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Hey guys, it's Jack from the podcast. You're listening to I'm gonna level with you guys. I spent a big chunk of my life addicted to nicotine, and it's. I had to use various like nicotine pellets, and like a book to get off of it. But one way that people quit nicotine products and quit smoking is by using vape products. And we're you say they've sued dude, you're, you know what it is, who is this your boy? The vape crusader dude, hailing from the planet of apes born in puff of smoke from mouth. Veve Suva's, dude. It's the one cloud stepper hailing from the best been cloud city. Okay, look, I get it for everyone. You know, because not everyone is as sick as me. Okay, got it. If you're gonna go get your vape products. Dude, get your pods, your module juice. You gotta visit vape while dot com. All right. They've got over one hundred flavors of you liquid. They got an introductory sample pack for just one dollar including shipping, and in-house, customer service team that will answer any of your questions. Man. Wait to see you in a photo of the White House HR. No, it was still White House. Presidential personnel office, dude, you probably saw me vaping. And then I. The deputy director, sir. Anyways guys, go to vape wild dot com slash daily warning on Mike. Cloud was dude. I can't see anything realism the missed, bro. We're it's not weird. It's what we do. Anyway, warning this product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance. Yeah. Clearly they. Oh. The whole room is filled with smoke. I smoked front of my face vape. All my bed. Hello, the internet and welcome to season. Eighty three episode five of dirt. Dailies Geist production of iheartradio. This is a podcast where we take a deep dive into America share consciousness and say officially off the top coke industries, and fuck Fox News. It's Friday may twenty four two thousand nineteen. My name is Jack O'Brien AK, squirrel. You'll be o fry soon. Squirrel. Do be your man. He so much go. That was courtesy of at Belva under H one, and I'm thrilled to be joined by my co host Mr. miles miles novels. Let the river cuma down the. Great hero. Woodham eagle of my. Is that what it says, make let the rhythm tastes you that the relief trick you over, I believe, let the river. That's what I said. Oh, well, that's what Hanna Solta set. Oh, because that a reference to something the song violent most by Enrico lacy. But the river things is that part of the miles gray part of my brand. Yeah. Ever. Nah, but, you know, I I do I don't know. I've, you did use the fuck with the LA river, LA river is high. We'd by the LA recent navigate the Elliott. Maybe that's what no at times. I have said philosophically to the river. Take you I like about, like more spiritually like don't if you feel if you see adversity don't resist it. Right. Except that is happening. And then move like a river. Oh can. I mean, maybe because it's gonna take you. So, man, I thought I was missing out on inner tube in the you're doing man, some tube and on the river teddy and Jeff Toobin man socks at the river, because that's how you get the. Yeah. Also that also women. Why, why, why men, why men just get jets? Is it all? Is that what you get in the river, and in China? I mean, probably not river, if it's well L A river, if it's sort of one of those like week rivers just up. Success. Filled with turds. Yeah. Exactly. Or turtles turtles turtled heard turned away who's that? Who is that the hell he'll am? I hey, we are thrilled to be joined in our third seat by the host of the wonderful podcast, creature feature. She is the hilarious and brilliant. Katey gold. Hey, what's up, what he said, it's the that is me. Yes, you got a k- golden arms from. From? Golden arms such weird AK. I think that's a consumable though. Right. Golden arms. Yeah. Is where he got that name that makes them? Yeah. There's so kid with the golden arm is what that's pitching movie aka the kid with eagles. You got AK the kid with the golden arms. You got it. Well, katie. It's great to have you here. How you been great creature features season to just droped just roped stroke just droop. Yeah. And you were my guest on it. No. You remember that really liked how you talked about eating your own? But yeah. Did I tell you about that? We recorded a while ago. It's been a while. What body part, would you eat? I in sort of castaway situation, and you answered very smartly, I might add meat, but me eating the but. You're facing on the looney. Yes. Right. Right. Not eating house. Good marveling, is that why you're thinking of the was just a lot of lot of meat right there. Yes. All right in that movie alive, member with about they go right on didn't. They. Didn't they do, but those are also professional athletes? So they got nice dick. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Guys, if we ever crashed on island, I was I will give you this calf. That's right there, right there like a little ham. Thank you. Fantasy is for people to tell me how delicious my. Korpi cannibals. Like when you go to the gym, you're like Jim goals should be I'm going to beat delicious. I want someone to look at you working out and you like that looney tunes shit where I just turn to Turkey. Right. Katie. So what besides meeting my own asks is creature feature. Mainly that. And so two as you guys talking about me eating my episode three as union lawyer. No, I, I studied psychology and biology. And I I've always felt that there is man animal are we so different. Not really. Not. Really? So we talk about some of the craziest of behaviors in the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom drop parallels between and animal, and kinda ask you to dive right inside an animal kit kit in there. Like your Luke Skywalker in Taunton for more for. Yeah, it is you will learn about humanity. You will learn about yourself and you will learn about the animal kingdom on what Mandy is an animal planet earth, but without David Attenborough, and just me laughing about poop and like wage are. What are some episodes of people can look forward to this season? Well, it got it really cool. It just recorded one on animal metamorphosis in transformations and people don't learn as much about metamorphosis in schools. I think they did like it's like oh, you know, pet Caterpillar wraps himself up sprouts couple eggs, you know, butterflies I read Anamour. You talking about no about kids turning into rats or that one can turn to. And, and it's, it's actually a lot grocer. A Caterpillar will completely dissolve before turning into a butterfly. Oh, really? Mean goo turns into, like if you like it goes into its cocoon, you cut open that cocoon. It's just gonna be Caterpillar soup. Oh, sh. And then it somehow recombines. That's beautiful. Yes. That is crazy. Yeah. The Coon, basically digests the Caterpillar, and like it's just self. Yeah. Uses its own supineness to fuel its growth into a butterfly. I would have been a great myth. But it also retains its memories from being a Caterpillar. So that says, oh yes it retains his memories. Yes, objection, your after turning into a goo-. How do we know that they did a memory test delays, this, your mom? Study where they paired a bad odor with a mile or just a Notre with a mild electric shock in the caterpillars learned, like we don't, like that, that sucks. And then when they were butterflies or moths, they expose them to the odor. And they're like, Nope. I am not going to that. That's crazy. Yeah, that's the sort of shit. You will learn on creature features but then she will compare it to humanity. Yes. And you'll be like a Caterpillar after all are we dying every day, you know, toxic sofas digesting me into a goo- emerge. A butterfly. All right, Katie, we're going to get to know you a little bit better in a moment. First, we're gonna tell our listeners a few of the things we're talking about today. It is a men. Gazi. Where we're going to talk about the Moby shit show. His memoir is insistence on being cool about, right? Preying on high school kids. Yep. We're gonna talk about Tony Robbins, who turns out very problematic. We're gonna talk about the Russians plan to weaponize, black Americans against white Americans and how they plant to do that. And why wasn't such a great idea? We might talk