Episode 36: 2020 Challenger SXT vs. 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340


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On over to Hemi, pages dot, com look around and see what they are doing to organize the Mo- par aftermarket on the show today we're talking project car the week. high-performance parts listener stories, and we're going to introduce a new version of the show that I've been wanting to try for a while now, and that's a lining up mopus against each other for a quick straight line performance comparison to see who's left in the dust so without further ado. If you are moped enthusiasts, then you are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the Best Mo- parties driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the MOPE are hundred, and this is talking mopeds. and. Listening, to talking Mo- parks with the Mo car, Hunter, your direct medicine all things. We are back at it here on talking about parts, but I'm feeling the pressure. Folks I'm still right. SMACK DAB in the middle of this move and my new podcast studio is a mess I'm still waiting on a new desk, a new chair and I have boxes of stuff everywhere while a bit of a challenge, this move is far a disaster. Thankfully, hopefully, everything will be in here and done by next week, and I can get back into a good routine, but until then the show must go on so today. I! I WANNA. Try New version of the show and you know it's kind of funny and strange turn of events I'm actually not going to give these episodes of special name, so it won't be like high-performance parts or direct connections were just going to go ahead and roll with these episodes as they come and funny. Enough take long for me to decide one of the first cars that I wanted to use in this comparison ever since I drove one I've wanted to see what kind of straight line numbers these new V6. Or putting down and how one would actually fair when pitted against. A moped from the past so today we are lining up at twenty twenty. Dodge challenger X T with nineteen seventy. Dodge Dart swear three forty. They may be fifty years apart. But how far apart would they be if we lined them up? We're GONNA. Find out later on in the show, so there's only one thing left to do. Let's get this show on the road. This week's project car of the week was posted. Thursday June first at three PM. Here is the Ad Nineteen Seventy Plymouth, road, runner, sell or trade, twelve thousand nine hundred dollars in Orwell. Vermont Nineteen Seventy Roadrunner, eighty-one thousand original miles all original paint car is all original perfect for restoration runs and drives. Basically a solid car has the usual Mope, Russ but very solid floors and chassis bill of sale previous registration only. Only, call anytime on sale looking for upper down trades, good projects are completed cars or trucks. If you have a trade, prospect, police and pictures, description and trade in value to me, I will reply, so please note, bloated prices I will reply to all interested or not delivery available titles. Status is missing all right folks so here. We have a LO- mile running driving seventy roadrunner for twelve thousand nine hundred dollars. Maybe I've been conditioned to see too. Many of these cars overpriced because I see this one, and I think to myself. Wow, that's pretty good deal. The car seems to be in really good shape. All Things considered you know it's t three Saharan. Tan Metallic over. White Black. Stripe with what could possibly be a numbers matching engine and transmission, which is a column, shifted seven twenty seven. If the sellers claim of being all is true, it also has broadcast sheet, so that's cool. The car needs a little rest repair, but I've seen a lot worse for lot more. They didn't even run and drive, so I think we're off to a good start here. One of the picture shows the seats and carpet removed and the floors. Floors look pretty solid, so the trump could probably be replaced and you know there's at least one quarter panel and rocker panel needs to be replaced, but you and I both know that running and driving body projects for reasonable prices are getting harder and harder to come by the catch of course with this car is that there is no title it will come with a bill of sale and the previous registration. This could be a problem folks this. This bird is listed in Vermont, based on my limited knowledge and research, the owner or lien holder of a vehicle registered in Vermont must possess vehicles title in order to register sell or transfer the vehicle. The caveat is that Vermont doesn't actually title cars older than fifteen years old, so that may be the loophole needed to get. The paperwork straightened out on this car, but as always do your due diligence with any vehicle purchase especially with cars without. Without titles, you don't want to be stuck with a car track. That would have been a great car for the street hedge. You actually