US Agent Origin Part 5 (Captain America #347-#350, Avengers Annual #17)


This episode, keep some lunatic kicks brought to you by tweak audio. Awesome head into tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate get thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty working get there through the link on our website southgate. Media Group DOT COM. Ca Parrot, annual listing a hazing lunatic sidekicks podcast. PODCAST. What router? Kamara favorite captain America. America. Wants. No captain America's my face every. American. America's punch your favorite. Woke back. To another capers I am Ville. Joining me as always that. Young lady before four to it is. Your Health. And joining us once again. Is. Joining us once again big marvel fan especially this Av stop it is. Charlie professor. Comics that made me. Shooter. Well you know that's part of this whole universe to you know but Yeah. Give give us give us the the rundown. Oh, he's ready to get into it. Yes. Book report because we're GONNA be doing into. America three, forty, seven, three, fifty, and avengers annual number seventeen the final part of evolutionary war so. which has nothing to do with anything that's. Of Captain America. Art. Pulls right out. Hey. Raises why did don't make read it. I thought you would enjoy evolutionary war Charlie as. I did I did although I have to say what I found most fascinating about that is the realization that. The reference to mayhem in Manhattan is? Inferno, which we don't. Untapped in America and so oh wow. It's kind of weird. We realize that those two events were kind of going on at the same time. And Hey hey, remember last night you're like, oh, how can we just get event after event anymore? Hey, it's always. Yeah. I mean really just one of the other hall below. Evolutionary war was just in all the annuals inferno through all the regular books. Yep I remember I, remember it well, and I remembered the the Special Jarvis issue of inferno, which is, which is the best. Issue of inferno. All based on what he learned about enemy. Animated inanimate objects from Roger Rabbit. and. Got The phone to cooperate. That's why the computers were all speaking gibberish. Okay for. Now connecting it you know super connecting it. All right and all you had to do just promise that you would give them all change in your pocket and the phones would cooperate. All right. Let's get the three forty, seven brutal issue. All right. So in a Initial cargo suburb one night aged woman here's the doorbell answering. It shocked to see Captain America delivering warning that the next time he sees her son Hector he is a dead man fighting a heart seizure Mrs Lennox telephones her son in Las Vegas where he is training boxing with his partner Jerry Johnson under the eye of miniature Ethan therm remember him. Yeah. That guy's a scroll. Calling it now now he's as he looks different every time they draw him. Not Have One look. Changes look more than I do. Immune or something. He's something when you know. When Hector takes the call and learns that cap has threatened his elderly mother he goes Berserk fouling. The Kid was enemy. Ethan explains that this was to be expected after they revealed caps identity as John. Walker on television back in issue three, forty one which led to his parents murder in three forty, five hector is not dissuaded and he dons his left winger cost human heads out at a meeting of the superhuman. At a meeting of the Commission on superhuman activities the debate over the next course of action is heated. Yet director Rockwell was missing. He is in jail with the captain. The Rogers. Threatening Steve with the consequences of withholding information from the Government Steve tells him he suspects a hidden vendetta and Rockwell Departs Steve begins the question whether his friends were raped to smell a rat next captain America as an East Philadelphia or raised to deliver the threat to Jerry Johnson Johnson's mother but they have been bitterly estranged for years she directs the hero to Jerry's father. At Home Lemar hoskins achieves one of his primary goals in life he completes his ged. Here we go. Here we go ray for foreign readers. The general educational development tests are to allow students to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma later in life. On their way East Ethan therm tries to dissuade Jerry and hector from doing anything rash but the vengeful hector assures him they would only kill John Walker and self defense her. All right. Sean again. sounds like a plan jam. All right I know Charlie like this part in a prison in Algeria a crack team of commandos, assaults building and rescues a single inmate in aged man called Albert. Malik. After a brutal firefight, the command, those bundle they're charging the helicopter which takes off Malik quotes in his freedom. He's given the Red Skull mask wars a communist agent back in the nineteen fifties when the original Nazi skull was missing as he exults in his plan for new exploits, the pilot draws a gun and casually shoots him down and says justices served. Douglas report mysterious leader who who will not reveal to him the master plan. The villain has not receive a call. The villain does receive a call from the scourge of the underworld and is pleased. All right. Captain America John Walker Rabson in an oilfield Dallas to locate Jim Johnson's father finding the man. He delivers the same warning that gave the Jerry and Hector's mothers. But this time left in right winger are there and ready to take on their former friend themselves at this capped face breaks into the most frighteningly sadistic grin. This comic has ever seen incredibly brutal fight that fall is ends with cap eating his foes in the submission. Plead for mercy, he shows them mercy. He ties them to a massive oil tanking gives them. One of their flaming torches will place the other one against the tank itself. He tells them that they can burn through the cable holding them before the flaming nights the petroleum they can go free cap then walks off when the explosion comes he barely cracks a smile as he keeps walking. Where they got the side. Manny so This is. I often. I have to say. You know years later we re visit this. In another we're after he's had his memory wiped about what happened with right winger in left lear. And I did not recall that they did this this graphically. In the book. I mean we don't get to see them in the you know. In the in the Home now. that. We do later but it's just It's it was disturbing man it was disturbing look L. Hey, look Chad's on. The power of Chad from into the night at midnight podcast Hey Chad he say I live in quotes mercy. Have mercy gave them a fighting chance. How is that mercy opposed the new nights mercy? Wow. We didn't cut their faces off. As you do. Run. I don't know. There's an interesting question. All of this, which is you know, would the explosion have caused as much damage as it apparently did when we see them later in the com- convalescing. Super. Strong. But they're not invulnerable. No. But then you know of course, will see something similar with demand later. And he does come back. Not. One hundred percent but you know physically and this is this a more dramatic thing that now actually I think I think maybe one of the weird things about it was if I recall correctly when they do the slash back. Did did he actually doused them with gasoline I? I, don't think I mean they were tied to to that giant tank. I mean I mean we're GONNA get to the demand thing in a little bit. But I mean doesn't make a difference maybe demand was in motion and they weren't. I don't know it's it's. But I, mean it's just rough. It is they're just going. Full on Conan the barbarian with all of this, you know definitely going for that. Blood Lust and violence, and it's like he's insane I mean. Late eighties of course they were. This was this was. Nineteen eight because we're talking about January when the new president takes over by the end of this so. And it's interesting to seize. Land Bucks Hashtag fight me. Interesting you know. Again. This this idea that you read these books in order and it does not seem as long as it does. But for the characters you know you know says, I've been in this costume for months. We'll know you've been in it for like six bucks. And I guess it's been months everybody else. But you know panel, the panel hasn't really been so. Interesting. Question about sliding time with that. So. But yeah, I, mean, i. mean when the going on it's