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054: Dr. Josh Axe - Nutritional Principles from Chinese Medicine, Keto for Cancer, CBD, and 3 Missing Ingredients in Most Diets


So. Hello. Hello. Hello. Thank you for listening to the Kito answers podcast. I'm your host. Dr Anthony guests in joining me. This week is Dr Josh axe. Some people might be a little surprised about this episode. I get a lot of comparisons online in sumptious that we must be mortal enemies, just because we have seen background in a very similar company. And offering now that we must do it out. I don't is the case. I mean, we both had the same exact division goal, which is to get people healthier and help him fix your own health. And just like Elon Musk says, if another brand launches electric car that competes him great. We're going to take more gasolene cars the road. And that's how we operate as well as long as people are taking care of themselves and learning about health. I don't care who's doing it. And so we chat in this conversation about a lot of different stuff. Dr axis background a chiropractor now turned businessman and kind of similar to mine and Chinese medicine different herbs and spices. You should be eating just running the whole gamut around health official. Shnell Kita talks. Well, even briefly about psychedelic. So if you're interested in health just from a fundamental level of conversation for you. And I hope you enjoy. But before we get started. I want to let you guys on a little secret that is we have some brand new Kito bar flavors in. So the same thing that we had with all member brownie that you guys loved and went crazy about we sold out in five days we release that one. We have lemon poppy seed in salted caramel. So these are just ridiculous lemon poppy seed tastes exactly like a frosted limit poppy seed, Muffin or cake, or whatever you buy at Starbucks that delicious. But it kills you. Don't buy those things and then also salted caramel, which tastes pretty much. Like it says so care. So these things are great on the go as a treat whatever same standards, we have the other bar. So we tested blood sugar with this nobler, spike, no Kito levels, actually increased couple of team members of heat on levels. And yeah, I mean, otherwise the exact same way she bumped the collagen. From ten to eleven just because ten grams enough that we had to go weather, otherwise these things are amazing. So if you wanna try up before they got a stock, which me happen, very very soon. We just launched an perfect dot com and use the code new Kita bars at twenty percents off your order this whole month. So go stuck up. Now, if you already have forever flavor mine is the lemon poppy seed, unwrap a little sucker in enjoy it for this show dot draftkings beyond show. Hey, thanks for having me, Dr Tony appreciate it. So we have a very similar background out say both Cairo's and kind of have fluff that world day-to-day practice to build very different companies. Just wanna get your story as far as what got you into that in the first place, and then your transitional way through Tori are now. Yes, sure. So I I grew up in a family that was really into fitness. And so my mom was my gym teacher in elementary school. She was a swim instructor. And so, you know, we grew up in the fitness, but we knew nothing about diet nutrition. And so my mom at forty years old. She got a diagnosis of breast cancer. And again, we were kind of shocked at the time because she looked very healthy. And we lived in what I'll call the medical model in anytime. We were sick as kids. We got brought to our pediatrician put on antibiotics or other medications, and that's sort of how he functioned as a family. We didn't really have any type of healthcare. We just followed lived in that secure system. And then about you know, and then, you know, being in the medical system like my mom went through all the conventional medical treatments. You went and had a mistake Demy. She went through rounds in rounds rounds of chemotherapy. And you know, I remember the kid singer hair fallout are member looking like she age twenty years in two weeks and just saying myself, there's got to be a better way than this. You know? And and so that even that led me to start asking questions about me. And what what do I need to do? Or what can I do to help others be healthy? So my mom went through all those treatments. She was eventually diagnosed as being cancer. Free. But the shocking thing, Tony you've seen this. But after her chemo treatments, you seem sicker than ever. She struggled with chronic constipation and balanced justify us. She got put on three medications including ended up drug. She had hypothyroidism. She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. So one of my biggest memories about my own mom growing up was she was sick and tired all the time over wellness exhausted. And that was just kind of, you know, kinda kinda my mom, and and I remember about a year later. I decided I need to get healthy. Like, I, you know, and I knew nothing about health, but I knew soda was bad. So like, I started I stop drinking soda fourteen years old. And you know, it just sense, then, you know, just it's a little healthier every year continue to get more and more invest yet aside, I wanna become a doctor, you know, ended up in school and in chiropractic school in office studying nutrition and and functional medicine. And so you know, I was about a year. From graduation or so, and I got a call from my mom, just in tears on the phone, and she says, I've got