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#WhoWouldWin: Green Lantern vs Voldemort


Started as a quiet day sector. Twenty eight fourteen Hal Jordan was doing his paces to protect the area. He was assigned as a member of the green lantern corps. The night seemed uneventful until how got the call that the dimension known as the wizard ING world was in peril flying into investigates. The green lantern is greeted by the most powerful wizard to have ever lived volda mort readying. His ring the green lantern dives headfirst into battle with. He who must not be named its galactic guardian versus you know, who the emerald crusader versus the dark Lord. It's green lantern versus full the more. Denny on. And welcome to another episode who would win I show that completely ignores anything important happening the world and instead focuses on a fictional battle between two characters from the world of comic scifi and fantasy. I'm your host, James Gav. And as always I'm joined by my co host raised a Kanus high. Rate. There's just seems to be some bitterness coming from you from past. Really? Yeah. A little bit from your win loss record. The question. Everyone has is why do you lose so much? Well, first off James gaps. It is your pleasure to see me today. I I'm a victim of I don't wanna play the victim card. But obviously when you load the judges Stefan is a phenomenal talent, Stefan is a truly impressive human being Stefan is possibly the worst. Judge in the history of the who would win show. You're talking about Stefan. Thomas CEO of the company, creative extreme. Yes. I am. How who books that? He would judge to battles in a row both Goto James Gav. See, oh what a surprise. He's pulling out the guy who's friends with James gives every battle the James, despite all I'm still a little fired up about the spun versus captain marvel debacle as it's being. By me, fair enough. I'm just texting to fun turns out he's available for another upcoming episode. How dare you too late? Oh, accepted fantastic. Okay. Then I have my work cut out for me you deal. We you're hearing some contagious laughter. And that is coming from our engineer extraordinary, Amirah Amir. How are you doing today? I'm good. I'm good. How are you all the size better? Well, I'm fantastic. But not just because you're here or because even rates here. It's because we have knowledge a great debate. But a really fantastic comedian who has been gracious enough to come in and be our moderator extraordinaire. We have a great guest. Toby more Shahu from the other and political show tell you went to the website. I saw just a five minute YouTube clip of your your comedy. You are awesome. Oh, yeah. I don't want. This is a PG thirteen show. I can't go into detail. But showering is a completely new experience to me. Now, I'll leave at that. Now. I check out your website up close in political show dot com and says it's all about a monthly a monthly show where comedians do stand up on hot button issues. Followed by discussion with experts in the field and the audience. It sounds like a great concept. How did this get started? So twenty fourteen or so I felt like won the world especially online started to go at each other's throats and stuff, and as a comedian comedians, will you shouldn't joke about this topic or you should joke about the stop it. We need more viewpoints, or you know, people are being jerks, and I was like, well, why don't we just have a show where we get everyone in the same room, and you can say whatever you want on stage. But you also have to defend it, you know. So you'll have people who actually know what they're talking about people in the audience who are able to weigh in and stuff. So in some ways, it feels similar to the show. But in some ways in that we are talking about like the issues that are like, you know, at the core. Four of debate. It's a little bit different. It sounds like it's actually the exact opposite show. I didn't want to say that. But I kind of wanted to. But I, but it's an open forum, and we talked about nothing important, right? That affects the world. And you talk only about things that are important. Do you is there ever any like blowback from what people say on the show, especially in this day and age where I gotta say sometimes you just gotta be very careful cognizant of what you're saying. Because there's nothing you can say these days that unfortunately, won't affect someone's viewpoint on whatever it is what what are some of the funny results of your show. So, you know, it's interesting because like people get in trouble for saying stuff here there. But when it's in a forum where that's expected people have less, you know, people don't feel as funded by it and stuff like that. But we did have one experience where one of the professors who was on the show actually walked off. Actually that was the previous incarnation of this show. So I used to run. Called unsafe space, which is a similar format for a couple of years. And then political it's been about the last year. But in that show. The comedian. It was right after the election twenty sixteen and one of our guest was Tyra who is a gala, Tino Trump supporter and was lots of. He's the one if you've heard of one John and one of the professors was. I won't I won't name them. Because I can't remember it, but you can protect their identity. They were. Not ready to have that conversation. And where? Yeah. So they walked off. And then that clip kind of went a little viral now like hugely viral. But that definitely got shared a bed of some controversy. Okay. So now now I'm intrigued. So where do I go to listen to this show? I mean, I hope I can make it loved actually attend sometime yet live Ray can't make it. He can't afford transportation. But very busy schedule. James gase? That's what it is. So you can go to our website close and political show dot com or just find it on I tunes such close political, and you can come to a live show every first Monday of the month at the Hollywood, improv comedy club in West Hollywood. If you're in the area, I love it. Okay. I'm I'm in. I will be there. All right, guys. I wanna get to the debate today. But before we get started as always wanna give a quick shout out to one of our mazing sponsors, the world's best script. Writing software. Final draft and found trapped is better than ever with version eleven that has a ton of new features tailored for comic book writers and. On top of the fact that I don't trapped has comic book script templates from all the major comic book company. So do yourself a favor. Go to final draft dot com to download a free trial version eleven and see for yourself. How great draft script writing software really is. So with that said before we start James gase. I just wanted to interrupt. No. That's what I do. You're working with our host a little hard. Aren't you used the word great roughly seventy three times while introducing him. Toby, I'm gonna come see your show is in. Oh, I watched your stand up. Ray didn't are you trying to work the judge before the battle even starts because you know, that's my bit rate rate. Let me ask you a question. Can you you can you afford a device that can actually access the internet? The internet is a mystery to us. All right. Exactly. So I did nothing. You couldn't have done yourself at a public library, which by the way, a highly recommend you go to more often. And I simply went to our amazing hose website and enjoyed consumed. If you will his stand up comedy do should have. I think the world should have everybody listening to this go on there right now. The stand up listen to the podcast. It's the fact that you shamelessly presented that information. Some would call it virtue signaling and that is point number. What? No. That is James m oh so Toby to not fall for this. Also, you look fantastic, very fit very fit. I'm just going to point out that neither of you has that anything wrong and. So kind of onboard. But if there's one way to settle this. It's whoever can buy