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And by from San Francisco on the sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with your hosts Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple V. let's get it. How's it going everybody? Brian says Huron Wrestling Observer live. We are here everyday Monday. Through Friday noon Zik. Three eastern Sunday's repositioning six eastern. And yes I am back as usual and he should start the show but we are here every day. We got a lot to get into today. It is is the Tokyo Dome Weekend and obviously we've got a lot to get into their two Tokyo Dome shows which are starting this evening. There is a show tonight's and there is a show tomorrow. We've got a full lineup for both of the shows and obviously you can watch them on NJ DOT com tonight show plays into tomorrow's show. Tomorrow's show is over. We will have the first ever double champion. Somebody is leaving with the I W cheapie cheapie heavyweight title and the GP Intercontinental Title. The Double Gold Dash match is the main event for tomorrow awesome. We'll give you the full line up for the show today. We've also got some interesting ratings. We have the W. E. backstage ratings. which last week the show was on Christmas Day? Hey and did a huge number. This week is show was on New Year's Day ended a horrible number. We've also got the a w an annex t numbers. We did not have them until this morning. And it's pretty much everybody expected. Aws destroyed an xt and exte- had a taped show. And and I thought this show my two okay because the show last week was also a taped show and the matches these takeover matches this week. Were stunningly great matches. His and I figured that maybe there would be viewers on USA that had never seen the matches before in the great matches would help boost the number and in fact that did not really happen. Five five hundred. Forty eight thousand viewers annexed to nine hundred and sixty seven thousand. We'll give you more details here today as well and we've also got a bunch other news including how you can attend the acuity with myself enable wrestlemainia weekend. We'll talk about that. Text message is only here today. If you WANNA text us for two five seven eight Ciro. Seven five. Six six with Mike Zimmer. V Wrestling Observer live offer not valid in all states or where prohibited by law loans are subject to lender approval. See website for details need cash but have bad credit or maxed out cards. Now you you can get a personal loan for up to grant whatever your credit with no paperwork money asap. Dot Com is one of the nation's largest personal loan networks. If you have a checking account and a regular income come source you can get cash in your account as soon as tomorrow type this into your smartphone or computer address bar. WWW MONEY ASAP DOT com. That's money a SAF DOT DOT COM MONEY ASAP DOT com. You're listening to wrestling observer. Observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Zimmer VDB on the sports byline broadcasting network show bring over is here wrestling observer live that makes them for Viva also wrestling observer DOT COM. Got A lot to get into here today. So let's get going first off the your ratings for Wednesday since everybody asked who was a live dynamite light versus a taped and exte- on New Year's Day and after a week off for Christmas A. W. Returned Nine hundred and sixty seven thousand viewers up forty two percent from the previous episode that aired on December Eighteenth Eighteen Tina forty-nine aws finished thirteenth for the night on cable zero point three six rating up forty four percent from the previous episode. Also the best number dynamite has done and in that category since October sixteen and exte- which aired a urine review show as well as the announcement of the year end awards the teams teams for the two thousand twenty dusty classic and the three best matches of the year four and X T. Five hundred and forty eight thousand viewers down thirty four percent from last week zero point one five in the eighteen to forty nine demo dropping to sixty sixth for the night on cable in that category number down thirty two percent from the Christmas night episode of Annex t also the lowest number of the show is done since it's USA network debut a couple of notes on all of this year. I off these numbers. I wouldn't freak out too much for the annex t number. I mean next week the shows are going to be both live. They're both going to be head-to-head. We'll find out where everybody's kind of standing right now but but two things that annex t number I mean I'm not worried about it but I did think it was going to be higher. I mean I was watching watching the show and I thought this is not a strong ratings show but I mean I thought the exact same thing on Christmas night about that annex t show and it actually was a decent decent ratings shown granted there was no AWA head to head. But that's a pretty low number right there now. The AWA number very good number nine hundred sixty seven thousand thousand it did not have live head to head competition with wrestling but that rose bowl came fifteen point seven million viewers. That's a big number so so they did have competition and they did a a strong number. It is interesting listen. I'm not defending the angle they did with the dark order but