BGN Radio #77: Special Guest Kevin Harlan


Hi this is jim from the step over the radio ballers podcast talking seventy sixers tune in this off season. Season is my co host. Maximize talk next steps and solar recovered from sixers raptors game seven over a span of many many months were listened back to old episodes and make fun of how wrong we were it to be confident only on the nation podcast network you're listening to b._t. And radio why would you listen to any other eagles with john stolnis orbis and brandon hello bleeding green nation and welcome back to b._g._n. Radio this is episode number seventy eighty seven. I'm john stolnis from leading green nation dot com you can follow me on twitter at john stolnis <hes>. This is a special podcast that we're doing here for today yeah because <hes> we don't have on the podcast. I had the opportunity to speak to one of my colleagues at westwood one. Many of you know that that's my full-time. Gig is working ed westwood one and of course westwood. One sports does most of the n._f._l. Contests including the playoff games and the super bowl and the voice that you probably most recognize nyanza in association with westwood. One sports is the great kevin harlan. They're the number one play by play guy for westwood one sports and the guy who has done all of the super bowl's basically from the last decade gate night a chance to talk to him about the upcoming two thousand nine hundred nine season so we'll get to that in just a minute and i'm going to have some philadelphia eagles over unders for you coming up in just a few minutes. It's as well but first. Let's get to the interview that i did with kevin harland. I was good enough to take about twenty minutes to to chat with me about <hes> the andrew luck stuff and what's going. Maybe coming up here for the two thousand nineteen season around the league and we talked a little philadelphia eagles stuff as well so check it out well. Kevin harlan is one of the country's most prolific play by play man on both on tv and the radio broadcasts n._f._l. And college basketball for c._b._s. Does play by play for the n._b._a. On t._n._t. And with the n._f._l. Season a little over a week away is gearing gearing up his duties as westwood one's lead announcer for monday night. Football also called nine street super bowls for westwood one second most in radio network history behind jack buck seventeen. That's right around the corner for you isn't a kevin feels like yeah you know i we all <hes> aimed toward the big game this year. It'll be in miami it really it's such a nice way to tie up what is a long but incredibly joyous right through the n._f._l. Schedule and i think all of us that are involved in broadcasting n._f._l. Games whether on radio or t._v. Enjoy every second of it and feel very privileged. Yeah i mean the and to do the super bowl. I imagine has to be surreal each and every year you get a chance to do it. You've you've done the last nine of them. Do you have a favorite super bowl or or one. That's more memorable than the others well. They're all great. They've all got some kind of special place in my memory feel incredibly honored to be in that seat with that headset on and just mentioned jack brock who i grew up listening to and i got so much respect for all the broadcasters that have broadcast super bowls whether on radio or television so is it is an incredible honor is big enough to really as you could have is football broadcaster but last couple is involved some very unique situations with the patriots hits in particular winning two of them coming back from a twenty eight three deficit in the second half to atlanta and winning that game in overtime and then the <hes> the great play by malcolm butler for the patriots to intercept any russell wilson pass at the goal line is the seahawks are moving in and the patriots it's and and just sneer that victory out of seattle's grasp and give it again to new england. You know what we're seeing. What the patriots there's something so historic probably the best ever head coach perhaps the best ever quarterback and so it makes it in an incredibly notable unique situation wonderfully compelling to watch them do it with such consistency every year but two of my biggest memories are those chew involving the same teams in quarterback and coach. I'm gonna ask you about the patriots a little bit more in just a second but as a as an eagles fan super bowl fifty to to your calls in that game were extremely memorable for for all of us who who root for root for philly and <hes> obviously i think you had the of all the people of all the calls. I heard that you hands hands down had the best call of the philly special. I mean i got imagine. That was a surreal moment. Calling netplay something. I play we don't we haven't really ever seen in the in the super bowl before well well you're right and it was full of creativity and trickery and miss <hes> misdirection at all the elements that can make an n._f._l. Place okay so enjoyable and with the stage so big and the light so bright you know for them to call that play at that time was very unique and