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Welcome to New Week of CNN. Ten we are only on the air two days this week. Tomorrow's show will be our last before the Thanksgiving holiday holiday. And we're thankful to have you watching Coral Zeus at the C. N. N. center a new trade deal between the United States and China could be wrapped up before twenty nineteen is over it. It could end more than a year of back and forth tariffs or taxes on goods that the two countries have placed on each other and when US President Donald Trump announced last week that the two countries were potentially close on a deal. The American stock market rose on the hopes of it but while the US national security advisor said phase one of an agreement was possible before December thirty first America would not be turning a blind eye to the protests in Hong Kong or China's other activities around the world. Why might that that matter because business conducted between the world's two largest economies isn't just about tariffs transport buying selling China and the US have two very different different systems of government and China's Communist leadership which controls what said in the Chinese media has also tried to influence what said by US companies that do business in China that's created some tough choices for them and contributed to tensions between the two nations leadership? The United States now recognizes China as is a strategic and economic rival China's coveted consumer market comes with very big moral concessions for American brands and business. If view are doing business in China your political views will be sanitized in favor of the Beijing government in some cases working in China Not only just not do that. But compromises American companies ability to promote our values abroad and around the world. Virtually anyone who wants to do business in China the messages ages toe the Communist Party line or face threats of losing access to the market. What is that line often referred to? As the three t's Tabet Taiwan and Tiananmen China considers. Tibet's spiritual leader in exile. The Dalai Lama too dangerous separatist even though he's no longer pushing the betton independence on the subject of Taiwan China views it as a Chinese province. Even though it's self-governing and democratic and CNN will the uprising in nineteen one thousand nine hundred eighty nine killed anywhere from several hundred thousands of people. It is a global symbol of the struggle for democracy and democracy is a no go in communist China back and I now call on the Chinese leadership publicly as I have in private channels to avoid violence into return to their previous policy of restraint. The more recently added to the no go list for American companies democracy protests in Hong Kong and the plight of Wieger Muslims mostly companies. Hey Hey when China complains last year. US airlines bowed to Chinese demand to change the way they referred to Taiwan on their website. China's Aviation Authority Authority also demanded Hong Kong and Macau clearly labeled as part of China the. US government called China's language. Police were wely in nonsense. The pages of George. Orwell's nineteen eighty-four coming to life there. The White House in a statement vowed to stand up for Americans resisting efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens but airlines obliged China so did gap the quickly apologized for a t shirt with a map of China that did not include Taiwan more recently the NBA. Initially distance itself from comments from a team executive that were sympathetic to Hong Kong protesters. The result cancelled games. Severed business deals are not apologizing. Uh for Darryl exercising his freedom of expression both the NBA and China are now trying to cool this standoff but it just shows how doing doing business in China presents unique challenges Second Trivia which of these adjectives fifths describes a swelling of the lymph node. You've call it blessed pork. You were blue metric. Swelling of lymph node is abuse so the adjective for that is bubonic bubonic is one of the most common common types of plague and that word itself often brings up thoughts of the black deaf the plague that swept across Europe in the fourteenth century killing as much as sixty sixty percent of the people on the continent but that's just one of three major plague pandemics that history has recorded over the past two thousand years and the disease isn't isn't just a section in history books. Three people in China were diagnosed with the plague this month. It's not as deadly threat as it has been in the past but it's still is a threat red in rare cases and while there's a lot that scientists still don't know about the plague. Elizabeth Cohen Discusses What they do. The plague is caused by bacteria. Called called your Siniya Pestis and most of the time humans get it from a flea bite back when plague was rampant and there was no no treatment for it. Play could get into people's blood and it could turn their limbs black and that's where we get the term black death. When the plague struck the Roman Empire in the sixth century it went on to kill twenty five million people eventually? The plague wiped out sixty percent of Europe now before they were antibiotics. The play would kill between sixty sixty six and ninety three percent of people who got it now with antibiotics that were talapity. Rake goes down to about sixteen percent so typically every year in the United States one person dies of the plague and seven people get sick fever. Abdominal pain nausea vomiting. If you get these symptoms and you're living in an area where it's known the plague has been before then you should go seek help from your doctor and you should definitely go to your doctor. If you develop huge lymph nodes sometimes people with the plague they get lymph nodes. It's the size of a chicken egg. Also the Centers for Disease Control says you should never feed rodents like squirrels and rats. And you certainly shouldn't touch them after they've died we've done a great job of getting rid of the plague. Almost entirely in this country better hygiene goes a long way but you can't entirely get rid of the bacteria it's not just a dark gauges bacteria it's still with us. Plague was not a possible outcome in the original checkered game of life and by that we mean the board game called life but but it seems play could have been on it considering some of the other squares life again. The game was invented by Milton. Bradley who was a printer businessman and inventor. He's probably best known as the founder of a famous American toy brand without Abraham Lincoln and really his beard Milton Bradley. Sadly the godfather of board games would have never existed bold statement. I know but let me explain. The game of life spinner the cars the choices college or career kids or know kids lawyer or farmer the family game nights staple once a pretty morbid game back in eighteen hundreds Milton. Bradley was in the lithograph business following the Republican National Convention of Eighteen Sixty Radley thousands of images of Abraham Lincoln who is clean shaven at the time shortly thereafter Lincoln debuted his iconic beard rendering all of Bradley's prints worthless his lithograph business went belly off so Bradley was forced to try something new he came up with a board game a seemingly dark and twisted board game appropriately named the checkered game of life. The game aim functioned in a similar way to how it does now. There was a spinner colored circles that moved around the board and of course squares. That could either make you or break you the squares on the original. Oh game were overwhelmingly grim boasting actions like disgrace poverty ruin crime prison regardless the game flew off. The shelves. Kids loved it and Milton. Bradley went on to own family. Game night fast forward to about one hundred years later they revamped the game. Trading Bradley's Morbid squares for the more delightful ones like payday or graduated which we have all come to know in love. And so there you have it. The story of the game called life. Thanks Lincoln demonstration Gratien of strength reveals a weakness. This is the prototype of a new cyber truck which the Tesla Auto Company hopes to start selling in twenty twenty one the designers bold and controversial but shortly after Tesla's CEO said it's glass wouldn't break even if you through the kitchen sink at it. A metal ball it went crack to be fair. It did not go through the window but when the designer tried again on the rear window hoops as time dotcom puts. Is it guesses not all. It's cracked up to be nothing shattered foolproof and even if it gives you a view into the wind do's and don'ts of testing who's going to be making a pickup pick up where metal balls are being thrown at your truck you need to trade up for a tank and be tankful that even if something dreadful comes your way you'll steal your steal to steal your vehicle so even if the view isn't what you glad for us tomorrow. Show is our last one of the week before the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope to see you turkeys then.

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