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was crafted. have. been. So much. NFL. S. Hello and welcome to watch crap INS a podcast about all that crap would just love to talk about on yield Bravo TV and also some Netflix's and maybe some other places expanding like a giant octopus. I'm Ben Medal Kerr Game Game Brain podcast Phillips Your Board Game Geek like I am go check that out and also of the real housewives kitchen island and joining me is the one and only the lovable running Kerem how's it going Ronnie? While High high we've just got I'm my life is great honestly right now like I'm very happy because we just kept off an amazing week last week we were on watcher happens live coverage was super cool Like. Really great response from that. Our podcast got like as of yesterday, we were number one, hundred, fifty in the top two hundred overall like that's not just like in the film category. That's like. Of like the the the famous people who have famous podcast category. So that was like that's really really cool. So honestly, thank you everyone who is listening and spreading the word about our show and and supporting us. It's this like it's like an. It's like this crazy roller coaster ride that seems to. Keep on going in these fascinating directions and places is basically like getting on a roller coaster at action park. You'd never know if you're come out dead or alive, but it's certainly going to be a story. or it's like one of those at universal studios where the nothing moves like you just go into a room and like nothing really moves except the TV screen. But you still feel like you've Viviana ride. Yeah. Yeah exactly So this right is going to continue Bravo has some gaps in its schedule coming up You've probably because of Corona virus probably messed up production etcetera etcetera. So we are going to be filling in these gaps this week we are going to be recapping the home edit on Thursday that's that that home organization show with Reese Witherspoon ran do that on Thursdays since we don't have Beverly Hills. So Start Watch star watching that get ready. For that and then next week this is something we're really excited about because we both love this show and we haven't really ever given it. The full crap treatments next week we're doing the great British. Bake off because the new season starts this Friday, it starting air on net flicks. So next week we're also going to be we're going to be I think covering it on next Thursday and I think we're GONNA be moving into Wednesday's don't quote me on that but the point of this great. British bake. Group British Baikov. With your crackle. Good Bake could bake and in the last really fun thing here in terms of programming announcements is that this week's bonus episode, we will be recapping my octopus teach which if you haven't heard about it, it's like this documentary on Netflix about a guy who becomes friends with an octopus and like it's slowly becoming a thing that everyone's talking about and who are we to deny an octopus love story. So we me me easing we've both watched it. I cannot leave to talk about that. Yeah I am like I'm very triggered by Pajama Sharks right now like fuck those sharks fuck those are assholes. Amish Arch really are assholes. Jewelry is. They have cheap costume jewelry is. Live. Yeah and their mouths are like high sort of looked like a catfish. But guess what I'm shark it's a shark that has actually cat fishing like literally catfish and it's like Oh look at that catfish. No, I'm shark. Yeah. So we're going to be talking about that and today we have real housewives of Potomac soothing up betray. Big Big episode so Yeah. Let's just dive into it. Shall we Randall? Well, we dive in with our apple suite of products and final cut pro. Yeah. TV's blurring is this are we watching this on a VCR? Karen. Old Living Room on a Betamax. Max Video Machine. Yeah. It's basically the first like thirty seconds of the show is what happens when you go to Karen's house and race it's on the remote like. Get off the fast forward play fast forward play rewind. On the remote what? Don't you hey homework out because well, let me tell you I hate homework to buy created homework out. That's one of the things they showed last night after it after this was after some Bravo show like a late night. Came on check you guys I hate home workouts so I've created a homework for you. The fuck is that, what's what's up with your self loathing homework out? Pajama Shark so Yeah. So it's basically all this footage like this Michael Doll in his boxer briefs at the hotel checking his phone and look there's people talking and there's more people talking and as Nick Walking with Chris how about that. Candice dropped out of the live podcast brought. By got forty DM's she must have got forty thousand. All right guys. You starting to sound like Brandi Glanville. WHO So. Then then we get classic one week earlier Bloomberg Com and it's candice in the recording studio and she's singing. A song, it's like a Remix of the song she sang at her wedding which I didn't even remember she's hang. But of course, she sang a song doing a remix not the worst. Flowers on the. Yeah. Not The worst we've heard on. Bravo. Not The best. She's a little flat dog little pitchy You know sort of how to ninety s vibe to it but she's very excited very excited by US and she talks about Gogo See I. don't even have to have my little. Gogo music monologue from two weeks ago because candace was going to do it for me I. Know I've felt like that was for you. Yes. So this was this. Is All remixed to go go music, but it's also the music that they use for the interstitial on this show. So it's like she kinda just did a real hassle, Potomac remix version of it and Apparently Chris is really good at you know the selling songs like came out with the song. So he just started sending it to everybody and I was like, wow, that's amazing. It would be nice if he could remember. Napkins at a barbecue. Yeah. But. You know good for you and though they got a famous producer. Song and pretty much what you think it is now. Yeah. there. Yes basically what it is. candace goes you know it just made sense to Remix my love song to my husband like no did it really make sense that it really like were you were you think yourself? Oh, God out of butter I should probably remind my love song to my husband. was, where was the logic that led you to that decision? Yeah, and she's like literally we were in his office and I was blown away by Nass records and biggie records just sitting right there on his wall. Now imagine how they're gonNa feel when they come and see your record. No. No are. B. But he has like I died for this. So can't get such a dichotomy from the shenanigans at the lake. House from how Dichotomy from the. Okay Okay, she's. Dot Com me from some man again. Such a diabolical dichotomy shenanigans. So candidates the she's officially done with MONUC ever since he got mad about that firepit she's like you know what I'm done. I had to say in this awful house with terrible colors on the walls and I am done and you know what? Monique plastic she's plastic, which is a bold accusation on a real housewives showed a call someone plastic. Yeah. And then. Don't bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump Tom Maher Ashley and Michael are going to dinner. Music in this entire episode and it cracks me up where they use it. They shown Audi driving up exactly here comes a luxury car patrol heard. Can we get this out of door creaking open? Very believe for this I know and that we hear gazelles voice like it's supposed to be inside ashes head saying last night Michael was at the Strip