there were some people thought. The Sky was falling with that dark order angle and here we are nine hundred. Sixty seven thousand viewers as for the show. I thought it was an excellent show. I guess we'll find out next week when the two shows go head to head. My guess is that between the two of them. They're going to do probably probably one point. Six one point seven million viewers total live. They'll split that between the two shows. It'll probably be fairly close. And I guess we'll see the WHO wins going into twenty twenty but strong rebound for aws especially given all of the talk about the doom of the company after that ordering angle and combine. They still did about what they usually do. In fact it was. I believe their best combined total between both shows since they finished dead. Even December eleventh seven hundred seventy eight thousand views a piece about one point five million people that tuned in and. I'll be very very interested this here if it comes out. About what the annexed. DVR numbers are. Because I think they're going to get all of them. Where is I think a everybody that was going to watch? Jay W live for the most part did that and I think if I think that just the mentality within exte- was it was skip -able not because it wasn't high quality programming that they put on with a couple of bells and whistles or at least he didn't know what it was going to be at the time when they announced their awards winners. You didn't know how they were going to play that whole thing out and you saw what they did with bringing people out inside of an empty full sail and then presenting them the Ring Bell and everything which was fine except for there was nothing on that show that I don't think he knew going in Unique Watch on. DVR Could Watch later on the network. It wasn't that it wasn't that big of a deal and I think just when things came down the even people chose aws. And I think it actually really means nothing other than I think. Maybe it's time to change how you do the end of the year show or how you do the a compilation show and I talked and we talked a little bit about how shows and recording those and I think to do a best of show at the end of the year. Maybe those are a little passe. Now maybe if you're going to put a taped show up against your competition which could be doing live programming. You're going to have to mix it up a little bit and I think maybe showing matches from from how shows they get rave reviews and things like that. Maybe you'd take that approach for the next time around instead of showing the best note from the year which is always available on the network all right so this person here asks the question. A lot of people have been asking today. Has there been any significant change in the AWA new Japan relationship. They should ship during the past few days. Interestingly Dave on the Pacific Rim show noted Yuriko flew to Japan earlier than Moxley even when he really didn't need to Moxley's matches on the fourth wall. Jerko will wrestle on the fifth. Here's what I can tell you about all of this. There has not been a significant change in the relationship. But there's been a minor change and everybody. We're GONNA find out a lot more tonight as far as Jericho going there early. I mean it could have something to do with him. Trying to negotiate something between a W and and new Japan but he's also there with his son so it could just be that they went to Japan early to hang out. That could be all that it is now dave skits. He's there with Dave's kids as well. Now here's what I can tell you about this whole deal. So the two sides the two sides are house. E Can I say this. I'm aside well-known. Oh okay so so a w has allowed new Japan to promote this tunnel. Hashi Ashi Jericho match using the AWA. Championship Belt Okay. Intellectual property so so Totta Hashi did a Tokyo sports interview and he said if I beat Chris Jericho. I WANNA shots at the AWA title. Chris Jericho then did a response. Bon saying if you win I will give you a shot at the W. title. Now things have changed the point where Tony Kahn on an aws are allowing new Japan. To use the AWA belt on the show. Now with all that said I know. Everyone got very very excited excited yesterday. After The Observer Radio Show came out but I still fully expect Chris Jericho to beat her otani hockey. I fully fully expect that nothing substantial is going to be changing in the next couple of days. Maybe the next couple of weeks maybe ever but the idea that each side. I'll put it this way. There was a period where both sides it was cold as ice. It is no longer cold as ice. The door is is cracked open to the point. Where A W was allowing Jericho to come out with the belt and everything like that but above and beyond that I still expect expected very very little has changed now? I said this a week ago especially with new Japan having lost television here in the US instill still wanting to try to run a a touring promotion here in the United States. They need a w more than ever. Now if you look cady Awa numbers for Wednesday. I mean. They don't need new Japan more than ever if they did. Five hundred thousand viewers. I'd say you know what they might need new Japan more than ever honestly looking at that number Wednesday. I don't WanNa say they need them less than ever but it's not like an