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They actually you can yeah. That's good to know earlier. I was i'm sure now i'm feeling touching docu touchy touchy. I'm not gonna lie even bad football's kinda fun. It was ardi fun. It was fun. I wanted to air was going to do well that was that was the main reason why i wanted to watch football. Always find good and bad football sure 'cause 'cause i <music>. I'm watching for a lot of different things in you know whether it's players competing whether it's a guy like rogers whether it's air rogers rolling is is at the coach coach trying to figure out his way through the n._f._l. Or whether it's mitch trubisky getting neither laugh because he's doing ill-advised interceptions. I mean all sorts of things. Are you know what else yes you can find good work. Seven fifty seven keys doppler on a friday seventy one degrees west covina high of ninety six. It will finally cool little off sunday each other on find fascinating fake mid eighties on sunday. It is national read a book day good as read a bookie. He's headline presented by sprint cargo. Doodoo cockatiel do so hip hop artist. Nicki minaj has announced her retirement. There's a lot of people in her camp and outside campus trying to figure out why she all of a sudden decided to retire because because she's got studios book. I guess you got a book studios in advance. She's got a bunch of songs she's lined up to record with different artists uh-huh and you know she's wants to start a family. She says an or take care of her family or something along those lines but there's other people that says says she's fed up with the trolls on social media question her legacy as a rapper okay l. zeke speak to that so and stuff because i whatever ever she's just like little kim to me as far okay how dare you and said what are you which part of killing in her camp got bars man they wrap. It's the same thing you can name little kim albums and songs. I can't name nothing nicki menaj ever did but i still think her best bars came on monster she dropped in with jay z and kanye them. She killed it on monster and then after to that retire from being a rapper. I don't get it like you retire. You don't know you're never hitting again. This is what i think occurred what he's looking looking at cardi b.'s shine and she's like i need to say something to get the attention back onto me because cardi b. too much of cardi b. legit though fool food for freezing is already great no right no actually what about sweet tea sweet teeth look sweet tea party be that i like cartridges ranchi in this rap about employees travis black. I speak i can't speak to her employees ability and i the blackness has nothing to do within their deal is not appealing to me. You don't make all that good dumping dunkin nine tamamka's talking about just i just like she's just funny like she legit to me that she makes the time which i so mickey manashe is going to retire it. She decides that she's tired of the twitter facebook instagram people going at her saying. She doesn't write her own music all in my the whole shutout and point to this with her is why you've people attention man like what if they if they buy they buy it. They don't they don't but you can certainly can't can't live your life based on what somebody's saying about you on social media like why do i just add never understand why people worry about what other people say about her careers exactly right. I mean she can't ignore instagram because she needs to ground to become where she is now. That's the reason why a you know. You don't have to pay display but you don't have to pay attention to the comments. I tell you that all the time you sit up here with wrinkle phases mac and somebody said he didn't know what you tell my e. I would say i'm a cutback at him like you. Don't let that dude dude dude none of that girl whoever has nothing to do in their life but troll you why even pay attention to it it's vice it is by it but it's hard to do not <music> live radio <hes> black dynamite eleven eighty six on instagram blast ells the to name one cardi b. song please. Oh i see everything's charts difference. That's the difference. She's she's pregnant for me. <hes> she's pregnant with maroon five. She's partnering up with all kinds of art is bruno mars me. She's on the tracks right now. You can just tell black diamond look charge and you'll get them all right. I mean she's on a charge now she she started off with. You know either very cheese. I say she got bars. I'm just saying she's on fire right now. She's into stripper movie with j. ehlo and stuff so she jaylo it's called. We're back on track. I can't believe y'all corny but that was my headline headline morning. You're listening to k s._p._n. Los angeles. Let's try these sprint people's hotline in l._a. You're on the morning. Show what's going on. What's what's up. Fellow the love your show love your show every morning to thank you question. Why did the letter has to come from. Mike mike mayock. Why didn't it just come from the raiders organization second thing. I listened to the story break yesterday. Which you guys yesterday the phone you jumped on a quick. You said if probably with with mike may actually at the certain