about a guy who doesn't know how to poop, we will definitely talk about that yet. We have to. But first, Katie, what is something from your search history? That's revealing about who you are. So a recent one, I guess, probably more revealing would be all the gross stuff idea about, like, frog with multiple eggs, recent one, but, like most frogs have multiple. Dammit. You got me, dad frogs with more than four legs more than four what you'll just have to check out my podcast to find out why. That's, that's the bayton switch. Wow. So. But in more recent one is done junior Mullen, you that I searched and I was like, what is that? And then I looked into it, and he apparently re tweeted a white supremacist who. Yes, Mullah knew who said it's interesting that if you don't have uterus, you can't have an opinion on women's issues. But you can compete in women's sports, which may sound like a word salad, which kind of is. But it it's he's basically saying like, oh, so women don't want to have their reproductive rights taken away. Well, what about transgender people? It doesn't it doesn't if you're looking for it to make sense doesn't. In any way, very, very bizarre. Equivalency there. Like saying, we'll we respect transgender people will then can't we take away your reproductive rights like it doesn't right? Doesn't track Don. jR Gle, sitting on a tree, stump done was like, solid point. Third is olive point. My yeah. So that just. Yeah, just say the buzzwords to get people's culture war. Yeah. Yeah. Like, oh, great. It's like we should improve the city infrastructure. We'll what about the transgender people isn't Stephen Molin new, the dude who, like, who, basically has like a YouTube, Colt where he recruits kids and like tells them to like their family. Yeah. No contact with their family. Right. Which is so it's interesting because he's stolen that from, there's certain things where it's like if you have a narcissistic, abusive family, there's advice out there. That's like you can go contact with that family because they're abusive. But he's basically, like just do that with your family who thinks it's weird that you've like started fantasizing about a world without women or something, right? Yeah. Or like you're like, so deep into the, the his sort of, like weird white supremacist, like, you know, and then he always has been garrison cartoons on his website where it's like a Trump as well, muscled man rate, very clearly just on the half man. Yeah. Yeah. He just wants to like get in. Yeah. Trump's gas. Yeah. But like. That should be the name of his cartoon. Just Trump can get it. Lyon trump. What is the Canadian export? Yes. Thank you, Canada. Thanks, canada. What does something for Jim Carey, though too, seriously? What is something you think is overrated Instagram -able desert places is overrated overrated. Yeah. Go on. That's what you asked. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's why you don't like any of my nut photo. That. Yes. That is why. Yeah, but like there was oh for mild sweeping. That's my but like there was like the places where it's like the 'cause it messes up the yelp ratings. We're like gets really high yelp ratings. I'm like great. This is going to be some good ice cream. But really what it is like they draw like angry birds on your ice cream. And it's like wow you've drawn an angry. Birds on my is school. Interesting. And then it's and then it's like I taste the ice cream. It's like, but this is crap. Ray it doesn't taste good. Just looks good on gas. And so that's why people rate it highly. So I go, like I went to one where it's like they put ice cream they pour like the cream out the liquid cream on, like a cold plate, and then roll it into little world, really cool. I just had that awesome. Yeah. But it doesn't taste good. It's good. It's bad. And they have like color changing plastic spoons that, like, like turn, purple when they're in cold. And it's like wow. That looks really cool Nate, right? You're. Name on the ice cream. It's like wow. It's my name is in chocolate. Awesome. In the new, eat it in psych, what brand of ice cream us that it's like do you make it here? Oh, no. It's I ris- brand from smart and final. But the spoon school, right? Yeah, yeah. And it tastes like you know, if you've ever eaten a scream that is like slightly freezer burned. Yeah. Like melted and Rosa, get those crystal Chris lottery like to play a little chewy. That's what it tastes like. And they're doing that. Like intentionally today. I'm good. Yeah. Graham ability, right for strictly for the Graham after dipping dots, we shouldn't have done anything else. Yeah. That was me off with different dots. Yes. And I remember my friend, Chris told me about it. He had come from the east coast. His family lives in Philly. And he came back, one summer like fourth grade, fifth grade, I had dip in dots. I'm like what the fuck you're talking about. It's like little tear drops ice cream, and I couldn't believe it. And then they had a magic mountain one time, and I wasted all my money eating dip dots. Yes. And I didn't do anything, but it's the mouth feel it is it is. This is something we should look into though or like a Zych gang. Get at us if you have other examples of there being sort of an Instagram filter reality where like there's like a vacation destination. That's like super Graham -able, but then, like you have to sleep like in a prison cell or something like Instagram versus reality with a fire festival, which I have mixed feelings about. Because on one hand like yes, Instagram, makes everything look perfect. And we should be pointing out that no people's lives aren't perfect to this place, a fairy kingdom, but also like a lot of those is just like look this woman. Looks like good in this photo. Then, like she looks terrible in this photo. It's like I mean, that's, that's just photos, though. 'cause like I'll take a photo. I'm like, oh, I look good in this one in the next one, I look like some kind of sludge monster that's impossible. You know. Slows monster. She dresses up like a sledge monce, right? Really cool cost. That's your second job. I forgot about that. Sludge monster and I'd go to elementary schools. And it'd be like, that's why you don't put toilet and your septic systems. What is something you think is underrated letting your dog hang out with you in the bathroom? So my dog has anxiety the door. Yeah. And she scratches at the door, and it breaks my heart, and I was like, why do we have to be separate? Why does restore have to separate us? So I let her in, like she doesn't really bother me. She just like hangs out in a corner and watches you watching, and it's like at first it's uncomfortable. It's like this feels very invasive. But then, eventually it's just like now, my dog is like is like her anxieties are at, like she doesn't have to wonder anymore. Like what horrible things goes beyond the bathroom door. She after one time she was like, I'm okay. It's been. Well, yeah, no, it sounds like you guys have healthy boundaries. What is a myth? What's something people take his true? You know to be false. So Daichi that Komodo dragons, saliva is riddled with bacteria in. That's why it's deadly. That's not true. Okay. This is gonna change how I live my life. Let's go. Like Okamoto bites like they bite you and you don't die immediately. But, like there, the bacteria in their saliva so gnarly that it causes an infection in that eventually downs the animal, have you guys heard of that. Yeah, I have heard that the or does it like your like your wounds being necrotizing or something? Yes. That is that is the myth. The reality is that they do not have dirty mouths. They have very clean mounts. They're clean mouthed, little scaly boys. Yeah. And but they do have them glance, so they don't it's not the bacteria. It's, it's the venom venom, because like I've heard that since I was a kid like oh, Komodo, dragons are so cool because they just have like disgusting mouths. And they kill by just being nasty boys like it's really just been them. And so the way they kill actually, like a recently researchers have found quote, they bite down with serrated teeth and pullback with powerful neck muscles. The result huge gaping. Soon's the venom, then quickens, the loss of blood and since the prey into shock. Yeah. And