club. Boyfriend a why. So we go in and Michael is typical Michael when he's caught cheating, which is like every five minutes on this, it's not like this is not our first time at the Michael Fuck Somebody Rodeo. So every time he's got cheating he looks like a dog that's about to be put down has just those really old dog watery eyes yes. and He puts himself into a blazer and like all right let's go to a casual restaurant when my blazel will make me look more apologetic than usual rights. So they they sit down at their high top as usual they always go to a high top. I feel like wasn't a high top in my mind is high atop they have like. They have like high top energy I feel like they will always go for high top, which is funny because if I have a choice I'm never really gonNA go for a high top I finally high top people. arrested. Over the top, we've done it before. Yeah we're the you know it's like especially don't give me high top with a stool that has nothing for my feet if my Peter just. Out of high top I mean, I might as well just be eating at that thing that the real housewives of Atlanta that crane that looked at the Acropolis. Okay. I don't want that. Your mother high personally I. Find it very offensive when I'm sat at a high top excuse me was so. Far No, I, don't WanNa just sit at the bar about that. That was so British of you Ronnie when you said, I find it. Very I. Find it very offensive when I'm sat at a high atop that is so British. I'm sat right up. On well, that's how we speak and restaurants. So The waiter comes over and he's like Oh my God down or whatever Michael. Council even eat right now I don't know how you can. How can you even eight you're the one in trouble why the function she be able to eat yeah. She should be eating her like feelings right now. Okay. That's what she deserves. Okay. So and she says what I always say when someone's Ronnie, how can you eat again, I'm breastfeeding. Back Off So she tells us last night, she got texts from unique and Robin about this article that was basically that all the pictures of Michael etc and she's like well, I saw the the picture and I said I know those underwear. So I called my husband and I said get your ass home right now he through the door and he sits on the couch and he tells me what happened and I was very very, very upset but I didn't want to be yelling with the baby in the House and cameras out of the House. So that's over here at dinner. Yeah. I'm gonNA, just expose the entire world join drama and they deliver their Brussels sprouts Caesar Salad. This is the music to like here's your Brussels sprouts and Caesar Salad. Is So scary about. Delivered by nurse Ratchet herself. Wow. That's quite a show. So Ashley there's a long silence while Michael just you know looks around. Banning is, is they get more watery. Can we get more particles in the air he to me like something on fire So every time he does something wrong. The air fills with pollen superpower. So ask like well I mean this was a good idea to come to this applebee's I'm controlling my emotions much better here and I'm really glad that you're telling me in a very public setting because I have to tell you right now I don't know if this relationship will ever be the same like I didn't know we would ever be having this conversation. Yes you did Ashley 'cause you married fucking. Michael. How many reunions do you need to have where this on your face like I never thought my husband of all people would be like this. Okay. So they're season one, two, three, four, and five of the show. Okay. Go, check those out and then report back. Yeah, he's like all I never thought we'd be having this conversation either. Well, I never thought my husband would be doing this. I thought we were on the same page on story I didn't tell you. You know I'll just didn't know Randall those women are coming grabbed ram them Oh yes. The the big villains, all the other women I'm not saying that they're very nice but you're the one who did wrong here. Okay. Yeah. That's not the time to be throwing stones and there's a lot of and there's a lot of like not so subtle. Women shamming in this entire like in this scene and going forward you'll notice that like like Michael Paints himself to be this innocent victim he gets into this web. Okay and then Ashi picks it up as well as really pisses me off because it's like it's like an age old trope women women can only do the only thing that women can do is lay men into their web and seduce them and then destroy their lives. That's what women do. It's like. This was definitely like a Russian spy story. Once, we get the story. So she tells the story she's like well, he went to the Strip club with his friends and then he met this girl and him and his France, we're GONNA. Go to the MGM and they told the girls and then the girl showed up like. Spies showed up, and then one of the girl says while you want to go to the hotel room. So they did and then they kissed in the cow but then he fell asleep and then when he woke up the girl was next to him like Oh. So she knew his hotel room number and had the key. Okay. So innocent, he's just so poor innocent lamb his now admittedly this whoever whoever did Seduce Michael? Was for sure shady as because this woman did take footage of him entering the hotel and took that picture. So she was like, Oh, I'm documenting this. I think that actually she's just like a huge Potomac superfan and his life we are putting the bad once and for all like I'm literally putting him to bed and we're GONNA show Ashley that G it's Okay I am doing this. I'm taking one for the team. I'm seducing him that way finally Ashen will leave his ass that's the only way I can I can do this but still talk about like, oh, he was so drunk that he fell asleep Mike Oh like That's not great. What is he doing getting? So drunk going home with strangers and kissing in the car, right? Like you have a child okay who may not literally be at home but as off at some tacky house instead, but you do have a child. So why are you acting this way like that alone that alone is terrible and also refused to come on this couples trip or whatever not made her take the baby and got a hotel room I? mean. Yeah Bet doesn't say guilt and then when I woke up, she was lying in the bed next to me. It was like well, then how did you get? Into your underwear right like what about how did that happen? Because a lot of people in their pass out they just pass out in their clothes and that's how this day. Okay. So like there's a lot of stuff that's not adding up to me. And that yeah, I mean when you're cheating on your when you're cheating on your spouse, you need to be like you're into to watch the ellen show. Okay. You need to be like everybody hand over your phone's going in this box until the end. Yeah. You know any Le Let me patch you up and down make sure there's no recording devices exactly shows Ellen because I just saw that Allen. Shut up to to apologize at her show or whatever I'm sure. Apology was pretty much like Michael's on Hainault. orangey. Sitting in obeyed, taking pictures of me abusing his if. All I had no idea that all that everyone crawling every day on my staff was crying because being mistreated I thought they were so impressed with this show that they thought. Well, I'm emotionally moved by Ellen and Aucoin nece on what can solve all of this let's damps. So yes. Oh so basically. He he he woke up and she was lying next to him and then Oh and then Michael gets up he got up to check the time and then that's when she's not the photo and sent it to a blog and as she says, it is that's the big cry like, ooh, look at this awful person who took a picture