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Receive Your Free Guide, seven actions businesses need to take now and schedule your free product tour at net sweet dot com slash ace get your free guide and schedule your free product tour right now at sweet dot com slash ace that sweet dot com slash ace. This is Corolla digital. Last Supper. Help. You. Get it on got to get onto the mandate get it on. On A House that stromer there I'm over here we will be answering your home improvement type questions. What are you working on stromer? Well, I've had the plumber comeback. Now, three times because of the pesky leak in the brand new syncs up and it makes me crazy because you know they they say they did it. You check it it seems fine and then there's a little like quarter sized droplet of water and a branch from a brand new faucet slash drain system you never know. So now I have to lay under there for the good better part of a couple of minutes with a flashlight under the sink and identified a place myself so that my plumber can finally come in I can say, here's where it really is I'm responsible it's it's me. It's not him. It's me, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's horse plucky. The APP the always always got. Got Internalized stromer. So you could be better stronger. Fix It next time Now, what are you working on abroad when he working on terms of other people's Well, I have I have. Worked through the new year, it's crazy man I just keep getting calls. Everyone has now decided you know bids that I sent out six eight, ten months ago. Everyone's now kind of going all. Let's call Mr Stromer to do our fancy room. So so it's great. I'm really busy and it's a wonderful positions almost to the point where I wanNA maybe staff up and get a second or third crew gone. I. Always hate to do that because you know and then it's me spread thin and I don't really have me managing things when I'm not there and everybody else. Let's stop slide. So I don't know what to do I'm in the middle Yet I'm working on I'm always working on a thousand things. I got a staircase never done this before but the big single spine kind of modern commercial staircase building with like the stainless rail and the cable Kinda thing or glass lands and the whole nine yards like. Fancy, high end restaurant going up to floor and I I'm having that the thing was fabricated. I. Think it was in Indiana. I can't remember somewhere in the Mid West whatever and is coming over on a flatbed. To. Be installed. And I'm not sure who's installing it and if I'm installing. On. Does it have does it have tabs where you bolt the glass onto the railing I literally haven't seen it by. I'm good and I've got a couple of good guys. So I think we'll be able to put it. Put it together. I. I don't I got something that's stuck in my craw I. Don't know if you've ever had to deal with this guy but. least favorite. Quality of an employee which I've had a few times, which is the person were you say to them? Why did you do it this way and they go you told me to do it that way and I go. Why would I tell you to do it that way and they go I don't know and then you go. You mean, I told you to use crown molding for baseboard and they go yup and I go. But why would I say that they go I don't know and Then they go. Then you go. Do you think it's right to use crown molding for baseball and they go nope and I go well, why didn't you say something then when I told us Crown Molding for baseboard which by the way I never said but if in fact I did say why didn't you stop and go hey, boss that seems like a bad idea. Are you sure that's what you want me to do how come you just did it because that's what you told me to do. God Damn I got into this yesterday. It drives me fucking first off. It's also saying you're insane. Yeah. Basically you're insane I want Let me ask your opinion something. So so I don't know if you remember but the story where the guy the plumber was was putting in a valve he shut the water off in the house my guy turn the on to flush the toilet flooding the bathroom where I had just put new hardwood in the whole area. I now have to eat redoing that part again and pay for carpet. I assume the plumber would say to me you know what? You don't owe me the four, five, hundred bucks 'cause I'm sorry. What happened to you but he called me up in sort of a defensive posture saying you're idiot guys the one that had to take a duke didn't understand the one and went there and said you must need the water or The money more than I do. So you know I know you're probably not going to respond to the CIA and I I just text him back like dude I'll pay you whatever and he was like projecting what he was feeling onto me about that. You know he's not going to get paid but pretending that I was gonNA goal that route right? Right. You know what I mean. So you the only way to disarm it is by just. Okay. Thank you. Sir. Send you a check asap. But on some level I wanted. I WANNA like not pay him but it's a it's a toss up as to WHO's fault. It is my guys or him for leaving the open valve and walking out to eat a sandwich I don't know I opted to just take the high road and pay 'em and walk away. But what do you think where do we stand on this from an integrity place? I always just sort of pay and walk away. Doesn't mean it's always the right thing to do usually. The people I'm dealing with have quite a bit less money than I do. So I was feel bad. You know trying to make them you know get it right I do appreciate by the way which you never see. I do appreciate the kind of. Character when somebody fuck something up who just goes I'll just work an extra hour the end of the day and fix it that'll be right time like I don't like the idea people cutting me check or any of that kind of stuff. But I do like the very rare piece of character where people by the way where they offer I don't take them up on it. I