emergency that they get a working agreement with new Japan New Japan right now needs a w w more than a w needs new Japan and a lot of this. I mean hey listen there's a lot of bitterness on the AWS side about new. Japan and new New Japan has a lot of bitterness about a w but because of the whole situation with access. TV I mean things should change doesn't mean they're going to change and and you know what it doesn't mean they're going to change anytime soon so we will see what happens. I mean there is a story regarding the access show and and new Japan and impact. I mean impact wanting to working agreement with new Japan and New Japan. Didn't want it and now they're off access. TV If they hit agreed to work with impact wrestling they probably still be on access but they would always be way down. Below impact on the pecking order access television so they made the decision not to work with them and now they have. No TV doesn't mean they can't get TV somewhere else doesn't mean they can't do a working agreement with aws at some point but right now that that forbidden door is cracked but it is not swung wide open yet back in a moment observer. Life uh-huh you are listening to wrestling observer. For Live with Bryan Alvarez Mike Simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network show brain Alvarez here wrestling observer ever live Mike also wrestling observer dot com at Tokyo. Dome yes okay. Can I say one thing here. We go back into the Tokyo Dome for something what you said before the break about new Japan and their relationship with aws whether they should have one or not and all that stuff. If I will say this is kind of been forgotten about in anthem going ahead and buying access and presenting a proposal to new Japan about working with impact that obviously new Japan balled up and threw away and walked away from the little TV that they had with access. It raises the question. What have they been doing on American soil from a front office business point of view and there was great fanfare unfair when they opened up their American office George Carroll was named one of the liaisons and there was a win. This and there was going to be that but just as as much as we talk about. WWe American and foreign promotions having a problem when they go to Japan there seems to be a problem with companies coming here in trying to develop and work on things and trying to change their ways and adapt them to what works here as far as style goes and we've seen it with some of their tours which have been questionable bowl and I'm very interested to know what exactly they've been doing anything at all proactively in the past couple of years to do anything looking for renew. TV options were whether they just sat back and thought that this anthem or the access thing was gonNA run forever. That's the one thing I would love to find out about because because they have swung and missed seemingly a lot when it comes to trying to really lay roots down as a business in America and we always talk about it going the other way whether it's wwe in India or wherever it is they happen to be doing business at the moment with new Japan. The exact same thing and it's kind of been forgotten about in the fact they've lost their TV here. Now everybody's talking about the fantasy booking of who they could work with and should they continue to work with our wage e w and all that stuff but you know if they want to be self sufficient. What the the hell have they actually done to really try to push that forward for themselves all right so tonight the main event of this show Okada Bucci I w cheap heavyweight title title j white that see Naito I w GP Intercontinental Title Tomorrow Night? The winners will face off to determine the first ever double champion and the losers will face off as well and the winning loser is probably next in line for a shot at Ed. Whoever the double champion is definitely our will operate Aroma Takashi? GP junior heavyweight title Lance Archer. Jon Moxley in a Texas Death Jeff match match can only be one be a ten count. Knock out or via submission. There's a good progressing going on there to go ahead and also the guerrillas of destiny versus Finn Juice finches juice Robinson Down to David Finley tomorrow. The title matches. We have got the the bullet club versus repugnant. Three K.. For the AWA. GP Junior heavyweight title Zack Sabre junior versus Sonata for the British heavyweight title. Well we have got a match with juice Robinson for the United States title. We've got Quinta versus rookie Goto for the never open in way title. We have got the Okada Bucci loser versus the White Knights L. Loser and then Tallahassee versus Chris Jericho that is tomorrow night. It's not tonight and the idol. GP heavyweight champion versus the WB intercontinental champion in the Double Gold Dash match for both the I W GP heavyweight and intercontinental titles. Mike who is leaving with both belts could see your Naito. Oh and in fact you could see at the end of night number two L. I.. J. Standing being there posing with every single last championship belts. Very Possible Adam Summers predicted that on the big audio nightmare prediction show up for subscribers drivers up at four W online dot com. That's how I think it's going to play out. Naito is right now. It is the right decision to make right now. A