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QLS Classic: Scarface


Course love supreme is a production of iheartradio. This classic episode was produced by the team at Pandora. Ladies and gentlemen. This is a special live Culas that we broadcasted in Austin Texas. This was a long overdue episode about the great scarface formerly of a ghetto boys. We learned so much about. He's truly one of the most fascinating human beings in hip hop in music. He lays it all online about his journey into the hip hop world. Visible help and his mental. Car We've really get to know. The man that they call scarface. Special. Class coming up right now. For. You'll see Jesus here we go. Out This work. My words and my boss. I thought your. Repo. Name is a pure satisfaction. With the King of the south. Dj Action! Role. Famous sugar. Disappointed thought I was GONNA meet. Al Pacino So! So. So, free love. Bill. Not Feeling Mad. Welcome scarface. Real name. Supremo Em. Place yes. But I love faces. Spa. Right, now. My name is face. Eighteen, X. Out There Shit. I'm the. Best. Back. Code? So. Prima yes. Before I started the deduction for. Anyway. To a special south by southwest decision of what's Love Supreme brought to you by the fine folks of doer. Thank you all for coming out. We are live outside behind the gas station yeah. That tattoo parlor. Oh, where yeah never going to get. Up Join you. We'll all get to say the collectively all do that together. to my far right. I will say this is the guy of blue-collar grew music. Oh. Yes. Yes please support. No news is good news by our very own fun, Tikolo. What what? I got to see you last night with this? into his left is. The super what I say, the super engineer for all those acquiring classics you love by the roots and Eric about doing the Angelou Oh wow not. Blah Blah. This man is the roots. Forgot us to. This is Oh, also host of chat with sugar. We need them. To have more followers S Uga. Sugar Steve St, Steve. Mandel. To, please clap. She. Is My my fellow. Hamill told me and. Regal, is Fuck Hang. Or Hamilton. Hamilton brother right here And also the only member of coalesce. That's one step away from an e got. Or. Ghetto we call it. The entities waiting on the show one day to be ghetto. That's great one day. And also, the God of the Children's is children's television workshop. Still thing or now sesame streets on. Here is. Out Still. No, it's not sesame workshop. Right that's. Okay took it over. Okay. I see anyway. Give it unpaid bill. To. please. Say, they're not. Yes! The First Lady of Q LLC organizes our lives. And disrupts it. We, haven't called her that in a second I forgot. Well now now. We dubbed there. It's Li-. You so ladies and gentlemen. Please give it up for its lie, yes. Yeah. All right. and. What can I say you know our guesses? Practically on every top five list of your favorite emcees emcee, ever compiled. If you ask any MC that you respect from anywhere from. This man is an easily in their top five or the top three. Most of the Times he's number one. You know what I'm saying. from his days of being the PR the PR Marc's nightmare. As one third of the highly influential Yeah for his jaw dropping so outputs as as a solo. Artist Classic says. Mrs., scarface is back. The world is yours to fix last the dying breed, especially the diary, and let's not forget his appearance as upgrade yes. RIGHT HERE IN ATA! Losing Austin we did. Not to mention you appeared with. Every. Hip Hop God you. You've been on from. biggie to to Jay Z to too short to to to Puck to dude to. Act Name them all, but we'll be here all day. least gentleman, please give it up for God himself scarface. I appreciate that introduction. How you doing man, I'm doing good doing. Do Am I allowed to call you BR rappers are. We friends for Real Donald Out. What Brad But I. Know that you know we're in a professional setting is and I'm still I'm still be read. and. That's. That's right. Don't forget. The beginning tomorrow. Ill is how you doing Debra I can't complain about it, man, I'm I'm enjoying it looking good man. I feel pretty. I'll say in the last two years when I've seen you. Are you used to people doing double takes? It's still like not knowing that you when you come up and say hi doing. Like just a fifteen year old brand. I I want that I want the secret of of of age regression. We were talking backstage early. You say you know bread now like I'm not doing no bread. Wow, chilling the bread and I'm getting ready to do this this this intestinal cleanse colon teams no. Talking about some tests, no shit and it says that that. Bush wide. Two weeks. Word. That doesn't start today though. I took my first shot today so. I was kidding, but. If, you smell some foul. Up like a hundred over the past couple years. How long! It was five years old. Wow, yeah, what was it? What did you do like? Cleanses eating right running and boxing. in having a five year old. Not that came later. GonNa ask Ken. One fully commit. I mean I know we're in Austin where it. Austin is quote weird, but can one fully commit to? A healthy lifestyle Balu the Mason Dixon Line. What is it? In your life is on the line you. You gotTA fucking. Do what what what what they say do or that show a yeah but I was in the fifth wheel last year, and I was trying to find Greens it was really hard. To Rice but. And maybe. Ain't got no healthy stores. They got fucking Chinese Lou spots they. so food. That's the new soul food. Yeah, so you gotta go to Heb. Sat out the HEB. 'cause my buddy was like a a higher up Heb and he passed away. Shouting out heaps. On, what is? Would never mind. Aside so. That they really really take care people man, so I got a lot of respect for those guys, and that'll spend no money nowhere else, but there that's. So you were born in the fifth ward. Every. Like, Oprah. From southside man! Okay! Would you were born in Houston correct? Pretty much. Outside of Houston so wrong yet, close enough Houston I guess. Jason and Jason. One Ninety nine Houston yeah okay I'm a native. Houstonians cool. Okay well. Yeah I actually I. D- I. Don't know much about your your your early beginnings like. What was? Your childhood like as far as before you got into hop like. A lot of flunky, rock and roll. Really I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Faulk in rock and roll. No soul not earn in be. Solo okay, we'll explain to me like what was your. What was your household like allergies so when my mind went to work? I went to my grandmother's house and all of my uncles, wearing the rock and roll. So we played. You know thin, lizzy. Ted, nugent. fucking the pink Floyd Fan Right Pink Floyd. Rush, but we got home. We listen to fucking. Marvin Gaye and Prints. Is Lebron. That was at my mom's house. My Grandmother's house was rocked out. Or what was that unusual for you like? Why are you uncles into that particular? No. That's how that's what I grew up so I don't I didn't know it was anything supposed to be different about. Family. But I know even when you talk to your friends about music. Uncle Saga fight real good. SONORAN tests a year. In me, man, we fight like him of a okay. Okay Bye. Magas little do fighting the big news, so. I know that you're a guitars, so like how? Still! Pretty good. Remember that you are you related to Johnny Nash? Yes. Yes, I can see clearly now. He's your cousin. Does. Your family come from Jamaica. was He just know what happened? Is John Johnny from Houston? What about the accident? Though he got an accident. Jamaican next. Johnny Mans don't know Jamaican. You Serious, Oh God. He will just affiliate song with like. A lot of records football molly to know that. Yes, okay. I would assume that he came from Jamaica from. Houston Texas South Park. Damn Man. John Any coolest hell to. They got a song and it's GonNa last forever. Man, like my. You know you'll kids kids. Can See. Everybody knows everybody knows. That what he hercules never rose the car the cartoon. Don't what what what's going on. They had a cartoon called Hercules He wrote a fucking Shit Board. Sorry. I didn't know that I didn't. Lose. Oh, wow, yeah, so he just left. Hercules. Left the music to make. Really. Hercules wait to Bob. Dole. Is He. A first cousin second cousin first cousin okay. That his grandfather and my grandfather was. Brothers or some shit I know old folks. Alan noise cousins and we'd be hanging out and. I haven't seen him in. About eight months though okay. Oh, so you still live in. Yeah, you alive and well. He lives in Houston. Gary Rich. Can he still see clearly? What. Do I get a yes sorry. Yes. Say. I'm not going to do better than that job. That was his best one EP, so what? What was the the only Houston resident that we've had on? The show is premier. So how premier knife in Houston. Oh, we got a map. Ancestry? Dot Com up you. Know I think premier from previous. Previous Houston okay, all right supe-. Anybody from Houston. So breakdown, take pride of. Ownership