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A see myself as. As a punishment for the wicked as see myself as a bringer of Justice for the good and protect the week. Manny Gomez private eye lives alone in small apartment in a quiet part of the bronze he's got this watch. That's really a camera, and he is a pen. That's really a knife. He says his favourite book is the bible, but the when he talks about most often is the art of war. I met Manny more than two years ago. I'm a reporter, and I was covering criminal Justice. And he said he had a story from me story that would expose just how crooked and broken Justice system is in the Bronx. This story. It was a detective story with some of the usual trappings of detective stories a shooting a suspect a cop who bends the rules. A mysterious set of circumstances. And in the middle of it, all Manny, Gomez, brash PI who turned out to be something of a mystery himself. In his mind. He was the hero of the story. But a lot of people saw him as villain, and as I followed him on his investigation to the neighborhoods in the courtrooms of the Bronx often wondered which version was true. Took me more than two years. Two years of interviews of tracking down documents dig into the pile of lawsuits that people in the story filed against each other. But I think I finally got an answer.

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