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#29 G&Q Celebrate Christmas with Klaus


The and welcome gene Q.. Review you where. We reviewed the best TV and film. The world has to offer and sometimes some other stuff to the one and we're back Dinky Review. What's going on what's going on Queen? How're you doing? I'm good. I actually have an exciting meeting announcement that I don't know if you were aware of. It's you know today is today. Is the Chinese New Year. No it's not Chinese New Year. It's a more important day than the Chinese New Year. It's one last gus. I'm OUGHTA guesses all right. You're out of guests. It's our eight month anniversary eight month anniversary. We've been talking bullshit of a D and film and in other things now. Yeah which is That's a chunk of time crazy man probably even goes was back before that because not all of them are on the Internet yes. We're almost at a year mark. It's around that and and Yeah I'll have to check. The ARC is for Dr Patriot on subscribers. Those bill they'll be able to receive those earlier versions. Yeah the really good too. I think that the best ones we have the videotape. You have video We have really good sponsors and some of them are not even movie related instill still just a quality perfect. You've been to anything recently grant I've I've been sick but I'm feeling better now You know I feel like being sick just like I don't know your body's fucking Shit so you just kind of feel dumb. All the time like today was the first day I felt I was like Oh my God. I forgot how it felt to be normal because I've been sick for two weeks. I've never never. It's been so long as sick for two weeks but if not that's you're still going to work on the I'm still working. I'm working from home. Okay probably it's not as efficient not one hundred percents. Oh Hi all. I agree with what you're saying. Thing thirty percent thirty percents of work. Yeah pretty bad on land. It's your on the up and up. I okay how are you anything new It's good question. I I have not been sick. The only highlight of my last week was I went to a contemporary art museum and some of it was pretty cool. You know. There's a lot of things I wasn't the Mo the Moquegua Hermosa okay. I don't know. La Melissa said Loma. I said Lola. I don't know what the hell they lama lava. We'll see this museum. Yeah just the one big one so most of it was interesting but there's total bullshit. They're you're like I don't know it's like player on the ground. Where like a lightbulb? I think one was just Christmas. Dismiss lights like the string of like White Christmas lights don't lease do not touch and I was like okay. I actually know that one. That's my favorite shut. The fuck up my favorite are is. There wasn't there was actually a cool piece. where I I mean I? It was Kinda cool kind of stupid but it was just a piano like a regular wooden piano that some do took a video of himself just beating shit with an axe because he was varying the piano the piano. What would the would wasn't meant the Ano- cells where he said? Yeah I read the little blurb and he was who sounds like a maniac but he made he made everyone watch filmed it and like me or another one in. Your friends was like off to destroy this piano. This ward needs freeing. You'd be like dude. I'm GonNa stay from you. No fuck piano deal. It's like it's like gorge. That's art is like making a piano playing piano fucking Mike. You have to car you coming. You have to come to the performance woodchips everywhere. I don't even know how you begin to transfer watch it live. The video had a replay of the video. But there's also the destroyed piano in front of you in there. It's just a total mess. I I want to hit a piano with an axe. Probably Know Maniac me but I'm not like this would needs to be free. Do Uber. Maybe that's a you know funded his his venture he's like. I really wanted to destroy piano. Why just play off his contemporary art? Someone pays for the art piece and then the paid for the piano and I got an axe. BNO and it was free. You know yeah. He's not newer. Wonder uh-huh net positive view was. Yeah was it a nice piano. Look yeah look yeah to news like solid. It's really looking at the ad definitely going to town on it like staring at it. Oh man it was a that was probably the most memorable piece by. What are we talking about today? Breath today we were talking about A nominee movie for the two thousand nine hundred Oscars It is nominated in the animation. Category worry as the best animated film of Twenty Nine Thousand Nine hundred and is called Klaus the twenty nine. Th Spanish animated Christmas Comedy Drama Film Written Written directed by Sergio Pablos who used to work for a Disney for Universal Studios Boop and this was his first it was his direct to`real debut another fun fact right off. The Bat is that this was the first Animated Film from Net flicks to be non nominated for an academy award. So I think yeah they got a bunch and all the other categories but This was the first in Animation category so. This never hit the box office so repelling