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Yeah US dollars dreaming of not being landlocked to Especially during a quarantine see lovers you mean. Land Lubbers L. landlubbers call. I thought you said land lovers and I was like aren't you land Lubber. The word like landlubbers. I'm not sure gotta look it up the extra pack of Peanuts Travel podcast episode or twenty five in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. Florida passed the Beethoven's babies bill which requires every single day care in the state to play at least one of classical music a day only in Florida. Oh as a former high school history teacher and also someone who myself is enrolled in a year long learning program. I believe that we should never stop trying to learn more and further our education but travelers a lot of times. We think well I want to get out and I WANNA see the world. I want do this. 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Oregon State e campus has a variety of programs where you can earn your degree and do just that so take Oregon State e campus along with you on your next adventure. You can visit by going to e campus dot oregon state DOT EDU SLASH PEANUTS. Find the program. That's right for you. That's e campus Dot Oregon State Dot. Edu Slash peanuts. Aw Aw Young Hello Travel nerds and welcome to the extra peanuts travel. Podcast the show that teaches you how to travel more while spending less. I'm your host Travis Jerry and joining me. Today is someone who when I said. Are you taking weather into account ship taking a lot of things into account getting feisty? Not Getting Feisty I on a bad way you just you ready to go. You wanted to show where it's going to be fun. Yeah we've got an awesome question. It's my wife and constant travel companion. Heather had we are today. We're on I G TV but this is a regular e pop podcast regular Tuesday e Pop podcasts. So we've been putting out quarantine. Diaries Monday Wednesday Friday which are shorter form unedited and kind of off the cuff shows but and we got a lot of questions in and we did a lot of. Ask US anything. So if you haven't listened to some of them they are going out on the podcast feed as well as a quarantine diaries and also GDP but we got some questions in that. Were so good that we wanted to expand on them and make them their own show so today we have one question but we made an entire show out of it but also and I figured why not why not recorded on video as well just in case. You're really enjoying that platform. And I have to say the only person I would want to be corn tnd with for a long amount of time. Is You and our kids really. Yeah I mean that's kind of the deal with the life partner I guess thank you. That's a compliment. I mean it's been good overall. We have been doing pretty well during the quarantine I would say. The first week was really rough. 'cause none of us knew what to expect. It was pretty crazy. Our schedule was on Fox. But now it's kind of settled into a routine and that goes into the question for today that we're going to be answering. We figured we should answer this before too much changes. Because it's very apropos. To this moment and that is from at Ellen Flynn so Allen Flint thank you for the question s. Your question was so good. And he's so good that we decided to a whole podcast. And here's the question. If you had to be quarantined for a month anywhere in the world where would it be? And why now? I can't just give one answer. I can't so we each three. Well we're going to rank them in order to start with number three and then countdown to the one of our favorite place. I forgot that this question included. If you're quarantined for a month I was actually thinking it. Hey if you're quarantined for an extended amount of time meaning right now we basically in quarantine from the mid March to mid may probably another possibly another month coming so I kind of looked at? I don't know if it changes the answer at all but I looked at like two or three months I looked at it as a month or more. Yeah I was Kinda thinking like it might be two months but anyway for at least a month. You're corentin somewhere. And where would it be now? When I was thinking of the answer to this question I took into a couple of factors account a couple of factors. Yeah what I took into a couple of factor. I took into account a couple of actors. Unedited are we. Are we editing this podcast because sometimes role we added the podcast? Especially if we really mess up and we just It but I guess you know we're just this is the new us. The new unedited US new normal. I took into account a few factors and a lot of that had to do with. You know if we're quarantined because of Covid then I would wanna be places where if we did get sick there would be infrastructure. Set out for that. We feel comfortable with so. That's why my first one is an honorable mention and and also distance to and so the honorable mention. Should I just jump right in? I guess or did you get what was the factors will come out as as we go by also infrastructure also took into account for me. It was more like. Is there stuff around like grocery stores right and get certain things like the food of that place where we are no might have some restaurants or takeout from this is kind of the point of the quarantine question right? It's not just like where would you wanNA to be for a month? Take all this new account so I actually do not have an honorable man so my honorable mention in it was a place that I came to mind when we talked about doing. One can't rule in the one minute rules. I mean no co long-term because colon. This is GonNa make my list. Because I thought it could. I don't know to open if you're part of the island that gets really remote. I mean maybe there's nothing really opened so then. Are you able to get groceries? What is it kind of? Looks like obviously be able to get some supplies but you might get a bit bored or a might become. Yeah so I also really far from home for us so I would be happy to plan ahead. And so we're GONNA take a flight and go somewhere and get quarantined