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Is Neymar Enemy No. 1 at PSG?


Welcome into lay sedition E._S._P._N.. F._C._A.. I'm Dan joined by shock and with a tie Steve Nicol with us today. We also welcome back from his vacation. Julianne Laurent is a good day to have you back Joel's because we saw Cape reporting but Neymar who never play again however the Brazilian walls training today with his team-mates seems to be in good spirits sharing jokes but right. Hey Joe is really when we never see him playing the P._S.. Gee Shirts again. We're we're know in in a month timed and that's the thing I I mean what we know for sure is nothing has changed since last week or the week before three weeks ago a month ago is that he wants to leave the club very happy happy to sell him to get rid of him and Barcelona where he wants to go back would like him back. The problem is right now. They have to work out if they can really afford them and how they can afford him and do they have to sell first before putting a bit in two g. for name on what kind of form that bid we'll take cash press. Chris players only cash only players whatever form but right now. There's nothing there's nothing that's not even a discussion a dialogue between the two clubs so right now name. He's a P._H._d.. Player were they were the polly's Bossa like you know. He's in China with the rest of the team for sure. There's I want to play for them again anymore. But he my off. There's no offers on the table and you see that Boston splashed the cash a lot already this summer it's working out of the accounts as to whether or not they can get name all through the door as well from a player's perspective. What's it like when you're in that situation where come out and says he wants to leave? How would you treat him? It depends on attitude is still professional and he's still given everything when you step on the field on intriguing then you don't really have a problem with a problem arises when somebody takes a foot off the gas has moping around making a miserable for everybody else then then it becomes a huge huge problem so this is this is all the professionalism of name all unfortunately half the problem and half the reason he wants to go back to Barcelona as because he hasn't been professional. That's half the problem so I'm not sure what we can expect. I would you train them. Shack getting everything he said it differently. I'll say that again in full agreement with which Steve as long as as his relationship with the other members of the room remains seem. I think that dynamic changes at all as much as this is making headlines is would news players within address. You're always dealing with something speculation about somebody. Coming in somebody going over to somebody not happy about a contract or renegotiating which oftentimes does not make back pages is never discussed an informed such as these but these are things that you deal with every single day and it just comes because parts and possibly job it's amazing Liverpool Apple recently of two similar situations with `continuing Suarez who wanted to go but were asked to stay another twelve months and nothing changed the performances. She's just as good. The relationship with the team was good relationship with the club so I can walk the just depends on the individual and Joe's you can say in yeah. Well certainly in those pictures that it's teammates. Okay with it. I G fans. He must be enemy number one at the moment isn't he. Yes that's the that's the <hes> the other problem in a way in these very complicated situation is because especially with these recent comments remember a few weeks ago when he said is best memory ever in football. Oh boy was the the famous Vermont with Basser not against P._S._G.. That obviously go down well with the Paris fans because they had humiliated defend down purpose I post yen said to to to show how much respect he has for the club and and make a point that he wanted to go and that was very much highlighting the point so dot also whether he needs to do some work to solve consolidate dates his relationship with the dressing room and Thomas to her with no now that the sporting director but probably the most work has to put in will be to re build relationship when she defines as well because right now is pretty much what bottom in an ideal world boss'll and we're of course continuing some money to pass sheets again name our but as Moondog Apple T._v. basically continue jam at the moment because no one is interested in Brazilian. This doesn't seem like it's going to move quickly individuals knowing that's not really true continue to be fair because low and other was said to us that Paris would be interested including if you come up with a bid I includes continue and money and another player so of of deal they will be there will be listening. They'll it'll be interesting for Bossa. Having moved told you so power is cone. Do Anything about continue because pirates will never buy continue just like this if they continuing. He's part of the name I did but if I don't know anything whether that's continue continual money on our money peers you can do anything about it so p._n._G.. Waiting they're waiting for Oh Boston to move but they're also saying to. At least there will be a point where let's semedo girls where we don't want to hear anything anymore because we would have to make a mind and then name. Are we stay if we can sell him so Boston. They are the one who have to move and they have to move pretty quickly. Now you