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Episode 233: The Dogon (Entry 369.DE0419)


Nothing we are Jennings and John Rodrick. We speak to you from our present which we can only assume as your distant past the turbulent time that was the early twenty first century during the great cataclysm that will surely befall our civilization. We began this monumental reference of strange obscure human knowledge. These recordings represent our attempt to compile and preserve wonders esoterica. That would otherwise be lost. So whether you're listening from an advanced civilization or just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This is our time capsule. This is the you have accessed entry. Three six nine Dot d. e. zero four one nine certificate number two six seven three one. The dough gone famous. Avian and you tell me whether Hollywood depiction Ri- or also wrong so we're going to call that alien versus Georgia you ready. At very good. Yes correct by aliens from the Alien Franchise Hollywood entertainment cone heads. Those cones actually exist as bona fide archaeological artifacts and. What about the huts? Oh Java yeah well he's I better not talk about him. Is this another dungeons and dragons episode? Yes the doggone will reduce your armor class by six points. Every time it does one of its acid attacks. I employ the crown of might the doug onto the actually will involve monsters at some point. You believe in you believe you're a believer in in little green men in the folks who pose. Yeah sure they come they come from dimension X or whatever. I like a lot of things that are that are supernatural or sub natural. I believe them I believe in them and also don't believe it. I think I need to hear more about the difference between the supernatural phenomena and the some natural supernatural ones are beyond what we can see. Natural ones are what? They are so lame. We can't see ends exactly right there they are. They're so believable. Boggles the mind so crypto. Zoology is interested in the unlikely things. A dinosaur in Scotland Gorilla man in the cascade of some kind of wail in the in a fragile freshwater lake. But what if there is something so usual that we never noticed a rock and a field of rocks? There's a there's a lady but it's got an extra spot or something right. I believe clover you mean. No but but that's exciting to leave to found it. What do you think about? I feel like on the omnibus before we must have talked about the seventies fad of alien archaeology. Both for sure all this chariots of the Gods Eric von Daniken kind of stuff about. What if they weren't just coming to rural farmhouses now what if they came to Sumeria and Mexico will that that is a seventies fashion spawned a whole sub-genre of of Kook. Didn't I mean there are still ancient? Archaeology is what that Orient Ancient. Ooh Fall adjusts guy with the crazy hair on the discovery channel. They built the Pyramids Right. Would Dan Ackroyd even be selling crystal skull news in crystal skull bottles if not for these weird beliefs we have about? It just happens that when an unusual archaeological discovery it's made often it gets filtered down several levels through pop culture until somebody with weird hair decides. Nope that was the Malians. Well the drawings a down in the Atacama desert and the ones that you see in England and various places that are only really not visible from outer space but only really apprehend -able from from high up the Nazca Lines. Don't look like a hummingbird unless you're a faux coming in for orbit right on runway five. I mean that was all I needed to see to be convinced once I read when I was a kid. I read the Tinton book about this. Do you remember Tinton Book About Engineering? Everything about Tinton. We are surrounded by a Tinton library here. I know there's no shortage of tinton material in this house. Little girl just days said I have every Tinton book. Except there's what about the Congo bowed my head in her mom back around doing the swiping across the neck. Sign to you. Well this actually you know. African colonialism also comes into play in our story. It's your favorite things de Indie monsters and racist Belgians me. It's not in this case. They're French and Belgian. I don't know if that's better or worse I can never tell them. There is a among the many diverse tribes of West Africa. There's a people called the doggone that live in southern Mali and the northern part of Burkina Faso what used to be Upper Volta. I think you will find that if they live in Mali they live in southern Mali. Did Northern part is the Sarah Mom Molly and Nesia are both these big countries that that when you when you examine the population salt cluster. Down around the fertile the Fertile River. Yeah this hard hazardous like Coachella. There's a lot of molly. Oh come on. You're not happy with that at all know that that gave me a pain. It's but you're right. They live south of the bend in the Nesia River there. But in a there's about there somewhere on the order of half a million doggone people living in a big people in in a cluster of villages a thousand years ago they refused to convert to Islam and generally there are not half a million left if people who refused to convert but in this case led to the development of their culture they were able to keep their original beliefs and customs. And they they they moved to the the high country the the sandstone cliffs of the Bondi Gara Escarpment. The bundy escarpment. You say which sounds like Tarzan plot device but apparently is actually some kind of central plateau in Mali and so a lot of their villages are defensively against whoever the new oppressors are whether Arabs or or colonial French or or whoever so they've got these amazing kind of Mesa Verde looking villages built into these sandstone cliffs and some of these village clusters have thousands and thousands of people. The molly is also the site of the blue men of the Sahara. The taureg that we that we entered into the omnibus earlier. That's right Malia. Nizhny seemed to be fertile ground for people who have not adopt not not embraced the other the other governments of Mali Megyn. Maybe because like you say there's so much of it. It's so big they can just wander into the desert or in this