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Andy cohen he can take any item and show you how to wear it. Never accessory of choice is a parrot. It's watch what happens is when monique samuels. Isaac mizrahi now full moon eight audience. I see your little baby shower there to watch live. I'm your host sandy cohen. And the two guys who are sure to be the virtual gravy on top of zoom thanksgiving weekend. What a weekend it was. Please welcome real outside of potomac. Monique samuels halo. Neak god You look great. You look very regal thank you. I'm shooting my video for drag queens for my single. Oh boy and my next guest. Four part concert series. Isaac a cafe carlyle december. Four th on broadway world events proving life really is a cabaret sorry about in ise. Ida isaac mizrahi isaac. Hey how are you andy. Hey field little under address. Now that i saw monique she's so kind of very she's very regal and full beach. Looks amazing you look amazing. Monique you look gorgeous. Thank you i. By the way. Isaac just want to say last night instead of pouring myself a little tequila at a little isaac mizrahi roseanne. And i really good. It was really good for sending me that. I got the back as you did it. Yes before we go any further. Monique i have some questions about tonight's episode. There was a lot of conversation about karen running out of her wig party. And whether she actually set you and candace up so that you would intersect. Do you believe that was the case. That was totally not the case. I didn't want it nor did karen and everyone else. Production knew that we were not playing games with that. There was no setup we were never supposed to see each other and it was impossible so you would made it clear to production. You did not want you would not interact with her again until the reunion right absolutely. Yeah what was your reaction to the footage of care and in portugal telling the ladies that she had not invited you. Ju- the wig launch. I didn't understand it because i was always invited. But i think what she meant was. I wasn't going to be a part of the actual event because it was always known that i was gonna come before. So maybe that's what she was speaking to. I'm wondering for both of you. I mean isaac jump in here your reaction to karen in the top in the top waiting for ray to unplug her. It's unbelievable i hope. By the way. Like when arnold deny had that anniversary i can be waiting for him in the child with like a rose pedal trail up to the top of the absolutely leary. Asli loved it. I loved it with everything that they've gone through this season. I just thought that was the cutest. It really just made my heart worm. When isaac doesn't have his finger on the pulse of all the latest fashion trends. He's using it on his remote to stay caught up on the house side. It's time for a little bravo. No they didn't okay as someone who runs a major fashion empire. What was your reaction to robin cutting karen from her website. Ooh that was cold. I understand if pictures aren't good. But i mean she could have found one picture or i thought at one with the hat down like she could have included that general ashley and michael's marriage this season. Oh man that's what that man is not right. Just not okay right because we want to believe him but this always feared and it's like this crazy you can count on it right like you can literally sex your club by the fact that he's going to stray and she's gonna weirdly not freak out like wouldn't you freak out a little bit more. If you were ashley like seriously a little bit more. I feel like she wants out myself. Hot take no. I know i got to the women. Omo necas second chance To prove that she's a changed person absolutely. Are you kidding. First of all because she's the center of the show. Okay seriously and that's not because she's just sitting there but she makes the show and if she doesn't make the show to challa without without to cia. I've been missing. I'm not kidding you. i've been missing. That bird show seriously says okay. Who's your favorite salt lake city housewife so far and why i think narrative obviously because she's a jew right and she has that insanely cute sun right to son. He's just so cute. And so dare. I say kay you say also like is it more men is it. Christian is a jewish. I have no idea. But it's so it's so founded. The rest of them are so crazy and she's the one kind of holding it altogether reaction to mary's unconventional marriage to her former step grandfather. Oh honey that's that's a lot. That's a lot for anyone to right. It's crazy crazy thing. I judge yet. I don't have judgy is like shannon door. Used to have over the judge. I i don't have the judge is dairy does what she wants. What about japan's insistence on wearing open toed stiletto in the snow fiercer. Fashion faux pas. Well i think it's kind of fierce. I have to say and speaking of drag queen right. Speaking of monique's fabulous hit single cold drag queen know a true drag. Queen is only to wear those shoes the snowstorm. It's inspiring all right. Thank you very much. Isaac by the way i should ask. Have you ever been told that you smell like