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Dorothy Stratten Pt. 2


Due to the graphic nature of these crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of violence and adult content that some people may find offensive offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen on July thirty first nineteen nineteen eighty twenty nine year old. Paul Snyder parked his Mercedes on a quiet block. In Bel Air California. It was a hot still night and the smell of jasmine hung in the air. Lights glowed in the windows of the Spanish style. Mansion set behind the hedges somewhere inside was his wife. Dorothy stratton she and her new boyfriend. Peter Bogdanovich had just come back from making a movie together. He imagined her unpacking her bags. Settling in maybe maybe even taking a shower. It made him ill. It made him feel pure rage. E popped open the Glove Fox and took out the handgun that lay inside. He got out of the car and walked to the Iron Gates in the Moonlit night. It was easy for him to hide light. He crouched behind Jack Aranda Tree and took off the safety. If dorothy or the famous director came through those gates he was going to shoot to kill. He waited two hours when nobody's showed he drove up to Mojo and drive at a lookout above the San Fernando Valley. He stepped out of the car and took a long look at the glittering lights below. It was time to end it all. He put the gun to his head and his finger on the trigger but at the last minute something stopped him. He pointed the gun at the sky and fired two shots. It was a middle finger. Raised to the world. Paul Snyder wasn't the type to go down without a fight and he wasn't going to go down alone. Hi I'm Lena hops. And this crimes of passion a podcast. Original the legal legal definition of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show show we explore how passionate relationships sometimes lead us to criminal activity. How does a husband and wife become killer and victim Tom or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results? You can find episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream crimes of passion for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar at podcast. We are grateful for you our listeners. You Allow House to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed Louis. Today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening it really does help last week? We met Twenty Nine Year Old Paul Snyder and his twenty year old wife. Dorothy Stratton nineteen eighties playboy playmate of the year as Dorothy fame grew. She began to resent in Paul's controlling and abusive behavior when she tried to leave him. It triggered one of the most notorious crimes in Hollywood history this week. We'll look at the crime its aftermath and what really happened when pollen. Dorothy met for the last time on August. Fourteenth nineteen eighty by June of nineteen eighteen eighty twenty nine year old. Paul Snyder was becoming desperate. His marriage to Dorothy Stratton was coming to an end. She'd spent most of the spring in New York. Work with another man. Peter Bogdanovich filming his movie and avoiding pause constant phone calls. She wrote him a letter in May telling him she wanted hit space. She's also hired a money manager and created a Business Corporation to block Paul from her accounts. Paul knew that his days with her were numbered numbered at the end of June. His worst fears were confirmed. Another letter arrived this one from a lawyer breath. Dorothy wanted a separation. Physical and financial their marriage was over. Paul's first concern was money. Me The wet t-shirt and celebrity lookalike contest. He promoted never brought in enough to satisfy his high price tastes. Dorothy was his meal ticket and now he had to get as much as he could in the divorce. He called Dorothy Business Manager. He told Paul that under California law he was entitled to half half of Dorothy earnings to date. She would also give him a cash settlement but Paul wanted more alimony and fifty percent of Dorothy these gross income for the next three years. He also wanted her to buy a house. By mid-july Paul had acquired hired both a divorce lawyer and a private investigator named Mark Goldstein. These started looking for proof of an affair. Paul handed over poems and love flutters from Bogdonovich that he'd found dorothy things and old Goldstein to have her followed. He also ask Goldstein to do an asset or John. Dorothy when Paul wasn't harassing Dorothy money manager or speaking to his lawyer he went about seducing other women mostly college students he also started promoting patty lawmen a seventeen year old model he was trying to groom into the next dorothy toward the end of July. Nineteen Eighty Paul. Paul