bushy loses nothing being in this j white loses nothing in this and certainly Okada loses nothing. Obuchi time is going to come. Jay White is going to be there as a thorn in everyone's side for a long long time time we know where Okada's at we've got a story to build with a bushy and Naito. It's just time right now. That's all I think is coming out of this with the belt and I think you got a really interesting interesting interesting story that you could tell with Bucci if he wins the title which I think he will I think he and I it's possible at least that he could win that title and Cohen and lose to Naito where there's a story to be told where Abhu she won. The junior heavyweight title had to give up to injury injury I think he had to give up another title do injury to he gets his big contract with new Japan. He's finally a a Solo Act. He's not split with. DD anymore but he lost assist friend in the process of that who goes on and went to go work behind that forbidden door so for him to win the either BGP title then lose it and have it slip out of his hands tonight. Oh there's a way you could tell that story if you wanted to have a Bucci win and beat Okada and then go on to the next night now. I think that's going to be. That will be interesting if they decide side to do that. I think they'll take the more traditional path and Avocado win. But I think if you wanted to mix things up a little bit and tell the story of Obuchi Naito. That's where you are going coming forward and I think that's the plan that they're going to have. I think that could be a very interesting way to do. This person here is is so is actually confirmed. The Jericho is walking out in the Dome with the belt. Not just a hypothetical title shot in the line that might be mentioned on commentary. I don't know if he's going to the ring with the belt on. I have no idea but he. He made his video holding the belt that we all saw when he was getting on his private jet and new Japan posted that video so if if a w gave them the okay and they posted a video with him holding the belt and that's part of the story line. I actually would be surprised giving walk to the ring with the belt on. I don't know for sure that it's going to happen but I think he is. I presume he is. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Maybe we'll know before then but I think think that's what's happening you ever heard of mid Atlantic championship wrestling. Never I heard a small indie. Sure you haven't. I'm sure you've heard of a guy that does a podcast. Yeah that guy loves storytelling in love when bases get covered. When you have to tell a story you have unique situations and you have that with Moxley and with archer and with juice juice Robinson because of that Texas death match you know this is the one that's kind of getting forgotten about all this Awa Taco Hashi with Jericho you've got Moxley there and you gotTa Moxley Archer? WHO's had a great year? You know there's a chance you know. They conceivably archer could get the win. Now I don't think that's going to happen. In one of the reasons why is is because you got juice Bruce Robinson there and the guy that took the belt off juice. There's gotta be come up for this juices stars one of the stars that you're trying to build in America with and you actually have your competition in America. You have really one of their biggest stars and you have that story. That's going to be played out and be told and I think we'll end up with juice juice retain winning the title from Jon. moxley coming up on ninety two but you also have the story being told at least from a w side or from Oxley side that hey this guy had to face a wild man in a Texas death match and he was exhausted going into battle with your guy so that situation could be set up one one and actually have a future match with actually actually induced down the line and I think they had done some nice things and building up that matching kind of covering all their bases. That I don't know at least I appreciate. In an era where there's so much sloppiness in so many open holes when it comes to that stuff. It's nice when things are are all hemmed up. All the ts across the nicer dotted right. This person and says they advertise Jericho being on the New Year's show but he left early for Japan instead of why would he w let them let them take tv off unless he was doing something for the company company in Japan. Maybe speculation. But it's an important thing to consider. It's also something. You may be reading way too much. Something to speculate about. Repel to what he was on on the show. Yes it was pre-tape but it was not billed as a pre-tape it was billed as being live. They pretended like he was in the parking lot. I mean he was on the show he he was out there and Shad Khan seven hundred fifty thousand dollar car so Hsieh so actually the actual price of the car. It was like the price is right. Jericho proclaimed millions of dollars. I claim to half million and it fell right in the middle seven hundred fifty thousand dollars for that car one dollars so he was on television. It made sense building building up to next week's live show. Everything's fine. I don't I don't think you should read too much into to him. Not being there this person here says how would you and Mike like feel about Jericho. Interfering the Texas