so it looks like there were talks of the beginning of the story outline and funding and April twenty any fifteen and then it was finally released. I guess what causes November right before Christmas light last Christmas. So yeah what'd you think grant. I liked it. It was definitely a nice a break from other films. We've been watching As in pretty light and you know maybe not that deep but feel good movie and it was only an hour and a half flew by by really compared to those other other movies we watched it was it was over before I knew it. Yeah I will say I did not like Jesper. The main character I always annoying unlike the voice actor of him who he was but it grew on me. And you know so good film this about Santa Claus the modern myth in a way. It's kind of the orden story of Santa Claus US and I have. I guess conflicting feelings about this movie. I finished it first of all I was like Damn Yeah. That was that it was quick and I was really happy with conditioned. Yeah just like I even have to go to the bathroom the pause it and I really liked it and I thought it was kind of heart warming and Sweden Nice But I think the more I went back to it I just thought about it kind of felt lackluster. First of all. I don't think it's a I don't know if you'd call kids movie. It is a kids movie. That was one of my favorite things about it is that you can show show your kid that and they still would believe in Santa Claus. I guess you could from the ending the takeaway I got for for most of the film was that there weren't many Kind of supernatural mystical. Things going on like this was just kind of the myth ends up being this kind of mythical thing but really. It's all grounded in reality and there were some like slapstick. The humor things going on in the village with people fighting but I guess I didn't think it was that funny even if I was a kid maybe if I was a kid I think the fighting of the villagers was more entertaining but I thought it was more targeted for in adult. All Really really really really really. I don't know I really liked its passage and I I do not think it's an easy task to take on an origin story of a you know figures such as Santa Claus who so well known and to pull it off in a totally regional way in while tackling such a cliche subject. I mean there are a lot of elements laments that you have to cover like they get the ells you get coal the reindeer. Yeah I'd love to all all that it was it was. It was making sense of the story. Santa Claus I I agree with you and it was nice and it all made sense. I guess the first inkling I got that the movie was being untruthful was like the ending so we have the Santa Claus kind of gets old. What ten eleven twelve years go by? And then he's just chopping wood and there's some mystical wind that's supposed to be like the spirit of his wife. And then he walks walks to the wind and disappears and then that turns until like the spirit of Santa Claus. And I guess you can either take that as that's what happened in its mystical and his true spirit is living on. Or that's just the kind of a nice way of putting that he passed away and all those elves in that community are still delivering gifts. But he's not around anymore. I think think that's another beautiful way. I think they they were able to end the film while still Leaving this this this mythical Option for for kids where the spirit of Santa You Know He. He left Earth you know legacy in when he joined his wife and his spirit will live on or He yeah. It was just a nice way to say he passed away in the in the memory of him and will live on forever Because of what he did but regard you know that's the adult version or or the kid version. Yeah I see I see the kid the kid uh kind of the kid version of it. Because you can't you're not gonNA have Santa Claus die then little little. Jimmy's traumatized for life. Not like the. I think I just wanted more again away. It was probably actually a little too short. I think I wanted two things. I wanted more information about Santa Claus Claus Claus. Okay I don't think they really explained how so he got in that situation. The quasi why was the house they bill. So far away from the rest of the place called Smears Berg. He said he wanted to get away from it all with his wife. But he's he's not involved in feuds like he's not part of either either family accounted. I guess stir random person decided to move there and then move not even in the village not even in the city maybe they moved on the village and they were like this sucks. We'll fight all the time out of here. We need to raise a kid could I just yeah I just wanted more from that and the other part I was really disappointed about was the the scene where jester is in the kind of the last quarter of the film where his dad shows up and I don't know why they decided to skip the whole meeting with his dad. Oh you mean after the boat. Yeah like he gets on the boat. That was was weird too. Yeah it's about to be a heartfelt moment like of him kind of coming clean to his dad and explaining the situation -Tuation and they just