then like you're saying that huge gaping wounds play. You can buy a mouth that has venom is are bad for you. Yeah. I I don't wanna make a. Us. To Brian dialing on your phone right now. I make a couple of calls for a tavern or three year old. I mean, look, I don't want to shame people. But even if you put a horse saddle on it. We're talking. I mean if if you had a saddle on it, then then it's a thin. It's a Steed, exactly. This time. Are your horses? Very interesting. Your. And how do you think those myth got started that it was dirty mouths as it is it still humanity having being insecure about how dirty our mouths? I actually think it's because so if a prey animal like escapes, and then wanders off, and then, sort of, like stands in some water like they have these, like watering holes. And then, like, say a wildebeest gets bitten by a drag Komodo, dragon do. It's probably not. Well, maybe we'll be but and then it stands in a watering hole. I'm going to I'm sure I'm going to have someone like call me out on told him being like actually, we'll be are not regionals Tenny K. Let's recall any parade item goes into the watering hole, and then like gets 'cause it fucks with the river. It gets them in injustice. Not, not in China's next. The next section. Yeah. Yeah. That makes and so it it like then, like someone who's observing it looks like it's succumbing to an infection rather than just like venom. True. But the new chronic wound is from the venom, right? Or is that step process of the wrong? That would be the infection. Well, I, I'm taking my Komodo dragons back to the store. Do we know what animal has the like dirtiest garbage mouth? Is it humans via? That's the thing that you can learn on creature feature. We won't tell you, we don't tell you, as we don't stay geometry teacher, Mr.. Spelter. Oh my animation teacher. I had this animation teacher who's breath, always smelled like weed and coffee mingled together in, like just decay. It was really the US both his mouth was like that. It will like his life was like threading all the in the corners. And I was like that looks like some Komodo dragon the little white specks. The I was like corner kick. This gets highly Viscaya lever. The viscosity Kasey is off was a monstrosity. Yes. Like, like cheese off a pizza. Rose, dia cheese, the cheese. Megan cheese. Oh, Beth reds weird. No. All right. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Hey, miles are you in the mood for sport? God to the forces impacting your world. Let me stop right there. Jack are you? Speaking about the economist, e Kana missed business bench. Mitch so weekly magazine that offers. Oh, guess what insight and opinion on not just international news? But Bala chicks business finance and science and technology. I still can't stop thinking about the September nine two thousand seventeen coverage of facial recognition technology in China, it Kumai my mind and scared my foot right off my body. You got that, right. For me. It had to be April six issue when they discussed the booming industrial cannabis industry. Also in soy, they've got you covered showing you could get a free copy of the economist, just text Cyclades tonight, nine thousand nine nine zero zero zero, that's right, for your free copy of the economist max site guys. To nine nine zero zero zero the economists opium pie hole and gets smarts. Indoor back and Mobis back in the news because of his memoir, which people are apparently reading it extremely slow rate. And because it's like we get one revelation every couple of months. But so the first revelation miles, we covered here on the dailies IKEA we were nominated for Peabody for it David not win. Peppy a Pedi heavy award. Brits, Brits, pronounce a pepper is do they know? No, I believe it. But thank you for trying to make try mispronunciation also. Okay. I story are Peabody winning story was about how Moby once when he was drunk rubbed his dick on Donald Trump, as he more nine eleven right? It was it was at, yeah. He he going to do it. She really did the Tobias few Kay. I'm not gonna blame it all on nine eleven but it certainly didn't help thing where he just blames an unrelated, bad behavior on nine eleven anyways, now, he's cell phone with his weird description of a failed relationship with Natalie Portman. Yeah. He claims to have dated when she was twenty. He was thirty three thirty one. Let's I think we'll hear let's, let's look at his we have we have so many receipts. So let's go through them in his book. He claims first that they met when he was thirty three backstays in Austin, Texas, and they're going to new parties in New York together, and he would see her at Harvard and quote kissing under the centuries. Old oak trees at midnight. She brought me to her dorm room. We lay down next to each other on her small bed, after she fell asleep. I carefully extracted myself from her arms ticket taxi back to my hotel. And then he said he was getting has Zayed about the relationship quote it wanted. One thing for me to be alone. Nothing triggered my panic attacks more than getting close to a woman, I cared about for a few weeks, I had tried to be Natalie's boyfriend, but it hadn't worked out, so he makes it seem like they were in a relationship, and he was just too much of a tortured soul to continue. Dating Natalie Portman or the dude was just wild creepy. Right. And she was like, okay, maybe we kissed once, and that was fun for a thrill. And now you're not leaving me alone. Right. And there and you laughed at the line about centuries old oak trees, because you did go to a small school in Cambridge. Yes. -chusetts. I don't remember there being a bunch of centuries old oak trees. Yeah. That you kissed under. It's very. It's got a lot of a substance on it. So then Natalie Portman had basically respond to this, because she was like, I don't remember it like this at all her. She says, quote, I was surprised to hear that he characterized the very short time that I knew him as dating because my recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school. Oh my gosh. She said, I was twenty I definitely wasn't I was a teenager. I had just turned eighteen there was no fact checking from him or his publisher, it almost feels deliberate and it says the book says they met in September ninety nine and she was born in June nineteen Eighty-one eighteen eaters. Now. Yeah. And so, you know, so he likes to prey on recent high school grads, but Moby then couldn't just be some guy he had to prove that it's true. And he posted a photo of them like from a while back. He's shirtless and looks like a aspiring, Terry Richardson. And in the post the texts that post is I recently read a gossip peace, wherein, Natalie Portman said that. We'd never dated this confused me, as we did, in fact, date, and after briefly dating in one thousand nine hundred nine we remained friends for years. I like Natalie and I respect her intelligence and activism, but to be honest, I can't figure out why she would actively misrepresent the truth about our albeit brief involvement the story as laid out in my book, then it fell apart is accurate with lots of corroborating photo evidence. Thanks. Moby PS. I completely respect Natalie's possible regret in dating to be fair, I would probably regret dating me, too. But it doesn't alter the actual facts of our brief romantic history. Okay dude, you're, you're already doing too much, right? You're already doing too much. When you're pulling up to people who just turned eighteen in your thirty three. No by that definition. Like when I was like, seventeen or eighteen I took a swing dancing class that was open to the community. And so is like, there was this guy this older gentlemen, in his like seventies or something. And he was like, like every opera 'cause like it would be like all right now, you to like try swinging dancing. It was like, please. No. And then like he would just feel my hands. No. That's like he's like the thumbs would do things. It's like it'd be like, if that guy was like. Wrote a memoir like me, and Katie dated briefly. Right. Giving me Wareham massages my hands a lot. I'll give you that much. There's another quote from Moby where he talks about how he figured out ahead of the writing of this book that you can say whatever you want about a famous celebrity because