there but you know if someone in our family got sick or there or we wanted to for some reason. Go home because we were too sick like. I don't think I would want to be a twenty hour flight from home so but that was my honorable mention. And we've been two colon to in Thailand and we love it there and it's a beautiful island and it's a great place to escape. Yeah I just wasn't sure what the infrastructure would be like and we haven't been there for four five years so things change different and I do trust the Thai health system because I had to go to an emergency room there and I had like an eye infection and another time and you know their medical systems. I feel comfortable with but you know it's just. It's a little bit far from home in that particular. Ireland is a little remorse. You don't have an honorable mention. I guess it would be your honestly orange. Yeah I was thinking and scratch on the list for the reasons that you mentioned for the most part so all right so you're number three again. These are ordered data recounting to the the one that you ultimately want to be your number three okay so this is my number three but it could also be number one okay. Well it's number three and it's it's Florida and specifically Saint Petersburg Florida. We love it so much and there isn't rally wants to go down to small Petersburg Florida right now during the quarantine someone to his left dozen so I find this very intriguing that this is your number three place in the world. You want to be quarantined that well. Here's the reasons why we've been there before we love it. We can drive there. We don't even have to get on a flight. I mean it would be seventeen hour plus drive but we could get to it without flying. It's still in the United States and it could have been high on my list because we are kind of. Potentially Planning on getting quarantined. There is another wave of this happens in the fall or winter. Were thinking okay. Instead of being safe at home and Pennsylvania in the winter. We'll just plan ahead and you know rent an Airbnb or an apartment in Florida so that we can be somewhere warmer so to me. That's just like an easy option and now that it's warmer in Pennsylvania because we're coming right into summer travel wants to drive to Florida right now and I'm thinking well it's pretty far to go in. The weather's here but for the winter. Yes I did not take into account that we have to get on put like I didn't say oh it's during the quarantine we're getting planning putting ourselves at risk. I looked at it as I can get here safely and then I would be here so I have places that I've places you can fight to okay so I didn't think like all right now today in the middle of this pandemic I'm GonNa play an I said pay before everything kind of a popped off. I WOULD. I would be getting there safely. So That's how I look soft. It's not champion bottom okay. It's pandemic popoff man. They did pop up that was pre pandemic all the sports teams. I went to La and on a Monday and on Friday. The airport was dead and it all happened in that one week. Forty quick in the middle of March where the US was know the rest of the world as well like the you know w showed called it a pandemic all in that one week and yeah things got created pop pop off. That's like a pound. The world changed in week. Our world changes in a week. Some places already changed in Italy previously but it happened pretty quick there to speak give California. My number three is in California okay and it is the San Diego area. We've always spent a little bit of time to seven days. I'm thinking if I wanted to be somewhere. It might be outside of the city. I I would wanna be on the beach. I want to have a house on the beach. Oh l. The where even further north and entities but sitting. This is nice something like that. A little place on the beach where there's not much going on but they're certainly restaurant. You can take out grocery stores things like that. Obviously California a one of the kind of on the front lines on centers of this pandemic. So that's not exactly ideal but that being said I think they're taking a lot more stricter measures which is Kinda nice too so anyway I would like. I just like that area and to me. If I'm getting stranded somewhere it has the creature comforts that I want. But it has the ocean plus it has really good temperature so I kind of looked at it as hey it's started mid March when it was still really cold and gross other places and now it's getting an inmate so it's getting nicer here but for those two months. We went through a transition where it's really rainy in Philadelphia. So I WANNA be in San Diego. Where has been nice weather all time getting nicer? You know maybe the beaches are opening up a little bit so That's that's for me. Yeah San Diego area north of San Diego so my next two are not in the. Us minute end. When I when I was thinking of places I was thinking of islands specifically because they're not hit us hard because of population but I also wanted them to be bigger islands that would have cities or infrastructure in them and so I started thinking of my favorite places in the world. Anti number two is an island in Greece. However we've never been to this island and that's the island of Crete. I loved the islands that we did go to in Greece and dying to get back there and explore more and I feel like creepy because it's the biggest island and it would. Have you know the best infrastructure for hospitals probably and you know food if we wanted to get takeout posing love? Greek Food Greek food right now our own Greek food. You know. It's pretty easy so we like the culture and we like the food and I imagine you know the beaches would be beautiful and I just feel like we could live with a little more freedom on an island because it wouldn't have necessarily have to be as strict because there's less people and there's probably less risk of getting cove in nineteen because I just don't think some of the island places have been hit as hard so we are recording at around lunchtime and thinking. I was show a Greek restaurant