case into the cliffs. The escarpment right and not be troubled by their sort or musket wielding newcomers. Oh but we could do that here. Also I just wish all our new covers here had all our potential invaders here just had swords and muskets. That'd be a lot better living here on the west coast within range of possibly North Korean missiles But yeah the as a result the dough gun were able to preserve their culture for a thousand years. It's appears to be a culture largely based on harmony they have elaborate rituals where they give each other compliments and thank and respect each other. Oh not musical harmony but harmonious yes I was like. Whoa are they living like an you? Meet somebody on a trail and you just hit a note and I don't know if they sing the words or not but but other cultures were built all their a lot of their customs are built around a good feeling and getting along. And there's a there days if you hang out in a village which is probably a pretty big F. No I love that. Just that phrase like hang out in Doug on village you would just hear the same elaborate greeting exchange repeated because when you meet someone you you there's a back and forth where you both say. Nice things about each other to like a tea ceremony happens like thirty times right. You're you're just walking down the street. You're just trying to buy your flat bread or whatever and it's like I gotta do this again. I don't want to paint it out painted as some total mister rogers culture. Also do female genital mutilation or you know the kind of stuff you'd expect less polygamy than you'd expect but you know if you're menstruating you gotta go into a special bad person hot right. And they believe the clitoris to be a male part that must be removed unless you're a male and conversely to be fair they believe the foreskin is female and also must be removed. But that's not like you can tell us assistant invented by man. That's not a fair tit. For if they if they took everything from the foreskin right on with Iraq and the sharp rock in the same way you can survive and keep your keep your culture completely discreet from your surroundings. Just by hiding in an escarpment. I think it's a really good. I think you also need to be fairly warlike or at least willing to willing to beat some heads the kind of mental toughness you think it might take to meet some mental toughness. I think you're gonNA need to hurt each other. Something like a football coach defending really hard hit except in this case the heart hidden being performed on hundreds of thousands of young women. So I don't know but yeah you're right. They're not necessarily a warlike people but you're right. It's not all just sweetness and light. I think when when when they started doing cultural anthropology of the Bonobos and realized that instead of fighting they just had sex with each other that at least for a while in my young years that became a like a like a symbol of hope that maybe we can your generation or just in your head no in my generation having chimps because I think that research coincided with a period in my life when I was in my early twenty s and so it sort of swept through alternative Underground culture like Whoa Dude. This has been right in front of us all along. All we need to do to fight and it may be reinforced. What many young men of your age were thinking? Which is that science would eventually eventually eventually proved the beauty of promiscuity having sex all the time right and particularly if it was a have an alternative to fighting sure. But but I think since then we've always since then there's been a thread where any cultural anthropology is sort of looking for some secret some some secret to peace that involves maybe a stoning ceremony You know that was what was so popular about that story The lottery the lottery because the whole first three quarters of that book. You're like wow. How did they do it? What's the secret? Yeah they kill all lady. Whatever every year Yeah but the Bonobos. Don't nobody ever found the Bonobos doing secret secret but I mean the violence but no Bozo. Consensual violence levels. Are monkeys not people so the people always have to throw that extra wrinkle in or they use a sharp rock on you well? It's funny that you mentioned cultural anthropologists for whom everything looks like a nail if you have one hammer because this is the point where Marcel. Y'All enters our story. The Frenchman or the Belgian. He's a Frenchman. Almost everything we know about the everything we knew about the DOE gun for decades came from the work of Marcel Grill who? I traveled to southern Mali in the early nineteen thirties to visit them and essentially set up a base camp there and returned many times all the way through his death in the late fifties. And in fact I think posthumous work was being published from his visits to the Doggone as late as the nineteen sixties molly would have been within the the. That's the story of French West. It would not have been independent until I don't even know late. Fifties EARLY SIXTIES. One is one. Is Molly in independence. We don't celebrate that in my house. We live in Seattle. We should celebrate all the diverse African holidays. Yeah but like the Independent. It's not it's not a thing like Cinco de Mile where Malayan independence became drinking holiday. So why not? Let's get really drunk on palm wine once a year in June. Oh It's the sixtieth anniversary this year. It was the late June nineteen sixty. Yeah that's right and then then a so. A lot of those lot of those former territories formed a federation called the Mali Federation in nineteen sixty sixty sixty one. It's always cool. When you're the country that gets to keep the old name the Oregon territory exactly what we're not part of the Oregon territory here in in great old Washington. We had to pick some kind of johnny come lately colonizer name because Oregon the weird possibly native American name of dubious origin was taken so so Marcelkro spent decades with these people and published many times about what he took to be their complex beautiful belief systems the most elaborate of which came with thirty three days. He spent in Nineteen forty-six with the blind. A tribal elder hunter named Tim Mela and a lot of his work. Takes