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Broadway showtime san tickets eight five nine two seven one joke or visit comedy on broadway dot com. Talk radio ten eighty. This is kentucky. Sports radio presented by stockton mortgage. Now here's meant jones. Welcome everyone kentucky. Sports radio tuesday november the third. I met jones here on an absolutely beautiful day in louisville kentucky. Couldn't ask for a better day. It is election day all across america. And i'm sure many of you have voted and those that have it. You still got a lot of time. You can give us a shout on the clark's puppet shop phone line although we're not opening yet because we're doing something special today. The glass tax machine is seven seven. Two seven seven four five two five four this distance sponsored by. Tj's middel office if you called tj. He'll make him pay. I got ryan and drew in lexington. I've got shannon in louisville ryan. How're doing well. I think we're happy today because all the election ads. You're gonna stop today. That's that's the big. i'm not having. I mean your salaries been paid sick. You can be happy all you want. But the as much as annoying as those are. They've kept this company afloat for the last seven months drew in some ways. I'm would be sorry to see him. Go the have been good for business. But it'll be nice to watch a football game without amy pop end. Tell me about airplanes well again. Shannon these folks they. We'll see what their checks i leading with adl and to come back. I know i the those ads are funny. I'm totally good with it. Well it is going to be. It is election day. I guess the three of us me ryan and drew already voted early shannon heavy. Did you vote today. Not yet as i said yesterday i will this afternoon. Well i to vote for the you. I hope it is well. I want to give a big shoutout to the people who who put this election on in kentucky. The secretary of state. Michael adams the governor. Andy bashir was part of it as well. But the secretary of state did most of the setup and i think it's been amazing. I think this has been honestly ryan the best. They've ever had the fact that you could vote early. Apparently there are lines in parts of kentucky. But i'm hearing. It's not too terrible and i also think man if you waited till today and you have to stay on the line ryan. That's on you. You have three or four weeks so if you chose to wait till today like shannon and you have to wait a couple of hours to me. That's on you actually. Yeah you have no room to complain and the boost have been open for three weeks. They had at least ten voting booths. Set up where you know if you got there and there wasn't line i mean move really efficiently so no complaints from anybody planning always complaining to saying if you if you get there and you have to stand in line. Okay i know sticker. I'm gonna preemptively say you're not allowed to comply right so it is election day but we also we're going to give some money away all right so the breeders cup. Of course. we'll talk more about what's happening with the breeders cup. We had our race yesterday. Late yesterday at indiana grand national turned it on ryan. It was an exciting race. Came down the stretch. The final three horses were willing south carolina andy and marsha and will in south carolina one at the end. And so will mr one. Five hundred dollars yesterday from the breeders cup. He sent me a note. This morning said thank you so much. You guys don't know how much this means to me to win. It is greatly appreciated. Well that is very nice. Well hopefully at some point today maybe we can hear from him but he wins five hundred dollars today. I wanna give five hundred dollars to the folks listening throughout the show. I'm going to have little contest. You know drew. We do the trivia contest. Where i'll bring everybody on and i'll say okay name whatever and everybody has to do one. We do them throughout the day and every time somebody calls i will give people a hundred bucks if they win so those of you at home. Five zero two five seven one eighty when we opened up the phones for the contest. Be ready andrew. I hope to give five different people today. One hundred dollars from the breeders cup me. I can't think of many times you can just sit and listen to a radio show potentially make money just for playing along at home. I mean this is a really cool thing doing i. Didn't i wasn't on yesterday when y'all started this but i'm excited for today and this overall breeders cup giveaway. We're doing this is cool. It's crazy yes and remember and we'll talk more about later on friday and saturday. We're given lots of money away a ks bar and grill. You should make plans especially friday afternoon. Where i think it's you can actually win Quite a bit cat so so it is election day ryan so i wanna do three university of kentucky elections. Okay all right. And since i don't have the entire kentucky state electorate able to vote immediately. I wanted one time to create an app where people could just vote during the show and just hit a button and we'd get live results. That has not happened yet so the only people that the electorate is going to be you three so you you three are going to get to decide the answers to all these questions all right. That's fair and i've created three different votes. Let's start with the first one. And i want you to figure this. Which coach will be the most difficult to replace at the university of kentucky. Do you vote for john. Cale perry do you vote for mark stoops when they leave who will be more