they're not going to be able to sue because there are public figure whereas if he claims to have had an affair with somebody who's a private individual. They can sue the hell out of him. So he really. Yeah. Yeah. So he basically like gives up his whole plan to claim to have hooked up with Natalie Portman tomorrow, word from like the youth. It's just a weird flex. Yeah. Very sorry. Flix. Like, like, yeah, I dated a barely eighteen year old. Yeah. But that's not the only person that he also was, I guess part of his romantic history as he claims, right? Llosa dated a. Well, I don't know. He tried to hit on a pre Lana del Rey. Lana del Rey, as he describes it. She sure anger isn't. She why this is much later on like, just fully weird. She had short bleached hair and look like a beautiful elf. I. Yep. We go. I sat next to her on the piano, bench and started kissing her. She kissed me back, but then stopped. What's wrong? I asked I like you. But I hear you do this with a lot of people. I wanted to lie to tell her that I didn't that I was chased saying ethical, but I said. Wow. There's also in tiller. I wasn't a fucking player. Yes. Conversation actually went down. He said care like a beautiful. Gotta do go to the thing when we do the tongue thing do the tongue thing. I'm sorry. There's another expert. I think early I didn't put it in here, but they're talking about his five story apartment, he had, and she was like five floors, and that yet pretty cool. So, yeah, you're the man goes, yeah. I am them. It's like no, like the man like the fucking destroyer like the people who raise the people who are put to the guillotine I right? Because like, oh, all right, Lana, I liked fucking do you know she keeps it g real, let's talk about other creeps because Tony Robbins, just had a story released in the past couple of weeks. By BuzzFeed news, the legitimate newsroom, not the catalyst people, and it's a really disturbing investigation. I had not really paid a lot of attention to him other than to know that he was like a infomercial dude with really. Blindingly white teeth. And so I just knew that I didn't trust him. But so he they look behind the curtain of his super NDA protected like nondisclosure agreements everywhere, like you, you have to sign away or life just to like get into one of his seminars. And also, you have to pay like there is a tier of being Tony Robbins follower that pays eighty five thousand dollars a year to be like to get like those are like the people who go on trips with him. Yes. And like you have his phone number and shit roar. Like or you have another phone number. That is like his other sides cult. Yes, it's very, it's very like Scientology ish. And with personal power, right? There's also there's also a Scientology ish vibe to how he and his law firm react to the story, like they're just like going after trying to destroy anybody who says anything. Bad and they're just like really aggressive with. So what did what did they uncover in terms of his behavior? Okay. So one of the more disturbing things in the initial story was the actual content of like the product that people pay for he will like ask people if they've been victims of abuse, and, like, in one instance, a woman, who was victim of sexual assault came forward, and he like yelled at her for fifty minutes about turning herself into a victim. And like his whole thing is like self empowerment. But it also is like at the expense of, you know, people who have been victimized. He's like you're just turning yourself into a victim where like they might be dealing with incredible severe trauma, and he thinks because he a six seven, you know, handsome, white guy was able to, he's got me. I would they go gummy. It reminds me of win in the match. Mask when Dorian the bad guy gets hold of the mask and puts it on his face. He does look like. But anyways, he's six seven. He's I don't know he'll figure right? He's a large figure, and he assumes that because he was able to, you know, get to a place of success by creating a pyramid scheme that everybody should be a by the way. That's also the model of the four hour workweek or whatever the fuck. Those those like live coach success coach, entrepreneur, people are is like, like they don't do anything other than tell other people to do the thing they do rushes, do which was success Colt. Right. Right. Like a like, hey, you too can become an entrepreneur. What do I do? Tell other people how to become an entrepreneur, right. And how do you do that by telling them, how to be an entrepreneur, just telling them to be an entrepreneur, you see all these books behind me? I've read every single. These are my nine Lamborghinis, pre roll for YouTube video tile, has is going to be our generation's a Tony Robbins, and he all his stories. Always like I was five hundred pounds right here, my weight and got the woman in my dreams. Yes. I haven't Rolex. So apparently, while he got that first woman of his dreams he was constantly sexually harassing, and assaulting various women followers, who's using his position of power to, like try and have sex with followers. It's like neck. AM. Right. It's very Nexia Michigan sept- without the ritual, Listrik aspect of right on the body branching rate up to the early two thousands when he married his second wife, he's like, hey, since I've had my second wife, I have barely assaulted anyone show, but he. Oh he's like he frequently used his position to hit on women in the crowds. He would whisper to women on stage that he wanted to watch them have an orgasm. He had sexual relationships with women who thought of him as a mentor, and he would make his assistance, take dictation from him while he was in the shower, and like, would walk out naked and one time he like dropped his towel in front of his assistant, and like was like looking at her like she should do something. And she like reported running out of the room crying and was like, why does he think this is a thing that I would do? And then he would also often fire women after either having a sexual relationship with them or being rebuffed for sexual relationship with them. Yeah. Well, he's like the great motivational speaker for boomers who having midlife crises. Right. Exact-. That's like I mean, not to flame people, I know, I know people who at a certain point in the middle of their life picked up the Tony Robbins states, and we're. Still alone. But, you know, for a moment, I think they were doing well, yeah so anyways in the interest of like being journalistically objective bus. He kind of goes out of their way to talk about women that they talk to who he never did anything to, and who were like I swear up and down. He's like a great guy, and you're almost like, well, you know, this, there's like creepy behavior here, but who's to know? But it's kind of the, the rhythm that were pretty familiar with now where a first report comes out, and that gives other victims, the courage to come forward because now four more women have already come forward with their own stories of sexual misconduct by him, just textbook cult things, too, like, like every sort of success. And like people think colts are maybe there's, like this misconception cults always religious. Everyone's wearing the same thing. Right shaved heads. Religious believe in some kind of mystical, magical thing that's not necessarily true, it can be. Like a you know, I think like Nexium was not it, it didn't have a kind of mythos. I actually know it did like once you got in deep. That's the thing they like this is life coaching. And then when you get in deep, and it's like I am the reincarnation of Jesus now have sex with me. So that structure that rigid hierarchy of power, where it's like I am. I am God. Basically, I will tell you how to live your life. How to be success? If you just put complete trust in me, and that's a compelling thing, because, like, I think giving I mean that's what alcohol non is like you give your power away to like a higher power in that helps you cope with addiction. It's used in like diet groups where you give your like that feeling of like I'm going to give my all this stress away to a higher power. It's very compelling. So when that happens in a cult situation where it's like this guy saying, like just trust in me, put all your trust in me, and I