been able to get the paperwork in order to get a title, or what have you but I think this is a good bye, but I would definitely look into that paperwork aspect of things here just to make sure everything's on the up and up. That was project car of the week. No far left behind. This week's high-performance part was suggested to me by listener named Dan and belongs to yet another nineteen seventy Plymouth Barracuda featured in a music video this time around we see an one thousand, nine, hundred seventy barracuda featured in Aaron tippin country music video for his song called kiss this you can see the car by searching for Aaron's music and looking up kissed this on Youtube. Thanks Dan for the suggestion, and if you have a suggestion for high performance parts, drop me a line at either Chris Talking Parts Dot com, or tell us about it by leaving a message on my voice mailbox at two zero nine twenty eight Mo- part that was high performance parts. Today's listeners story comes to us from Jacob in north. Carolina here is Jacob Story. Buddy. Love Create Miami I. Love Tune in every week. Brother. You GotTa Kid show. I figured I'd tell you a couple of quick little stories. The real short I try to convince them as best I can, and maybe give you a little rundown on what I'm working on right now or project. I? When I got started with more cars and I realized I had love of. I'll probably them eight years old, and my dad's buddy ran a sharp and how point North Carolina down here. where I'm from I'm from Rappalo hop. One ran off Kenny. He Ran Shaw and he had a Richard Petty. Roadrunner or charger in there. I can. Forgive me. I can't remember which was seventy. One I know that. Seventy one be body. And the deal was there. Three of these cars made for promotional reasons French Petty Bus Jason commercials or something for some cigarette, company or something like that. And they had three cars made. and. We'll the deal through and for whatever reason they feel. The cars were still existed well after the deal fell through, they decided. That, The cars were to be destroyed. And So. They sent him off to crush. wielded, junkyard they sent him to. The Guy, new good what they was to side of the keep one of them. Could it up in his building and covered up with a tarp, and then he crushed other two, and then sent the manifest back to company saying he crushed off three. Now some of these the tales might be accurate, it might not. Keep in mind I ain't heard about this since I was little kid. And then to my knowledge is the way at. Any way whoever ended up with that car saved? Brought it to my dad's buddies. They worked on. Wale. He had it in their metabolism for visit him one day, and if you WANNA ride in as little fix, might Mitrokhin kid I, was like Oh all right all right. We got in that thing and it was a race car. Yeah! So there's only a driver's seat. I got in my dad who's been through the passenger window? And I'm sitting down here on the floor honed, but he's roll bars and he takes me around a bill. And it's shop is in downtown high point. Other buildings right closer Jason to shop on Greece fat. With alleys all the way round. Abel's mayor around there my four five laps. Jamming between version six years get. INA. And I'm having a boy. Anyway I get out of the car. And the I'm shaking. I'm standing there. Shaking in the show white man, it's also fun. What is it? My Dad tells me. A seventy one and for me. I can't Murph as a charger road, but it was saving won't be body. And a like why that's so cool, then for mayor on my dad takes me, Karsh is it gets me the Dukes of Hazzard on DVD, I play the video game. I'm all into parts study at Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Plymouth Soto I'm in. Love love everything about it. So narrow you know years go by yourself. I'm old enough to You know our guy I. Get a we'll drive. Jack of broncos still got it. But I. WanNa vote for hitching the of. Some looking like man. I can't afford. Charge him like a wall blocking generally. Came for roadrunner. Really could Ford of dust or anything like that. So I look at trump could be one hundred fifty one. Me Eighty five, they one hundred own floor, three eighteen short bed regular. Black! Go strives. Things hitting on six cylinders about it. No, when? I told you down the road. After I've been work on at night after night after school. Taking it down to the local guessing gassing. Well thanks with voters coming up the ill run it off into a ditch, trying to get it off road I didn't realize how the ditch was. And the troops out in the roads for an interest Denison beach. I'm like Oh crap! Coma Dad can pull me out. Some spending Alabama. Trump the headlights. Come and come road my own. No ingles see my truck. You'll hit I. Dive into the truck and fertilized second hit the switch. The Hazard Lights, and the Guy swerves about three feet in front of trump. Go around, and he was in like Tacoma or