you if you haven't heard him, say that he had used the roots, but is, it might be routes. Okay, but we love from he's. He told right, yeah. All right you set me straight. And my ongoing Ignorance of geography continues on the side. It's really you. Really you can't really get preview confused with Houston because it's not really that close. Okay. That's it is like our way of something. Outside as we, we just trying to learn, it's big little man, but you don't even know the personalities between you know Austin Texas. DALLAS, everybody's different personalities, right. Here we go. Okay meet me from Houston. Like love Houston right. But also noted that that Houston is like A. Serb town. So as cool and laid back and slow. Dallas. Is. Like Like fucking Mars like totally different. In Dallas than it is in Houston. And Austin. is like a small like. Humboldt county like. It's like everybody's doing my own shit. Enjoying it. You know what I mean. Nobody's mad. They go out they. They Jam Party. They have south by South West Have Austin city limits or whatever that shit is for the record. Austin is my second favorite city on Earth. This shit like this is bad as if I were to retire this. Does the second city on my top. This is like. Austin is in a class by itself I. Wish that they would legalize marijuana here. Get how Texas we all with that? It got quiet. Austin's with things, the rest of Texas coming aboard. All it up fucking old people need to die and let us have it why. I don't fuck. So how? How HIP HOP call to? Reach you in Houston. Started with music. Started with music started started growing up in a band. Starting with learn how to place it. You know so. You were in high school bands and then I was in. Elementary School junior high school. Dan I'm talking about bans like everybody when I when I was growing, everybody played something okay. Everybody had a base. Somebody has some drums in their houses guitar. Somebody blew the Hornets Shit now that they've taken the the the the. Schools and then we're suffering, you know music was like a universal language man. We all love that shit so now and now it's gone, but. I grew up in I grew up in music. And hip hop came You know it was mind blowing because I've seen some people. That was like me. They kids and they were jamming. You know what's this? Shit Rapper's delight was one of the first hip hop songs I heard. My cousin his from New York. So. I spent a lot of time up there I heard a lot of shit, so I was kind of like a little bit. Because they could really really rap. And like really really wrap too so we had a lot a lot of fun. You know what I mean. Certainly. Education I did well see that that shows while you a cut above the rest because. You're the early education I was I was weighing in hip-hop like. Way Ahead and hip hop. You remember how old you are. How old you are when you wrote your round. Probably about fourteen. Fifteen. But was the moment where you're like okay. I seen a Man Wow. That's when I knew like Oh shit. Oh you mean literally. Talk! To my my catalog, that was when I really knew that Oh. Shit, you guys when you. Get, it took that long, we. All Fun and Games in the beginning right. You make song you go home. and listen to Bro-. Broke my fucking hand. Broke my hand. And I had some painkillers and I I drink. I used to drink a lot of Miller lights, and I smoked weed and I was so high. Like I never been there high in my life. And I I remember. Can we hang out? A. Also call me going to jail. Oh! Right. Supply. Quack. y'All events staff they're not. They're not cops. GOPS, so you were saying how you were highest. In then. I remember being in the studio. In the lights off like like my it was dark, dark dark, and all you see was the. The glass, the engineer the glass was Mike Dean. Just me and Mike Dean, studio so is the engineer. That's the inspiration for all the great song. No don't please shitty. Complaining So. When. The first words and the way that it was dark, and it was cold in there and I don't like cold. So when I was first, words came out, he followed the. fucking body. I would like Oh. A Youtube. Hit Me. It's Kinda Weird. That was it. It was at that moment. He had fucked up. Right then. Right any hidden. It's weird to hear. You have a spiritual experience about yourself like your also your also. Your favorite rapper's. Kinda cool really liked me Nah. Nah, what's was that moment that I knew I fucked up. I hit that. He greets his father with. Tell us the line the full line. Egregious father with his hands out. Rehabilitated slightly but to be. The man's child gladys his man when he wanted thought that big shots just shot that she looked your spine well. I don't know if y'all ever had a really really good nut, but that's how I feel. You'll learn maybe when you thirties. I think. My bad. Oh! I want to apologize to Sesame Street? So wait. What I'm saying is. You're saying that. When you wrote that then you felt like. When I wrote it when you heard it. Yeah! Okay, but I'm just saying. When in your teens did you feel like? Okay. I'm just going to pursue you. Just mean you were just messing around that whole time. All fucking right. I didn't even expect to get paid for it even during my mind's playing tricks on. That one, but you know I had no fucking idea that this she paid. Man So like. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait wait wait. You pay me. To rap. But. What, but not the monetary reward of it I mean in terms of. Fuck that eight quest. It was about the money was growing because we haven't been. Right like it was about money. Like we. We did shit that was. Strictly for the money before rap started. All right. So when you said that you was gonNA pay me. To rap. And I do this no more. no-brainer! Hello this is Ron, Burgundy and you're listening to my voice, which commands trust and respect guess what my podcast is back, and that's a win for everyone mainly for me because of the money, but also because I love to hear myself talk, and so do you and if you're thinking, it's time for a change in your insurance plan, B., automobile or home insurance think no further than state farm. You know the one with the catchy jingle like a good neighbor. State farm is. State farm has been in the insurance game for more years than anyone on earth can remember. They aren't some fly by night operation offering suspect savings, they offer real service for classy people who want to be confident in what they are buying. I call it the state farm difference I. Don't know what they call it. I don't even know who runs the company. Maybe I should run the company. I would keep the jingle like a good neighbor. State is there, but I would change the tune like a good neighbor state farmers there. That was better right. So, when did when did y'all ghetto boys? How did that come about I wasn't there? So the original. Johnny! So why? Would they or I guess. About Jay prints like. Would is I've heard a lot about the legend of J. Prints, but Can't. Don't know anything about him, but I know that. It's alleged. Who is what and who is Jay Prince? and. How did he bring you into the fold of ghetto boys in in my opinion, Jay is a masterful thinking. He's probably up in the top tier of thinkers. Chess players. If you know like an online type of mother fucking him. He has to because when you google him. You can't find nothing about him. That's the most amazing he he's. Be More afraid of James than trump. For Real. For Real. By he the masterful fucking think yeah. A master strategist. So, how did you guys meet and how he? Did he bring you into. Know was like he heard a song and he was A. We put that guy and his group. And, that's what it was, but not the average thing like. You know. I got a group Hey Mike. What you? Got A group. And ghetto boys cool. You're gone. You're gone you're. You Cool and Wow, what do you? What record was of yours hurt that make? The original. fucked him up. Oh, hail now. I don't want no competition. Yeah, so was he the mastermind behind you? Guys, just being yeah, because when I when I first heard of you, I guess. When Chuck! Chuck D's Xiaojie guys out on fear of a black planet. That's the first time I heard of the ghetto boys. And then I'll say like. Maybe two months later than suddenly. You guys were just? Like I saw more of your press than I heard the music. Because the controversy. with the the P. Marcy and I. Guess I forget who the head Ed Gore when what no? No, that? The head editor of billboard was Ted I forget his name. Is is like. No He's gone. He's gone. Is He dead? A while you got something. Does he gave US asking? Usually like people don't just step down, people don't relinquish now. Our people don't just relinquish the power, so if Ted either the. Is Dan Tana's rich. A Man I forget his name, but I remember reading. His is editorial about the shock of this album. and. Instantly I was like I gotta get this. That was was gripping another level. Well, it was. Okay they just. Like three hundred thousand records independently on the first one before ricky. Pick the shit up. So how to even get a, he probably heard somewhere. So it wasn't like you guys were looking for May now. Looking for a deal at all, but when you make, somebody offered, they can't refuse. You KINDA gotTA. Make that move. Feel me. I like southern grew on MGM at the time. It wasn't agile. So Rick had left. Def Jam started. Defa what you know what? I'M GONNA. Go out on. A limb might have been the first southern act on DEF jam. You are. 