became increasingly desperate to his friends. He seemed to be falling apart. He frequently broke down in tears and asked them to call Dorothy on his behalf or he rambled on about how she'd wronged him his housemate. Stephen Kushner came home one night to find Paul too upset to finish writing in a letter to Dorothy but even as he wallowed in self pity. Paul never stopped feeling rage being cut off. There had to be something he could do some way. He could fight back earlier in the summer. He'd asked his buddy chip Clark to loan him his handgun. Paul claimed named it was for protection and his crime adjacent neighborhood. Now if things got bad enough if he got mad enough. The thirty eight caliber was a last resort short with a gun in hand. Paul couldn't be completely defeated before I continue. Continue with Paul Psychology. Please note I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist but I have done a lot of research for the show psychologist Bruno. M Cormet was one of the first people to study the dynamics within marriage that leads to homicide in a nineteen sixty two study of men in who killed their wives cormet found that the presence of unresolved dependency conflicts was a common thread if the male partner was too dependent on his wife to end end the relationship but unable to continue in the relationship in its present form then this was frequently trigger for him to kill her James. I'm David Hinton the actor who befriended Dorothy on the set of Galaxia leader sat about Paul. I felt that his identity was entwined with hers. I'm not sure he even loved her. He may have done but mostly she was his identity and a strong one for a guy who was scrambling. Paul was too dependent on Dorothy psychologically and financially to walk away from the marriage but the presence of a rival Bogdonovich made it impossible for him to stay day unable to leave unable to stay Pau only one option. He expected Dorothy would return to Los Angeles before August. First nineteen eighty the date of Hugh Hefner's midsummer night's dream party at the playboy mansion on July thirty first. His hunch was confirmed by surprise phone. Call it was the operator. Dorothy had been detained by immigration then for an expired visa on her way back from Europe she pleased to call it a playboy in Los Angeles from the airport and charged it to Paul's number. Now now Paul knew that she was coming back in time for the party. Then Paul heard from playboy. It was one of Hugh hefner secretaries letting him know. Oh that he wasn't welcome at the party without Dorothy. UNBEKNOWNST to Paul you hefner had heard that Dorothy and Bogdanovich were now an item. He didn't want the two of them to run into Paul and cause a scene but Paul was sure that Dorothy had given hefner the order to keep him away falling up up the phone in a rage. He grabbed the gun and got into his car. He raced to Belair to the home of Dorothy new boyfriend. Paul stood for two hours outside. Bogdonovich is gates the gun in his hand. The banishment from the mansion had finally me put him over the edge all this time. He'd comforted himself with the knowledge that at least he had his own relationship with playboy that they viewed him as a separate entity from his wife that he could stand on his own. Two feet there now. He realized he'd been fooling himself. The thought meet him shake with fury. He waited for two hours but nobody came in or out of the gates. Paul got back in the car and headed to Mahala drive with his plans for murder thwarted. He decided to kill himself. It would be the ultimate way to punish Dorothy to punish all of them but at the last moment as he stood above the city he fired fired the gun at the sky instead of his own head. The gun kicked in his hand as he squeezed the trigger. The sound of gunshots was deafening think satisfying as he got back in the car. He knew that this wouldn't be the end. He just needed to hold on a little bit longer on Monday. August fourth. Paul got a phone call from Dorothy. She agreed to meet him that Friday August eighth for lunch. It was an unbelievable turn of events. Paul was over the moon the night before their meeting. He went out for dinner with his friends ends and told them the Queen was coming back. It would be a new start for their relationship. Dorothy would see that. He had changed on the day of their lunch date. Paul woke up nervous and excited. He had seventeen year old. Patty clean the house and vacuum the rug while he changed into the suit suit worn on their wedding day. He got a bouquet of red roses wrote out a card and chilled some champagne. It was the perfect romantic setting. Paul waited for her fidgeting on the couch barely able to contain his excitement. He knew she'd walk in wearing a pretty dress