of him. While, he was checking his phone and send it to a block I'm like that's not the should not be stress of your story is the stress is that he made out with her drunk and went back hotel. And at that point you know like you should like yeah. Shady it's tacky what this woman did. But like yeah, this woman, this woman is a piece of shit too. Okay. Give me wrong but still she's not in your marriage but like He's been in this situation. So many times it's like, where's your? Where's your head at Sir? Where's your? Terrible you know it's really hard to respect a terrible criminal and that's why it's hard for me to watch Fargo that because they're just all terrible criminals laws mark criminal. I, like a bumbling criminal I. Actually I like I like it. So here's the thing I like bumbling criminal. stresses me out for sure I get stressed out by bundling criminal but I do enjoy a bumbling criminal but with Michael he's just like a sloppy criminal. He's not even bumbling you just because usually there's a smart criminal and bumbling one the bumbling one ruins it for the smart one. But here it's just Michael and like yeah, he's just bumbled and bumbled and he's just a sloppy. Sloppy criminal floppy criminal. So he's like well, are wasn't considerate but and here we go. We knew we were going to hear this right. You called this last week we lost intimacy and I was craving some of that Oh really. Craving intimacy from your wife. So you you got together with a stripper, her fault. It's her fault that she had a baby and for Upper Ns. That's Wanted a baby. So yes, all her fox. So she's like, why did you say you were claiming that in fact? Well, obviously I was wrong and says like, okay, like let's just add something new to this because obviously this has been going on for years. So let's just clear the air obviously you and I are not a traditional couple and the music we get we at the Brussels sprouts music. Obviously. We're not traditionally couple I mean, if there was a girl who liked me and I like the girl in, we would do whatever together. Operated in the past meaning like you know they had threesomes with you know with another girl because that's okay. But apparently, it's not okay to have it with two guys. Apparently that's not okay. Yeah and so there's a long quiet pause while he waters up and he's like he always done it with you and she's like, yeah, and what if I told you I don't WanNa do that ever ever again? Well I suppose we would have to sit down with the pie chart and along stick that I could pose to. Point to a blackboard with, and we could go over the pros and cons of no. I like to call that reviewing documents. Yeah. This. This guy has such balls. We'd have to discuss that. She's no, I'm telling you right now he goes the funds Sofa. which is like how dare you say that? The funds over. So like Okay God forbid, she's pregnant God forbid she like carried your genes into this world God, forbid she the ripped up her whole like you know hindquarters over this whole thing and now like the funds over because she decided that she wants a little bit more attention from romance that have him going you know out with you know. Betty go betty go. Blogger. Like I'll. He's so disgusting. He really is growth. Comes on right now. So he's mad right and she's like well, I'm not going to stay in this. You know a week could beasely exit this right now and he's like the much stuck. There's a three month old in this now. So I'm not just saying for the baby. and. If I find out anything else, it will be catastrophic and he's like all right. But this can we cut this our need a beer all need a beer and the producer comes up and he's like. For sure I was like wow. I thought it was the waiter. I was like great service in this place they were ready for that beer and it's like actually just like. Fake you know James Corden comes over and. By the way, can I just say real quickly before we get into this part that when he when when she's like if if like. Now's the chance to peacefully exit this. If that's what you want, and he says there's too much steak. There's a three month old baby how `bout you say no because I love you not like Oh there's too much at stake. Okay. She's not like. She's not a like a powerpoint demonstrate demonstration you've been working on for five days and you don't want to trash it. Okay, make. Please tell your wife that you love her and that's why you want to say. He's so romantic. So James Gordon comes up and Michael's like dietschy which is taping in our relationship. So it's then it's a rab and ashes like well, fuck this. I'm GONNA actually eat on camera. Come you. Just. told, US something that's affected our relationship forever. Okay. We've been truthful. Okay. I've been virtual that I want to be a we've been accused of also shit and we've been truthful. Okay. So often near what else do you want me to do? Ya. I wish I had queued the news footage of when they went on that morning. So and were so truthful he's like what cha-ching you behind would never in my life that was completely untruthful. Will just know how to take a joke. and. So the producers like while I do appreciate you guys being honest and real about this Kyle Richards just sent a flower bouquet the spells out open and honest you can pick that up on the way out and open and honest good job or I just didn't think there's anything left in May. There's just nothing left in me except an insatiable to grab your ass right now close your eyes and pretend this is the latest up. Okay. If, only I had an ASS to hold. Sorry sorry. You say. It's a God dame lie sorry producer all I. Didn't Grab Your Ass I. Thought you were one of those buttons that says, tell us how we did and I'll just give them a little temper. So he's like well, we'll taking off microphones are done with this and she's like I never wanted to talk about our business and what goes on in our personal life on camera, which is why brought you to this restaurant with cameras in it the producer's like, okay. Okay fine. He's like drawing. What was what was this little breaking? The fourth wall moments supposed to demonstrate was this like Michael Sang? He's not talk about it anymore. So for wondering why he doesn't talk about it, it's because he said it right here I got an totally understand this moment. I think they're just loving showing the people that production does matter now. Off the cameras it's like a new thing on Bravo it's happening on every. So right now and I'm loving it. Yeah. It's great. I just didn't really like it just didn't make sense to me on other shows made sense it was like, oh, like someone's trying to control the narrative but here he's like are all right the funds over on going to stay in the marriage because I like the pancakes make him in the morning and I won't have sex with other people and tell you about it and that's it. All right. Can we cut that offset everything on to say? So let's go over to the NF Oh. Yeah. Lazy moms off is yeah. So Monique is She you know what? She needed some office that we should get some work done because there just wasn't enough room in that compound for a Little Home Office? was there? No, there wasn't. So she has now spent more Christmas money and you know I hate to font that trope about the wife spending the husband's money but I think it mony gets cases. This is what it is and She's got some office space and she's talking about how like you know the not for Lazy Mom's website has been doing great. But now she wanted to get the local in person not for Lizzie MOMS thing built up Aka she wants to start her MLM. She's like let's get this MLM army going. Yeah, and so she's got all these employees