bad news. I've just been diagnosed with cancer again. And she said what what do you think I should do? And I said mom will be home. So I flew home from Florida back to Ohio where I grew up and we sat down pray together. And we just both really led to take care of all naturally. And I've been really blessed to the time to have some amazing mentors who you know, who really had a lot of. And I'd been studying a lot at the time. But also a lot of mentors and people who knew a lot about nutrition and functional medicine and fighting cancer. And so I you know, I reached out to them. I spent you know, hundreds of hours reading everything I could and one of the articles actually I came across was a study 'cause I was reading reading up on diets for cancer, and I came across a lot, but two of them that was stuck out was one was the Kito diet. And I started read online then about Kito Dighton Waikato's diet works, and I started to learn that cancer cells actually feed off of. Sugar form like such fermentation? And so I realized we'll part of her Dighton these be Kito because we gotta get the sugar out. We gotta get the carbs out. And then I came across things like Gershon therapy started reading about vegetable juicing and danger should therapy, and what they followed and I started reading things like Chinese medicine. And so what I did is. I took all of the things that I'd read these anticancer strategies and put together a plan for my mom. So my mom's diet was essentially a mixture of Kito meets vegetable juicing meets Chinese medicine. And so, you know, she would we cut out all carbs. We're the only carbs she was consuming, some berries, and on occasion, some beets and carrots and aside from that it was you know, she was doing lots of healthy fat. She was doing bone broth and wild salmon. But then for the most part was vegetables. I mean, it was mostly vegetables investable juices. And then we started using supplements, you know, we did reshi mushroom which I read about in Chinese medicine straggles to Merick we did some vitamin d and the other thing we did is really work on building peace in her life. She my mom wants to the kid like a horse if she started horseback riding again and my dad just started watching funny movies. She started getting essential oil in lymphatic, drainage drainage, massages. And so they used frankincense oil with that. And so she start doing all this stuff. And she followed this program for four months, and we went back to her in college and Columbus, Ohio, and they called the day later, they did a C T scan and they call it a day later, and they said, this is highly unusual. We don't typically see this. But you're tumors shrunk by more than half. And they said we want to see you again in nine months, you went back nine months later in a pretty much complete remission of that point. And now it's been thirteen years since then, and my mom is in the best shape of her life. And my dad retired from actually Ohio down to Florida. And they they water ski my mom is run five ks and she turned sixty seven this year. And she says she feels better in her sixties and she didn't her thirties. So I really took a lot of that knowledge. Dr Tony and what I learned to experience. And that's what I started applying to my patience and giving exam. I realized what my mom got cancer diagnosis. She was so struck with fear, and she wanted somebody to tell her every last thing to do because people the day, they get online. There's all this information. There's so much information about what to do. So I created an exact meal plan for my mom. I created her her own cookbook. I did a shopping tour with her at whole foods going up and down the aisles, and and in that type of thing. And so when I opened practice, I really did the exact same thing in how I took care of patients, and then even online today, I tried to do a similar thing. Try or when I write books released a new book or it's releasing a right now Kito diet. And so I put a thirty day plan in there a supplement plan and a shopping list and go through every last thing because I knew when my mom was that sick. That's what she needed. So I try to really anytime I create content or speak. Try and do something trying to simplify things for people. Right. Sounds like quite a journey again Morris similarities. My my mom and my dad had a lot of health problems growing up as well kind of pushed me to the same path. So did you do any musculoskeletal stuff at all? When your clinic or was it more? Yeah. We did. We did car practice, and we did a lot of sort of spinal physical therapy. And so my mom was getting justed as well throughout her entire time. She did she was getting judgments and then getting you know, these essential oil lymphocytic, massages. But she did those, you know, the massage issue did once a week product adjustments typically one to three days a week during that time. And so yes, she she was doing that as well. It's mazing. So how did you end up billing the doctor aks empire? You have. Now is it just you started posting online and guys and traction or what was that shift like for you going from clinical practice to online and having identity? Yeah. You know? So I always enjoyed creating content. Fact, I was almost going to be an English major in college because I enjoyed writing. And then somebody told me that if you're going to be a doctor, you should have get a business degree because most doctors don't know how to operate a clinic or business, and so I said, okay. So. Ended up getting a business degree. But when I got