go. Now it's fine just working on fixing ally. Offer, you want to not take them. Realize they've got that high road mentality, right? Right. So I had this. I had this car part this. Pretty good sized car part a grill. On the back of a Porsche. Race car while tail. and. I've been wanting to get this grille painted in put back on the car. Now every single part on the car that's black including this whale tail is satin black. It's like it looks like the Black Trim around the windows on eighties Porsche or even the door handles it's like a satin black. And so I come walking in yesterday and it's flat black. This whole big thing is painted flat black and I say that Sean. Sean, why is flat black everything on the car semigloss serve sat and black. Why why is this flat black? What are we doing with this? Why would we painted flat black and he said Jose painted flat black and I said, why did he do that and he said That's what I said. I said, why did you do every anyone? Who knows anything about cars are this car goes? Would you painted flat black for? He said because you told them to do it flat black. Should I did no. I. Didn't why would I do that? There's nothing on the car that's flat black and he's like he said you told them to do it. A I hate when people fuck up and then hide behind he told. The monkey see monkey do thing I hate it. I hate it. It makes me because I. Oh I say on me, I. Did it maybe it's the wrong choice. Sorry. I'm not going defensive immediately because it's like that's the sign of right. You're guilty as charged SOM- today and I said, why did you paint it black flat black and he said 'cause you told me to. I should. Do you think flat black has the right color for that and he goes now. Is Flat Black Faster than painting it sat and Black and he goes. Now. And I'm going okay. Hey, why would I tell you to do it? I didn't tell you to let's say did. Why didn't you say that's a bad idea. or how come or nothing else on the cars flat black why painting this or it was sat and black when we took it off the car why? See. Here's how I know. I didn't say it. The reason I know I'd insane I've done this many times with people, which is it is overtly wrong. And it doesn't. It's not any faster and it's not any cheaper. So with that in mind you would have said something if I said, do it this way? Are, you would have said. Well. There's something behind that because it won't match anything on the car or it's not as it was or whatever it is. Point is is you've never said anything. In. Also, here's how I know. I didn't say it. Because when I walked into the shop yesterday and I saw it flat black. I wonder why the fuck is flat black. That's how I know. I didn't say this is this is my argument you guys I'm looking at. I'm looking at Gerry Matt. Now you're that thing where you go into the restaurant and you go. No Mayo on that club Sandwich, and then they go you get you get that sandwich and it has like extra Mayo on it and then you go excuse me I said no Mayo and they go. You said Extra Mayo and it's like. Here's how I know. I didn't say that I hate man as. That's how I know. I didn't say. A weird isn't that weird deductive argument which is no. No you said flat black. Here's how I know. I didn't say flat black it's not supposed to be flat I walked into one why the fuck is this flat black that's how you know I didn't say flat black if I wanted if I hit said painted flat black then I would've walked in and went oh, this is awesome. It's white black just like I ask for except for I walked in and I went what what the fuck wise this white black and then someone said you said I said I never said that why would I say that I don't want it five black it's it's my Mayo argument you your l'urgence as but you just ask for extra male. That's how that's how you work. That's how fucking feeble your mind is, and maybe this is where the the old saying the customer is alright solves. How miserable with your life beef this is in fact, the way you work. I want you to paint this flight black next day. What is flat black? This is an outrage. I would like extra Mayo. What you gave me extra Mayo I'm allergic. How would you be I? Would argue a miserable tortured existence. What we're. Be a precursor to male just covered now the extra Mayo. slathered Mayo all right. Someone is looking for how to mount a small vintage motorcycle on his wall for decoration. Good business right here. You know I love mounting crap on law Mrs is maybe second to Totem Pole talk remember. Yeah I hope. I hope he's going to tell me. It's a metal stud situation with non bearing studs in there I. Hope he throws us at. I hope he's going to say it's an India vintage. Indian motorcycle. I say I, hope he says it's a slab wall poured in place slab I want difficulty all right I J B well, you got projects to get through you want to avoid paying the repairman. Might I suggest J. BE WELL Prepared. homer garage ordinary house. Oh goo. Well, it's just ordinary. You want strong you want a better choice we're proud to have. J. B.. Weld sponsor they're great I know the owner hung out these guys and Seema back when they used to have sima. J.. B. Weld spin trusted name in the industry for well over fifty years proudly made in the USA Keep J. B. Weld in your toolbox drawer craff room you can glue metal even glue wood plastic. STROMER TRAE and it's wet sauce. Best thing ever don't glue it J.. B. Weld it available at jv well, dot com Home Depot Lowe's Let's see autozone advance auto parts of Riley, Walmart, Amazon Michaels, and more with J., B.. Well, all right Anthony is online to Anthony thirty four Chicago. As an stromer how's it going guy? I Guy. What's what's cooking. So yeah, I mean I don't know if I have all the information that you need, but essentially I'm trying some mouth of very small. Like. All it doesn't run. It weighs about a hundred and eighty five pounds at the most. And I'm trying. To