the form of a dialogue between Ogawa and the Nasreen which is what he calls himself off. Don't think they should be messianic overturns. He called himself the Nasreen. I was like when you said the Nasreen there was like who has a right now. We got excited. You figure this is. Oh Yeah Well that's where to go. Tim Calls Him in the dial. And maybe he leaves out the part where he's like. Hey maybe just maybe just call me the Nazarene. I'm trying to get going with some of the guys jock wound to it but you know in my experiences in traveling in North Africa had more than one people. I'm sorry not more than one people more than what's worse the Doug more than one person You know in this in the context of late night conversation about culture that you often find yourself in when you're traveling in foreign countries I've had more than one person. They're calling me Christian really like well. Listen Christian here's how here's here's how we around here and you know and and when I would protest like well now wait a minute you know. Don't just call me Christian. They did you show them your new writings. I put my Fedora on Pasta. Therion Sir when I would I would say like well now. It's not it's not. You can't reduce Mu and my whole culture to just Christians and they. They they laughed. They rejected that. No I mean. We're we're Muslim men and you are Christians and so as the Christian here you're going to you're in shoulder. The weight of it's definitely the kind of thing that seems kind of not at all. It seems benign coming from the colonized people whereas if you were like hey Muslim which was hostile. I like it doesn't go so well the other direction I mean. It is true when you think about it. Like I'm the only Christian that they know or knew or had I mean potentially had met. Maybe they thought your name was Christian. Maybe the first guy in that was like Christian late night were in Christian Dior. I was clearly not Christian. I mean from my name was clearly not Christian because I was wearing a sweatshirt said John. I'm John My mom made it for him. That's fantastic. She makes me want every time. I go traveling. Maybe they were you know. When we travel this kids my mom would always. She would not put our names on our shirts but she would make a where some kind of early eighties polo shirts matching matching of an unusual color. Because she she had three to four children and she did not want them running off in the airport and we didn't have the monkey leash backpacks yet. You don't remember how many children she had at thirty four. My brother's kind of know it depends on where in our chronology this takes policy when they're there could have been three of us there but we were always had to wear like these bright purple Ralph Lauren Polo shirts which is hilarious. When you're eight but awful when you're fifteen well think of the age range in some warm and eighties family. There's a thirteen year old and eleven year old an eight year old and a three year. Old you'd better be able to break into harmony that's right and we we just say. Osmond's songs into the airport and people threw money. Was I even talking about right Christian? You're young. They were calling you Christian so anyway. Do you think it was a mutiny on the bounty bit. He was like Mr Christian fully. Not that would be my first thought. So yes. So they're calling him the Nazarene and and in these long dialogues. Mela tells him secret knowledge only to initiates so. These aren't play tonic. Dialogues where the Nazarene is ends up being the all knowing hero these are. He's learning about the culture. It's not some Carlos Castenada kind of thing where this mysterious figure I mean. It's presented a little more academically but it takes the form of this. It was all this one thirty three day conversation where this guy said. Let me break down. Not Everybody knows about this one thirty three day conversation while they took breaks for food so much as just the idea of like all right. Let's sit down and get this published before about their creation myths and about their belief systems and the the story changed a little bit every time and this time he gets the full story which is very different I think than what he had published back in the back in the whenever he first published thirties. Maybe but it's a very elaborate story about a Creator. God named Alma who uses vibrations to create the spheres in the universe. But at some point two twins get created the NAMO. These are water spirits of some kind. And there's a naughty won. The Naughty Namo is called ago but he's got a good twin all the naughty novel. The Naughty Namo is. We're actually deeply indebted to the naughty namo because he's the one who created the earth without No-go You know his his. He creates space and time through his. He's maybe some kind of prometheus rebel figure so we now have the earth and space and time thanks to yoga the bad nano but he's got a good twin who I believe is not named in. Ogawa's recounting well that. Seems a like an oversight if if it's a twin and the other one is capable of creating the whole world. What can the twin did well? Maybe it's spelled backwards. Oh no way that would also be Hobo. Well the twin actually create. The twin actually redeems the fallen earth. That's that's full of blight and suffering. Thanks to thanks to. Oh go by creating another world. Cu Tolo oh which In ogle tomatoes recounting the doggone associated with serious the star Sirius the brightest star in the night sky then is now why so serious at a nice and apparently they they have a very complicated system around the brightest star which would not be unusual in Africa. The Egyptians knew that when series appeared on the horizon the Nile was about to flood like we still call it the the dog days of summer. Because that's when the dog star appeared low on the horizon but they call the CU tolo because they're festival of Segou happen every I don't know sixty years or something when serious happened to appear right between these two mountain peaks. Apparently this is local to Ogasawara's village. I now realize that to you because those two mountain peaks would not line up with serious from from every point on earth. It's like in the New Star Wars movie. We HAVE TO STAND