Ep.134 | Colion Noir Joins the Show & Christine Ford Testifies


The blaze radio network. On demand. This is the news and why? Why? Why? Why it matters. Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters. We have another special guest in the studio today. Mr. coli Nawar from ATV. Thank you so much being here. All right, Pat top story today, Kevin here. Yes, I have a feeling that's going to Jason fourth straight day in a row. All Kevin. I don't know how to get through this and twenty minutes and overtime gonna happen. I know. I'm I, you know what I planned very little other things like we're just gonna go on about that pretty much the whole time. What about you polio Troy? Detroit, the best of my -bility. But yeah. Yeah, I know. I know. All right before we do that wanna make sure to think our sponsor my patriot supply. 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I can't depend on new breeds when this exactly. So right now you can go to prepare with news dot com and get a two week, emergency food supply kit. Get this seventy five dollars for two weeks of emergency food supply. That is an amazing deal. Go to prepare with news dot com. All right, gentlemen. I am opening up the floor for the the Cavanaugh hearings and I before we get into it, I do want to say as of the time of this taping, of course, we have heard pristine Ford's testimony, but we can't get into the cavenaugh stuff because it's ongoing. It's going on right now. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna talk about Ford's testimony today. We can save all of the Cavanaugh Cavanaugh part of it for tomorrow. So Dr Ford came up. You know, we talked about it on both filling in for Glenn on my show unleashed. And I saying as you've had a really long day had a long day of talking about it, but I actually believe she's been sexually assaulted. I had some sexual assault survivors who called and said they don't believe her at all straight up. Just thinks she's lying about it for for a number of reasons. But I, I kind of felt like she'd been assaulted just not by bread Cava. Yeah, which kind of fits into the fact that two other guys came forward and admitted to it, so isn't it? It's really, I don't know what would prompt someone to. They actually weren't the perpetrators. Why would you say even if somebody paid you, would you had mitt to something you didn't do? It's a felony definitely. Before loop? Yeah. Mighty to place myself. Hypothetically, in being a position guy who did that and came out and said he did, but the idea of somebody just coming forth just kind of willing, they'll know him. It was me. It's crazy. And it also kind of goes towards, I agree with you. I think that she probably was assaulted at some point, but it also kind of goes into how it got a lot of tweets today from people telling me what about the lights extra test. What about that? Well, we haven't been given the paperwork, even see the questions that were asked and all that stuff. And that could be for a very specific reason. So they could've asked her sexually assaulted not even asking her about Cavanaugh and it would show up as a positive until we see that paperwork. We're just not going to be honest though when I'm watching Murray cool, a lie detector tests, and I'll take it with all the way in the world news was lying. But. I think there's something to be said about the love how much weight we give to ally detector tests and a situation like this. It's just the consequences are just too high and the result to they're just too many variables with respect to test whether or not admissible dowry that just don't really allow in what it does do. The alternative is in court of public opinion. It gives a false sense of understanding of truth didn't more pass as well. Pretty sure he did. I think he did much you knew about light detector tests and how positive, because the the conclusion they reached was interesting because it wasn't. She's telling the truth, it wasn't. This was a positive test. It was no indication of deception or something to that effect. Seem like a powerful positive to me. Is that as positive is it gets though? I don't know. Well, I mean, I just think right off the bat. It seems a little bit shady to not disclose to just say, well, she passed a polygraph test, but we're not going to give you any more information about that. I mean, that's pretty relevant. If you're going to. Say she passed it and use that to bolster her credibility, even if be prepared to give the details release it. Let's let's all see. I didn't see anything today that made me think that this accurate sation is any more credible than it was yesterday. In fact, it actually seems less credible today than it does to me. I, I don't know how you can read anything else into it. I mean, straight off the bat, they asked her Mitchell, asked her about the the letter that she sent Dianne Feinstein, and so she goes, could you tell me in that letter, is everything correct? So you would think I wrote this detailed letter about my account to United States Senator. He would think that that is absolutely correct. She couldn't say that it was and she pulled it out. No, I used the wrong adjective there, right? That was actually the response. There was a semi colon that should have been a colon, and I think I left a dangling participle in the third. Czar exchange. I know, right? It was bizarre to me. My mind went okay. She's an Denia so they can get a little pedantic sometimes. But nonetheless, I was like. I started watching it from that point. Actually was entertaining. I was kind of entertained by it, which was maybe sick, which I'm not sure says a lot about the society, but my with I was into it. I was near for it all morning. Not stop watching something to say about the contrast in, you know. Know typically proceedings like that usually like which are news fest? Yeah. And then you have this