still continue firsthand that his best leaving Liverpool are you surprised that people aren't long using that as more as an example is becoming fan no because almost good as your skin you know and he's been disappointed Barcelona. There's no question and clearly boss Alana I think of decided they want the money back so he's going to pay that money. It was overpriced stout worth and he's had to he's had tolerant. So why would anybody vote the way to offer silly money follow them and and certainly why would why within trying to get him on the cheap. That's what I don't understand. The the thing is when when continue move to to the camp no a couple of seasons ago dress out to me me mom moved on himself that through the entire transfer market into twitter disarray and everybody who moved out some the prices were inflated knows those things are settling back down unless it's unless you're talking about Nima messy or Renaldo things are finding some normalcy plus. He still a little bit inflated as they started off a couple of seasons ago but there's some normalcy I know absolutely right. Continue will not command that kind of price doc again. Even good continue on the trouble is not see the good container for a couple of seasons and it's of course a week today that the transfer window closes in the Premier League we keeping up today without and indeed all the transfer activity across Europe over on our transport transfer all on the website geico presents aches another voicemail from your roommate shepard. Heya pipers in the basement completely flooded anyway. I call for someone to fix it but in the meantime I was thinking we could finally have that Indoor Pool Party. We will always wanted. I got him coolest. Things already. Go and could you pick up some chips on your way home later. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help keep your personal property protected like if your roommate isn't the brightest pool float in the flooded basement visit geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance insurance too much while having meow the cover yes they do want to talk about what happened in the Ramlet Spurs semi final Gareth Bale of course there and apparently surprise surprise he was playing golf see if it's true what they're saying about bail playing golf while Madrid played Tottenham and you were able to confirm it. What does that bother you? Oh well. We'll see we'll see once we returned to Madrid. I'm not going to prevent anyone from doing anything. Every the individual has his own responsibilities as we'll see what he has done once we get back to Madrid it's also his personal life the he stayed back to train and I believe he's done that afterwards. We'll see them intellectual either more Sporran Asta so back at training today big deal depends if if he he hasn't traveled with the team because he's injured already has an Injuria then yes it's obsolete and it was a psychological thing wasn't it. I think that's why he said he in travel. That was the word that came out in the club that he was playing golf. Psychologically held got bailed and helps the club as well so don't have a problem with only reason is if he is at any certain of engineer at all as a complete know otherwise we're supposed to build anything out. Bill does know his is going to be news all doesn't do as as the case may be as long as he's in Madrid in agreement with the club and they know that and on the circumstances as important show it isn't that he's in Joey can't do shit certain things and what he does with his private times up to chills someone who knows the Dan well. How do you think he's feeling internally about having to continuously answer questions about Gareth Bale? I think there's a lot of frustration for for Zindedine to keeping US some question bad and also the debate situation moving. I think it was very clear when he came back and especially at the start of the summer transfer market open the he won't bail able to be sold to to leave Rome Madrid and still not the case and I think the problem does it on House with him is that sedan wants a very good dressing room where everybody gets on everybody's passionate everybody solve mentality there and got his bed right now <music>. I'm not sure if mentally he's really in the right place to be a member of dressing room. I'm not sure right now. He really wants to play football. I'm not sure he really wants to be competitive and there's a question mark over where he's mine. Really is right now and nothing. That's the problem and the fighters you down in bed. Don't talk I think the fact that Ah Jonathan Bonnet Bays agent don't talk either. He's In England in time and it's really hard to see now where Baid is going to go and if he doesn't go anywhere then he would be a season where he's not gonNA play. All Jews choose more male in a moment shirt robson on the show as a couple of times said he thinks Saddam will be gone in a couple of months. Maybe not because it will get sat. Maybe we'll just walk away. I just have have enough of all of this. He wanted poor pauper. He wanted bail gone. He wanted family has gone. He's working with a squad of players that you didn't necessarily want to inherits. Could you foresee that actually happened because Dan we've seen him walk away before obviously under much better circumstances but do you think that could happen once again. If we see a bad start to the season I don't. I don't think so personally because if you look at the signings pretty much all of them as you dance I mean fellow Mendy is