IT. Exactly the right place for the knife to match the whatever the macguffin we all spoiler alert. Okay here. Obviously you've seen the movie goonies right. No I have not seen the movie goonies so we go over this every time you mentioned you were the only person of your generation who did not see the trust me. The pirate doubloon lines up with Haystack. Rock of he's just ruined What do you think is the statute of limitations for goonies spoilers because Twenty-five years me I feel like I've a burgled along. Because the spoiler era has only been the last. What eight years really spoilers? Before that didn't exist you were. You'd walk into a theater and the guy coming out. Would be like darth vader's his father. What the yeah. That's the that's the only chance. And so I. I somehow avoided the noise of spoilers. Everybody's everything at once because TV shows all aired at once you wouldn't have to tell people who shot jr because they were GonNa Watch it three weeks later but he was going to be there. But now I thought that I had passed the goonies spoiler bubble and I was safe safe and clear. Now I'm GonNa tell you everything that happens in goodies but now gone how far away with the mountains have to be. I mean there's a there's a there's a is true. There's a setup right where the were serious and the mountains need to be a certain distance and then you get a larger group of People. That could be celebrating this. That's true is situated idiots from the place where the festival is. Everybody gathers to the site where the stuff lines. Stonehenge isn't celebrating. Something that's everywhere celebrating the the the way the stars and the Moon Lineup at Stonehenge. That's true although things like the equinox if you're just talking about direction I guess it's true and I would have to line up with the actual megaliths or whatever but you think about you. Think about this part of Africa at this time. There's not a lot of light pollution not a lot blocking the sky. No no density right there. It's it's kind of generally like If you can move from where the Acacia tree or the straw roof or the Giraffe is you can get a pretty clear view. I can't see I can't see the moon honey. You're behind the giraffe behind a giraffe again but but but the the stars would play a much larger role in in defining their their thoughts than they do for us anymore and then he kind of navigation. You would need for one hundred gatherer lifestyle. You know it wouldn't be merely spiritual. It'd be functional to if you. WanNa make your way back to the village. You GotTa know where the stars are which time of night so serious is very important or cu. Tolo as they call it and in fact the creation myth goes on some kind of the good twin sends down an arc from heaven with the eight ancestors in it so an arc being a ship or an arc being globe. Sorry oh no. No ARC WITH A K. Like a like a ship and it's got an arc because it has all the seeds and animals and this is where all the this is where the ACACIA trees come from Earth. The once blighted earth now becomes a good place because the good twin has sent down the ancestral spirits from the planet from the Star Sirius Earth one becomes earth exactly or maybe the other way around. I guess I think which one is the bad one where the crime syndicate the Justice League or three Earth S. I don't know so so this is basically a guy a bomb. That's coming down with the ashes of Spock to tariff form. It's the genesis torpedo to tear it to tear form like bad bad a former earth and make it into good lush cook. The record indicate that you brought the first star Trek Metaphor an accident. I was find using star wars normal person. I slipped on that star Star Trek Reference. The and is fascinated by all of this because he loves how this according to his work every bit of their culture reflects the centrality of this myth which he estimates only five to fifteen percent of the of the elders of the population actually understand in totality nonstick wisdom. But yet he sees echoes of this at every single thing. They do all their ceremonies. All their practices all their address all their art. It all comes from the Central Myth. Sounds like there's a priestly class. Yes I guess they would be the ones in his view who guard this knowledge but you see it in their architecture and everything and this becomes fascinating to him. And when the thesis of his book that This amazing culture preserved from Islam and preserved from the West has managed to reflect their beautiful kind of bizarre and Baroque creation myth in every aspect of their lives. Because if you're an ethnographer this is the kind of elegance you want to see. You want to impose this this beautiful pattern and And this really catches on infringe intellectual circles. His book is translated into many languages. From Russian Japanese. There becomes a brief as of doggone mania in western Europe where artists are producing masks. That looked like doggone masks. Everybody loves the architecture film is made and and to be clear. A lot of this comes from one of Greece's most surprising results which are the dog on appear to have astronomical and scientific knowledge base should not have given our assumptions about these backwards African. People you know he he wants to be one of these guys who who points out that their culture is complicated and is valid. And it's advanced as anything we would associate with with the West or with Asia. You know these are not primitive tribes but in fact somehow they know about the moons of Jupiter for example despite not having telescopes they know about the rings of Saturn. The most surprising twist is great eyesight. Maybe if they're not standing behind a Giraffe they have amazing astronomical knowledge and most surprisingly. He says that they their belief. Is that the tolo serious. Where the where. The ancestors came from Actually a triple system that there's a second world they're called. Porto and a third one dark one called Ms Tolo now. This actually accords with scientific knowledge. That serious there is serious. Be there is a double star. We now know from observing the brightness and the perturbations in its orbit or whatever that serious is a double star Sirius B as a white dwarf. It's not big and it's not bright