way towards player. I'm not picking on your back. I'm not taking this back like that but those are two questions that i have well i would say that it was probably just a pecking order within raiders organization it could come from the president of the team. He could come from the gentleman. I guess that's just the way that they do it at. Somebody's name has to be by yes. Yes somebody name has to be on an as far as <hes>. What was the second one the second part it is is that may approached him spoke to him in a certain way and he goes not taking antonio brown's back but there's there's something about the way that you say something to somebody. Say anything you sent the letter but but like you said i research but the you said it earlier we were having. I don't remember if he said it on the air off but you said there's one thing that hey i need to talk to you and there's a when you're done come on in my office for second yeah th there's a very different approach in your general manager. You're not a coach. Why are you you even on the field right. Stand on the sideline. Stare people down with your noculars or something with a little hat on glasses folder. Wear khakis would tucked in shirt badu is that this is why. I think that all of this is not a result of something that happened. I think this is the result of plan that was put out very deliberately man. I mike mayock mayock knows that if he approached antonio brown and said hey you that it's going to go as opposed to antonio when you're done swing by astro themselves i had one too i probably had in my career. I probably had ten or so assistant general manager general manager types on the teams that i play for whether it was shock. Hairs dick haley will bill was coach when he was running the team but shack dick haley mardi herni rich mckay <hes> jerry and steven jones not one of them. Doing any of our practices have ever had a conversation with me about anything that i was doing at that moment. That's why i think that'd be all never why i've had conversations with him in the conversations was we. We should drop down. We gotta get this for next time. Big guy you if we could have just maybe you if that block of sealed air that those conversations not conversations about me stretching or conversations of me not having my helmet those conversations came from the own came from the head coach a position coach strength coaches s it now no damn general manager sitting over there acting like he tough trying to set him up at work. That's also possible to though that just as a._b. Can't control himself. Maybe might may. I can't control himself so either like he knows if i poked his bare is going to be trouble but i just gotta say something because you know the keys point. This is just who i am. I if that's not dismissing missing it but if that were the case wouldn't jon gruden saying mayock. What the hell are you doing. Get out of here. No you gotta hear no down here in aggravate. My players get outta here because john likes looking like he's the grown up in the room like he's grown up in the room to say get out of here yeah but i know from gruden amac. That's what i'm saying from you. I'm john john at the end of the day is coaching and he's i look. I don't know if john put him up to it. I don't know if john was aware of it. I i don't know any of those sorts of things but i can surely feel and i've been around teams and leagues and players and coaches and general managers in certain personalities allies in knowing mike mayock from a distance in his personality will rub players the wrong way. He's not e because he's a mr know it all mr i know everything and i'm gonna show you and i can only imagine him seeing a be doing something and approach a._b. I am bringing up the letter so that's why a._b._c. he gonna sock him in the face so maybe allegedly said he was going to punch him in the face. Well maybe that's next. We'll find out gardena this time and the more show what's up their morning show in the world <music>. Thank you also real quick on the cardi b. Niki manashe be neither one of 'em see light real tar. You're what i'm talking about his day. Better respect the game because unless you're ice hugh wrapping figure a thousand that game we retire you by itself. There's no no need for yourself to retire so girl. You better take heed anyway. Prop me off the ledge key. I mean you were kind of going in diff- with the right now. What is the role like. You're saying that this g._m. Was we're coming out of left field doing it so you're seeing that this this wouldn't be like a normal tactic for g._m. In trying to discipline you know a new. Oh no not at all general managers. We'll have conversations conversations which you in private behind closed doors. They will meet you. They may even see working out in the weight room and put you on a sidebar but not coming on the field doing practices even even if you're not stretching or whatever you doing do that's for the head. Coach assistant coaches to manage take care. It's not for general manager is just not. There's there's no other general manager jeff first of all half the gentleman's don't even go to dan practices right. They don't they do everything training camp. They watched the feel they they sitting in their office trying to figure out what players they go cut keep trying to figure out who they working out next to get rid of a certain guy. They talk to their scouts house. They're not sitting in their game planning with the coaches. They're asking questions communicating but they're not at practice every single day sitting around antagonizing players. They're not doing that. Thank you. Hey one asking is <hes> is he. Gonna be a raider. 