and stuff and she's very, you know business business business. She's like all right where the ticket sales and leaf is like Well, right now we've got. Twenty out of three hundred. One of the ladies is like well, we can do giveaways, ticket giveaways and like I already gave so much. Okay. We're at eighty thousand and overhead between salaries. What is she doing? Okay Monique's an idiot I'm sorry. Okay. Like someone gets a Challah here to run this company because this is not how it's done. Monique is one of those people that has no idea how to run a business but she sees it around and then she's like I'm just GonNa copy what I think. I'm supposed to do some spent all this money on the things that it looks like I'm supposed to do business I get an office I'm Gonna I'm GonNa hire this person this person this person but like all you have is a flimsy concept that I'm not really sure has even been proven to work. You know like a podcast, get yourself a snowball microphone on Amazon okay. Yeah, what the hell are you talking about get snowball it's like forty dollars and then pay for skype recorder the. US Garage Band like was I got the sense that the eighty thousand dollars for the entire business. But then I was like, did she spent eighty thousand dollars on this live podcast? What is she doing? Why is she spending eighty thousand dollars she like building a stadium I just don't understand how Chris like stomp his foot and then use that like to put three hundred people in you know like there's just it's ridiculous. Yeah, and she says she was Having a she had a good momentum going with their business but then she was full blown pregnant and she had to take off and she's like. Well, I'm going to meet with my accountant next week and give me a full-blown rundown of what I've spent wits I. Get that rich people have that but snowball. Okay. Snowball host Monster Account, and we re drag drop like your picture lately literally do not need to spend eighty thousand dollars to sell like. The? We don't even know what she really sells. Okay. That's I. think that's her essential oils person and I think. Because I haven't done any research. Don't sue me because I don't know if what I'm saying even right but I think that she just sells. Kind of like generic essentially some brand of essential oils. It's not like she makes the essential oils she just gets them from some Amer, something. The problem is he has no focus I'm on her site right now. So I like. Like her lack of focus is actually her brand. This is what it says not for Lazy MOMS. We wanted all we do it all. So she wants to do everything she wants to everything. So giveaway there's a mom things three months of tuition box and then lifestyle tips. Hey, there's a new book Potty Training Mommy and Daddy at unnatural living how to make homemade baby food. So what is this? What is she doing? Is it about baby food is about essential oils about potty training? It's like she decided decided she wants to do. Just like explode into it like maybe she's trying to be like goop or something, but she hasn't actually she's poop. poop. Because Mommy Daddy potty training. Also, I don't need something called Potty Training Mommy Batty. You know what I mean like I have I shouldn't have to deal with that until I'm way older and then they have a thing down here mainly leading mommy. With babies just all over the place and they're shop. Okay. Some on their shop, and so they have a bundle the like a tote bag a Mug, and you can get like a tank top. at most of it is just like. Merchandise that says not for Lazy Moms, which is like. As are so are you like a Superfan of the website? So you're like I need to get the Mug that says not lazy MOMS I get doesn't offer like the only product is the as the book. Okay and so like she's all the money, the oils on here see how something called Michaela might were is it dominion disappeared? She has pads, Mula Eva essentials, but it's coming soon how is she gonNA? How is she going to re like recoup all this money when the only thing she sells on her website are like tank tops with her logos like she's not offering any services beyond a potty training? which I imagine is like faces very stiff competition. From. You. Know. Amazon. got a little don't understand this. I don't know, but it's a lot of money. Okay. The cost a lot of money to do this this much nothing. So a sees like well, you know Christmas about the money I mean look if I'm not expecting to make money but if I can just break even I'll be fine with that and this podcast Karen is going to be there and raise going to make an appearance because I need his perspective I mean they've been married hundred years and when you get intimate even happens and then with Kansas and Chris I mean you've been married a year and haven't even had honeymoon with that God, you're an asshole that is yes. They are barely affording the butter knives that are being taken out of our hands. Okay. Like they're so beyond living beyond their means like let them not have their their hunting. Let them have that. Okay. They're barely saying afloat. I'm on Mike Monique and I've been on her side much this whole season but she don't invite people on your show and then be like, oh, how do you even have sex or so old and then you to do you know about honeymoons? And then get mad later on when she wants back out. Yeah, you know. Like. Now. So For Monique for sure it's it's definitely not I. Mean I don't know it's just. On little everyone cares about the Challah. That's all anyone cares about the Challah Owen, the results from our quiz or poll out from instagram where we asked people what they cared more about to Challah making a nest or not leaving real housewives and to Challah one by nearly six thousand votes so Very oh so then we go over to Giselle and some fashioned. She's wearing. Leather like one of those leather Suede cert- swith poof sleaze and then got glasses like she's going. She looks like she's about to go take ap chem again like she was about to like. Mix them solutions or do some titrate like what was going on with those glasses she was like I'm here to make bulk Ainhoa of baking so. Seriously, I'm here to find out about density Ya, our weld something or some said so she comes in or like those car commercials or they're like, keep it in America with Ford and then everybody's working. Yes she is a union worker who is standing for America. So Giselle is She's like looking around this furniture shop and everything that she likes is awful right? Like should be as with all eighty. Four o'clock I love this ring light. Let's from Paris is. A Re. Look at the sides o'clock, but it's also mirror and it's huge I love this I have great decor style with it. Have you ever thought about putting Fuchsia with white with silver and doing it everywhere in everyone's faces guess saw Zelazowa Wola. Described her style I was cracking up. She's like my style is perfect I like white and clean and modern. Really. I haven't really seen that in your house but okay, I'll go on this. So she's she's getting ready to break ground on the West. Wing. Yeah, and so she's furniture shopping and stuff. So Robin comes along and. She's You know. What issues on your literary award? So She's like grassy. I'm literally winner Rah sometimes my kids might eat cheetos for dinner but I have them that hard work pays off. So they talk about Robin looking for a new house and they look at some of the furniture and then they just once these huge attack. Hell Hell. candlestick. Twenty five hundred dollars. Yes the they. They. were, watching dot dom goes those look like super bowl trophies. She's like, yes, this is for new. England