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Episode 6: Tywysog Cymru


The feeling is we have a golden opportunity to be more sensitive inclusive for these ceremony to feel less like a feudal imposition and mo like the confirmation of a true native son of Wales. But my son isn't Wellesz. Save gestures are all we have but gestures can be powerful. Studied learned enough Welsh back to address the country in their native tongue. Welcome to the crime. The official PODCAST. My name is Edith Bowman and this this is the official podcast for the third season of the Netflix original series. The crown taking you behind the scenes speaking with many of the talented people involved and diving deep deep into the stories today. We're talking about episode. Six titled Theresa Comedy in Nineteen Sixty Nine Prince. Charles spent a term operates this with university in preparation for being invested. As the Prince of Wales or to succumb ray at Kevin Cosso. The expedience gave Charles a chance is to not only connect with Wales on its language but also his own identity as a member of the royal family. We talking in depth about the events in the episode. So if you haven't got around to watching it yet we suggest you do so now or very soon coming up later we'll meet the actor behind Prince Charles Joshua Corner essentially this idea that Prince Charles has to wait for his mother to dive for him to be trudy alive. I was like that's that's it that hi is enough for me. It's really teeth into. We'll also hear from director Christian show who to go to a place and you know everybody hates you. How horrible and it must have been really lonely? We heard a story of child's making friends with two old ladies in Everest with who are running a tiny pub and he would go there to watch BBC with them. Because he didn't have anyone else. But I I talk with executive producer. Suzanne McKie about the thought process behind episode episode six seasons of the crime. Suzanne McKie executive producer of the crown. Well come airing he gonNA pick your brains and I'm going to apologize in advance for my Pronunciation Association of this episode. But I'm going to give it my best shot which Kinda feels appropriate for the whole subject. Mar the episode to us. So comedy is how I'm GonNa say sounds very good episode six which is where we're introduced to the young Charles Sprint Charles. Yes caused because yeah I mean I love the fact the he Prince Charles such significant character of cool such a key key member of the Royal Family but I love the fact that actually he doesn't come into season the three until episode. Six something blissful about his his absence and the way in which he then enters the season has such impact not least because Joshua call now who plays him is so damned good extraordinary the itself reshapes the season. It gives a different rhythm of different register. And and he he he comes in with such force of nature. Joshi such a sensitive actor that immediately us to lean into Charles's complex landscape emotional landscape and you're in and he's kind of he's easing training isn't he. For so many things you know it's kind of it's not one thing it's it's kind of. He's so most of life trade and he's through an into isn't it absolutely. It's live training and a whole swat he presents to Peter Morgan's dramatic imagination is that he represents the crown the future and that immediately offers an opportunity to to be quite ah profound in in the dramatizing of Prince Charles in what he symbolizes both as a as a young man finding his way in life and the one a young man who who will have to calibrate his life according to the fact that one day he will be the King of England he will surpass his mother those themes of big you know the Shakespearean and and Fantastic to grapple with imagine you know so much of what we do has to be a conjecture of salt the notion that His life if will only become realized if you like when his mother passes away is really complex and sorta brilliant to to imagine then grapple with the government proposed and we agree that you should spend a term at the university to learn the language abouts really rather happy Cambridge not mention. I've just been cast wonderful role I know but but sometimes duty not requires one to put personal feelings. Frivolity aside episodes were Wales's featured very permanently in this city so far and and beautifully and delicately an episode three but a very different story around Wales and Welsh nationalism nationalism. You language in this. Yeah this is well but But brilliantly told it was a wonderful episode to to work on James Graham wrote it with Peter and it allowed them both to explore Welsh nationalism. The that obviously have so many resonances for today here about a disconnect act About an identity and who we are and what we are and I think I think it goes to the heart of so much of Great Britain's complex flex landscape and geopolitics and a nation's identity and that it can stand proudly and can often be unrecognized iced and overlooked. Yeah and that of course in one simple sweep allowed us to go from you know from big to intimate tumor so that the ignored new overlook then be child's predicament Prince Charles's predicament of both the country and the person if you like why was the investiture an important thing to cover into feature the Prince of Wales conjures so many emotions. I suppose for full for Great Britain. I'm for Wales. And it's it's controversial. His predecessors past Prince of Wales have not been successful so it's a burden on a gift in in one fell sweep and I suppose also the Queen bestows that on on on both the sun and the future monarch and that in itself is interesting and complex. You know I suppose. In story terms it's multi-layered it's symbolic and it's significant and it's what feels both exciting and good and and also so troubling. Yeah I was the was always the choice and I love that you made that choice of making