'cause i'm team. I want him on the team but we'll see. What are you doing man. I don't you know it is money. That's involved and i personally personally would keep him on the team because i think the the the relationship is burned with the g._m. And not what the head coach because the head coach removed moved yourself and put a shield up in basically camouflaging behind maniac so i'm used i'm looking at that as a player and i'm saying to myself well. I got a problem with me. I got a problem because groups on the letter grooten said all the positive things that meanwhile this dude is being you know what to me so i don't like him and i feel like that is where the relationship is going to be in at the end of the day. He's playing for gruden his plan for mayock so i think he is gonna wind up. Team is going to be a few weeks before you actually takes the field so commonwealth of gardena last segment brought up mc light so we place them see like the show people aren't lindsey theory is it is going to be at the rams and the carolina panthers coming up this week and she joins us right. That's gonna join us all season long morning lindsey. How are you good morning. Guys how the go hello and lindsey are you team menard team cardi b. I'm with you totally against me. If i told you i probably they didn't know the difference between their music on new shoes don't say she didn't know who they were or done. Listen to so something. I i knew that i kinda knew if that's okay. Don't check your mentioned girl or check your mentions. No i know like when they come on. I'd like their music but i i just i'm falling so far behind you. I just listened to like the ninety on nine. All the time. I understand so carolina takes on the rams on sunday lindsey and there's been a lot of information floating around on girlies health chow mcvay. Obviously said that he's going to basically a using till you can't stop anymore. How has he looked at practice. If you had an opportunity to see it at all no we really haven't had an opportunity to see much. Which is kinda the last couple of weeks at practice or any of practice really because it's gone down to the twenty minutes you watch them stretch. You watch them in a couple of individual drills and then and of course the rams really get what they want to work on and we go inside just pretty standard across the n._f._l. I do tend to think that that sean sean told me yesterday that really will not be unlimited snap count but i really think he is going to be in a rotation that includes malcolm brown daryl oh henderson so while they're going to stay on the snap count. I think we will see more of the other running backs lindsey theory the rams for e._s._p._n. Lindsay would john on mcvay and wade phillips are getting ready to devise the defense of what they wanna do against carolina this weekend. Is it start with cam newton or does it start with christian mccaffrey. I think and get started bullets. I mean that's really a two headed monster something they said so in fact so i think that they really need to make sure that they are staying on top of camping in the run. Defense is really what we're going to be looking at as they get going on sunday because it's something that they struggled with all of last season and made stopped and they needed to but it's really going to be interesting to see what this spread looks like without a plug in sebastian joseph day so they're gonna have their hands full opening with the christian mccaffrey but we'll see if it's defensive the front little bit improved from what it was last year. I love the piece you did when you went to colorado to visit andrew whitworth. Can you tell the listeners a little bit about what you discovered about uh-huh. Oh think that means a lot l. d. <hes> yeah so i went to colorado for a day with andrew <hes> he lives up near vail gets. His family has house so basically andrew has prolonged his career. He's going into his fourteen n._f._l. Season and he's very into how to keep his body fresh and how to kind of find different ways to move his body. 