'cause you you before Luder right. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Luda came out on Def Jam South. Improper was deaf in with the with with the turntable maternal needed that was. That was super important efficient that that's a bucket list plan right there like the be on. That was a dream. That's a childhood dream. BEAT ON DEF JAM from Houston Texas like not like a small little neighborhood in Houston Texas called South Acres and I'm on fucking. Real I. Never ever take. My travel. You know my journey granted bro like. I'm from right there and I'm sitting here with one of my favorite deep, my favorite drummer. I call it. What I call you. The human. IMPIS. You told me that you guys PC. He doesn't. That's my favorite compliment. That's my favorite comparable to human NPC. I think he got mad I used. I was like man. He made drum machines. No. That was always my life goal to be like trump be. Pocket road I gotTA. Be Me. I'll give it at one time because he's a bad motherfucker. A he actually. Hit Me with a thing I don't. To. Take over my now just. All right so. When you most most group situations. Are you know usually childhood friends that Gel with each other, and and and then become group? You guys were sort of just. A boy ban almost like. Shit happen. You knew him. In him in me and we had no idea who the fuck we were. We know we we didn't know we just. Got In the van one day and rode out somewhere and wrap. It seemed like A. Book. Subaru. So. How did you guys was easy to jail as? A group. Of Strangers and suddenly you're going to enter this. This business venture I. I had no idea that it would turn into a business I thought it was just. I thought it was just having fun a rapid and recording shit. You know like this is my first time. I had no idea about nothing in the music industry nothing about the music business period so. I I just wrote my sheet and I left. You know we're not friends. We don't hang out. We not cold. So what means. So y'all want to. Just. Cue We not free is now. Are you. Are you family now? Is it like that? Like. I don't say bills name to to loud. He'll pop. Up. Oh. I had a crazy crazy Bushwick bill story where I didn't realize that he had gotten onstage. It's like ninety seven ninety eight. And I was playing with a very unusual kick drum. Maybe it was a twenty eight inch kick drum was like the. Tooth. Back inside my kick. Hit please. Laying the there's a pillow, there was a bunch of pills picked He sat on the riser. And then he just took a nap inside of the kid. I've heard more crazy stories about bill. That's the. Mc Search. Story but. I was in the group with him. Episode my favorite is. What was that? What was it phased? Nobody loves me. Nobody loves me phase. Nobody loves his man, but boy short banking. Yeah. I got some stories man but i. let him tell his own man so the cover of we can't stop. I was pissed. You could tell it by the I'm look- yeah. Man That's so fucking disrespectful. Tell me the call that you've got obviously J.. Get to the hospital right now. He didn't say that. They don't get on the phone and called us. Is the infamous cover. Where he's in the hospital. Setting up for our listeners. So. I guess the legend was that he makes clear with. something. Clear we tried to shoot is out that he made a song about ever cleared. He shot a Bushwick bill shot his eye out. and. Look. For. Marketing he'll. Tell me the story. His own. Warranty covers so. Explain to me how that cover came to be. So we heard like. Five o'clock in the morning bill got shot. And he got signed and I was like fuck older. Like? He's fucking dead. With some kind of way that little motherfucker was Rosa. Looks it. Did he go through? Where does it go away win but I know him did. He. Went to the hospital. And they. Might. Come up here and get this hour. Because Jason Fuck is more. He thought bill was going to die. So, he wanted y'all supposed next to. Oh my guy. Wow I can't make that man. We thought bill was going down and we're GONNA take a picture on feels deathbed, and that's going to sell a million records and he did. It. Fuck you. Did so. I mean I. You know if bill would had his is closing shit, be cool with it. But. He had a fucking phone. On his head, the old brick foam. Actually it was like this big. He's sitting up on the. Like you see his legs and she. Like he was sitting up on that bitch like this. Like a big ass, man with a little short little legs, right? He's got his fucking band. Aid Off. This is. His is fucking sticking out like Halloween masks and I'm like Shit. Take. Just fucking Halloween costume. No Man from that point on bill has been like a Halloween like. Like a twenty four. Seven. Three sixty five bucks and Halloween costume. Bro He became chucky. He began Halloween costume because he was joker to. Your right and now he's. Was the last time you talked to them. Damn that long. Now. Decades I don't never talked to build the war. We're GONNA good. Wow No, I'm fine like it's good like we left in a great place. What about you and y'All have any talk sometime okay okay. But really ain't come out on stage. Man, one time and I still Kinda feel fucked up about this we. We had a concert in Houston and she and. It was DJ quick. A few other Fox Gracie, going on right and I was a CO headline would ice cube? I know a couple of weeks before really came out with Trach Willing and bill came out with trenched to demaim planned tricks record right. And I wrote the fucking regularly. So I do this Shit, man and I'm thinking really GonNa. Come on and do the Shit on the Strip 'cause you know. Probably GonNA. Go on to a one of these days. And, then he didn't go out on my. When is you sound like you know what man? I never go towards. You know more. We ain't gonNA never do no more songs, no motherfucking Mulligan. None of this attributed a hip hop honors college. Shocking. I. Don't believe that right God. It is. It has to happen. You wrote all your mildly Antrix on your. EXCEPT VERSE! Okay how okay the? The splash. The splash cymbal at the end of each verse. How okay this is only a narrow question. The Mirror ask. Was the ideology I have no fucking. The right. Thing, you know how you run, you program you eight. M. Sixty right. and you gotTa do the change up in the last two. Yeah. That's that's one of my favorite. When I'm when I'm hitting a crash cymbal. That's. That's my crash. cymbal. That are always here is one of the loudest. They could have been pulling mixed to though so. It probably was it. You know it. Mixed regular, it is made my arm coming down with the force of Hercules on every symbol I've ever hit that you did you did on NBC I? Did on NPC's sixty and. An EP s out in sonic joint. As Wow. ooh! Not I'm that this is my first note moment, but walks through that beat process just like we're starting from it how you? Know. That's all I mean that particular song that particular thing. So when Really left the group. After the Ice Cube this the ice cube. Oh? When Ice Cube said Willie told me to let our hope hope that was the end of the ghetto. Boys for good. That was it wow? He thought he's bigger than the group. You Know I. Don't between you to talk about, but I know that after that should have it. It was no more where he left. Because that's. Like a soldier record that was next I. have no idea. Nope, that's what happened I was working on A. I was forced to work on a solo album. The first your first album. Oh! Mrs scarface is back in. This is all in my book, too. By the way you're saying you didn't want WanNa. Make that I. I wouldn't. Be No, fucking rapper too much. It took too much time and he went paying fucking. Rap for. This give me enough money by this. So I could flip that. And do this. That's what I want to go back. Up Shit okay. Wait let me enjoy second. This also is the ongoing continuation of our discovery. that. All classics inaugurate moments are done Emit Alpha State Oh. Yeah, where if you plan if you plan a great moment of you, plan to make a classic whatever it never works. But when is this an afterthought like? Magic is that's crazy so all this time I'm thinking that. For a solo record was like. This plan for you like to. pull the Michael Jackson off the wall. When you recall man, I could be wrong, but I if I if I if I recall correctly I was was making songs. Okay, for for. For my solo album and I had a song. Call my mind playing tricks on me. I had three