dress with their hair and makeup done just right eager to look her best for him by the end of their lunch. They'd be back together but then Dorothy walked in wearing casual clothes. Paul was crushed. She barely touched the champagne and didn't bother to read the Cardi left next to the roses. Paul sat across from her close enough to touch her. But dorothy may as well have been a million miles away. It was the first time they'd seen each other and almost three months but it felt like years had passed. She told him that the relationship was over for she wanted a separation finally. She admitted that she was in love with Bogdonovich. Paul pulled out every every accusation he could think of Bogdonovich was a scoundrel. He'd left his wife and children for another actress. He was going to use her up and discard her. It had no effect. Dorothy was undeterred. Paul tried to take her into his arms by. She wouldn't let him. It was clear the relationship was finished that night. Eight chip Clark came by to collect his handgun. He was moving back to Florida the next day Paul brought out the handgun as he walked toward him. Paul well once again aimed it at the sky and fired chip unnerved check the cylinder. He saw that three shots had been fired. That's when I'm Paul told him about. The nineteenth spent outside Peter's House chip drove away relieved. He would never have to see. Paul again The following day Saturday August ninth. Paul her that he would no longer be allowed at the mansion. At any time without dorothy abner had met with Bogdonovich and heard that he was deliriously in love with Dorothy banning. Paul was the least he could do for his friend. Paul hung up the phone. It was hard not to think that Dorothy was somewhat involved. She'd only just met him the day before for their disastrous lunch but instead of flying into a rage Paul became strangely upbeat and social. The next day Sunday August August tenth he decided to host a barbecue at the party. He sprinkled his conversation conversation with references to guns. He even asked Mark Goldstein if he would buy him a machine gun. His friends noticed that Paul seemed to be in the best mood. He'd been in all summer but he also made comments about dead playmate's or actresses who died before their movies came out yet. His manner was so jovial jovial. Nobody thought much of it. But when Dorothy called Paul on Monday August tenth he was incensed. He screamed at her on the phone. Not only was she leaving him but she poisoned the whole playboy enterprise against him. She'd ruined his life. Dorothy panicked and crying agreed to see him one more time. She believes she owed him at least that much. That same day. Monday August eleven. Paul found a gun. It was a twelve gauge. Mossberg pump shotgun the kind meant for a long range hunting targets. He arranged to meet the seller and learn how to shoot it in person on Wednesday August thirteenth palm at the cellar and bought the gun for one hundred and twenty five dollars three hundred and sixty five dollars today. When Patty came home that night she found Paul staring into space for a moment? All the bluster and Braggadocio was over. It was the calm before the storm except nobody recognized recognized it that night. Paul settled in with Patty and his new girlfriend Lynn to watch one flew over the CUCKOO's nest one of Dorothy apiece favorite movies on the morning of Thursday August fourteenth nineteen eighty. Paul wrote out a list of of demands. He wanted to raise with Dorothy when they met that day. Besides a cash settlement he wanted an income he would allow illegal separation but not non divorce. It's unclear whether he ever made these demands to Dorothy in person but he certainly was prepared to Patty. Clean the house again then. She went roller skating before she left him alone. Paul agreed to call her around two. PM and meet her in Lynn at the Rink Doc. Private investigator Mark Goldstein stationed in a nearby car. Watch Dorothy Park and walk into Paul's House around noon on the fourteenth back then he drove home. He called Paul at Twelve thirty speaking in code. Paul told him that everything was going well. Goldstein hung up satisfied. Then he started calling again around two thirty when he expected the meeting to be over. Nobody answered back in Belair. Dorothy younger sister Louise in from Vancouver waited for her older sisters. There's return Dorothy. Had promised to be backed by two thirty but as the afternoon slipped into evening Louise started to feel strange she. It was the only one in the house who knew that Dorothy had gone again to see Paul Peter. Bogdanovich didn't know Dorothy was either. All he knew who was that she was supposed to see her business manager and then have a sitting for playboy when