an interior walls of this room, which is in addition to the House that was built in the nineties. So I'm guessing, it's just does in there I really don't know have ended up but what's on the advice you can give me yeah I can give you advice. So wait what kind of motorcycle is it? It's I think it's a seventy eight Kawasaki K E one hundred. Kinda of done some cosmetic changes to make it look like a little cafe racer. What What's on the back side of the wall? That's a good question. So I guess on the other side is the kitchen. No. So the original house was built in nineteen, forty six. It's a Georgeanne brick house and the the room that were trying to mount to 'em isn't a dish and you walk down like three stuff. I'm not sure how much room there is in between that wall and the kitchen I'd have to look but. Yeah I'm not really good with this type of stuff. So By well, kitchen and the back is a little bit of a bitch. That's yeah that's unfortunate. There's a version of this. Where you do something from the back side, because this is going to require something more than maybe what you're thinking. Okay, I'm GONNA give you. Two options ready. I'm going to give you a free standing pushed up against the wall motorcycle display stand kind of thing something with the. Two. Forks coming out of it or a slot in the bottom for the wheels to sit in that is literally free standing like like like a hoists that's l-shaped. Probably Bolt it to the wall, but it's it's going down to the floor like it's coming out Gary they probably exist I'm sure they sing way. Way, again, hundred and eighty five Max guys. All right. So There is that version. Or? Version two, which is open up the wall and build it out I. mean you gotTa Get some four by material in there I mean, this is not gonNa work on just the studs to kings duds to by for Florida's feeling. It's GonNa take a lot more than. Poor you could. You could open the wall and do a fork. You know like display fork almost like hanging a bicycle in the shop attached between the two studs bolted to them now, flat Huma behind it I look I'm a minimalist but this is a hundred and eighty five pounds is not gonNa work just putting it between the nuts. That that's yeah that was my main question is whether I'd have to reinforce the studs or if it would be fine just on the stud but now I know nothing about cycle without being hung from the ceiling cables. That's more reasonable in the strength department you're going to have to find something pretty good up there to get into. You probably have some joists that probably you know. To buy tens or something like that. I don't know. Is it the roof above it or what's above it? you know there's a better move it. Okay. So you have some meat in your choice. Okay. You'RE GONNA have probably to buy tens up there maybe to buy AIDS I. Don't know there's GonNa be some beef there. If you spread them out sixteen on Center, you can get thirty two. If you go one, skip one and go to the other. Thirty two's a good spread for that for that cable. I still wonder if just putting a Auger type I hook into that bottom of the to by ten or eight or whatever is going to be enough for you. It's it would work I. Don't know that it wouldn't be I wouldn't call it heavy duty. I would I would tend to. Cut Out some drywall on the ceiling takes them four by four. And put it in between the joy and through through screw it from the back side of the Joyce. You know maybe even use a hangar Maven, use a four by Joyce hanger up there, and then I'd be happier with a through ball I hook that had a nut. On the on the backside of it. You know versus an Auger style. Still we're coming up on two hundred pounds here. That's. That's and there's a say. You don't think we could do flat blocking between the six sixty you to the two by fours halted through the sides of the studs. Holding the flat two by six across right going the same depth as the two by four framing and then from that. Hanging the bike off of that you don't think that would be strong enough. My problem is the kind of pill affect in a kind of. Like blowing out the two by four you see. Yeah. kind of feels like two by four going Florida ceiling is really all you got you know and it's in the middle of the wall you know right in the middle point so The ceilings. I knew you'RE GONNA ask that They're they're pretty decently tall. I would say about twelve feet. So. Yeah. That's worse because of the Bo Bo action with the weight and the center of right yeah. What about what about if you did four by four if you open the whole Bay Florida, ceiling did four by fours on bolts in sides of the studs so that you had that post in their centrally. Well, let me let me jump in here. If, you would like it to come from the wall. And you would like it to be flush in integrated into the wall that is going to require some good surgery. Some decent size surgery. Okay. There's. No doubt about that. If it would like it to come from the ceiling I, think there is a cleaner now I should say I think there's an easier less invasive way to do that surgically. Either way you gotta take the Drywall Bay out unless Gary's found my thing I've tried to invent what is a free standing Let's see. Garo Tae what I'll buy you I'm going to buy a little. Time Gary, you're GONNA buy vall. It would be l-shaped one side would go against the wall and the other side would be on the floor. And Motorcycle display. Free standing. What you come up with what you basically come up with a lot of the stuff for bicycles. All right. Well well, but that's interesting because slightly heavy duty version of that might. Might Work, you got the bicycle part. So if you took the bicycle one and you beefed it up, might that. It might be the same money to fabricate a beefier version as blowing the walls open. Yeah. I just want just WANNA. Make sure we're kind of talking about the same thing. Yeah what I'm talking