and as a play by play guy in radio. You're always trying to connect the dots because you're thinking of your listener at all times right so when you think eight a. b. a._b._c.'s c._d. Then d. backed away again. You know you're thinking wow you know. Hopefully that came out okay and and and so as i recall my expression of you know what did we just see well. It was very organic and like like god. I hope i called that right. That's what i probably wanted to say but it was such a great play in so well can see you see you. Don't forget something like that for sure. Let's talk about the the season coming up here. Kevin evan and i think the story of the preseason so far is obviously the shocking retirement of andrew luck. I mean i was just sitting at home with my father was visiting visiting us and i couldn't believe it when that news came down where where were you when the luck news was breaking and what's your reaction to one of the more shocking retirements we've ever ever seen in the n._f._l. Well i was it was a saturday night and i was <hes> with some friends my wife and some friends on a boat in a <hes> very <hes> secluded cove on lake michigan and we were cooking dinner in the back of this boat and <hes> they had a t._v. veon <hes> and they were able to carry the florida miami game and of course at the bottom of the screen just happened to catch breaking news and and saw that and they go what surely that can't be right and then you know as you look at your phone. Now you see adam schefter breaking the report for seat for e._s._p._n. E._s._p._n. and you're just you're just taking back by you know what that means and what it represents and truly one of the best five quarterbacks in pro football before his thirtieth birthday in saying he's finished. I mean it was just it was shocking and i can't recall anything that earth shattering in a long time time so that really took. I think everybody off guard. Yes especially for a quarterback we may i think neil lomax might be the closest comparison for a quarterback who hung it up early but i mean he had eh degenerative hip condition so that's quite a different thing than a guy who yes has been dealing with a lot of nagging injuries and i i thought it was interesting in in comparison to rob abg gronkowski held a news conference earlier this week where he was talking about a a cannabis oil company that he's working with the the part that i took away from that was he was asked about coming back to the patriots and he's surprisingly retired before the season wasn't as surprising obviously as luck but you know gronk was talking about the toll that the injuries have taken on on him that he just wasn't able to have any kind of quality of life and it seems like that's the story for luck as well and i i wonder your thoughts about whether or not this is kind of a dangerous time for the n._f._l. So as they've lost two of their biggest stars because it just hurt too much to play this game. What are your thoughts on where the n._f._l. Is right now with regard to these two retirements in what these guys are talking about and dealing with pain well. I applaud the n._f._l. For the way they have met this head on and tried to change the narrative the culture with injuries and diagnosis and safety. I mean everything the n._f._l. Does now from rules do equipment deals with safety now in any any sport. There are inherent issues whether you're playing tennis if you're competitive swimming or if you're playing college or pro football i mean there. Are it just that physical activity is going to spawn issues with your body and these are two guys who happened to get get the most out of their performance out of their athleticism at a very young age but their bodies were breaking down a lot of bodies. Don't write down aaron rodgers. Tom brady drew brees. I mean the names go on and on so for as many stories as we see like this in the most publicized sport in in our country there are other stories about guys that have taken necks of comeback is persevered and decided to continue playing so it seems like the stories that these two individuals have cast draw these gigantic headlines whereas we need to balance the story and say they they are just as many older players in a very aggressive sport that have decided that they are going to <hes> continue playing and are able to manage manage the pain and the injuries so as with every story. There are two sides but certainly this jarring for the n._f._l. To see two very very headline players call it quits at a at a young age. Now gronkowski is headed to the hall of fame and there's no doubt but with look i don't know that his his body of work wouldn't necessarily guarantee him a spot in can't and he knows that is he retires and gives up that as well as hundreds took millions of dollars perhaps that that could have come his way eddie played deep into his thirties like breeze and brady and rogers. Yeah you know you mentioned brady. The at the at the top and the new england patriots really is remarkable the fact that he is still going that he misses so little time and that he's still playing at the top of