the most tickets to my next show. I will flip you. With more money than raise ever seen. That means it'll be five dollars a lot of money. No, no, don't steal it. All right. Let's start the battle. All right here, we go. Well, all right, fair enough, rape pleased with honors and announce to me what's that introduce me. I think I have go ahead rate at presenting the DC universe. The man who disproves the theory that it's not easy being green, hell, Jordan and representing the wizard. Ing world the spell caster. Who wins every contest except the I got your nose game full Moore's. Well, done right now is it voldemort or the more the author J K Rowling wanted it to be bold and more, but literally in every single incarnation of Harry Potter they pronounce the teeth. So it's just become canon. Very interesting. Okay. Now before we go any further. Let's go over the official rules who would win match. I real each debater will be able to make three points and rebut those reports of their opponent the who would win matches a random counter in a neutral location with neither combatant necessarily knowing anything about their opponent or having any time to prepare for it. Now, the exact version of the character has to be specifically stated so for example, if you're using superman, you must specify at superman from the film's animation or comic books now in this battle. I'm using how Jordan icon kind of first green lantern who had the power ring the uniform, and he's using bulldog from I guess, it's the same urgent books and films of using the book version, but it's the same. So I would think some interplay would be. Acceptable. Okay. Very cool. Now, the winner of the woodwind debate is whomever. You Toby the judge decides has the best ability to incapacitate their opponent to the degree where they can safely walk away with no further threat being present. This include completely destroying their opponent, removing them from the field of battle restraining them or knocking them out. The who would win battles are not necessarily death matches. Okay. Okay. Cool. Now, you can disallow or veto a point made by one of the debaters if they if you feel it goes outside of the scope of the battle or is relevant to the fight. You've got the ultimate power here. And the last one used to her must use examples of powers abilities or weapons that are part of the specific characters continuity, or at least was with that character for a good deal of time. Okay. Now in this example, we know what voldemort is but for how Jordan green lantern there was a period of time where he was para lacks where he's pretty much god-like. I assume we're not using that one. We are not using that this is how Jordan with his power ring that with. Thin those confines of the character. Cool now with that being said, let's get to the tail the tape for both of our combatants. And today's tape is brought to you by who would win t shirts acceptable imitations find the official who ensured on Amazon by typing in hashtag who would win Ray. Give us the details on voldemort full damore also known as Tom are Volos riddle is a dark wizard from the Harry Potter series of books and movies have old immortals created by J K Rowling as the ultimate antagonised of her boy wizard hero, Harry Potter. He I was referenced in the book, Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone in nineteen ninety seven when it was released in England voldemort is the most powerful wizard to have ever lived. He is a master of all things magic which gives him. The powers of flight teleportation, mind control. Curses as well. As a whole host of other abilities. Voldemort only weakness is his obsession with the boy wizard. Harry Potter the boy he cannot kill and his inability to get over. That fact is what causes his eventual downfall in the series fun. Fact, according to author J K Rowling voldemort was originally written as vaguely as possible with the assumption that eventually the character with flesh itself out through the story happening around him and this serves as an allegory for the character himself as he is destroyed in a physical sense when the books begin only to slowly materialize into a full man as the series progresses, and that is voltage. Very cool to hear the details for green lantern now. Green lantern, aka Hal, Jordan, first appeared in showcase number twenty two way back in October nineteen fifty nine now all of the earth currently has a number of people being called green lantern. Again. It's how Jordan who's currently the most well-known lantern of the entire religion core and was the first human ever inducted into the green lantern corps, which is an intergalactic peacekeeping force created by the gardens of the universe. Now. How Jordan received the green lantern ring from dying alien to Abbas, sir? Who is the rainy member of the green lantern corps of this sector, two eight one four when he crashlanded starship in the California desert needing to find a replacement avenues powering chose how Jordan to overcome great fear the ring and its abilities. We're explained to him ending herited the mantle of green Lancer as green lantern Hal Jordan is semi invulnerable capable of projecting. Hard light constructions having flight and you'll have various other Billy's power ring, which are only limited by imagination and willpower. Gwen Stanley, how joy. Agree. Lantern is known throughout the universe is someone with extremely powerful and almost superhuman willpower. The powering warned by the green lantern corps members allows aware survive in virtually any environment. And also removes the need to eat sleep or even go to the bathroom. And here's an interesting fact about how Jordan aka the green lantern Hal Jordan's look was based off of conic movie star Paul Newman. So have you ever wanted to know what how Jordan was supposed to really look like go watch classic films such as cool hand. Luke Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid slapshot or just go your locally, local grocery store and take a look at Newman's Own salad dressing to see picture of how Jordan I mean, Paul Newman. Now now, you have the facts on both opponents Toby do you have any questions before we get started? Okay. So when you say he has voldemort. Yes. Do say that. That you can say his name, by the way told me that was a rhetorical question. You not supposed to have any questions at this. Okay. So I'm just lots of digest here. I like that voldemort has the power of curses, which as a PG thirteen show. We do not have correct. Very powerful wizard. It's a little bit weird that James gaffes. He's bringing up green lanterns bathroom habits. I found that to be an interesting way to start because the second how Jordan sees voldemort. He is likely to poop himself when you send me your video saying, hey, check this out, and it's a picture going to the bathroom just up as green lantern. I was inspired to bring that into the Tobago. That was between you and me James gase. I do not like, you know, how the internet works. I've heard stories. So I do have one question we say he's a member of the guardians of the universe. Is that the same as guardians of the galaxy? No. So gardens of the universe are like these elder almost like in blue gnome looking creatures that are super powerful, some smartest. You can say they're smirks and the pale universe. He's in powered by Smurfs the battle right here. Super powerful. Have these crazy powers over like energy powers that can construct anything. They're like the green lanterns except way more powerful. And they're like the overseeing force the commissioners over the police force. Okay. They're basically as powerful as voldemort. That's all. All right. And if he doesn't have as a ring does he still have any powers is it all from the ring? It's all from the rank is the answer that might come into play later. Go. All right. I think I'm good. Are we ready to start point number one? James? I'm trying to I'm looking at you right now. I don't blame you and. I'm