difficult to replace and continue the same level of success. John calipari or mark stoops ryan. I will let you cast your first ballot. I am going to vote for mark stoops. Because he is doing things with the uk football program. I thought could never ever ever be done here. At the university of kentucky with recruiting and on the field of play. I think kentucky basketball has always been elite. We've always been able to compete for national championships. Even though perry's is elite of the elite. I'm gonna vote for mark stoops so you think if both guys if tomorrow you were to get a text alert that says you k- coach leaves. You would rather it be. John cale perry that mark stoops to duplicate the question. You propose to start with duplicate what they've been doing yes to i know but that would be your heart would pitter-patter a little quicker if it was stoops 'cause you'd be more worried that's not how you propose the question the question you said which will be harder to duplicate what they've been doing presumably. That's why you'd be the most upset because you would know it would be harder. I thought was which one would it be harder to replace. What is the question. Gives us the question. The answer to me should be the same. If you think it's going to be more difficult to replace a coach. You're gonna wanna see them. Leave less right. i mean what. How quest that not correct. I'm saying you're saying one thing ryan saying another find as always. We're never going to get results from this election. Exactly what's going to happen in pennsylvania. Somebody like ryan getting involved alright. So votes mark stoops drew. What about you. I think john calipari is the obvious answer. Mark stoops has been great. He will be difficult to replace. But there will be no shortage of people wanting a job in the sec. In mark stoops has now shown that it can be done here. I think it'll be a little little easier to higher in the future with what he's done in coach cow. I just don't think anybody will be able to do. He's done off the court. You have to have that persona. You've twenty four seven job and not. Many people are willing to do that. As we learned with billy g.'s. So i think how will be impossible to replace all right. So you're going that means shannon. You are the final and the electoral college. John perry marston. I think i understand the question. I've listened to citizen. Franklin and citizens. I think the guy who would be hardest to replace it had the same amount of success. He's had here would be stoops on voting for stoops. Wow john calipari left kentucky basketball would be okay. Cloud doesn't come back. I tell you. I think you guys are crazy. I'm withdrew. i mean. It doesn't matter. Because i made the electric youth three so the answer is going to be mark stoops but to me other people can have success kentucky but not like i mean cow has wanted a level. I know we only have one title. But we've won more games than the school. We've out recruited every oh school stoops has done an amazing job but drew or two and four this year. If you guys could have gotten us to be two and four. I think he's able to recruit unlike anyone else could recruit here. But you know i mean. There's a lot of coach. I i think you could find somebody to sustain this program. Let me put a different way ryan. How much better. Stoops been than rich brooks. He's been better but not that much better. Stoops gonna end up being the second best football coach. We've ever. I totally agree with that interesting. You guys that was our selection. Let me since. I mention rich brooks drew a lead off with you here. Who was the better coach at the university of kentucky. You can't you're out for rich brooks or tubby smith. Oh man i lean tubby because he has a national championship. But i don't know know. I'm thinking out loud here. What rich bricks. What rich do pretty impressive. Even though it was the music city bowl. That's you had never done anything like that. I'm still gonna go into much for the same reason of what drew just said. I gotta go tubby. He has a championship. We count championships all right right. Yeah i think it's definitely tubby i mean. I don't think even rich brooks had a winning record and the sec. During his tenure here. So i i definitely tubby unanimous. I'm gonna vote. I would vote toby too. I would just note this though. We've had a lot of coaches when a national championship here. I mean rich brooks took us from nothing to success and how many coaches have had a lot of success in football. Not as mid all right. Finally who was a better player at the university of kentucky shannon. You lead. John wall randall. Cobb who man. That's a great with us the toughest one yet out of these three just at uk just that uk. Wall randall. cobb. I am going to say john wall because of what happened after that. Not not with his playing career. But that sort of when he came in and play kentucky kentucky cool again it got the recruiting momentum going. I felt like for calipari. I'm going. John wall john wall right. I want to go randall. Cobb i think even brandon nights season was better than john. Wall season at kentucky. If you look at the numbers and the play on the court. So i'm gonna go randall. Cobb all right to franklin. I'm going randall. Cobb and it is not even close for me. Randall cobb a believe was all. Sec freshman then first team. All sec has next two years won some games that kentucky football never one without him wall was good but he's on a loaded team and they fell short in the end. So i'm easily going here