his game and i just wonder with gronk out out now out of the picture and and brady another year older at some point one would think on unless unless brady is a machine that at some point this run by the patriots is going to end. Do you think it could be this year that somebody's able to take down new england and and the dynasty starts to fold up the shop rally. Are we kinda. See that every year about them. Because how long can this go along right. I mean it's shocking and the consistency is unrivalled in pro football history. I mean we're just seeing something. That's never taken place so <hes> we say that every year but we're dealing with the the cleverest the most skilled the best head coach in pro football history who is manipulating the drafting process of the patriots their roster their schedule schedule in terms of how they prepare each and every week <hes> they lose great assistance. The attrition on his staff has been notable yet. They come back every every year with with more and that to me is the sign. Sometimes it's not getting to that peak and achieving that success excess. It's maintaining the level. Which is the most amazing i opening to me so i would never cut the patriots short. Brady may not have have the biggest hand their success but he is certainly in that first sentence of all their success others kind of stepped to the fore <hes> somebody nobody puts in a magical performance and you need that if you're gonna win a super bowl regardless of team but it usually ends up with brady having a pretty big hand and their success listen to me. That's historic. It's it's it's about as as wonderful as story that that any reporter could cover in this n._f._l. Who in the a._f._c. he is new england was to go down. Do you think has the best chance of taking them out. Where like you know kansas. City is obviously with mahomes the reigning m._v._p. <hes> very very explosive offense an improved by the people they've added i would say the steelers are constantly in that conversation and then there's always a dark horse whereas the team you don't expect and and who knows where that might come from but <hes> certainly the cold for in that conversation i think until luck decided to retire tire so it does open up the a._f._c. for sure but but i really think that <hes> <hes> there's going to be that team that we're not even mentioning right now. Aside from the headline teams like kansas city pittsburgh in the chargers there will step up and and certainly make a stab at over in the n._f._c. kevin. What am i big predictions for the years that i think the the rams take a big step backward. I think you know those teams that lose the super bowl. There tends to be that hangover effect the following year. It's remarkable the number of teams that lose the super bowl and either fail to make it back to the play offs or basically scraping and get a wildcard. I've got concerns about todd girlies health. I'm not sold on on jared goff do you do you see the rams as as the favorites in that conference to get back to the super bowl or or is there another team you think has a chance to knock them out of their place place. Well i do like the rams. I think they've got a innovative coach. <hes> thinks through these this is all these coaches do right yeah i just think he is kind of a different way of approaching camp and off season and personnel and relationships with his players and getting their minds right <hes> <hes> sean mcvay is a gifted young coach is much like bella. Check is any young coach in the n._f._l. Right now and and does things it's kind of outside the box and i think that that type of attitude with a team that i felt you know even last year had so much ahead of it certainly has gotta be you know and that final couple of weeks of the season i think with drew brees in new orleans again you're looking at a at a quarterback who has willed his team and franchise with a very innovative coach to to continually be in that conversation and then and then i think dallas i think dallas is about as strong as they've been in many years. I would dare say that. The cowboys may have as good a team right now evening in even without ezekiel elliott as they did back in the nineties when they were really champions or the n._f._l. I think the cowboys are incredibly incredibly strong and really a team to watch so why the a._f._c. I think there are many possibilities here. There's no shoe in each conference inference. I think it will be wide open even with these teams i've talked about. There's always that team that surprises and shocks. I really think we'll see that in both conferences inches this year your comments on the cowboys. They hurt me kevin as an eagles fan. Obviously you know we we have some disdain for that. Particular ball club club and you know i was gonna ask i i was wondering about you know with zeke elliot and the hold out playing out there and a lot of conversations dak prescott going to get his extension and there's amari cooper who is in the last year of his deal new traded a first round pick to get him. You know whether or not these contracts situations going on in