this kind of barn burner so to speak with real people with affecting real lives versus something we see on TV that's Faye. I think everyone was entertained by, but to some degree, not to minimize what's happening here. But to degree it is also will say that. She is in many ways. A better presenter of information from an articulation standpoint than he is in. So which I think is incredible, doesn't bode well for him and a quarter public opinion. Something you found you found her credible. I, I. She was compelling. Yeah, yes. Yeah. And for me as an attorney, I'm I've been trained to kind of knocked back my temps at confirming bias or or engaging in certain buys that I have. I purposely try to restrain them remain objective in doing so that's kind of how it came to deduction. She, she speaks really well very clearly where cavenaugh not that he's bad or he's not our ticket. It's just she does someone such a way that's very compelling and I can see the broader spectrum of people in the world don't aren't necessarily consider intellectuals or or people really look past the surface level of situations like this and say, you know what? She's telling the truth either leave for purely based off the way she that they made that she made them feel watching her daughter store before we keep going speaking of her being compelling. Let's watch a little bit of that. What is the strongest member? You have strongest memory of the incident, something. You cannot forget take whatever time you need. Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter. The brays laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense. That's compelling. It's very, it was very polished, you know, but the so what I hated thing was one of the holes that they poked earlier. I feel whenever she they asked her about walking down this, the boys walking down the stairs, and in her initial statement, she had said that they were talking to others at the party as they exited the room. But then today she said, I don't know if there were other people there so they were talking and laughing, but then there weren't other people there that they were talking laughing to now for first of all, that was only the one of probably one of that was the only legitimate question I ever heard coming from Democrats on this. It was usually the standard went monologue for like time allotted grandstand and then a praised her for how brave she is, and all that stuff with no actual, no attempt a lot. Actually let her tell them what happens. A lot of the bottom now. If you're just gonna be honest here, I think I think you said something that was incredibly port. I think you said it as well. Piggyback off the idea of something did happen to her. I do believe that. Yeah. Now the question is was having all right. And I think what's happening here is that's getting lost in a lot of the discourse that's happening and her storytelling. And then like you said, some of the some of the Democrats grandstanding it's. Yeah, something probably did happen to you, but was it cavenaugh? So that's that. Exactly. And that's, you can't ruin a man's livelihood over. And that's another thing that makes her less credible in hearing the story straight from her is that's her only memory that she sure of. The only thing she serve is one hundred percent. Everything else is a little bit how she got there. She got home, right? Who was there? It was where the house was and think about how important it is to name the person that drove you home. They're going to nonstop saying, what is what's wrong with you? Why are you like this? What happened? She would have told that person, everything that happened or if not, they would have been able to testify that something was very off. Yes, I did take her. She's stormed down. I took her home. It's very reveals a lot in my opinion that that person has not come forward and they asked her later, you know, has ever actually answer that. Why? Yes. Yes. She said no. So that was very big. I mean, I, I just don't see how you read after today. How you read into the fact that she is. A credible witness. A lot of people were saying she credible witness Macau. She a credible witness when every single person the allege witnesses, these you said they're all deny it. But the person that that probably would be in her corner her best friend Kaiser at the time specifically asked, why did she deny this? She put under the bus and said a health reason? Yeah. So does that mean a mental issues? I don't know what else it could. That was a dog I've ever seen in my life time. Much lifelong friend, right? Yes. We're still friends to this day. It's not now. Well, she said, I'm sorry. Yeah, so I don't know. Maybe there's some kind of relationship there. I was incredibly disappointed in Mitchell's, lack of follow up questions on some of these things. How do you not continue to push that? She didn't push that the other thing, the beach friends, which is another thing that went towards credibility, her beach friends, her stabilize was her beach. Friends told her like you have got to take this at least to the press or somebody. Now think back to her original statements original statements was she never mentioned this to anybody ever her husband wolf her, her husband, her husband and her therapist. Then after talking to them, she took it to the congressman. What I remember the name of the congressman interstate. That's right. And then the Washington Post. Now this blows that out of the water. So she told a group of beach friends, her words all about this. And this group of people who are these beach friends that was never. There was no follow up on that, but you cut her in a lie on that beach friends who she was meeting with, presumably because she had flown to the beach to get there. Another lie that night rich. So if we back up, she said that she couldn't come and testify sooner because she had