always like, oh, it's been months but you know sliding time but whenever they come back to revisit. You know they'll. They'll probably say, Oh yeah for weeks John Walker was running amok inside. That's always Several, weeks ago that Otrante I attacked us now and it's like well now that was. Twenty years ago. But yeah, weeks ago. But then yeah so. It's interesting. That's all I'm saying how citing time affects our heroes. Oh. But during that brutal fight scene Charlie answer, did you get some red blood coming out of people's mouths at all? I thought. So now that I'm trying to think yeah I know I know John Walker gets hit he's got red blood coming out but there is like there is one scene where. Walker Oh yeah. He's drooling. So I mean, there's there's parts where it's like it is whites I guess it's supposed to be suspended some points and other ones must be blood. But yeah. Mean they just here this oilfield apart. Yeah and like you know. And again, just just this idea that everyone is there everyone sees this everyone knows who is You know somebody's getting paid off. Yeah, well, you know, but then again as we. Later, learn and now. Own Part of the Master, Plan Oh but And then that Malan stuff I'm like, Mum, who could who could want this the impostor red skull dead. I don't know. Yeah I it's it's interesting without a doubt As I said, I thought that it was interesting that it's Albert Malik now. That's the villain in a field right now. The Malik. So Latam so differently. Each names go deep. I mean, actually if I recall correctly in agent Carter, Rockwell is the guy who runs on whole area. So there's a Lotta. There's a lot of call backs from this era that's on saying obviously eighties nineties last decades religious I'll be honest. Yes. But yeah I mean. Oh is this No? The regular show up until the next issue, right? Yeah. I, think the next issue. Is just completely offers office mets. Poisoning who could be talking about chat But yeah. I. Mean it's it's a rub issue it's rough to read. I mean they ever explain easing as as a scroll. Literally I mean right. In this one he suddenly he's got a bowler hat is it I was GonNa say I'm like what's up with that hat? He's GonNa read Mustache. Lauding. Coalescence. Listen Charlie. Charlie her, how could he have a moustache one day and not the next? No I'M GONNA. Tell you it takes. It takes time indication to grow proper moustache. Otherwise you look scraggly little retail. And be very like I said, I, mean, sometimes draw him very fat. Sometimes they saw him kind of you know kind of. Like. You know rubbing neck, Abo- and. It's weird. It's win. They don't have one designed for this character and maybe I duNno does it. You know when he has money, he's gorging himself on food and there's weeks they don't have money. I don't. person. That doesn't work, and then it just the way he dresses is completely different in this. This I said now he looks like. He looks like a character he looks like Oh. Here's my wacky hipster clothing. Whereas in previous incarnations, you just a business suit We need some kind of we need some kind of. Evil in. The column. Book World. And I mind. I, just I want at one. Consecutive look appearance to appearance. Sometimes in the same book, he is junk completely different between the holiday drumming the first set of penalties the second set of fennel. So we need some untold tale. What if you know there's more than one Ethan Thermo. Skull. Back around to let left and right wingers just too stupid or something to notice say or. Or they're paid off yet don't notice when you know even thermal different. No I'm just I'm going to scroll. This is the. Secret invasion that's. It was it was in the works even then they'll give bends ideas. Doesn't work anymore. So I know. He's coming bed. You know. That's what I was thin. That's what I was thinking yesterday. I'm like you know if he like you know tomorrow said Oh i WanNa come back and right know alternate spiderman again or whatever he wants rate would just take him back in a heartbeat. Not really struggling creatively. No but I'm just so I. Would beg to disagree but okay. Yeah. Like you see right now? I'm just saying that you know I mean if you wanted to come back. That's what every. Company in the industry is saying police were not DC. Well. Yeah I. Mean It's worth. See is you know PC's having their own private? It's it's. It's this is the I can't even say that DC's having problems. It is clearly a a industry wide problem. There were nobody nobody knows who's in charge. You know I think that all the different. Wheels are spinning and none of them are tax to an actual. So again they need they need one central figure running the whole show. Brain. or at least a call, he's council who? You know they need they need something and then. They units. anyways. But what else is Yeah. But wash I mean. Does. Seem do anything this issue or is it the saw which is Rockwell talk into memory and he's just like I'm thinking maybe there's maybe there's a vendetta going on. Well Yeah Be. lamarcus is ged for like what like? Which is Lavar. Lamar's greatness Lamar I will say this of all the characters introduced in this series. Lamar is probably one of my favorites who had good things done with him. Oh. Yeah. I mean look I. Mean Look we're at right now as as like John Walker dislike sinks in the darkness. Lamar's just going up and up. And I love the fact that as we see in later stops, Lamar like he gets himself centralized into Zambia invasion storylines. where he is like de last defender against zombies. On Earth Him and Howard the duck are like. The two guys are constantly and actually I. Love the idea of Howard, the duck end Lamar being like A. Superhero team. That is really to me. One of the best things I. AM actually surprised that I, realize that Lamar's never been in an avenger. I was GONNA say yeah. The nineties he worked for silver, sable but. Yeah you know he he he gets around, but he's never been in Avenger and he's really a cool character. WHO said such a great evolution over the years you know from from? Vyborg Syndrome. No I said he got to be a better characters time went on. Oh Nailed it. I mean. I have no idea what what's. WORKED FROM THE TEEN TITANS. New Fifty two into that character any favors love come on. Favorites this effort Green Arrow in Apple Nancy. To be fair, they could use out. All right. The next one sure. Yeah. All right Captain America three forty eight. Aright in the Arctic, a real anarchist villain flag smasher is on the run from two members of his own organization ultimatum who are trying to kill him as they race across the ice on Jet Skis, the hit-men fire blasters but the cagey mastermind tricks one into accidentally shooting the other then dispatches the other. And mad magazine Skit. Spider spy appropriating the deadman's survival gear flag smasher heads toward a scientific outpost twenty five kilometers away. In Washington DC is a new captain America John. Walker has been called before the Commission on Superhuman. Affairs who are very upset at his disobeying orders and going after left and right winger because he is unreliable, the commission has decided to suspend him permanently in place under arrest. Walker takes it all without a word just then president Reagan enters the room the mainly to know why he had not been told the captain. America had been replaced and what happens Steve Rogers discovering that Steve is in custody in connection with the assault on the present in issue three, forty, four Reagan shirts that Steve. Saved. Him and demands he be released. He then offers John Walker. His best wishes into parts the commission members move ahead to release Steve while the signing the keep Walker out of the public eye until the new administration picks French worry. In. Blame the other guy though Yeah Yup. Yup. In Arctic flag smasher seizes control the ice station and sends a message to the authorities in DC commission had Douglas Rockwell reports to a secret boss. Who Approves of letting John Walker Roam free to Besmirch the image of Captain America. He then orders a tracking device planet on Steve Rogers, they know where he is at all times Valerie Cooper rushes in with a report that flags mattress holding the scientists hostage at the Arctic face and the man's the Captain America come personally prepared to dispatch walker in his prison cell. The captain Steve Rogers has second thoughts about his choice to not oppose the commission's decision to replace him. He wonders