and it's towards the end of its life but there is a double star there. How would they have known? If not for the NAMO may be they listened to you. Were GONNA say like record? Lifer no no no maybe they watch. Neil degrasse Tyson memes the grateful dead new all about the DARKSTAR exactly exactly and Tolo. In fact the idea that there could be a third star is a very much an open scientific question critically you could there be an unknown Brown. Dwarf there so as you can imagine this excites the. What do you call these? Crypto archaeologists ancient astronauts guys the seventies and it just become by the way. This becomes received the encyclopedia. Britannica entry for the DOE gone still notes that central to their law is how three thousand years ago aliens came down from serious be and and top them the ways of the universe. Are you saying that? This is still in the nineteen seventy-five copy of the encyclopedia. Britannica the you have in your living room online version of the VIRTANEN and I looked up Parking outside your house well. It should be noted that the Dogon are are are part of the African mask culture. Beautiful masks incredible masks that have that have very unusual. Sort of some of the masks almost look like scuba gear or the like if you are lower right or if you're looking for a between if you're looking for a visual sort of echo of the idea that they have had. Ufo contact their masks. Don't disabuse you. I mean if you've ever seen kind of our long spindly idea alien grace I mean you compare them to the long faces and the big is of African masks. You might think to yourself. What if this wasn't made out of a Gourd if this thing was talking to me and doing the close encounters notes with his hands straight up and Alien. And so there's a tourism boom to the doggone especially when all these seventies pseudo-scientists start extrapolating from grills result and by the way the most popular is a guy named Robert Temple who still alive by the way I found his website in nineteen seventy six. He publishes the Sirius mystery new serious with an eye. New Scientific evidence of alien contact three thousand years ago and it's all based on grills work with the Dogo. Can you imagine being like living dough gun village? You're just doing your Doug on business and then these people start to show up like in in their safari closed like pith helmets and whatnot. Like we're here more doggone tourists show at the Tobin Village. Show US your secret. Ufo Box you have one. This is absolutely happening. 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But we especially we offer a special thanks to those who support the show at Patriot dot com slash omnibus project. I think of think of it that way. If you gave fourteen dollars a month it would just be like going to see one movie a month. What's better some crappy movie or like ten hours of me and John? Talking about our junior high memories. It's it's no contest. No cut rubber temple by the way that interesting guys spent way too much time. I should a more than I should on his website. I believe he's still alive and it seems to be teaching in Beijing. He recently is is now some kind of actual professor of archaeology at with with Teaching ten years in four different countries including the University of Louisville. I know that's not a country And but he's website is full of fascinating cases Stories of Him Meeting Famous folks from the twentieth century. If you want to know about how he met Salvador Dali or how do Pearl Buck? Joe Seem Dolly. And how do you in the same play? They weren't together. I don't think Joan rivers an amazing story about how he was always hanging out with two Lula bankhead when he was young and she sure would want to walk around naked all the time But don't worry she wasn't molesting him like all. Those other young boys said she was only into lesbians and ten percent of the time. Large black men for sounds like a great website. I was I suddenly became more interested in the bank heads late in life relationship with a Selwyn winwood than I was in doggone culture ancient astronauts but anyway so Robert Temple is one of these guys liked. Vandana can possibly influenced by lovecraft by this idea that the universe was full of dark elder its forces. Who was you know who were leaving? Evidence in our ruins Was Looking for evidence of this stuff and like you say the NAS aligns the whatever the chalk. Drawings in the British downs are so This goes from encyclopedia. Britannica entry to worldwide bestseller. The doggone have received alien visitors from some planet orbiting serious. Now that the thing that always perked me or not irked me. But but yeah. Let's say irked me. You not use such a strong word as irked look. I don't WanNa go on record as having been irked. You know what really rings my beach tower can but But it always seems like some of the like four oof owes to have come to the world and to have imparted such esoteric knowledge to the dough. Gone as that. There are two other stars orbiting around serious but not to have given them anything else. Really know like didn't give them the CAN opener or thousand. A you know a couple thousand miles away. They're giving the Egyptians anti gravity power to levitated the pyramid blocks. Ya like. It just seems like such a strange little gift to give a sitting around the campfire. Like you guys guess. What serious has two other okay piece out? And they're like well wait like we couldn't you give us one more kind of seed that grows in the desert rat. What about like what about one other game that we could play kind of boring out here like chewing these brands and they have big stories could you? Could you tell us how to get rid of? The thorns has some drugs. Maybe bitter has three to four large moons. Baseball like one other cool thing. Maybe just to play devil's advocate for Marcel Grill. Here maybe he would say that you know all that was lost all the all the firsthand stuff that they just happened to get in conversation with. We'll see now. This is the thing that that this is where the ERC edge happens. Because I'm blaming the Dogo that's right it is intrinsically suggests that the DOE gones are not smart enough to have actually gathered any technology that was useful. Maybe they're