DOPP. Patriot Saad TB twelve. I it is refreshing on a housewife show to see somebody saying two, thousand, five, hundred dollars fuck you I'm nothing ninety, five, hundred dollars. Yeah Oh. This is like a random offshoot, but we should mention that Bravo just announced that there's going to be a show with Kate chastain Hannah perner Giselle Bryant and Porsche Williams it's going to be on after watch live and I'm not doing this to be like a promo but I'm like Finally this sounds like a great idea. These are four women I would love to hear their perspectives on whatever it is. So I just have to say since we do we know Kate and Hannah they both come to crap and giving in fact to little. KAZAA congratulations. Yeah. Yeah. That's going to be great. Yeah, I'm really I'm not. So robins like let's see Robin basically tells her what happened over the firepit. just sells like well, you know I'm sorry but telling Monica or telling Ashley about her cheating husband is a little more important than roasting marshmallows. Exactly. So then they started talking about all this Michael Gossip and robins like. I was talking with cherise and I was like find the article for you and I found the article and then I texted and then I looked and I texted it to Ashley instead by accident, which is so robin and they just both crackup. Love I actually have to say like we we sort of like should on Robin because she does the same it's like she does nothing going on in her life but I do think that her relationship which is al is like really endearing. Just watching the. Pure evil mode they're fine. Go a little too far from me but Yeah Right. This is the part. I like about. Better Joe just ragging on everybody in cracking up yeah. Just cracking up at themselves. Robin. Oh. Because then I. said what do you want us to do? ooh. She's like. Well, look at you fixing a bad situation. and. She's like you know I do feel bad for Ashley and this is where she says if I got forty DMZ up one, hundred and forty. And she's like well good for us for talking to her because she would have been totally blindsided. You're a really good person here is such a good person. You're. You're a regular here does yeah, exactly So then just the announces that she's she's GonNa have something out of winery because she wants to be able to celebrate herself and her award. So she's like you know when you go to a winery, are you going to act like a fool I mean That would never happen I'm like Okay. Watch all the other real housewives and specifically watch the real housewives of DC where they went winery and it got so bad that there were helicopters overhead senator sent by the owners mother-in-law who mother true remember that and the member the wigner member on DC they the grapes were like from the supermarket. Yes there were stopping supermarket grapes. Anri, but also she's like, no one would act like a fool and a winery It's a barn during taking them to. Mean everyone acts like a damn fool on a barn. I. Mean maybe just because I'm from Texas, but if ever there there's a party in a bar and I know it's going to go badly. Have you ever seen sideways? Have you ever seen sideways? So the next up Max record to. Out there with any and Wendy and their kid crews who's probably the cutest thing amish my God what a cutie. Over Body Lesson and cruises like or crews calls at power ranger training. So. He cruises learning and Wendy and editors talking about career stuff and Wendy's saying how she's like wrapping up her maternity leave from Johns Hopkins, and like sort of debating her next step that she still WanNa teach you know she's really enjoyed being a political commentator and I imagine being on the real housewives is maybe not. I'm sure people at Johns. Hopkins. Are Not loving that right now. So Yeah so she's ready to make the jumping quit her job. But she's worried about her Nigerian. Mom, you know being really upset because their whole dream was for her to become a lawyer or a doctor and she did it and so now she doesn't want her mom to you know. Get manner whatever yeah. So Sh- normalcy like mail normal. But I really like, Wendy Nettie so much I just. I. Think they're great. Yeah. and the crew. So my God just promising and learning to punch, and then just turning around a smiling at him I. Am Karate teacher like having him on the shoulder when he's like, I got it that man touches my child one more time I'm coming right over this rail. So. Then we go to Kansas and Chris who were taking a walk. And Chris is like Whoa? No you. It's ninety degrees in the fall. Look over there. That's something I haven't seen in a long time which I don't know what he's talking. He was he said look over there. It's a daddy long legs on the male dogs probably like a philosopher Angela but to him, it's like the size of a daddy long legs. Look at that. Tony. Spider. As the size of my head. Look at that look at Dadi logs with its spindly arms. That's Karen Hugo coming over to say hi. So, money 'cause like well, you know about this not for Lazy moms seeing you know I just need to be hit and then we have this live show coming I've only sold twenty tickets and he's like bouts. It will maybe you should cut back on some stuff that you would normally put into a party and save some money. She's like excuse me. Yeah. I'm wondering like, what is she planning to do a whole thing around this podcast? Ramada me actually everything that was doing reminded me a hundred percent of like our very first big La show where we went not. Stepping repeat for every be did by Merch on SPEC are we like we like booked like we have to book a million deaths and so we literally had like Shannon Madore and Jeff Lewis in Jennifer Lopez and like. Some there's other gauge. We went nuts and watching monique doing this. Reminded me so much of those days but you know you have a version is so I, mean, of course, we don't have millions of dollars to spend by now. Remember our parties are parties are still like this really does anybody know anybody with a bar? And then they could be it could be like I'm Irish pub somewhere where they're watching a football game crate. It's crap in. Sparty now. I know. Exactly but that I also built in the Scavenger Hunt, we literally organized a scavenger hunt where like well, people are if people come to our show, they're gonNA want entire experience will be like those a scavenger hunt. There was an after party the next day like hundred and ten degrees in Los Angeles. So not he had no idea what we were doing I mean the fact that we had the step and repeat is hilarious but we branded the step and repeat or what we did it. We made it so that we couldn't use a separate repeat over and over against a one use. Definitely. Network we with their like we're going to get a step and repeat, and then they put their logo all over it. Yeah, oh. God. Okay. So yeah. So she's talking about how she spending all this money and he's suggesting that maybe she shouldn't be and she's like well, I mean, look I spent two hundred grand he's like all. Like two hundred dollars. That's a lot of money honey and say, you know what I'm I realize M- investment and I'm okay with the investment and I really need your support right now he's a globe was trolling you just go on and on and all. How the next time you support me next on I see daddy long legs. How `Bout, you support me next time I want to have sex with you. Why don't you ever call me daddy long legs. So the baby. So she starts talking about the gas and staff and she's like well, Karen will be there but I guess candace has an attitude with me and there's a good thought you worked everything out remember how you pretended to be asleep