death match tell Moxley win to convince him to join the inner circle. Well you could do that but I don't think it's going to happen. That's that's it. Thank you very surprised if there was a working relationship. Maybe but now we're we're traipsing into a little bit of like okay. This is slow down now. We're not broken your wrangle on our show too much here we got our anti WFAN here doing his usual text message. I am having a hard time. Understanding what was so different about dynamite this week in comparison to the previous three months overly long choreographed matches with little selling minimal promos typical production issues fifty fifty booking. What show are we watching? What's your where we watching? Now Cody we Darby. I mean what what was the fifty fifty booking that we saw here the Kenny the Omega actually got to win because the whole story line is that the elites trying actually win and they all won their matches. There were plenty of promos on the shell. I didn't see any production issues. The there was not one match. That was too long everyone sold. Are you telling me there was minimal. There was little selling. Did you watch the cody match. We sold his shoulder for the entire match in a play into the finish Outta here goes into another show. Would you wear Adam pages shirt. I even know what it was. What it say didn't and say anything like that? We're the design on the the button up denim shirt. Wear anything you see me. It's a good point this person. Your says chick. Jericho social media pressure part of the reasoning. Miss Dynamite was because he had a ceremony to renew his vows with his wife. That was there. Yes there's that there's that as well as families there. Yeah I as I watched w live with my wife that it was an excellent show with focus on their top stars looking forward to going to. Aws Revolution back in a moment with more wrestling observer live football and basketball seasons are in full swing to get into the game with our exclusive sports betting partners that online dot. AG sign up today to receive. Leave your fifty percent. Welcome bonus on your first deposit to start betting college or professional sports every spread every total every winter or losing straight bet parlay Ortiz. Your way through the season you can bet on wild proposition bets. Like who will be the first head coach to get a fire her who will win the NBA MVP get the fastest market odds updates and payouts with our new sportsbook partners that online dot ag head over to the website today or use your mobile device to join and use Promo Code Coach fifty five. That's coach five five breath to receive your fifty percent welcome bonus that online dot. 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There's only a few of these left so you can sit with a group group of subscribers to the website and all all have fun sit together drink eat watch wrestlemainia. It's always a fun time. That block mean greed is going to start at ten ten. AM local time. The showed cell starts at eleven. AM local time. This will be on Friday April third. We have limited space tickets Sir available for the the Wrestlemania tickets will be handed out at the Q.. And A. At the Cuban club. So you get your group tickets will give to you when you come to the culinary can can just show up and get your ticket. You don't have to go to the Q.. If you don't want to but we got all sorts of great stuff. The live mailbag sessions are always fun. You basically it's Dave even Ida table with Mike's and you guys all get in line and you come up and you ask your question. We answer your question. It will be available video. 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I did not think at this day was ever GonNa come but it has twenty nineteen was the year where every everybody like just went crazy and they they said crazy things on social media we had crazy. WWe Fans we had crazy AWA fans. Everybody's defending this. Everybody's everybody's defending that everybody's talking about how this is going out of business. That is going out of business. I should mention by the way that when the show went on the air during the news the news period of the show. It was noted that this year's NFL season twenty nine thousand nine. NFL season was the most watched NFL NFL season. Since two thousand sixteen viewership was up ten percent since two thousand seventeen so for those of either looking at the writings being at all time lows and saying well. TV's in an all time low. It's it's all these. Nobody watches television anymore. Well that's that's not the case the NFL is having its most watched season since two thousand sixteen WEF's having its least watched season ever so anyway. This year I honest to God. I thought there's been a lot of craziness between the fans Awa fans all these these just just crazy people out there. I never thought I would see the day where the NFL season ended. The ratings went up like they do every year when the season is over and I actually have people saying it wasn't because because of no football it was because of the wedding. I've been reading it now for two days. What's going on which really really since people? This happens every year on this same week. This happens now. People people think it's because of the wedding. It was funny about that. It's not even like the third hour was the most