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Mariners Sign Chen, Hirano -- Are They Out on Walker, Sanchez?


Yes it's baseball. That's out to center field down the that line. Here's Jason a Churchill. If you were dying for baseball news particularly surrounding your Seattle Mariners. I have two words for you. You're welcome because just just hours after I wrote a little piece at prospect insider discussing six sensible free agents for the club not only did one of my six Robbie Erlin signed with the pirates minutes. It's after that but now the mariners have signed to arms though none of the six than I noted in the piece in this episode of baseball things. I'll go through my thoughts on the two signings. And what the two signings mean for some of the names that I did mention in the piece at prospect insider this will be a short episode since is purely in reaction to the signings and those signings are in case. You haven't heard in case you've been buried under a rock or in case you just want a reminder. The Seattle Mariners signed lefthander way in Chin to a minor league contract and Yoshito Hirano to a big league contract. Errors gave way in Chen Chen a minor league deal an invite to big league camp. You may best remember chicken from his days in Baltimore when he was a league average even a little better at times left handed starter Before signing a relatively large contract with the Marlins Chan has battled shoulder problems most of his career making thirty or more starts just three three times spent twenty team the marlins pitching exclusively out of the bullpen and they got back to his high in career strikeout rates in that role last year but the home run ball was a significant problem as it was around the League in twenty nineteen despite those injuries channel has been pretty steady when he was perfectly healthy in early on in his career. Chen was ninety ninety two. He would touch ninety three ninety four on occasion. He still has that mid seventies curb all that's been consistently above average slider was firm again in twenty nineteen but he didn't command it well and that pitch was lit up You know pretty badly right. Along with his fastball. A year ago and the change was useful however he doesn't command it all that well and it's inconsistent China's thirty four now has all that rotation experience so no matter. What the Mariner's envision from the get-go starting is certainly a possibility For him if he's healthy and makes the club and I'd be surprised if that's not actually at least part of the plan part of the Vision for Chin Again if he makes the club Coming out of spring training he didn't make twenty six near ear. League average starts for Miami in two thousand eighteen by the way and if the baseball is different Chen severe fly ball tendencies. wouldn't be hindered as much. I mean you look at a guy that's given up Pretty much sixty percent fly balls there are stretches touches were Chin is giving contact that results in fly balls sixty percent of the time that is really really high and we know How little control pitchers have overfly balls and we know that especially with the juice baseball? We know that the potential result of the fly ball is doubles. Goals is triples and especially home runs and that's bitten a lot of pitchers Over the last couple of years especially twenty nineteen Chan certainly really not a guy who is going to give you two hundred innings. He's actually never done that in his entire career even the three seasons when he had that thirty plus starts and if he does make the club. It's probably a good bet that he pitches multiple roles you know he's going to have to stay healthy and that's the biggest thing but he stayed relatively healthy lascher through sixty eight and a third innings for Miami the bullpen And if the mayor's WANNA start there and and go with him in in some kind of a relief role great but I imagine that even if that's the case he makes a couple of starts and if he starts the year as a starter they're going to be probably be times where He ends up pitching out of the bullpen. Rather than the back end of that rotation because is at some point the mirrors are going to want to look at Justin done Eventually Logan Gilbert as well Probably in that order order. I don't think done makes the club out of spring training unless there are injuries that kind of forced the mariners hand But chance healthy and throwing the ball. It'd be very very useful and very valuable valuable To the mariners especially the first half of the season so It's going to have to earn his way there. He's going to be healthy throwing the ball well because they do have other options. There's certainly no guarantee that. Chen makes the club He'll be an interesting one to to watch especially coming off a season when he made forty five relief appearances and didn't start a game for the first time in his career. the other signing the club made on a Thursday is is Yoshi Serranto who's thirty five spent the last two years with the diamondbacks. He's a pure reliever His Phipps of three three sixty nine and four. Oh four are much more promising than his puree. IRA's and some of the peripherals would would suggest as a right hander. Ninety ninety three has a hard hard splitter in the eighty two to eighty five mile an hour range any uses those two pitches pretty much exclusively so fastball splitter. Not a big guy listed at six one one eighty five have. I'm not sure how accurate that is at this particular point but he's built similarly chew Hisashi Iwakuma just not as tall he will come and was like six four. But you'll see see the similarities if you try to check out some video. I'm sure you can find some Of aranas time in Arizona The deliveries also similar offers similar Deception very consistent with his release point and the fastball as tale to his arm side and some sync because he stays on top. Pretty well Ronald struggles. Most when he overthrows the splitter and tries to nibble the edges with the fastball. But the stuff isn't GonNa let him get away with Below average commanded that falling behind. We're talking about topping out at ninety. Four which is very hit a fastball. With almost no regard to how much movement has unless it's a dominant minute sinker. Ninety four gets crushed and Major League baseball these days. If you don't locate a big deal again. So the Mariners Eddie make room on the forty man and to do that for Hirano. They've designated for assignment. left-hander Ricardo Sanchez. The club has seven days to make up their mind. What they you want to do as Sanchez? Release him trade him ultimately they can outright him to The miners as well. And this ladies and gentlemen is why wait as long As I possibly can to release the prospect rankings. Sanchez is in my top fifty which I'll have to adjust if he ends up elsewhere as a result of this transaction. Shen Sanchez by away. Three pits lefty up to ninety two. Mostly eight to ninety one at to above average secondary's curveball changeup but he projects is a back in starter. The best if he ends up moving on. It's not a big loss with so many other similar or better talents ahead of him. Both on the timeline chart and the talent chart so in the end I think the big question here with the signings of Chen and Hirano. What do these signings mean for? The mayor's pursuit of more proven options. guys like Aaron Sanchez. Maybe guys like Taiwan Walker guys like Jeremy Hillocks. Nothing that this really doesn't change anything There's no significant dollars attached either player. Chen's guaranteed absolutely nothing except an opportunity. It doesn't ultimately remove the mariners from contention and for Taiwan. Welcome and I think that's the name that everybody's kind of following here in Seattle because they were linked to him a few weeks back it makes a ton of sense There's still some upside there. Get Walker back to where even where he was before we end up getting hurt yourself a nice signing But I think these. Two Deals signify signify the club's lack of confidence that they're going to win any sort of a bidding war at this time for Sanchez Taiwan Walker or anybody else like that Even though Chen may not start he could start in. That Geraldo is a pure reliever This still doesn't come down to eight. They chose Chin over Walker. That's not what's happened here. Walker just as options and right now. It's about guaranteed dollars and the best opportunity and as I mentioned earlier this week. The market for Walker in particular has ballooned you know especially since about Christmas time. And if you're interested in who some of those other teams are subscribers can check out the Monday episode actually name Five others Seattle and five others and I'm told There are several more In the market for Walker As well if you're not a subscriber getting for less than a dollar an episode at B. I. T. L. Y. bitterly Ford slash get bt Potter just head to baseball things pod DOT com and find the button that says become a patron no long term commitments. Turn on and off as you please and gain voice in the conversation is so many others have done and continue to do you own a regular basis and I love it because it makes my job easy And a reminder the only way to get in on the top fifty prospect rankings is to become baseball thing subscriber available Monday night with or without Ricardo Sanchez. That's it for today. Thanks to baseball existing. Thank you Steve. Say Meyer and a special. Thank you to Jerry Dipoto for for or providing the news we news sometimes the react to thank you two weeks so pitchers and catchers officially report to spring training. Two weeks now too sir.

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