Episode 11: Inside the Amy Robach leak


Today on we hear Kiana reeves new girlfriend gives the Internet a reason to love him even more amy robots responsible for the latest dose of Morning Show drama and Ron Perlman's been caught kissing co-star. So he's getting a divorce coming up next on we hear. Oh my God paychecks force. I slashed tapes six whatever field. They pay their Maggie Cog. Let me me and more and welcome new here. The page six podcast. We hear all the celebrity dirt from our exclusive sources. And you hear the story behind the story and it looked like you had had an amazing nightline is named Maggie. I'm actually very tired at went out really late. Last Saint Maggie because I was at the W S J magazine Scene Two Thousand Nineteen innovator awards wow what a title worked with a lot of words. I don't know why they have twenty nineteen because you sort of know wouldn't be the twenty any seventeen or whatever. It was actually really cool. They had a lot of there was a lot there. Actually I think I wrote like five items already today today about it. So who is there. I saw Kim Kardashian. Yes did you see Kim Kardashian was wearing chaps. No yeah she's wearing like a corset and chaps made by Ricardo TV Jerry Seinfeld presented awards to Eddie Murphy. Who flew in from the set of his upcoming film film that I know you're really looking forward to coming to America to? Oh I am used coming to America and then not a joke right back on Jerry Seinfeld recalled how he Ian Eddie Murphy actually. They started their comedy careers the same week at this same comedy club in the same year in nineteen seventy six suicide him out like what. It's like to be at least start your comedy career at the same time as Eddie Murphy which is pretty fun. Yeah that's amazing. Yeah it was cool but it was really cool and actually it was weird because the the awards was at at the At moma the Museum of Modern Art in New York and it was interesting. Because like Conde I have to say like Connie really helped the whole vibe of the whole thing because during the awards which is like a pretty prestigious thing he was just like like wandering around during the word show in like talking to people and it just created like a pretty cool vibe but he wanted to meet all the innovators getting all innovative How did you like the new Moma I I I actually it was? I was psyched. I really was into the new moma because it was you know. Mostly this makes me sound like a shallow horrible person which I am but I I mostly just go to Moma for events. Is there for like parties. And you know I'm not really going there for the are unfortunately not much but every time that you've gone there for the past however long it's been it was under construction so you had to go through this like Weirdo entrance and it was like the It just messed up the whole thing but now it looks amazing. I really liked like did a lot better. It was much cooler so I was super into it Nice. Yeah I wanted to see the art but I ended up on the phone with one of our colleagues Because we we're breaking some more news on the Amy Rohbock story which will be talking about so. I was on the phone like wandering around in the museum while everyone else was enjoying the art. But I'm doing Matt Maggie for our listeners and for our readers. You're an artist missing. Anything is like a twenty four hour job all right. Now let's go into our I story. Keanu reeves has got a girlfriend I repeat Kiana reeves has got a girlfriend Internet boyfriend. Kiani made quite the splash this week. When he he attended the lack? Ma Art and film Gal aside. Alexandra grant a forty six year. Old Visual artist the longtime friends at the red carpet together holding hands and even post closely for photos otas. It's been decades since Kiani was stepped out with a woman who is Alexandra. Grab I you know. It's funny like so. I feel like I was ahead of the curve on this yet. Another thing Maggie that I'm way ahead of the curve on so in the newsroom. The other night when after everyone was talking about this photo of Keanu Reeves. That's right. What event was he at with our film gala in La the Lacrima art and film gala? Another museum that I go to parties at really good parties and don't see some art i. Ah I so we're in the newsroom. And everyone started freaking out. The buzz was spreading in our sort of paid six area and everyone was high out. Like Oh my God. That's kion new reeves girlfriend. Yeah so I'm like I was a little behind I was working on something else and I was like okay. I need to like look this up. So I I google Keanu reeves girlfriend and put it in and then all these images and all the photos come up and I was like this is so weird all. I'm seeing pictures. Kasana Reeves and Helen. Mirren I'm like this is so annoying. Like what a nice and I thought. Oh maybe the reason out there like that widely like maybe people. We're working on it so it just it hasn't registered and I'm like this is Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren and then I was like Oh my God. That isn't Helen Mirren that his his girlfriend's friends but it took me like a wild figure out that that wasn't Helen. Mirren Yeah and you were one of many people who thought that because there were tons of stuff on twitter and social media being like this career stating Helen Mirren and she talked to entertainment tonight and she said that was very flattering