just question. Your many choices you made came in. Okay. Go ahead with your point number one point point number one is simply called master of magic voldemort is the said before the most powerful wizard that this world has ever known. He knows every single spell in the entire rule book of the Harry Potter universe, including all of the really really nasty ones that nobody is supposed to us. They don't even teach them in the school because they don't want kids to get any bad ideas. So you have all your simple, you know, transmogrify -cation spells you have your energy blast type abilities and all of that's fine. All that's the really basic stuff. But voldemort brings what's called the three unforgivable curses to the table. And I will tell you what. Each of those. Curses are because each one would destroy green lantern pretty much before the battle even starts the three hundred. We've got cruzi, oh, which is a spell that basically sets your bones on fire inside of you. It creates the most unimaginable agony, whoever he's directing it towards. And he does not have a problem with directing it towards people. He is the cruellest individual, and he brings power and respect through pain. And so he's done it to Harry Potter. He's done it to Dumbledore. He's done to every single person who's gotten in his way in the books, and it's just described as Harry Potter himself a man of extreme willpower. I think we would agree right up to the verge of him wanting to give up roll over and die. That's what crew can do. The second one is the imperious curse which allows him to mind control people, essentially, he turns them into willing. Drones. Do his will. And so he goes into their minds. He causes them to give up whatever they knew before and serve Lord voldemort, which is another way just do green lantern. Like that. That's the magic stuff is not something he has an energy shield to protect him from. So he can just go in and make green lantern walk off the field of battle bites over two minutes. In the third one. And maybe the most important one of cadavre otherwise known as the killing curse. He literally just looks at you, and you die. I mean, this is the thing he tried to use on Harry Potter, and the very beginning of the prequel of the books, and where Harry Potter got that scar on his forehead from was he was directing it at the baby the baby Harry Atta cadavre, the only reason it did not kill him is because an act of selfless. Love his mother jumped in front of the blast taking it upon herself destroying her and almost destroying Harry at the same time because the spell is so powerful just being near somebody getting hit by it will mess you up. So unless green lanterns, mommy is coming to the battle. Save him. Cadaver spell will put him down for the count. That is my point number one. All right. Thank you Amira. Thanks, john. Appreciate your with their. Toby, I've got I've got a rebuttal product. You have any questions on. So he I guess I'm just amazed that with all these powerful spells never killed Harry Potter can't point he could not because Harry Potter is one of his seven hor cruxes, which is what keeps him himself from being killed. And he just didn't know it. So it's sort of no matter what he throws it, Harry Potter. And this is his obsession about it as what really hindered him in the books. He just wanted to kill Harry because it was the one thing he couldn't do. And we've known people like that. There's that one pie in the sky. Whether it be a person they wanted to date that they couldn't whether it was a job that they hope to achieve that. They just weren't right for I feel like rays projecting right now. I would know these things I've heard stories from other people. This is the one thing. So yes, the problem is he was always hitting the brick wall. That is Harry Potter. He could not kill him here. We are. Okay. One more follow up question. We talk about Baltimore as the most powerful wizard in the world. But does that include the universe? Is there any elements? Harry Potter was beyond the earth. If I may I think what you're saying. I agree with us. He's the most powerful magic user of the Harry Potter universe, which is world with the magic. It's pretty that's pretty good. They don't explore extraterrestrial in the Harry Potter universe. Maybe there's aliens there, maybe the green lanterns there for all. We know. They don't get involved because they don't want to. That's correct. I'm here. I feel like you're slightly bias towards Harry Potter. I do I visited Harry Potter world. And cried guy I'm gonna need you to leave the room. That's weird. Because after the battles over next time James goes to Harry Potter world, probably will cry as well, we'll you will. If I go to Harry Potter world, it'd be like Batman going to Harry Potter world. Which would mean that men wouldn't last long Harry Potter world. Okay. Here's the deal. I do like your point. I do agree. That Bullimore is the most powerful magic user in Harry Potter, the Harry Potter universe. Greenlanders dealt with magic users in sources, what have you? But more on a galactic scale where these people are the most powerful magic users throughout the universe and his green lantern rings actually designed to protect him from various types of magic and magic based attacks from those galactic magic users. Now, the three spells is actually for my final points. That Ray brought it up right away was kind of scares me for this debate. Because I don't know what else he's gonna bring up. The crucial pain spell that's willpower to get over that. Right. But you have to be able to take it. If you have no protection. Now, the green lantern ring can actually protect you from that actually has magical protection. But again, we're talking about how Jordan who's known throughout the galaxies. Having the strongest form of willpower Crusius spells not going to be what puts down Hal Jordan, but it will weaken him. Okay. I'll agree with that the mind control, Hal, Jordan, again, willpower has dealt with mind control before don't talk about this later on where he's able to feed it and the killing curse I do know that you're able to avoid it. If you can get out of the way, if you're fast enough or you can construct right, which how Jordan can move at light speed, thanks to his ring. And what does he do? He builds contracts out of light to block things from attacking him. I just don't see any of his constructs is being anything voldemort hasn't seen before and hasn't dealt with quickly. I don't wanna step all over your hair before. I step all over your first point. Okay. Appreciate appreciate that. I let me get to my first point. And actually liked your first point Ray what you should. It was great. I was I was actually saying it was coherent as opposed to the point. So I'm just impressed that your volving. I'm not surprised you'd be sandbagging your first point since you've already lost is I'm using a really nice laptop computer as opposed to your. Paper, which I believe in old technology James, you should try it. Sometimes my point was on time. Hi, here's point number one. It's called. It's magic kind of. So the green lantern powering worn by Hal, Jordan is made out of light. And somehow channels the power and energy. What's called the main power battery like a huge green lantern on the planet. Oh, which is where the guardians of the universe reside. And although many fans think that the whole religion powering is super science it actually operates like a high level of super-efficient and super effective magic. Right. Because people don't really know how to explain it. They say, it just harnesses energy and does stuff. So what can Hal Jordan's power ring enable him to do to outdo voldemort magic? Well, the ring has an auto save function that autumn actually moves how Jordan out of the way of punches strikes energy blast bullets and anything else fired at them. It also surrounds him with protective aura. So in case. He does get hit. He can easily take it. And I'll