hospital. Well that's the thing you know. I kind of know what she's going through. Because i can't go into a house. I have a really hard time in hospitals because of the smell. Hashtag hospital smell is going on every single one of my instagram posts. From now until i don't even care if it relates to hospitals smells just going hashtag hospital smell on every post. The potomac reunion was so epic it took eleven hours in a large portion of my soul making and since none of us can stand to wait another two weeks to see and it's time for me to play reunion. I have some spoiler questions. Pick your answers from the bobbing heads of your friend group. Carriages al robin ashley. Candice and wendy other than yourself. Who got your vote. For best dressed karen who provided the most comedic relief and myself karen who was full of it. The full of the most be asked the entire day does who requested the most p. breaks throughout the day. Ashley is pregnant. Who significant other. Got the most heated. I gotta say mine. I was gonna ask Who did to challa respond. The best to back stay you. Andy was on the receiving end of karen sharp tongue in shade. The most giselle who arrived the latest robin. Yes she did last. Who brought the best receipts definitely me. That's the binder. She brought a binder guys and there was a person after at she had binder. Clemson is going housewives. Thank you monique. Monique when we shot the potomac reunion. Two major things happened. I got to meet to challah and the most important beef of the season was resolved when to challa met with karen while. I'm glad that those to buried the hatchet. It appears that child is ready to bury his shady claws into the two of you. It's time for the return of shady to challah. High is shady challah challah. While the real to the i'm the real shady berry they allow wound my god. This is major those fisher above them. It's all a zoo over there. Okay let's get the shady challenge questions for the two of you chevy. What's your first question. Mitch housewives he sounds. I foam urban. Doesn't he he sounds yes. He sounds like patti whitcomb doing catholic jeff. I don't know. I mean. I love my house. Let's not gonna ask. I plead the fifth. Okay give another one to challa. What's your answer Definitely weigh in on this because the women have been going after gazelles close. What do you think. I understand why you would go after yourselves. Close i do. But i have to say like from me doing that kind of couture sensibility on a budget is a real feet. You know when when you don't have it you can't right but she somehow manages to together on every woman sort of budget change. That's a big well down. That considered shady on its own shady shady bird here here okay give us another one shady to challa no meek like you rather have just style you for an event or have robin file your taxes shady charlie bird to i would much rather have robin by my taxes because i could still pay it so it's fine last one shave shala okay one. How would you rate lands. Cabaret skills llewellyn. Are you kidding. Me is the mistress of cabaret. I only i only walk in the shadow in the very long shadow of land. Because you know she's tall so she casts a really long shadow. So i give her a ten. Wow that's generous. Thank you both for joining us. Our virtual audience says a few questions for my zoe. What your question for monique. I'm only a my question for. Is you think. Wendy has a right to be upset at ashley for writing statement on your behalf. And what is your current relationship. Like with wendy. I don't think she has a right to be upset about that. I didn't ask ashley to write anything. That was a lie. I just asked her to write about her history as it pertains to candidates in her belligerent. Behavior My current state with wendy as far as a relationship it's nonexistent. We've never really had the opportunity to develop a relationship. So is this okay toni. You're up next with a question. For isaac isaac. Tony good. how are you good. So i can't believe that Gar cell was one of your models back in the days so i was just wondering what it was like to work with her. Then and what you thought of her first season as a real housewife. Okay wait a minute. I don't remember anything about working with garcia. I don't remember anything about booking gar sell. Except she's probably right. If she says i booked her then i did but my mind in those days i was kind of on stuff so i i tend to have forgotten the entire decade of the nineteen ninety s. What were you all and is like seriously darling. Really must tell you what i was on. I was on a few. I read your book. I didn't read about any drugs in your book. Well charlie and i'm trying to be elegant about the fact that i don't remember working with garcia except i love ourself. I love the cat locked for you. She was in she was in. She was how did she do. You let her first season. Do you think amazing amazing amazing. I love the way she looks. I love what she says all the time she just. She's a straight shooter. That's not an easy bunch of ladies to get in with at. She got in and she did her job. She was interesting all the time. Well