to me. Helen Mirren Talk Allen Mira and and she said because she's obviously lovely so their longtime friends which I love because you know Keanu Reeves. We don't know too much about his love life. That's true true and the more that I read about the the romance and the more we've learned about this woman. It's like incredibly sweet actually because they have a book imprint together and basically the did you. The way that they met is that he He had written some like sappy happy poetry. Basically I guess is like a joke. Initially that he showed a mutual friend of theirs and then she gave his now girlfriend the the poems and she created a book like she put them to illustrations and she created a book of the poems them to him as a gift right certain so in two thousand eleven they collaborated on his book Ode to Happiness and then in two thousand sixteen they released a book called shadows. But what's really interesting is is a lot of the response of this is that people are like. Oh my God he on his dating someone age appropriate which I cannot believe is a novel concept at Hollywood it but it is. He still nine years older than her. He's fifty five to her forty six today. The New York Times published a story that was like kiato reeves girlfriend girlfriend seems to be aging gracefully. So I should to like there's literally an op Ed in the New York Times because this woman stepped out with Kiana Reeves. This woman is giving older women. Permission the age gracefully which. I'm like Damn Hollywood. This is shallow has helped like there's tons of beautiful women over forty right taught to Maggie. Well it is weird because it's like you know usually we're writing about older men and younger women and it's kind of such a cliche. Leonardo di Caprio. Oh Syndrome so it is. It is nice that he's going out with somebody age appropriate even though she is younger is still nine years right although oh she looks older than which I'm not really allowed to say because she's aged gracefully. She gracefully thank. You can have a lot older than gray hair Erin look good. Helen Mirren is much older than she is. So here's the thing. I sat next to Helen Mirren This is admittedly like a few years ago but it was at an at an invented the old list cirque and I have to admit and now I'm realizing this might make me sound like a total creep is weighed but right. Helen Mirren is smoking. No that makes you sound like very like sensual the whole woman. I'm not kidding. I was very very taken with her. I mean isn't very remember. Wait okay now I have to ask you the question that I that I was born to ask you. Oh God in a situation relation where you can only spend time with one of these two people on a desert island. These people are one. I've got on a red carpet Dame Helen Mirren or to you. Lisa vendor pump other Brit crush. God that's such a thing I thought you were GonNa say Dame Edna because Azizul Damon there is a day. I don't I don't know that's that's a very God. That's a tough call INS type. British uh-huh Aristocratic or risk. Dame's he's looking for data. That is true but she seems cool as hell visual artist Li. We like there have been hints right that they've been together although people haven't really picked up on them until now so for example like they have this press together or call X. Artist's books which they launched in two thousand seventeen and then they were. They did a photo shoot together for Vogue Spain. Oh I know your subscription lapsed you kinda might have missed that one and then there was another shot of them lovingly gazing into each other's eyes but but now they're on the red carpet together eight in this shot they're holding hands and by the way I love. This is like the age of innocence. It's like interpreting like the the the batting an eyelash lovingly and so much. Can you get any other way gay young as I can't as I did. Helen Mirren Cirque as you did little your heart's fluttering between is the thing is that Yes so so so then they were holding hands on this red carpet. But it's still not confirmed Maggie despite the gazing the holding the publishing that they are our A couple we don't know we don't know if it's unconfirmed so we're going to have to read into it by the away when she made that book for him which they ended up releasing because she made it for him privately she This is a very intellectual romance. There was reported that Keanu Reeves had written some fake self. Pity poetry that he gave to a friend of his. And the friend gave leave the poems to Alexandra the alleged love interest and basically without Kiana reeves knowledge. She created the image is is to his self pitying poetry and put them into a book and then she presented Reeves with the book hidden inside the pages of a large green nineteen. Seventy s travel book called the British scene and she has said it was a surprise in a private gift. We didn't make the book to publish it. It was meant to put put a big smile on our faces and make everyone laugh. Then someone said I want five copies. And that's when the light bulb went on and then they have their own so this woman's like amazing she's creative creative she's cool she's interesting and cheese. The poor man's Helen Mirren. Oh my God it's four play for wealthy people. Just be like Bay by Polish Research Sir of books. Oh yeah totally Maggie. You look really tired. Nagy I feel really tired. I think I feel more tired than even. Look I got a terrible night's sleep last night and the night before. Have you heard about purple mattresses. No is that a brand of magic or you mean just purple mattresses color hits a brand of mattresses so the purple mattress will probably feel different than anything you've ever experienced because this brand uses technology that was created by rocket scientists. Wild is love. That's great I want everything I used to be created by rockets right. It's not like memory memory foam and the material feels really unique. 