into practice, I enjoy writing newsletter. So I'd write one to two page, newsletters, type those out, and I would print those out, and I hand him a physical copy of my patients and. About nine months in practice. I had a patient who said he Dr X canoe. Could you post these online because I really would love to Email these out to friends, and I've got an aunt and North Carolina. And she's got high blood pressure on really like to center this newsletter. And I thought yeah, that's great. And and I had my assistant at the time. Her husband is a graphic designer. So they created a website. I started posting online and before I knew to just, you know, people were reading them and getting more website visits. And then it just kept kind of snowballing organically from there. But that's that's really started. And then was there a time? Then you wanted to you wanted to recommend price to your patients in there was stuff that you can find your own line or how is that transition? Yeah. You know, I I I spent so I spent a lot of time researching and especially Chinese and Arabic medicine, and so one of the things that and I really believed in fermentation sprouting, and and creating a certain type of supplement. So so I started off with this. Supplement that was founded by my business partner. Now, Jordan Rubin and that really good products. But then I realized that there are some unique things I wanted to do. And so I created a greens powder and had very specific, you know, wild berries from the Amazon, and then a lot more herbs and spices because I knew they were more nutrient dense, but yeah, a big part of it was, you know, I had researched a lot of sort of you know, what they didn't Chinese are Vetik medicine and wanted to create more supplements that followed those sort of like ancient nutrition principles and then as far as taking step back from your clinic. Do you don't produce anymore, or is it just you doing this? No, I don't know. It's been cautious seems like forever. But it's been about five years since I've been in full-time practice or so I practiced about women he's been six years. So I practiced for about a little over five years fulltime, and and then you know, just continued to and then my socio took my took my. Over and, but no it's been about six years since I've been in full-time practice now on a regular basis, my mom or a family friends as can you consult with somebody? So typically still about one, you know, once a week. I ended up doing a, you know, some sort of call with somebody. But in terms of being in practice now it's been a while. How is that transition for you as far as being did it practice than doing completely different? I know that I did. It was weird for a while. I've had some friends that same transition. How did you go about that Mohsen moment? Like when you just stop seeing patients. Yeah. You know, for me, I still feel like an I, you know. Obviously, I don't see many many people one on one. Like, I said sometimes I ended up still talking to somebody, you know, once a week or so or a couple times month, but you know, for me, I still feel like I don't know. I have this feeling when I create videos or write a book today or content. I still feel like I have a connection with my audience. You know, I I did a Facebook live yesterday. And I was getting comments and questions, and I was sitting there replying and actually to some of that my team helps with that now too. But I so I still feel like I do get some interaction. It's different. It's not as in person. But I still do enough speaking and Facebook live Instagram all these other things where I still feel very engaged with with people. So maybe it was a little bit different. But I didn't I honestly didn't for me. It wasn't. I didn't feel like it was it was definitely a change in day to day and freedom and schedule, but at the same time, I still felt like I was connected. People in. So it actually ended up being fairly easy for me. And then as far as the both is coming on now in your focus on key. Does something that since obviously, helping your mama. Have you been using that since as your own version of nutrition, and you kind of dabble in a bunch of other stuff like what's your approach bins that that point your mom? Yeah. You know, if somebody asked me what my personal diet is or dietary philosophy. It's very very in line with traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine. And so you know, I and what that is. It's based on the five elements essentially means that everybody needs to eat right for their type or for their own body. And so I think that everybody's different. I don't think there's one die for everybody. Now. I love the Kito die. There's so much research. And it follows really it's the only diet that mimics fasting. And we don't fast near enough today. In fact, if you look at our ancient ancestors fasting is referenced numerous times in the bible. It's referenced in Greek medicine by pockets, my monetize, all these ancient. A brilliant Thrashers recommended fasting to heal the body, and you know, the Keno diet came about I mean, the key diet was done has been done for thousands of years. But it was sort of rediscovered in the nineteen twenties in more modern research at John Hopkins University, they were working with children that were having really severe epileptic seizures. And they found that when they had the kids fast deceives went completely away. So they realized we need to create a diet that mimics fasting and gets buddy in ketosis fasting does to help the seizure. So