it heavily. Welsh language based as opposed to just having Welsh people speak English. Yeah no I think. That's absolutely right. I think we we endeavor to do that wherever I think. Authenticity is such a key. Part of what. We strive to do that wherever possible. It is respectful to do that. And so we actually filmed there as much as we call wild. Yeah again. That was part of an ambition of ours to show the respect back to Wales to actually go there. Be that part of it to to be living amongst the community. We learned through imitation. Aw Mike Anything in life. If we pretend with something long enough majors become a Good morning morning What is your name zoo? Name Shadow come NYC showed I ca- might speak Welsh Welsh. Do you speak Welsh. The episodes directed by German director Christine. Chow whose extraordinary and and I think brilliant talent and we in Petah talked about maybe finding a direct that could possibly have a different I on on the world And maybe to not just always have British born directors but to maybe look look elsewhere that that was interesting that we want to keep refreshing evolving and Christian we we approached because we'd really admired his work and he really responded to it very emotionally in having been bought up in communist Berlin it registered for him somehow on a very deep level. It's hard to articulate. Why but somehow we understood that? Yeah so he and it was. It was in in many ways. Risky thing to bring in a German speaking director to understand the very complex won't swelled of the British royal family the class system and then on top of that to who immersed him in Wales and have him understand that and I look at the result and I think it's exquisite and exquisitely understood emotionally and politically basically and I love all the episodes And I couldn't pick a favorite one that I find immensely stirring the director of episode six of season. Three of the crime is Christian. Show who who we met in the last episode of this podcast past. He told me about why he was so excited to take on the episode which introduced Prince Charles into the CDs. I was so happy because it's something completely different and an anew. Oh this big because it's my job to introduce young Prince Charles to the crown which is like a big Ana so I was. I was really lucky. I mean all the episodes so to upgrade. But it's such a big story his way into Wales into the Welsh Con Culture and how he builds up the relationship with Teddy millward his teacher his tutor them to teach him Welsh and the whole journey to find himself and how he ends up giving this. It's amazing speech and actually giving something back to the people. I've always felt me like a like a like a feature film. It's also the the way that we are are really introduced in in a really intense way of Josh's performance as Prince. Charles and Josh's extraordinarily seasoning. I was so amazed I mean we met a few times before we started filming soon. Would go out and have dinner and became friends because this is the way I work to build up a relationship with the with my main in cost so it was great because he was nervous but he also was. He was also confident and he was ready for For the adventure and the first three days of Oh shoot. We did so many of his big scenes especially the office scenes with Teddy move. What way does the tongue twisters? I think that was shooting day to and the whole crew was applauding. After seeing the first mirrors love it it was it was great to to to to the flute. Tried to teach too young to institute said the tubes that shooter is it harder to toot or to teach too young to destitute. What did you do today today? A minute or two distinct Bahar hard to say but a harder thing to do for the Beata to to today a rat attack two two and the dragon will come. When he hears the Drama Dominion to today today he gets away us and of course they? There are some people in the streets who who applaud. But then when you watch the research material people really hated hated him. They said go home and he was a boy he was wanting how nineteen twenty To go to a place and you know everybody hates you. Hear how horrible able. And he must have been really lonely. We heard a story of child's making friends with WHO old ladies in Everest with who are running at tiny pub and he would go there To watch BBC with them because he didn't have anyone else And then of course he met Teddy Millwood. We met the real teddy millwood. Wow how well. He's very old now am but we showed him the episode and that was very moving we went to way of The producer and me and We we booked cinema just for him. What was the response? He was removed and I mean he he had some some moments had they not me but but he but he enjoyed it. I mean because I will tell you what of course you know. It's not replicating it's not about imitating reality but those so many situations where he said this is how he felt and this is how Charles appeared in his eyes and it was wonderful because his daughter who's actually also part of the absurd because her mom is pregnant in in our episode So this is this is her and she has a lot and she would give us. The original speech is of her dad and help us a lot to to build his character and the whole episode. I'm very grateful for this. The hope you'll be able to put your feelings inside a gatherer Welsh nationalist. I'm an educator de leave your politics my politics of the reason why I walked through the door every day and if I believe undo that anyone deserves a university education education than it would be hypocritical of me not to extend by privilege to those of the very top as well as the bottom. which don't prove me hype? Nothing against you personally. Jewish my rose exist. My family's myself is against things. I'm fall things for my country. My culture and my language most of all and the crescendo of that performance. You know which which we see is you know. There's almost those two two endings to the