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ABC News recently recently found itself in hot water. Good Morning America reporter. Amy Robak was caught on a hot mike claiming network fast scrapped her interview with Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Years Ago Geico this footage of robot was leaked online. Once the audio was released robot quickly issued a statement saying that she was caught in a moment of private frustration. She added that while she was disappointed. That our interview which was taped in two thousand fifteen did not run as it fell to meet. ABC's reporting standards. She had never been told to stop reporting warning on the Epstein Scandal. So let's talk about Amy Robak. Who is she? So she's a she's on twenty twenty and cheese on GM She's married to Andrew you shoot Might Recall Yup and basically what happened is our sources. Tell us that this video in which she was recorded it basically behind the scenes when she didn't think she was on camera right and she was saying that she had this interview with this Jeffrey Epstein Accuser who who alleges that she had sex with Prince Andrew and Prince Andrew has denied and Amy Roebuck was heard in this tape basically saying saying that. ABC had spiked her interview with this woman. Because they didn't want to ruffle the feathers of the Royal Family Right right and I think it's important to point out that her accusations are that she was underage right. That aren't just that she slept with Prince. Andrew is that she was. She says that she was this. Jeffrey Epstein sex-slave And that he basically like loaned her out or whatever. Her terminology is to I'm Prince Andrew. Who slept with her while she was underage which he denies some of the circumstances under which this recording was made so the recording wording was was made back in July and we hear that it was recorded in an ABC studio in Times Square which is not their usual the usual new studio basically? It's a small studio that is mostly used for recording promos So there were very few people and the recording so ABC's been trying to figure out who the leaker is of this tape so Maggie. The story is getting even crazier because after we reported exclusively that ABC had alerted CB asked that the person who had access to this tape was was now working there. The woman has come forward and brought another broadcaster into it Megan Kelly. What's Megan Kelly's in the mix? Megan Kelly is now in the mix everybody but NBC ABC CBS Former Fox and NBC. Anchor Occur Megan Kelly so we had reported. Actually that Megan Kelly was planning her TV comeback. But it wasn't going to be on TV. Actually it was going to be online and she was going to launch. It's like kind of her own youtube channel or sailing that and she's now use this story in order to do that. Basically right so she has an exclusive interview view that she put on Instagram With this woman. Who's the alleged leaker? Her name is Ashley Bianco. She's twenty five years old and she flat out says that she did not leak the tape She said that what happened was her job was to Sort of as a as a producer and kind of editor type and that when Amy Roebuck was on this hot mike she'd been recording promos. Apparently and the the footage was being aired. The behind the scenes footage on this hot mike was still being aired it to all the affiliates and two different you know. ABC Control Rooms and so she saying that she had just clipped it. That basically her job was to kind of clippings that she would make like Kinda behind the scenes. Funny goofy wheels like a blooper. Reel yeah like analogy. Oh yes off camera so I guess part of her job was that if she saw something funny happening in between the PROMOS or the takes she would she would mark them and clip them but she says she basically clipped this segment that she was shocked. By what Amy Robot was saying and that everyone was talking about it and she says she she clipped it but then she never accessed it again she never sent it to anybody she never did anything with it. And when and Megan Kelly asked her well. Why did you clip it? She said that she just did it. For office gossip But then she also was tearfully carefully saying in this interview that she had only been working at. CBS for four days when this whole thing went down when ABC contacted them to identify identify her and then she got fired by CBS and she basically was saying. I didn't do anything wrong. I just want my job back and she was tearfully in you know almost in tears saying to Megan Kelly like my career is over. I'm Never GonNa get another job and then Megan Kelly reassures her that she will get another job. Maybe she needs staff for this show. She's like I'm giving you a job. I actually don't have an assistant right now. Can you get me a Cappuccino. Yeah I I mean. I think it's interesting to