'cause we all know as we get older. It gets a little bit tougher <hes> but it was really great. I got to spend the day with him and his she was telling and that kind of watched him go through a circuit workout watched him push a golf cart across driveway that young sons wherein <hes> obviously officially that's a delightful move for two young boys to have their gadsby strong up to push them across the driveway instead of towering with the pedal and <hes> and then played played some golf out there on the golf course with him andrew obviously that's pretty spectacular stand up close to him and watch him swing a golf club <hes> but <hes> just kind of went around the course of him eh kid and really kinda got to see a day in the life and i'll tell you it's really something to kind of energy that andrew has and then just when you hear about his workout routine in his thoughts on and how long you can play which he's gonna keep playing until he's not okay with his performance and he says he'll be the best judge of that lizzie theory of e._s._p._n. Being joined us here on the morning show covering the rams versus. The carolina panthers this sunday lizzy as you had an opportunity to rams. Obviously they lost the super bowl. We haven't seen him in a regular season game. Since then jared goff system has signed this massive huge contract with one hundred ten million dollars guaranteed record-breaking going going into this game do you sense at all and i and probably not that he is put the money behind him and looking forward to try and get back to the super the ball with no worries at all now i know i think that jared confident as ever. Obviously it's one thing for the g._m. And the coach to say oh we're behind him. It's not a matter of when or if but when but now that he has the money now that there's no doubt anywhere that sean mcvay is very happy with jared goff is a quarterback back. I think you do you go in. He says he's a little bit relieved. He felt happy excited <hes> but he didn't talk necessarily about having any added pressure the pressure i think was to prove that he could be this quarterback and now the entire organization's behind him so i think we'll see jared goff be as good as as he ever has been as they get ready for this new season even lindsay. I'm sure you got a chance to see the game last night between the packers and the bears and both offenses looked incredibly rusty. Neither team looked sharp offensively. How do the rams avoid board a similar fate considering. They didn't play guys either yeah. I think that's going to be the really interesting. Part travis when we go into carolina is just seeing how they look because we we really haven't seen the offense. I know that sean mcvay is added new wrinkles. I know that there are things going on beyond eleven personnel but we just haven't seen any of it now. Don't thing is kind of fall back on. Is that last season in their opener. They played well. They played well in the opening twenty seventeen hundred mcvay again. We really hadn't seen much so history. History says anything it says the rams offense won't suffer the way that the packers and the bears did but <hes> it will be interesting to see just because all these teams have decided to go so easy in the preseason that maybe they do actually need a few those games to get things going. Do you have a sense of what the game plan is to. You can't stop cam newton but you can decide what you're going to give him. Do you have a sense of what you're going to allow him to do. I i honestly don't have a sense because these guys in their poker. Faces has been an absolutely insane the u._s. aaron donald and he goes down goes to stop him <hes> so i don't know if they're going to try and get campers that they're going to try and get christian i i but <hes> i think that what they are preparing for is for me to be a guy who has targeted greatly and wade phillips said yesterday that they expect back the amount of double teams and even triple team. He's going to take on to go up so however they're planning to slow cam. I think that they are also looking at how are they going to slow aaron donald because that might be our best way to cam lindsay. How healthy are the rams bolt on offense and defense. Is there any worry with anybody that is nicked up banged up fill certain type of way healthy across the board. I keep to leave with dealing with a hamstring injury <hes> since oh joint practices a few weeks ago with the oakland raiders eric but he has since returned to practice and that's fine there is nobody listen on their injury report so they're all good to go. I know that we talked a little bit about it. That ed sean mcvay says the todd gurley is not going to be on a pitch count that you said that you expect them to be part of a rotation and and i don't wanna use the word. Do you believe them because that feels like an accusation is asia but do you i. I'll put the put it to you this way. I'm still waiting to see todd gurley. I don't care what anybody tells me. I'm still waiting to see todd. Gurley looked like todd gurley the kind of in the same boat that i'm in yeah that absolutely makes two of us. I like i said earlier they they say snap count and he won't be limited but i think that that takes takes on a new definition in twenty nineteen. It's hard to believe that nothing has changed with todd when over the offseason everything changed with todd so i will not be surprised to see <hes> he might not be on a limited count fight their definition anymore but that means now. Maybe going forward that. The new todd shares carry with malcolm brown or you know has split time with gerald henderson so on one hand. I think they're being truthful on one hand. I also think the truth can change a little bit. The popular picked to win the super bowl of the cheese. The popular pick for the team took a step back. Are the rams are are. They cognizant of this chatter about them. How people are expecting them to actually fall