will leave. Did you to success? Of course, people are going to be like fall for that. But then the danger of that is he's gone. And then when God tells you, hey, I'm going to just drop my tell my naked body, like what do you do your own? You know it's crazy. What the fuck God, right? Nah. Not not all this God. Yeah. And I mean, there's this they're like these scenes where a woman is talking about, you know, she has a emotionally and physically abusive relationship with her husband, like her husband, abuses, her, and he blames her for being a crazy bitch. A lot of the time like. That is a legitimately a quote. All right. Well, Tony Robbins and then you see, like that. He's very charismatic because the woman after that is like, no, but he helped me like that helps me deal with my problem. And I got out of that relationship. So it's like fending. Yeah, yeah. It's the same thing with, like Scientology, like there's probably a handful of frequently useful ideas at the bottom of like all this charismatic shit, but he is using them to, you know, get what he wants off of people in basically predator path. And he sounds like all right to really. He definitely the victim blaming stuff like, oh, like the victim mindset like that's. That's. Like rhetorically. Have the mindset of a victim than you'll become a victim? Right. Like I'm like, I'm sure that a lot of murder victims are like I just feel murdered today feel very murdering today. Manifesta my murder brats, like it's like the secret where if you put out into the universe like man, g I feel like I'm gonna get stabbed in the face right? Then it just happens. Yeah. It's that's kind of what I was getting at. When I was talking about how handsome I find him is. Is that like, he's, he's had a very fortunate like almost, you know, shockingly lucky path through his life, where he's been able to, you know, get really rich and like comeback from whatever he thought his problems were. And so he just assumes that anybody who is suffering from anything can do that. And it's like dude, you have so much fucking privilege, just at the point when you were overweight. And like thought your life was over. Right. Like you had so much privileged. Not everybody has that ability to just get over there victimhood like murder victims or like victims of abuse, like I don't know. It's just very frustrating murder victims. Just tried to not look so murder. Let this murder define if you're not wearing like plate armor, you're basically asking to get me. Well, actually, I disagree. If you're wearing played. You're actually inviting that kind of that kind of energy towards you. And I'm actually doing a seminar at the Burbank Hilton airport Hilton about how to prevent your murder right, right? And his five hundred dollars for a one hour seminar. But I will give you the secrets to really sort of arm yourself energetically from any kind of negativity that could bring a physical manifestation that would harm you and probably put an end to your physical existence. But again, you know it's not for everybody and everybody, you know, who doesn't come, we'll probably murder think your way into becoming sort of a an aim morpheus conceptual miss. You won't get murdered. Yeah, yeah, that's true. Can't stab cloud hashtag. That's on a shirt. Can't stop. His law firm, by the way, is law firm by the name of lavishly and singer, a mega Hollywood law firm with a client list that includes Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen and Scarlett Johansson, that's an interesting do that. Those three. If those are the three most famous people fairplay to them, or are they trying to be like, are they trying to lump her into that chrome interest? It sounds like a like a weird crew for both he to group together, or maybe it's to show that they're not maybe they don't specifically deal in sex Krim defense. And they just use Scarlett Johansson to soften it because they also do stuff to threaten people with lawsuits, if you call out her yellow facing. Oh, yeah. Anyways Tony Robbins. We're going to say a don't buy on his services, as a self-help person. Yup. These come to my seminar, a pickup line to use on Tony Robbins would be. Hey, do those go gums go all the way up? All. Oh but he's. Gums stirred. Yeah. I remember like isn't their family episode. Really literally eats eats. A person he's just like some just big Mike hulking mutant. There's some depiction of him in a cartoon the and his family guy. Anyway. Retractable lips. Do look very alien ask kind of like the lips were tact, and then it's just teeth teeth teeth everywhere. He's one of those people who has used the fact that they swear to be like, look man. I fucking say fuck like I'm cool. I'm not I can't be. Unlike inauthentic I say fuck, you'll manual me and check this out poop. Pastor Tony's chill exactly the backwards chair style like, hey guys, it's just like shit, man. Exactly. Yeah, he is definitely pulled up and turned his chair around backwards before said all right, let's talk about this plot that was uncovered those coming from the internet research, agencies Russia. There were documents that were recently released that a look at the inside of the, you know, IRA, the internet research agency, where the that Russian troll farm, that was funded by you know, Putin. Chef that guy, you have Guinea, promotion, how riches Putin shift doughnuts. So whatever, whatever Putin gives him his cello player is a multi-billionaire. Oh, yes. Right. So in some of these documents they found like a few different plans that they had in terms of, like, really trying to exploit racial tension in the country, like, obviously, they are doing certain stuff on social media. But there were some much darker plans that they had one was just about, quote, deepening conflict. In American society, to undermine the country's territorial integrity and military and economic potential and part of that was about trying to manufacture a race war. And this is like these were documents that they were not like there weren't a lot of details, but these are things that are going on the pitch meetings with the IRA of like can do this. So one of them says the documents contained proposals for several ways to further exacerbate racial, discord in the future, including a suggestion to recruit African Americans and transport them to camps in Africa for combat prep and training. And sabotage those recruits would then be sent back to America to foment violence and work to establish a pan African state in the south, particularly in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The blueprint entitled, quote development strategy of pan African state on US territory floated the idea of enlisting poor, formerly incarcerated African Americans quote who have experienced in organized crime groups and quote, as well as members of quote radical black movements for participation in. Civil disobedience actions. I'm sure someone told them if a white guy came up to a black like a you want to a plane ticket to Africa. Right. They will get knocked the fuck guy. So I'm sure that I, I don't know it's a camp in Africa. But we're gonna show you how to like clapback at the country of mistreats you men oppresses you. I mean this shows you if one thing shows you the depths at which the Russians are thinking about how to fuck with this country and destabilize it by any means necessary. But, you know, the state of police relations and the leadership in office. I think he's already doing a pretty good job of exacerbating racial tensions in this country. Yeah. Do you think what would our reaction as a country be to all the shit? We're learning about Russia were like if we didn't have a regime, like the Trump administration in power like, would we be at war with them? We was something shooting. The fuck out it would be it would heighten. Yeah. I mean it would be ugly. Right. Anyone who actually saw, like, wow. This foreign adversary is legitimately fucking around in our backyard. Yeah. You would be like I'm sorry. But we're gonna hit you. I mean I would be sanctions. And then they would probably escalate whatever there's, I don't know where it would go. And that's sort of the weird thing about the situation is like Trump because he's just turning a blind eye to everything. Is that on one hand the tensions are