around us. That was fantastic. Because that's what is. There was a brand new Greek restaurant in our town. The opened up before this month before. I didn't get a chance to go to and I don't know if it's still going to be around. That's that's one of the major downside. Is His business struggling through it but we don't have to get into that much. Stay positive dreaming here. I'm going to an island to okay. It is also a very big island. Okay and he guesses Some people forget it might. It's an island at might forget that it's an K New Zealand hot. No you don't WanNa go there. I mean it's an island but it's so big when you think you might think of these small islands of the cabin. I'm going to New Zealand. Okay one that is a great choice. Responded to the coronavirus was very good so much that it's it's pretty much done there which is great also wanted to go to. New Zealand for a long time. That's such a good infrastructure. Pick I even think I guess because it's pretty far and so I was trying to keep it like a little closer to home than being in Europe. Is You know easy for us whether you know what kind of coming out of summer. So that's fine to the weather is getting colder there in the southern hemisphere as the pandemic ozone by in March. Pretty good so I would definitely definitely definitely say New Zealand for me. Probably just find me like a little because we've never been there. I can't speak to specific places but somewhere on the north island that like a little beach town outside of Auckland kind of same San Diego. So we're not in the city necessarily outside we have the Amenities. There's plenty of infrastructure and we're just hanging out and we're going to the beach and we get to experience New Zealand. I would say I'd love to have can prevent around but I don't think it was that safety maybe weren't allowed so for this trip to New Zealand. This staying on plays theoretical trip. I would have just had a place on the beach outside of Auckland somewhere. Where never been so not sure what town but that's what I would have been doing. Yeah I would do that anytime time especially doing so I would definitely do that. Pick for sure and one thing that I thought about is that I didn't want to be near cities because you going through this and we're fortunate that we have backyard even if it's very small and we're able to get outside so the places that I picked had nature in mind when you think of New Zealand you think of nature because you wanna be able to get outside and explore safely and if you're in a big city I mean that's kind of impossible to do so I stayed away from any type of city. Yeah not not Manhattan was not the not the island yeah. I don't know why that's what I was thinking like when you big island is there's a lot of big island. Australia thought you might go with Australia because I was actually thinking Australia and saying like oh I wanna go to like bond. I beach area. That we've never been before. And just whip into bon diabetes. Excuse me excuse cold coke Brisbane and old clothes okay. So sure but then. I didn't know Australia's response. I haven't really looked it up. I'll show you response to this. How it worked signed just said well New Zealand. I know they're getting all types of accolades for for basically crushing this thing. So thought yeah. Let's do it. Yeah that's smart choice l. Like it all right. We're already APP. May Number One could made this five but we decided can't a little tighter three so my number one place is a place we have been to before and it is also an island. Do you have any guesses? Oh man I mean I was GONNA say Corsica. Right from the yeah. It's it's not clear sky. Okay Scott because I love it. It's in the Mediterranean so okay and we've been there and we been there. Is it another Greek island? No Spanish island. It's more interesting. The reason I picked it is because Palma is a really beautiful city and it's a big city so again I feel like they would have a good amount of infrastructure there for pandemic purposes. But I wouldn't want to be in Palma you know I would wanna have a little beach house somewhere where I could see a theme here water and around word and especially with the kids just being able to get outdoors with them because being cooped up inside in the cold weather in March and April was pretty challenging for us. I mean even as adults. We wanted to get outside but with kids. It's even harder and they're used to going places and in the winter. If we're home we're going to indoor activities like the library or story times or you know the Ymca are just know plates cows but we couldn't do any of that during this pandemic so just really important to me in places where we could go outside in. The weather would be nice back to my Orca any day. I wonder what it is like there. Right now tourism. I probably not a lot of people were allowed in or whatever so it would be much quieter which is not a bad thing. Yeah but it's pretty easy to get around. The roads are nice. So even if you're staying outside of Palma probably yeah many cool bugged areas where you can and it's pretty affordable. I mean when we went we stayed at a resort. But there were plenty of Airbnb as where. It was like a little seaside house. We're not talking about a huge mansion. But something really just sustainable in normal and affordable to live in camp out in for month or more. Yeah my number one. I blame a facebook friend and a real life friend Stephen mcphillips for this. Oh so my never WANNA bit interesting. I would be going to Switzerland Truth so specifically I would go. I would go to somewhere. I would go to a lake in Switzerland and so I would either go to Lake Geneva and live in one of the areas right around Lake Geneva so the place. I'm specifically thinking we had a chateau when I lived there for four months. We had a show in a town called a role which is about outside of thirty minutes outside of Luzon and it was on a vineyard and then I walked across the street and I had a beach right on Lake Geneva so I could live in that house and now it'd be perfect. You know there was