just not good listeners. See I believe that the doe gone probably great listeners. Because what else is there to do when the sun goes down in this this conventional wisdom? That's now appearing in bestselling books all over the world is hardly slowed down at all when all this posthumously taken down in one thousand nine hundred eighty s by another ethnographer this one. Dutch so now have over Dutchman on the case. It's not a flighty Frenchman. Good News Walter. Strolls softly into the scene Walter Van beek starting in nineteen seventy nine made nine separate visits to the Dogo on people trying to follow up until they couldn't wait to see. Oh boy comes guy. Let's tell him it was all bowl and he publishes an interesting. When I saw wolterbeek's why do I know this guy? It turns out unlike most most Dutch ethnographers at the top of religious offers at the top of their field. He's Mormon really early and but from the Netherlands from the Netherlands Some kind of a convert to kids from Idaho knocked on his door one day and he was a religious. So he's like Whoa you guys come in. I'm going to get my tape recorder anyway. I don't know if that makes this makes him less reliable to you as a sober Dutchman. Who is also a chase? Sober-minded more that's three levels of sobriety this guy this guy's going to give us the real story so have you heard of him because he is present in In the Pantheon of Great Mormons I think he's written. I don't know I could look right now but I think he's done religious scholarship because he's both an expert on comparative religion. And a practicing lawyer. Saying so you may have read him Yes. I think I may have read whatever. His Internet work is that's more than centric and not but this is what I think. This is what he's most known for in the secular world is his work with the Dogo people now. I really want to know what he's known for in the Mormon will. Why do we get excluded? Sorry that's only for five fifteen percent of the industry who get to know Walter Van Buick Secret. Good work and his groundbreaking work on the doggoned he finds that basically grill was completely out to that his two main findings first of all are the. Dole runs do not even have a creation myth. Oh there's that well the broad strokes are there. They do believe in water spirits called Namo that are kind of catfish looking animal spirits of the pond or whatever but there's no Ohio their word for elder. There's no divining Fox. A lot of a lot of marcell grills work revolves around a Pale Fox. That the knows all the secrets of the universe and gets created at some point. Hold Pill Fox right. It's it's very very Carlos Castenada thing that sounds like it's right of that time. So was this just the one the one guy. Just gas lighting him. What some totally made up stuffer was Marceau. Actually the source of the lie. Do you believe that Marcel Marceau? The famous mind was actually in other conspiracy. Like always you know he's GonNa Talk. That's the guy you should tell your secret religious if you look at Marcel Marceau and compare them to some of these African masks. You'll seal seal through not trapped in a box. He's an force field. He's an airlock. He's trapped in the box of prior knowledge of the world. Yes so he has his own theories about what he does. Not Believe Grill is a charlatan. Ryol sorry I was calling him first. Names Marcel so wrong. It was still wrong. You were less wrong. There's no he can't find any mention of serious be. There's no secret initiative Ori Knowledge about any of this stuff. That only the elders have do they still do female circumcision. Unfortunately that's hard isn't it? If one of all the cool stuff is gone. Part of the story is ally. Why can it be that? It's a bummer. Right like turns out. It was just an elder instead of Fox. They believed that the foxes have no more special knowledge than any of the Bush animals. They hold the some kind of ancestoral spirit. Knowledge is in all living things but nothing specific about that. That's pretty reductive. Fox's no different than the draft. You're so mad at the ANIMUS and there's no there's no NAMO twins one of which is a destroyer and one of which is a redeemer. Where did all this come from? In fact religion does not appear to be especially central to their lives. There isn't even a priestly class. There he's grills take. Is that everything about their society. You know they hold twins to be sacred this kind of ties in with your with your biafran twins or whatever it is and blacksmiths are sacred because that has real origins and how the world gets made and still true to this day the right there so secret. We don't even have them anymore. Grio the the kind of the storyteller barred types are held in high esteem because of reflections in the story Then be confined. No evidence of any of this. How'd has been beak know that he is not being gas lit? I'm sure this is what the you know. There are people all the all the ancient Alien Crystal Skull Vodka people including girls descendants. His daughter pushed back at Van. Beek saying oh no. You didn't get the good stuff. Obviously they trusted Daddy. More walls over you. Pull the wool over your eyes. But they could totally be a trickster culture. Where every single time? The Western person shows up until a different story. Camaro IMPROV exercise. Okay Christian you tell me a funny place where people might meet that is their take and actually. That's not too different than what Van? Beek thinks happens. Their their love of harmony is so important that there are people pleasers. If somebody shows up with preconceptions about what a west African tribe would believe Then points out that a lot of this stuff about a mystical energy binding everything together. The forest basically it comes from Montana and I do. That was very much in vogue and French ethnography at the time and Grille really wanted to see this there and so he did. He said apparently in Van beaks account he set up his research station very much like a military base camp. He was not concerned. About what since you brought up Star Trek. He was not concerned with the prime directive he was willing to descend our guys out there with a mission and tell them. Here's what you need to get for me. And so these poor dog honor dealing