if he has been subconsciously testing himself by making the wrong decisions for months suddenly the lights go out cap discovers. The cell doors unlocked venturing out into the dark. He soon finds his she to leaves the building certain that he is being set up, but not knowing for what on their way north. Battle. Star reads flag smashers dossier to a silent and brooding cap reaching the ice station cap parachutes in and enters the building the villainous morning a gun to the head of a hostage. But when cap says, he doesn't care what happens to the man flags smasher knows this is not the real captain America ferocious fight breaks out with the battle using his case and judo to counteract the superior strength of the hero. Phil. Superpower. Kung, Fu yeah baby. Do the most deadliest form like smashers skeleton absorbs all of strength leaving him vulnerable to Punch Battle Star arrived on the scene, and the villain threatens to shoot the unconscious cap in the head of the heroes. Partner does not deliver his message in forty eight hours. The world will be plunged into chaos that they do not send the real captain America realizing there's nothing else he can do battle star falls back and contacts Washington Rockwell response that Steve Rogers has flown the coop and cannot be found elsewhere. Steve is looking in on his hotline and finds a message full of GIBBERISH. He must head to Brooklyn to attend to the malfunction in his data system at once. The House. And then he doesn't deal with it so. I should go about what's going on. It's like Oh. Never Mind Chat. Reaganomics. I gotta Say I am not quite sure. We're not this falling on Reagan this 'cause I one I get the feeling. He does not like Reagan and his Arctic's but it also get the feeling he'd totally buys into the doddering old man idea. And, that Reagan's handlers just didn't tell him stuff. So the idea that. We president. You know I I think that more obvious as the years went on because you know the media in a white, house had a fight whereas like now we're gonNA air your dirty laundry we're not even secrecy anymore. Yeah like and just the fact that no one on the commission even bothers to tell him why endorsing Walker might be a bad idea right now 'cause he just like killed a bunch of people. So it's like no one even match. We hire celebrities to be president. That's all well, you know you again he's going GonNa. Be He's going to be out in January two they do today not care named Zach lame-duck. Yeah. I guess so. It's it's it's weird. Yeah. This is. It's it's. It's definitely weird. It's fine nothing. It just seems like Rockwell's like an American president. I work over real power behind the whole thing. Except As we'll see later you know. All of all of. All of. The man behind the the the screens on machinations don't amount too much when things are done by committee because unless you can get everybody on the committee to be your lackey, it doesn't work. For Carly in fact, we're black. Or? I'm just saying worth. or I could see the mastermind behind this. You know subscribing the Charles her theory have we tried killing them yet. Well Yeah. I mean. That's Wouldn't it have been easier and any of these situations isn't that always easier just to try and kill someone. Like in a more modern take them you know if there's a commissioner two dozen arrogant Kerley it's officiant allegheny. UC. Yeah, I mean, that's that's the problem with this mystery figure who we have no idea who they could possibly be put. Plus you can't. Kill. Red Lights Yeah because you can't like Oh. Oh, Jeez yeah. But? No you can't kill Kathy's commissioners because like Val Cooper show up an X. men boggs. Yeah. They you these are. The, people will miss these people exactly. You know these are homeless people that punchline can just experiment on. These are people that like have a nine to five and people are going to care about. So yeah. dateable. Washington. It's debatable care about the matter no sure. They'll be missed but. I mean, it's it's. Yeah so. So they send. So we this we're we're there. He's going where Um cap is going after. Black Maschera and flag smasher. Abud way the the entire Oh exhaust suit. which is clearly spandex but whatever it absorbs strict which one of these things it's like. You ever wonder like how these technologies work in these universities. Because, it really does look like the entire idea that ono there is like a superhuman God force. Heroic Force that close to all superheroes that we can just suck out of you. This is a well established principle and it's just a lot of different ways to do it. So. Our. World. Oh because I said the word. Suck. Okay. It. Reminds me a lot and again interesting enough to go into other things. Reminds me of. What was called the absorbed can that the? That the every man used to suck. Up to life either people to give himself superhuman strength when he fought spider man and Reed Richards and that actually leads into Grad master story, which is after this. So obviously, the technology did exist at this time so. So. Yeah. It's interesting to see being used here in this way. And Yeah. Anyway. But My question. So at on the last page, does it say in the digital copy continued in avengers annual and he said said eighteen months seventeen. The next out. What Is it. Yeah. It's the next one where it says. In the next one it says, 'cause you says, Oh, I should've had. I realized it was going to have to swim back. I would I would ask you drop me off and. In. which kind of means like beaches took a coin jet back to the x men or x factor? Would I think I? Mean we look to the annual but I think he just takes it like. You know take everyone driving off. You know who? Who survived 'cause that that ended poorly man. We'll all right little if any thoughts on three forty eight before we get to the annual. Now you're. Kinda boring. It was Kinda set up for the next. Panels really either dislike ultimate. issue. Talk. I will say this think why doesn't why doesn't I should just say what's going on? Only to Captain America. The Real Captain America I took that as he don't know who's working for the mastermind. No and we wouldn't it be better just to say to everyone. Oh. Now, you'll be lowered. Grandiose and all that stone. Lecture. Takes off his cape before he fights I wanted that is one of my favorite things about what? Yeah No, that's your show that comes right off. It's like you gotTa have. You gotTa have it be detachable? That's gotta be just velcro and so you know this. Yeah. Dirty. That's how you. It's like when when, when your mom takes over earrings, you know It's When you're? Reading it to the annual? Yeah. We'll get to the annual. All right. So after a quick detour through eventers to ninety eight's. Yes. This is the captain's next op vendors annual seventeen for those of you who listen to me and low of cover the Great Hall in Vegas, Stop. This halt goes after whole three, fifty also. Not In this convergence. Will. Appear pair of shorts on. Well, he just came back from a big fight with Ben Grimm Tube Charlie. Jean shorts alone phone sex George going. It is eighty eight. I have to say. Like a couple things really jump out at me on this first. Yellow jacket who I I I got to say it's just weird that they're all just cool with it. Yeah. You're one of the masters you but whatever we're just GONNA to keep your even on you. We don't trust you. You know we are do the summary But I i. It just seems to me. They needed every. Hanukkah get. Okay. So there was no. IRA. Report fell reconstructed. We'll be on the final reconstructed by parties unknown the robot. To cost the. GIACOSA okay. Frees herself and places an emergency call to the avengers before being subdued by her captors since the avengers rosters currently no thank you for their head coach and doctor druid their headquarters computer summons the reserve members which results in a unique gathering including the captain the Felker Hercules the beast the supposedly deceased hulk and the female yellow jacket. The latter forced the report by an alarm in her stolen helmet tracing Joe cast is called to a Long Island laboratory complex. The makeshift van discovers the fall the followers of the high evolutionary who plans to exclude a genetic bomb which will catapult the human race instantly through a million years of evolution. Their search takes them to Lem area, which is under attack by Atlanta enforces halting the battle. They deduce that the two sides were brought together by a ruse in