they put on Keno die remove the carves increase the fat and in the seizures one away. And so anyways, I'm a fan of the key died, especially doing it as a cleanse a thirty day to a ninety day period. Now as some people, you know, sometimes longer, I mean, certain certain groups of people. Like eskimos lived on Kito genyk dieters other people by the hunzas and some others. But I don't think key met for lifetime for most people. But I do think if somebody wants to experience breakthrough especially balance out insulin, and Dr Tony, you know, this but insulin is such a crucial hormone for our overall health. In fact, when we think of insulin most people think of diabetes, but having balanced insulin. Insulin a hormone that regulates blood sugar. But when insulin is balanced, it keeps inflammation lower sugars in yourselves sugars not in your cell. It's causing inflammation out your body. Vinson's balanced. There's no shoulder causing inflammation, your body, so insulin balance reduces inflammation, insulin effects hormones like cortisol which lower stress hormones in aging high. Insulin has also been correlated with polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility in women, and in Alzheimer's, in fact, Alzheimer's, they call type three diabetes. Which is because the insulin is out of balance. And so all that being said, I'm a big fan of the Kito diet for a period of time for people that really need to regulate insulin in loose some of that unwanted body fat very quickly when your body gets into ketosis. It's the only diet along with fasting which is just not eating for days. But it's the only diet where your body starts burning fat for energy. So so that's why when people hear the Kito dia, and it's the most effective weight loss diet by far. The reason is is because your body is trying to burn fat, including your own body fat. So people will lose weight very quickly and their studies showing that if you have the the average middle-age weight gain, which is twenty two pounds that average weight gain of just being about twenty pounds, overweight doubles, your risk of cancer and triple your risk of a heart attack in like in Tripoli risk of diabetes, all by just a twenty pounds. And so for me my mind says if somebody can follow Kito. Oh, and let's say somebody has a middle average millage waken of twenty pounds and can lose that twenty pounds and anywhere from one to three months man that's incredible game changer for their health. And so, you know, I don't follow the Kito diet all the time I Keano meal sometimes or here, and there I really fell more of a traditional Chinese medicine diet, which is a lot of vegetables rice, you know, wild carp fish and a berries and a lot of herbs and spices. But I think for a lot of people doing a Kito die for period of time can can kind of help them get that breakthrough and then transitioned into whether it's a Chinese medicine Dider paleo diet, but in general, and here's the other thing in started be hogging this whole conversation. But a lot of people what they think is normal normal carbohydrate consumption is very very off. You know, like we have so many packaged foods that are rich in carbohydrates. A lot of people are consuming in their died about sixty percent carbs and vegans it's actually higher probably seventy. But sixty percent of their diet consists carbs that ratio should probably be closer equal to fatten fast. Maybe thirty to forty percent of your diet should be carbs. So a lot of people should be thirty sixty consuming. Double the car's all that being said, I do love the Kito diet for people for a breakthrough. And then afterwards following a diet. It's more moderate carbs and not high carb. Yes. One of these that I tell people to buy why two guys working so well right now, it's just because he said people have a of Minna book damage, they have a lot of weight to lose things like that. We're just at a point as a culture, a western culture specifically that it's really really effective tool. Everybody needs to be on absolute nut and people were raised for instance, on on whole foods and real foods and eating normal amounts of real carbohydrates. I don't think it necessity to be on. But when you have population where we have a third of the people in this country have prediabetes or diabetes than this is an effective tool for that. And so obviously, noon, I both agree on. The fact that regardless of what type of diet, you're gonna do eating real foods, eating real foods. I don't think anybody can really argue that it is. And I'm not really sure as I haven't done research on Chinese medicine, but how does that differ from for instance, a paleo dial one of the things that are different. You know, he's at rice, maybe some things like that. But key differences. They're doing those too. Yeah. Absolutely. So, you know, a Chinese medicine focused on several things let's talk about three things in general. What element you are the season? Wherein was specifically health conditions health. What's going on in your body? And so Chinese medicine will look at the body for one and they'll say. Is your body too hot or too cold inside? Is it too damp? Or is it to dry is there too much movement or too little movement are you to overly yen, which is the feminine aspect of house that certain hormones that say your estrogen progesterone or are. Let's say estrogen is high both men and women that's too much in or let's say your stash Ren's too high. That's young Chinese medicine. So that's over there. And then if you're is too high or too