talk more about that later in terms of durability. His ring also Nabil's him to teleport vast distances as well short distances. He can tell a pathway communicate with people. He can travel at work speed. He can open wormholes he could make huge objects or construct that can even seemingly come alive where the only limit is his imagination. Once he replicated an entire city with all of its moving parts that was co city, and then when he earth had to be moved to a new orbit together way of something. He literally created a construct around the entire planet and help superman just to move it out of the way that some pretty powerful magic. If you wanna call it that he can shoot powerful energy blasts that can hurt or even kill beings as powerful as superman he can phase through objects. He can chernoff people's voices that per second. It all the more has to say something he has an ability to do that. You use it to quickly heal himself counter any poison and even caused sedatives to have no affect he can I don't know how this works. He can create time delay Shen that will slow down time. I don't know how this works this DC universe where the kind of overpower things he can even convert people into energy. Okay. Okay. And on top of all that how Jordan powering has given a very high level of resistance against again magic, which means that the powering provide protection, a Hal Jordan from physical energy and magic based attacks in a weird way. Green lantern may be able to appear as a more powerful magic bays wizard than Bullimore. And that's my point number one. All right. That was cute cute. He has a magic ring that let's how Jordan himself really nothing special as a person he's got some willpower. Ooh, I like and wait in line at the DMV. In my mind. I'm a superhero everybody. He's an air force pilot the DC universe. I mean. He's not. Oh crap. Yeah. If all damore walk down the street he'd be like yield as an air force pilot over there. I am not kidding involved. I think this guy's patient gateway. Jordan has our ring when most powerful weapons in universe and his side gig is one of the top air, force pilots like in the world. So. The writing weighing. Ruling his crying in the position because you can't kill this kid defeating. Lightly. Jim does get very mad about it without his ring. Hell Jordan is literally nothing. He just be just another guy. He'd be Jag on the street. Jay, it's interesting. You bring up the an I knew you were going to go to this point. So I was ready for it. Because that's how a master wizard would combat. Baltimore doesn't need his voice in order to cast spells he's one of the only wizards if not the only wizard and the entire Harry Potter universe who doesn't need to say. Or even move his hand or do anything? He can just make stuff happen at a whim. So when he's getting energy blasted and lanterns create these giant hulk fists to start punching away voldemort, he has instantaneous reflexes and create shields to block absolutely everything when double door attempted to blast Baltimore with very very powerful. Magic from behind a shield just packed up without him. Even looking at it and protected him from it and literally nothing happened to him. So anything that green lantern can throw with the magical constructs? It's delightful. Just not gonna mean anything in the in the in the context of this battle. I mean, he'd have to bring something a little harder. I could see why you open that that point number one because that's not even going to dent with old Amort can can take or dish. So if green lantern creates a city, right, which he has done and simply places it above voldemort and drops it would just teleport away. Right, which then relented would do. And then create another city and draw. Is this is this a common occurrence in green lantern? He actually this. He walks into the battle. And he goes, oh, look there's lex Luther he's on the ground. He's a bad guy. I'm just going to create a city and drop it on him dodge. I'm gonna drop another city at infinitive. So every green lantern comic book is roughly two panels. Divas what I'm getting out panels of action and hard hitting riveting story is interesting. So it's just it's just the city dropping on the enemy and then the second city dropping on the enemy and then sixteen pages of green lantern being like. Yeah. Man. I did that. Oh, you've read green lantern. Yeah. So whenever you see green lantern used these contracts. One of his common tactics is to overwhelm their opponent. By throwing a million different like punches at the person or a million different strikes. Same time to very common tactic. And the really cool part is if that person moves teleport or another location and reappears guess what they do. It's all thought like, okay, I'll turn that off over there and do it here. That's why it's almost like magic. He can just do a crazy attack over here. Literally, turn it off and go remember the green lantern ring? This is Courtney comics allows a user to process like within a nanosecond and just create whatever sheer he wants a mmediately very high levels. I can see that happening with the million fists coming at once aboard at every single one just being dispatched with just a wind power something involving more literally turning right in the middle of all of that. Because it would bore him physical attacks would bore him. Did you finish point? The point. I did finish my point. I'm ready for points point number already point number two. No, I know I know James point was so outrageously ridiculous. I needed. Extended amount of time mayor Ray, I can't follow Ray half the time either. So I don't know this. When I listen to Ray, it's like a series of clicks and whistles, I have just shake my head. And like, okay. That sounds and then I wait for them to stop. And then I can explain most of your counterarguments that that allowed me to still win three that. Okay. Right. What's your point? Number two. Question is use of this laptop computer cheating in this battle because I can make a point and you have the entire well realm of knowledge of the universe at your fingertips that you can go and just type stuff in. I have to rely purely on my wits. I'm sorry. You can't afford a computer interesting. So you don't care that you get in these battles. Let me go over those. Let's play time. I'm just reading the rule set of who would win a well. Wow. Nothing against using a computer when when? What did you feel using a computer would not be a good thing for these to tell you? It was the moment. I manned up. Along with your wife said all right? Good. My point number two is we're gonna talk about they don't even have a name for this. And we'll just call it hor crook, central in that more as a character cannot be killed. He is created throughout the universe using his magic seven different items or even people because Potter is one of them seven hor cruxes in the universe, and his essence cannot be defeated. He cannot be killed until all seven hawk rocks is destroyed and it took Harry Potter and his band of misfits, eight movies in order to finally destroy every single one of those constructs, including Harry Potter himself had to die. Spoiler alert at the end of deathly hallows part to in order for Baltimore to be defeated. So green lantern drop a city on voldemort. That's fine. He's got hor cruxes he survived. He could hit him with a million punches in Baltimore. Let everyone through our. Oh, oh, it's like tickling on my face. And he be fine. Because he literally cannot be destroyed cannot be defeated unless you take out all seven cruxes, which green lantern he doesn't have any way to know about the seven hor corrupts is he's got no way to even conceive that that's a thing that someone can do so wrapped up unless you have. Did not consider the laptop. So we've talked about why voldemort can't be defeated by green lantern. Let's talk about this one of the specific ways that he could defeat green lantern because yes, the ring is very very powerful. But