dallas would affect their play on the field but judging by your comments just now. You don't seem to think that'll be the case. I don't think they know they're going to get paid. I think you know it's up to the cowboys obviously to work it out but there are there are too many dollars on the table to be ignored and if the reports are true that elliot will become the second highest paid running back back in the league at a position that is diminishing in value it seems although remains i believe baltra important in an offense and if if the act prescott can look perhaps not a hometown discount but can realize that his salary cannot paralyse that team what they can and do around him and if amari cooper knows that he has a new lease on life but being traded from the raiders to the cowboys if there'd be just a little semblance of logic and trust. I think they'd all find themselves. Well paid in a position to win with the most celebrated franchise and pro football so so i i i i would like to think that that they will come to some kind of an accord with all three of those young players realizing they're really on the the cusp of some great things. They've symbol the team. It's kind of in place <hes> they're ready to go. They just need to get some things dotted and crossed and i. I think it'll happen sooner than later. Actually those three kevin couple of quick things and then i'll let you go. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about the eagles before we before we finish up here and obviously all all of our eyes are on carson wentz. I think he's the key to this this team getting back to where it wants to get. Which is of course the super bowl. What do you think wentz needs to do here this season reason to get back to where he was. When i think everyone agrees he would have won the m._v._p. Award in two thousand seventeen had he not gotten hurt true and i just think he needs to who <hes> reclaim that same feel of his game. <hes> it is very obvious is it is with any a._c._l. Bologna that it takes more than a year there are the outliers like adrian peterson's but did he come back to early after eight nine months. You know people continually ask that question so i i would give whence kind of a pass on what happened last year and say that that this year he comes back the same quarterback he was when when they went to the super bowl and foles took over and let them do a championship <hes>. I i think the the money they're paying him the new contract extension. I think all that makes total sense. He has every box checked for what you want in a quarterback. I think that roseman is built around him. Well i believe in the a franchise i just think that there there are teams right now rams and cowboys in particular saints because the breeze and not not even putting green bay and that conversation chicago is a natural. They're going to cannibalize each other in the division. I i just i just i would put philly with with green n._b._a. In chicago chicago than the packers is a team that could really come up and make a statement but i just think a couple of things. We've got to kind of click their way a <hes> for that to happen i just i think they've got everything that we saw a couple of years ago. I just think the quarterback needs to find his game again and i really believe he will end. The best is ahead for the eagles. <hes> i love their coach. <hes> doug is as show many can call plays be innovative. Stay with the latest trends he can coach quarterbacks in roseman has shown that he can draft. He consigned guys off the street. He can put together a roster so i don't mean <hes> <hes> the mission of putting them at one of the top two or three teams is not by design. It's by feel at this time making change the narrative very quickly in that absolutely well listen kevin. I know you've got a busy schedule in front of you. You call the green bay packers preseason games as well and you've got a full slate of n._f._l. Action coming up on monday night football for westwood one this season in your terrific at what you do thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes to chat with me about the season which gets underway in just over a week. Appreciate your kind words always fun to visit. Thank you so much coach next. We're going to get into some of the eagles over unders from bet online dot com and see what we think. Eagles might be doing this year as far as win. Totals totals yardage all that kind of stuff. That's up next here on b._g._n. Radio football is finally back and nothing adds to the excitement of watching thing that first game like having a shot at a million dollars draft kings the leader in one day fantasy football is celebrating the start of the season with an extra special week one contest new users can sign up today and get a free shot at the one million dollar grand prize just by using code s._p. Nation here's what you do download the draftkings app use that code s._p. 