he heard from me said she'd gone to see Paul. He had a pit and his stomach. Doc by eleven PM Patty lawmen and Steven Kushner were upstairs watching TV. They heard Paul's phone ringing king downstairs in his room. Nobody had answered it all day. His bedroom door was closed and had stayed closed all day. Dorothy had to be in the house because her car was parked out front and her purse was on the stairs but neither of them had seen her. Finally Goldstein. Goldstein called on the other line. He has patty to go check on Paul. He was worried too scared to go in the room herself. She has Kushner to do it. As Kushner walked downstairs. He had a feeling of dread and intensified with each step. Suddenly suddenly he didn't want to see what was on the other side of the store. He knocked once twice then he he turned the KNOB. What he saw inside would shock Hollywood for decades to come when we return the investigation into one of the most depraved crimes in Hollywood history? Thank you so much for listening. We want to take this time to tell you that crimes of passion will be taking. The next is two weeks off. We'll be back with a brand new episode on January eighth. In the meantime we do have a special gift to share with you while we're away. We'll be airing our listeners. Most requested episodes of two thousand. Nineteen if you'd like to check out the most requested episodes from podcast other shows subscribe to podcasts presents. To hear our best of two thousand nineteen from everyone here at podcast. We'd like to wish you a happy holiday season. We're thankful for your support and look forward to bringing you even and more unique and entertaining podcast in the New Year. Thanks for listening now. Back to the story when Stephen Kushner opened Paul Snyder bedroom door around and PM on the evening of August Fourteenth Nineteen Eddie. He walked into a horrific sight. DOROTHY STRATTON was dead. She'd been shot in the face and Louis half on the carpet half over Paul's bed. Her buttocks raised in the air. A bloody handprint was visible on her backside and left flake. The tip of her left index finger was also gone. A trail of ants marched from the wall to the poll that had been her face a few feet away from her late. Paul Snyder he too had been shot in the face and his right hand he grass tufts a blonde hair underneath underneath him. Lay the Mossberg Shotgun. Both of the bodies were nude private investigator. Mark Goldstein arrived at the murder scene before the police. The first person he called for unknown reasons was Hugh Hefner after was in the game room. I'm at the playboy mansion playing pinball. When the call came through Hafner was stunned? He called Bogdanovich when he told his friend that Dorothy was dead. Bogdonovich fell to the floor. He grew so hysterical that night he needed to be sedated. The facts surrounding the investigation arm murky to this day. The most definitive account. We have says that police were on the scene by twelve twenty a M Lieutenant Glenn Ackerman walked into Paul's bedroom and for obvious reasons surmise. That this was a murder suicide. The Tufts of hair in Paul's the hands suggested a struggle but dorothy positioning and bloody handprint on her buttocks indicated a more sinister interpretation sexual assault so did the fact that Paul seemed to have died at least an hour after dorothy police. Put the time of Dorothy Steph to be one. PM An Paul's to be two o'clock two days later on August seventeenth autopsy results. Confirm that Dorothy and Paul had both died from Paul Shotgun. Doc Gun assisting corner. Dick Wilson deemed the debts a simple murder suicide but to this day it is unclear whether the police no without a doubt that Paul was the one to pull the guns trigger. His hands were to coated with blood and tissue to be absolutely sure. Dorothy funeral was held a week after her death on Friday. August twenty second. Her body had been cremated but Bogdonovich insisted on her ashes being buried heat. Arrange for a plot at Westwood Memorial cemetery a Caravan Black Limo a stroke slowly through the cemetery up to the gravesite. Dorothy his mother Nellie came with her younger children. Nineteen Year Old John Twelve year old louise his and her new husband Burl Eldridge all were flown down from Vancouver by playboy. DOROTHY estranged father. Simon even made an appearance terrence. Hugh hefner attended with Maryland Grabowski playboys photo editor and Mario silly northeast favourite photographer. It was a grim scene. Hafner and Bogdanovich watched as Dorothy. His coffin was lowered into the ground. Each man through a single rose onto the coffin and before it was covered with dirt. It was the last time the two men ever spoke everyone who knew Dorothy was shaken shaken to the