as mentioned before without the ring, how Jordan is literally nothing is a speck of dust in the universe tale. There is a smell that Bullimore. Only knows he uses in nearly every single battle called expelling Armas, which is a disarm spell. And so he usually uses it to remove once from wizards hands because most always herd's and the Harry Potter university. They say they're spell. They also need a wand with which to project through. So his common tactic is to rip the spell out of there. Rip the wand out of their hands with a spell and then pound on them. And just there at his mercy at that point because he doesn't need a want. He doesn't need to say words, but they do. And so if he uses expel ER Mus on the green lantern to disarm the ring from his finger. We're done. We absolutely done here. There is nothing at that point that green lantern can do without his ring. He will be he'll be Cruces up and down the boulevard as owns are on fire, and he's crying for mommy who could save him. But won't and that is my point number two. I am so biased. Okay. There's a thing. I felt kind of disturbed and troubled on my inside places when you said or correct so many times. So I just want to be able to hear it discuss it much like voldemort use that word to disarm you. You say four crux with an English accent. That makes it better. All crooks does not make it better. I'm just kind of. I don't know we wanted to refute that point either. I stand stanwyck, you know, here's the thing. We don't have to kill a member. Who'd when it's not a death match. It's who can incapacitate the other person, but he just explained that point perfectly. Thank you. In what way how could not be incapacitated. How can voldemort Rb? Yeah. Why was saying he was explaining? I don't understand. Why about that? All he did was. I mean, just with the last one when he said how did this arm him? I mean does. The answer is Volvo more concern himself into wind, and then just get out of whatever he needs to. So it's not like you're gonna put a net around voldemort Google. Okay. Okay. He turns into win. You're saying green lantern who can make a city. Parts couldn't make a box to contain the wind. Just heliports out of it. Sure. This argument, and I'm glad Greenland, I'm glad that you are making these points because they are terrible. Okay here. Here's the thing. So point green lantern can still to remove the green lantern ring. The only time I can think about it was when Batman did. It powers at all. This researcher. But here's here's a whole point that. Yeah. The go to prep time can destroy anyone in the universe beat superman. You know, the whole thing the gardens universe went to Batman. And said would you take this ring? He's like, no I'll pass right? He's not gonna anyway. So he the only reason it came down because the ring is sent the ring is actually somewhat alive, and it was like that MS threat. I know what's happening. It's all good. Of course that gave religion back. The ring was cool that was here. Remove a ring from green lantern is really really hard to do never mind. The fact that the ring already has that protective spell against magic around the user, remember the Greenland ring is often referred to as the most powerful weapon in the DC universe. So it's not as easy as saying all just remove that weapon from them. We don't know. Remember, he's already faced galactic level magicians. I'm not saying it couldn't be. We just don't know if he is he's a planet level. I totally go with that. But as someone who could threaten the galaxy with destruction. No, no, I. Absolutely love your point that a guy who works out a lot rip the ring off his fingers. When's the last time you worked out, by the way, I'm working out my mind right now. Yeah. Well. First of all workouts, not working in. Okay, interest went let me gets my point number. Remember, I would turn green lantern. There's another thing that the Greenland to ring does for superman or sorry for agree. Lantern dead helps them see he can actually channel the power of the religion ring into himself to give them the same abilities pretty much as superman. So the question I have is if superman decided to cut loose solvable more. Instead, you're done how long that fight last. Second. Wait, your second point is just to ask Toby questions. I think that you should be making these points Dame's not asking him to pimp them for you. So you're saying Toby. So in other words, superman shows up, he's more intead. Okay. 'cause remember how Jordan has different mentality superman. He's got that. I'm gonna shoot if I need to and I'll kill you by need to go crazy by knee to not you. So you're men's more about holding back. So the green lantern powering can give him channels at the right way. It can give them super strength on the level of superman. He already can fly at light speed. He keeps up with a flash ways on planet earth. Right. So and by the way, everything operates on the an enhanced speed of thought a nanosecond he thinks about it's done. So I'll do concede like takeout. Bold Amore, boom. It's done weight Asher than Bullimore will have a chance to process something or even have an automatic defense up. Remember, this is someone who traveled the entire distance of the universe in less than twenty four hours. He went from earth to Mars, it was like something like fifteen seconds. Now, his durability is insane. He takes punches from superman if he has to or superman level people he's been blown through planets and been absolutely fine flies through the son. He's absolutely points. We've got that super level Sorman level durability. Strength and speed never mind. The fact he can shoot if you wanted to channel lasers coming out of his is like the way she it's his hands, whatever. So what is going to do against someone who doesn't just have all of those crazy magic abilities powering, but can channel all that. Additionally, doing all that at the same time as giving himself superman level capability, that's my point number two and well done James, you really tried hard. What I would say that I've already addressed everything you just said great job me because he has instantaneous shielding that can happen. Even when he's not looking at it. So if green lantern does try one of these magical, I think you're dead the shield pops up more, it's just fine. And even if he gets hit by he got the hor- crooks is so hold on how hard you think someone hits when they fly like go from zero to light speed that type of celebration, we talked about it and hits you at that. The flash something called an infinite mass punch, which uses very rarely. It's the hardest striped punch whatever pretty much considered in the comic book universe because celebrates point James. That's why voldemort would have a hard time with the flash. He isn't fighting today. What are the points bringing to the table because the flashes incident? Mass punch has been recognized and duplicated by other superheroes who have access to super speed green lanterns done it superman on it. Even wonder woman who can move at super speed not as fast, Sylvia fast has done it as well. So mass. Acceleration equals force your mass as the same. But your celebration goes from zero to literally Infinity what happens to your for it goes. It's also Infinity right? You're losing anthr- crazy occasion steam scattered. I know I know Matt appears to be like sorcery you rate. It's what it is. That's how hard on top of everything the can do. That's there as well. As fast as shields. You can come up. You think oughta Matic is still takes what a tenth of a second to come up. It's instantaneous it takes literally no time at all. No time. That is really the point. I made earlier. Thank you for bringing it. You're saying the shields come up faster than the speed of light. Guess really? That's how it's magic Jayme. Interesting. Okay. Can you still see Troas on heels does the light still come out? What do you still see light on the other side of the shield? I don't see light. I only