Kinda took a cop-out in he did the whole like. Oh in that so in. That's what I told him And then he just sent me on my way and gave me a big hug. I'll see you could have shown that I don't yeah. Yeah you're right because that would be a big moment for him. Yeah yeah that's a good point I'm trying to think of an artistic. CYSTIC reason The director might have not done that. He was just explaining it to that. The girl couldn't speak English unless right. Isn't it yeah. I don't remember who he's explaining it to but it was like a voice over right. I don't I think it was a voice over. I think the the little girl who doesn't speak English like the first Alf. Yeah they kind of cut from him being on the ship. Oh Yeah because you have the sad moment where the girls running out easily. She's a does just ooh whatever and then he's sitting on the dock and he's the back and then I think the next scene is him explaining like what happened but explaining it should've shown yeah I don't know why they wouldn't have been too deep deep in his. I think they wanted the deceit with the girl running to the dock. Doc kind of that heartfelt scene no come back and then he's there but then you need to fill the space afterwards with him saying something saying I don't know yeah probably over and they just decided to go with this he maybe to show. Oh that Jesper no longer needed his dad's approval But he never really wanted approval through another thinking about it right because he was super belly and didn't give a fuck. Yeah he was like. I'm going here when a six thousand letter male six thousand letters and then I'm out. I was surprised where he went with his dad. Ever I also was surprised why Alva- the girl was with and clause or Klaus Were even upset with him. You know like everything he did was still genuine like he wasn't. I think you're right. I don't I don't think it was necessarily as bad as it usually is in movies when the people discover that. Oh my God you were just here for that because I mean they are like delivering toys to kids. It's not lake. Let's write fake letters. And then all he'd have to say like yes started like that. But I WANNA stay. Yeah right like cloud was damn movie or like just explain that you were here first for for But then over time you change Kita. Friendship is communication. That's right yeah but yeah no I mean there were various moments like that and that's just storytelling in a way where you're just like slapping your forehead and being like Dow. Don't don't do that. Yeah I think in general though this movie went into heard from thirty more minutes of I duNno in for back story character development. I don't know how long kids can sit and watch a movie. That's well that's the whole. That's I think that's the counterargument and that's why I led with. I think this was a movie for adults. Because then I go back and think about it and like Okay it's four is about Christmas a Spa Blah Christmas children but then I was like what what parts were intrinsically or what parts were targeting children. What would children like about this movie? That are in the movie. Yeah Well Okay Eh. Let me try to see it again. Sorry let me start again your head a little bit whatsoever get my head. What's your favorite favorite animated film wreck? It Ralph Okay racket. Ralph I do love Record Ralph though. Is that heartwarming to. I haven't seen that I think so. It is okay. It's Kinda the same. It's always the same story line. Where like someone's one's bad turn hero's journey? What's what's the Gilgal? Majett kill mashes like the hero's journey like original tale. It is been on about wide is record. Ralph appealed kids. Why what's what sort of humor is involved in a comedic film for chill well so okay okay so I think it's extremely hard to make a film based on Christmas because there's so much stuff surrounding already that you have to tie in and you can't make it seem cliche? You have to be original. And I think this is the first film since the grinch you know Dr Dr Seuss where you you add on to the lore of Christmas in a meaningful yet. You know like wholesome way it's meaningful and wholesome you're not you're not touching the rest of the lore and you're just really adding more meaning meaning to Christmas in its class and now I feel like this would will definitely go downstairs classic holiday film. I would watch this during Christmas. See that's that's what I tried to imagine. I said well this I mean. Is this something I wanNA watch in five years. Ah I don't know it's definitely a beautifully made movie. That's probably another reason why it it was on. The shorter side is because it was hand-drawn computer generated animation so and and it it's the two D art style that Disney has given up and said they will never go back to and this guy used to work at Disney. He's done and he did a lot at Disney. I think he's known mainly for despicable me. But he did. Hercules aided Tarzan the hunchback of Notre Dame and these were in the nineties when Disney it was like the golden age of Disney. They were putting out like