this fear of flying and she just needed more time which at the time you were called monster. If you dared say that that was a delay tactic. And then I think we have a clip of the questioning going on about her fear of flying whether or not that was a factor watch structure for it. How did you get to Washington. In airplane. Okay. It's I asked that because it's been reported by the press that you would not submit to an interview with the committee because of your fear of flying. Is that true. I was willing. I was hoping that they would come to me then realized that was an unrealistic. Offer. It would have been quick trip for me. Yes. So. That was certainly what I was hoping was to avoid having to get on an airplane, but eventually was able to. Get up the gumption with the help of some friends and got on the plane. Also saw on your CV that you list the following interest of surf travel, any imprint this, he's put Hawaii streak. Oh, South Pacific islands in French Polynesia. Have you been all to those places cracked dry airplane? Yes. And your interests also include Oceana Griffey a Hawaiian into to Huston culture. Did you travel by air as part of those interests? Correct. Thank you very easier for me to travel going that direction when it's vacation. Agreed. I'll play devil's advocate. Okay. I now I'm kind of indifferent about it, but I largely hate it fly for a long portion of my life at still hate it. Yeah. I would line terrified of it because I'm control freak. So I would still fly. However, I was more inclined to fly to places where I really wanted to be at the destination. Okay versus so. But if it was somewhere I didn't want to go, I would purposely come up with reasons roadblocks to why couldn't make it. But I mean, if you're gonna, that does make sense to me if you're gonna go so far as to tell the world that this happened and say that it's your civic duty to make sure that the public knows and that you know the Senate knows and that they can make an informed decision, wouldn't you then realize, okay, I've already put myself out there said it's my civic duty. I kind of have to follow that up with going to tell them in a perfect world. You right? And I absolutely agree with you. But what I think may be happening here. I don't want to word of mouth, but. I think sometimes when we deal in, I think we're in a very, very dangerous time. First of all, let me just put that out there right now. I mean, I got, I got friends pledged celibacy, go things like this. People do need understand the gra- like the level of danger involved in making an accusation and not following it through. I think it's, I think she may have kind of short. I was about these very bad analogy, but in all seriousness, I think would've may have happened with her. She thought she could just put it out there and walk away, and no one was going to question people who have followed up and they've put in an anonymous tip and said, oh, he did this to me. I'm not gonna exactly right. And I think it be took on a life. She may have not expected to take on as she didn't push the severity of the accusation. Considering it wasn't doing time that she might have been promised to that, the Democrats might have said, look, you don't. You're not gonna have to go in for testifying there. We're going to get a delay off of this. Don't worry about it. We'll we'll, we'll tackle this later on after this gets delayed another week that she does strike me. Probably get some of this, but I've seen it before she. She does darkness socially awkward. So I can imagine this is she hates this absolutely hates. The scrutiny hates being in front of everybody for she doesn't like it at all, especially considering she doesn't have much in the way of control as an educator as professor her classroom, she complete control of the situation. And I think I'm inclined to agree with you in that regard to, I think they made a promise of moon to come out and do this because they have their own engine. Yeah, definitely. And then as a result of that new that could always just ask forgiveness later on, like guess what got in Washington. So let's take a break. We'll get back. Springs. Linpac is coming line to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing. Glenn back line, the addicted to outreach toured on tour this fall. Lot more to get into on the hearing. But before we do that one of our sponsor brickhouse I know we've talked about it yesterday, I think, but dawn-to-dusk has been a lifesaver for me if you are in the market for something to keep you going about midday you crash dawn-to-dusk is awesome. It's like you're drinking the coffee, but you don't have the jitters. You don't feel weird like your hearts about the pump out of your chest. It for me, sir. Has insane energy, and this is coming from now. I know. Yeah. Copy anymore. All right. Also I don't sleep, but anyway, I digress. 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They're brutal accusations, and his denial is so unequivocal that that there's nothing that happened the that he can even understand why these charges would be brought forward. The charges are upsetting and they're obviously they've triggered an entire national conversation about sexual assault. And sexual harassment about the unequal way that women and girls are treated in this country. At the same time there is as of now, no contemporaneous corroborating evidence for any of the charges. As far as we know, we haven't seen anybody emergency. Yes, I remember that and that is an important part of the story as well. That's what I love about. That's what I love about it all the straight both ways. He knows that he is doing it the right way when both sides are mad at him at different times, completely Ruth them. I don't think Dr Ford belonged in front of the dice today. I don't think she belonged to have her day in the hearing. I don't. I think that