with Frenchman showing up being like Hey. In beaks account they are just they? They're still decades later. They're still memory of all this. Everybody remembers the Blind Guy. He talked to everybody. Remembers all the crazy questions and to van Beek. The vibe is more like they thought we were going to have a name for everything they wanted to know what every single cricket was called and so we told them like what's that Dung Beetle called well that's a Dung Beetle. Yeah but what's that one called and they look at each other and be like that's the Hyena Dung Beetle. What's called Donkey Dung Beetle? Like nobody wanted to tell them. They love harmony so much. Nobody to say like buddy. That's the same deal so they just made stuff up. Let's wonderful as that so much. Cultural Anthropology is just. This is why it's discredited science right or is that just talked to one guy for thirty days right that have been cyclope Britannic Andrew. I'm sure he's a delightful man. I love this and you know. Yeah sure the European guys are like so did someone tell you about the third star serious now like. Oh yes yeah. The special friend said. Is there a fourth starve series? Because they would have been like. Oh sure that's where the two headed. Giraffes are people are looking at their notes so they can't see the they can't see the. Dogo shooting each other. Looks like no the other the other thing about the dog is apparently. They're very innovative. They're I don't know if I want to say imitative. They're not necessarily one of these against Star Trek cultures that gets one book about Gangland Chicago and decides to remake the planet but they are very prone to what van because historical punctuation. You know if you know as soon as the tour started coming in the sixties and seventies and they saw new agricultural methods. When van Beek came back he saw them using all the agricultural methods that they had seen from the visitors. What tourists to West Africa are bringing agriculture? There must have been humanity. I mean there must have been humanitarian stuff with the with the eyeball of the. It wasn't like a tourist family. That just immediately started plowing. Run there we can put sorghum here and for example van then be points out that they have a story exactly like the the story in genesis nine about Noah getting drunk and his daughters seeing him naked and and when they're asked this must have come from missionaries. They're like oh no no no. We had a way before then and again if they're if they're cosmology is going to like like adopt some stories from Christianity why the one about Noah getting naked with his daughters. That's like not really. Isn't that all you remember at the front of the there's a bunch of stuff you've forgotten from the Bible but the guy who gets naked and his daughters all see. I bet that's what you would remind. The Bible Greatest Hits you have the Bonobo translation of the Bible. The noble and so it's a combination of them being people pleasers them being quick to adopt innovation. And then just the confrontational style of grills researchers like. Hey No you gotta tell me more like you haven't told me the real deal and that extensively astronomical knowledge so one of the most common critiques of grills work which astronomers like Carl Sagan. In fact made was that their astronomical knowledge reflected exact pretty much the state of European scientific astronomy at the time grill visited. A second series star was already known and had been since the eighteen ninety s and so he finds that there had been there had been a theory that maybe there was a third much less. Bright Brown Dwarf Star Orbiting Sirius as well. And Wow shocker. He finds evidence of that as well. Now since then. Unfortunately that theory about a third star has been pretty. Well debunked the discredits the dog on the doggone thought they were so smart standing behind your apps and looking at the sky. No you're exactly right. The the theory now is that although a brown dwarf would've been one explanation for this now they think it's some background object Visible behind serious. That is giving us these weird whatever the variations in brightness or whatever so in this case serious is the giraffe. Yes they were just looking behind serious the whole time so you know it may be the unfortunate case of the doggone did not have secret wisdom imparted their lovely but they just means like many of us they did not have secret wisdom imparted by engineer. Liens in one thousand. And that's okay. Well speak for yourself. And that concludes the Dogo on entry. Three six nine Dud D. E. Zero four one nine certificate number two six seven three one in the future in the unlikely event that ancient aliens have appeared before you with complex sort of piecemeal. Trach work trivial pursuit card one trivial pursuit card. You guys get to know six days for. It's like all right. Here's what we're going to give you idea that actually could be. What proves US wrong here. If the I mean for one thing is serious. He is discovered if Emilio toll exists than boy. Our face is going to be read but also what if the aliens come back? Well here's my ancient alien theory. What gift they gave each one of these contacted groups one piece of the puzzle. And it's only it's only when there is a nations of peoples who have had ancient contact with aliens when they all gathered together in each person puts their little stone key into the into the key. Box isn't this. Basically the plot Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I you know. I don't remember that movie. It was so awful that I that I blocked it out but yeah what if what if. What if there's something where you know where we just need? Nicholas cage to like find the remaining. Find the box where all the stone keys fit well. I hope you have done that future. Hope you've done this. It's a mad mad mad mad world search all over the world with the the Inca skull and the Sumerian tablets and the Babylonian ingots. And I hope you put them all together and then unlocks the door to not rule. It opens the door exactly. Maybe it's a time portal. Maybe they were from the future. Well maybe there are. Future Frenchman future links. There will not be any Frenchmen in the future one. Not They