Dan's ends he wanted. He wanted Yovich. Go Yovich. This is very much his squad and I think Hamas would rigors is gonNA leave and whether bad stays or not is he doesn't. He doesn't care if he stays then he's never going to play so that's not going to be a proponent for Sudan. Put by the last one of the list I give Frontino Peres that he really wanted so he doesn't believe that could happen and we saw a tiny Brahima which who's also a kind of viola like pulp Akhbar coming out and saying we've talked about this. I want to be somewhere you should go. You should and clearly you. Could I think in terms of media work DOC MINNEOLA and all these people are going to be very very strongly the next few weeks now to try to make the deal of Polk but remedied happen whether that will happen to know the different the different matter but I think he doesn't believe that pullback can can can be remedied player at the end of the summer and then he will have executive squad they wanted when he joined when when he came back in March meanwhile former manager John Toshack has some things to say about day before we show the let's see the brilliant headlines but insult to Spain. We thought about tall goes ballistic enlisted ball slams Gareth. Is We have to say come out and cower. Doing interviews speak yourself. You've been there six or seven years now. You don't speak the language wage. That's an insult to the people you are working for music to round. Madrid fans is of course they've been pleading for battle to speak out for years years. You Make Stevie to be honest if I'm got bill. I'm not seen award. Either you know the truth is got. Bill hasn't move anywhere because of the money no any player who comes out and says I'm not going anywhere because the money is going to get lambasted. I everybody so God wheel. Actually whether you like nor is doing the right thing by keeping nuts yup but the fact that doesn't speak Spanish. Does it really make a difference if he was successful and banging in thirty goals a season. No can't no one would give day. Nobody would nobody would but at the same time if the language. I agree with talking to him saying that it you then feel as a fun you feel a little bit slighted Kunai Guerra for example how many times he had him speak English. How many times have you done but the point is about goals announcement point. If you're bagging and goes you can get away with a lot more when you not on. You'd would no longer in that honeymoon period. You're not contributing as as you are. Then fast pick up on anything to to have fought with or to find fault with not being able to speak the language again for me player who quite clearly doesn't seem all that bothered about contribution to the club again. It's just another thing that rose the wrong way finally jobs because I think you're going again soon. Maybe even tomorrow enjoy I know what's going on when when it comes to the close of the Premier League transfer window next week Gareth fail any chance he could move to anywhere in England. No are you sure taking gab five minutes to actual time on on Youtube as always yesterday's extra time a little feisty being shown a check it out. Steve Nicol forgetting what you said perform eight matches for you on Saturday night. One of the big ones no doubt the inform New England Revolution of course flying under Bruce Arena taking on L. A._F._C. Game at seven thirty eastern M._l._S. salsas in action in an annual match up this time round against Athletico Madrid rain delayed the starts and they should be the best chance of the Game Brilliant Save Nancy Deny Wayne Rooney Rooney shoe whether it's going to be on with the cross SPA doesn't know a group of over two minutes before the praying gets Atlantic. The lanes signing the event in the back of the net. Let's move the ball really well and just getting your N._t.. In behind the defence Friday space by the back of the net Jeff Phoenix is impressed. I fall in preseason. This isn't a bass strike as well but you can't sound off. I'm not close to go. Let Fly Nice Lift Forum Reminder Hosue bets here for me for those a lot of the show and then in the ninety ninety third minute Jao FA fairly fruits Diego Casa. How many times have we be saying that their season cost of burning finish to brew finish boat of course fantastic caustic boy by Zhao Felix and then cost of just using a strength and composure through the goldies next so if finishes so stars zero. Let's go to Madrid three and it's a familiar feel. Isn't it really when you take a look at these Games <hes> they haven't won one since two thousand fifteen and that was against the Spurs Hercules Gomez is joining us irk. You think you didn't really feel feel their first team. We got to a point where we need to discuss whether or not this all star game should happen yeah. I think I think we're there and it's not so much a question Dan of talented but of cohesion and I'm sure are many would agree with me when you have a team that already has a tried and tested tactic. They know each other. You have new guys who are coming into the system and trying to win. A spot against guys who quite frankly are there. Maybe forty eight hours before the game. They're taking it as very easygoing. They know they're gonNA play Pie Twenty to thirty minutes. The main goal is to try put on a little bit of a show but not get injured where the opposition. They're working towards some. This is their preseason game. They're trying to work towards that fitness or I'm trying to work towards that cohesion that strength