about is Go back to the top care. I'm talking about something that's sits on the floor is l shaped. It's kind of like the one below. One, one from the left second row. Now you're doing a platform but I'm doing a little more like. On the floor against the wall forks prongs sticking out. That's kind of the theme there Gary Feeling and you could bolt it to the wall like look they have car hoist that are l-shaped I. Mean they're not to post they have single post. Car Hoy's. Let's see what do you typing in free standing? L. Shape and once you just go free standing motorcycle Walmart and see what happens. All right. got a segment coming up for you and it is a great segment from our friends at Geiko. Give you nice road trip story right now, GEICO thanking all their customers with the GEICO give back fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle policies as well. Current and new customers as well. GEICO's committed to the long haul. So you get fifteen percent credit and that'll last the full policy term visit GEICO. Dot Com slash give back for Info and eligibility is well, you got any road trips coming up stromer you know I do I I'm taking the kids up north we're GONNA drive to one of the National Parks Maybe Yosemite something like that. The problem is we always have a power chords fights for the charging of the mobile phone devices to the point where I ultimately pullover, rip the court out of the out of the charger and throw it on the ground and make one of the children walk for a few feet as I mock full away, and then stop, and then they get back in and then everybody stays silent and then we make it to our destination I a tower works in stromer. I gotTa tell you one of the greatest drives is from Lake Arrowhead to Yosemite. Take that pass that that you know the from Arrowhead to Yosemite Yosemite whatever calling it it is one of the most scenic rides ever and I would suggest because I did this ride with an old friend of Mine Philip. The jugglers not is not with US anymore, but it was one of the most interesting times he put the best of the doors and and we're. Just listen like crystal ship and riders on the storm and everything is were passing through this. You Know Canyon Glacier cut and it was just spectacular. So I would recommend the doors and I would recommend drive. Once you get into seventy, go over the backside and head into Arrowhead it is. It is the best was that regular carry how long it's that drive? Yes. That lodge to do that. Awani Lodge I. Think it's called Gorgeous you've been there. Or something yes. ringway log cabin stealing went went to a wedding there and yet take a lock take a walk along that. Trail once you park it at the lodge and when you get to the end of the trail, there's a huge pool of freezing cold glacier water and if you have the waivers. Jump off into the thirty five degree water that'll wake you up. Sorry it's about three, hundred, three, hundred and thirty miles looks like you can do it just under six hours. Oh. Wait a minute my saying Arrowhead maybe I mean Caesar's where Caesar's over there caesars Tahoe Tahoe I mean Tahoe. Sorry go from go from. That's the drive to make I'm saying Arrowhead I'm. In. Hope. Right and about one hundred and twenty one miles and you can do it in about two and a half hours. That's the greatest drive ever got a now tro. Did you know that right now? GEICO is offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and RV policies that's fifteen percent on top of the money Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your dog to make breakfast in bed with? Belgian. WAFFLES and a fresh fruit compote is nice as that sounds that's probably never going to happen. But at least there's never been a better time to switch to geico save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seventh visit GEICO DOT COM to learn more. Okay. Now, Adam do we do we wanna tell this fine gentleman the the way to do it if he blows the wall open because I mean you could. You. Could do four by four posts just to the height of where the thing's GonNa come out of the wall. Take. Two bays four bays of of. Drywall out. To right through well, because you gotta get on, you gotTA. Get on the other side of the two by four to bolt back into the full four. Yeah you know what I mean and you Wanna through Baltic through bolted, and then you could either do a metal plate over everything to hold it into the Stud or you could fabricate a metal plate. Like elax shelf coming out of framing that you've created then drywall around it. Here's my work. Here's my concern. Yeah. My concern. Is those two by fours are running ten foot, maybe even twelve foot long. But if the loads coming off the plate and just going up to the place, it's coming out at least taking some of the load onto the plate. The problem with the four buys if the four by just comes up to the plate, but it doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling. then. It's Tongling off point. Like it's it's it's still putting all the weight on those outer two by four. Right, yeah I I don't think. I would fabricate either something coming from the floor up that was flat mounted on the wall in my L. configuration. So there's an l the out the coming onto the floor. Onto the wall I got you, I can easily fabricate something that comes out at the bottom. Eighteen or twenty inches the goes up through bolts to the studs on the wall and then and then has a couple of prongs sticking out or you could do the aforementioned go with the. Go with the. Ceiling Mount hanging. Hanging it from that from the cables I can't believe I'm inventing this thing Gary. Maybe I am. But there's there's a bike kind of version of it definitely for by found several different versions of that finally one for bike and maybe we could we could be up the bike one but. You can show me the one you got for by might suggest the name for the product the Corolla