's. It's fun too fun to look back and see all the all the stories and And read about all the people running western states back in you know nineteen ninety-three. Yeah. It's crazy and it's fun to see the same runners who maybe were very young then and they're still running. They're still running now. Yeah, exactly, it's love it. I love to see Given that we publish people's names and the results. I. Just love to look back and see all the. I'm like I. Know that person I know that person and. You know they're still posting results today, so it's pretty cool. Yeah, that's one of my favorite parts of the magazine is looking at all the results and and seeing people I know, and looking at the results very inspiring to I love that part. It is yeah, you know. The photography plays a big role and I can't discount that we've got. We've got amazing calmness, but we've also got amazing photographers and It's really a passion that they bring to to the sport. Because that's what they love to do, the job to go out and they to watch runners. They love to be in the mountains. They love to hike in two different places to get the perfect shot and We've really got a passionate bunch of folks who. Are Very incredibly talented and do hard work over. The race weekend and just provide us with this beautiful photography. That's Yeah, it's it's amazing so. Grateful for that. Race Race Photographers Unsung heroes will tell you they. Did they deserve. I agree they don't they definitely don't and it's And it's. It's something that you know I wish we could we could. Hire them on the spot and just keep him on staff forever. For that, so yeah, they don't get the big bucks like they do at the big street races. That's for sure. Eggs? Yeah, but they but we love him, and and hopefully people will show their gratitude races. I try to anyway. Yeah, for sure yeah, do you still find time to get? Get Out and race? I do so normal times anyway. I used. I've been running for. For years and I started running marathons in two thousand and two And I ran my first hundred miler last year. in at Western states and I. You know I. Absolutely love it. In fact, it's funny. How I transitioned from a road runner to a trail runner. It was it took time. It took that goal of of getting to Boston and then running Boston got okay. What's next, but But I absolutely love being out on the trails now and I, don't know. Maybe that's Ben has gotten bigger. It's hard to run on the road. But I really do I. Love being out the woods and and running on trails and. I. I'm actually trying to plant a couple at this summer in our local wilderness area so so we'll see if that happens, but. Yeah I'm. Still Planning on doing one hundred miler this year. Let's hope have Alina, but if not, it'll just get pushed next year, so. What's your favorite distance to race You know I've been asked that multiple times and I. Just I can't pick one in particular I, you know fifty K. was It's perfect, because it's nice and just enough time where it's not too long. You don't have to worry about it too much. being out there too long. The fifty miler technically done. Iran one hundred K. and ended up DNA. Just didn't make a cut off, but An and then hundred hundred K.. You know it's. It's a distance that challenges me and Oh. My Gosh I canyons last year and That was probably harder than Western states. Somebody told me it would be. Just as hard, but it really challenged me and it was. It was tough I didn't have any crew. Pace or anything, and it took me over seventeen hours to finish in I look back at that night. You know it really. It was so hard that it really stays with you. You know those heart, races and But they all do they all with me. Anyway, you know Western states. The hundred dollar was was a completely new experience for me and I absolutely loved it. It was it was hard, but I loved it and so I can't pick on. It's they're all great I'm not going to go. Pass one hundred right now I'll say that, but all those distances just that really hold a place in my heart so. Yeah. That's that's very cool. Well. I have one last question for you, sir. I always ask this of my running guests. If you could pick any race anywhere in the world, regardless, Apollo vacation or money or distance whatever? which race would you like to do? I just had that conversation with somebody and it was difficult to pick You know, let's see. I think about this for a minute because I don't want to be. Too Quick. Nick because I don't have. I don't have particular. I. There's so many that I want to do. It's just hard to pick any anyone. Austin so. Yeah and honestly I haven't traveled abroad yet, so I'm just going to say. There is a hundred dollar in Switzerland. And I'm just going to pick that one because I would love to go run in the Alps and i. don't necessarily need the. UTM is everybody wants to go. Do But I. don't need the crowds kind of. Kind of deter me from anything, and so I'm going to pick yeah, pick one hundred miler and Switzerland. Amazing. So it'd be beautiful yeah yeah. I Yeah, that's that's my bucket list. You just gotta go go to the Alps and go run so. That would be very amazing. Yeah well, I. Thank you so much I. really appreciate you being on the show. I just love all magazine new. You guys just do it right. I love the columns I love. Everything that you have in there, the information the gear reviews. A go on and on. You guys just do it right and you. You provide a lot of information for your readers, and you take care of the readers, the you Yankee, and you know our goal is to keep that voice, true and mission you know to grow the sport as as much as we can, and and keep providing that information to our readers as much as possible so so thank you for the support, and and thanks for all you do for the community as well 'cause it's it's nice to have different voices out there you know spreading the the love of running, so appreciate it absolutely, and you take care and have fun, Ben and and Maybe will see it at race, maybe seeing y'all. Okay Sir. Thanks. Thanks Martha. Okay bye bye. Thank you. Amy I really appreciate you. Being on the show means a lot to me I. Love Ultra Running magazine. It's my favorite. Love the Rennie magazines. Lot of magazines gone downhill. And haven't been what they once were, but altering has been always been good and I foresee as always being good. You WanNa publication that you can read great magazines and be inspired by NC beautiful pictures, and maybe see your friends and yourself and your races. That's that's the one to look at. I have a bunch of great episodes coming up lots of things planned and prepared. You keep doing your races. You keep going. Keep going and we'll get through this together as we always do. And I really appreciate your help I. Really Appreciate Your. Constant support and listening it means the world to me. Thank you so much for being listeners. If you want any more information, the links were ultra. Any magazine or anything will be on my website at Martha runs the World Dot Com. If you want to email me for any comments, questions or ideas for future shows in email me at Martha, world at g mail, DOT, com, it and and the website. If you want to give Patriot, you can do that and you can give a couple of bucks a month. Is. Dollars a month will go a long. Way I me. And until next week let's tie shoelaces and gopher, run.

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