something. I almost died. Over a dance thing trump. But that was my first car. That I read. Maybe are I've got plenty of voters and it's amazing I have even this much stored sale. I'm only twenty two, but right now. Tell you about project right now. I've got me up Suny, one dust or go duster science I'm working on W. Three forty I'm putting together to put in it make forty clone of at a factory Jamaica Blue White Top. Non Vinyl just two tone, white top and I've got a sixty eight charger. Shale been coined imports for to build me maybe a like a general make him. Or generally car, you know a really expanded would've yeah. Just been collecting for the sixty eight charger trying to build it into something cool. And also have rich sixty nine charter. It's a big project, but has plenty of potential for somebody who possibly knows my with body shop as frame, machine and this other. It's really ambitious has a lot of times. BE WILLING TO TRADE FOR LIKE A. Sixty, eight, nine, seventy, two or satellite. Or assemblies semi four Barracuda. Shale. Mana. Really hang got nothing else say, but I got plenty of other stories. Bro I I'd be glad. Call backing share. Love, the show brother, keep it up. Hey Jacob. Thanks for sending in your story. I appreciate all my listeners and I'm just happy that other MO- parties are actually enjoying the show, so thanks for listening buddy I love hearing. Stories of people started being interested in Mohawks from young. Age and your Richard Petty Car story was crazy. Thank God someone at the wrecking yard was smart enough to save one of those cars. What a crazy story! And what a ride that must have been, but I doubt very many people, if any have a story about being a kid and getting the opportunity of a lifetime to ride around in a Richard Petty Race car. That's a memory and experience that many of us can. Only dream of so cherish that memory. That's really cool. And I also thought it was cool that you ended up getting a D. One hundred. I, Mo par anyone that knows me knows that I love those trucks and it's crazy. The almost died on the road that night, but hey you didn't and here you are sharing your story on talking Mo- parts so of course. That's cool to keep me posted on your other projects to Jacob. I love bodies and the duster sounds cool. Cool and of course I always love a cool charge project so as you make progress, go ahead and check back in with us and keep us updated. Thanks again to Jacob for sending in his story, and if you have a story that you'd like to share on the show, send it in. You can email them to me at Chris Talking Mo- Parse Dot com, or leave me a voice message Jacob did by dialing two zero, nine, twenty, eight mope par that was listener stories. When I had the chance to drive a challenger Sst I didn't think I was going to have as much fun as I did is a fast, no, not really, but that also depends on your idea. Fast is a slow. No, not really in my eyes. It's a great daily driver. If you want something that's great on fuel, and you don't care much about being able to beat the guy next to you on the road or track and I'm not saying that you can't turn an sst into you know a fast car or at least one. One that adds a few miles per gallon two drives. There are actually turbo superchargers kits available for these cars that would most certainly wake him up the good thing about that is that as far as your insurance company knows you drive a humble visas sport coupe. You can even get one step up from SST and get a GT which will get you not only all wheel drive, but a full dose of that all weather confidence you can drive in the snow, and you don't have to be quite as careful the question I posess this. What classic Mo- Park V, six challenger compete with. Kennedy even compete at all I needed an intriguing opponent for the. One that wouldn't lay down and would actually put up a fight, so I ultimately decided to see how the Essex t would fare. Against one of Mozart's lightweight superstars of seventy. The Dodge Dart swear three forty. In nineteen seventy dodge DART received a facelift unfortunately with the redesign. It lost its optional big block. That's right, no more m code or H Code Darts. Way Chris Hbo. Darts had three forties. You are correct, but prior to nineteen seventy. The code actually had several different engine designations. Let me just drop some age code knowledge on here. An Age code meant different things in different years in nineteen, sixty six h code was a Hemi for sixty seven through sixty nine h designated a three eighty three. and. From seventy, two seventy three H codes were three forties from seventy eight to eighty, eight coach were three eighteen, and in nineteen, eighty three. It was the code for a to five leaning Tower of power. So there you go. Don't tell me you never learn anything on this show are. The dark swear three forty was the hottest art you could get in one thousand, nine, hundred seventy, and it represented