point out. That in the Audio Robak says that the reason her interview was killed was because they were desperate to interview. View Prince William and Kate Middleton and that they basically killed her story or allegedly killed her story so that they could get access to the royals else right and we've at were previously reported that ABC News Had James Goldstein. I've been photographed at at a table with Donald trump during a UK. Visit recently and that there were also members of the royal family there with him as well so people people were thinking. Oh you know. Is he tight with the royal family but basically ABC is ABC is denying this And they've said that you know. They said the reason robotics report report didn't air was because it didn't live up to their standards didn't live up up to their journalistic standards. They couldn't air it and they're saying that basically they would've loved to air a story like that but it just it wasn't arable pass the test basically what Roebuck was heard saying on the air when she thought she wasn't being recorded was I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts Birt's we would not put it on the air. Then she said first of all I was told WHO's Jeffrey Epstein then the palace found out we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew. You in threatened us in a million different ways. We were so afraid. We wouldn't be able to interview Kate and will so. I think that had also quashed the story. She also says that Virginia told me everything she was in hiding for twelve years. We convinced her to come out. We convinced her to talk to us. It's a pretty damning thing I mean. It's pretty strongly strongly worded but we heard that. ABC Brass was obviously unhappy about this and then They they had her come out and put out a statement Sort of walking back her her comments which you know she our made privately but then also they've put but Their top producer of investigations. He did an interview with NPR and he basically told them like hey. This isn't true we would've loved to air this story but we just couldn't we didn't have we didn't have the the reporting in place to air it. What a week Amy Rebecca's has having because she and her husband her aforementioned husband enter? She ran the New York City marathon on Sunday and they had pretty good times. She finished in four hours. Sixteen eight minutes and twenty nine seconds. He was a second after her and I cannot imagine the exhaustion from the marathon even training for like some sixteen eighteen weeks. And then you have that one. Great Day you complete this thing. And then this bombshell drops there's audio of you speaking speaking about something that happened in Twenty fifteen audio from July. It's like Oh my God totally also Maggie just from what you just said and then also from what I saw an instagram. Did everyone except me run the marathon. Did you run in the marathon. I ran it last year. I didn't run up this year. I got pizza but another thing. That's interesting about this story is that so when. ABC was trying to figure out who the leaker of this Amy Robot Clip was. They were kind of weighing all your options and we heard that one of those could be like. They're trying to figure out if there'd be l'aigle any legal Avenues they could take but they were saying that since the Stafford in work there anymore it actually would be harder refer them to take action because if the person like the legal part I dunno but then the if the person so were to ABC. Obviously it's a fireable offence pence. What's interesting is that if this person that was fired from? CBS It is the same person. that one network DOC would alert another network to like. Hey this person is on your staff and then that the other network that the rival. CBS would get far enough to to fire. Fire Them So. I think there's a lot more that happened behind the scenes there which I'm sure we're gonNA find out Maggie. Yeah because we're a paid six right right this holiday stress. Keep you up at night. I mean you get into bed at the end of a long day and it's like what side dish I'm going to bring to friendsgiving. Do I have to get on a waiting list for the Super Bowl gift that my sister wants which is a real thing I'm dealing with currently well. It's time to put an end to those racing thoughts and head into the holidays as well rested as possible. Calm the number half for sleeping relaxation can help you with that. You couldn't download the APP and listen asleep stories which are kind of like bedtime stories for adults they can help you fall into a deep natural sleep in minutes. And they're narrated by connick voices like Lavar Burton for limited time. Our show listeners can get twenty five percents off a calm. PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION ADT COM dot com slash tape six it comes with unlimited access to calms entire library and new content is added every week get started today com dot com slash page h six. That's com dot com slash page. Six Ron Perlman is sixty. Nine years old and his love life is still making headlines this week Ron and Opal Stone Perlman. His wife of thirty eight years which I would just like to point out his longer than I've been alive. Life filed for divorce. The couple married on Valentine's Day in one thousand nine hundred one and they have two children together. The News of the longtime couples demise come