see character. Do you understand? Sound science words? Can you spell magic? Have you lots of Jay's eaten a sandwich and passer? Okay lettuce. We're at that magical point of the podcast so magic. Yes. This is the turning point. You've heard two points from two points for me who is in the lead. And what does the other character half to do to pull ahead and get the win? Interesting. My gut reaction is it's going to come down to like a quick draw. Contest who can get the first thing out. And I I'm persuaded one point that you have made which which I haven't heard Ray counter yet is that even though you need to get all the hawk Rex's to take out all the more. If you're just incapacitating him is that relevance. And I guess. If there's some to me, the -bility of all damore to counter green lanterns ring is is gonna come down to hinting able to remove it before the green lantern can react. And if there's defenses that are automatic within that ring, I guess I'm not convinced that volume or is going to be able to move fast enough. So I'm leaning towards green lantern here. But you're not one hundred percent. So what I'm yet to me? That's what it comes down to is who's who can disarm the person, the fastest who can get that quick dry and. And also does it doesn't matter with the hawk rush. It's outrageous to me that despite my amazing arguments in James feeble attempts that I still have work to do in this battle who's who's charm. Disarmed you the fastest Toby was it was it raised charm, or my charm that really made you like I really liked this show. This is really making me who had the fastest Ron. That's a real battle of the losers right there. Fair enough. I mean, aside an envelope to you with more money than you've ever seen. Dollars. All right. My rate we're down to this. I don't feel compound with this at all. This is anyone's game. Go ahead point. Give us point number three. Point number three is just the ability to read hearts and minds in that voldemort has ability unparalleled in the universe. Maybe any universe called legitimacy, and I might be pronouncing that wrong, but it's a tough word. And that's the ability not just to read people's minds. That's basic stuff. He has the ability to extract memories and feelings and emotions from them and interpret them in interpret them correctly every single time you cannot lie Volta Mawr because he just read your mind and goes, well, I'm a memory where we already refuted your own point, you're wrong. And so one thing I haven't heard from James these specific way that he's actually going to feed voldemort and room for battle. Apparently, he's gonna put them in a paper sack or something which I just don't think is going to work here. I've already given you one way that voldemort is going to win this battle. He's going to knock because it's all about green lanterns willpower. And as he keeps getting beaten down with the cruzi. Okay. I with the imperious curse, and maybe he can take some of these things. Unlikely, but it's possible each one is going to sap his willpower that much more because voldemort will deal is that he wears you down. And then plays with you like a cat in a ball of string. And I don't think how Jordan has the willpower. It takes in order to overcome so much so quickly. But the the the second way the voldemort specifically wins this battle is. He uses the legitimacy to read the minds and thoughts of green lantern and look at weaknesses. How Jordan's biggest weaknesses? He often likes to dive in without a plan. He says I have this powerful ring. I don't need to think about it any harder than that. I'm just going to run straightforward at the guy in punch him. And that is exactly the type of plan that will get you slaughtered against Baltimore's. He is a master tactician on the battlefield. He can command armies he is a one man army and his own way. And how Jordan if there's one character flaw in there is that he doesn't always think his actions through because he hasn't had to because he is so powerful. So also talk about the main weakness of green lantern, and I'm sure that. James will refute it a little bit. But it's the color yellow and green lantern. How how is this not come? Saved it to change your mind. All right. Great lanterns. And there have they have conduct a little bit as it's gone. It's a little bit as completely but go ahead. No. Because para lacks is stuck inside the battery which a because we're talking about green lantern pre parallel there as I can tell post. Well, you can you can argue your own points, James. I'm not going to do it for you. But the whole idea is that parallel is a cosmic entity that eventually possessed the green lantern, so don't sit here and tell me that powerful entity can't do it. He not only possessed green lantern. He became green lantern. How Jordan turned evil and started wailing on people and became the greatest cosmic threat of the universe because all of his powers possessed and warped and twisted to evil. And if how Jordan has the Wilton lacking willpower to stop parallel the cosmic entity from doing it. I just don't see how voldemort can't wear them down and do the exact same thing to him. But I'm top of that. If you feel fear. Oh, by the way, voldemort has fear spells that he can cause you basically every one of his spell is meant to inject fear into his opponent. Which is the one weakness of the green lantern corps. If you feel fear, and you let fear get into your heart. The the weakness to the color yellow manifest itself in that moment. And soon as sees the memories he sees the ability with the legitimacy and says, oh, I just hit him with yellow stuff. I think the greatest wizard on earth can conjure. Som. Some yellow stuff some traffic cones or something that he can just throw at him. It was orange, but he concert yellow ones. That's the kind of man he is. And so once he does all those things were done here. And the final point I'm gonna make is that you can destroy voldemort body, but because of the hawk rocks essence stays around and he can keep fighting even if his body has been destroyed. In fact, the number one way he fights possession. If you destroy his body. He uses the ability to possess others to do his will. So. If green lantern physically destroys, volt Amore which made it he could do that still leaves voldemort as an target that cannot be hit as a guy who can then possess the green lantern and take all the time. He needs in order to do it because he can just stay on them like sticky on rice and possessed. Green lantern make green lantern. I dunno kill himself remove himself in the field of battle, whatever it takes and voldemort essence will still be their third victory for voldemort. That is my point number three before we get going further. Can you? Go ahead Ray. And explain what what ret con means. It means retroactive continuity. It's often done in stories that lasts for an extended period of time where they re imagine events of the past to fit the current narrative. So you might remember the Batman Michael Keaton movie from nineteen eighty nine whereas in the original comic books parents were killed by a gangster named Joe chill. However for the Jack Nicholson movie, they decided to change it. So Jack Nicholson's character of the joker. Jack Napier was the actual one who killed his parents because it was right for that movie at that time. And so that's what ret conning is for all the people out there. Okay. I wanna bring up this point the yellow as a weakness for green lantern hasn't been thing for almost three decades. So that's completely out. That's been out of the picture for almost thirty. It does come back with members of the green lantern corps. You can sit here and lie. There's the green yellow. No. There's this cool storyline where there's new green lanterns with different colors, the yellow lanterns or lanterns like Power Rangers. Yellow lanterns green light. You know, the thing the yell and turns us fear to whatever as opposed to willpower to fuel themselves