the scat pack very well, a strong little performer, the three forties, although small, when compared to their big cubed relatives were high revving, and they most certainly were slouches. So how would the potent little three forty hold up to a modern V6 sitting in between the fenders of modern challenger or about to find out? Let's take a look at some of these numbers. The Dr Swear Three Forty, two hundred, seventy, five HP at five thousand RPM. That's nearly fifty HP per liter. It produced three hundred and forty pound feet of Torque at thirty. Thirty two hundred RPM and at a sprint from zero to sixty, the swinger hit sixty in seven point eight seconds, and ran the quarter mile in fifteen point zero five seconds at ninety three miles an hour, and it was also quite lighter than some of these modern Mo- pars, the DART swinger, three forty had a curb weight of twenty, eight, hundred and thirty four pounds, not too bad for a little compact car with a little eight. The question is in fifty years. How far have V6's come in terms of straight line performance? Let's take a look at the Essex challenges numbers and see how it performs when compared to the swinger three forty. The Challenger S.. Sixteen Pentastar three point six Liter v six produces a respectable three hundred and five horsepower at sixty, three hundred and fifty RPM, and two hundred sixty pound feet of Torque at forty eight hundred RPM with these numbers, the Essex t can run zero to sixty six point three seconds and turned the quarter mile in fourteen point, eight seconds Ed Ninety six miles an hour. Also quite a bit heftier than swear to by over a thousand pounds, weighing thirty, eight, hundred and fifty eight pounds. So our winter today is the Challenger s x. t while no compares into its V eight siblings, the our tease. The SCAP packs thirteen twenties. The hell cats, hell cat read is in demons. It would definitely make a great daily driver that sips gas in comparison to those gas guzzlers. It just goes to show you. How far technology has come fifty years. We now have V six producing over three hundred horsepower that can at least keep up with, and in some cases actually out perform some of the muscle cars from years past I'm actually a fan of the Essex. T and I would never knock anyone for owning one. They are good cars and you know they're reasonably affordable. Ask for the beloved Dart. Swinger three forty. It put in a good effort, and with the right tuning and modifications. This would have been a different outcome. I promise you. Also fifty years old bottom line. Is that I love the three forties and this little comparison. No way be looked at as a on either car. It's just a simple competition amongst relatives. That's all and let's be honest. They're both still cool cars, so no real loser here. I'll tell you. What though this comparison really made me WanNa. See what some forced induction could do to actually motivate that Essex v six. If anybody out, there has woken up one of these V. Sixes get at me, I want to hear the story I wanNA hear how much power producers I wanna hear what it runs in the quarter mile, so reach out to me and let me know all right. So the challenger Essex t walks away with this victory today, but who knows maybe the seventy dart swear three forty will be back again in the future to face some other competition. That's all folks. Another episode of talking Mo-. Park is in the books for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the show. Please visit talking mopeds DOT COM and don't forget that you can send me your stories, questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, and everything on your mobile addicted mind to Chris at talking Mo- Parts Dot com, or leave me voice message on my voice mailbox at two zero, nine twenty eight Mo par to hear yourself on the show. Also don't forget that. If you like what we do here on talking about parts, and you'd like to help support the show. You can help by visiting the talking Mo-, Parsa, merch shop. Shop, you can purchase cool things like t shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and more with more designs on the way ordering from the merch shop is a great way to help this show and get something cool in return, so just follow the link in the show. Notes are episode description, or you can also just go to talking dot. COM and hey, don't forget to visit my friends over Hemi pages dot com like their page to your favorites added to your home screen, because Hemi pages is one resource that Mo- part disease should not live without. That's it my friends until we talk again I am your host, Chris Albrecht and that was talking mope ours. Thank you for listening to talking Mo- parts your direct connection to all things. Until next time remember no more par left behind. Thank you to my friends at Hemi pages dot. Com Ready, chassis, dot, shop and DIY EMMY DOT COM.

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