back. Yeah i think they are because it's been brought up to them a couple of times but i don't think internally there's any worry about that. These guys are very confident. Group really nothing has changed from last season and really the only thing that has caused leads them to take this step back from on from the outsiders is the fact that they will be pretty badly by bill on the super bowl so not not many teams are able to beat the patriots in the super bowl. The rams know that they've now been their experience that feels like and i don't think it's of any concern to them. What's being said on the outside died. <hes> you know they know they need to start fast but beyond that they are. They're pretty much the same team. They were your ago lindsey theory. She covers the rams e._s._p._n. The answer is going to join us every friday. During the football season enjoy carolina go to bojangles. Stay away from bojangle's. There's lindsey. I think she hung up on this. She bojangles donald on that friday friday friday feel just i feel a lot better. Chris wild wings coming in bringing food. That's right and check out the two dollar late night but blitz at buffalo wild wings. That's right come in at nine pm to ten pm and get two dollar bud lights cores light and two dollars bar food. Only buffalo wild wings guys. I just did some work on a chicken sandwiches. Either you know what you might have done so we're gonna chicken sandwich but key got the whole bucket on the whole bucket of next year. I don't want to stay in a lot six wings and i'll stop there now travels. It's not that cauliflower vegan no no that was on a chicken no. I just brought it to make sure that everybody had some awesome in front of me. I see it was quite good yeah. I'm gonna try to eat chicken strips strips next you guys go ahead and do the segment i stop eating and due to show. I did a whole sandwich and in one break. I'm pretty proud of myself now. Wait wait a hard time. I'm not i i did like a quarter key starts giving me a hard time while you know just like it wasn't a heart you win in the corner and turn your back so i didn't do it. I did it. I did it on video and then i walked over to make sure that we were good for the break. Janice is coming in here now at the plate of fries. I'll take some for sure banquets banquet fan but i'll eat elliott a couple. I know travis has said in theory. He's passed up on some stuff but i haven't seen any practice. No there are only a few things that i'm going to say no to and so far. We haven't had any shot up to mark to for hooking up after last week. It's a football friday week one so we hooked it up. He went there and made it happen. He didn't hook up keelan. We said in a buffalo wild wings in burbank woke up early to prepare food for station. Yeah fantastic fantastic strike other one real quick the real l. j. from compton on the sprint people's hotline. What's up jay pole. I just wanted to say about a._b. I work at staples center so when he was dare talk to him so he has a sense of compulsive disorders by way works out and then if you were really watching and you talk to them <music> i switch and everything so it's going there so mike may act like. He said he's a narcissist. He listened to all his good old. Boys telling oh you lend a._b. Run run around. Do whatever you want so. He decided to send him this fine when he could have just bought him in office. When you got these type of guys you have to know how to mentally deal with no question so r. j. jay jay for him to just go through the field and give them a ladder outside. He was through a good old boy to tell them to do it. Well no he didn't he didn't go let me let me get it correct. He didn't go to the field building. Give him a letter. What happened is a letter was in his locker a._b. Put the letter on social media which kinda agitated mayock a._b. Also also said some things about the organization and stuff like that so mike mayock did need to go to the field to say anything the next eggs data a._b. At all he didn't exactly left alone a._b. The internet so he already knew if he tires shoe gonna come on internet so he knew he go off on my way out so wars letter up the show rafa mike mayock. This is why the n._f._l. Players have to do it's for the reason they are acting a certain way because the media you gotta get lost jae. I want to go back to somebody said at the beginning was was talking about that a._b. Got this. You know that's the problem when you bring food here is because everybody wants to eat. Nobody wants to chime in and talk anymore. I noticed christie. You said a word perfect. Here's the deal. It's really tricky to try to diagnose somebody with a mental illness nisa having never even though he wasn't but what he called him crazy i understand i understand it. I'm not going to call him crazy but i will. I will throw this out there. Does he wanna play football absolutely because his actions say that he doesn't know absolutely wants also play football loves to play football wants to be appointed raiders in wants to be on the team but it what he doesn't want somebody trying to bully him. Go back to yesterday man dig about what i said when i broke traffic dead man did something to him. I you know and i and i'm