what people considered as the Best Disney movies and the best art and I mean I think he just started his own. He has his own production company and then he produced this as his first film. I think that's that's great. This is no easy feat. I think the guy has such a love for for the for the medium. You know Because this could be a Disney film I think the art style though is is even. It's it's unique enough from Disney. It doesn't feel like Disney But that's even better so he was able to make his own animated film that that is on par with Disney. It's it's really hard to do. Yeah I don't think it was I don't think it was a bad film but that we go back to that classic definition like. There's some certain Christmas like Christmas movies. I mean the ones that stick around those classics. He's watching over and over which taunts Elf. I've seen that once you've never seen L. More than I've seen like ten times but that might be your family tradition. He no like no. I'm just saying like Chris. Movies in general. Go ask some people just like awesome. What lousy films? Yeah you'll get Alpha there You got a Christmas story worry. Classic Christmas story is a classic and is the Classic Ohio because it was filmed in tremont. It's Christmas I have. Have you know you think it's worth it. No that's the general I nick that's a classic Ver- being in a holiday one of my family's holiday parties With my girlfriend and one family member which is she was visiting for. Christmas and swung failure was very insistent. Like you got like you like over there. You guys should go to the house. We we got like five days a year. I don't think Sir yeah not that cool I mean they have the leg lamp okay and just vitamin probably. I went when I was like no in eighth grade What about Okay Puller expressed. I think that fell way flatter. This film did dude. I've never I think I've seen that once. Yeah exactly that's what I'm saying. This one I think could has. The potential could be definitely the express. Tom Hanks Tom Hanks was in the polar express. And is this an animated film. Yeah we are animated. Cinematic animated with him. The main boy. I don't know I'm looking at a picture of this boy. Was this Tom Hanks. The glass laid void since starring. Tom Hanks that's it would just started suppress IMDB. Tom Hanks hero boy. Did he talk with your do. This page is pretty nuts. He's the hero go. Father Conductor Hobo Scrooge and Santa Claus. My God why Hank Goodson Awesome Bank for that movie critic. I'd just be like I can't take this movie seriously. When pound hangs is the voice for every single role All right so we can agree that the polar express is not a Christmas classic him mm-hmm like it's like a musical to. He's like singing. The songs saw me do what I looked over clip. I WanNa hear this talk doc. tonigh- Max he sings the title Song. Thanks guys yeah check out. This is going to be posing the instagram ramage. We're he. He sounds correct attic. Yeah my God hilarious Joe. Maybe we're going to have to watch the North Korea but yeah I guess to get back on track writing for kids. I don't know how they do it. I don't know what goes into it and since I'm not a kid I can't think like a kid and I don't know if a kid with like close Isla yeah I think I would like it and I did like it so so. It's sit about the time things about that time the Ola Gene Q.. Review where we decide if the true rating the film home is over or under the NBA rating. I think that's the time that's the time when talking about you know at the scores. I don't but hope okay. You WanNa give me Well I think it was pretty low. But it was above Irishman Irishman. Eight one or something. So we'll see like eight three eight to right in the middle okay so From high that is pretty high. I'M GONNA go first and I'm GONNA say under because it's my rating at this point in time because I said I think maybe in the future this score you can always go up. Doesn't really stick with me as a classic thought it was. I really agree with the point you made about it being. I mean just in original Christmas film. That doesn't do it. That I mean has some some smart elements to it. So Oh yeah I'M GONNA go under I'm going to go over For every day I said Yeah I think yeah. It's it's so hard to do in original film and I think it was smart like the way he a lot of them you know. What's it called like not? I don't want to see the midst but all this lore surrounding Christmas with the flying reindeer in the lump of coal And stuff like that. It's like the origin stories of of Santa Claus and they did a fantastic original job while still paying homage. Obviously to Santa Claus and Very wholesome thumbs up thumbs up from grant Nice Right so oh one real question before we move on is this. Is this going to be your your favorite for the Academy Awards thing. It should win. Haven't washed I have watched the rest of the animated ones. Let's I mean we already. We are analyzed bigfoot. We to we already know the plot too. So we're he's got his family. Yeah we got how to train. Your Dragon I haven't seen any of those. Yeah I