Corolla Eiser the Corolla Eiser Am I right. We already got the recycler role. Shoot for recycling stuff I like that too right. So Gary Scott one that's like a double Prong Kinda down to the floor it's using the same geometry. I'm speaking of it's just not quite what I'm talking about. It's light weights a little flimsy. It's not really totally against the wall kind of thing but but if I think if he's willing to go into the wall, he can do it also. I think what I think. Here's what I think. You should do I think you should get some like. One. Okay you're ready. I would use steel. I would use square steel I would use square tube steel and I would use square tube. Steel that about three quarters of an inch? Od. By three inch. And I would. I would. I would well they flat frame and a rectangle frame. The came up about five foot and was about thirty two inches wide like stud to stud. I would put holes in those rain like every sixteen inches and I would put prongs well prongs coming out near the top, and then at the bottom, I would do the same material and just kick out twenty inches to make an l. then I would lag bolt those things right to the stud in it that way yup that's good surface. Finish it and SPLAT black. Flat Black. Sand Black and always finish it off, and there could also go the wall if you wanted to do it in the wall I, it could the now we're getting into depth issues I. Think you. You'd have to cut the two by fours and routed out, and now it's flat not GonNa do it just go flat flat on the wall do it that way fabulous up Corollas Corolla. Eiser the name of this the Pro Corolla. Someone wants to know how to deal with the bats and the old chimney I got something for that. ME. I once counted. One hundred ninety seven bats coming out of our summer cottage northern Wisconsin. And once they flew out at dusk yours truly a lowly thirteen year old boy went up there wearing a hat. Because I didn't want the bat to fly in my hair and terrify me and shoved steel wool into all the holes that we had identified where the bats came in and out. So you gotTa let him leave at Dusk, plugged the hole and then guess what they come back and they're like, Hey, wait a minute as they fly back and they get back in there little filthy whole interesting. My fifty. Rome new. York. Hi Guy. God. So I got I. got some bad in my attic And not my attic in and chimney and I worked for a chemical company. So I got one of our products you put it's called. That magic. So I put in the chimney and they don't come down anymore and flights or host like they did for a couple weeks. scaring the crap out of everybody. When I still hear him up in there and I WANNA to get him out of there and I don't want them to relocate to. The other chimney or or the attic or anything like that. Well, I think stromer notion of clearing out and then. Put in a screen or something you know I mean obviously it's above the chimney. I would go online and try to find like stainless steel mash whatever you know whatever the smallest bore is they get through. They can get through a nickel sized hole like rats candidate. It's really you got by the way. This work is all done at night you you gotTa Watch where the entrance and exit point is at dusk so you know exactly what they're using. At how you identify you know what's going on where you can you know? All, your attention can go to that area. So they head out at Dusk Yup. And we are. Heading in too. Yeah they'll see you'll see that that traffic you gotta make sure you know exactly where it is but then you see him heading in as well. Know they were heading into our house. That's that's when like you know it was there was a bat flying around my house on a couple of different occasions, and they just right at dusk. In so now they they can't really come in because I've got it. All feels, but you know I'm sure they'll find another way. So you want him have head out. And then take A. Guess would be stainless Steel Mesh whatever I mean you know. Smaller than chicken wire, the the squares that are half inch or or quarter inch. Quarter. And stainless and make you know knit together a cap to put on top of that chimney. They also have like spark arresters stuff like that that you can put up there. There's there's decorative stuff their stuff you can find their stuff they'll make. Their stuff. You have to identify there's going to be other entrance and exit points aside from the fireplace too. So what you gotTa do is you know it's like a stakeout. If you know, the best thing would be if you had infrared which I know who doesn't goggles nighttime night visions. Sit there. You know get get your get your like beekeepers helmet on 'cause you know I I know it's really scary when they're swoop and man it's it's it's terrifying but you Have a hockey helmet with a face mask could using so. I've hit quite a few of them with badminton rackets and they don't die they just you know get days and then fly away, which is Kinda great but scary as all get out. But if you take it out and really look and pay attention I think you're gonNA find that there might be several entrance and exit points and then get familiar with the term Guano. Wild. Bat Guano. Sano, you know they say that's the best stuff for growing marijuana at is I wouldn't know. But I I hear. Yeah I remember interviewing a guy once or they just go to these caves and collect all this Bat Guano? Use It to grow the we'd. Gary Look that up Bat Guano weed growth probably doesn't exist anymore because everyone's just grown at. 