low, and that's just your your energy. I mean, you know, how well rested your body is internally. And so they'll look at somebody get example, like why do we call it a cold today if somebody is sick because it's Chinese medicine. That's a that's a reference there that your body is cold internally. So what are all the ancient remedies for coal? They're warming herbs and spices. It's garlic. It's ginger. It's cinnamon it's Cayenne pepper cl-. You know, it's all these warming. You know like in Nashville here. They have people drink hot toddy, which is essentially whiskey, Honey. And and cinnamon and why wis why whiskey whiskies hot it's hot. Liquor beer is cold wine is more neutral slightly warming alcohol specifically whiskies the hottest of all liquor. So that's so anyways, all that being said Chinese medicine will look you'll go to a practitioner, they'll feel and look at your buddy. So you were cold internally. We got a warm it up with herbs and certain foods that are warming. So somebody that's cold internally wouldn't wanna do cucumber or seaweed because that's super cooler peppermint, then wanna do again, they wanna do like Lamm, which is very warming. And and sentiment in some ginger. You know, these are very warming warming foods, or if somebody's dampness that's essentially, Kim Dida. And so we need to consume foods get rid of dampness and get rid of the foods that are dampening like egg whites. You know, dairy is very dampening bananas things that are kinda mucus even when you feel them to look at them kind of thing about mucus, not like, that's that's dampness to Flynn. But also that white coating on your tongue that can go throughout your entire body. So in Chinese medicine, we gotta stay away from these dampening foods and bitter foods dry up dampness. And so we gotta have you do some broccoli raid. And artichokes in a Ruge in herbs most herbs are bitter. You know, like, oregano Zaveri, bitter herb which helps dry dampness and and get rid of things like candy. So in Chinese medicine, they'll look at number one the look at what's going on internally in the body with with those different things, they'll they'll look at the person's body type and personality emotions experience. So for instance, if somebody is known as an earth element, which means they're like think of them as the the golden retrievers of people. Okay, they're very happy their body types or more round there more. Jolly they're just more. They're you know, they're just people. They're very warm and inviting people those people tend to struggle with the emotion of worry, which taxes these splaine specifically the pancreas. So those people regularly would wanna consume food that nourish the earth element. So think of thanksgiving in the fall, so pumpkin and sweet potatoes and grass fed beef that orange color, you know, like things that are very nourishing and that way, and they wanna take herbs like stragglers, which strengthens area the body. And also in addition to that eating seasonally in the winter, it's cold St. when eat more warming foods in the summer. It's hot. So you won't eat more cooling foods in the spring. There's lots of wind, and it's when your liver is the strongest so you'd wanna eat foods that are sour and foods like intake herbs like milk this on dandelions to activate the liver. So I know kind of sounds pretty complex but Haley. Haley sounds pretty actually as far as. What you would think as far as going back to the elements around you. So you said five different elements. How would one decide or figure out test you go through? Just kind of subjective thing. The most common ways to price an acupuncturist who follows the five elements or a master herbalist who follows the five elements of Chinese medicine. And so that's one way. And it's kinda like the first Myers Briggs test everybody falls into a category there. Some people can come be across between two. But I typically tell I mean if somebody's acupuncturist or does Chinese medicine, I look at most people know what element. They are like, I'm a element. So I'm very I'm very lean. I'm liking you can see my veins thing about the roots of a tree. That's what the person would look like, you know. And and so it's, but you can also probably there's an online quiz like five elements quiz where I think people could find out what element they are. Just simply online. Yeah. Interesting. And so it's more cater to the individual than I suppose just generic. Yeah. And some of the things that I'd like to wish there was a tool that existed here. But taking for instance, Twenty-three me, data and even pouring into your genetic history and saying, okay. So these are the. Food that actually were there not not ones that we've gotten through a cultural, and this what you should be eating this time of year. She eating is probably goes in line with the ancient wisdom of the Chinese medicine, very very much you're saying, and so as far as that I mean, I know that you're a big fan of college and things like that. But I mean, we we've had this history of food just becoming such a fake thing over the course of the last ten thousand twenty thousand years where some of the things I mean, if you wanna highlight collagen, but anything else that we're missing or other than just real food sources. It's all hit on that first in terms of the college. And yeah, I think bone broth is probably one of the highest. You know, there are certain things we just gotta be getting in our diet and one third of our bodies protein one third of the protein in our body is collagen