live forever. They drink red wine every day. Little by little there. Can I get transformed? They're GonNa France is going to get Tara. Formed turned into another Germany by SPOCK's Sparks. Casket sorry about the noise. I'm opening the mail. I don't know if this is showing up but I'm opening very noisy. Yeah I thought I thought we waited to open the mail for a patriot. Unfunded Mail opening episode. We can describe what we took the photos only show up on Patriot. Fuelling people people are sending us cool things but there should be more envelopes of cash. This I like this. Is Your one complaint about the mail envelopes of cash? This is the person that sent us. The Trivia Question About Leno Mueller AG- now they've center of much larger package. This is a three step. Treasure hunt is this going to take us to the hidden knowledge. Yeah where's The stone key in this? Show that envelope is full of envelopes dawn. Thanks US for putting color back into her life and now she's gone now. She has sending US new Pacific northwest history about the streets of bothell Washington. Well have you ever been too lazy husband road? That's one of history's mysteries. I have never been too lazy husband. Road apparently nobody. When we're done here we can get into the The the literal omnibus and drive over to Lake Road each got an envelope with our name written on it. You should do the post office boxes stuff. Wait a minute this says John Perrin Jeopardy and Perrin while I think I think we're going to have to play a little jeopardy isn't this. She always does the quizzes remember. Oh I see. She's got a little game going and then there's a she's like she's like the dead guy and clueless luther. Whatever the I assume she's not dead. There's a lot happening here. This is sealed with a little blue ribbon. Look envelope cash. I've never seen you happier. There is five one dollar bills in here although she did not face her bills. I mean they're all facing the same way but they're not hope. There's no true north in an envelope. No but I'm saying they weren't faced with a relative boy I can't I just that's really hard for me to bear. So your money your. Ocd kicks in before your your greed and narcissists. No I saw I saw. I was excited about the money but then the bills were unfazed like. Oh okay so I think you have the answer and I have a question. Yes so should we play this? Should we play this game right now on air? Ser- killings if you WanNa tell us your diabolical your diabolical games from beyond the grave something to Po box five seven four four shoreline Washington night. One five five. I have a picture of a presumed a local fantasy author. That says this. Modern night was a prolific author with over one hundred publications including collaborations. With Neil Gaiman and Stephen Baxter and I believe it's Terry Pracha. He's got a hat. I think Kerry prajit always wear a hat. So I'm GonNa say the answer is who's Terry Patchett Terry. Pracha is the correct answer. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Ding designing. Your hand over your. You only got your five unfazed dollars for for answers correctly. Pleased distribute the five dollars if not the five dollars is mine so the five dollars distributing it apparently to you and now it's face this is the only other distribution. I enjoy so I took the bad luck away. Oh well that's super frustrating for me. I don't know if anyone else wants to listen to us through this game show but I I like it every time. I wouldn't five dollars every fresh at one time. I think I got the money you did because I think I got it wrong or did you get it right but she also send us a copy of a of a Terry Burke. That's very nice nice. She suggests that your daughter maybe too old but my daughter might be a little young. My daughter is listening to it on audiobook which terrifies it's not terrifying Herbin. It terrifies me. It scares me just to just to hear the name. Read Aloud. Well she's definitely GONNA start swearing more. There could stand to be a little more swearing around. Your House. Let just throw that. Out There we're all wearing our identically. Colored Polo shirts doing wholesome arts and crafts around the dining room table. You know it's pretty screwed down over there. We don't say screwed we say tamped anyway. Future Ling's facebook. Twitter and INSTAGRAM are all basically flawless. New Civilizations where ancient aliens in the form of people my age have appeared imparted A whole bunch of confusing knowledge or even older. If it's facebook. That's right facebook. People that are our parents age. The truly ancient aliens have brought their their unwelcome wisdom. And now it's being sort of chopped up and made even more confusing by by a game of telephone so that basically it has just precipitated a war with Iran. It's basically a facebook more no war with Iran. Well this air for a couple of months not on the record with Alan but if you want to know what can and I are thinking you can go to add Ken Jennings John Roderick any of those spots you can go to omnibus future links on facebook. You can watch me live. My glamorous and heavily edited life on Instagram. Exciting globetrotting life. You can email us at the project. you can send us Quizzes of your own construction. There's a cash prize money. We will always do the quiz the money at Po box. Five five seven four shoreline. Washington nine eight one five five and if you enjoy the show We would appreciate your support on Patriots. That's Patriot dot com slash omnibus- project listeners. From our vantage point here in your past we have no idea how long our civilization will survive. We hope the ancient aliens return and prove US wrong about the doug on that they they not only do they show up. They show up in central Mali. And they're like hey what's up. Everybody still knows that elaborate fist-bump instead of their close encounters hand signals Fist-bump we hope and pray that the catastrophe fair may never come or hold off until the alien portal opens. But if the worst comes soon this very recording like all recordings maybe our final word but if providence allows the NAMO water spirit twins allow. We hoped you back with you soon for another entry in the omnibus.

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