when she said goodbye the most mature thing you've ever done. Yeah. Money. How about like next time if you have a guest for your podcast, you don't like. Come at them because they didn't roast marshmallows with you. Okay. That's not how you come at them after the podcast but do beforehand. Right. So she's like well, selfish people don't think about the side. Okay. Because I had to make new flyers. Okay. I to add to cope a graphic designer and take her face off the floor and then I had to print them all out and print out all those flyers I'm like, what are you doing printing out flyers for a live podcast? What do you realize that podcast takes place like over the Internet why are you not? Not Doing Internet advertising. What is wrong with you? Oh Monique. So yeah. She goes over all that staff and she's like. Well. It's okay. Because the topic is about when the honeymoon is over and she hasn't even been on honeymoon, he's like that's eighty as well. It's true. Yeah. and. Ultimately Chris though is like well, I hope you to get it together because aw candice and So he's like not gonNA. Take your side on this one I like Chris he's my buddy. So get it together and stop spending two hundred thousand dollars of my money. That's a lot. Of Tank tops the cell. That's a lot. And then Robin goes over to visit her parents because. Poor Robin's like rob like Robin. What are you doing today? Let's just do the same scene you've done for five years. thinking. Maybe you should give me read again. And her parents are just sitting there and they're just like We were just about to watch wheel of fortune they can. You just make the ski wrap this up? There like enough like we're not, we don't have enough money to buy you wedding presents. Okay. With like can you just like? Okay. So here's the thing If you're getting back together lawn, just tell them that he has to come with you to more events and get a better tattoo and We're not getting you a present. So that's it. Get Out we're sick of the story line with your parents and we're sick of the storyline them. Exactly. So th- Ashley Goes. A store called gossip was just Kinda hilarious. That is hilarious and she was Sheila and her sister Jessica and by Jane Baby Dean's going out on about babies walking there being like big mistake huge. Huge. Do. You have anything that all could use is a picnic table Laura just lift up a flap and lunches right? They Wayne. They bring him a Fisher price ring ring box closed on his finger. He just starts to cry. So they're getting dress for her homecoming and she's like I wanted to be sure. Kind of like a little rob and she's just one wanNA shore drove back. Now you're gonNA get something along. Wholesome married to Michael now, go over there and try on your wholesome dresses. Well, we talk about threesomes. Yeah. Ashes like so Jessica is basically fourteen, but I can stimulate tour which I think still means I'm cool anyway just here's a whole bunch of. Dresses for Shannon dougher types. So enjoy that I'm still cool, right? Yeah. Every dress was like seek wind and Lacey in a way that was it was like everything was like extremely matronly. Out Really was it was very dillard's in there So then Jess let's see. So they sent her over to look staff and then the Sheila's Superman Michael She's been reading all these blogs. And ask she's like well, he no mom he's never going to do it again. He really understands that this is the last time. Yeah, and she's like but he has everything. He has wife a beautiful. He has a beautiful wife. Beautiful Son he has everything you could possibly ask for and how she's like yeah. Well, this is this is one two, three strikes in one one, two, three strikes in one and he knows at this is it I'm like you know how baseball works the third strike is actually that's when you're out. Like There is no fourth straight. Okay. There's no balls here. Yeah. You're like on like the fifth game of the season with. I know this is not like This is not like. I forget what it's called like that where you with a ball on the thing and he? Sports like Mardi. t-ball into we wanted to baseball now like I wonder if I have any more vape fluid up here. Well look. More cuts in the audience how God it's just like David just sitting there and not speaking. I start homecoming. So anyway now we go to the barn and Giselle walks into this barn and She's like. Well, I felt bad that I left witness protection early, which is beneath house. So I, wanted to have something to apologize for that and also to celebrate me and my award. I am the worst. so the girls start to arrive. And Karen just comes in in her big. Whatever scarfs he can with brands all over ethic fenjves basically. Yeah. She's like a she's like a rich lady as a RACECAR. She has to have rats all over her at all times. Room. And she walks o- The barn yeah. The Barn Now. Lovely a barn. and so they make a toast at to her awards and her award or whatever, and just like you know if I hadn't one, I'd be Su embarrassed. which I know. They fly you out there. You'RE GONNA win right probably she's like you know the only celebrity they are so some money 'cause like. She is doing well with the book that she wrote about are cheating ex husband who she is now dating is that going to be part to in, can I sell it on my website I am in so much data so much So, then Kansas and Wendy arrive there the hat crew the got they both look like they're going to go hunting for something. Mice big hats and canvas like a candidate just ignores mony can check. You're not a friend. I'm here for my other friends there's nothing I need to say to Moni. And she also enters in singing of Oh. Okay we're GONNA. Remix I. Think this will calls for a remix of the song who can get on the phone. Okay. Let's do a Olah but let's do it with like a Gogo. And that's a wrap. Great. Great Sash new. So the waiter comes over and sir, some wine to them and Ashley comes in her pilgrim outfit say hello fans. And Karen is enjoying You know her wise this is very good. was aren't why and okay do you have any sort of wine to match Maya countertops? No. Okay. Well I. Appreciate you coming here to celebrate me Ya Very Young Award. Winners with I would like to be called literary award a win. Giselle hosing skills suck, which is standing around in a circle doing absolutely nothing I mean I mean there's not even Elizabeth player affects machine can play with what the party is. This I wish she would have. Got Me. I. Save the gas. God Karen Operating Skype is, is like gives me stress? Way Right, now it says user name we know what that is is it on the back of the router? Ray? So let's see athletes like well I'm just feeling a little off center and it's really hard to conceive when you're breastfeeding but I guess I could have one glass and they're like breastfeeding, oh. What are you talking about? You're going to have another baby Ashley. She's actually. But doesn't. Pregnant. At point she thinks. But but in real life though she actually is pregnant again. I can any current life I should say yard she is pregnant again now, which is exciting for someone. Yeah. So robins like once again, politician Ashley walks in like all's good in the hood I guess we're just supposed to move on and Giselle doesn't. Well all must be good in the Michael World if we might be pregnant. And she's like IRA here. Here's the story As Michael told me there is true to what was said but yeah that's concludes this you. Let's go back. Let's go back. They all start talking over each other like Karen wanted her press conference to be just kind of kind of a fun like circle background. So amy and with you just keeps going. Pick me pick me respect me. So