hopes of sterilizing both races, and the Atlantic, and the La-. Marion's join forces to seek out their common foe. The heroes locate a giant mobile base en route to the Volcano Krakatoa who's explosion will fire the genetic bombs contents into the high atmosphere in stating stating the craft the avengers lament revolution by revealing to the high evolutionary men that their leaders are actually the evolved animals called Newman Newman. Then they locate their clothes Genesis Chamber and confront him directly, but he easily disables CASTA. Then teleport's the hulk back. This look teleport back to Las Vegas while the others occupy their foes attention, the beasts US uses the genetic accelerator on Hercules transforming him into the high evolutionary luminaries equal the two titans clash in the high evolutionary, ultimately corporate because corporates. But Hercules continues to evolve until he too vanishes his fate unknown them as the other vendors beat a hasty retreat in their quin jet to cast a sets off the basis matter anti matter drive destroying both it and the genetic bomb. and. It is. So. Yeah. So giacosa dies again, Hercules evolves way to God you. The it's interesting that so many people die and yet none of none of that actually. GETS SICK so. I would love to see cosmic Hercules as a thing you know. And just said he goes back to his men who knows maybe cosmic Hercules is still a thing. They'll redress that at some point how he got back to being just regular guide Hercules. To shut throwing her support behind George Chat. Yes. Georgia popular but yeah. As Kevin Smith also can I just say like how weird is that the hook and the beast just knocked down walls center rooms I know like it's. Their Story Super Villain. This is like this is like the vendors compound. I get it from the hall. But yeah, the beast has a brain. It's like come on. Yeah. Also I got to say I really don't like the beast in a full body suit i. know there's reasons why but I always think about you know the fact that he's covered in for he's always very hot. It's like he doesn't know. Dogs don't WanNa wear clothing. I'm sorry. Let's be the one to say that. And the. You know that's the one thing I actually. About Tigra is she actually has made that point several times. On into Bikini 'cause uncovered in for, do you have any idea how it is in La based Superhero covered in her? And don't mean hot like Ooh. That's hot. You know. Yeah. But yeah. So I I don't think that it makes sense for for the beast to wear clothing while he is covered in for I like him I like him in his vetoes no shorts. Only does war. Anyway but yeah, I mean it's it's a great story I guess it's it's very interesting especially because it's like a completely different writer for cap in this one. So it's like a completely different cap as if. He was in no way related to anything that's going on in the other books. So this and actually I kind of feel like this isn't like. This isn't a conflict capsules like I'm the captain I wake up now. Well I. Mean he's almost back to being captain America and I think this was like a big setup because he brings the next team of avengers together. I mean I wonder I wonder if if this was planned for a while where you know they scrambled sell okay. Last part of evolutionary war the vendors who's on the vendors nobody right now Jarvis and it's like Yeah Well next they actually get the they get the jackets, right? It's all jacket that's a little while but yeah. It's yeah. By the time they get to like Black Knight and serves yeah. They all got like jackets and leather skirt that branding that has adventures brandy. Yeah. But I like it. It's it's. It's a solid I, remember reading Mrs Kid and being totally blown away so deep and powerful. With fighting the Nazis 'cause he's just a Nazi with energy powers and that's that's what yes. Several Times Luna Fisher devices are connected. Needle the Mike Lethal Nino microphone fun. turntables microphone anyway. But yeah, I mean it's it's a good story and. You know You ever read the what if volume two number one where they did what if the evolutionary had? A really. That's also trippy story because, of course. You know you get big headed captain America. which is also just kind of weird what it's got a big head. Why mediate Kinda Integrated Hulk and banner. Bit Yeah just like regular. Heroes and then they put Wolverine in charge and then they go straight universe Oh. Yeah. All the superheroes basically while most of them take off the end became humanities just left with like daredevil division. Yeah and and then they you know they all and then I if I recall correctly the Essence of humanity forms of mind around the earth. So that's like the one thing that survives. The superheroes co both death and eternity. For Reasons And never nothing like when when the beyond their did this Oh, you can't just kill death deterrent. Here's a little rain. Well. Bub I think we killed death. Did you not read secret wars to Wolverine? Go back to long boxes. But. Yeah. No. Yes. Of course I read that it's it's it's a decent i. like this is Shula. Issue and you know although yet and then next is were the markets. Some next issue is. Where we get we hit our hint of a demon maybe kind of preferring to live kind of like the hobos lifestyle. Because he's just been hanging out at the decimated. avengers compound for like a couple of weeks now. All right before we get there little if any thoughts on the annual. Reggie make me read this. This was like atrocious. Again different writer and like I said, I, don't know if like it was last minute they're like, okay the okay. The vendors annual who's on the vendors right now on nobody. was. Going to handle the he's a boss it's fine. Hit hit the high near with his umbrella. Any. Odd. Choice. That's all. We know it's like. The captain, the Hulk Let's the next character in there. The piece was in Avenger. He was. Yes. The crowd fan base piece we have now the plant well, everybody's plant based. You know it's cool to be Vegan I. think that's the theme. I'm. GonNa say this I'm. Going to say, it's just like burgers or the X. men now the impossible X. men. Oh. Interesting because you know, you know that Krakatoa is named after Krakatoa. There's GonNa be a whole evolutionary Spore Tien. Krakatoa on it's. got. Chocolate. On his peanut butter that. What happened only gone I think I cracked the code. Yeah. Hickman was was eating in an impossible burger. were. What did it taste like mutants but it was actually plants. Back? We're done it. I saw. Hickman in your impossible Walker I see. Was Impossible Casey not. Malaya's I don't. Yet it was a limited run in, Colorado I? Think. South Park brought it up and they're like, you know let's tries. So they did a very limited run in Colorado but. You can't make Vegan. At found this out very easily so You can make anything here. Frightened enough oil. Purpose Bird. What the purpose, the purpose is to make food. Delicious. Those Green. Beans. Air. Fryer work. You know they actually fry it put air fryer. There's not really a such thing as an airfare that don't really work like that. You actually if you buy like alright fried foods and put it into an air fire like. Fries it, but it's like already fried. So it's not like you're you're just not referring reignites to taste. Anyway so yeah. Your. Now, without that annual, very disappointing annual, especially back in the eighties. annuals worth nothing. You know you look forward. So an annual. Magin like reading that book and the annual or dislike I want my money do appreciate their where they tell you where it falls in continuity. Although. I got to say I. I. also like the fact that this annual deals with La- Maria and Atlantis and then next annual which gets mistakenly cited in the next book isn't Lantis Attacks So Nice little continuing theme. Okay. Yeah. So you know it's it's it's pretty interesting Area and Atlantan War was cool. Area, in fact, only anyone mentions Lem area except when you know they, they want to show that there is someone else that name or. King of the oceans with his some other duties activity. I am the King of seventy, five percent of the products. It's like well, no actually you're not. You're king the Kingdom of your the ruler of a small city on the ocean floor, and there's like ten other cities that really have no loyalty to you so. And some of them are Douay you can I see you. Just stand I'm your. Words so grandiose. Another. Another. Great Curtis Armstrong Role. Name My. Email