that nucleus of really getting their their season going and if you those guys like my new Sanchez players draw about Felix who wants to impress. They're trying to earn a spot even an extra. It's much different for the M._l._s. all stars you saw Salat done cheese off the twenty fifth minutes. It's Joseph Martinez never really got going Carlos. Vela hardly touched about the best player on the field in the first half was Wayne Rooney and he was playing in deep line position that we haven't seen him. I'm playing quite some time so it is going to be a bit rupp to watch at times that said I do enjoy the All star game but it needs to change change. I didn't enjoy seeing ATHLETI field their second tier players. You know for for an event of this magic for Melas. I I'd like to see the format change and whether that means east versus West Americans versus foreigners and major league soccer or if that means league resemble S. I'm all for it. Why do I keep pushing this though keeps selling Dan that's why because money talks at any time you can get a team like let it go and that type of brand and you go to any any stadium and you're promising them the prompts and Diego so you could put some. Gel Fan leaks it's going to sell it doesn't matter if they put in their second team. There was a weather delay yesterday. During that game quite frankly I thought it was going to be another hour hour and a half to that game play. The people were still there. They were waiting for this team. They're waiting to see the all stars as long long as these things keep selling like Leagues Cup like Communist Cup like any other German champions leaving Kaka cap as long as they keep selling. They'll keep happening. Did you change the four months managed three times three Colston's to home and one away you know. I don't understand why everybody's looking at this. Game Su C._v.. Asli this is this is T- enjoy. This is as a player. I would love to have played an a game aimless. Put You well. Actually it did play in a game. The English league played against the Italian League select. I enjoyed playing with other players is in my league. The anomaly play against I really enjoyed it and again why is ever taken associates of course Athletico. Madrid dread all taught number M._b.. Should be beaten. M._l._S. three and four no because the tune three leagues above them so what's behind up on what the score is. There's uh-huh join up and find a way yes. She can put it one way and see well it sells but it wouldn't sell if people didn't enjoy going to ISLA. Would you have enjoyed it. As much as stevie would are wouldn't have minded against playing with good players that are normally play against. It's a showcase event. I think you're on a hiding to nothing pretty much on here. Richard Richards fire from the guys you doing the same things we're talking about. Why are you taking the schooling so seriously this is not this is not about anything other than the all-stars which by the way the the union a loaded game not to play because of the there's a bonus involvement for anybody who's in the squad yeah so so never made the League that the players Union won't liberty stalled but forget Nola Tesla is enjoyable. We play football when we're kids because we love play football and that could assure you when you get to the stage. Korea you don't you don't join a less. You actually stop thinking. I'm going to do this for long so you're going to find even running after Phoenix Snow season you why would do you not like to do that why we like to go and play against against a bunch of guys and read real good players. Why would you go to joy a game Emma football. It's interesting because he is someone who for example when it came to the charity shield or the Intercontinental Cup. You said you didn't get the same sort of vie for those sort of games did other mansion zone but then this sort of matching would be you would enjoy absolutely and the reason is because I enjoy football right and still some why. Can you enjoy playing like a charity. Shield earnings content with cup. You know I guess I guess that was probably done to the coaching staff and it was it was deemed ERC. A club when I was at Liverpool was the League Champions League well. The European cult the cult so the charity shield and then the continental stuff was looked upon as a chance to get a break and not doesn't really Ma Right. It doesn't really so I guess when you get no throw not yield Italian that it doesn't Emma doesn't doesn't Ma what you go to play the game. It doesn't Ma I think there's two point positive destruction opinion and all this team. Is You play early against the best picture me that you'd only or you play with the best players from elite that you normally play against and as much as it doesn't matter. It's a it's a different challenge than playing with your club. Will you there with year round in a game that again doesn't be significant is that a league game does actually brings the camaraderie to all the players in the league. I felt I when I coached the All star team. The next time I played against anybody who had been in my all star team team or even the players in my team that played with them. There's a completely different chemistry and Camaraderie which Mak- what Steve Saying I understand what Steve saying I think more than anything it's recognition. You're one of the best in major league soccer but the stakes are different for the athletic players and the major league soccer employers. I mean what do you think joyal Fedex started