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with so much content within around out there there's only one storytelling platform that helps you keep calm and stay informed and inspired flip board flip to work to turn the world stories so you can't be smarter in your work life and play choose from thousands of topics to personalize flip board and get the latest stories from the best publishers an effort delivered to you twenty four seven now that it's amazing when you see story that you want to save or share tap the plus button to add them to private or public club a collection it's that simple used by millions of people everyday flip board is how people move themselves in the world forward get started now at flip board dot com at flip board dot com eleven o'clock and i had to be out there in that heat eleven o'clock eleven o'clock they finally released the money at eleven o'clock eleven o'clock and it was already felt like i eighty five something like that eighty eighty five it was still we'll very warm and humid as the gas a woman who is so fast in the morning and i was hoping that it will be able to do everything earlier before it got so hot but nope got out there because there's a part where between the the apartment complex and then see a going port the bank is all feel like in a nothing but son in some parts into the bank there's not much sun a they want me to do this in the heat of the day i knew that what happened i knew it would happen and then when i got the bank to pay my rent before on what the taco bell to pick up my order guess let's all they have to play at the bank grenade grenade you know i wanna i catch going there for you yeah yeah yeah see michael doing everything i can for the bank that get my money plus get mile then let me back that is win the song is perfect that is when the song is perfect brain is that a song that always give me now and it said it made me met my wife but nonetheless a perfect song i don't know how it happened i don't know how it happened because that's what i've been thinking because what i've been doing the bank the make me how they somehow my monday this long in won't be the ball there in the heat wow and yet when i went to the bank a the get ready the pay my rent they played the perfect song go like had a good day antonio yeah yeah wow i will do everything i can for the bang so they either give my money on time or home my money in whatever nlrb back perfect timing i dunno i dunno how did this happen perfect timing timing how wow unbelievable unbelievable but anyway this murder i mean anyone i went inside the restaurant is very hard like let me get out of their ants i got my meal and then i went to pay the rent for before i went on my cell phone because i made sure i got enough because it was too hot to go anywhere because i wanted to go to eat a sam's club or neighborhood market an i have a choice that i could do that now because some you know already paid for my i may find a payment for past that moment that i could a you know now i'm gonna get to the hotel and i get well yeah how a which which flight i'm gonna use the go home but a frontier or use a legion an emt pay my bag for the elites in the pay my for microsoft they'll be able to do that on the ten i like i said i wasn't worried about renna like any electric because those those those those guys hey i'm not worried about it will be able to get the food and everything so i have to wait till i get more strength because the team the heat takes a lot out of you but i'm trying to see when i do my fighter foot that support but i wasn't long wait oh really alone late wow but it wasn't a coincidence that they play good made it i don't even know how that happened because that would be that same feeling that i was feeling you know that i'm not i'm not at all i can for the bank and they don't want me back and i told i told him i was like that's exactly how i feel about the the then with the car a making me go out in the heat of the day in it and then that's perfect song played perfect timing perfect timing i don't know how that happened maybe just there to make the make it a laugh or something like that i know but yeah i got a a general preservation general ticket for podcast and i like that which died the get on my food in soda but there will be snacks n n s t i just hope and the sweet tea are over there but nonetheless i'm definitely gonna podcast moment but wow that took the most i had the way to eat a later tonight to go to either be general walmart which i can do or go to stand up and say what i wanna do but only half forty four dollars less so why did they do that why did they have any way mean so wrong but finally but i do have some food so i could hold off till when i want to go to store the get the food that wants to know that would allow really along an iron finally in in abundance network fully now aunt a so i could put any website that i want to production with a trying this out abundant network but maybe i could get a much better way they helped me make some extra money so i won't have ever had to deal with this ever ever ever ever again ever again that was crazy that wasn't saying oh so anyway any hill if you listen

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