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Let's see water hammer. Bat Guano Bhagwan Gerry and. Usefulness in growing the Mary, Jane Search articles on that discussions on that. Oh. Sorry. I didn't even see it. Marijuana grow nutrients guide the advantage of Bat Guano and more. Yeah. That's from Heckscher daily. Hey. Hey. How about Guan Arolla? I'm just I'm trying to audition for your head of marketing guy is that so wrong now nothing's wrong Lana role. Let's see Tony Be from placentia Tony. Going no, Yo you guys doing good. Hey. have. You smoked too much of that guy stuff you literally go bat shit. Crazy. S- pretty good. See stromer that's a lot bannon Guana. elva got something better than that. Though what's happening guys? Know what about a water hammer? You mean like when turn the pipes on? I turned water plumbing. Yeah. So in swimming so I bought this house a year ago during the home inspection they said, the pressure was too high. So they automatically turned it down when we moved in you know I'm like, no, we can't live like this is too low. So I go out to the front you know and do that. You know you got the pressure. Reducing, reducing valve. Or whatever you turn to increase the pressure and now mean you know I don't know whether to to be worried about it or not. But every time they relation shuts off at four thirty and five thirty, every single morning or whenever you have on it I can hear it slam. You know like any hear that noise in the pipes and it's Kinda like wherever you are in the house. I mean I'm usually up early so it doesn't wake me up but if I'm not up, it'll it'll kind of the up even so and That's a function of of strapless plumbing inside the walls right your plumber, whoever did it at some point? Didn't strap it efficiently. So that's where we probably are. You know sometimes suet rattles within the holes that they drill through the blocking to get pipes in and out of areas. So if you can identify regionalize the area where you're hearing it, it's great because you didn't open the wall and. and. Strap it. But what year? Yeah. Wait years the house. Ninety five. Any. So the It's copper said that because they did sort of A. I don't know about Mickey Mouse but they he was telling me when I was buying the house. He's got these extra pipes kinda running through the garage and You know maybe like the water softening system but I don't know what that has to do with the Gatien it only happens with arrogation I. Maybe it's just the amount of water getting shut off or something but I don't know maybe the way they strap the pipes to the wall in the garage who knows I Thought those from. It's usually that where you know the pressures making the pipe move when it shoots through and it's rattling somewhere in creating that noise because the wall becomes like a speaker cabinet right and amplifies every little sound. Well. So here's some. Here's some thoughts. It saddens me that you know fairly modern house, they do such haphazard work. By. The way in defensive your idea of prefab you know that would never happen in that situation where it's all. Spray Foam didn't strapped and plays in the factory before it shows up and spay guys. But like to Adams Point, one of the things that was called out was up in the ceiling joists to fit the AC unit in or the condenser whatever that goes up in the. Attic. Actually sliced diagonal Joyce like support Joyce just to get the damn thing in there and I. It's funny. I was telling my. Moving in my literally broke a moving into a broken home. And I don't know. They sliced it just to get the thing in their crazy building ninety five. Yeah. So all right. The the problem is happening all over the place. Let me. Let me try something here. Okay All right. Let's see. Okay. What if we did this you ready Stromer Yup? It's a new it's new construct newish construction. The walls are going to have fire blocks, right? The. Plumbing is going to have to pass through the fire block. up to the next floor or at least through the bottom plate you know or and or through the top plate. What if you found those areas such as where the pipe is? Is it a two story house Tony. Yeah okay. So let's say you one upstairs ready. And you know that underneath the sink, for instance, underneath the sink pipes coming up from the first floor and it's just coming up that Bay and that wall and there's a there's a hole in the bottom plate, right? Are Let's say let's say we can figure out the direction of the pipe or what pie where it's coming through where starting where it emanates from. What if stromer? What if we drilled quarter inch holes in strategic places such as just above fire blocks or or just above bottom plates or even top plates on the second floor and we took some of that hilty expanding foam. Oh. Good idea actually, and we just sprayed it all up and. Just kinda encapsulated stop it from right now that's actually a really good idea that could be an invasive free solution. It's GonNa be a little tougher on the stuff that's running horizontally. You know waist height or whatever. If in fact, there's no fire blocking there because the shit's just GonNa fall down to the bottom of the bay. It's never gonNA, hurt to get some you know to to to get some expanding foam up in there and you gotta you gotTa Start Low and figure that the foam if you barrier can. You're you gotta figure that you got to go you know a foot up for the first whole. Another foot for the second hole because it's going to instantly rise quickly, you could drill a little p. call the it starts pushing out after sixteen inches or he didn't make it that high after empty cam but that stuff is pretty ubiquitous these days all it's GonNa. Do is create more insulation and more sound deadening and whatever bay you put it in. And I. Think if you could grab a few of those pipes and really isolate them in that foam. that. Would go a long way toward vibrating even to three feet away. But. You can't. You can't do pulse pulse of the foam you got to bury the whole can in the first hole, right because it'll. It'll spread too quickly and more foam won't go add right because you you got to force it into the bay otherwise it'll open up too quickly and prevent more like don't put it in and go. At three, three, seventy, five, second