thinking coca and guess when all of a sudden they see Brad Gazon with an earpiece with an attached to his head and he's having the conversation in that's broadcasting this game. I think that's what for them. The stakes are different. They understand they're playing toward something major league soccer trying to put on a show. They're trying to make the fans happy but twenty to thirty minutes to get themselves going to put themselves in a rhythm to really try to put on a show. It's very difficult difficult. I don't care what type of player you are. What level you're at one of the talking about it talking about H.? Phone is enjoyable. This is why like we do it. It's not a boat takes twenty minutes to get golden dirt and how do you feel when he's got an earpiece and let me tell you gel. Felix couldn't give a monkey's whether an M._d.. Inau off he's going to go on these when he's trying to win an opportunity to win a position a spot. That's what I'm telling you swap. That's really hope for the single around where I was going. These games is to go to the same sentiment as I completely when you get what Steve is saying that you can just have some fun to the players. Embrace it as much as Stevie. Would I think it depends on player. I was told Slot then he shouldn't even train the day before he showed up late and he trained on his own account. I mean every player is going to take it to a certain level of their own. Seriousness and I agree with Stevie. Everybody enjoys competing but I think the stakes are different for set player major league soccer and not let me tell you what scientists began galyon low the all those players. They're trying to win a position. They're trying to they're trying to get into good graces of the Yugoslav me only. I think it's much more different on the major league soccer side. I don't think the opposition Martha's these guys and I will say that I was the coach of the All star team when Beckham played and he loved every single take him to that point had a decent coach that was well. I didn't WanNa say absolutely to that point now under someone who could see you do want to see the likes of Latin for more than twenty thirty minutes but I think the issue is here that people are taking these games as an opportunity to further valid did M._l._S. and I'm standing in the woods leaks which I do not under. She's out there for the life of me. I don't understand why everybody on every discussion Russian around M._l._S. is where would it fair and one of yours big Big Leagues County place from this and that comparison that need for I self validation is beyond me and I don't get it and that is the issue here for those who are trying to draw those pilots heavily Sky Mace. Thank you very much good stuff from L._A.. Just a reminder that the preseason matches continue on E._S._P._N.. On Saturday Majesty united in Action Against A C see Milan that game live on E._S._p._N.. Two twelve thirty it was made official today. Seventy two million billion pounds as arsenal smash the previous record when it comes to transfers Nicholas pepe making the move from league to the Premier League lots a lot of people excited about this move all the people who've never seen him play Julia Laurent. You've actually witnessed them play. Get tell us a little bit of bounce him and whether or not he's worth that money they still have money. That's for sure enough. Seen him played a lot. Last season ended before under one before as well. The talent Allan is amazing. The potential is great. There's no there's no doubt about that. He's twenty four still room for improvement but he's never played abroad. He's not even playing in a European competition before the Champions League no Europa League so the beat the unknown however on the talent and what we've seen illegal in the last two seasons especially. He's he's wonderful talent. He left footed player as an inverted winger on the right hand side. He's strong. He's physically he's very quick. He's got lows of kids his third but she's great is cool. Goals assists goes as well he he really has everything and nor the weather play with the manager they have we'll be perfect for him to continue the progression progression and keep improving and keep developing however they will be a time where he will have to adopt an and learn about a new culture new country and everything uh on paper. It looks like a great kufo awesome because loads of bigger European clubs were after him as well which you compare him say Joel's it's how because this is a very very unique provide because usually wingers especially with kids and tastes are usually shorter than him but he's he's warned me two eighty threes. He's a big big boy. He's quite strong from the body and he has outpaced any amazing left-foot really with the kids and the churches and and none of that he's also very creative and he proved massively in the last season in his decision making of you know went to pass when to shoot went to cross etc and that's made him the best play league last season who was not happy and says alot about how did really by whom last year this is different league is a different team and and for sure he will take nothing for granted but I think he has the ability to do very well for author and in the Premier League putting my Steve Nicol hats on when he trapped halfback Willie Defend Willy help I mean we will have to anyway. This is did lead a and they were playing in a four two three one formation that soution very well and he had a very right by behind him belleek and then to