some of the potomac women are convinced that monique is incapable of remorse. But i want to see if that theory is as fake karen salzer. It's time to play. Do you regret it came monique. I'm going to go through some things that you have done and will you tell me if you regret them or not. The biggest elephant in the room. Do you regret getting physical with kevin's absolutely but i've grown so much sense so if that occurs. Do you regret anything you said or any of your reactions to the women at karen's house when you own that to discuss the fight. No i don't because everything that i said was what i needed to address them. It wasn't about them and they made it about them. Do you regret trolling karen. A little bit with two challa now risk. You regret spending over two hundred k on a live podcast recording. Did you recoup any of the costs. No because that's not what i spent on that one. That was what i've spent over the course of five years on my whole entire business. God do you regret your tense moment with robin and an umbrella. Outside of karen's ladonna discovery phase meeting. I do regret that. Because i thought they purposely. We're coming after me. I didn't know that kicked them out. Until i watched the show so i thought they were trying to gang up on me. Do you regret spreading the story about your cells acts creep it in the park after dark. No because i don't spread rumors spread facts and it was the fact that okay. Thank you very much. We got two regrets oliver folks tonight. Wendy tried to move on from her career in higher education but unfortunately for her. I'm about to give them all the potomac women of full scholarship to mizrahi university. Isaac you're about to give personalized feedback to each of the ladies each of the ladies on their fashion sense. I want to start with karen. Do you have any words for karen. And how she puts herself together in the words of deonna. Three lind if you get the hair right and the shoes right. Everything else kind of falls into place and i think karen really gets the hair the wig right and the shoe all right here like as you go. Rhino chromatic hair and shoe wig. It works okay. What about giselle. Well as you know. I really admire this idea of taking the most with like this kind of i don't know what she i think. In her mind she is dressing on a budget. I just wanna point. Well listen. I think she does appear. I'm going to rephrase it. I think she jessica lynch off sort of interpreting trends alike every single woman. It's very democratic. She looks incredible to me all the time to move on. And okay robin well. I loved the way robin looks robinson. Me looks like really natural. And she looks extremely young. Robin gets how to dress in this easy casual young way. I'm not kidding. She always looks young. Okay speaking of young ashley the youngest woman in the group. Well kansas me. Well here's the thing that's fabulous about ashley like. She looked so different every single time. You see her. You know it's like okay like taryn. Wears a lot of different wigs and she looks slightly different. But ashley literally transforms. She's a chameleon candice. Candice is like the cutest thing to say what you want about politics. Say what you want about like her sort of pot stirring etc but she always looks lawless. And by the way as a dominatrix like i would hire. Okay what about. And that's from a gay guy What about when exactly. Well i love wendy's. I think seriously only because she has like five degrees and she looks like that. Bryce li like that is a lot of work to have all those at smart and she always looks like not just glamorous. She always looks extremely smart. I mean that okay last up how. 'bout monique monique. I mean like to me. Monique is the most classic and the most infamy. She looks like some like young. Joan crawford something all the time she looks so put together like seriously and i honestly like thank god. She has a squad in her bubble. That's all i can say. Because if you're gonna have the bubble right now new hairdresser you need. You need a makeup artist. You need a stylist exterior south but things and not on a budget. Monique kathy from island. Wants to know how you're getting along with your mother-in-law she supporting you over the candidates situation. Yeah we're getting along fine so we do facetime. And whenever chris talks to her and call are we say hello and you know they're. They're still quarantined because they are a little older in age down in virginia where they live so we haven't been able to see them but she's been she's been on my side and she's been fine. Margot see texted isaac. Since you've famously dressed first ladies in the past Do you have any plans or hope to work with dr joe biden. Vp elect common layer. Once they get into yeah. I would love that. I would absolutely love to work with either of those. I admire them and i love them so much. It's going to be a breath of springtime again. In this country day isaac also branded t wants to know take on the backlash of harry styles Wearing the dress on the cover of vogue. Why is there a backlash to that. I think it's lovely. I mean it. I mean what's new