at multiple positions. Yeah shannon. Just so you know. They're both insane okay. Can i want to remind them of something. I believe shannon. If i'm correct. John wall was named national player of the year. That's my right about that. Or he didn't win all the awards but he won one of one. They yell for up award they. I'm not sure. Shane and you tell me did randall. Cobb get named national player of the year. I don't remember. I don't think so i don't know i'm just i'm just i'm just asking. Yeah they were the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament did randall. Cobb team have a winning record in the sec. No no they didn't. I thought we said who is better. Now what team was better. It's correct but you but you got but you specifically in terms of deciding randall. Cobb downgraded john walls team. Said they didn't win. So if you're going to make team part of it then i'll make team part of it and say yes. John wall had a lot of success. Randall had success. But we've had a lot of teams have the success randall's did i love randall. Cobb national player of the year. You know what. I mean national players of the year. We had ryan in the history of the school. Not many not many. I think like four. And he was one of it three or four it. So i'm gonna be randall cobb. We've had in history of the school. We've not many but we've not had national player of the year. I mean i would say. I love rain. Okapis he one of the four or five best players to play here yes. I don't know he be close. I think they're actually if you're terms of ranking with programs they're probably similar wall was national player of the year so but anyway the winners of the electorate we have tubby smith better coach. Surprising to me we will. It'll be more difficult to replace mark. Stoops and randall cobb. Better than john wall. We'll take a break be right back. Five zero two. Five seven one eighty. It is election day here on. Sr talked about jones. And the crew called the clark's pup and shop online at five zero two five seven one ten eighty or one eight seven seven nine four hundred eighty or so does the kentucky brandit tweet of the day by twenty matt at y sports radio minute now for more news of the blue kentucky sports radio on talk radio tanny quarterback sports radio five to five seven one eighty at kyi sports radio. Seven seven seven four five two five four one person writes matt. take it easy on your co host. You ask everybody's opinion and then you tell them they're all shannon exactly. That's what i do. That's that's what the show is we. Yeah we need you at the polls today goes up and votes for trump. What are you doing man. are you first of all. That's why they don't let people get in within one hundred feet so people don't do that. What the debate is you. Sit there and you had people say if we had a radio show. Everybody just gave their opinion. Nobody countered it would be bored election. Debate well with both intellectually debate. I love these debates though. These kids creates a lot of good conversation about that. We all know an an opinion on all right. How about this one person writes matt. How about you vote on. This should any grand be the offensive coordinator next year. Who ryan limit you go first. Yes this whole eddie. Grand thing is starting to make me mad about. Why does it make you mad. I mean yes. He'll call bad play here there and i think he called a bad game at missouri. We just forget about the last couple of years and what he did with. Lynn boden last year and having to readjust. He's whole offense and things that he's done the past couple of stevie johnson and terry wilson. I think he's done a good job. Yes does he make mistakes. Wants to while. Yes we already know. What if four games from now. The offense hasn't gotten one outta better. Does that change at all. Yes then maybe we can debate at that point so you actually would say though. If that's your point then you would say. He's coaching for his job. In the next four games. I think right now offense is is not doing well. It's no secret. I think lot it. As i've said it a thousand times already about our wide receivers and i don't know what our quarterback is supposed to do when i get any better in the next four game so the court will then have. Do you expect the offense to look better adila. They they gave the balls much. Could chris. rodriguez was on georgia which was thankfully made the right decisions at these should have done. They should have done. It gets missouri. So i just want to be clear. You're saying that eddie. Gran is coaching for his job. In the next four games and you expect to see better improvement. But i don't see how we're going to see better improvement like how are these guys going to get better. We're just gonna have to just go again. We've done in the past couple of years. And i think and just rely on are running game and play the receivers. I think that's the only choice. I think we've got. Especially we've got alabama and florida stares right in the face come out the next couple of weeks A personal rights drew was not here yesterday. So i want his take on the kogyo bears dude punching the guy. Did you see the explanation that the bears guy drew said the saints dude. Spit on him. But they've broken down the tape and it sure does look like a spit ever occurred the saints guy. Said he didn't say it they ended up suspending him for two games drew. It's a pretty harsh punishment. I saw garner. Johnson rip off the guys mouthpiece also instigated a little bit. But i don't know that ripping off mouthpieces worse getting punched in the head like that. I i heard you. i'm kind of like you. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish punching anyone with a helmet on. Seems you hurt yourself. But that was wild. I couldn't believe what i was watching it. And i'm fine with two game suspension. That seems about right now. What you think getting your mouthpiece ripped out with hurt more than punch helmet on. It was just hanging from his mouth dangling from his face masks there. Yeah yeah. I still think. Something's kind of i mean. I still believe that dude's gotta have something wrong with him because the thing that makes it psycho to me is how long it took. You know what. I mean like like the fact that he sat out for fifteen minutes like psychotic behavior shannon can take normal things that make them crazy. I'm gonna give you an example. I came home a few days ago. There was a note left on my door from somebody. I am not even going to read what it said. Because it's like a conspiracy theory thing but what made me sort of feel weird about it is that it was written half in red and half black You see what i'm saying. You're thinking that psychopathic behavior. Well it's one thing if you ride and first of all how this not somebody i know. They don't sign it right. Yeah and it's one thing to write it. But when you write it half in red marker and half in black marker that me takes a normal act and makes it a little bit psychotic. Maybe as red marker ran out you had to go to the next color. Why is it every other word. Oh you didn't okay. I thought you wrote like a paragraph in red in a paragraph blurb now this is like don't get me wrong. It wasn't like threatening. This was like somebody wants me to know some information. Unlv into a lack of black veil fan wasn't bleed to yeah first thing. I thought i'd let me. Here's what my singer this picture. Send the three of you. All this picture you send it. You're going to see why can't say what's on it. And i want you guys to look at it and tell me what if you think that looks like so like what you think about. As as i'm waiting for my point is to say drew the fact that he waited that period of time before he punched him to me is more. Concerning than the fact he punk had ripta's chain and throwing the punch seconds after losing his mouthpiece reaction but you had time to calm down and think about what you were going to do that. He went out there and kind of lazily ran ran. The office of play and then went. Straight for gardner johnson. As soon as he could definitely psycho behavior. There wire digging up that no one. I've seen note in the first thing. I thought was looked like a ransom. Note before i read any words does does. So what do you think about it. Yeah that's a psychopathic. i mean. Even if it was all in the same color that. But you know what i mean. It's not about me. So that's why i was like normally if i'd gotten this and it was about me. I might've even called the police. Yeah but it's not about me ryan. What do you think about it. You're a calm person that that letter seems to be written by somebody that i would be scared of a little bit just the way. It's written the handwriting. Yeah that's that's scary. Well now why you trying to scare me well like i said it's not about you. That's he sounds scared. Very scared now ryan scared me. And i wasn't scared i wasn't scared. Why why are you scared me. I wasn't scared. Just that whole letter is reeks of somebody. That's a little unbalanced. Well now that. I'll actually agree with you. Yes well anyway. Explain me down to five seven one today. We're gonna do the giveaway hundred bucks when we return. If you would like to win from the breeders cup we'll do a little trivia contest show and some news on the champions classic is it. is it done. We got some worrisome news on the first game season. We'll be right back. Have you heard about propane. Taxi propane tanks. Propane grill tank. Home delivery service and it's ridiculously easy to order a propane grow tank delivered right to your door. Now's the perfect time of year to get outside and grill with family and close friends or heat up the patio. Make sure you've got propane for any occasion. Go to propane. Taxi dot com. 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Just that note is just like it's just one of those weird notes you see in a horror about me though that's correct. It's not about shoes. i'm not scared for you. Who's outside is that who you're scared for. No let's just just an unbalanced person out there. Well there you go. That was really artistic. By the way if they're listening chain and that was ryan that said that. Yeah yeah just for the record. One person writes met. I kind of feel like any grant has become like jim hosts for ryan. He defends him all the time. Is he scared of him. Like he is jim host. No i just. I think if you just look at our offense. I don't think it's eddie grants fault. I think it's obvious what the problem is. The place that he's calling. Its but at some point you do have to adjust and we're getting. I think you giving this week. These two weeks and say we have to see drew. A better offense against vandy we actually we have to. Oh for sure invades terrible. So if you don't see improvement that it's really concerning yes all right so we've got. The breeders cup has money. We're giving it away. We got five people on there shannon. Who's up first bob. Jamestown of court house bobby. Jamestown the first person to get in the party. Yesterday's contest unbelievable. So bob is there bob. How're you