got on so well and he had very very hard working defensive infielders as well so that worked very well. This is different though I think he will have to understand very quickly that this is a step higher that he will have to work harder. They do more F. B.. Even on the board be more clinical be more decisive be more efficient all of that it will have to be because nice worth eighty million euros and he plays in a much better club and much bigger lead than what he did before so in essence you a question you will have to anywhere and he's very clever kid and he's a he's a shy hi kid but he's a very clever kid and I think he would learn very quickly why he has to do now so not deal done. There's a lot of speculation about the future of Leroy Sunday movements meaning that speculation of course has fueled by the vines coach Niko Kovac coming out and saying Leroy is a great footballer. I am very confident. I assume we you can get it done now. This was Sunday. This was Tuesday cons room and again not happy with his coach. How I did not like that statement? I make no secret of it. Neither neither optimistic nor pessimistic statements for help. The Cause Kovic then reminds that saying I'm being a bit too outspoken on only one to apologize Ah Manchester City. I always tell the truth what I said stands. It's verified and then today and we have a saying that buying a very close assigning sunny for one hundred million euros or they're buying released a statement regarding that report what saying today staying Leroy Saniez decided to join F. Vine do not correspond to the facts chills bonded making message. This aren't thanks yeah I think he says the law of the relationship between Rimini Kovacs as well and we know that early owners and cons for many don't really see I too I in terms of of Nico coverage this one has been in the pipeline for for so long enough for weeks. He's been leaked with them. There have been talks. They've been offers from buy into city. We city rejecting in nineteen eighty million euro for not so long ago because they wanted closer to one hundred million I think it will happen and by signing and it would be a great signing Fahim and I think it would be very good for him to go back home as well to Germany but there's no reason for for many Kovic to to argue that publicly in the media yeah because that doesn't reflect well on either of them on the club weed public spat over this was Reuben eggers flakes in these muscles. I saw those I mean there's not a person who's interested in and the game of football and the world doesn't know that by Leroy John Yeah Passan so this is all about somebody trying to get one up on the other and room do that we call I think it's more case at by Munich wants to keep this keep this deal or the the aspects of it as as squat and do it as a professional but it's not coming from them and one was co vice opens his mouth and this no becomes an official statement from from Bam unit given his role with the club then give the delicacy of the deal that becomes problematic speaking of problematic Frank Leboeuf love won't be with us on the next sedation. The show will be counting outweigh that Frankie's views on Chelsea as they start the season. Everything's Frank Lombardo as well. We'll get on as their new coach coach. Welcome into extra time in case you missed. Yesterday's show went quite debate on extratime regarding whether or not you yes you did you to be about whether <hes> you you said he didn't stop. That's that's what you said anyway. If you still and then we go into a discussion about I thought you said he was lucky to be there and you said that's the same as saying. He shouldn't be good right. I said lucky you shouldn't and you said the same thing well. I said the insinuated the same thing which is why I was lucky to have Steve on E._S._p._N.. Also be expected to have him lucky to be here. Stevie very lucky to be in the company of to refined young gentlemanly yourself been calling young men for very long. I was in splits away. You wound up Stevie a yesterday. Also my opinion has renowned. I deserve to be that Alison over Nado sale ahead of Sala. Maybe it's a the point is this this this list is really unfair to you know because someplace a lucky that they play for Liverpool fossil on top of the tree right you know I'm sure that to please and and and the top leagues who do just as much if not more than what someone is so called names of Don Mitton never advocate mentioned the problem is the problem is who voiced right such such a makes that I can. I can tell you that I can't tell you but I'm I'm GONNA assume that people who can vote on this probably don't take too too much time. Thank you to both take up all say you had a vote Alison Salah Bernado silver in which order would they go in that performances performances last season. I would go allison but now do she'll Sela right. That's the older our wouldn't be on your your top ten list. Well you'll be gave me no. That's true but Alison. No Bernardo Silva are on their direct letter on that list but not on the realist correct Joe's question. I'm not quite sure what it was. What was the only Jones something about the list should should win all Jews to ask them who as far as the new its core cheese in countenance run the world? Is that right balance door the Jews alone. This is the best talking about Joe's who've as for the best I think I think series rights. I think series right is <hes> head coaches and captains of the national teams. No clue either Jews up close pat for jobs went