about address on guy a Okay be harry styles gorgeous right see. It's a gorgeous photographs. So i'm sorry like don't backlash on me. Please don't tread on me. Don't backlash on me. Hashtag hospital smell. It's time for tonight's this bravo his story okay. Three years ago. I just when you thought it was safe to bring theresa vacher the table. She reacted to some rumors about her marriage. That left her shattered watched. This movie morrison. I just got back from like. I heard that teresa's been rekindling and all its claim an old boyfriend human right now teresa. If it's not gonna true peace that tau suck up up. I did ask. Wow found that compelling this holiday season is going to look different for most but oetzi can help but feel brighter in a world of mass production. I love to shop for gifts. That are truly unique gifts. That i can't find anywhere else from creative handmade pieces to one of a kind vintage to things that are personalized just for the people. I'm gifting them to go to f dot com slash gifts to shop meaningful gifts for the people. You love this holiday season. That's f. e. dot com slash gifts. We are back with monique samuelson. Isaac is rocky. You can see. Isaac a cafe carlyle four park concert series. It's gonna stream on broadway world events. So isaac are you doing the show live from cafe carlyle and it'll be streaming from there or no. They're taped shows and they're kind of put together like Like shows and have guests of a few guests. The i guess to suzanne vega and she's funny and she's gorgeous and it's a really good series. I think you'll love it. It comes from that beautiful room. Everybody's together musicians in every it's really seriously andy. Could you look at it seriously. I will send you a promise to look at it if i send it to. You like broadway. World events tickets available now broadway world events guilt in moline bit mark and wants to know. If you feel like michael's apology to ashley's family for his infidelity was genuine. I think it was. I mean they have a long road ago but ended the day. As long as ashley's fine with it. I mean they're the ones that's married. So isaac matthew are set in your senior year of high school. You spent a good deal of time at studio fifty four. What was the biggest star you bumped elbows with. Oh my gosh. I mean you name it darling you name. It was their. Liza was there. That's before i knew her. You know andy warhol was there. Truman capote was there halston. I mean literally and it was honestly you could. You couldn't turn around. Without falling over. Bianca jagger was fabulous. Lp bills fan wants to ask you. Isaac about rosa repeatedly mispronouncing your name on the apprentice. Did you get a wallet by that on purpose her. No she's a reality star. So i guess she was trying to make some kind of a story for herself. But i mean that whole booking was so annoying. I remember that i was like a yankees game and my manager was like oh we have to go. You're booked on. The apprentice was so mad because i mean donald trump or whatever i mean really and then i showed up and there was omarosa pronouncing. My name really am rosa and now. She's like the head of cattle. She had she's a she's the secretary of state or something right when it wants to know why it was okay for ashley to bring cherise around the group for not but not for candidates to bring peace i know that ashley cherise frizz and ashley actually caught a gave me a heads up but on the other hand kansas who were supposed to be these like good friends. I never even knew that they were cool. She never ever brought to my attention knowing the issues that i had with cherise and she can be friends with whomever she wants. It was just a matter of giving me a heads up. So i can be mentally. Prepared is a greg said. You said you made clothes for a retha. Franklin in a dreamlike. What was it like designing for her. I don't know that i've ever talked to you about this. Well the thing was it was a letter. The came in the mail right with some measurements. Because she didn't like flying so she didn't. I never met her. But i made these met address or made for her. And all i'll say is. That was the longest bus start. I have ever known in my entire life. That was like a twenty star okay. She has a major sheds. A major major endowments god endowed that lady with an amazing voice and some major titties. That's all i'll tell you. She was fabulous. Where did she did you end by the way. Did you ever see the gown on her. I think so. I mean again it was a blur and so many gowns. We're going on so many different people. And i'm sure i saw photographs and dulled and went mad and i forgot seriously all right. Well you can see. Monique samuels on the real housewives of potomac and isaac at cafe carlyle for four weeks go to broadway world events for tickets. Thank you so much both of you. That was super super fun. Guys thanks for listening to the podcast. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. New episodes go live monday through friday at four. Pm eastern time. Make sure your subscribe to have a great rest of your night.

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