what one at a time Ma wanted to time So now Ashi sorts starts telling Michael said about like so you hey, you went to the Strip club and then then he admits girls there and then they went to. And they're at the MGM and one of them said, some fun of Knowledge Allen. He took up a which I was like don't say he took the bait. He's not an innocent bystander year like he was just some like he's like William hurt and and and like he was seduced into Catherine, what's her face faces arms like? No, that's not what happened. Yeah and like money was like these girls were strippers like. Yeah he took the bay. He did the stripper. Bay and then he fell asleep because he that's what he does and then she snapped a phone. Oh I'm going to say also that really was him. I mean look I'm a bald guy and I know we all look kind of the same but that was definitely Michael Yeah like there's no that was definitely Michael so caring it's like well, Ashley is a tough cookie. But. None of us are believing. She's not hurt I had to put on by big O. Britches suit. I've had on the face to. Our I got one. Also, I wonder if she's got her because of the old. Blue Eyes. Yeah Yeah exactly at this point forty five years old now, and at this point I, just wonder is everybody just in these open relationships and nobody talks about them because. To Be, where am I just watching too much bravo because at this point, I'm just thinking everybody just Fox everybody all the time. Well, Lou Ann was in one for a long time. A lot of people are you know denise stuff from this year this stuff the Karen Staff Yeah. How it should be keep you saying nie-nieto even any had sound like knee was in one a little bit. I. Don't know I don't really keep up but remember it was that like the rumor or something who knows yes. Yeah. rumor. by the way Kathleen Turner, who I was trying to reference before if anyone is like hitting their steering wheels like Bennett Kathleen, Turner Kathleen Turner, it was Kathleen Turner. On because I said William hurt and I said, Catherine said, blame her being seduced by Catherine but I was actually meant to say Kathleen Turner. The body heat. It was a very specific how forty-year-old watch I can watch that movie I was out. I watched it on I wash terrible way I, watched it on like channel eleven on like an old black and white TV with. Rabbit ears so like my memories of it are just like static and like Kathleen Turner being like, why don't you over so? So. money well, I'm confused. So he went to the hotel but didn't have Saxon and she gets right Robinson you believe. You believe. I WANNA see that wasn't the sex tape. So money 'cause like so you don't think like giving you enough truth right now where you won't run out. Don't you think Sorry basically like. don't you think that like maybe he's giving you just enough truths that we don't run out the door like maybe he's still lying and ashes. I know this seems like it's the truth. It's the truth like I think money has a pretty good read on this situation. Yeah because Monique Cycle, all the stuff was in the blogs before he told you, which means that he told you because the stuff was in the blocks you know yeah, and store is also suspicious faulk he fell asleep and woke up and she was next to him in the hotel Yeah and Wendy's like Have you seen Michael, who's cuddling with that? Yeah. Exactly. So the national like well, there are a lot of things I mean, my marriage has had its own identity and Michael in situations where they being other people before for example, we were hanging out of the David Guate-, concert like though this story does not have to go any further. Why were you at a David Greta cons? Why was Michael David Accounts? What is he doing there? What both are you doing there but what specifically is he doing there? No need to continue the story that is grounds for divorce the on I'm love. David Gwenda you don't like him are you thinking of the? Idol Guy. No that would be hilarious. Yes. W-. David. Archer let disgusting like maybe all this queue step like what is it? What is happening here and then I'll say, no, I have David Greta. I like I like his songs by as a whole i. just feel like I would never really good with David Greta concert first of all his songs of the same, it's always like did do to do to address like you may things that you love someone but you don't know the truth. It's like that's it. Every David Guetta song as it's always like really quiet and then I. And but also just like. Like EDM concerts are like low worst lake. There's just. One EDM thing I went to see a DJ club in Hollywood? It was a dj who I really liked and I went and it was like all like twenty two year olds who had like maybe maybe twenty one year olds would all had their I drink for the first time Auburn like rolling on Molly and they're all like there was no appreciation for spatial awareness everyone was bumping in and you spend their drinks like I. Love this long you know like the Feathers in the hair like I make up. It's just like an awful experience and that's what I imagine a David Greta concert would be even if I do like it the music there's no way in hell I'm going to his concert unless I'm sitting. Waiting. You. How dare you? going. To thank I came back and keep that side. But yeah, of course this time. Years you as you rail against David Guate-. I've just knowing. Concerts how? Or. Bulletproof I love that song I mean come on. The NICKI Menaj one, right Things bulletproof. It's on my workout album and so I haven't heard it locked. Well, shot is bulletproof saw. Dental living. Bulletproof. I think I have it. that is. True. that. That's that's. You know every few years there's like a Laredo that comes around. You know there was like the Ting tings the. Math Panton leans viral. Five. Yeah. I only. Because she says it time. So anyway, the point is that David Greta gets some horny. So. They were at this David concert and asked to Horny from some girl and. So it was a threesome like, yeah, and everyone's like mobile. I icons. Money goes. Was it two guys? You're listening you're listening skills. Lazy Infringers. Come on. He. was like the best you've ever heard. Okay. Keep Straight. Literally, keep straight so Cairns, well, I, appreciate talking to us Oh. We already feel blank. Okay. I know I had and I'm okay with it. Okay. That's all that's. So are you in a monogamous place right now? And she's like, yes, I don't want anything with anything else and when he's like. So if this happens again, where are you? We are done that is track nine if we've been happening to. Moving on the football. It's six zero one in strike number fourteen. Okay. So. Basically they're pretty cool about it. You know. It's your marriage. I mean you know you do you and she's like you know and I'd like to say that I know that I've had my own opinions about your all's relationships in this group and I haven't always been very supportive and you don't have to be supportive of me but you are being supportive and that really shows you're a group of mature women and I really appreciate it. Thank you for coming to see the mayflower doc. We're going to find our ceremonial bird. The Turkey. Of. Dresses like appearance to come in to talk about her three. Just. So Rich I love this so I guess we should address this Turkey. The Turkey. Went to a strip club and found a bunch of pilgrims and enjoy likely you come back to the hotel killed. The Turkey and the Turkey didn't take the bait. So that's that's striking. and. Just like, yeah you know what look marriage is hard I sleep under a brick house every. I get it. It's not easy and just like well, thanks for coming everybody. Thanks for coming and Kansas