six months after after Ron was spotted kissing his startup co star Alison Dunbar. What is going on here so I do want to say for the record for the people out there who don't follow like the hell boy franchises and as I do and you know followed very closely that Ron Perlman is not Ronaldo Perlman Right Revlon billionaire in air right? This is Ron Perlman. The hell boy actor. Yeah I believe he's also on sons of anarchy for a long time anarchy. He looks a little bit like he could be related to Tom Waits. This story is getting a ton of web traffic and people are really interested in it that I don't think we knew much about his love life. So it's Kinda interesting thing that he's leading such a steamy love life. We talked about his various projects but he's also on this show started ended up And he filed for divorce from his wife five months after he was spotted kissing his startup co star Alison Dunbar Inbar Right. Yeah and he apparently had separated from his wife five days before those. Those photos were revealed So safe to say there are estranged. It's safe to say they're a strange exactly and the other thing. That's really odd about this man years that we we've had a string. This now fits into a category of story that we have. You could make a tag for this. Which is old people will kissing outside weird L. A. Spots? Like if you were worried about being uncaught kissing. Wouldn't you take indoors aren't there. Isn't this one. Venetian blinds are for even. If I wasn't worried at all like like I don't know if I'd be outside like it's so ridiculous. Outdoor kissing is also like our deejay night and tonight outdoor kissing. Dj thank you but the So he had been spotted kissing his co star right outside the Alexander under Steak House in Pasadena California some respect for yourself these photos to there. I'M NOT GONNA I. I'm a Paparazzi. I'm not GONNA follow around. You Know Leo and Brad Tonight I'M GONNA go follow Ron Perlman at the Alexander Steak House in Pasadena Dina. Maybe this paper auto is just like I was on the move for a steak and my camera and by the way as an aside Maggie. I want a pop ARADO Ratto. Is We keep saying once. told me that. When they're on like a like a stakeout or they're like waiting for somebody outside of a place trying to get a photo and like tourists tests were like just random people pass by there like Oh like who are you waiting for the code? I think that what I've heard. They all always tell them. Is Tony Danza really. Because they know that no one's going to wait around for Tony Danza. And it's like they're not waiting for Tony Danza. They're waiting for Timoteo shallow. Mayor Justin Bieber are in Hailey Baldwin Wade so this they just say Oh yeah Tony Danza. And then the tourists are like a whatever and they leave. Alexander Steakhouse isn't described on the Internet as is a posh spot fusing steakhouse classics with Japanese cuisine with a signature. Cotton Candy Desert. What make you why I can't any Honda meets the old four seasons? I don't know if you can remember. But we did a story. That Laurence Fishburne's wife actress Gina Torres whereas in a sort of similar stray she had been on suits the Meghan markle show soups on Youtube Channel. Does that still exist. Yeah I believe so is over but USA still exists. Good well the She was passionately kissing a mystery. Man Back then and They they were at a place called the they were kissing outdoors in front of the sweet butter cafe in the San Fernando Valley so the days at the cafe and nights at the Alexander Steakhouse enact case Gina Torres was. She wasn't kissing co-star she was kissing a man who who was We had reported a SOLAR ENERGY INVESTOR FROM UTAH. So Ron Perlman Splits Ville. It's still so he. He filed for divorce and Now dunbar his girlfriend. Her Age has not been confirmed. We reported but she's to be believed to be in her mid forties and she's been seen with a large diamond ring on her engagement finger. So called your ring finger on her engagement finger. We Queen in new phrase in this item as paid six is known to do. She has shared some photos with Ron Social Media in two thousand eighteen she she captioned a video of the pair me and Bish bish yet. Bish like Kendrick. Lamar Bish Bash. Don't kill my vibe. Yeah exactly and then or I don't know maybe it's Bish here it is. It's from like a year ago November. Fourteen two thousand eighteen. And they're in a photo booth just pointing earning to each other at Soho House. The weird thing about it is like so the thing about Hollywood stars that I found Maggie is that you have easy like obviously. There's the Brad Brad. Pitt's Gwyneth paltrow. Whoever and they're like you know Subaru attractive and whatever but then there are these other character actors like Ron Perlman right eight or like a toni collette or something and they always play the ugly sister or the like the fat loser Weirdo brother in the shack? You you know whatever and then the thing is you see them in person and actually compared to regular people. They're like amazing. Yeah they're just incredibly. She's like sparkles like flying out. He's like but like onscreen she's like. Oh I'm like the Weirdo Hippie mom loser whatever. We can't stop crying but in this case the thing about it is Ron Perlman is also like he's he's like a big ugly lug like anytime roll calls for a lug or or something like Perlman bringing Roman bring in the