if there would have been somebody cooperating even like Nita hill, if there have been some, at least one of the person that said, yeah, this is how this person acted in in the workplace then then that would have been enough to say, yes, now she deserves her day in front of the hearing, but everybody denied it. Everybody has denied it. There's not one single person that can back it up and to the contrary, they absolutely say, no, this did not happen including her own friends. Once that came out, I would have said, no, this is done. We're taking a vote personally. That's what I. I think it's one of the most dangerous precedent. Yes, it's history, especially for any public figure lives because at this point now as long as it becomes politically expedient or whatever Jindo that may be maybe living on the surface. Also one has to do is create a compelling story. Talk about it and you're done. That's it day in court. There's, there's nothing you can do. Just a mere accusation of it done. Like I was listening to Trump Noah who revenge was unbelievably unfunny and he was talking about it and stand up is good though. That's what's so weird. I think stems terrible. He seemed like a cool guy. I just don't think he's wanting. But you know he was making a joke about, you know, someone saying that, you know, these accusations could you know ruin his life and he made a joke is like, oh, in what you'd have to go back to the blood minefields of of Sarah Leon, and it's like, well, dude, what do you think is going to be like activists? He's live with us now even potential employers. If that's the route he seeks to take are going to look it up. Do I want to deal with this? Do I want to have that had these issues with somebody who's been accused just optics of it. People undervalue the importance of optics in the state of where we are in this country and just being accused whether you are male or female of something like this is a nut to ruin you. It's here. Even if you don't have your day in court, they will ruin your line. Yeah, for sure. Jason, I want to know what you thought about. I guess you and I were paying attention to social media to Twitter, right? Which was just a giant dumpster fire. I had to finally just be like, I give up with you. People just can't do it. The people who were rushing to judgement, even some of the democrat lawmakers. They were rushing to judgment on already saying, I believe that this happened, I believe they hadn't even heard Cavanaugh yet. Right? So I mean, how would it be fair to say? I mean, I believe her, I think that it happened. I think that we should just you guys should cancel this because we need to. We need another supreme court nominee. Well, it's ridiculous. Like, how can you just unequivocally say that? I believe this accusation when there's literally nothing to back it up, your all your believing. In is words. You're not believing. There's no substance. There's nothing behind those words. That's all it is. What they should do is they should turn it around and say, I always say this to my kids as like not only just treat other people as you do, but always think about when you're saying something to people are doing stuff, always turned around. Imagine if they're doing it back to you. So all these people say, I unequivocally believe this person just based off of accusations. Think about put yourself in that situation. What if it happened to you? Let's take a break. We'll be back. Heard from him. Up next enjoy bonus overtime content from the news in white matters available exclusively for podcast. Listeners and blaze premium subscribers become a premium subscriber at the blaze dot com slash subscribe. Something back into this. I want to make sure that we're very clear here saying, I don't think that anybody at this table is saying that Dr Ford is making this up as some ploy to stop a Republican from being nominated with that. Be fair. Nobody hears saying Ford is making it up. I'm not saying that it's genuinely believe that. Going good. That's I'm saying, however, what I don't like is the current state of our country where if someone genuinely believes that they can't say they can't say that without being ran through the mud. Oh, right, right. Exactly. But I just wanted to make that clear that you know, I think we're all in agreement that something happened to this woman, but you know, as a sexual assault survivor, you can't just say something happened to me, but then the rest of the facts don't matter. I mean, we have to take a look at the bigger picture and then determine if it you know whether or not it's reasonable to assume that this man did this, but going off of the facts that we have today. Tie think that she's not being truthful and who assaulted. Do you think she just genuinely remembers that it's him and it wasn't. I think this possible, and it's interesting because I thought she was credibly yesterday and for all the reasons you just mentioned, I thought something happened to her, but I don't think it was cavenaugh but how credible was cavenaugh in that interview on FOX, I thought he was very credible and so was his wife and I, I believed him, but, but going again, but going out the facts today, not only does it seem like the thing with Kevin? Oh, it wasn't Kevin all. But the entire scenario appears that's not true. Like she has specific memories of this happening at this place, but no one can confirm that. So you just location. So you don't think that something happened to know? I think that something did happen to her, but at some point, but this specific this specific case, it's so detailed from her that it was like these people were involved. None of them say it's not true. They all say it's not true. This house doesn't exist. This party never existed. One of them her best friend. I don't even know the guy. Did you notice? Did you notice at the end when they were wrapping