doing okay. Mad all right. What's your what's your take on. That florida missouri. I love you bob. I love when you call. You can't win the contest. Okay you're regular. You can't win the contest. So i i appreciate the call. We'll get to florida missouri. That just no no bob. I love bob shannon. But he can't be part of the contest. He's like all right. oh. I didn't know. I thought we were getting regular avenue people. So let me know bob alright. So who are the. Who's the next brad brad brad. Hey i'm from bowling. Green brand bowling green. Who's vacation brad. Jason jason where are you live nicholasville. Senegal's villa whose neck robert robert. Where are you pretty how you doing where. Where do you live. Jellico tennessee jellico tennessee. Right across the mountain. whose neck are you. okay with. Eighty eighty fat eighty. Where are you again. Thanks fake and can you give a shout out to our sheriff. John his burned down and i did. I heard that very sorry to hear them. Yes i'm very sorry to hear that. The sheriff in floyd county there. His house burned down last night. Our prayers go out to him. That's news okay. Here we go. Here's the game. Here's what you have to name. We'll start with you brad. A uk football player that played at kentucky under mark stoops but is not on the team now. Does that make sense. Yes you football player under. Mark stoops. Not on the team. Now do not cheat. Or i will you will disqualify you with my brain power brad. Go adrian middleton from south high school you really led off with. Adrian middleton all people to lead off. Adrian middleton jason often again. All right robert eighty nine bowdoin. Alright brad stevens johnson. Jason joe joe robert jones. Cody jones fullback there from one hundred mark stoops breakers senior here from wiley candy. Do you know cody jones. Drew mattis fact nice. Well done jellico tennessee. Getting kelly jones idiot and josh josh allen brag Re oh god. It's part of Mark smith shoot. Sorry smith is out. Brad has gone. Sorry brad jason. You got one jeff. Debt robert wong like bone eighty and three baker. Ed dorian door baker. I'll take a look at eighty coming through shane. I thought she was going to say baker mayfield. I was worried about got and baker. Jason three into one. John toth is right robert johnson. I think somebody already said that. Didn't they yeah. They did robert. Nice job jellicoe easy. I can't believe eighty still in it. Eighty was going to get to the finals. Eighty can you say in or dirt. They bailey bailey or day. Failure diet their daily dirks bailey. Circus bentley the country singer. Now i know who. She's trying to say eighty eighty in bady. There is a baby. I'll tell you what if you can get the first name. I'll give it to you. You're close their eke there. Where are you reading these eighty. No i don't think she's reading it or not she says tariq who says she was reading it. I don't think she'd say derique. Because it spelled pretty much like derek gotta go to the polls does eighty get to the next round ryan yes shannon. Yes all right that's good. Let's go to jason go barker. Derek barker is not a personal hang on derek. You marker eating if you get one right. One of the biggest upsets down to disqualify. That's definitely not a player. Eighty how they play very spicy rely on. I eighty with eighty with the cuss word. Here's what we're going to talking about. poop. Johnson there's we're gonna do here's what we're gonna do because i think that i think we've got. We've got some controversy. We're down to two jason. And here's what i'm gonna do to make it easier. I'm gonna say somebody who plays on. Uk's defense now right now on the team okay. Jason go beyond square easy. That's offense. I'm sorry. I say eighty thousand performance though. I think we have to give it a round of applause. Come on and why didn't she just go with cash daniel. She said it. Nobody had said cash now around. You said when you said cash. We him yet. You would've won yes man. That's not a. I'll tell you what i've got five hundred dollars to give away today shannon. Yeah why don't give them both one hundred come on go. I think i'll give a hundred dollars. Jason and nicholasville and eighty and presence bird. Both of you hang on. Because i'm gonna need to get your address is. Shane is going to have to get him. Okay oh okay. Eating say matt barker. You're good. You're i don't know what a since you said. Okay hang on jason you okay. Eighty yeah thank you. We're glad to help. We'll take a break five. Oh five seven one tonight. Hang on eighty. Don't hang up. We'll take a break. Gary back kentucky. Sports radio more the blue lights across the bluegrass county. County virtual tour presented by the kentucky office of highway safety after this to talk to matt jones. And the crew. Called the clark's pump and shop phone line at five zero two five seven one eighty or one eight seven. Seven nine four eighty. You're listening to kentucky sports radio on talk radio tanny sports radio this segment sponsored by trusted choice when it comes to insurance you need to make sure you have the right coverage at the lowest possible so you oughta trusted choice if you own a business. You need insurance. If you need personal insurance the nobody can help you like trusted choice. Independent agent that researches multiple carriers to find the best plan for you so if you need car auto health whatever they'll look at it and then there you go go trusted. Choice dot com. It's trusted choice. Dot com a kentucky independent agent. Ready to do what's right for you. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed that segment chain and i thought that game actually turned out better than most of our games and yeah did and eighty more than held her own. She was really impressive in that context oppressed by outdrew. I didn't know. I didn't know if he would know any of the players and she came through and even got derique or derek beatty necessarily well even earned so little dump button so i mean cycle. There said she in the former player contest. She mentioned cash daniel but then she she. She was that close to winning it overall if she'd gone with her instinct and said cash daniel. Well that's good though. We have jason and ears are winner. So we'll give we still have three hundred dollars to give away and the rest of the show. I got a note ryan from someone listening. Who also kind of is a public figure. And they said they've gotten the same note so that actually makes me better. You see what i'm saying like it's not just that they're trying to give it to other people good so this person just going around town and leaving it on people's windows car windows should that make me feel better or no. I've i've gotten something like that before. All right so champions classic drew there was a story. Yesterday it's a little bit scary by the way couple of open lines five. Oh five seven one today champions classic right now. They're not sure where it's going to happen or even for sure if it's going to happen they can't find a place to play it they were gonna play it in indianapolis but they're not sure they can get the arena on the date. They want it because they're still waiting on the nba schedule. There's some talk that half that they might just play the games on campus. That michigan state state may go to duke and play the game there and kansas and kentucky might decide to play it on one of their home courts because they're worried they can't get a facility for the event it sounds like they're definitely play it. But would you rather see the game either in lawrence or up or would you rather see the neutral side in a year where it's unlikely many people would be able to go and that normal fun weekend. A lot of the fans have to start off the season. I'd rather just play it at one of the campuses and honestly i would rather play at kansas. Because i'm thinking they might make it a two year thing enough pleaded out in my head that next year that would send duke to lexington so that is what. I'm rooting for abc. Because duke wouldn't host twice so duke would be the away team next year in next year's win kentucky duke. So i've kind of convinced myself they'll do it two years. Everybody gets a home game in kentucky but hope hope host duke next season. Well or the the the yeah well. They've already said the game would be at duke. So i think actually drew has done some good mental gymnastics there because if kentucky kansas ends up being a home arena if we play duke next year and they're already hosting this year then really the only way it can work ryan is if we go to kansas. I completely made that up in the shower this actually. I think you're right about that. That makes sense. Like 'cause the article said michigan state would go to do in this scenario. Yes if we played duke next year then the only way if it's a two year home and home that it works ryan is if we were to go to duke which means or. Excuse me if we were at home duke. So that would mean ryan. We would have to go to kansas this year. Boy cal would hate that though. I mean if cal loses a neutral site game to have to go play in lawrence. Kansas which he hates going to anyway ryan. He would despise bad result. He would be the alternative. Is you go to kansas and play as with what three thousand dollars. It's not going to be the the fog. Yeah it's just gonna have three thousand fans and then you get to host duke with maybe this time next year. A full capacity at rupp. That's true so that's that's a good point. What would you rather do. Would you rather hosts kansas this year with three thousand. Go to duke next year or would you rather go to kansas with three thousand host duke through. You're always going to pick the ladder of those two right. Yeah kansas down a little bit this year. I mean there's still good but it's not like they have. Some elite teams in kentucky is more of an elite team so he might have been when both in this scenario. Well they're still wanna play it in indianapolis and their articles seem to suggest if it didn't get announced today or tomorrow in indianapolis than it wouldn't happen in indianapolis. We might find out today if it's going to be an indianapolis. Brian also goes to show how these games are all up in the air. I mean i've been told kentucky's opening the season not with the champions classic or any of those games in the season with three stinky teams in rub. The first three games of the year are going to be hartford. Detroit and in morehead. Are you good with that. Yeah i think this year. We're probably be able to just play any whoever we can win every weekend. It may be like week by week if somebody asked fall out. Game somewhere somehow. I think that. I think that could happen right. I mean think about again with the rules that if you get one positive tests you have to sit out two weeks. There might be a scenario where you're scheduled to play a team. They can't play. And you just go pick somebody else up. Yeah coach kyle said on that media zoom last week that they have backup opponents ready at least. Uk does really that not every program would have that luxury