core. After the funeral. People tried to move on but the grisly murder suicide and the lack of explanation by the LAPD each triggered rumours and gossip and Dorothy been sexually assaulted at it happened before or after her death or both with so little actually known about what happened in Paul's bedroom and with no actual witnesses. The rumor mill went into overdrive newspapers across the country and even in Europe were quick to report on the beautiful playmate gunned down on by her jealous husband. Her story became a Hollywood cautionary tale playmates slash. Bad girl has a tragic end but there were other reasons for its appeal in the press. A rumor lingered helped along by mark. Goldstein that it wasn't a murder suicide but actually a double homicide. Dorothy and Paul were both victims. The possible culprits ran the gamut from drug dealers to gang members. He'd grown up with and Vancouver. There was also the more Lord Rumor that Paul had sexually violated Dorothy corpse the the LAPD. Unwittingly made the story stick by never addressing the question of sexual assault in the press. Eventually news coverage of the murderer died down but on November fifth nineteen eighty an article appeared. That started a deeper conversation about the tragedy of Dorothy Stratton in her piece for the village voice reporter Teresa Carpenter Pin blame on Paul but also on playboy if it hadn't been for the gauzy pictures printed Dorothy nude helpless and posed as a sexual object. Paul wouldn't have seen her as an object to be possessed. He wouldn't have destroyed her. The piece got loads of attention. It went onto win carpenter and the village voice the Pulitzer Prize for reporting in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. It served as the basis for a film about Dorothy and Paul called star eighty but it also began a troubling pattern from here on in stories about Dorothy is murder would be less about her. Then the complicated egos of the men she left behind journalists US producers writers even Bogdonovich and Hefner all found ways to use her murder to advance their reputation or damage someone else's even in death. Dorothy it seemed could not keep herself from being used. After the village voice Article Hugh Hefner felt battered. He needed to repair his image after the Hatchet Job Carpenter had done on him and on playboy in May of Nineteen nineteen eighty one. He published his own profile of Dorothy. The piece was part tribute part publicity tactic. In Playboy's interpretation Hefner came off as a benevolent force. Indoor these life a father figure whose only intentions toward her were honorable ones but the article goal was notable for another reason. It was the basis for one of the first lawsuits to arise from the murders Paul's. Pi Mark Goldstein sued. You'd Hafner and playboy for forty million dollars claiming defamation. The article accused Goldstein of ransacking. Pulse bedroom after the murder A.. And stealing dorothy personal items Goldstein took umbrage at the trail. It wasn't the last libel suit he would bring in connection with the murders. The other man endure these triangle. Bogdonovich was struggling by all accounts. He went crazy with grief. He spent weeks blocked an editing suite working on a cut of the film he shot with Dorothy New York staring at Dorothy face day after day as he cut the picture was it's a heartbreaking. His friends feared that he was headed for a breakdown. According to the Australian and psychological society sudden death of a loved one without any explanation can make us feel especially vulnerable sue Morris director director of Bereavement Services at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Explain that the concept of control plays a central role in the cognitive interpretation of grief. When somebody dies the bereaved have little or no control? Over the circumstances surrounding the death they can feel overwhelmed by their grief and unsure about what to do to help themselves and a time when they feel especially vulnerable and alone but the movie gave Bogdonovich a sense of purpose he decided he had to complete it as a testament to Dorothy and her talent. By the fall of nineteen eighty Bogdanovich was making regular visits up to Vancouver to provide emotional support to door these mother. Nellie and sister Louise he's he was getting tired of seeing Dorothy completely defined by her association with Playboy in the press. He wanted the world to know that she was Gifted actress and would have undoubtedly been a star and later his wife. He also wanted to address the rumors that Dorothy and Paul. It had been killed by a third party rumors he wanted to put to rest. He decided to write a book about Dorothy. It had a therapeutic effect on him. Screenwriter David