not saying that he would have left him alone. Doc a._b. Will still be praxis. Be traveling wherever they play at home. He will be going with the team to the hotel on saturday night the whole team. I i'm with you on league understand that mike mayock yanked his chain and he went sensitive right now. You just took fifty four rex automatic. This is not the first time in antonio brown has had stuff. We've talked about a million times until he asked right a lot of stuff pittsburgh. Did he go off with mike tomlin because mike tomlin stepped back just left him alone. I get it. I get but my question is. It's there does seem to be and like like sorry ready to cut you off again but you did not but i'm looking at. I take max in in in in mexico. Lemon and steven just showed a clip of john grew in may i may extending extending their will look like he got a car sheet to call plays. He's standing side-by-side own the field like come on man i get it. I think we're talking about two different. May i'm not excusing anything that may i did. I i ki- elza you might be right that he may be one of the scottsdale that just goes and can't not go but i also think that there's a very good chance that he knows exactly exactly what he's doing and he did what he did on purpose knowing that if i confront him in this particular manner i'm going to get a certain reaction and i want that reaction because it allows me you start the process of maybe getting out of this thing that maybe i don't want that. I've seen something i know something. I've got all these ideas on what this is and we're we're committed to thirty demint. Let me see if i can find an escape hatch here. Maybe if i find him. Maybe if i go on tv and say your inner out maybe if i go down to the facility and the practice and say a. B. get over here got something to say to you that he's gonna react and now i can go out clause to line for give me my money back. You can question chicken. That's the question that i think needs to be. I answered as a football friday day as you know and a football friday next week we will be in west covina at the l. pescador the morning show tickets to the people here. You say you get on our v._i._p. Was text the word kuroda two four zero seven zero five. You get an r._v. list. You have more chances to win. Extra raffle tickets janice will be there handed him out. We're gonna give away ram a._m. Saints tickets in person. We also have the brand new morning. Show women in addition t shirts. L. pescadores got their own tequila shots. You know the morning show does it takes corona to four zero seven zero five next friday in the city of west covina all brought to you by corona extra game on lime in <hes>. You just have one of those coronas to washed down at chicken huh yeah well. They corona fridge doesn't come back hawking fruits. I definitely want one of those frigid. I look on the frigid. Okay keep absolutely the theory that i laid out a minute ago. Is it possible and let me the king different theory the the idea. Let me let me preface by saying that. I'm not trying to defend mike mayock and i'm not saying that mike mayock isn't exactly what you've described but suck is is this also possible and that being that mike mayock and jon gruden whether it was something they saw on the field whether there was something so off the field they something in their universe may alarm wiki win without him we can win without him or this is going to be no good. This is not going to this is not what we thought we were getting. I want i want to get out of this and so they put the wheels in motion to basically start pushing antonio brown's buttons in a very systematic way in a we're gonna find him. We're gonna know that he's going to react to the because that's what he does. We know that once he does that will respond to it by confronting him in a very public way that he cannot back down from it that he has to go and when he does that bam we can activate the we're gonna suspend you are going to get the money back and we're going to move on without you because this doesn't seem like this is a here's why i think it's not only possible but likely what's the win in this for them. If it's not that wh- what is the purpose of like you said taking his fifty thousand dollars what's the purpose of that which the purpose of confronting him on the field and and making a situation. That's almost certain to explode. What's in it for them because they're not trying to get rid of him because i'm showing you. I'm in charge in. I'm one of the harshest harshest critics john gruden's right play for the man. We won the super bowl. He actually tried to come back signed me when i retired to make to to when i left the carolina panthers in winter e._s._p._n. Midseason bruce allen. Who's the general manager at the time the tampa bay who's now g._m. President of the washington redskins reached out with jon gruden my agent and myself to try to get to unretire to come and join the tampa bay buccaneers after everything to me and gruden went through because guess what he just want somebody who's gonna help him win. Football games <hes> he doesn't care at a b. is running around doing this and that he just wants a guy on the feel to win football games on the other