episode. Almost you know in terms of when he has to to make that speech in Welsh Asia in front of three endings actually go in and told me through them. Well the the big ending is of course charts giving his speech at the investiture and can often costlo and Finding his own voice and his own Mertz without his family knowing or having any idea what he's talking about and the Welsh people are moved by his words and it was amazing experience to shoot this scene at canal in the original costal. And all the extras were Welsh. People and everyone that even the people who are too young to have been there they have the bodies and they were really moved and In so many motions came up and I would say we can feel it in the picture as well so that was one ending then the second ending to me is he meeting move Hilbert after the speech because Millwood was invited but he wouldn't go to the Casa said this is where draw the line and I find it a very very touching ending and it kind of became a lifelong friendship so they still in touch jobs and the wheel. Teddy Millwood Charleston. Writing cards let us and so and I think we get a sense of that in in that last scene so second ending but then ending number three. Yeah John's coming home and expecting at least something from his family and then he comes back. And there's nobody and the Queen doesn't even want to speak to him and when she speaks to him make it's heartbreaking. She so code she so she's using the most cruel will words you can. You can use as a mother to show him. What is his role in this family? And what is his life going to be like. No one is interested in your voice. Nobody's interested in who you actually are. And I mean for young person this is. This is more than heartbreaking to hear that from anyone is hard but to heat it from your mother. Yes it's particularly. Thank you Donnie Heart. Yes I was speaking to levy about this last night and I mean it's it. I love that scene. Because after Charles has left the room mm-hmm we see her sitting at her little. How do you call it like like a data table Looking at herself in the camera and then the pressure goes out of her buddy and we know it's not what she believes in but she has to say it is. This union is to endure endure. Then we must learn to respect each other's differences. Nobody likes to be ignored to not be seen or heard or listened to my role isn't there a similarity between my predicament. In the wolves am I listen to this family. Am I seeing for WHO and what I am no do I have a voice rather too much of a voice for my liking. Not having a voice something all of us have to live with. We have all made sacrifices and suppressed who we are. Some portion of our natural selves is always lost. You've got is a choice. It is not a choice. It is a duty now. It's time to meet the next in line for the throne the phenomenal actor. Josh O'Connor Josh Welcome to Our crime podcast your highness prince. Charles of C.. Congratulations for civil because and you performances MRS extraordinary in this season and I wouldn't know what to do to get the par- was the audition process. Initially I was filming Brussels and just having a chat with my agent and she said T. Wolves the crown obviously And she said you know they've re re recalling everyone that jumping ahead in time and I was at right so obviously they wanna see me franchise. 'cause I just assumed I didn't know I actually didn't know they're going to do that by you is and one of them. So so then I and this is kind of shamefully initially might feeding was maybe not the right thing. Yeah why I think just because actually just the party because I'm probably brought up a Republican so of indifferent. Nfu If pressed by reading inching rose so he took a convincing. I e they sent me a script and the series. I read. That script grabbed hike. I'm straight in those is one line where things in sued F- sites dangling man where he compares actually he he compares himself to the character from Dangling Man Saul bellow book a a man. He's waiting to be drafted to go to war and yet she wants to be drafted fifty because it will give his life meaning even if that means going to certain death essentially this idea that Prince Charles has to wait for mother to die for him to be truly alive. I was like that's that's that is enough for me. Really get my teeth into you. Talk about your the perception of him prior to coming onto this and and really find out who he was as a person as opposed to as Prince. Charles is that quite easy to get to and find more. Did you try. Try and dive in to find him in a weird way wasn't it wasn't kind of finding him. That was that the the tricky part as you say like the physicality satiety the voice. It's well known in you. You'll probably speech the people who do that. Yeah Paulie Bannon he does. The movement is incredible. William Konica is like the basketball coach imaginable and has worked on all the seasons. Knows these voices in these cards inside out and so so much of that walk was done very quickly and I kind of get into the hardest thing actually was letting that work go and get into the exciting a bit which is creating the fictional character of Prince Charles poster. What we see every day on the news or whatever and the moment that sort of where it clicked? I guess it was a trying to think of moments in in film and culture where I've seen performances of real people that have like grab me and of course there are incredible Mrs by people i Michael Sheen and You Know Meryl Streep who pay Real People. Yeah the ones that always stuck with me. Were uh-huh eight actors playing Bach Dylan in I think is I'm still own including Capon J. Blown Cher as I am we show. Oh He's lead you and I just thought to me thy so much more interesting as Simba to see an essence of Carta as opposed to what we recognize is has Prince Charles. Because we don't none of us know essentially and those I'm not mimic am no in the business of replicating