but well yeah. My Kingdom is very big. It was huge. It's a nice a nice. Anyway. Let's let's move on this issue. Get the cap cap to swim back to the island Captain America please. Get ready to break. Charlie answers hard captain America three forty nine. Yeah after the events of war late one night the captain comes ashore on Hydra base former headquarters of the avengers in search of his missing teammates. Here's attacked by figuring Dr who turns out to be his partner Demon who came into the find cap after being released by the commission needing a teen cap makes a stunned demand and a vendor. Then Copter arrives and Battle Star partner to the new Captain America disembark recognizing him as an enemy he fought in issue three, forty, four demon attacks the newcomer but cap quickly breaks up the fight battle. Starr explains that he needs the original Captain America, the rescued the new captain America who's being held hostage in the Arctic by flag smasher. At Ice Station able flag smasher has captained chains and suspended to the waste in icy water. Then he's interrupted by the arrival of a squadron of Alta maitum agents who have been on his tail. Meanwhile, cap his two sidekicks fly barred Quinn jet to the Arctic and find the face under attack leaving demand at the controls cap and battle star dropped to the ground and engage the enemy at the latter keeps the invaders engaged. The captain enters the building and confronts flag smasher cap proves prove his identity by reciting the villains parting words at their previous meeting. In issue three, twenty, two flag smasher explains how he quit ultimatum after he learned his art in Art. In Arctic. Antarctic Arctic No. Anarchy but in art in Arkansas. Okay and Ar C. H. I. C. or did soon anarchists boys anarchy in. Art, he's not an ARC. He's anti nationalist. Yeah I know he's not an anarchist. He actually believes that arche he just he just believes that government be doesn't believe. Yes It was organization with secretly funded by the red skull. Now, was planning the set off a doomsday machine and flat and flagging cap and his. And and. So flags mash recap join demand in and head to the ultimatum. Base camp regains his original shield from flag smasher and the to assault the building they reached the doomsday machine designed to admit and electro magnetic pulse, which will destroy all electrical systems in the world and discover that neither has the scientific know how to stop it. Cap Calls Demand instructs him crash the crashed. into the main part of the building while parachuting the safety, the sidekick sets the craft on course but the ship is attacked by two enemies who plant a bomb on the roof hero goes off off the fight them but can't remove the bomb in time the ship explodes and crashes into the enemy base caps creams having flashbacks to the death of Bucky and searches for his fallen comrade, but he can find new trace of him. So. What would have happened if this planet work? Say, what was the skull trying to achieve by destroying electronics in the world? I guess his it. Of course, the superheroes will stop me. And it just becomes another interesting. We'll in my master. But like if if if if and really, this entire plan hinges on the fact that the facts measure finds out about Johann Smith and then decides it's a bad thing to get funding from him. And does not try to just stop the problem himself but reach out to captain America. There are so many levels of this plan. That you really gotTa say, Yo had I don't think you thought this at all I get the feeling like there was someone writing checks at Smith TCO and. You know and add they weren't even really checking up to see who is doing what? I just tell the doomsday device I don't know just. They don't have the scientific. No- none of the scientific know-how maybe that maybe was just a fake device maybe the skull was trying to Polecat Fast Steve Out of hiding or something I dunno. I got so but then. Well. And that's actually because there's no way you can. have. Something that well I guess. Well. It's near me I. I don't know maybe because they say that it's actually near magnetic north. So maybe it has to do with doing something with with the magnetic poles. That's the MP comes from a net where you could get one that would go globally. So. But Yeah, all I love this part where he were Steve's dislike somersaulting through the bullets at the guy and the drop kick you know just thinking himself never fails never fails to amaze me how how some of these gunmen just get rattled when I advance on them while they're shooting it's like, yeah just a simple thing advancing done fire were because. Whenever stinks we have we didn't shoot directly at the shield. Steve, just as it's like, Oh, I never ceases to amaze me how these guys get rattled when I just come through their gun fire. That's that's the thing What's this is I guess that what Condon's shield that now flag smasher has it or? Ultimate. Him Group has it. So. When you think about it so when what when John Walker eventually takes on the thing he doesn't have kept shield. That's another manufactured shield that they gave. Walker would he becomes you as agent. Summer I for some reason I swear they say that's the same. She'll though but it's like, yeah, they get it off flag smasher. Look Book. Matches drops it somewhere today recovering. But. Why what do you? It's like perfect for him. It's like, wow, it's my color scheme. No logo on it. Vibrate. Know me so well. Well, yeah, unless he was funding something and sold it. Could be a thing to the is it is probably like very. Shield with a lot of money. Anyway. I. I don't know what's going. But a home. Yeah. So anyway, so that happened that wasn't a she we read and Lilith. Yeah demand. That was that that happens When I think. Demand is a plot device because they they don't show where he's at until like issue four hundred but. Before that like crossbones shows up and I think they kinda played it for a while it's like. Is that like demand maybe within these air or something is discuss like you know recover him and used them but you gotta turn. Actually though. And I'll tell you. This heartbreaking issue the heartbreaking issue is when cap goes back to the Arctic to look for demand and he's like trying to find him and then at the very end the issue you see the person frozen in ice age that sense of. Keyed as little as. They might be so me that's what I mean man. He just is like He. Lamar got better run. Better out got the better storylines from all of this I mean I'm glad demands around. Oh, maybe he's going to be on the new F. Houdini. Yeah. You know there's a big status quo changing event coming soon and. Out Love seem hang out with Ben Grimm again Yeah now. They're. Definitely, we know that that's not even that's not even shocking. Him Even Shot Comic Book Readers Anymore People who've been reading for Ten plus years I don't think they can. You. Coming back. You know bring someone back from the dead it's like okay. We're GONNA. Have the big plant reveal about the X. men? Important. X. Men, they should totally do that fellow. Wash the new impossible X. men. Talking about. I know yes even. Going don't use. A trademark that right now make come to us. I. Do Postal Social Media later to be like a pug about the impossible exit. Test. I. I'M GONNA. Say This right now I bet you trademark search. You'll find the possible exner somewhere lend visit already secured those rights. Already planning the impossible x-men Burger. Yeah That Crossover with. Berg. Disney they can get, they can Disney, they can get McDonald's come on. Anyway but. Yeah. So happened. So. That I could see about that is you know it's all building towards something giving all the pieces put into place the now, and now a good place for headed but okay. John Walker is a mess to all of this. But at no point does it really feel like he's being drug yet? Sane. I know exactly that especially because it's drink get to when we get to three fifty. Which is at the next one we get to that. He actually has a whole. Cogent. Conversation at the end where he does not seem in any way drug and. It's just like Oh. Okay. So that's the thing. Now I guess you know. Task Task tax masculinity before task toxic masculinity was the thing is that I mean the kind of playing into. Four it's worth. Yeah. 