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How Did Georgia Tech's Most Famous Student Never Exist?


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My guests are passionate about and topics many of US urges too afraid to talk about I passed the fluff to what real we go there there and it's fun pretty crazy and very revealing listen to. Let's be real with Sammy. J on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome to brain stuff. Production of iheartradio. Hey Brian Steph. Lauryn Boko bomb here student life at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta Known familiarly as Georgia tech is not for the delicate part or the week of mind. Tech is a serious school for serious students who take classes classes like competent orix deformed bodies quantum information and quantum computing and multi variable calculus that last one according to these catalog covers linear approximation. and Taylor's theorems lagrange multiples and constrained optimization multiple integration and vector analysis including the theorems of green gas and stokes which means a need a class just to understand what that class is about. But it's also in this place that the big hearted practical joker George urge paper. Del Lives and flourishes at Georgia tech where they nerd quotient admittedly and proudly high and that academic pressures absurdly higher. It's important important to have an alumnus like old George as a beacon. You See George has made it through Georgia tech and then some. The man is a practical legend around Georgia tech back. Check that George P del is in fact a literal legend at Georgia Tech. And that's where things get interesting. Let's take a step back for the past. Twenty five years Maryland. Summers has been running the Living History Program at Georgia tech designed to collect preserve and present stories of the institution which opened its doors to students in eighteen. Eighty eight summers has supervised for posterity more than one thousand one hundred on camera interviews with alumni and other people who have a connection to the school cool she said I learned something new about Georgia tech with every single interview. I do I know more about Georgia Tech than I do about myself and nobody but but nobody knows more about George P del than summer's The naturally reclusive Bedell summers says has several degrees from tech according to his resume. Summers ars has the diplomas to prove it fails I a bachelor of science. In general science was awarded in Nineteen thirty since then Berdahl has never strayed far from Tech Doc. According to summers he was registered for more than three thousand hours of classes in nineteen sixty nine and in one thousand nine hundred five registered for every class in the spring semester he. He was named a regents professor in nineteen seventy one. Throughout the years he's been named host of countless balls and dances on campus. He's evidently lettered in both football and basketball the ball. There was a time even recently when you couldn't find a petition at tech that didn't have George Bieber Dell's name on it outside of Tech. He was reportedly involved involved in several flight. Missions in World War Two ended the Korean War Vietnam Operation Desert Storm and in the conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan. His name has appeared on the membership membership rolls of just about every church synagogue in the greater Atlanta Metro area. He is such an outside legends now at sometimes dead serious tech that a story is told. Hold everyone who attends facet the orientation program for First Years Exchange and transfer students and their families. He has become at this point as much tradition as legend. It's probably important to point out here that George del technically was never alive. He Sprang into being as it were through the window of a real life student. William Gerber Ed Smith in Nineteen Twenty Seven Smith had an extra application for the school known then as the Georgia School of Technology and proceeded to fill it out with the name of his high school principal. A University of Georgia alum by the name of George vaginas Butler Smith wrote in the newspaper. The Atlanta Constitution Shen on September. Eleventh of nineteen seventy seven. Nothing could be more amusing than to register him as a tech freshman. But I lost my nerve after writing. George P and finished with rebel. Rebel was the maiden name of his best friend's mother and was also. It seems the name of the family cat. Smith's creation took all the classes is that Smith did with Smith and his friends who were in on the prank helping with homework and tests. Eventually Berdahl earned his first degree when Smith graduated in nineteen thirty the same year that George P earned that initial degree other students took up where Smith left off. George Paper Dell became part of Tech Lore and Legend Lives on when Summers tells the story of tech military alum returning bone tired from duty overseas. Who heard this welcome at the airport? Once he got home George PL rebel please contact the concierge. She has endless stories like that. George Pease been paged. In airports and restaurants sporting venues all over the world at the Nineteen ninety-one one Florida citrus bowl. In Orlando as tech was on. Its Way to winning. Share of the Nineteen Ninety National Football Championship. George P was being called over the Public Address System Tech Tech students past and present all know and share his exploits when Time magazine conducted an online poll in two thousand one for its person of the year Brielle edged his way toward the top of voting in until someone of the magazine got wind and shut down his candidacy. New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was instead honored that year. Back in the Nineteen nineteen fifties a rumor circulated among Atlanta Institutes of higher education. That rebel was engaged and later married to one. Ramona Cartwright of nearby Agnes Scott College. The summer says the Union never took place. Not only because of Brazil's off engaged but never married reputation and other Moore Corp. reasons but because Ms Cartwright never ever existed either Georgia's name still finds its way onto wedding registers. All the time and whenever summers can get her way onto the guest books at the funerals of Georgia Tech Heck Lum's in this pressure packed school. Though the name Bedell is most synonymous with goodhearted mostly harmless pranks in. Let's that is your local business justice person who have largely grown wise to his tricks back in the day it was said Brielle head furniture delivered to rival frats into campus offices. Cash on delivery he. He signed up for Countless magazine. Subscriptions online rebates sweepstakes entries surveys. You name it. He's on Lincoln. facebook twitter has several accounts in his name. He he has a great record on rate. My professors one review. You can't make up. How good this guy is? He's listed under the Faculty Section in Tech School of mechanical engineering. President Barack Obama gave him a shout-out during a packed speech on the tech campus. In two thousand fifteen quote now understand. George P del was supposed to introduce me today but nobody could find him. He is omnipresent. Summers calls him the spirit of Georgia tech the Living History Programs Endowment Fund bears. His name name a few years ago summers sat down with George P for the programs one thousand interview still reclusive so much so that he requested his face and voice be obscured in the video. You Brunell born in a manner of speaking on April Fools Day of Nineteen O eight described his childhood in Augusta Georgia his tech and the world of tech today these days more than fifteen thousand undergraduates are enrolled at Georgia Tech. It ranks among the nation's top eight public schools among the top foreign innovation and the top foreign engineering fine graduated a president. Jimmy Carter numerous athletic icons including Golfer. Bobby Jones several astronauts ton of business titans a southern bread comedian. Jeff Foxworthy were the end kind of one. George P DEL who stands today as its most famous alum though to be sure fame can be a little bit problematic summer. said if your name is del you can't order a pizza within fifty miles of Atlanta. 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