Scott. Milton said he became obsessed and possessed by it but at least it gave him something to hang onto onto a sense of purpose but as he started to research her life he became fixated no trail was to obscure no source too far flung his production company even sought out people who had inside knowledge and paid the money for the exclusive rights to their story. Then Bogdanovich began to test. They all laughed. The movie he shot with Dorothy audiences weren't engaged adding to its tricky uneven tone was a horrible reminder of tragedy whenever Dorothy came on screen to crucial test screenings in the Midwest fared badly aptly and twentieth century Fox declined to release it in New York and Los Angeles Bogdanovich couldn't accept the fact that nobody would see Dorothy. He's biggest screen effort. He decided to buy back the rights to the film and release it himself in the Spring Ring of one thousand nine hundred eighty two bogdonovich contacted one of Dorothy friends and a playboy mansion. Regular named Patrick Curtis Dorothy had trusted Curtis considered him one of her. Few true friends. Bogdanovich wanted to know more about the atmosphere. Dorothy had encountered at the mansion. And figured Curtis would be an excellent source but Bogdanovich got more than he bargained for. Curtis claim that on her first. I night at the mansion. Dorothy was sexually assaulted in the Jacuzzi and her assailant was none other than Hugh hefner her. When we return we look at the feud that developed between two powerful man and what is truth and reality any as far as that? Dorothy story is concerned now. Back to the story when Peter Bogdanovich heard heard about Dorothy straaten's nineteen seventy-eight assault at the hands of Hugh hefner he was enraged. He'd been struggling for four years to find someone to blame for North North East murder. Now he had someone it would be the prevailing argument of his book. A two thousand five study that appeared appeared in the American Journal of Preventative. Medicine pointed out that friends and family of homicide victims are afflicted by a number of mental health issues. One is a preoccupation with revenge coupled with tremendous anger as Bogdonovich took in the shocking revelation. From Patrick Curtis is book. Became something more than simple eulogy. It became an accusation In mid nineteen eighty four hefner was curious to see galleys of the book in advance of its publication. Date he in Bogdonovich were no longer speaking and hefner was still feeling raw from his treatment in the village voice article for years earlier he was curious and likely nervous about what what his old friend would write about his relationship to Dorothy. What Hafner red shocked him? He thought Bogdanovich had lost his mind. Then he got angry. Bogdanovich had never even interviewed him for the book. He'd been given no chance to defend himself and now he was being accused of rape his lawyer. Sent the publisher William Moro a forty two page list of objections. William more agreed to take out the word rape but not the story of assault Avner thought about suing but decided against it. The killing of the Unicorn one was published on August Fourteenth Nineteen eighty-four on the four year anniversary of Dorothy death it was almost universally panned and the New York Times called it part tribute part self-justification and part accusation. The Chicago Tribune called it. An embarrassment to the author author more Goldstein promptly sued Bogdonovich for ten million claiming libel. The book also. Did everything possible to keep. The rumor alive live that Dorothy had been tortured raped and sodomized by Paul Snyder. Before and after death newswires picked up the more disgusting details else and wove them into reports of their own but it turns out that Bogdanovich had no evidence to support this. The nineteen eighty report from chief medical. Examiner Thomas Noguchi and is assisting coroner Michael Shepherd still stands. The report states no laboratory findings of sexual abuse only possible sexual activity. Semen westbound only door these vagina not her mouth or rectum the autopsy report states that there was no tissue damage consistent with sexual assault but hefner only cared about the assault on his character. He should've felt vindicated by the poor reception to the book. Instead he became obsessed. He made sure to tell everyone anyone within earshot that he was an innocent man. He'd been nothing more than a father figure to Dorothy. Someone she'd gone to for advice about getting married someone she looked up to Hafner felt betrayed by Bogdonovich who'd been a frequent guest at the mansion. And someone who pushed his fair fair share of Hefner's beauties even though those days are long over hefner seed he even