verses. My first two person the dish. You Halloween filling the weekend. I. I write well some kind of way priority. had. A meeting with James and Deborah ended up on the ghetto boys record. My Solo, so I was on my solo album. But it helped us set up a little dough like. That's the biggest fucking move that we could've made. It setup everybody Solo. If everybody got everybody got if everybody coming off the success of a great fucking group album and everybody has the opportunity to break solo. It also. This talk show. CAST continue. I. took. It once I tasted the blood like like fuck that. Like I argue myself. I could be at odds with me by myself I don't have to have. Three of them I'll fuck to argue it. I can just going this motherfucker fight with me. You know I could deal with my own ego. S The most fun anyway. Shit ain't right, so wait so long as your baby. What does it feel like all these years later to have a song like every Halloween, it is timeless and you know. I'm right there in the same light as my cousin. His saw more play forever. My plants rich replacing GONNA play forever. Like all the rest of that shit that I did in, my life may not play for me that she made in pretty soon. But I know that every time it if they don't take away the Halloween good. So! How did you trays Oh you? Kind of want to go back to the first record. What I WANNA know is is that you know for those that? Aren't steeped in in in baptized in hip hop culture! You know a lot of the ideas of what? Especially in the political world that were against rap music at the time. I mean you guys were basically? that. You know the most shocking. The most. Disgusting whatever you. Whatever superlative you could use. It was it was the plan for that studio we're we're just going to be me most offensive group of all time I. Don't I don't i. don't think he play in that. You know I think that you look at what's happening around you like and this was. You know. I I. Remember going to Milwaukee. And going to Jeffrey Dahmer House and she did that Shit at wait. You went there fucking right why? I, mean you you hear about this shit? Been Your play to because it was his houses right across the street from this big giant Milwaukee venue. It's like a Masonic Hall. Winning Dahmer's House. I hear. He's about what was on the inside of that apartment. I didn't go in. There wasn't anything how. motherfucker stopping and getting scared. Yeah. The house was empty. Everything was I. don't know if that motherfucker wasn't jail yet. Eight everything in the house. Point. You're missing the whole point you didn't. used. So! That was a good ones, Daddy. Yes, that was a great one. Get one for that. So with all that Shit, going on guys. We just kind of wrapped about it. But you realize I really crossed that line. At that point NWEA was the. Was the high mark of offense, and even their stuff was more politically offensive. Right not like to the level you our like. Boy, said. Having six corpses and Shit Yeah I. Would I think I I right there by? It would take a little bitty spooky, looking motherfucking this as much it like that. But he didn't write either. Willie wrote never will really at a guy named jukebox debt. And jukebox later went to jail for like murderer of course because. Thanks way of course. Not It was just it was just one of those we we. We really whether a storm that we wasn't supposed to get out of. Known? I was saying. Like. It was a lot of shit that went on in those years. You know it was a lot of. people getting. killed. There was a lot of people going to jail. There was a lot of people being indicted. There was a lot of friends falling out and not speaking no more like it was a lot penitentiary chances that went on doing that shit during that time and we weathered that storm. and from from seventeen years old to right now man I'm. Happy route. Is. Coming up on my thirty. And Hip hop third. Night and an actual use to. Do that you could. Find my contract August seventeenth nineteen, eighty seven. No. Adm Line Eight. I was seventeen years old. And now forty seven. That's amazing man. They should have made the by being forty seven man. You just gotTa Keep Waking Up. This it hurts. I I WANNA. Get to the I want to get to the diary. I feel I'm skip skip over the world. But we can get back to go to Nano. Shit that happened there. So let me roll. Right. Is that you planned based on? The base where I got one of the coldest. At like Uncle Eddy. We're not friends. We don't get along at all. Here because I'm confused. You seem like a super friendly guy who has no friends. So. Why aren't you friends with even your uncle? I've also say Yo. We should play one, but now right now, but he's right. Now though. Yeah. I'd like I'm really cool as fuck, but I don't got no friends. I don't really want no friends. What about us can we can? We can quest now. That's the second time you've asked to be his friend before you. Actually. Be. Cool cuticle. y'All really fucking. y'All I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Get Him on chat show. So, listen. I. Mike Dean. How did he enter? Into the conversation because. So Mike Dean was a engineer. Okay okay, but my team played for Selena. `Wow okay my name was. My team was a keyboard player. A saxophone player some shipper, Selena. Listen. Like Mike Deane is a bad Ma plus he's called. You ever heard intro to Jesse James Yes. Our Dina Bama fucker straight up We would bring Shit to the studio. In started making you know making making songs, whatever and my name plan on this year. And he's a masterful mix. He's a for those for those that don't know right now I'm Mike. Deane is really getting moment in the Sun. As Connie as Travis Scott. The kids everything he did a pen to write. Did, he do pan well, he did someone designers record. Okay, okay. Its. Name it like from changed. Yeah, now he's. Hopping more now, but I didn't realize that he. Worked, on, your first. So I won't as you about the rap a lot production squad so in Joe Beato Auto. What was the deal with those cats? How involved with you in that getting me right? I'm saying you. Credit fucking credit. I read, trust me, okay. How does what was it like? Would you collaborate with them I think that Joe has his own style and Sodas Beato. We forgot about tone talk Apollo. fucking to. My. I've started production deal I started their production movement off. You know what I mean like a from from I've seen a man died to my mind plan. I did my mind playing tricks by I. Did my whole First Solo album myself? I. Did all of those except maybe like Born killer and I didn't do money in the power and I didn't do. He's dead. On. That was the thank you Simon did that, but I did the rest of that ship. Okay all right Listening to. The ninety six GETO boys album to death. Do US part part. Yeah, redecorated out, probably did. All that shit about women Tucson's to. Putting together that. Production team, just everybody collaborating and making great music. Great Music. You know everybody's got to want to jam. You know everybody's got to have an input. It can't be fucking Egos. You know what I mean like I don't have an ego. Like, let's just let's just Cham- SPEC the best. Record that we can make. And, then we'll argue about who did the best. When is over with? Without the will at the other side, I'm jumping around so. The diary. What made you take? Ninety? Nine left balloons. Yes, for going down. Drugs. Makes tables. I love if I all. The first or we all my uncle play the bass on their shit's. Telling me on. Eddie is probably the best musician that I've ever heard my life. And I don't like them on the fuck. Do not get along him playing bass on. Favorite join emory leverage him everything. What is full name so we can look them up Eddie Wilson. He's a bad motherfucker. He bad like Princeton. Anything! Heaping plate chairs and jam. But, he blind. He's he's a fucking asshole. Michael? Blonde man. To. Me So. Leave it at that. The best collaborations are. You know what I mean. He's fucking awesome. He's awesome. Amir remember that that show. This is your life where they would bring on different people from your pass. Yes, like he should be a contest. We just. Keep bringing on all the people you hate. Sure. Can ever. Fly Yeah. We'll bring you, Bro. So. At least with the diary. Did you feel like that was your? Valentine's Day what happened with the between a diary end the the The world is yours okay, so. The world is yours smoking regular dirt, asked we. Heard this story before. When we got to fucking California. Talk about it. Who's smoking shit that has. So that that was. That's called the chronic. Shit. That's what it was mean. It made. You feel different, so it made you. Think difference when you felt different than you you. You made you think and. Play different. It was like wow. That's when she started jamming I think I. Think it was the weed man. What was always have for you with going from the diary to the untouchable? Like