is she's like in that. Yes. We're in that space where they know they're supposed to be a fight, but it's been derailed. So they're like, okay let's just start a fight now. Well, because because basically she was like listen I know I've had a lot of, as you said like I know if I had a lot of opinions about you guys. So I WANNA say thank you for being supportive and whatever. Being, mature mature ladies and Kennedy because I. Love You guys because they're like complementing each other for being mature ladies. So she's Kansas. Drunk shift I love you guys they're like Oh candice like once he get some wine and canvas becomes nights like I'm always nice I'm always nice Monica's after some wine and so then that's one Ashley's like Oh Wilson that's a good question. So are you guys good what's going has good right now and they're like money's like well, we are where we are where where we are. And where we are is that cancellations happen and you live with cancellations which kind of comes out of nowhere because monique that's why I said it's like, okay let's start a fight now 'cause monique didn't even say anything about a cancellation res- time to fight about the cancellation. So then candies like well, you know I'm I'm meeting her where she. is where she is back there. Yeah, and so it's like well, what's the issue why and Candice Says Northern Like I love Monique even when Monique pretends to be asleep when I'm about to leave and by this point, somehow candace has found a knife and a much sharper knife in the butter knife and she's waving it around look a steak knife now. How did you find a knife and why are you? Why? Why do you are you always holding bobby under the seats and she's GonNa come out with a my this is going to be like bigger and bigger and bigger. I know. So Monique Missing I. Don't I don't think knows what she's talking about it. I because she's like what he now is pretending to be asleep I'm awake always wake I'm. Woke. Woke I'm always woke educators just like, but you're asleep and she's like you were asleep or you were pretending to be asleep. So now they're like having some miscommunication about the sleep thing and then they kind of like what are you even talking about? Do you understand what I went through? Oh, you don't have kids so you don't get it and said Oh. So we're mom shaming when MOM's Jamie. Outcome I mom seem you you don't even have kids you don't just bomb same someone without kids. What I'm saying is you don't know what it's like running around for kids all day and trying to get the house ready and I was tired I wanted to go to sleep and she's like what i Narendra Mom Famer yes. That was my perception. Just I was tired. That was my perception and Wendy now Wendy is now trying to take the wind out of candidates hand he has like, no. No why would you shame me? Why would you shame me? Like. Well, why would I pretend? Why would I pretend like pretend because he can't stand her and he didn't WanNa say goodbye to her it's pretty clear why pretend monique yeah. So they're just kind of yelling over each other like my mother one of them is listening they're just both yelling in them. While they're doing it wendy take sublime, and then they're trying to take the knife out of Kansas, his hand because of course, he's waving it all over. You know like, please put down the knife. Down the night. I'd so there's there's like they're talking about. Again the sleep thing and I thought you. I thought you guys had a had like a friendship what's going on and say, well, it was a facade it was a facade and can start seeing things about like. Well, I was putting it. Was Me putting everything into it and nothing being returned ever ever and they start doing the tour she starts twirling around in circles going on. Board with sleep. Sleep and twirling. Money's like Oh shut up Chia pet with your twirling and mallender something. Wrong. Because there was this some money does like a side thing where she says that like. She's just saying that this is all basically it's about Sharia why she so angry that's what the deeper issue is and so now Giselle just basically like well, they wouldn't becoming for each other if it weren't for cherise right and the trainer. So you definitely caused problems with it just L.. So. Now, candidates saying goodnight goodnight goodnight and her hands are like an Mondays face and good night good night good night and the during the finger in the face. Money's like get your hand out of my face, get your hand out of old you like this. Do you like this so she starts flipping canvases hair and not stopping like it wasn't just a one flip. It was like start flipping your hair you know, and then she just pulls her hair and grabs her, and then it's back to the Betamax. CARE has your. Plan at UC Karen Trotting over like? No No. Oh. Quick cuts. But we don't really know what's happening on what's what's going on with at least something's finally happening at this party. The Barn. I really needed the close up of the cauliflower on the floor I. Mean they've been promising that all season long I know I needed and what actually really bothered me was that like this was all happening and like you knew that we weren't going to get the real fight but we're GONNA get flashes, and then they made the screen small to sort. Of like queue up watch live like you see Andrew preparing as notes and everything people getting ready and I was like I understand that you're trying to promote watch happens live but I need to see these morsels of this fight in like the full scream I can't have my screen reduced already credits rolling I. Don't crabs were getting underway like I need to. I need to have this like as big as possible for my brain at the moment. But yes, this is evidence. Okay. Yeah. But I'm sure we'll only see twenty more time Susan so Get the whole thing next week hopefully hopefully. Yeah. So we will be back next week with some more of this fun Nece, and finally we get to this fight which actually I'm kind of impressed that it's taking place in episode eight or arts and Episode A, and they didn't make us wait till episode sixteen or whatever. Yeah. My my prediction is that we'll see the fight next week there'll be lots of discussion and then I think I, we'll get the midseason trailer after next week's episode because this is going to be like the big turning point in the season it's much as like when tens left New York or on Beverly Hills. When denise stormed out of cows Barbecue I think this is GonNa be a big turning point and I think that the trailer is coming soon. Well, we will see you next week everybody. Thank you so much for being here. GO CHECK US out the rest of the week. We'll be back every day. We'll be covering some new. NETFLIX's material got up to post movie coming my my octopus t just search octopus. You'll I. think it's called my octopus teacher right is yeah. My teacher and then selling sunset for the next couple below Deck Med tomorrow below Deck Med. Yeah. We've got a lot of fun stuff. So stick around and if they want to watch a video to crashes on demand on pot three on and fun up to watch those everybody and the home advisor said Friday home at it were doing. Season one episode one of the home edit for this Thursday. Yeah. So we'll be we'll talk to you tomorrow actually with below Dijk or. My watch what crap pins would like to thank its premium sponsors ain't no thing like Alison King. Ashley Savona Take No Baloney Dana, see, Dan, do she's not just a Sheila? She's a Dan Yellow etchells. Let's rent some areas with emily. San mkx Nicholas. She don't Miss Notre loose of gallow Weber Jamie. 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