into going holiday. I went to either which is a small island of lower. Shell on the coast. It was lovely. Thank you violence so don't don't Kalari fears and what was the name of the place where the Atlantic coast is so. What does he do this T._v.? What does it have a gas? Although tell me uh-huh probably over just just explain the geography geography to T._v.. Franz has a few few seas and oceans. You know alongside the coast so you've got the no see at some point and then the channel at some point and then you've got all the west side of Franz Down the Atlantic coast so from Brittany not all the way down to the Spanish border and then you've got the Mediterranean Sea on the other side like towards Corsica and Italy and now when authentic oh so west the phones World War Two last week the bottle of soon you would it was right so why is it called the Atlantic Oh Vienna. I don't know why they call it. I think the action which one is how the Pacific boy it is. It's very welcome back united its its own wasn't was impression of juice. No No pet pay was the most dispossessed player last. I'll share and league on Joel's is in the new challenge then zone of course everyone keeps every stat who ooh responsibilities at any time you get dispossessed. The statistics CETACEANS upset. Keep that stat. We'll keep every other I shouldn't. We're people's time keeping not stop well. Let's ask you okay true. Start Actually <hes> <hes> and there's a lot of starts also on the other hand is one of the top five best dribblers in in the League as well and I think he was the second most foul player so he loses the ball and law and his I could do with some improvement. There's no doubt but with the ball as well and is one of the best Persian the paramedic so <hes> you know it'd be interesting to see how quickly adapts to the pace and the physicality of of the family for sure and and they were there were a lot of things they could have done better even even back in league last season and that's one of them working on not I search on not losing the ball <hes> in <hes> I would say it was much better than that question for you right shock and I were talking. Joel and I certainly haven't seen any of this guy is you have but I said to shot Galileo. I'm not sure he's one of those that when he's running with it and it always seems is always taking people on he's running with a bullet fee. I could make my mind up whether he's actually in control over a whether these his gold pass people because he's not quite sure will as either yeah. I think he's balance on the ball. His is is fantastic. It really is and maybe because he's such a big guy you know he's he's he's over. Six Foot and four winger is like we were saying on the shoreline is quite oh usual. Usually those kind of wingers with kids and pace are shorter than and maybe the illusion you have when you shame and and you're right actually does sometimes it doesn't look in control of the border even in Kosovo zone buddy I think he's more because of the sizes and how how does on the ball and how it's Kim for days on the Book Gills Best Guess on how much playing time publicity will get Chelsea when he mostly come off the bench no. I don't think so I think I think he's is typically. The kind of players along parts will will will will like having any steam and and we saw against source book the other day where he fitted exactly the game unplanned up lumpar heart to quote on the peninsula as well with how I mean just how quickies on the board and how quickies runs on the way the ball and everything I think that would be perfect for wants to do a Chelsea so I can seem playing law. I can see him because he's so intelligent adopting very quickly as well to the Premier League is and what Lumpar wants him to do and everything and I think I think we should be optimistic mystic positive about him arriving club. He'll start the season. Is it a great preseason so follow Chelsea and there's one she's we've talked about how please have would much. He's actually been benefited from planning to go cop so he's actually ahead of most other people which which you can see so far and what he's gone final question. Shepherd's pie related carnage pine wherever we started these days. Where do you stand on source? We Shepherd's Pie. Steve Robson said he used Brown source but surely worcester is the winner here pro tip little cheese and grill the top for the final five minutes. Yes definitely put the cheese on final five minutes. Oh yes absolutely now the big tomato sauce but I'll tell you one Raggi is spot-on tomato over Worcester or brown correct surely abby to to meet really cooking it. You do now as a condiment gills. Why why do you sign on Shepherd's pie five? We spend a lot of time talking about it. I don't get a hold source thing it corresponds shipper spot good enough without so's why would would you outsource their which is disgusting by the way Oh wow so we hate strung united on the was the source I didn't know you also means so's all rust breeze so whether you Konate Respite John With Your Rosanna rose dinner come on this thing Krumrie souls yeah cranberry. Thank you Shaikha Turkey and Crime Resource. It's it's I'm not saying that doesn't even go to get shots. Wow He's mentioned salute will mill no. He's not even I'm not sure what's world cranberry or means. I love cranberry Jews on you all sorts. The whole doesn't matter well no but those really want me out we got we all done. Thank he very much extra time.

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