watched. Our the third hour was the least watched. Our the hour with the leading did the worst of all three hours. And I'm still being told that the reason the ron number was up was because of the wedding not fooling these people fooling with anybody. I'm just flabbergasted like this is a new one and actually it's not because this does happen to a small degree every year but I figured by now people would know what's going on in September the ratings go down when the football season starts in January the ratings go up when football season ends. What are we doing here? There's always been insanely stupid and unreasonable. People they just now have a chance to invade your timeline. When you put up numbers you know what I'm saying? It's up in the comments in weeks nor should you save that for you to go there either. I says I know you know Falls Sports Brian but in my opinion the reason the NFL ratings are up because they've made new stars the Mark Jackson. Patrick mahomes he's home skies. Is it become stars in the last year and a half. Yeah it's all about making stars. Hello W we can't make stars. They're all time lows the NFL's making stars. They're doing the best number since two thousand sixteen. This is not rocket science here. Sh- it's simple as that they look people say well. I'm going to turn pro-football kneeled in this. Or whatever reasons that they had for one attorney does watching football by the way who young people the ones that I keep being told don't watch. TV more. He likely they will watch. TV If there's something on TV they want to watch with stars they WANNA see. They'll even play the video game while they're at two. Oh you can't do that with wrestling. Eater Kanye is there any update on that or people to play the video game. Now yes thick asks you you must you must restart everything in the. The patch will automatically dental. Yeah Yeah so if you didn't hear so it's actually funny now. The W E two K twenty video game it was already like the glitches game ever. Everybody hated hated it the new et. And it's called. W E two K twenty okay for those of you. That are too young. It's probably a lot of you twenty years ago. The reason that Chris Jericho called himself y two J is because when we were moving over from nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand there. Was this concern that there was gonna be this. Y2K Glitch and all of these computers. And this glitch which when the the calendar ruled over from nineteen ninety nine to two thousand was going to destroy the world went quite that bad but there were some people that Oh my God is all everything thanks planes everything is going to be mass destruction. Okay so the clock switched over and nothing happened for the most part. Okay well here here. We are twenty years later and to k twenty switches over from twenty nineteen or twenty twenty and the whole game stops working we know why to click at Y2k. A glitch in a W. E. Game Twenty years after Y. Two K. thankfully. It's been fixed so now you can get all your glitches again sad. Just amazing amazing. They could be a product that Saudi in A. You know everybody's still blames names everybody else seemingly on that when I know everybody was pointing back at one point who is. WWe In rushing it out and this and that. But my God like this was a breakdown seemingly mealy on every possible conceivable level other than the commercial that they made to hype the Damn thing which is actually pretty good all right also tonight. We've got smackdown if you WANNA get a preview of wrestle kingdom you can watch smackdown here tonight. We have it's Bailey and Sasha versus Alexa in Nikki versus Lacey Evans and Dana Ena in a match triple threat. Women's take T- Match Dana and we've also got Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan teaming up to face Baron Corbin and dull ziglar. You realize it like a little while ago here on the show. We were talking about Dana. Broken trying to defend her. I said Dude I got stats and I listed off every single match. She's lost which is literally every single one of them except one and this led to people on the Internet writing. I'm not talking like on social media stories on wrestling websites. Rumor smackdown star basically enhancement talent. So that's the depth. We fallen for news. Never mind the story for different day. We also have have Keith. Lee Dominic Di Jakovic Damian Priest and Cameron Grimes on an xt Wednesday. Yes keithly and Dominic de Jakovic back facing each each other again four way winners the number one contender to roderick strong North American title. And quite frankly if he's not in the title picture which he's not and he's not being called up anytime soon. which actually? Oh no I mean Keith. Lee should win this match and he should win the title and story go with this guy. It's like they do with career Ripley. The guys hot go with it. That's the big lineup. There for an exceed our is go back to the he text messages here. If you want to send a text message forty five. Seven eight zero seven five. Six six spurs says a Bucci Naito or both thirty seven Naito is held the belt winners of Bush's time. If not now duty it could be June. I hope he does look thirty. Seventy dollars twenty seven. So it doesn't matter as he falls apart and according to him he feels great right. Yes so you can win this