up her testimony and I, I was listening in the car, so I think it was Grassley, but I'm not sure, but he said, I just want to put on the record that we have sworn statements under penalty of felony from all of these people that she just mentioned was at the party and they said that they weren't there. And immediately the Democrats were like, no, you know, you can't put that in. No, and they started scrambling. They really concerned me. They didn't want those entered into the record almost every single one of them wanted their letters of believe, Dr road, they've made sure multiple letters and then grasps sure, but but the actual factual information about the people involved. They didn't want to have anything to do with them, say when you're pushing a political agenda, actually trying to help someone into something exactly. And I think we saw proof of that today. Democrats waited less than thirty whole minutes to start fundraising off of all of this. So we have some fundraising letters that Hirono and Booker sent out. But as you can see there, this is Harare knows and she's asking for a donation to support her reelection campaign come. Because the main reason here she says, she's spending every minute of her day fighting Republicans who are desperate to rush, rush, brick, having nomination, and this has to be her focus. She has to be able to do that, but she needs your help Hawaii. Ken, she count on you to donate to her campaign which by the way I take issue with all of them saying that Republicans are trying to rush this as a Feinstein, didn't sit on that letter and then so here we see booker's it's basically the same thing. We should all be concerned about what it would mean for our country. Judge cavenaugh is confirmed to the supreme court. I'm going to be questioning. Him this week. We can only make a difference if everyone steps off the sidelines Adra name and join me in this fight. Also give me your money, love Spartacus. So. I mean, it's just ridiculous right after the testimony started, they were already sending these emails out if that's not totally transparent that this ball political. I don't know what is. I was gonna say that a lot of the questioning from Mitchell seem like they were trying to get out, get out the, you know, are trying to make it known how political this was. That was the line of the question regarding the flight that was when the polygraph test who pay for the polygraph tests. They actually came out. They got her to Dr forward to admit that Feinstein Stein was the one that recommended cats as her lawyer. Everything was kind of a kind of centered on bringing that out. Go ahead, no, even you know, even. Prepatory soliloquies that they had with the allotted time instead of actually asking questions and get to the bottom of this, spills it out. Clearly all it is virtually signaling in grandstanding. All they were doing it was to get their moment so that they can utilize that sound bites to push forward and say, I'm fighting for you. Now, both sides are both sides are guilty of this kind of opportunistic fundraising, right? But there's got to be a line where it's like God like this is just getting ridiculous like we'd get politicians. This is kind of what you do, but it's like, this is something about it just stinks when it's so close. It's just like Rudy minutes, right? They kept calling for an FBI investigation, and I can't imagine any law enforcement organization in the world. Launching an investigation just off of hearsay. When all the other witnesses that she said, she gave all the night had ever happened. Investigate right. I was thirty six years ago is why a lot of them are are saying we need to invest it because they know they know it's going to be an inconclusive. He said she said, there's no investigation to be had. They've already looked into him six times. The one thing that I remember Dr Ford said she goes, this is something that the guy could look into it. They started investigation was whether judge worked at this supermarket Safeway, I think it was or whatever when he worked there and I'm like, you gotta be kidding me. Standard operating procedure for your for lawyers is to hire a private investigator to look at all these things and get all the information. So you give public that's standard operating procedure. I guarantee you, they've already done that. And the reason you have doesn't need to do that. The reason it seemed like the reason that she wanted that investigated to find out when cabinet worked. There was not just to narrow down the timeframe of wit exactly nineteen eighty-two this supposedly happened, but also because Mark judge to her, looked uncomfortable when she saw him at Safeway. Okay. You're gonna. You're going to draw the conclusion that it all happened because you think that Mark judge was uncomfortable when he saw you at a grocery store, it's unbelievable. Scant little to go on with any of this. And again, you know, I just it hard. It's a difficult position to be in in the media talking about this because it's, you know, we're not trying to be callous to someone who has experienced some sort of sexual assault. But again, facts still matter. You know, the circumstances still matter. And I just I fear that we're at this time kind of like what you were getting colon that you know now a mockery is being made of this entire movement, and I think that it's going to backfire, especially with like, for instance, black lives matter. We talked about this. I think it was yesterday or the day before that initially at the heart of it, there were issues that they were bringing to light really needed to be addressed. And then it gets co opted by the by other people. And then now. Yes and no one finds them, you know, as credible. So I feel like that's what will want to down with black lives matter like organization. Yeah, I think the sentiment of the movement in of