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And radio so before we wrap up it's always interesting i think at the beginning of the year and look at some of the vegas oddsmakers over unders because vegas has a pretty good handle on on this kind of stuff they're not always right but they really know what they're doing when they set these over under a lot of them you really have to think about there not because you can talk yourself into one one or the other and so let's start off with carson wentz because i thought a couple of carson wentz is over unders. Were very interesting. They have his over under three thousand five hundred yards passing passing for the season now. Let's take this into context. E pass for three thousand seven hundred eighty two yards in his rookie season so in his only the full season that he played his rookie year. He went over thirty five hundred yards. He had three thousand two hundred ninety six yards so he fell about two hundred yards short in two thousand seventeen seventeen but he missed the last three games of that season so last year he also came a little bit short but again he only played and i think it was eleven games last season so i believe that this is number is totally dependent on carson winston healthy carson wednesdays healthy key sales past three thousand five hundred dollars easy. I think he approaches four thousand yards this hear more than likely and so yes. I think carson wentz is going to be healthy this year. I don't think he's gonna miss many games. If any games at all maybe that's just a optimism them and and hope on my part but why would i go into the season thinking that a quarterback is going to miss a certain amount of games. I don't go into any season expecting a quarterback to miss any games. If it happens it happens but i don't think you can go into the season planning on losing a guy for three or four games and so i think if he plays a full season yes i think he's sales past three thousand five hundred yards and i think there's a good chance that even if he misses a game or two he's still probably clears three thousand five hundred yards so i think that's an easy over for me. Total touchdown passes for carson wentz this year they have it set at twenty nine and a half again. I think that's a low number. I think jordan howard may vulture if you go line touchdowns here and there but but i think the eagles are still going to throw the ball a lot around the goal line and i think i think he easily gets into the thirties again because he i think he's going to stay healthy so carson. Wentz going over thirty five hundred yards passing going over twenty nine and a half yards twenty nine and a half touchdowns and then how many games will carson wentz start in the two thousand nineteen regular season the over under is at fourteen and a half now. That's basically saying if if you expect carson wentz to myth miss two games than he's as you gotta take the under on that two games not much a lot of times quarterbacks missed two games during the course of a season but i don't think that's going to be carson wentz this year. I really don't i. I really think if he misses a game. Maybe it's late in the season when they don't really need them but i think carson wentz makes fifteen starts this year. At least i would take the over over on carson. Wentz starts at fourteen and a half. I might be in the minority on that one because i know in the last two years he hasn't he hasn't gotten to fourteen. Let alone fourteen and a half but i'm going to go on the optimistic side and i'm gonna take the over on carson. Wentz starts at fourteen and a half but i do think that is a fascinating number. Jordan howard total rushing yards in the two thousand nineteen regular season seven hundred fifty and they have miles sanders at six hundred fifty. I think i might even reverse those numbers. I would take the under for howard and i would probably take the over for mile sanders on six hundred fifty yards but it really is going to be interesting to see how this running back situation relation shakes out because i you know we haven't seen much of jordan howard here. In the preseason. We have seen a fair amount of of mile sanders. We haven't seen a ton but what we've seen is impressive with him running the ball. He's clearly there most dynamic runner but jordan howard is going to get a volume of carries. I would think he's probably going to get fifteen carries. A game will mile sanders. I get the number of carries. The jordan howard gets he might not but mile sanders might do more with those carries. This might be more of an even split seven hundred seven hundred. I can see jordan howard finishing with way more touchdowns than miles sanders because i think jordan howard it's gonna be the guy they use at the goal line but this this one is tricky. I would stay away from. I'm anything having to do with eagles running backs this year whether you're playing fantasy a fantasy football whether you're betting over under here on these i just would stay away from from the eagles running back situation until we get a little bit of a clear picture how this is all going to shake out because i i really don't know how they're going to put out the distribution. When you looked at the garrett blunt jay ajayi in two thousand seventeen