escalating? But we're, we're giving the impression to other countries that, like do whatever the fuck you want over here. We don't really give. Right. Or the president doesn't. Yeah. I mean I, I kind of with the caveat that I think Trump is a giant turned monster. And I hate him. But I am it's the one thing, I'm like, well, it's good that we're not at work with Russia, because we both have nukes, and that's that. Yeah. But I think I mean, either way, this, it's going to manifest in some other ways somewhere else. Yeah. And I think that's what it'd be interesting, if he goes out of office and someone. Else goes into the White House. What that response is from a new administration. Be like just so you know, this is not your fuck boy, Fuk, toil over here late. I'm I'm actually going to do something about this. And then where does that go Putin behind the scenes calls? Trump has fucked to it. I think he calls him that he got asshole probably right now. But I bet he like, really like has some really derogatory name. Yeah. Yeah. About how? In Russia would translate to something like like potato in the witch. I put my, my leaner, right? Yeah. Like fuck potato my potato. How you call it the fuck. He's just even in Russian. They say how you say. How do I say, in my own link? Yeah. I don't know. I mean, clearly it's, it's that's like the weird double edged sword of this thing. Well, there's no tension but we're at the at the expense of our Republic being sabotaged and creating something far worse. That's I'm like, I don't I the response needs to happen. Yeah. Because it's not things, aren't I don't think we're in a better place because we don't have increased tensions with Russia. I mean, we already do in a number of other arenas. Yeah. Just not over this issue like of all, this sort of plots to, like, try to like create like an army out of people who clear clearly would never have any interest in doing this is a pretty interesting interesting play. I mean, I think the person who submitted that idea like that was a screenplay or something. Imagine, though they go to camps in Africa and learned the power to bring that back to the land that enslave them might take it back. Michael bay wearing a big like, like big beard, and being like, hey, it is me, fellow Russian writer, Michael of beta lov, Mikhail. Mikhail, mikhail. But yeah, I mean a lot of people in the intelligence community referred to what happened in the two thousand sixteen election as basically like a intelligence nine eleven except it's Russia. And if Russia had done nine eleven like that, that's the equivalent of what they did. Right. The twenty sixteen and if you really want to think of it to its darkest elements like that they put the person they wanted in the White House to fuck the country up as hard as possible. Yeah. And that alone would be like. Meet me outs cash me outside. Yeah. All right. We're gonna take another quick break. We'll be right back. I can't believe it. That Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in finished overhead NO everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy. Go, you don't projected increase in organic Q three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. We're back and there's a, a audio clip that we just have to play for you guys. And this is a it's a podcast that we have spent the last couple days. Trying to fact, check make sure it's real and all indications from around the internet. Are that this is a real conversation that happens? So, like this, you've probably like, put the most religious is, as hard, as we've tried to cruise Reddit cringe relooked through the comments. Usually somebody comes up real quick like district, it's fake. I know because of this, right? Or bit that they're doing because. Yeah. On a podcast because we all know how podcasts go right? Some kind of like a body language expert in to look in psycho. If you watch this clip, his, this person's by language seems very real to me again clip. So we're actually going to plug in two miles laptop to mix Haiti can actually see. See the video because his body language is part, part of the thing that makes it. So convincing that this is a genuine moment of a teachable moment for him. Yeah. Yeah. And so this is them discussing just sort of bathroom habits around having a ballum rent just like all touch shit before. Tissue. You shit every single day of you shit like you wipe yourself. They got in the tissue. You wipe yourself get on attic, is it. Why are you touching this shit that tissue is for the shape? That's what I'm saying. You do. Grab Xinhau now saying that you don't. Yeah. You white wipe and you grab the shit out. Why are you grabbing you guys asked? Are you telling me that shot is let the doodle full in the toilet? Don't catch every time. I am about to Lee bow how sick shit. I'm going to say the wrong mine touching mush it all these years, I'm more disgusted than laugh. I can't get in you. What are you talking about? I'm my stomach. Just sit the shit, right? Come right out, so no way, what happens if you got the runs, they something like that. What do you do that you wash the hair? So he, he is turning to people off camera while this is happening. Like being like come on my crazy stress. Yeah. He's like, wait what you got. Come on. Somebody back me up here, and if that is fake, then he should. He's agent. Yes. He's a fucking agent because the great Bill wouldn't he could he did not know where he was. He did not know where he landed, and he was like, whoa. What do you mean? And then when he goes, y'all just let the doodoo hit the water, right? When I heard that I'm like, wow, this is someone who die happened. We're getting the whole the wrong, the whole time was that what you thought. Figure out like 'cause like I'm trying to figure out the thought process there because why would you need to intercept the snow? That's what I'm curious about. But this goes on to a larger discussion. We're, how is that this like taboo, taboo, topics where I think people can develop these interesting ways of doing shit like taking a dump right? Because we don't really talk about it. Right. And you meet people all the time. And you're like you what they're these certain things I've noticed it before with how you bathe. It's sort of thing. Yeah. With how miles Bates when I observed him? Don't you don't? He makes Jack dick type. Jack podcast idea. Take take note. No, it's, it's a thing you don't really get feedback on, we've talked before I think about how their cultural differences in, like white people are less likely to use wash cloths. Right. And I've gotten incredulous reactions wait. Wait, wait. What? Yeah, that's a, that's a lot. That's. You use like something else, though, right? Like a poof or a non on why people serve. That's like that's like or late nineties like poof, like just a tiny wash cloth and soapdish it up. And then you just so like it's that white people use things like Loof is or poofs, but no, I grew up just using Sopa my hands and not a worship. Not a worship. I see I see. Yes, these are all see. This is all these are the kinds of things. Do you get the? We wash it after. Right. I mean, there's water running over the whole time. I'm not saying I was right. And then you use that then you leave that by the toilet. And then you wipe your ass, right? Then then you soap it up in the shower and then you clean it back and forth. Right. And that's a joke. Perplexed. And there's also controversy around whether you have to wash your legs on the same campus or buoy, who tweeted so upset seeing people shame others on here for not washing their legs in the shower, you don't have to wash your legs. They are self cleaning so are your arms and hair and but whole showers caused deafness that travels through later book. He said someone called him a dirty trifle. Like that is Soren to t-. Yes. That joking, but I am less likely to wash my legs probably than most other parts Labadie. It depends I have a I definitely the my hamstrings don't get a lot of right. Yeah. I get my shins my calf and then I think I'd do a real half ass sorta, like swipe at the back of my leg guys. Trust the gravity situation with water way too much. Yeah. Like, I think I probably do for me, it's like everything's gotta go. It's all it's all the skin cells that top layer