had bogdanovich psycho analysed from a distance in late nineteen eighty-four hefner hired Chicago psychiatrists to read the killing of the Unicorn. Nakorn and write up a psychological portrait of the author. The verdict Bogdonovich is personality had completely collapsed and he'd chosen to project his rage onto hefner. Hefner was an edible figure who bogdonovich wanted to metaphorically kill an order to possess dorothy. Who belonged to him? His prescribed medication was antidepressants and electroshock therapy. Dorothy memory was fast receding into the background. She'd simply become a device for revenge. Bogdonovich was now almost almost broke. Self distributing door. These movie had used up all his savings all he seemed to have left where Nellie and Louise he leaned on. The family family traveled up to Vancouver when he could and treated them like the inlaws. He didn't have hefner to started to experience. A downward slide lied. The onset of AIDS in particular had quickly changed America's attitude towards casual sex now the playmate and Bunny Act was starting starting to look tired by nineteen eighty five avner faced a dwindling circulation and a crumbling empire but the book and its accusation mutation of rape remained his primary focus. He couldn't get past it executives in his company notice that he spoke about it almost every day one of them said he seemed overwhelmed by it. Then in the spring of nineteen eighty five. Things only got worse. Hafner suffered a stroke in Hefner's mind. His stroke was caused by stress brought on by the allegations. It was time. He realized allies to fight back in public. Most people say that the point of revenge is Catharsis US but a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in two thousand eight reported the opposite if people don't revenge a hurt they in later tell themselves that it didn't warrant retaliation eventually they'll forget about it but if they do revenge or hurt then it doesn't go away deep. It can bloom into obsession a month after his stroke on April Fools Day nineteen eighty five hefner called a press conference and the ostensible point of it was to show an hour long documentary playboy had put together about Dorothy for the playboy channel but hefner want to set the record straight and then some after screening the documentary for a group of reporters. Hefner took the podium. The film had been carefully edited to show Dorothy all smiles and laughter at her photo shoots albeit completely naked. It was evidence of Hefner's typical line that the years dorothy spent posing for playboy where the happiest of her life then hefner looked out at the assembled crowd and read a prepared prepared statement. He never assaulted Dorothy Stratton. He said Peter Bogdanovich is claims were groundless. The press appear to be stunned. It seemed that nobody could believe that hefner had created a video tribute to Dorothy only to clear his own name to drive the point home. Hefner said that Peter Bogdanovich was keeping a secret of his own. Hafner told the crowd that the forty-five-year-old director was was now having an affair with Dorothy sister. Sixteen year old Louise to prove his point be brought out Louise's ex stepfather Berle eldridge. He claimed that Bogdanovich frequently took Louise to hotels for the weekend and that he'd seen evidence of the director sharing a bed with Louise. He added that the affair may have started when the lease was as young as thirteen and went so far as to claim that Bogdonovich had paid for lease to have John Surgery to look more like Dorothy. The story hit newswires that same day. Bogdonovich somehow had a statement already prepared that also made the papers. He claimed that hefner sold sexualize every day. This one is just his latest but hefner felt vindicated. He later said that day was the greatest Cathartic experience of my life. But the Catharsis didn't last long two days later on April third nineteen eighty five. Louise and her mother filed a five million dollar slander suit against hefner and Berl eldridge after couldn't believe it. He thought he'd sit up for the hoop straaten's and expose spos- they're friendly caretaker as perverted sociopath. Instead he came off like a bully going after teenage girl. He knew that he couldn't countersue pursue in. This case Louise Nellie rushed Bogdonovich is defense. Hefner's lawyers began taking depositions. It turned out that the LAPD APD juvenile division had opened an inquiry into Bogdonovich and Louis Stratton in one thousand nine hundred ninety one after a part time security guard claim to see him and in thirteen year old. Louise sharing a bedroom while on a trip to Europe the LAPD had reopened the investigation in one thousand nine hundred eighty four but were