anyway, yellows, not an weakness anymore for green lantern. So in we're specifically dealing with that decade when we pick your no, we're dealing. Here's the deal. Toby that's up to you to decide what I would say is that. James is completely not telling the truth right now yellow is a thing. But it's not a normal thing. You really have to be made to fear in order for the yellow weakness to affect you. And my whole point going into it is he's going to be afraid at a certain point of this battle once voldemort learns all his secrets wants voldemort learns all his secret passions, and he starts using them against him. Once he finds out about. Jordan's et see store, and he starts calling out specifics on rye, those ones these for babies are trash religions gonna feel fear. Like, how would you possibly know that you are reaching for the stars? Okay. Here's the deal. Green lantern actually is a pretty good leader. He's the leader of the green lantern corps where every member of the green lantern corps has a power ring again considered the greatest weapon most ever weapon in the universe. Meek commands the whole core man, how come they're still evil in the world. They the universe. That's again universes. Maybe powerful zone now by the way body possession. There's a character name Jericho who was formerly part of the teen titans now really going back and his power was to possess people. And so he put himself into the people possess will make him do whatever you want to do. He tried that with green lantern without using the powering by the way, how Jordan just use his willpower and kicked him out, man. So he beat a teenager this. Impressive stuff. Could you could you beat a teenager? I choose not to answer that Jacqueline. Okay. Point. So let's get to my point number three, which is all about willpower, and the powering is operated and powered even further by willpower and the stronger, the willpower the stronger and more capable the power ring really is so in the DC universe. They have said that the person with the greatest level of superhuman will it's not that man. It's actually how Jordan right? So the thing that powers the powering Hal Jordan has the most of it in the greatest strength in the entire DC universe. By the way, how do you even measure willpower? I don't because it's a made up thing. Have you ever used willpower and your life? I'm using it right now. Not to jump this table and throttle. You, sir. If you have the ability to jump higher than like, okay? When I need to. Now, so the high level willpower that that's made you how Jordan super kind of made him super-resistant tell tell path the body possession and having his mind controlled. And that's on top of the fact that he's already programmed his ring to somehow interrupt any foreign mind control attempts as well. So he's got his willpower. That's always been affective and has powering also helps them about two and using his willpower loan throughout complimentary of green lantern, especially the last ten years. He's resisted mind control Nanhai that Semo got into his brain. He resisted numerous per powerful telepathic attacks both magical, scientifically based and shaken off the Thames of my control, some of the greatest most powerful telepathic beings in the entire DC universe as powerful as voldemort is is he as powerful a Tele path at mind control as he is a wizard. The answer is no I'm not taking that away from but he's more powerful wizard than as a telepathic and how George already shown that he can shake off that mine. Mine control. What's pretty easily? His willpower so strong that he took the blue lantern corps and completely powered all of their rings because earnings rings are based off hope and somehow they had hope in how Jordan being so powerful. And he was in there. I don't know how this stuff works. And but here's a really cool trick that how Jordan can do with his willpower. He can give himself huge Busse in power based off his willpower. So all the sudden, you know, the chips are I guess whatever he's like failing whatever and something needs to do something. He'll tap into his willpower. Get fired up and increase everything he can already do by factor of two to three times. So he'll be faster more powerful. You can make better contracts. More powerful concerts. He shoots green. Lasers. They'll be way more destructive. That's when he feels his willpower. If he's afraid of something what he does it use willpower. That's what he got the power in the first place to overcome that fear. So Bullimore tries to make them afraid. He s us a ton of willpower to get over it, which he will what happens to his capability. He becomes even more powerful. Right. That's it. And where are you talking about all three spill spells as talked about the killing spell will? He'll put up a big barrier using contract and. Get out of the way, the mind control is a very good chance that won't be that effective. And what's the other one? That's and then the great pain, we've got willpower plus powering to protect them from all that. So what's left for more? If his three biggest threats won't stop. How jordan? And that's not even counting the hell's wrenches power himself up. So with green lanterns almost magical abilities from powering and the ability to be as even more powerful than superman. The insane levels of willpower that will further increase the high level power and destructive capability of powering and its ability to block or throat Volta most powerful spells there's no way that Hal Jordan loses. This bite. That's my point number three. Cute any any rebuttals, of course, ever bottles because that was so such nonsense. You just spewing all over all of us. And I need a shower after hearing counterpoint, you cannot be possessive always automated defenses in the ring. But they're not perfect. They will let parallel x there is an entity that possesses people that possessed him. So let's not sit here and pretend that the ring is the be all end all because we've already seen a specific example where he wants beaten by that tack. You know, what para lax was in the comic books. It's a very powerful entity. How powerful very Gary you're right to para lacks found out was a living embodiment of fear or something like that. That was living unknown within the power. You're looking at me like a really weird nerd right now Toby? I'm getting I owned it, by the way. But he was his powerful spiritual kind of spirit that lived in the green lantern power battery on the planet Ola where the gardens of universe work. No, one knew about it that took a bunch of the energy from the powering a destructive Kate like the powering fuelling these powering throughout the universe. He took the power of that. That's what it took that power that could destroy galaxies. That's what it took to possess. How much it is more is very powerful creature, but he wants to control he doesn't want to destroy. So this is just not something that voldemort would do however pretending over here. You're the great pretender. And you're saying, oh, we'll he has this ring and the ring just is not be. So therefore ring I win and I'm sorry. He's lost. He's lost. Specifically the ways that I say voldemort going to beat him. So don't sit here and just pretend that he's just immortal immaterial he can just win just by thinking about it. When I have already described three specific methods that. Damore could use to defeat. Green lantern. I still have not heard a specific way. Green lantern is going to the voldemort James, but you're out of time. Lantern can remove him from the field of battle using grab them sending point that what we're doing. Passionate such Pash. I was just thinking I think he really wants us win. He does he does someone loves Harry Potter? It's a mirror by. That's right. Hurt him physically. He could destroy him. Remember, he only has to incapacity him. So he can walk away safely. He can teleport him somewhere else. He can also use telepathy control people's well talking about how Jordan he's