side. Mike mayock is sticking his chessel because he wants to try improve to people that already know like elza you you that he ain't running nathan that means nothing yeah. He's not running nathan at all. He's just there as a cover boy for john so he steps up uh. I'm going to send a letter fine. Okay you find him. That's good fifty four thousand dollars but she took it one step further based on the fact that a._b. Okay be posted the letter on a social media site. It said something about the organization. Now you go get so oh man in high strung roll out to the practice field messing around with information. This is where we have new palm according to justina anderson from e._s._p._n. That apparently he was at practice. Okay mike mayock was is it practice but he was just he he did not antonio brown went and confronted him. Okay died that he went over there and you some words covering j._d. Including racial zang racial you're right you're right but the the way that we were kind of in our minds i think about it was that mike mayock was the one that said hey antonio. I need to talk to you where the way that it went down. We're finding out now was he's standing there and antonio brown's saw saw him and went at him and escalated the situation he he saw him because he was standing there looking at he and he was saying hisself minutes do just about fifty four thousand. I'm getting ready to walk over there in get at him. Now what i said. I told you that he says himself to him. I didn't i don't i know how the exchange started but yesterday just based on how i know the league and how players think especially when they don't like somebody what was going to happen how it's gonna escalate so may. I didn't stand around and go mess when he didn't seek him out a._b._c. Tim i'll because that letter was sent to him and he wasn't happy and that was the first time he probably saw. May i so therefore he said you know what i'm going to me now. You got all the covered. You need to spend cut the car because now you've got players walking up the team executives using racial slurs cursing him out he can't have that. I told you justina gave us these recent details and after she does sportscenter head at the top she's going to join us worked there on. It's nice to finally doing something to eat chicken wings while it takes. I'm like i'm like popeye. Chicken wings instead of spinach so and so is so oh interesting though because when we talked about it yesterday on and off the air and i was trying to tell you guys that he said some stuff to him and he didn't he. I just knew it. I i just know who's according to the story here. I'm reading it. Out of one of my is here is that apparently may not only didn't initiate initiate. He tried to deescalate that he tried to. Hey what we can talk about this but let's not here that he tried to have this thing. Be something other than what it became into your point l z. This may be just they may have walked up. If you're going absolute jot it exactly what we needed nuts go to. I don't know that i don't know we'll ask joe seen right. We'll ask josefina. I don't know that they'll be able to get the money back and do all of that because is nothing being in the rule book that says you can't have an argument with personnel person now argument now because now if you're talking about racial slurs and apparently they re so we can say the word we can't. We just be careful the way you use it on say. Let me say what he say. I i want you to say because you didn't get job. I can't you you say credit for your current contract. Here's i got from chuck. <hes> he's just to be clear. You can say say blink on the year in attributed to a. b. but don't use it in any graphics which we don't have. What did he say he used. He caught for him and i quote laughing. He's so excite incite. Ah provisional word hold on let me say the ticket back. Yeah i get a good one to crack cracker. Gimme my credit credit. What did i say off air when we were having a conversation trying to figure figured out yesterday. What did i say specifically that were was. He said back it had it. I know that interesting you. You talked about the fact that he's from the south. I just knew what you're saying right out and i'm not taking your credit away but i could've guessed what he said well you you probably you probably would have used another word. That's all you just read us another word. No i think it would've got that one right gotten to the <hes> announced ride high exactly wrong okay what happened. What are they doing. What sign are they holding up. Take it. I'm tired of people taking our stuff. Yes on first take they're. They're pretty close. I can't remember te'o on stage with dutch mcdonald. Johnson bonds. I love to you over got got attacks. Here's me exactly what to say. I look under the least bit surprised at all but here's the thing now you have all the cover in in the world to suspend them to deactivate him because everyone heard you step out there and use a racial slur in regards to a team exact and if you've got to say that if it was a white guy that used the n. word and he's out you gotta have the sense of parameters a._b. Hope you save your money domain.

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