your production just stepped up. Home, level out of homes. Were, bad Ban. Dowse our south, my record on. Tone. Wow Yeah but mike mixed. Mike, was he? He Makes A. Lot of those albums and he played on a lot of those albums. But the production, and the mixing and the mastering of those albums, right, there was second in not yet you could hear it went up like. Wow. I believe the do I mean, do you? As, far as you being on everyone's like. Top Ten list and and and. You know this level of respect that you get. Do you feel? Do you feel valued or like I mean I've never read about you like getting into beef with other rappers. I'm into the level that it was with. During that period, the East Coast West Coast in this and met you sort of like the you were Switzerland almost like. You were the happy medium like. But did you feel as though like? I should be more respect like pioneered. I'm cool man I like this like being down here on ground level. Like being able to come out to Austin and walk back through the. Pictures and take my back to the Maroon. You know I, don't I. Don't want a whole bunch of fucking people around me. You know I? Don't need. Entourage liked being down on ground level with everybody else. Treat me like regular people all right I'm GONNA. Ask you the CLICHE. Question that I hate. Asking me. But because you're such a a pioneer of the south. How do you feel now today that? Southern Culture. Is So ubiquitous now in hip hop where it is now. Wasn't that I'm just saying it's. It's the real word. It's the gold standard. It's you know what? You know what run DMC version of new? York was for hip hop where everyone had to follow that template. Now Southern rap especially with with as far as Houston is concerned. Like. How do you? Do you feel some sort of way about it now or the way that the culture has. reinterred or e Bald? Is. It evolved or has regressed. Let me, let me finish. Let me say this because I feel like when when we first got started possible to break in New York. It was don't nobody in Philly bucked with us. You, know but also scarface is back was. And I got love. Yeah, let them Agai love, but everything sound. Everybody had their own identity though everybody now she sounds like one big long record like everything sound exactly Internet. For the neutralize undefeated. killed regionalism. You can't tell who's from where everyone sounds the same no. Because literally I was talking to a friend of mine from I'm from DC where we were talking about him. And we were talking about your relationship with DC, because he was you know in light of the anniversary of celebrating a staff for DC dues. We weren't really in that pot versus big thing for us. It was scarface them number one because he came to DC. He performed with Gogo. Band that you still do to this day. Say Yeah, but can you speak to that relationship and he goes to? To the regionalism and relationships with Mark Like that I like I like the idea of DC having on identity man like DC, never swapped out and went nowhere else. They always Gogo. You know you have some you have. Some dope has represented there you know, but but mainly the music in DC like backyard can have a are. You can have a show in DC and sell the fucking place out. Don't need no rapper in it. They don't need no big name as they are the big name and whole fucking place from from wall to wall singing. The song I'm like Damn. Shit I'm glad I didn't close. To. DC is like a meeting in DC is like Frankie. Beverly New Orleans. Always go there and get a cheque, right? It's beverly. Frankie beverly in DC because we claim to reclaim y'all. Wait a minute. No No, no, no, no, no! Break Your phillies. So why are you? What these? Where he's in DC. I gotTa Rep and that's what it is. A mother. My I see. So. As far as it regressing or progressing. Just. You feel some sort of way about. I do or is indifferent now like okay well. No, it's not my turn. Turn anymore I don't care about. It'd be my turn I still. WanNa hear don't music though all right. The last dope new thing you heard. Right. fucking. Kidding Lamar love me as Our. Me Like Yeah. Dope to me, man. What did you think about that? The soundtrack is not just a you know just curious. Have you heard it, says you say Kendrick Lamar and. Kinda revolutionary in nature in a way I mean the way saying and it'd be, and such a marvel film and you know some people would feel like that. Are Proud of that film to by the way. I like the black man to feel. Like the performance over to Back on on the do I feel like fucked up I mean I wish everybody had their own identity bro. I wish that people would just if if see his I like this, if love, your Shit and you knew his production Dre, you is production because they didn't sound alike. Timberland digits each new. You know timberlake domain. That's timberline right there. Yeah, you know what it was. Rottweiler, did it you know. And that's like premiered. Did you right now? Everything's got gotta be someone. Boy She that sound like so-and-so's. because. Everybody's sounded like yeah. You know. and. It fucks me up because there's no These reality in music. No more ain't. Nobody got they just bought. Some strings Bro. But at the same time get you an identity man. 'cause that should you doing? Is GonNa? Last all of three or four years at best. I speak the truth I. DO speak to shoot. You have records that you heard. Two years ago. That are relevant now and artist I shit. We're going to have right new. Designer. I thought it was funny. The bees was puppet. Eight there, so what else would that? She was over. Orange cheesy rap blue. No, no, what's some me, said these. Eight so anyway. Dash it as you know. I WANNA I WANNA have a career man. And I WANNA. I WANNA build careers man. So. I'll one thing. I wanted to ask you. What is the? What is the process of you putting your together? Because I'll go on record as saying you are. The most consistent rapper in terms of your albums like you're the most consistent album making cat like ever like all your records. Straight up all records. Is I mean it's a right. You just put it own. You know whereabouts giving the none I try to do that. S attentional of it, so that's intentional Q.! All right. So, what's that process? What makes it doesn't. That feel the vibe you know. I'm a d work on twenty five songs, and then say like. Here's my every every every every every punches is is calculated to to kill. Every bullet is a shot is gonNA. To do damage so if I'm GONNA start on record. Now I'm going GonNa, Finish that record. In the. ACA spend a week on a record. At question about your? Just your your your style of him seeing. I'll say that you're probably also one of the. Not to say that most of. The figures in hip hop work are caricatures. Shit y'all. Curriculum. Was! Right but I will say that you. On surface zeal, you know again someone that that's not. Baptize in hip-hop will just take a again there to say like whatever just spitting Gangsta Shit but. You. Know you a lot of your approach to your your your song. Structure and your lyrics. Deal with. Like you having a conscious you? Expressing regret you. Really having three dimensional thoughts of these things, and it's almost like therapeutic I. Know that you you gone on public record about. Dealing with depression, and and and in your life. How an especially I guess, what the black. People We never! We never to vulnerability. Yeah, like we. We're always guarded about the idea of therapy, or or that sort of thing and and and dealing with depression. But. You going to speak on. How like is writing? Are are writing these songs your way of doing that when you're. 