it was it was a pretty even split and you know when you look at these two running backs. They're kind of comparable. I don't think that howard is as forceful as blunt was but blunt was the short yardage guy the goal line guy. I think that's going to be jordan howard role. The first down guy mile sanders is going to be the guy who's the shifty speedy guy like ajayi was. I think howard probably i mean miles. Sanders probably has more chance to break off. Those long runs that the team was missing last year. I don't think jordan's ripping off any fifty or sixty yard runs whereas i think miles sanders you could see him do that a few times this year and that's a cheap way to get a bunch of yardage without a whole lot of carries so oh i'm i would stay under from these numb. I would stay away from these numbers. Pardon me but if i had to choose i would probably take the under for jordan howard under seven fifty and i would probably take the over for mile sanders at six fifty looking at the receivers <hes> the top two receivers on the team sean jeffrey into sean jackson looking at their receiving yards they have jeffries receiving yards at nine hundred and they have to sean jackson's receiving yards at seven hundred now. Alshon jeffery hasn't reached nine hundred yards receiving in a season since two thousand fourteen when he went over a thousand. I don't think this is the year that changes so i'm gonna take the under on alshon jeffery going in over nine hundred yards receiving i mean it's been since two thousand fourteen that he's done this now. Sean jackson on the other hand and just ten starts last year had seven hundred seventy. I four yards so clearly more than the seven hundred and again he he only started ten games last year and still win over seven hundred yards so i'm taking the over onto sean jackson he's shown that with his big play ability with the way he can get down the field and get those seventy yard touchdown catches eighty touchdown catches. He like sanders. I think we'll have the opportunity unity to pile up a bunch of yards on relatively few catches during the course of a game or a season so i'm taking the over onto sean jackson at seven hundred yards receiving on the season. I'm taking the under on alshon jeffery at nine hundred yards and i don't think any receiver gets a thousand yards simply because this team is going to go to a bunch of two tight handsets this year. I think that is going to be that is going to be a thing that happens that. I think if you're talking about an interesting over under an interesting over under is the percentage of snaps dallas guttered is going to play this year at the end of the season last year when they went heavy in twelve personnel dallas goddard played more than half the snaps so that might be the line i said at for for for dallas god or does he play in fifty point one or forty nine point nine percents of the snaps. I think it's i think it's going to be hard for him to get that many when you have when you still have nelson aguilar and j._j. Are single whiteside that you want to get some touches to. I think it's going to be tough for dallas goddard to get that many snaps but we saw how successful this team was last year when they did go to twelve personnel so i would take the under on dallas qatar getting half the snaps this year like he did over the last. Was it five games season. I think when he was over fifty percent but it'll be interesting to see how they utilize all these. That's one of my questions coming into the season. How are they gonna utilize all these different guys as we got. They've got so much talent on this team. That's a lot of mouths to feed as well so we'll see how they do and it's goes for the touchdowns as well. The over under for alshon on jeffrey touchdowns is six and a half this year and four four desha jackson. I will take the over on jeffrey with touchdowns. I think jeffrey is gonna to be a guy. They can find a lot close to the end zone. He's obviously not going to score any long. Touchdowns are not gonna score many long touchdowns this year. I wouldn't think just the connection that he has with carson. Wentz isn't the same that it was with nick foles and i hope that they have been working on that a little bit this offseason. It sounds like in training camp that there may be was starting starting to be a little bit of a connection between wentz and alshon jeffery but we got to see it in the regular season. We didn't really see it a whole lot in two thousand seventeen as evidenced by the fact that he didn't rack up all that many yardage into all that much yardage in two thousand seventeen but we know that jeffrey can get the ball in the endzone. We've seen him score touchdowns and so i think six and a half is a low number. I'm gonna take the over on alshon jeffery just because he is a guy that i think will be valuable inside the twenty and we've seen him be able to use his body to shield to a shield other defenders away from the football and for him to be able to get up to the highest point and bring it down as far as the sean jackson goes he's going to be reliant on breaking short