but uk plan. Well let's smart no and that's a great thing about being. Uk is to be honest with you. You'll be able to get a game no matter what like everybody would wanna play here right so you could. If we lose a game finding ryan finding makeup should not be a problem true. Yeah you're just gonna have to find somebody that's not in quarantine is free that time. Hey column on the phone. Hey we're free you're free and you come over all right. Let's do it boom. It is crazy that the first game of the season as of right now a scheduled to be wednesday november. The twenty fifth the day before thanksgiving. That is three weeks from now and we still don't have a schedule. Don't have schedule born arena. And you know that the The the officials referees their schedule upshur all in limbo and their travel schedules. And everything. i mean there's a lot that goes into all this. That is amazing that you don't have a schedule three weeks in all right shannon. Who's up next. Let's go to michael michael. Michael met I was kinda thinking about your own. Assessment of any grant seems a little off. It was just two years ago. That georgia one ill as all the coordinator and now we're ready to throw the baby out with bathwater. Why first of all when you say my sassen eddy. Grant should be fired. But i do think that he has to show improvement over the next few weeks and he has to show at least an ability to i mean what he did. Amazingly last year was catering offense to a set of players that he didn't think would be the players at the beginning of the year. We just haven't seen that happen this year to be honest with you. And that's what's pointed that makes sense but it also seems like nobody wanted to get your. Didn't want to get rid of terry wilson. Because he beat tennessee before anyone the also coordinator during all that i totally. It's also the entire saying there's no well. Listen i agree with you. I mean but i think we learned. I think we learned when joey gatewood play last week. That the issue is not the quarterback. I mean whether you would think terry should play. Joey should play. That's not the difference. The difference is i think ryan is hit the biggest differences the receivers and then. I don't think we've been completely connecting On on the game plays this year on the play calling. It just hasn't been what it's been the last couple of years. Yes and makes it so if we watch you Watch the w k y t from hazard. How did we get a hold of that if we're not it's on w. i am t dot com or if it's youtube tv it'll be on that and i think what might even have like an app on roku or something like that. I'll tweet out the link. I'll be on at five thirty and at the top of every hour until they've called a winner so it appreciate it. I've got this thing here drew. I mean i don't know this at this thing you don't heavy set up yet your life. I mean they've got like a tripod and then there's a light a circle light and you put your phone on it and you hold it up and it's just. I know i'm not going to be able to do this. I think you got. It can't be that difficult bunch of equipment. I'm shooting it on my phone. Like i mean it's crazy. If you think about it chain in that in that you can do a television show from your phone. Yeah kinda scary. I am not so sure. How the quality is going to be on the though. It's better than it is computer like that camera. You have on your phone. Somebody told me this the camera you have on your phone if you have. The most updated iphone is better than the tv cameras that were used in the early nineties. Probably so max is like a movie quality camera it. I mean you were working. In tv then ryan. Do you think that's correct. Yeah like when you pull the the old video from the nineties and you have to use it now on tv you look at it. It's all kind of grainy and compared to the video. Shoot down your camera. it is better. Yeah well when you watch it tonight. I've had to move a lot of candles shannon to get this and help the lighting as soon as we can have mood light. It's back you can back light your own setting with a much of candles behind you. They were telling me the races that i need to be ready to talk about. And one of them is the race ryan. Where the two guys running against each other and one of them's named johnny turner and the other one's named johnny ray turner couple of country singer. There's a there's a state house race and the two people running a guys named john turn johnny turner and he's running against a guy named johnny writer. It sounds like alter ego that goes out on the weekends. Yeah tear down johnny rae. Let's go party boys. So you mean like johnny party is business in the front johnny race party in the back. Yeah john nine to five work. But johnny ray on the weekends. He's out about making it happen. Tom hart just wrote me. And say if i can call an espn college football game from my basement. Every saturday you can set up your true check. You should fair enough top five. Oh five seven. Ten eighty at kyi sports radio when we come back and his allies lee county day. I just wanna say something last couple of weeks. I've been getting notes from people who like. Hey can you didn't mention this and this and this and you should have and you laughed about this. We're trying to make these entertaining for folks and that's why sometimes we may pick things. Maybe you're not as proud of but that is entertaining so we will do. Housley county will retired. This is kentucky sports radio for the chinese menus.

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