Paul just bury the cat. Yeah I. Honestly I don't go before. You get rid of me. Can I do one minute skit of one in your hammered the movie the hammer or you guys we're all ears but hey gary. If you can find out online. Can find out online they must have these videos you take a can. Whatever regular size Home Depot Canada healthy. Expanding Foam Wall insulation I know some Guy Setup studs and put a piece of Lucite on it. So we could see what it would do like what one can. Do because one can is GonNa be the bays are fourteen and a half by three and a half that's the size of a bay three and a half deep fourteen and a half wide Gary One Cana that. EITHER GONNA rise up to the two foot level or it's going to rise up to the nine inch level or it's going to rise up to the thirteen inch level and you could literally just go well. Up Eighteen inches then it's gonna take six cans to do an eight foot bay right or some version of that. That's right. That's good idea. All right. Hold on Tony has to do a Soliloquy from my play the hammer go ahead Tony. Okay Hey tastes like chicken gone South Ozzy? Is this CACTUS. Is Good. It's good of your playing goes down in the desert not if you're. GonNa. Walk a supermarket. What are the leading pack for Dessert Pinecone? When do you think? Eh, jetty. When do I take marriage not getting married until I got health insurance health insurance, and then marriage. That's my policy but you just turned forty. Yeah. But I'M NOT GONNA. Do it like you marriage thirty kids or the wait and see approach to health insurance. To get ten minutes for lunch way behind on this wall. Behind what? Behind schedule Dip Shit. You know farrow figure smarter than everybody because you've got a quick tongue but you're just a grunk working with illiterates the mountain and nothing. Hey, leaving him alone. Oh, no oblong retarded speedy Gonzales you know you're lazy for Mexican hey nick an hour. Oh, same different. Sanchez No. Come on. Get back to work. Wow. That was nice. Was Glorious. I'll correct on a couple of days he he. Karaguanov. He said, Nicaraguan because he called him a Mexican. Nicaraguan because he said Mexican and the other thing is ozzy would say when I'd say what I think this chickens gone south you'd go is cactus he didn't say cactus. CACTUS. which by the way? As a torn Thank you. Tony. Always. Great talking to you. Torn from the pages of my life when I was installing. Custom closets I left with the born again. On a run once and Frank one of the Mexican guys pulled out big pilot tortillas. And a tupperware filled but this compote. Brawl. Stuff floating around and and he he made me up a couple of these tacos like on the fly and I was like Oh. What is this and he's like? CACTUS. Like. I said to him like the whitest kind of world of like what? First off where do you buy cactus what sue I've been one hundred supermax never see him selling cactus and we're out here in Burbank. And he's like my wife makes it like where where does your wife by Cactus and he's like? By cactus and you just pointed at the hills. He pointed at the hills above. Farmed at himself, she find out of right out of the field you will, by the way I used to live up in the Hollywood hills where they have a lot of cactus just kinda grown wild or whatever you go up there a periodically you will see clean machete cuts like. It's meet like they're just harvesting that shit. You take the cactus you make the cuts you cook it up the bunch of Bouillon Broth and onions and garlic and whatever, and eventually it just kinda like Tofu just kind of takes on the flavor of the broth you know. It sounds. Like well, I have a similar experience with the bucket of business and they make the Taco form a these guys are Guatemalan and I say, well, this is pretty good. What is it and the guy says Lingua and that's tongue and then I walk away and I slowly spit it in my mouth pretending I'm wiping. NAP. All right you got to. got. Jijel for grind allowed they're doing this amazing offer. It's it's an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle and RV policies. That's fifteen percent on top of the money Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your dog to make you breakfast and bed? Heck no never going to happen. But you saving money cat there's never been a better time to switch to geico save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seventy got a month or so. So let's let's think about October seven visit, GEICO DOT COM to learn more. That's GEICO DOT COM. All right Gary. The must be online tutorial. Whatever's talk about how much can I'm sure there are but so far all I'm finding as far as videos the the ones with the big hopper in the the tube. Oh all right can. So what are you typing in? I've typed several things currently I'm on can expanding foam studs. All right now, you gotta read the CAN. And now the CAN is going to tell you how many. How many cubic inches one canas good for? Sort of like a sack of concrete, we'll tell you how many square feet it takes up or feed or whatever the yards are, what percentage of a yard or whatever that thing is Gary. Gary. Gary said Yeah Gary has an. Math mind so. Gary. If it is. Three and a half inches worth a depth in fourteen and a half wide. Right then you know. Fifty. Cubic. Cubic inches would would would be like three inches high in the in the Bay I think we're GONNA have to figure that out. But if it's like a hundred cubic inches than we know would come up six inches in the bay I. Think if my if my calculations are correct, but the can must have a volume thing says five square feet. Five what though five square feet? What five square feet now that's the coverage area five square feet. STROMER. Yes. You know how there's a difference between. Linear foot in a board foot yeah. Didn't. They didn't. They change that recently they'll be inches thing woodman's you want the definition of a board foot yeah. Do