'cause he is. You know from the powerbroker he's very much a very much a steroid in allergy and road rage was a thing. But at the same time, just as idea that they try to imply later that, oh, he was being drugged to become more violent or it's actually I don't think that's ever really displayed and every time we see him after this, he doesn't seem that different than he wasn't the Super Patriot. It seems like he had a lot of PTSD from watching his parents die and that led him go on. It's not like when they try to say that Oh, the punisher wasn't crazy. He was just drugged to it's like A. It was it was the traumas, parents plus royd rage was fancy fancy technique muscles but it was Roy. Great. Yeah. WHO's he's At the WWF I guess. Yep. Everywhere. Scandal awesome on the timer was the early nineties. Words isn't it? No you. Testified in. Congress, will Congress or whatever was that ladies are Actually that was yeah, that was much. Jose can. Brother. Yeah Jose Canseco Testify Yup. It helps those book about you getting serious shot up his but you know. Really. When you when you're a better, it is all about the but muscle the. Americas Americans but so yeah. Say speaking you know when it comes to. People say it's not like cap is anyone to talk. All right. Since we as we get you in our streets poison when You know. So. Exactly. Kool aid went in through your system there buddy. All right. Since we get the three fifty. Sure aright. Wrap up this captain storyline. Of the whole of this whole run by the way. AMD in a great show to To watchmen. We see kid reading the comic books at the newsstand. Yup. Alright. So three fifths actually reading this comic book, which is Weird. kind of a little. Time traveler don't worry about it. A little Bonzo can never ending dogging us where I'm reading the book that I'm reading in the Book Reading The book that I'm reading the Book Reading The book that I'm reading. Three fifty sinister dawn is who has been manipulating the commission on Superhuman activities stands at a gym facing him or five sparring partners dressed as captain America in a flash. The is attack the man who responded with lightning quick reflexes in in a matter of minutes has killed all five men Iranians with an aide to provide better opponents for his next workout and repairs to his palatial office overlooking the Capitol in Washington. DC there he muses on the American dream, which is inspired him to dedicate himself to enslaving the. Entire population of the United States bigly. He checks in with Douglas, Rockwell, his lackey on the commission who reports that Steve Rogers was cited in New York the day before Steve is indeed in the big apple pondering recent events and trying to decide on a course of action. Suddenly, a truck is out of control on a busy street quickly dawning his captain outfit he leaves into action carrying some boys to safety. Then catching a baby thrown from a stroller to the amazement of the crowds and catching the apple pie remember. At at the hospital in Fort Meade Captain America join, walkers recovering from injuries sustained in the Arctic, in the last two issues when he was visit when he has a visit from an angry war rockwell shaming him for his failure and demanding to know where is the shield after he leaves Battle Star tries to comfort his partner but Walker feels betrayed that Lamar called for help and they had to bring Steve Rogers Word Lamar leaves, and Walker receives a phone call telling him to come to a midnight meeting to find the shield locker suits up as captain. Americans thankfully leaves the hospital a late. Night session, the super of the Commission on Superhuman Activities Discusses The future of John Walker the legal problems stemming from his violent actions against the watchdogs in three forty, five, the left and right winger in issue three, forty, seven or Nazeer are not as serious as I thought his handler Adrian Sandwich. points out that Walker is a loaded bomb and should be quietly cut loose before he does something even worse commission head Douglas Rockwell Seasons on the passing mention of Steve Rogers to launch a bitter tirade against the former captain America startling and confusing the other commissioners. Later, the captain steals into the bill. Into the building. Walks in the Rockwell's office finding him in communication with his secret boss. Rockwell. Hastily, signs off Cap Confronts Him The manding answers, Rockwell refuses. But when the phone rings, he picks it up and dust is sprayed into his face from a hidden compartment the forming it into the image of a red skull the trademark of Captain America's arch enemy Cap traces the call I'm the villains location. Captain American John Walker as downtown office building for the mysterious meeting is ushered into aboard room where he's met by the arrogant businessman at a signal. Several costume figures enter a representative, each of ultimatum, the resistance, the sweatshop scourge of the underworld and the watchdogs. The Villain reveals that he is the secret leader behind all of these criminal organizations and informed walker that he is the Rogers the original. Captain. America. Then orders his minions to attack the stunt hero and walks out with a laugh. The battle commences instantly cap spring the action paddling his foes with almost statistically. The captain arrives at the same building and over a voice over a loudspeaker guides into an office where he confronts the mastermind overview screen, the villain claims that he is the red skull even though Steve saw him die in his arms in issue three hundred and explains that he is adopted a new face for a new era. Then reveals that seems replacement is John Walker the former super patriot and shows how he engineered a series of disasters in orange in order to tarnish. The name of Captain America Steve Walks out on the posting batting begins to search the building for him enters the boardroom or the new captain. America stands among the bodies of slain foes looking up walker sees the captain who he believes to be his worst enemy back at commission headquarters Rockwell's gruesome corpses discovered in the police called Foul Cooper takes charge determine and determine uncover rockwell secrets walker attacks Steve. Harasses that his opponent is as ponant is indeed the former. Super. Patriot Steve Relies. On his agility to avoid is enraged superstrong opponent walkers also quite agile and Steve. Has a hard time in it that we asked the time the ponder how is the mission to the commission was because he felt the need to test himself as Captain America. He finally gets in a lucky blow that knocks walker out the red. Skull. Then enters applauding steve performance in the to stand face the as the villain, those of his plan to destroy the country in the guise of. A handsome American businessman and Steve Grow suspicious. Walker comes to and hurls his shield hitting the villain in the back of the legs just as he was about this spray his dust of death from a cigarette holder instead he takes it those of his own weapon in the face and he's burned into a red skull. He flees in the heroes pursue but they can't find him later addressed the commission now headed by Val Cooper and explain the sinister plot behind the replacement of captain. Cooper asked John Walker to step aside is cap and offers the Steve Rogers once more to their surprise declines having learned that he can uphold the nation's ideals without the uniform as he's leaving Walker follows him into the hall and tells him that no one can fill the uniform like he can that only Steve's adopting the role once more will prevent another failure. Once he learns that Walker, speaking from the heart Steve. Readily accepts the mantle of Captain America wants. War. Just, such a weird idea that a businessman might someday destroy America. Anyway. I actually forgotten about the sweatshop yes. I. Actually did go back. These guys in green the powerbrokers guys. Yeah. I. Know Oh yeah. The sweatshop powerbroker. Okay. But Yeh. which actually would have been a long time ago by this point is this is really we read books covered like about a year of time. Over a year. Yeah to. Twenty issues together sweatshop. I, mean yeah. So which goes to show you how weird it is when you read it all at once. And you realize Oh. Wow. This was something that was read. You know from seventh grade to eighth grade for me so. It's interesting. It's interesting. Is What I'm saying Ya. And again like I say it's the that. Walker is like I love Walker at the end of. Your that's that's America's took us That's the only you can fill out this constant. That way. Yeah. So that's Nice Big Wrap up everything back to the way was. You know. That's nice in cap gets be cap again and you know and then I don't mention in this. They got that they wanted the casting right that's yeah. No, it's it's IT'S I don't know why they to that design technically demon designed it or you know what's weird like next issue that the commission John Walker's death like they fake like a scourge attack he's like like seemingly assassinated on TV and then yet they give they give him a new identity and stuff. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Because that's where I think. Cooper, who says Yeah Catholics Pretty. Good Productive Canarian? Yeah. Yes they John Walker's death that know give him a new identity probably step to you know. People don't. You know they. Hey, that's the guy protection. One that they give him the mind wipe and you know. All that stuff and then probably implant some more new new memory just like they did with. Brainwave Onstar girl so. Low Trust people putting memories and don't trust people putting their car where it doesn't belong. Okay. Take trick anytime you hear CAA or punchline. You know you really guy to our patriots. Starch creature. there. Drink where I I don't even have to drink apple juice, I can drink. Other Things Lilith. What did you think of this issue? I. I liked it. Actually, I mean I, think that three forty seven was the best issue out of this particular batch for me but this is very interesting but. I could just I could tear lilith three ridden through forty-seven. Actually, to me the best part of this. Issue is not happens in the issue proper but the backup feature with Arnim Zola and the skull oh? Yeah I was GonNa say I have a quick synopsis for that if you WanNa talk that. I mean. I mean it's basically it's a lot of flashback, but it's basically just explain Yeah Zola clone the skull, new body. Clone the Marble. Now, it hasn't been clone at some. Girl making forty dollars yet sinus. Steve Rogers DNA. Because as we saw when he died in three hundred, he kind of like. He kinda scratch Steve on the face early. Got Some the DNA. You are some kind of super bowl. Fear you. Know but then he goes he used that Dan the in a couple of times, and then of course, then we get the weird like Middle Red Skull there were like the original red skull's CNA and the original nineteen forties tapes that got put into his brain at that that clone thing. When that stole the exam, your brain part that gives you power. It worked in theory anyway. I don't even understand any of this. is going to bring him back you know. Well. Own Red. Skull's already back. That were the original or pistol. Well. Yeah. But no I mean red skull's back in. I'm not in current books. He's backing lukens. So your town house, he's not gonNA. He's not not have the red skull in his books come a hot. He's breeding score she's bringing back. red score. Obviously the man has a love for this late eighties Grunwald run which I think if you do yeah. You know I think there's actually a real beloved quality to this Ron. Captain America where people just thought. This was good I also like the fact that much. So the the Boris feature in this is how red scope came back boneless feature in evolutionary war was how the high of illusionary came back. Because when that cameras I the whole time was, no, I have the incredible hulk book where he gets beaten to. Devolve back to Amoeba. And then just. It was just such a cop, but well, actually my armor just repaired and then devoted me. See maybe I'm just a stickler but I love that back in days like when a character came back was supposed to be dead or did they explained how they came back these kids it's comex people come back all the time. They wanted to be a mystery for awhile. Yeah I mean if they actually role probably keep a mysterious but I mean, sometimes these are just like, yeah, this guy comes back. I want my superior spider man back. I. Love you auto, but I want my superior spider man back in. Lesson both worlds we get it are I want freaking I Want Marconi to just. Equa that. Guys not. So I'm just GONNA I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA, make another boyfriend in the lab. They closer with. First Weird Science. Oh my Lord. I'll just I got the I got his his brain tapes right year. Yeah Well No, you did something stupid. You made a deal with the devil but you know what? That's fine. You're back now. So wait and so my other me is still out there. Yeah but that's sent. You hear about that that's not import. Don't worry about it. Give me a kiss. Come on. Come on. Come on more. Will you know you WANNA promote the superior spider man doctor? Octopus. Yes. It's it's natural and. We can addressing that idea of like do clones have souls is there one sole spokesman all of them or are they orders? Pattern. That's who. I want I want that like I want that I want some politics in how kind of stuff going on especially if we're looking so much at Mefissa right now I wanna see the winglets. No you guys. You know like I have like eight thousand clones of myself everyone even me everyone in how now we actually have a voting. To to Gerrymander. Gerrymander. Hill. Awesome to me, but like that, that's that's probably a little hellfire. Charlie, the professor as kind of thing. Nailed it. Just want that story so bad. Gerrymandering in Hell because yeah. Politics is add totally your. It makes sense. It's all of sentient beings who have political histories you know these are being. That sounds. Good. This isn't. Of course. I want them to bring all these these figures together and talk talk this out because I just want to store where they're just like, Oh, don't mess with Lula a mess with Louis. But you know that's the thing I think that that would be a great story just because it will show the idea that that the demons are in charge of held the actual people being punished there are and just the idea of what if what, if all the souls in Hell rose up? And overthrew the demons. There's good demons on both sides Charlotte. I'm just saying it would be an interesting tact but yeah. Yeah. Boy But. PRESCIENT at some businessmen destroying the American dream. Remember don't. Be. Considered handsome. That's why did they head Christmas? Yeah. That's what they had Christmas slam in sex in the city. The city mister big was supposed to be a trump pastiche i. don't know that means that candace Bushnell actually did it trump at some point but I don't know it's gross. I noticed realize. But yeah, with Donald Trump used to be considered like you know a Suave Debonair. Business. Many you buy all the good pressure, one I've. Cheap you know. that. I will anything is that you know advertising is your is not as big of an expensive is anyway. Okay. Hey I don't know what happened but you guys want to hear a two part feedback from Ray. Yes sure. All right, everyone. How long? I don't know like I said the extent me to separate ones if got cut off or what but. All right so here. Here's part one. took. Couple bowls down the go. All right. Here's part one from ray from tonight moonlight podcast. Lotion American fans. This is right at Dodi destroyed sent board these issues that you will be covering. Big Ones three, forty, seven up to fifteen including adventures annual seventeen, eighteen, think talk by the. Any who? Again I think he's a really solid out up he more. Entertaining or more. Intense but really does ramp up culminates in the ECORSE, the meeting between a captain, America the captain and and John Walker. So, cool because we hadn't seen them together for such a long time I. Guess the last time was when John Walker was though Super Patriot anyway he just quickly flying through this. Left Wing Rod Winger Change. That was that was great and and John what a brutal brutal bugger ask. Really threatening the families and then really hoping offering Bible them. On their law which is good I guess how? Niche whacking. It. Really Cool. Actually I wanNA talk also about the end of that evolutionary war. Of the evolutionary wool in my that was really cool as well. Saying herk and Classic Basis Vanja and Grayhawk that would have excited you feel as well. Also. SAYING CAPS journey as well. Come back. was great to get that continuity between the annual and tim onto the Hydra base hooking up with with. Falcon. And hooking up with demand as well. So Very, very cool. Indeed have overall just. A really top notch stop from Grunwald the return of Red Skelton imagine him being missing fifty odd issues. So what's that's