lush bringing Q.. The Lug so the thing is that but when you look at this photo of him I and Allison Dunbar his girlfriend alleged girlfriend at the Soho House as you mentioned. He's like he's really amazing like he looks great. He looks like healthy looks great. That's a really got a great denim shirt on a anyway Ron's rap and his attorney. Not Be immediately reached for comment Maggie so th. I think it'll be more to the story. People are obsessed with this right. I don't know why maybe it's the hell boy people are you into the hell boy franchise. I'm not it's so good is it. Yeah so basically. Did you see that alone. Come on yes I do. I've seen all the hell boys alone That is a film that a man sees. He's by himself fast or even have any other dork friends to go with. It's time for our favorite part of the show. Let's take a look in the page. Six volt to see what ancient celebrity juicy exclusive we've uncovered from yesteryear we're back in two thousand and three page six published. A story with the headline book puts Whitney on the couch. A new unauthorized biography of Winnie Houston psycho analyzes is her transition from pop princess to pothead. Her turbulent marriage to Bobby Brown and tabloid rumors of a possible. Savic relationship with former top aide. Robin in Crawford in Whitney Houston the unauthorized biography. James Robert Parish examined tails and supermarket weeklies about Houston's relationship with Crawford. Both women have denied allegations that they were ever romantically involved. I believe that Whitney and Robin were emotionally extremely close. For many years. Parish told page six I can only speculate about a stronger type of relationship but have no documented evidence. Well things have changed since two thousand and three sixteen years later. Robin Crawford has released a book in which she reveals she. Whitney Houston had a romance between them. Yeah exactly Maggie and I am I actually when I read the excerpt of the Of The book a song for you. My Life with Whitney Houston I actually. I found it to be pretty heartbreaking. Yeah Yeah I was really sad when I read it. Actually you know Robin Recalls that she and Whitney Houston had their first kiss right around nineteen eighty when they were camp. Counselors and Crawford was nineteen and Whitney Houston was seventeen. You're working at a summer camp in east orange. New Jersey and Robin said the physical part of our friendship happened along the way and it was just beautiful. We're on a journey together. When we were connected she sat of their? I kiss. We talked and talked and then all of a sudden we were face to face. The first kiss was long and slow. Like honey you're right. That does sound like very you know. Sweet Alison Incense and a thing but then it gets a little less innocent Maggie where she says that later at the apartment we took off our clothes for the first time we touched touched each other caressing her and loving her felt like a dream which is very sweet and Nice but then this is the part that really actually I found heartbreaking. Is that when Clive Davis signed Whitney to Arista two years later in Nineteen eighty-two after their first kiss robin recalls she said she. Being Whitney said we shouldn't be physical anymore because it would make our journey even more difficult. She said if people find out about us they would use this against against us and back in the eighties. That's how it felt and CISSY HOUSTON. Whitney's mom her famous. Mom told the pair. It wasn't natural for for two women to be that close. But we were that. Close Crawford Road so It's just so sad because it's like I wonder am now extrapolating here your Maggie but You know like you think of Whitney. And it's like you know she then. She ended up marrying Bobby Brown and she ended up. Do you know the whole drug thing. And it was so tragic and horrible and sad and I can't help but wonder if maybe it was. Because she had this forbidden love with Robin Bobbin and like basically had to like not pursue that because she thought it would hurt her career which today seems kind of like you know I mean that was the eighty s just seems kinda ridiculous and it's just so sad like could that Could that have you know. Fueled the old her sort of tragic drug addiction and you have to wonder at tasted men. Yeah you have to wonder. If she was trying signed to numb out this feeling that she couldn't be with this person she loved or what she wanted was wrong or she was being told it was wrong. Right and Robin Crawford says that Whitney Found Comfort in my silence and that they never talked about labels like lesbian or gay and one thing that I think I can say even. I don't know bobby round personally. Is that no one ever found comfort in his silence quite profound exactly you now so it just seems like actually the robin year sort of add up more with you know the maybe the real Whitney maybe then she could have continued on Matt Path. I agree thank you well. That's it for this episode. We hear to hear the latest we hear episodes insure to hit. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. spotify or any of your preferred podcast platforms. You can find more of the latest celebrity news and gossip by signing up for our newsletter and by visiting page six DOT Com. We'll be back next Monday with more page. Six exclusives see then.

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