you tell aboard foot? Is Won by twelve that's a board foot. So if you said. I have a piece of one by sex. It's two feet long I'd go. That's one board foot. That kind of along with that. Yeah. It makes sense. So bored, it's like twelve inches wide and one inch. That's a board foot. Now, a linear foot would be I have a piece of two by six. It's four feet long will then that's Ford Linear feet, but it would be to board feet. Okay. I can read you something here that I don't quite understand but based on what you're talking about you may get. The theoretical yield of a can is measured in lineal feet of a three eighths of an inch to one half inch diameter bead. One, twelve ounce can has about two hundred and fifty lineal feet. One sixteen ounce can which seems to be the standard has about three hundred and thirty feet. So. Basically, it's like saying one tube of two one tube of toothpaste has a stripe that'll go for three hundred and fifty feet. Still little tough in the volume calculation. They're they're not too. You'd have to do the thick of this toothpaste. Pays folded. Yeah at times on itself, we're really what you have to do is. Some hero I can't believe Gary and so on. Saying the stuff exists on the Internet and no one knows what how much fills up a bay I'm not saying that doesn't exist saying we're having trouble finding it in time constraints. Someone here is saying that a display at a home depot show that it can produce about a cubic foot. Cubic. Okay, well by twelve twelve, twelve, right. So a cubic foot is four by four. Now again, the base three and a half, right? So you would that would go up about three foot. According to my. Calculations it closer to four. Well, it's fourteen and a half wide. Okay. Not Twelve right. Right. So yes, calculated that part. I just drill. Drill, a hole every four feet in the wall essentially, right? Well, can do in a cubic foot if you slice the cubic foot. If you if you slice the cubic foot into three four inch. Slices and stack them on top of each other. Then you'd have four inches deep and three foot tall, right? But. It's fourteen and a half wide not. A foot wide in the bay, but it's not four inches deep and three and a half. So I would guess. I would guess that can would get you close to three foot maybe maybe like thirty three inches or something like that. All right. So now so the question is, would you put the whole low or the center of that span I'd go in the middle of the Bay I'd go up to the three foot mark and I would just fill it and then I'll get another can out and and see when it when it started to come out. But if it goes in three foot mark, will it fall down the bay? Oh. Yeah. It'll fall into the bottom of the bay. Yeah three and a half by thirty, five, ninety, nine, zero, three, and a half deep by fourteen wide I'm trying to get you have to just change the. Number and at thirty five inches, which is just under. Three feet you get point nine, nine, hundred, thirty, six, yet one point, oh two. So you were dead on. So might icicle the asked. Matt. Deandre this are sorry I meant other met. Can you believe I was a poor student like? Say like people look at well that. Guy. Not. Much. Going on in the brains department. He's funny it's good football but not not not not in the classroom. Ache kids don't say stay in school. That's right. That's what I as earlier this conference that you and I as you know, I was in a box in math in a refrigerator box. You're. Your considered some sort of a half tarred. Donald. Cubic. We've done cubic cavernous filling it with foam calculations we should work at NASA. So fourteen, wide three and a half deep goes up about thirty five but it would be more like thirty three because it's fourteen and a half white is that what you're saying, Gary? I'm sorry one more time. You gave us a cow for fourteen wide three and a half deep that would go up to about thirty five inches. I said thirty three because it's fourteen and a half wide. Oh, I saw him. Would drop down to thirty three. That is my guess on it's actually thirty four and then you're dead nuts on one cubic foot. So, fourteen and a half wide. Three and a half deep. Was Up to thirty four inches correct. All right. Well, they were. So for an eight, an eight or nine foot ceiling three cans would fill obey correct three and a half cans like that. No two and a half. To. Two and three quarter or something like that. It's an eight foot wall, but the plumbing is going to be down at the bottom or cutting across the middle. Lower Middle. So I think this will work and remember there's a fire block in there. So it's going to break the wall off into two straight we have. Right now you can get hat so can and a half we'll get you to the fire block right okay. Let me tell you about J. B. Weld Quick fifteen seconds for. Weld proud sponsor of ace on the house, the poxy adhesive brand used by both pros and diy trusted for over fifty years and available at J. B. Weld Dot Com and retailers everywhere. All right. September eighteenth and nineteenth can go to Tempe Improv I'm doing stand up there and also be doing. Doing, stand up there and also we don't live pods there October second third Salt Lake Wise guys. So come check out as well. Doing stand up there and live pod coming to. Kansas. City December eighteenth and December Nineteenth Royal Oak in Michigan, and you can go to chassis. A. C., H. A., S. S. Y. dot com, and you can also get my book emotional support animal and check that out Lever Review I'll I'll read them. and until next time this anchor overex- Romer saying. Subscriber. On itunes or visit ace on the roof dot com. This is Corolla digital. A. Sorry I'm late everyone. To, just getting started, are you in your closet yet the quietest place? Not. The roominess though getting closer with your closet these days got a dinosaur costume behind you. Know. 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