A Circle of Ghosts


Call the ancestors Salim with us. Coming December fourth from MHM spoke media. And W lt it season three a family ghosts fifteen all new episodes including the story of the survivors of the last slave ship to enter. US Waters Uh. We'll have stories of long lost fathers. I've been wondering like why. Why do I need this like why do I so much? Investigation into the male part of me right into my father heart and long lost brothers once once on a cross town bus I was absolutely convinced he was riding behind me. The same dark hair parted to fall over his right eye addy they faked it all in order to what moved to New York. The couldn't be wise it. We'll have stories of huckster 's and he nothing to do with clams us right because in the jewelry heist that's what he uses used clams yeah. They hid them in the clams and stories stories of haunting and I went down the hall and opened my door and I could feel something was wrong before I could pinpoint it and and then my is found it. There was a large black hunting knife stabbed in the middle of my bed mattress. All that and more. You're on an all new season. A family ghosts where every house is haunted circle of ghosts and they're begging egging to be released.

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