of Durmus. It's gotta go. Yeah. And these things. Well, actually, the thing is, like Japan, the sort of, like washrag that I grew up with is just like inex- foliage s like because I remember as head like you scrub yourself to your read. They, it's sort of like how raised doing it, then as I got older. And I was like showering because I used to take bads more when I was younger then as I started showering. I just got lazy. And I would just hit the you know, quick quickly on the lead. Not as much as I was like, buffing it down. Whereas Katie, you say you use steel wool and one of those drill. The pumice stone, and basically, what's like a file, that has, like some grit sandpaper on it interest, just filed down is and stuff. So it's like everything gets filed buffed out Feek houses. You want some parmesan. Gone. But I think you know, with like poo and it looks like she get something in man, super-duper, San Jose breaking news. What we say, I actually when you were talking about sillier it didn't occur to me. But I grew up Iranian culture. You use a watering can to wash your butt and my parents had as a group, they had installed like little like hand held but days to wash your butt. And then when I went to college, I basically had to learn to just white my ass and wash it we mean so like there's a thing called like an often bay, which is its most families say just have like a watering can next the toilet. And so you use that watering can to wash your button pour down your back. Yeah. And you want your foot with thanks, a lot of sense, though. And that's what they do. Any Ron like all any Ron when you go all the toilets have like a so what hold on. This is the can I just leaned forward? And I just poured down my book. They're smaller. And so you can, you know it's a lot us. Isn't it? Is there like is there a wipe afterwards to sort of like can wipe if you're, you know, kind of just dry yourself off right? Yeah. But for the most part, you always clean your shit. But that's just another iterative a bit day. Sure. Sure. It doesn't go straight up. Yeah. They didn't when I went to. Right in there. Yeah. They kind of blast. But like I'm saying is it like an enema kind of situation power is not right? Look, if you can't be if you have a mistake, if he wanted to power-wash, right. But, but yeah. Those in American colleges, you have to learn to basically just wipe your butt and it took me a very long time to feel clean. Oh sure, yeah, it would be like, oh, I'm not clean. I'm not clean. I mean you're probably right. Like a lot 'cause like we never wa-, if you think about it, we don't wash our hands by just rubbing dry towel on it like. But like you do soap and water. So like with, with the but, like, like we're just like yeah. Just some dry papers smear up, by the way. Do you guys use a wash cloth? When you're washing your hands. No, you just use soap and your hands to one hand to wash the other one we're anyways you use a wash. Defensive defensive about my non wash cloth. Use all the pens. I mean you don't have to it's I think it's the same thing I think the exfoliating part is the difference, right? 'cause gotta get them dead skin cells off right? Get enough traction. I guess, like then should be fine. You can get me. I just don't feel good. Unless, like unless I'm glistening with, like sort of Durham. Some muscle fans weeping. It's all a weeping wound. But yeah, but that's the thing like, I remember you always see people with weird shitting habits my one boy, I'm not gonna say, your name, really good friend of mine, always shit naked. Fully naked. Yeah. I know people who are like that every single thing off his body. Converse that and he would in highschool. He will put his clothes over the fucking bathroom. Soft. Did you feel that shit? Yeah. And take off that is, as you are opening yoursel attached. You pay. Do look how you shouldn't weird. Also my friend's older. Brother. He shits with a towel on his lap because he just doesn't want. I have no idea. We tried to figure out what the logic was. I don't know. It's just like how do they have to look down, dick animals? I don't know. But it's like it's like as if he's doing like a tablecloth on his lap. Right now. I think I don't know. Maybe he thinks, like, maybe the odor will come up between his I don't know. And that's me trying to lodge it. You understand for is. Remember he was like only takes shoot with the talent his lap that talent his brothers. My friend takes shit has to have the shower on. Okay. Yeah. I've heard that too weird that wide with all steam, it's like you're taking a shit in three D. No, I do have an issue with taking shower after someone is going no avenue. Yeah. Because I'm like, oh, the poop particles are mixing with the water part of three. Did they settled down, oh interest? Oh, is that is that what you do know, it's for the noise row, boys know for the noise. Isn't that a Bette midler film anywhere? They don't want to get to poop heavy because I think there are other cables of this, that are not necessarily poop like we were talking about how you sleep like super producer. Sophie Lichtman sleeps face down with pillows on either side of sense. Right. Well, it looks like she's like doing like Rocketeer ring. Right like flying. Her arms are basically, pinned behind her by pillows on either side and she's faced down. And she like her sophomore year of college. Her roommate's boyfriend was, like, you know, you sleep weird. By the way. And was watching the Sarpi bang, too loud in your door? I have to I cannot sleep, unless like I pull my shirt, I have to wear like a shirt and it has to like, go over my neck, like I have to lick yet. Well, no. It can't be a turtleneck. So it has to be normal scoop neck shirt, then I have to pull it over my throat and hold it there as if I'm like protecting myself from being strangled. Oh whoa. I don't I think it started like when I was a kid like I was like starting to fall asleep in, like a mosquito or some kind of bug like gotten at little, like neck dip area in that, like freaked me out like the little the little neck dip, right above, there's, like, really creeps me out if anything touches it. And so, like, I just learned that I have to protect my neck by, like, pulling now, I would say the fucking neck. Fucking neck from golden arms from we go neck. Now I have to I cannot sleep unless I think that's I think that is Evelyn -arily sound like there's strangled, right? Under your neck and yeah, no, no way. A strangler could get through your t shirt my. Media hand. Katie does have Gigante can't muscle. But I feel like the vulnerability of the part of your body is like exactly equivalent, tau ticklish, it tends to be and like under your neck is very tickle under your arms necklaces that hit you. Right. They're just like oh, wow. Man. That's like your achilles heel. So my family used to keep all air socks in the same drawer, and like we just shared socks. And when my sister got married, her husband, was, like what the fuck you sock mixing? Misako nation. All tiny problematic rivers. Yeah, I feel like food storage. We were talking rather than other version of this where like what your family does is different from other families. And when you find when you open yourself up to the world, it's like wait. What? Yeah. Like I would always people 'cause but my mom being Japanese like refrigeration was like, more of like a luxury luxury, but just there is not as much of an emphasis to refrigerate things immediately. So when I started living with other people, and they're like you're y why you're gonna get sick dude? Right. I'm like, motherfucker. I've been doing this. Yeah, I'm healthier than you. So what, what is it? Yeah. I don't know if that's maybe I'm more accustomed to the bacteria. I don't know what it is. But I don't know if there's also logically, like, scientifically, I should be sick right in like, but in Japan, that's pretty common, like, yes. Have stews and shit on the stove. You don't put it in the frigerator right away. Yeah. My as raise like completely opposite, where it's like everything gets refrigerated even stuff that shouldn't be right. Peanut butter, right and her majesty my partner, she puts fucking chips. Yeah. In the thing, nuncius everything yo half bags just weird shit. I'm like cereal boxes. Yes. No. Yes. Mixed