itself still has credibility in the action here. Exactly because when people hear they associated with the rioting and all that other stuff that's going on and same thing is happening here with the metoo movement. This is now forever associated with me too movement, and we're going to see all of these people grandstanding talking about things that we have absolutely no proof of that may or may not have happened thirty five years ago trying to ruin a man's life over it. I think what we're seeing like. So I do believe for for a long time in this country, there's been kind of underground element of certain people taking advantage of. Where women weren't taken seriously or man who are victims of sexual assault misconduct so forth. And so on, who didn't work in a position come forth against very powerful people on. I think I think allows powerful people took advantage of that and understood that they were gonna come out saying anything and just continued on bed. As a result. There's been this attempt at shifting pendulum back to where people get empower victims who have experienced these things and be able to come out and face. The people have done these things to them. The problem is is now there too. It's it's over zealous. So now they're pushing the pill and the complete opposite direction way too far to the point. Now we're not. We're literally centrally looking at Salem, witch trials that are happening on a regular basis and our media. And as a result of that, I agree that that momentum gotta go somewhere and it's going to be opposite reaction. It's going to showing all the way back. And like I said, like I have friends who are just like consequence on from cultural perspective, I have for Angelou. I'm just going to become. It because it's just not worth the risk. And even even in doing that, all it really takes his Asian. Right back so that you're not even protected in that regard. Challender which again, I'm like, okay, I'm making mental notes. I have a six year old nun. Okay. So I have to make sure he keeps his calendars. To make sure that he keeps them up to date. You know, I have to make sure that he always asks for consent. And actually by that point, he probably is going to need to get it in writing and get it notarized. Someone at the Bank probably do a fingerprint on it, maybe a little a little with some blood just to make sure that all of this in the clear anytime he wants to hold hands with the girl problem is again back to same thing by the time he takes all that information and presents it has already ruin right. Exactly. I know the major argument that I'm hearing from, I mean, social media take that for what it's worth, but. I mean, he hasn't ruined. He's still gets to go back to just be a circuit court judge. No, he doesn't. Down in a restaurant because he's friends with Brad Kavanagh. His life is going to be forever changed by that insane. So Jason, we didn't get to talk about Rosenstein because that would have been the biggest news today. If this was going on. The beauty of. He's so he postponed to next week though. Yeah. I really think it was just because of the cavenaugh hearings will maybe not. I don't think that there's any there for Trump. There's nothing. I don't think there's there's nothing for him to say there because I guarantee you no matter what his first inclination to do was probably the fire Rosenstein, but I think that incredibly smart people and actually local savvy people got his ear and said that would be political suicide. And I think he actually listened to them. But yeah, I don't remember his direct statement today or was it yesterday, but he basically said that, yeah, I've talked to him. He basically said it was all a media thing, and he said he respects me. So again, that's politically smart. He's throwing the blame on the media which base already completely hates, and it's something also he can sympathize with because the media has been pretty unfair to him as well. So yeah, I fully expect sometime next week for them to actually have the full sit down. But I think that immediately afterwards, they'll be shaken hands and Laffin and he'll be complimenting him on Twitter or something like that, but nothing's gonna happen if he did fire him, that would be awful. That would be awful. Tell the audience by really quickly before we go, well, you'd have all those people claiming again, comparing this Nixon and saying that he's getting rid of all the people to shut down the Russian investigation optic politically show that you have nothing to hide. You keep saying nothing to hide. Let him continue that. Let let him go through and then then you can say, I did manipulate it. See, I let it go. That's. The best way to handle this. Okay, really quickly before. So we're getting to the poll, but I want to set up the poll by saying, I was listening to mainstream media, talk about how most people are not going to watch all the hearings. Right? They don't. They don't have our job. They've got normal jobs where they, that's not their job and they have to focus on their job and they didn't listen to the entire hearing. Therefore, they're going to be relying on the compelling clips that the media plays, which the compelling clips were as we were talking about earlier Ford talking about, you know, remembering their laughter and all of those little clips that are just perfect, perfect. Little package to air on the news are all going to be talking about her experience and not going to be able to get into it and they were talking about what an effect that might be on the public opinion. So we want to know if you did watch the hearings or are you just relying on the clips. To guide you on the he said, she said, battle. Let us know at the blaze on Twitter, really? Have you. So much for coming on. We will see you guys tomorrow on the Friday show. 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