unable to find wind. Any clear cut evidence to support. The claims wants depositions began and Louisa slander case. The spotlight was once again thrown on her unusual unusual relationship with Bogdonovich by August of nineteen eighty. Five she and her mother had dropped the suit hefner. Bogdanovich and the Hoop Straightens signed releases relinquishing their rights to bring further suit on the matter and the two men formerly ended their feud Hafner for his part continue to deny the rape charge for the rest of his life. He admitted to rolling stone in Nineteen eighty-six that he'd been naked in the Jacuzzi with Dorothy. But that the incident was nothing out of the ordinary nothing memorable and that it had taken taking place two weeks after she arrived at the mansion. Nothing happened between them. He said but even if it had ED he maintained to a reporter. What's wrong with that? Why Asleep with me so traumatizing while sleeping with Bogdanovich brings you three steps nearer nearer to heaven? Ploy never regained at seventy success. It gradually tumbled in circulation. Hugh hefner died in two thousand seventeen nineteen at the age of ninety one to this day. Peter Bogdanovich maintains that hefner assaulted Dorothy stratton in the playboy Jacuzzi but it turns out that his source. Patrick Curtis had an axe to grind with hefner. What Bogdanovich didn't know in one thousand nine hundred eighty two was that hefner had politely lightly? Band Curtis from the mansion when Hefner Confronted Curtis about the Jacuzzi Story Curtis claim that he'd been quoted out of context. Eventually eventually hefner had. Curtis sign an affidavit that the entire story was ally but Bogdanovich didn't care he never stopped adopt morning. Dorothy and he stayed close with Louise. Who straaten in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight? They married she was twenty. Years is old and he was forty nine. The marriage made headlines all over the country and raised more than a few eyebrows while there was no evidence of statutory rape. It seems that Hefner's accusations weren't completely groundless. Peter Louise's divorce thirteen years later but as above Tober two thousand nineteen the two still love together along with Nellie Hoop straaten. The three of them are bound together by tragedy. DOROTHY staff remains a subject of fascination to this day specials and documentaries documentaries continue to be made about her life and death it has all the elements of a fairy tale and a modern day. Horror story a beautiful girl girl an unworthy suitor a master puppeteer manipulating the lives of so many young women and a would be prince in shining armor who who Mr Hundred Red flags her death created shockwaves that reverberated. For years. For a girl who grew up never expecting to be much more than a secretary who worked weekends at a dairy queen and you barely had time to grace the public imagination. Dorothy achieved the near impossible. When she died she almost toppled a global empire and left an artist in a state of mental collapse? Now we can look back at the Dorothy Stratton Story and point out all of the factors that led to her death domestic violence sexual assault pornography objectification. It's easy to see in hindsight but in nineteen eighty. She was just a naive. Leave unsophisticated girl. Barely out of her teens. About to become a star she was trying to live the American dream. Being famous was a way out of poverty and misery taking off her clothes was just the quickest way to get there for stunningly only beautiful woman in one thousand nine hundred eighty. There were ironically. Not that many options. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We will be back Wednesday with another episode. You can find more episodes of crimes of passion and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals. Like crimes of passion for free from your phone desktop APP or Smart Speaker Stream crimes of passion on spotify. Just open the APP and type crimes of passion in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. When True Love Meech true crime crimes of passion was created by amax Cutler and is a podcast? -TUDIOS original executive producers include maxson Ron Cutler sound design by Trent Williamson with production. Assistance by Ron Shapiro Carleen Madden Travis. Clark and Paul Moller. This episode of Crimes Of Passion was written by Joanna Philbin with writing. Assistance Baiju Hi drew Cole. I'm lean hogs just a reminder that will be back with a new episode on January eighth in the meantime we'll be playing our listeners most requested episodes of two thousand nineteen. Thanks again for listening. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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