haven't seen him either but I guess this this is the hidden world. I don't think it's I don't resent the fourth one or some shit and I lost my body indie film Oh so yeah Chow. Intertwine as a severed severed hand crosses Paris in search of its owner are really out there and then toy story for for which I want to say wasn't as good just because they didn't hear about it we came out. Yeah so I I. And the thing is you know I feel like there's a lot of controversy surrounding the Oscars and who wins it's in. It's kind of mixed so I would be upset if it didn't win because well that are bought. I lost my body. Wouldn't be upset with. But the rest is just about touring works and Crockett Talkin Pixar and toy story toy story. Four you have that fucking wins Dude like fuck that they supposed to end it three they like this is the last one. Yeah well then they wanna make more money then. Joe uh-huh did you know Margot Robbie is is nominated as actress and supporting role but not in. Once upon a time in Hollywood bombshell she didn't really have a large part she acted bomb. Sell Surreal movie or a fake movie. See Fox News fate movie. I mean it's like a is it fiction or no this guy's dead so Megan Kelly coming out with her own story. Yeah that's a real. Yeah but it's it's just it's a metoo movie. It's yeah under what is the what's the Okay me too movie one hundred. Just make a documentary. I because because they want the money money money getting get more arrived calls the money. She's in the movie. So we've got some options grant and Yeah I don't know who's weak. It is or any of that but I was thinking an idea that I have is. We continue on the best of twenty nineteen little streak until the Oscars so that would mean confederacy more movies more. Yeah I'm okay with that right and then we can Maybe we angle on its head. Are we including the animated once. No no we didn't do that last time we can. We originally got the list from conclude that severed hand one. I kind of want see that Okay so I'm going to add that to my list. Okay and you can keep in joker. We determined I'll watch it if necessary. So you're GONNA do an Orangey ran you're going to go one to eight including eight but if it lands on a two I want you to roll okay now listless them out every wants forgotten since last night. I'm going to do random mortar. Just kind of keep you on your toes We got little women mayors story nineteen seventeen and here is really good. Nineteen seventy I heard you say severed severed at hand movie. Whatever that movie's called lost my body? I lost my body. Call it the severed hand movie for Short What else we got joker Ford v Ferrari and Joe? Joe Rabbit. Why'd you what's number two Irishmen? How'd you know that don't you just take it out? I just that's how my list was set up okay fine. I just don't have parasite in there either or wants part time in Hollywood would well those were all those were at the end of the list. There's a method to my matt. It's all right all right. I trust you all right so it's already changed because no new. It's it's one through seven now locked in locked in the League right yes one one that is Ford versus. Ferrari you mix them up at all. Yeah I did I started little women. Okay for Roy okay. All right cool Matt Damon Christian Bale Visionary this is is the Oscar Synopsis. which I don't know if it's good or not but visionary auto designer Carroll Shelby driver? Ken Miles team up to build a high performance race. Car are for the Ford Motor Company hoping to defy odds and defeat the dominant Ferrari at the nineteen sixty. Six limbaugh. Shit you ruined for Ford Grant. Yeah Ford Family Foot Ford family. We're GONNA win. Is that set the whole premise of the movie. Oh you think you think Ferrari's fast Ford is ever says Moo Libro are Christian Tale a coin. I I got some good news. Yeah Hippie we're back on track two and a half hours. Let's go well. I mean that's that's not terrible. I'm now conditioning man. It's dreading every time but after the three and a I have three nine and you're like like two and a half hours of my life not at that two and a half okay. That's just what I got. Yeah I got the I took a break after that so still can't believe I did that once sitting you could put that on a resume or something. Yeah wash the employer would see that damn guys got some work ethic the Wani did all right so Ford versus Roy next week. Happy eight months of heavy months doing this shit and many more to come Darren sweets been blunder. I'm quickly If you guys want to reach out to us Are Incident and our twitter. Handle is at Geeky Review. And if you want to email US suggestions or comments or any Utah any email in general any email please I will you know you can be for Steve Nail. The opportunity we can review on in an email will offer whatever you request. I swear the got whatever movie on their As flies is a feature film. We'll watch it at at G. Q.. PODCASTS review HMO DOT COM cool. Thanks guys see next week with Ford versus for Peace Peace. Nice Nice Nice.

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