plays plays into big runs or hitting the bomb you know are they going to be able to do that more than four times this year maybe but i think if i have to choose the over-under on touchdowns for sean jackson. I'm probably taking the under no. I'll take the over. I think both these guys will achieve the over on touchdown throws for saying the over. That's at least seven for jaffrey jeffrey and that's at least five for sean. That's twelve touchdowns and if we're talking yeah we're talking thirty five to forty touchdowns for carson wentz. That sounds about right to me so i'll take the over over on both guys for touchdowns. I think those numbers are a little bit low. We're looking at the tight ends now. Zakar it's total receptions in two thousand nineteen ninety and a half total receiving yards cards nine fifty and total receiving touchdowns in the regular season seven and a half. I think he's so good. He's so good ninety and a half is a a lot though and if they're gonna play dallas goddard a little bit more touches for zakar. It's go down a little bit this year. I think the targets go down a little bit zakar. It's this year so i'm going to say i'm gonna say <music> onder on the receptions and receiving yards seven and a half touchdowns as a lot but carson wentz loves looking for zakar. It's especially inside the red zone. I'll take the over on receiving touchdowns for zakar. Zakar is probably will end up leading the team in receiving touchdowns and so i'll take the over on seven and and a half on touchdowns but i'll take the under on the yardage nine hundred fifty yards and i'll take the under on the total receptions ninety and a half for fletcher cox and brandon graham iran. They're looking at saks. They have the over under for cox with eight and a half sacks and the over under for graham at six and a half sacks. I'm going under for brandon brandon graham. He's only gone over six and a half sacks once in his career and that was in two thousand seventeen the super bowl season when he had nine and a half sacks so again. He's never been a big sack total guy. He gets a lot of pressures. He gets a lot of hurries. He gets a lotta tackles in the backfield but we haven't seen graham have just one quote unquote big sack season and really nine and a half sacks for an edge rusher is not that many it's a good number especially with as much as the eagles rotate their defensive ends but if i'm looking at the if i'm looking to put money on an over under number for total sacks for brandon graham yeah i'm staying underneath six and a half because he's only gotten to over six and a half once in his career as for fletch you know his injury situation makes me a little nervous the fact that he hasn't played it all or really practiced at had all this spring or barely barely any eight and a half sacks though is a number he should be able to leapfrog if he's healthy and everything we're hearing from the eagles goals is that they're just keeping them out as a precaution that it's nothing serious that he'll be ready to go bye week one and if that's the case with me jackson helping to take some of the pressure off of him in the middle of the line you might see a little bit of an easier time for fletcher to get into the backfield and and get to the quarterback if maliki jackson can take a little bit more attention away in timmy jernigan. This is said to be looking really good in this preseason as well that if jernigan is is you know kind of re rejuvenated and can generate some pressure. It'll it'll make things easier for fletcher koksal. I'll say i'll say over eight and a half for fletcher cox as far as total sacco. I'll say under six and a half and total sacks for brandon graham and i'm going to have a whole list over unders <hes> with some more than justice i will. We'll get some get some additional over unders as well in a piece that i'm writing bleeding. Green nation should be up the by by friday friday or by this weekend so if it's not there right away it will be there working on that <hes> as we speak but in the meantime just a few fun over unders for this philadelphia the eagles team as they get ready to open the season in just over a week against the washington football team at home so folks. That'll do it for this episode of b._g._n. Radio radio my profound thanks to kevin harlan from westwood one sports for coming on the podcast with me this week. Thanks everybody for tuning in. We'll talk to you next time right here on b._g._n. Radio <music> hi this is jim from the step up over liberty ballers podcast talking seventy sixers tune in this off season is my co host max nighthawk next steps and still recover from sixers raptors game seven over a span of many many months were listen back to old episodes and make fun of how wrong we were to be confident only on the espionage and podcast network <music> hi automatically editor in chief of eater. I am daniel janine up producer here. You're at peter and we are here to tell you about brand podcasts yours digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the eater newsroom <hes>. 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