nuts in my mom's freezer. And I was like, why to keep them fresh batteries. Yeah. Whites are like everybody out of the way this is going to go there. Refers to the freezer. But I guess that's more culture. Right. I guess with the Pooh thing, I think that's borne out of a taboo, right, because it's not like there's a video you see as a kid, where it's like this is how you shit a toilet. There's a big book like you really do. There is a focus a lot of times on potty training. So it right. Maybe maybe like some weird stuff got in there. And like I just don't the thing is, however, anyone wants to do it is fine. Catching it bef- that the reason that bothers me other than getting a turn on your hand, while it's still warm. There's another concern. It doesn't. It's not officiant. There was a scientist. I just don't understand what the Tilleke is catching. It like like wh. When you think about it, like, like, when you think about it, like, why would I need like like when I spit out like let's not make it about poop like make it about brushing your teeth. You know how you spit out the toothpaste into the stink. Like, would you. Catch it. I swat, right? Yeah. You swallow it. You spit it out. Spit it out. That's what the flavor is good. That is it is the delicious treat another thing where your teeth around hold on. Do you spend, Dan, you spit out your? Fuck. Okay. Another thing that Soren told me how he brushes teeth us, like everybody does it this way. And I think his way was we agreed the more common. But, like, I think it was like you have to brush, with the toothpaste spit it out, then like wash the toothbrush off, then, like brush, with the non toothpaste toothbrush, and then, like take water into your mouth and spit it out. It was like all this big thing that, like both him. And Dan O'Brien did that. They were like wait. You do what just is like, so they really wanna make sure there's no toothpaste on your yeah. Yeah. Feel like a swish. I like it too, because then it probably sinks into those crevices and dissolves your teeth is the idea. Xichang. We want to hear about the thing that you found out, you do weird or, or some weird roommate that you had an real stories only because I saw on people on read. It were just making shit up. That was unbelievable. We don't wanna hear your fake stories, and we can tell I did see a red at story that I think might be true where someone's girlfriend used socks to wipe like on this. Yeah. Like not because she was out of paper. No. Because she didn't want to touch the poop. And so she put she would buy a bunch of socks put the socks over her hand wipe, and then throw out the sock, but that's even more permeable than like or a latex glove. While they example of cheaper. Katie. We need answers, Katie. Find out where do you folks? That's actually that's kind of baller though. Yeah, you're like, I use socks motherfucker toss them. And the story was that this guy found a bunch of shitty sucks. What's going on? Then he talked to roll friend, and she is like I didn't want you to find out and that's, that's the thing about this story is like she knew it was weird. That was my weird thing. Yeah. Coming this fall. Well, Katie, it's been a pleasure, having you where can people find you follow you hear you? Well, every Wednesday is a new creature feature. A season two is up now. And if you could give it a listen, mesh that, like, in subscription Russia, mash, it and like raining and reviewing. It is really great. And you know, I really appreciate that you can also follow creature feature on Twitter creature feet pod, like F, E, A T creature feature pod at Instagram creature feature pod dot com creature feature pod dot org dot net now is just dot com. And you can follow me on Twitter at kitty, golden ore foamy at pro bird rights. That's also me. Yes, this a bird as a bird has a bird filtered through the mind of a Berber, and is there a tweet. You've been enjoying a tweet. I've been enjoying like I said that person who called Soren a dirty trifle. Pry, british. Yes. All right. Miles working people? Find you, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram at miles of gray. Tweet alike is from past guests, Matt Leib of said, tinker bell is the Disney character I most relate to because if I don't get applause from strangers. I will literally die. And then since we've been a very cracked mood from past guests Carmen in Jellico at karma's on cheeses said after several over sharing moments from complete strangers. I have come to the conclusion that I have resting therapist face. Don't be fooled by it. I give terrible advice end zone out easily. And that is some people just do have that vibe, where people just give you their whole life story. Unsolicited, and if you if you have met Carmen, you know, that you want to tell her all of your lips, she does really have that both care what you're saying. You're you and empathize with it. She's a wonderful person. But yeah, leave her alone. Okay. Telling me earlier problems. Guys, give her a break, she may look like she wants to hear it, but she does not. Andy Richter tweeted, I masturbated was CBD lotion and my penis moved to Berkeley to learn ceramics. Chris Simpsons artist. Get bent. Saguy tweeted, remember to do this next time you're behind someone at a cash machine Exo x and it is when you're behind someone at a cash machine gently kissed their neck to let them know you are not a threat boy Tony Robbins. And finally, from at posh tick tweeted school reunion said in the scene everyone mirror cell fees. Lanna slowly removing name tag. You can find me on Twitter at Jack underscore O'Brien. You can find us on Twitter at Daly's Ike is Fred de dailies iced on Instagram. We have Facebook fan page, and a website dailies, like ice dot com. Whereas poster episodes and our foot note where we link off to the information that we talked about in today's episode as well as the song we ride out on, might as well featured today I like this track my parquet courts. Oh, hell. Yeah. Hey, this is was called before the water gets too high. And I mean look, given the state our earth is in. I think this is very appropriate. Song show. Mike huckabee's beach house. Yeah. Oh shit. We should talk about that at some point. But yet Huckabee, I hope you're house of fucking gets taken away by. Bo. All right. Oh, wait. One more thing. Yeah. T- public has a sale still going on today. Dry day. Okay. And just get your merge because it's I think thirty five percent off Bill or going to get tease. You know what I mean? Support the show, we don't all of our shows, but we really good merch hottest March. The hottest. Yeah. So everybody on your ethnically vigorous Mark get that creature feature Merck. Get that deficit merchant culture kings Merck's all the shirts at the same time. So you look. Tells predator. To be fucked with or by one as a worse wreck. The. Yes. Just us dailies like shirts to white your ass to smear your buddy. Permeable. The dailies like I is a production of I heart radio. For more podcasts from my heart radio with the iheartradio app, apple podcast or wherever fun podcasts. Are giving away for free. That's gonna do it for this week. You guys have a great weekend and have a great long weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday with more. We'll talk to you then. Glaspie. Voted. Crimson. Chance. Hey, miles you in the mood for a sport? God to the forces impacting your world. Let me stop right there. Jack are you speaking about the economist economist business so weekly magazine that offers kissed, what insight and opinion on not just international news? But all chicks business finance science and technology. I still can't stop thinking about the September nine two thousand seven she coverage of facial recognition technology in China, it who my mind scare my putt. Right. Off my body. You got that, right. For me. It had to be April six issue when they discussed the booming industrial cannabis industry ball. So enjoy. They've got you covered showing you could get a free copy of the economist just text tonight, nine thousand nine nine zero zero zero that's right for your free copy of the economist affects site guys. To nine nine zero zero zero the economists opium pie. Hole gets smarts.

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