Michelle Obama's Closing Argument


Everyone I'm David Chalian, the CNN political director this is the CNN political briefing. Here's what you need to know in politics for Tuesday, October sixth. Everything, Donald Trump is doing is wrong and hurting his reelection chances will discuss that plus Joe Biden's please for unity in a symbolic site today and finely Michelle Obama. The former first lady makes her closing argument for Joe Biden. We're now twenty eight days from Election Day and Donald Trump has spent the last week of this campaign doing everything almost entirely wrong in terms of actually winning his re-election effort from the disastrous debate performance a week ago in Ohio where he? Constantly interrupted where he refused to condemn white supremacists where he totally undermined the bedrock of American democracy by suggesting that the election would somehow not be on the up and up that it would somehow be a rigged election for all of those reasons and the behavior he displayed on that stage. That started a real tumble for him and it was a whole that he can't dig out of it seems he's just making it worse. Obviously, there was a real moment for him to have the sympathy of nation when he's diagnosed with corona virus. But of course, as Joe Biden points out hard not to suggest that the president is responsible for contracting the virus for the way he's been behaving and sort of flouting the rules that the CDC has put in place for everyone else in America to follow. An obviously, it is good news to see the present United States out of the hospital back home in the White House hearing reports that his symptoms are no longer as president as they were in previous days throughout this battle with cove it but the way in which donald trump behaved from the moment he got the diagnosis to his behavior over the weekend at the hospital and that absurd joyride endangering secret service agents in the car making them go out with him to wave to the crowd of supporters. To the totally. Absurd display on the south lawn yesterday of him, ripping off his mask in a message. That will no doubt. Actually harm Americans. Because we know there are millions upon millions of Americans who take his word and action for. Gospel. It certainly should surprise no one that in our brand new CNN poll just out today. Joe. Biden's got sixteen point lead over Donald Trump. Okay fifty seven percent to forty one percent. Now again, this poll was taken throughout the event I just took you through. It was probably the most disastrous week for Donald trump politically of his presidency and a high water mark for Joe, Biden and that's the snapshot that this poll captured but. It is the largest Joe Biden has had in this race throughout the entire race, and it looks pretty similar to an Embassy Wall Street Journal national pull out that was conducted after the debate but before trump's diagnosis and hospitalization. So it's not crazy to think that the trend that is being displayed in this poll is right that Joe Biden is opening up a lead in all the groups that Donald Trump needs to court. Independence Seniors Women, he's just getting blown out independence. He won by four points in two thousand sixteen. He's down nineteen points among them in this poll Senior Citizens Donald Trump won seniors by seven points in two thousand sixteen. He's down twenty one points with seniors. In this poll I, mean, it's just astonishing even women obviously, he lost women overall in two thousand sixteen to Hillary Clinton by thirteen points. Well, he's down by thirty four points among women in this poll and Joe Biden is keeping it a lot closer among men and white too key strength categories for trump and biden racing that strength and keeping it close and so if you just look under the Hood, you see that Donald Trump is in such a hole right now and everything he's done has made that whole deeper for him to dig out. Now here's what else matters today Joe. Biden. Heading to Gettysburg. Pennsylvania a critical battleground state and a place where he has campaigned more often than any other state in the union because the proximity to Wilmington where he has been sort of camped out during the Cova crisis. But also because it is imperative for Joe Biden to win Pennsylvania and so here he goes to Gettysburg Pennsylvania today and what's the speech about? It's about unity. It's plea for unity. It is back to the very theme of Joe Biden's entire candidacy a battle for the soul of the nation, and the campaign is using the symbolic background of Gettysburg as an example of what happens when the country is divided. But also as an example of what happens when the country displays its resolve to come together and in our. Latest poll that is out today we asked which candidate will unite the country not divide it. It's no surprise that Joe Biden's giving the speech today folks. It's a huge advantage for him. Sixty one percents said Biden will unite the country only thirty three percent in the poll say trump would unite the country and not divided and it's an advantage that Biden is clearly pressing today. And finally today. Joe Biden is bringing out the big guns rolling out a twenty three minute closing argument video from former first. Lady Michelle Obama you remember she had one of the most well received speeches at the Democratic National Convention this summer this is her building on that speech. This is her plea to voters to get serious to make a plan to vote to execute on that plan to vote. You cannot sit on your hands that you cannot vote for protests candidate she sort of setting the. Stakes for this election both for the country but also personally through her eyes through her experience why the stakes are so high you she's one of the most popular figures in the country one of the most popular Democrats by far. But even more broadly than Democrats and making sure that African Americans vote that women are out there voting. This is her key demographics that Joe Biden needs as energized as possible in order to win this election Michelle Obama is making the case directly to them. I want everyone who is still undecided to think about all those folks like me and my ancestors, the millions of folks who look like me and fought and died and toiled as slaves and soldiers and laborers to help build this country, imagine how it feels to wake up every day. And do your very best to uphold the values that this country claims to hold. Dear. Truth. Honor. Decency. Only to have those efforts met by scorn. Just, by your fellow citizens. By a sitting president. Former first lady Michelle Obama in her closing argument for. Joe. Biden. That's it for today's political briefing. Thanks so much for listening. We'll talk to you tomorrow.

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