done that before he has destructive power. There's so many ways how he could capture him for two minutes, put them in something Bullimore will want to escape and run away. Guess what he voluntarily leaves the field of battle? He could hit him hard. He can move. I mean, there's so many ways green lantern can win that I didn't wanna bored. When details kinda going over the reason why you didn't say any is because those are terrible reasons. All of those things I've already described perfect. They would not have Hobie Toby. You are a wise judge. Let's. Let's go ahead. And I'm being told we should give you a moment to think about this. We are going to go to the audio go the let's go to our audience are huge audience to end the right now the teeming masses. Here we go. Let's hear from one individuals who have never met before. Go ahead. Young, sir. What? Talk in the Mike like you've done this before. Okay. Where do you find these people chain? I don't know. He's he looked hungry. I said come on in. So do you want me to describe why I think who who do you think wins, and what is your name, by the way? So I'm Rex I'm not sure where are you before? I've never met you. Go ahead. You're my son. Okay. Interesting. Go ahead. What lots west, I know. So I think voldemort wins this one hell out of here. He's still your son not anymore. It's good news. His is his room his room is my new shrine to killing right? I think that Volmer wins this one the the expelled thing could I looked it up while you guys were talking it could disarm ring. And even though this research difficult to have like taken off. Sure, the the expel term doesn't really I'm not sure how to where to it's it's like you're trying to say that the ring would try to stay on because it's partially sentient. Yes. But the expelling Armas charm, it's not tried to disarm. It is disarming. It doesn't matter. How hard you? Hold onto something it's going to market. So you. Yeah. I've a question. I have a room all set up for you. Get room. Meaning like another box beside his box different things to different people, James Gabsi. I have a question for you wrecks. How you get into them today. I imagine I'm walking Patchett. I what I will carry you home on my back today. You do not want to touch that thing. Rex I really appreciate your opinion. Sit the hell down real quick. Toby amirah. Amir don't even need to ask you because bias Nardi earlier things of Bullimore Swain. This Toby you have been an amazing moderator in terms of asking great probing questions, and I've seen the disgust in your eyes. When you look at Ray, and you turn away back. Page who do you think wins Titanic though? This is the verdict is the verdict. Wreck. Can I ask another question or do? I have to ask for ready. All right. I had this whole thing prepared. And then here's the deal. Here's the deal to you. Do you? Okay. Can I mention we've had many judges on this show, and you are easily the best looking the smartest? The most genial we've ever ever had at the studio before. Okay. You know that before you give your gun and account. That's raising a game is socially awkward. All right. So the ideas, you are all in neutral platform, and you show up and whoever counter. Okay. What's your first move speed blitz smash the his? What's your personal? Oh, the first move. I think would definitely be the disarm spell. I think once he sees the ring he would use the legitimacy in a fraction of a second to see that. The ring is the source of all the power and use the spell too. And it's just like the very intelligent wreck said he said, it's not that you choose. It's just it will happen. Unlike what James thinks the powering would do voldemort spells do. Do what I think of raise answers. So I just beat attack. I can only speak from the heart here. Okay. Thank you. Georgia's ruling, I'm generally biased against superheroes. Like the green lantern because I feel there to Opie. There's no dramatic tension and can do everything because I'm God. And I've got like powers, but also I'm like five times God, it's little kids stuff. It's like you can just do Infinity Infinity's. So it's like, where's the dramatic tension? And then you have in his comic books, you have them lose. Because if it would just be over in a second if they were actually able to live up to that power at the same time, you know, whenever whenever there's like a battle between like superman and Batman always like Superman's gonna win obviously, he's more powerful. But then Batman, you know, finds a way away and to me like when I ask you this. You have all these weapons, but you has a and then you say, well, he, you know, do the super strike or whatnot. And you have the plan of the expelling around us. And I think that you know, I think the mental game. I think it takes all the more here. I think all damore is able to get the jump on because green lantern. He hasn't these powers. But he goes with a more simple, consistent, you know, bread and butter tactic. And I think that more at by having that. First initial move. Even if green lantern has all these powers, he's gonna lose sometimes. And I think he's going to lose here. Because the first move is really what matters if he gets disarmed. He's done for let me let me. Tell me this job the city on you. I lift weights I can handle it. Here's the thing. I actually here's green lantern principles. Moore's a great battle. Because here's the problem. Green lanterns. Emo is let me fight this person. Especially I don't know who this is. And we're gonna talk and I'm gonna try to figure this out. I don't want to write bad plan against someone like bull more. Who's like you're in my way. I want to get rid of you are you know, or whatever it is. Or do remind me of grownup, Harry Potter all the works. So I kind of agree. I think lands alternately more powerful. But it'll take them longer and give more opportunities to take them down. So I'm actually not in horrible disagreement with your verdict for the record. I might also scraped up. Toby the right thing today I deserved victory, and I have earned it. And you are so good looking told you that you were just your striking with your appearance. I bet on the record that on the record married men can look at beauty. Do you feel the same way about Ray, by the way when you look at him? You don't have to plead the fifth. You don't have to plead the fifth. Again rate. No one is answering that okay, guys. Awesome battle Toby fantastic. Seriously, fantastic jobs, a moderate job, really by might add. Hashtag winning streak. Right. Then task Toby, please tell everyone again where they can find you. You can find my show up close and political show dot com or on I tunes, you can find my own personal website. And the stand up the mentioned earlier my website Toby the comic dot com. Very cool and rape. Please. Tell our listeners where they can find you could find the at almighty Ray on Twitter or you can listen to my other podcast knowing this half, the podcast GI Joe and retro cartoon recap show where we watch cartoons from our youth eighties nineties before and after and we break them down have some fun and mirth even knowing half the podcast on itunes or Facebook dot com slash knowing half the podcast, and you can find imposing patented question of the day on Twitter at James Gabby. And check out the who would win website at WWW dot who would win show dot com to access all of our podcast episodes as well to check out some great articles. Hey, find that you can't get enough of who would win. Well, you're not alone. Luckily, we've got the fix to this all you've got to do is register in patriotic as an official patron for the who had wind show where you'll be able to access behind the scenes put extra content as well. As many other features available exclusively to our members on behalf of myself race Aquinas and the amazing when team thank you once again for listening to another episode of who would win. We'll see next time.

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