'cause you been mad vulnerable and on your stuff, so it's it's. You know we're praising easy right now for four four four like at the end of his career. Was, but you were always doing it. ONLY GIVE A. Shoutout. Teacher, that taught me how to write. You know McClellan. She taught me how to write. And she. Always said it's your story had to have. Beginning. Was it a climax topic. was a piece statement. About. Five. She'll kill me if I didn't notice shit. She's dead Oh. Like this. He didn't ask. The rich. Dad She did. Yeah, because I was like in the third or fourth grade, but it had to have A. Beginning. A body climax in an ending. So. That's how I wanted to always address a step to my right, and that's how I WanNa do my and I always wanted to write about something I always want you to feel that shouldn't be oh. My God and you always wanted to end it right. But most of them see like Biggie. Himself will say that a lot of his narrative was based on what his insight. Okay well. It didn't happen to me, but I'm GonNa tell a story about. You know what my friends talk about an putting story for him, but you're like I believe. That all of your narrative was. I was in motherfucking room. I'd just. Maybe because sometimes. You have to. Art? Can't claim all the stuff that he's then. Let's just say that I have witnessed a lot of shit in my time of dying. How do you process that without getting numb because that's? It's not. Like. It's not normal to see that much tragedy occur. I'm numb to the point till I only feel fucked up when something bad happens to kids now me like babies and shit. Like when when old people die, and I'll even give a fuck, no more. Abby light or you sell was relevant below. All people die than they made it like I'm talking about over fucking. Non T like Dini. I'm just plan. If you're old as fuck man, and you a mean bastard, fuck you goodbye. I can't wait but unit. You. Look at me. I mean I. Feel the same way, but you were looking at me like. Well. You always been very open about your struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. How do you cope with that now? See I know how to get in the box and know how to get out the way man I go in my room. You know go to my. I can stay in the house weeks. Do you think we're in a new era with mental health. We really had these conversations because I feel like now and we weren't having these by ten fifteen years ago. We won't talk about bipolar. It was crazy uncle. We weren't really Daphne. Name? They gave it some dope two. Different all kinds of yes, sir. Drugs Fuck it. It's true, but. It is something to incorrect. Nothing to it. Man, either you want to fucking die, or you don't like you know what I mean have. been happier, you said Bro, D-, have you gone to therapy? To us in the fucking. Hospital when I was a kid. Back and forth you get to the level four and they let you out back down at the. FUCKING Pre Pre. Level one some shit. That ain't shit. Can nobody make you feel? Don't feel no. They had I had. In lithium the. Giving young kids back in them days lithium. But but the thing is anything for me to write you a prescription man I'm dead on its motherfuckers crazy. Let's give them some dope. That's the best. I don't think that's the best. Antidote for that. I don't think that's the best case you know me like I. think that a good ass-whipping were straight all. What is? A lifestyle change Diane. Time out man, and if your kid is is like. your kid. Has Autism understand but don't let them dope 'em up. But, if your kid is like like my other uncle right and they don't give him no medicine and he's the coolest fuck, no laughing mark fucking! Those I don't. Team Man Fuck. It makes me mad bro I. WANNA MAKE A. What you said when you got the Boba. But, I, you just need a fucking ASS, whipping man! fucking bucket up at school. Man kicked giving his. They took corporal punishment out of school. So you fuck your kids up. Now we have this whole conversation where bizarro Dawson about beating your kids and. His mother fucking airs. listen look at me. Look at me, do it. I'm I got my ass beat. Bad. I. No, don't do that. You look at the average sixteen year old now, and he's way worse than I well. Yeah. I was glad as fuck, but I never told my mom the puck off. How `Bout that? I Never I never thought my dad how? Come, down. My grandma out like. He's. Got To. Take that fucking bored. But. Communication opinions now I'm. A. Okay I'm going. With It. Why are you mean? Before the opinion. Beaten but go here you got to do. We all got. It'd be a great guy. But, there's also a downside to that is. You know I. Mean downside to getting your whooped. Thing, but also was very strain releases it with my dad. You know so. He was trying to take out on. You usually let your Mama with you go. Back then like back then in the seventies and eighties when we were growing up in the seventies, eighties seventy. So back then it was like our dads had like real pressure. They was demanding. Builds Mama tripping on the beat this and the. This you're right Rachel motherfucking as soon as I get home and hang up. You can't beat them calling back. 'cause he ain't got no. Difference it like you gotta wait on writing. A worse and you don't even know. Come, you hear. The door closes shit. In in you'll room and shit thank you. Go to sleep. Three. Guys, you get in the bathtub and Shit, and soon as you walk out that his mother fucker come. Right. You'll have that was basically I. I. And listen. Man Asks whipping help man, and now that I'm older and I realized how important those as were I'm cool with it and I know that. Can't nobody make me feel how I don't? If I'm not happy in fucking. I'm not happy who demisch it. Get out my book and room. Not In those words? But I don't Wanna I don't I don't. So no more drug prescriptions for. No more lithium at the same no. No and this episode of quest. Love supreme is brought to you by S weapons. Yeah, we've got a couple of episodes government. Anyway. You GotTa have gym. Off Entertainment? So I got some rap ner rap a lot. Questions guess what happened the to low. Fungal nigger. The fucking system got him all really yeah. I think that he will introduce to a to a lot. A grown people shed at such an early age until the sheet that he thought he could get away where he wasn't smart enough to. You know, get away with. You know we was smart enough to get away with that. She glue grown. But. You can't be fucking fourteen years old and smoking Weeden. Stealing police causes. She didn't go to jail. Okay too low too much trouble. That's a lot of twos. I think one of the brothers in too much trouble passed. I don't know what drunk is doing right now. I do know that A, little, dues names. Bar, although he's a maintenance man now will. He was a maintenance man much. Choice. Show I haven't seen her in a long time. We didn't we suppose spoke briefly. How did you get in touch? or how did you bring a Devon do what was? Devon do odd squad. So Devon a sort of Oscar had album rappleye found enough everybody fast enough by, and that was the best fucking album I ever heard. And I don't think that it did what they wanted to do sold. Kind of on the back burner. I took Devon out of the odd squad and put him in face mob. Okay, remember the group as mark. are produced an album of face mob in that did great, and we double back, and I wanted to do a solo album on Devon I. Did Denver somewhere you know that? Yeah I did not know that I did that. And it was. It was Devon. And the name of our was the new. Authority calling him. Are fucking pioneer that whole. Picture in the bathroom Bouillon. We didn't we did a commercial world? And if you get a chance to look up the fucking commercial, it is the funniest shit in the world. Of Him in the bathroom yes. Lord is hilariously Jackson our. It's actual video of him getting out of the truck and it's just funny tale That was dope man, we we. We sat down. We did album on Devin. The Dude and the rest was history he's. He's the funniest kid I know. He's funnier. Is He's still still. Every time we. Go. Great man and he smokes so much we'd. That's awesome and he's still productive. I. People like that I look at Steve. Picture of productivity sure. I had a question about legit. He speaks on it. It's on the intro of I. Think is emeritus the mayor's album. He speaks on the little choice situation. What exactly is that? I don't know man you know me and Choi Reconcile. Our differences man okay, he says of base by me. They weren't true and No he had to. Fix that. So me and Troy Troy y'all go now, we. Don't know what happened. Jay's relationship is neutral, right? Yeah required twenty eight thousand. scarface feature. Feel like. The last. I heard you will. In terms of new cats, you on the Freddie Gibbs record the the Freddie gives them mad, Lib joint. Thousand. Cal Irregular Very. Tired. So, whoever got he got it and is Rep. And then. A pocket thought. He's. He's. A lot of people retired that day man. He all right so. Told me when I told him I was going down. He said ask no sir. What does. What happened to the studio. He said you walked away like left. Said inquiries. Brad come on. He grabbed his son was like. Get outta here like he just walked out the studio I heard. His New Shit. Oh my God. What you WANNA join us all of us thought Oh my God. I'm purposely not letting people know what's happening with the roots but a lot. A lot of things about the have thousand eighteen. Boy, but what you heard just made him walk out walk. was posted blessed. You've probably blasted, but he. What he says one of. One of his heroes. There's no. He's he's. You're his. Don't know he's my hero. Sit here all day. Record! They're. fucking with. A CAMERA Going fucking with him and I'm telling you a warning every rapper. No. War We're we're. No, the thing is is that? What isolated? Visits, what isolated his first twenty years. which were on a? Rich Ryan. I'm probably the only one that kind of was scared of that ten minute freestyle because I was like no man. Because then everybody's going to like. Else is. Doing. That was their excuse. Man made because like because Jay Khanna said. He's say. Escape. I. It's one thing it's one thing like the whole. First of all knives ruin everything with that one and. That