like having used or years? In comics and on the coming back in the in the coin body of Steve Rogers fantastic stop. Really enjoying it. Hoping that you enjoy it as well Charlie Aric and you would bill another. You enjoy these as well since week three fifty on your IRA sessions anyway best of luck with the discussion and I'll be listening as a wise catch a Lotta. So why do I sound like he was done so why did he send me a second one? Let's see. See than. Going on with by mention does all a little bit of a Blur meant in the herk here the hurricane adventures annual really cool. Stop saying her leading role in the you know tonight I just wanted to mention as well the high of illusionary. Intriguing. Character I find and dumb. I'm doing a bit of a ray rate despite a woman and he's got a role in that too in the original one. Spot on one I see actually the human version of him is one of the sheets of Jessica drew's parents. Anyway, so very interesting to. See Him in this adventure and such a highly. Powerful Bain also a love the ties in again because we're all rating, the comics around this time. Loved it saying, hulk the Grayhawk Spurted? Out. Pricing. to The desert and I believe that was brought up in the whole to Joe. fixit. Issues we covered if not, it's something that I've been reading in the paper David Omnibus but again, this continuity and Marvel had this continuity these days but would. Would incur improved things a thousand fold anyway I just wanted to mention ERC because he was he was brilliant in there actually thought that he's calling would be turned into the. The. Latter version costume that we know of the prices. But but not to be but anyway, it was fun to see how. People wrong. Anyway. That was that. Was it. Yeah. Raise we've got mail from Ray intro. The I knew he was going to mention Hercules because he loves that character. or Can. He mentions the Yang Conan's I. Make Sense. No but actually what I loved in this is how How really hurts designing? This is so Very nineties. In a way that I don't know if that was. Like was that his tendered costume at the time 'cause they don't remember him wearing that kind of weird armor when he fought the hulk. Back, when all the adventures the hulk. Yeah I know. I. Don't remember this costume except for this issue. Yeah I knows. It kind of reminds me of if you remember that late nineties. A west coast avengers of injuries was like Hawkeye and. A. Bunch of Lesser Avengers lesser known avengers they all had that weird armor. That very much. Struck me. It's on busy plus you can watch that So yeah, it was just a weird weird choice for this armor and May. Maybe that's why they would say that that Hercules did evolve and all the other perky leased the. Hercules. As you know, it's sort of like when when, when, when, the beyond sends him back in time than the other doom comes into that time strain. You know. When one? When one Hercules? APOTHEOSIS. Another comes in to his role. Now, I'm trying to remember the details, but no Hercules does I guess get devolved shows up again in I think the war Sometime after four hundred I think it's like the early four hundred or something. Yeah he so they bring him back with an exclamation. It's just not I'm a God we die all the time I forget what the explanation is but I'm pretty sure. Yeah. They give explanation. Yeah. There might even be like celestial or something involved. Africa. I'm trying to remember but yeah, it's something. That's back when they explain stopping comics. Yes. Well. Now they want the Michigan. They they WANNA get around to explaining it eventually they just usually don't have enough issues. Always do is stand around in an. Expose it, but we can't explain this to you. Yeah you know. We Still Love Him So. Don't act like we buying. Yeah. I. Yeah, so Hercules was great in that I. Agree. He hit his super evolution like from God to Super God was kind of cool but Yeah. It's amazing. Is I read this? How many of these panels that you see in these issues all wind up in the handbook to the Marvel Universe? Where you realize that because it was written contemporary contemporaneous -Ly and so. Loud these images show up there. Are also yeah. They need to bring back flag smasher like the lack smasher not just some guy in the suit. Mess with him so much. Yeah. Well, he's kind of a weird weirdly motivated superman because his motivation is world peace. He's kind of honestly he's the kind of character that if he ever teamed up with someone like You know a super genius who wanted to take over the world just to prove a point they would actually. If him in the wizard teamed up, they would actually probably take over the world. Because the wizard wants to just prove his smarter a really, you're not going to worry about the day to day and the fax machine is going to establish a universal democracy democracy with human rights protected. They could pull it off. It would be interesting. That is a terrible to I'd like to see. All right final thoughts. So. No matter how hard you try feel. Sorry. For everybody that make up. You know you're not done yet Japanese fan you're not going to change her. Maze Anyway. But yes. As I said, next week Wayne's world returns that team up eight ninety four wealth is excited followed in two weeks by it's GonNa. Be a big episode probably split it up between hosts. I think Mekonnen are gonNA cover streets of poison, the main story, and then I know Lilith agreed to do some backup stories with John Walker. So we'll see where squeeze Charlie in on that. Oak View. Let me know I'm here when you call. All right. All right. So yes, I have unlimited. Now, the the world of Marvel Comics is at my fingertips so Hey Marvel Marvel. You're welcome. We sold at least two Marvel Unlimited subscriptions one for Charlie One paret. So you're welcome. Oh he was. Yeah, he was complaining last night because he has raven said he says, Oh, DC, had something like this. He's like I would get it and I was like I was like Oh yeah I guess you guys don't get these universities like, yeah. Now can't get out oh they. Not, even a comic Book Brand, Branchville? No No. The ball. What that's a mixed. In TV shows, you know they tried to do a one thing for thing, but of course. In doing that, you're actually I of using way more bandwidth for the shows in the comics. So that's that's GonNa caused you problems right there and second. Comic fans aren't necessarily the people that are going to be the V. and movie fans now or vice. Easy specifically, that's not necessarily true. Now, you know people write them art. Yeah. All right. So yes, send your thoughts on this. The anything we cover the upcoming stop. Email capes in lunatics at dot com call the voicemails six, one, four, three, eight, two, two, seven, three, seven that's six, one, four, thirty, eight capes and comic capers on facebook on twitter. Follow all of our stuff. The Youtube are Patriae on links to everything at link tree, l., N., ktar, dot ee slash capes an lunatics and remember to support our sponsors. Please go get yourself some tweaked audio headphones go pick up hunter killer. Has You know you're in the house more. So get some get some family fun game nights stuff It's like an escape they've delivered to your house every month that's right and pill pickup pod life the book, and now in digital an paperback and when you do that. On when you buy anything on Amazon, use the link for Southgate Media Group rate down there in the show notes on the podcast on the youtube because. Help support this show the network and the head of it all the Secret Masterminds Day Than Red Light Rob Masters, Southgate. Make It rain show says master do our rain and we lost Wolf. So follow Lilith on twitter at Lapel Fire and follow her can to places on Instagram Loaf Hellfire eighty-six and of course, Little Hellfire sixty nine. Charlie, Esser. Well, you can always recommended old fashioned way where Moslem positive once did back in nineteen eighty-eight when this book was new. At superconductivity blog Edgy Mel dot, com that's superconductivity. All one word at Follow me on twitter. Final season of of shield that breaking your hearts. At Charlie Sir that CHA rally. says. Look for the two years in the middle quality. All right. Again. Thank you for taking this journey with us. Next week return aways world. Followed by more captain America's. Streets poison. Walker stuff. going. On Man. Thank. You Ray for the feedback. Intimate partner.

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