I'm in the business of creating a and and say that was the kind of thousand heart is bit was letting go of all that stuff and just going right now I just go create something knee. It's GonNa talk about some specifics and in particular episode six we start the season and we kind of we. Don't for the seat Charles for a while and then suddenly while here he is. And here's this huge event that he is thrown into And just for me. This whole episode is about his relationships his relationship with Wales his relationship with his family his relationship ship with this kind of strange mentor that he befriends when he sent away two to Wales and I just wanted to talk a little bit about one of your first days. Fomin was a big scene in episode. Is that right. The first day of I think I certainly the first day of filming with the family. Yes obviously they've been doing it. Well was this well speech and got the GIGGLES. Obviously always yeah. Yeah 'cause I think I guess they must've been. I understand. There was a lot of talk of like own Wednesday on a Wednesday. Just start doing his job and they must have the you know what's interesting to see what his Charles is like. Yeah I mean if they'd read the script it doesn't read the script would've had had the idea of me over my mouth and speaking as far as she's concerned must have sounded absurd but that was my first day terrifying. I child Prince of Wales to become your lease man of life and limb earthly worship and faith and truth I will bear onto the live and die against all manner manner folks. What was your preparation for that? Because like you say in terms of losing all that baggage that came with this cottage to that you're creating There's a lot play play with then vitamin that. He's in his well which was by. All kinds reap ten fine. There is people who happy he was. There was also I always had in my mind. Baking that say the kind of end point which is really important to me. which is the reach of the second speech because party support? Voice wants to play It's this much ons at a redefined discussion. I'll mention they were someone said to me. Very I think as Peter Morgan said to me you know we need to discuss whether principles good or bad. I told Peter I'm playing it to the second On on the crown around net flicks. He's a good idea. I want to do well making it. Rubbish this is my chance might never play his doctor. I think he probably is at I mean he is he is we see him all the time being kind of performer in public art G.. pod Bay I had. I had that as I I sort of end point and the moment of Canova and doing that speech was this. I guess the feeling of the role being such such a awaited roles such power. You know all this work done on his physicality about having the world on his shoulders. This art stephe person. Certain CANOVA was the accumulation of that. He's like a Christmas tree with these kind of Gold Commons. Whenever he really doesn't occur search and he's it's waited all those costumes a heavy and he is tiny dot supposedly trying to fill Naaman Castle? which by the way is Noni and epic causes huge Biz? Also there's no it's opening. It's it feels like this mass void and it's like an echo and what Christian direct to say. Well I think in in in the episodes this sort of silence swimmers like gladiator moment walking through the tunnel and I just wanted him to feel like how on earth would he ever fill this row. You know I don't think he kind of that point. I think he's a loss boy walking up. Ah I'll towards a family that he doesn't feel connected to a father. He feels no connection to a mother. Who Won't hear one? Hey what he has to say a devastating this relationship that he had prior to this event with Wales and the relationship after this event. Do you think it changed changed. Yeah I mean historically from everything I've read one hundred percent and that's that I worked in the narrative I think think there's the moment where he is at the dinner table the kind of president and principal of versus Universtiy take him over dinner. MILLWOOD's it's sonics him and he's asked about to Allen at Griffith and he has no idea who he is. I think that that has to have had an impact on him. It Wales has such a clear identity. Yeah I'm previous to him being invested. He of course wouldn't have had much of an interaction with Wales. And as far as I know that Charles has been the most active Prince of Wales recorded and has done so much much in the nation and feel you know whilst. I'm sure there's kind of you know where we are the crown and we all fixing leising aspects. I'm shooed with it. He must have changed his views of that movement. Now I know who swell an APP Griffith first and true wiz giving his title by the English King. Henry third merged a few years later by Henry. Emerson Edward entered the first two title. Promised to Llewellyn and converted on his own son at the gates of Heaven Custom. Great betrayal the ancient hopes still remains a prophecy that one day a prince will be presented from Elena's gay to talk on and that he will be a true well speaking son of Wales. I can't be son of Wales. Damn Wetland World Speaking Hut. No Word is an incredible at Kadett time and and we'll character and relationship that we see develops when you actually went to to meet the real Teddy Milwaukee. Didn't you have well. He say the amazing that he came to us because we we were desperate to meet him. Malkani Les Jones his credibility and I were both king to me and it was the day he came was such A. It was a weirdly speaking moment because we end up with and shooting a couple of scenes scene and Malkani Bryn in the Green Room. Just having a cup of tea and then someone said Dr Rates won't see. We went downstairs and as we're going down the says says we saw the back of a head of this guy and immediately amount was a teddy mood. It was a mad. It was kind of like you. Just he has this kind of presence and it was like weirdly seeing this so of ghost of