weekend and a boo. She can beat him in June. Or whenever it's it's not the end of the world if he doesn't win no in now's now's the time for j eight people have been saying it for NATO for the past couple of years and just physically. I'll say this too. It's not like Bush's any great shakes. But he's also not not night though in just the way. The Arcs of their career are throw their ages out the window just with the Ark of their story new Japan where they're at right now. I would say it's more night. Those time than Bush's she's or anybody else's there all right so this person says. Are you telling me that the year the game was titled After cannot be played in that year touquet. UK Twenty could be played in two K Nineteen but not to k twenty yes. That's what happens in fact that was one of the quick fixes. At first. They said which was to go back and set your time or back to the last year. Fix It. Is there a Kushida character. Prison says there were some audio issues on w. w. mostly the music was too loud and Mike were not loud enough. I didn't notice any Baker segment. None of that was horrible. That was terrible. What she's in there? Yelling at Rio was awkward. When backstage back stage was supposed to be Awkward Inter interrupted an interview segment? Oh so bad but it was everything about. It was Awkward Rios Reaction Because I was saying he was discovered by the way. Look at Nakas because I was all of a sudden just standing there back. What happened to that guy? That's a question and everyone thought about Damn Right Michael Nakazawa. He just disappeared into thin air. Maybe talk didn't even get him. Nakazawa has got the ability just to disappear now at this point but yeah so that happened in the bumper music was played up over that it happened at least one other time as well to wasn't as bad as it's been in prior week but bad segment worse process. I can't fathom anybody caring for tonight's smackdown to wrestle kingdom I myself. I'm taking a break before the two nights well. You'll be surprised on Monday when we get the numbers actually tomorrow and it'll be two point. Four million people watching that smackdown for wrestle kingdom. I gotta be honest so probably it probably won't be talking about it on Sunday either. Why I'm just we'll be talking about watching all of this tonight? I bet you you are for says maybe if Coda Bucci wins the world title Anton Anti Nausea Loses Coda can challenge Jericho to determine the real world champion. I wouldn't expect that to happen buddy. Don't get your hopes up for that one. Although you know what. Brian and that could be a bold prediction. Working People actually like give bolt prediction safe. Who wanted him to well? The prediction show. Everybody is going to be on Monday on Mondays. Wrestling Observer live it will be the prediction. Show we'll talk all about wrestle kingdom in new Japan on Sundays Observer lives so that's a three Pacific Six Eastern on Sunday. So we'll give you the full rundown there everything and I'm sure there's GonNa be a million shows on the website by the Tokyo Dome because Monday is going to be the big prediction. Show Day Day. Call the sports. byline you get one prediction. We'll take predictions for the first forty minutes final twenty minutes. We will read last year's predictions and crown myself self. I expect the Grand Prize winner if I win. There's a winged eagle on the line. If you win. There's not back in a moment of his life Now you're listening to wrestling wing. Observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network the show. Brian Elber Is Year Wrestling Observer. Live mixed up for. Bdo Wrestling observed that this person says speaking of football. Because I am a football analyst. Now do you think the XFL has a better chance now that arena football shutdown down or is it proved ancillary. Football League. Can't work today. Well as a football expert I shall give you my expert opinion we. We actually already answered this question earlier in the show if the XFL can create stars. It's can't succeed if the XFL is just first second rate football after the main football season is over the folks that people don't care about and have never heard of no. It's not going to do very well. That's it that's just the way things go arena football shutting down have nothing to do on the XFL's success alternately. Would it will be of course as you mentioned making stars and getting. TV viewers initially creating fans of which they have none right now and can it help help any of those players springboard on which will also help interest in the league from May football point of view all be determined beginning what February eighth I believe Vida's and finally Hamish can't believe his ears. There's no way he says people are saying. The wedding was good Andrew viewers. Oh Hamish your incorrect. It's mostly sleeve the Vince Russo. Fan Base core trying to tell me that this is what's going to draw casual fans and it's the best thing W.. He's done a long time human mind again. It was still Louis rated the show on a week that the rating bumped up due to the lack of football but there is no arguing. There's no arguing with these people. Don't always your time right a time. Everybody enjoy wrestle kingdom night one night to talk about it here on Sunday. 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