line alone meet people paranoid about getting killed on and Shit, and it's like the only time you really gonNA stand next to someone is if they can do something for you as far as help, you raise your profile. You get if you get out run by somebody that. Or nobody don't really do nothing for you, but and even though he's every rappers paper wrappers, technically like he's in every man nobody category. and. It's like I can't afford to take an L. from someone that I'm. More famous famous. Right, it aint even about the air with me. It's like. No one. Wants to play Reindeer Games, and it's like a lot of the times, cats. We'll just say like. The reason why. A lot of these. Big Pun? I. Don't feel like. You know how you gotta the. Champ. And then you have the number one contender. And the Tamil WanNa. Fight Him. That's what. To read. That's what he's basically right now, 'cause. That's on top wherever years whoever he may be. Ring! New Don King the situation with the boys about that ball inside the China China. China's up. Yeah so it's. Only young I want I want. I want him to play Reindeer Games I. Don't think it's going to happen. On him on. With Say what. He I want that. To Rick so he can. Donald. We're taping an episode of the freemen right now. Napster fucking dope man until you know, or he appreciates that because you're definitely one of his rhyming heroes. He is my rabbit hero. Is it true that you and Sleepy Brown at one point we're GONNA Blues Record. How should I don't know? But. I like Brazil? How did you hear about that? It was. I read it somewhere. I can't remember but I. I think maybe it's an interview I. Think maybe it was a sleepy interview something, but he mentioned something about you and him out doesn't. Sleepy Daddy is oh. Yeah Jimmy Brown from brick from. Yeah Dope Right. The his daddy, so dome man like so break was my. Hero like. Like three is my hero. and. I met them on the time during the cruise. Man Man. I. I'm. Black. He'll. Go okay. We. Enjoy Bro. You should so brick was on the time joining cruiser. Not, the Tom Joyner cruise show the cruise. It was on the fantastic voice and man. If I tell you that they jam like mom. I got. No I got a great either it's. It's like I have a day, job. Lai can't go on cruises. Times on a cruise is a party that lasts. From six in the morning to six in the morning to six in the morning to six in the morning, seven fucking days for people. Tom Is very popular. Black Radio personality, who is very rigid, been doing radio for about thirty years. Does this cruise in all black people know about it and we know? Shit when when when you get off that cruise when your vacation stars. Because, she fucking whipped. Craze Duly noted who are you? Who Do you have any buddies that you golf with now I read it you into like golfing, pretty heavy. Man Played, I used to play golf a lot with a famous. NBA Player man that is no longer with us with US man in. A. Much loved to Moses Malone Oh Bad My fucking. He couldn't golf she was. I. PLAY WITH You know Johnny. Gill got a hell of a golf game. Man fucking. Black Sheep Golf game Area Foster got these golf game She play. Doh so the entertainer! Garbage. Close. Close, the! Great Joe Torry. Ask You. He's apart as many gotta breed these engaged. Who has to play golf with? I don't know. I played golf with a Lotta men. Oh you know who? Played fuck out golf. Clyde Drexler Bro I can believe that. Yeah, you don't fuck with live. You see glad on the golf course. going. fucking pitcher just walked out of the way you what you do when you go, you got like a whole. Series you just there you. WanNa bet. Gambling, fucking no talk. You talk and play music in your own car. No fuck with me. Often. As you about your relationship usually. Kate, you did the candy record on the. Do I love that fucking saw that record. Is that you plan gets on? Bone on bone. That's actually the keyboard. But Bo The. Blade S and you. And that's a that's that sample is from The newness has gone. Eddie Kendricks, kendricks yeah. I didn't notice it for the sample. But how fucking? Manipulated flipped. It and Manson made it dope. They say I love recommend, have you? Are you in Bonn y'all still like we really. We not working right now. He's been calling me about doing record, but like I said I'm retired. Man I am re. Politics. Though. I was retired from ramble after the Americas. Okay. Michael Joy make sense okay. That was the wink. Trying to translate so radio audience. I was, there was a wink in there somewhere. It's like to retired in in in St a whole position like scarface just like. How would How was J. Prints when you did the one when you did it to fix on Def Jam? How did he take? That happen. I wouldn't sign rappleye. So I was I was free to go. And what made you come back? business decision. No. Idea I did album that Alma successful and then I did another one and album successful too so. That was it. Now? I'm enjoying my independence I love being Lobbying apart with myself. I WANNA. What was what was the House series? Was the DEF Jam South. And you being the president of the label how serious it was it well every time I saw you were in. So. I had A. I had a hell of a staff man I didn't have to. But Mastermind like? The best way to spend his money. You know the best way to rose shit out the best way. To Spend a lot of money doing so you sign alluded to correct a did. What was it about him that you saw? That has hands-off. He did he was already there, and that was a great way to springboard when I was trying to. You know he was already I think he was thirty forty thousand records in the first joint. That wasn't a hundred Now that was that was the first the first album. It was a cockney. Grow Negro and that's why called I'm back for the first time when you. Shooting, a world war to a world war, three video with Swiss and And, we was way somewhere. In Long Island or some we way out. Way Out. As shocking was saying. Yeah, we get ready to go me with this label. so-and-so's song so I can't say. I was like man. Before you sign man, please come and see me bro. And We talked and I relate. And conveyed to the powers that beat that that's what I wanted to do i. And they made that happen so the restroom there is history so lewd is a star. The perfect artisans he came from radio and he'd already had to other record like human shocked. You gotta be a strategist. But somebody was on the same page. Yeah but I I love Lulu made. He did his thing in. It put me in a different light and people's is like I'm not only can I rap or make beats and shit but. A master fucking planning to. I got a bucket list. Wrap Up, question what. I'm trying to think I got Oh, rob cuisine big Mike whereas him, I haven't seen my man He was probably the Dope Rapper Oh rappleye in my opinion where. He was put him over. You. Yeah, I think he was. Don't mean here's I. Never, but you know who will singer hosing chain then swimming? Yeah! Look me in my. Own On my soul, let me and my is now. WHO's Al? Pew Wow okay. Man. was called. The Big Mike was. Don't man to me. Yet Oh, he had a voice. Only he came into ghetto. Boys for the the death was the deductibles part. Was All. y'All still cooler that point. Like, did you welcome him in like being recor? The another stranger in the right. This. Group. Actually? We were friends comics I. It's complex. All and you know three to hear. When did he? Say about a year ago. Shot Him in the back of the head. Yeah his friend. He was walking out of the Damn store and do. Not Pilot head off man. REVELANT CJ MAC. Massey J. Magazines AEGINA. I haven't talked a long time. thinking. Should movies or something don't? Begin which you good, yeah! Wait we jumping Ab ill feel free to jump in. Just like random names like my mother. Did record. Nine hundred. Okay. So. How that relationship! Might Garo Boys Fan believing in that. I believe it or not. It was the first. All through office based. Ghetto Boys Van de. So! We kind of met in hung out and I got a part of the fucking. Odyssey! As upgrade. To double dose of my paper. A funny. Did. You everything that that film would be so relevant right now. Mass and he was meets, and you yeah. Him Make Bamboozle for me? No a mega bamboozle back like spikes little crazy, but now it's like bamboo. Any you have any of you seen or heard of deocracy Mike. Alston not know about. Place in the not so distant future in pro. Wrestler becomes president. Close enough is. Sort of the same thing. Okay, so before we wrap the wrestler I'd before we wrap up I just WANNA know. You've made so many appearances on. Everyone is what is your? What is your in your opinion? Your your top three. Camels Not Cameos, even performance, but just good experiences and making. Records was. Park was yeah, I was, but that was a bomb. That was a fucking blast. Because you know if you know. Wild right, so he was. He was a damn fool in any setting. A furor winning or where he was a damn nut, so we got a chance to