drink wine. Drink wine there's a little town of rolled right the road. You know you go get your bag yet your cheeses. Whatever that's not a bad option price would be a bit. Maybe it'd be a little expensive. It costs to rent that Chateau right off right so price might be a little bit expensive the other place that I would consider going and Steven one of the things that got me thinking about this. Is He our buddy who runs a mill town townhouse in? Dingle Ireland. Some of you have stayed. Dare I know because he's told me that you've told him that you found out about it from us. So that's he actually just bought a hotel in Switzerland called Hotel Oberland in the louder. Brune valley right in Interlocken and so I just been seeing his pictures and it's pretty deserted and yet the mountains and you have the lakes. It's just you know stunningly gorgeous outdoor scenery and so the temperature not perfect march. April may starting to get better. You have the mountains so yeah I thought the lakes and the mountains lakes might be a little cold but you just could be outside all the time. Just leave her there and biking in the in the league's in Interlocken were cold because of all the snow melting from the mountains. I would prefer like Geneva. If we're if we'RE GONNA mean Switzerland. It's just my pick. If I'm jumping on that bandwagon with you. Yeah together it would also be called it was. It is called in March and April but again of the mountain so you can go and see the lake and it's starting to get warmer now may into June. So you're getting the ability to swim in. But you have the mountains you have the lakes. Swiss food is decent. You know not our favorite. So you're a little bit of minors there but just the natural beauty. I've just thinking what where's the place? I would want to go outside all the time and when I have been there and when I lived there I wanted to go outside all the time so I think we should pick a part each other's options a little bit. I would say for your list. We had was the San Diego Diego Zealand and Switzerland. I from your list would do New Zealand as my number one okay. Then San Diego Thence Fence Switzerland as May I ask your number was I'm saying it I'm not opposed to it. I the fine we can on the fly here bumps New Zealand up to number one. Okay Switzerland because I saw Stevens pictures every day on facebook. I just got me dreaming like quarantine dream at the moment. Just because of any owns a hotel and he kept saying. If anyone could get here you could stay for free has been what's on your mind on my mind of a neat place. I didn't actually try to do it to be controversial. It was my one second answer. Hey you're one of the first thing I put on my list was that and I just because it's so beautiful I couldn't move it but as we're talking on it sure it's fine could be chilly. It is beautiful five New Zealand slipping above San Diego. I'M GONNA keep it three Sunday to all right. So you Bummed Zealander to on the Ellen to one and To is anything you want to change with your list. Now that we've gone through it and now I don't think okay I don't think so. Yeah I mean. I was Gr- to Mediterranean islands. I'M NOT GONNA have an issue with that and then your number three was Florida Florida which I absolutely right for us especially. I'm not picking apart. Doubtless I'd go to any three of those in a heartbeat. Sign me up all right well. Hey there was all of them. Were around the war all around wanting to our destinations. We wanted to be outside during this. Because you can start to feel really trapped if you're just inside one place during a quarantine and an international pandemic so yeah we're thinking nature and water weren't nature water warms your water one for sure water you know see as great. A few of those had mine had a lake so that works to. Yeah just anywhere that that is. We love being on Water. And we're not where we currently live. House is not on the water or House is not actually near water. The closest water is an hour and a half away when it comes to you know a beat. Gio So yeah. Us landlubbers dreaming of not being landlocked especially during according to see lovers. You Mean Land Lubbers L. landlubbers right. I thought you said land lovers and I was like. Aren't you a Lover Land? Lubber the Word Golf landlubbers. I'm not sure gotTA look it up guys lettuce us. This is Super Fun for us on TV. We're also obviously on your podcast feed as well let us know. Where would you WANNA be quarantined? Answer at Allen Flint's question great question answer question if you had to be quarantined. And let's say for the. Let's say two to three months same parameters we had basically march to May so like during this quarantine where but it's safe to get to everyone to go in the beginning of March. Where would you WANNA be quarantined question? Let us know on Instagram at extra pack of peanuts. Do us a solid two if you love the show help us get to the one K. rating by that. I mean we want one thousand ratings so what I do when you leave rating review. It'll it's five hundred and eighty one six hundred ten when it gets two thousand just as one catches just feels cool. Not many people. I mean not. Many people get to five hundred eighty one either but very few people two thousand. So do us a favor. If you've listened to show and you like it go leave us. A rating review takes two minutes. That's it and you'll really make our hearts feel warm inside so thank you. Thank you for all your support as always you can get the show notes the show because is the regular e pop show. You can get that by going extra pack of peanuts dot com slash shows. Not Too many show notes. Here we talked about a few links. They'll be up there my buddy Stevens place and Switzerland that'll be up there but not on the show links our show notes but you can you can links in the show notes but you can get those and Don't forget we have stuff coming up Monday Wednesday Friday which are quarantine dyers plus a radio show on Tuesdays and until next so happy. Free travel by law go.

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