a character and he was lovely. And there's a thing about the ties that right that the his daughter gave mark mark tie this chain again. This amazing amiable. I didn't if it works. Amy asked her or the daughter told amy by the way way more ends up wearing one of his ties and he does this lovely thing where every time he kind of touched it. It was almost like him feeling like you had a kind of closer not sweet so nice so loved I love those. I love the relationship ship though he does have with on. That's really stats. That feels really true and kind of just authentic. Wow and working with Aaron who plays Princess Assange. She's been tough way. Did she come from brilliant. And he's totally invented. I guess reinvented the the idea of an tool by no one knows them. NFL between or we just got back from the states. Where everyone's going mad for printers and suddenly like this Rockstar? And because he is so funny when I first started as say they'd been filming pretty well and I was in and out of left bank offices working king nonstop every day to in research voice. dialer everything I'm one day Pete was there is come look at this and he showed me the scene scene where Philip coups in on an all. Aaron does Aram's like yeah. That was that was one of my favorite scenes. When you watch like not just goes Doesn't leave him out. Yes it's just makes noises and it's absolutely extraordinary. Is Everything right. Make up your gay marriage. I love that relationships sex and another scene. That's just a moment of pure class I think it was Christine's idea Sorry Area NFL's hers. But thing is Christmas. Basically on the page and kisses Charles on the cheek via an asset and it was so powerful as as written but then to add the punch to the stomach is like stroke of genius because if coolest. That's how siblings. He's ECON jesty ECON. Just behind is embarrassed by being nosy like denies than in the summer of Washington. We like that with you via and code like that because I'm the relevant. I rather wish she would be like that with me. It would suggest have significant. Trust me reality a bully. rightback fancy swooping in fancy being. They're not if it means going to Wales humanizes. Then that's the thing you know. These are people there in this extraordinary situation but they are humans and they're going through all these different different emotions situations and you see that at the end of the episode is well once he gets into his mom's bedroom and she has this talk. Walk Tim where she you know. She's she says that no one's interested in what you've got to say. Oh my God what then. There's just is something that Olivia does that. You think she turns. There's a moment where you go on. That's the two sides you know. She's just hard to to say that because of the duty. Yeah but the mum site of the is ending his devastated. Yeah and this is. The constant is the constant constant battle and conflict in all of them you know. Are we thinking if Charles was able to see of my cards is able to see the seen that happen without him like when the Queen says should we phillips should we let him say speech his own speech affairs. I anti lobbying carnage. You know she is. She is fighting his corner because he can't show Charles that she's fighting his corner in season. One to comment which season is almost sny dent. Cool conversation with Claire. Foy where the Queen says you know. I can't think breathe like in our country any of these things. Olivia plays as it so well. Because it's just something she knows to be true knows how painful is but she can't show those emotions it's doubly hard for live because the cool car and she's just crying mention the end six and that performance of Shakespeare and Hi Resonates partially with his story. That lovely Shaw von in the crowd as well yeah. She's there for your. I know that speech the treaty. Well and I know that play back to fund. This is my one of my favorite plays one of the reasons that going dieting was reached the second. And so when I saw that at the end of the EPP Satan and rereading suddenly thinking of these words about his Richie second is the king who essentially his struggle it is all about masculinity about how to fill that role and feeling that you don't fill that role and him at the end kind of saying I live with bread. I eat bread like you need friends feel want taste grief. How can you say to me? I am a king you know. I love the idea that he's properly pleading and saying just see me as one of you but we never will be able to con what the crown is all about is trying to humanize is the the superhuman but they can't be human and just born into it and for me it. Was this really dramatic. Take moment the Ashley. I'm what Shakespeare does so vividly in powerfully is sometimes explain the unexplainable through imagery three and three feeling. And essentially I saw this final soliloquy. Has Everything Charles couldn't say. His Mum Shakespeare Manages to navigate advocate for him covey leads and mark not flesh and blood with solemn reverence for the tradition form and ceremonies. Duty You you have put mistook meal this while I live with bread like you feel want teast grief. ooh meet friends subject subject to discuss. How can you say to me? I'm a kitten. Uh I'm Edith Bowman and my special thanks our guests on the episode Suzanne McKie Christian Show Joe. Who and Josh O'Connor the crime? The official podcast is produced by net flicks on something else in association with Left Bank pictures awesome join us next. Time will go behind the scenes of episode seven when Prince Philip struggles to come to terms with a life without adventure. The comes a time in life when I really starts to evaluate what was accomplished and because of the position that I've ended up in here who I've become. WHO HAVE MARRIED I've been able to achieve the things I would have liked to subscribe Ni- whatever you get? It costs them.

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