record smile in La, at Larrabee I believe. So you went out there I was. I was in L. A. Recording untouchable Al Okay. and. came. In a hummer. I was living at the Oakwood in Burbank anybody from California. You know what it is. Burbank Barham yeah so. I heard we were supporting. This is the first time like I said. We were smoking that Shit. OUTTA. And I heard somebody on allows because they rag. Jordan we know you're in there. Come out with your hands up Oh shit. High. Bucking Bloom high like Shit, my cousin, we sitting in the house, scared and she my cousin. Guy May say man as pot. We, get go downstairs, man. Get my manager and Shit. and. Years Ago Studio Mega Song I'm like I'm cool with that. Say Come on. Like new sir. No! No I'm not gonNA ride nowhere with two pox ever. Oh Shit for one. He didn't have a driver's license. But to. Knew for a fact that he couldn't drive all right. So, we followed him in the. In the Van Black Hummer, let me trick down home, old school, humming all Humvees, and this is him driving. He's driving Oh God, and if I'm not mistaken, he was by myself, too. I think so. We went in there, man. They laid out the head. All he went and got all soul food, Hennessy and shit man. He I mean. He really made that shit out. Nice man, and we did the song the smile milestone. I laid adverse on and I left. A couple of days later, he came to the studio to play Machiavelli record. And then after I listened to I like. Wow, this is great. And? He was like come on man. That's go in Hollywood. They had a what they call the Hollywood something. I can't remember what it was like a club. And I was like man I gotta finish. I gotta find a single part came man a man. Admitting man, it's fucking me. He, say man. You'd be sitting in here all fucking day long, trying to find a single man. Like, they're stupid. Man, you wasting your fucking time man just. Just, just write a record man in and get across the bitches without offending them. In quote. Yeah, but he was right, though in the last word that you say that's going to be the name of the song. But that's how. We. Yeah, that's how that's how I came to be. Because I. don't spend a whole lot of time in the studio. No more. It's been a whole lot of time. You know making the album better making the song better. You Know I. Don't waste my fucking time trying to write a single no more. Because I know that they're not gonNA play no way. I'm jam. I think mariah coming. All right, so can you give us a second one like what was to was one okay Think that this song that I did with I think that the guess who's back song was big for me to. Tell You why? because. A Call Jay and I asked him do record with me. And you said, meet me at a baseline, come on. So. We play in music he. Guru was playing tracks. JCP sit back in the corner. And listen to. Go next. And then the became. It'd be looking at all. Right. And then he went to the studio, and when he went into Boca took ship. Right. And left. Let me stuck at the. The board try to write this shit. Ended up getting it done. In Konya got on record, but that was beat. Believe it or not, the guess who's back. That was Konya Konya did the mass majority of the fix album to? If anybody reads credit I was calling? Yeah, he wears on that he did. This can't be life to right. Because I was like this can't be life. He did that record to was that in real time verse in real time like I was walking and I was getting the car service. And that should happen. Like yeah, it's my my buddy. Son Got. All to some heroin. That his grandfather had car. Drunk it or swallowed this some kind of weight. But that's fucked me up pretty bad. And I say I remember saying counting plants because branch to were. Brad is twenty. Dan Yeah no shit fluted. Eighteen Brad just turned twenty on the fifth so. Deep Right. And a third one man I can't really remember a great time in the studio I. Don't know I think I saw I I was I went to the studio at Chris Brown. Day She pale and most deaf. Wow we, that's the. Point evening. Yeah and that was before the Chapelle show to. Record! I don't know what the Fuck I was doing. Cuban studio together when Y'all did the handed their body record. Maybe. But I know that Cube has to leave the studio. Like, he'll take the beet with him. okay by the next day and La okay. He I don't think he was a spontaneous writer at that time. I did a lot of records would is that's where my phase man and. Yeah, that's my. That's one of my phase. Man Love Q! I got, one, more bucket lists. Who came up with the concept for the video of my block all my block. I don't even remember the guy's name, but I did want to seamless video. Yeah. I just wanted to go from one end of the street to. I wanted to show the whole entire street. I didn't want no cuts in video. I just wanted to lay. was there any? Free extremely. CUTS! It was a railroad track in different scenes. Where said how many? Takes. Did it say no? We did that shit all day. We went backwards and then forward backwards then forward. Wow this one of my favorite videos. Yeah I think. We shut that shit like two days. Because we shot like the early part of it one day. And then we shot again the next day. We finished that night. Okay, okay. So. We got everything the way I. Think we got I got more replicas of we. We good I WANNA say man. Just thank you for everything you've done. Just want to give allowing. Honesty. Brutally honest. I did so. ESPN okay so I told really of years ago and you can confirm this if you would there. He said that the intro of we can't be stopped. The where's like I? We beat on the door and then kicked him again or the door gets kicked now. He said they actually kicked the door down in the studio to make no sound effects. I don't remember that. When I would never in the studio with him, no, so y'all did. Okay we have versus I remember My on on a murder by reason of insanity. Okay when it goes. Real. How's your guns? Effects were like real because we went out to the ranch shotgun publicity. We went out to the ranch shotguns and put them on debts. Oh Shit, yeah! I was GONNA say the the sound of your. Real! Yeah, they real. They will probably a little too real. Bro, seriously! I am good man. Anything Steve's anything's way wartime just well now. It's the only way to close the show. I would I would initiate like this right now. It'd be done I wouldn't give anything. I told you. Know Your your record collection. I just WanNa ask you about your actual. Not what you're listening to, but you're like. Collect Grandma's record still your uncle's records or any. You have a large record collection. That's my question. Seems. Friendly. Have some shit. I! Got You know what I do have a great album. The have I have the Marvin Gaye here. My dear double album, I have bad I can remember for sure. I Got Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon. She got kids double platinum east. Gruber that way. These vinyls knobs you are not impressed in. It sounds like you only as three record. Larger. Hands Prospect. Hoping I guess. What you know. What what are what are your five? Question. No, because he seemed like a guy last. Not even desert island because I feel like you need music to meditate the commune down some time and zone out. So? What are what are the five records that you choose? What are you go to drive it in the car like you got to hear this record? Wrapped around your finger by the police. I mean I synchronicity album a lot. I like the Marvin Gaye Onto your handle gotta go. No, I'm. Going to Peter Gabriel had a bomb us. Go to that the so album. Like when when I really WanNa really ride and meditate turn on like Bob Marley's. attornal his whole shit you know from. Natural mystic to. Resume of operation of love. Tash. I am I. Am I am I am I have? Boys as you Kinda odd move I saw like he was awesome. Can I missed something. My show was that. As much a music snob. I am about these hundred thousand brackets. My Marley Iq is like devastatingly low. To. I know legend. That's like the only one I know. Yes I know. Eighties College Student Or Ninety S. That's yet. No. With the last two. Synchronicity maybe so? Morally Molly. Marvin. Then what's your last one? A. All right. All right. Please give up one only scarface man. made it. To the fine folks at South by South West. Debut. Here before. I've been up there before. As cool as hell. A top there were all gonna get. US afterwards and walk, together, I, think I think fucking Clinton pill is kicked. Note. A PLAN A plan, yeah! I. Have a bill bigalow. It's like Sugar Steve and. This love. We will see you on the governor. What's Love? Supreme is a production of iheartradio. This classic episode was produced by the team at pay, Dora. For more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Here's something. Good is a new show from the Seneca Women Podcast, network and iheartradio. Each day we aspire to bring you the good news. 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