protein, so you know, what makes up our skin or hair nails, bones, discs, ligaments, tendons, Fausia, connective, tissue, gut lining, arterial, walls, and even other heirs of the body. It's mostly collagen. In fact, there's more college in your bones in calcium, somebody decided with the milk commercial to make calcium a big deal college, actually, more important your bones, probably than calcium. So all that being said college big deal all of our ancestors. Drink broth have you go over to Asia today? They drink fresh fish broth go to Okinawa. They're drinking broth constantly, and it's a huge deal for anti-aging tiding our skin for keeping our joints from getting injured. So we need college. So. Yeah. Number one on the list is we should all be getting some from a bone broth, whether it's. Drinking bone broth or taking a supplement like a multi collagen protein supplement her a bone broth protein, we should be getting these regularly. So number one for me is is that number two is going to be herbs and spices. Generally. We just don't get enough herbs and spices in especially as we're talking about North, America, Europe, and Australia. You know, like if you go into a market today in the Middle East in India Asia, any of these areas you go to market it, smells, like food. You know what I'm saying? And you're gonna see they're using a lot of herbs and spices in there cooking today its own pepper. You know, we don't go much further than that. And I've used the term, you know, this has been my tagline for years. Now, it's food is medicine. But when I used the term food is medicine it's most chew with herbs and spices. Now, broccoli is. Amazing kale is amazing, but salon show and parsley entomb reconsideration Rosemary blow Br. Rocklin kale out of the water in terms of their nutrient density and medicinal effects on the body. And the other thing is you know, in cooking. They consume these herbs all the time. And then of course, they did a lot of herbal teas Chinese medicine in in medicine in Japan. You know, they drank green tea, they drank straggling tree tea they drink. They drink these herbal teas all day that acted as medicine in acted as powerful antioxidants. We almost none of those today. So if people wanna know, hey, what are the big one number one number two. And then I'll hit on my third one here in a second. But we gotta be doing collagen. We've got to be getting more herbs and spices like tumor economic Gonda stragglers and mushrooms like reshi mushroom. But we gotta be getting more of those because they are really powerful, especially when it comes to fighting cancer anti-aging. And then the third would be probiotics. You know, we're not getting near enough probiotic probiotics are essential for our digestion they're essential for. For our protection essential for immunity system. And we used to get more probiotics via we had to via fermentation, we never frigerator. So they had to keep foods ferment in which kept them from spoiling. So we got to probiotics that way, historically. And the other thing is, you know, we got them in the soil. So we would eat we they pull foods out of the ground wash him off. But there's still be those little specks of dirt on there. Like when you carrots wash them off still they're not this bright glowing orange there's orange, but there's little specks of Brown in there. Those are known as SPO probiotic soil organisms, which actually medical studies have shown actually help us break down and digest our food and act as natural immunization similar all Honey to help our body better adapt to our regional surroundings and things we're going to be exposed to Embu setting are immune system over time. We get almost none of that. That's why I'm such a big fan. Somebody's going to buy probiotic typically. Looking for an SPO probiotic because we're not getting we probably get more food based probiotics. If somebody's eating sauerkraut or even catch up, you know. But today, we almost none of these Espy owes because our food has been shipped here from Mexico or China, even some of our produce aid. It's been sprayed. So there are no probiotics on there anymore. So again, my top three by far if people want to know, what are we missing? It's college in its herbs and spices. And it's going to be pro. Probiotics. Awesome. And so you questions and some of these I totally agree with you on these as well. But number one as far as I've some portions as well bone broth liquid over Rome bone powder is much of a difference there, or is it everything is there or is immune acid composition change. What's the status? You know? They're almost identical pretty much identical. Like, I can share you with our company that I run we. Create a bone broth protein product. And what we do we have. We're we're in Missouri in the Ozarks, and we have these giant stainless steel vats. And we get our organic chicken parts, ligaments tendons, those areas, we put them in water. We simmer them just like you'd make brought home we then dehydrates liquid just with air just hydrated, and it turns into a powder, and that's it. I mean, there's nothing added. There's nothing changed. We use some apples. We use them apple cider vinegar, and there to extract from watering episode vinegar, that's really all were using in that process. So really they're identical. I use a lot of bone broth protein every more. I do it every morning in my smoothies sometimes twice a day because I just traveling and everything else, but I still think pay drinking regular bone. Broth that you make at home is great. But I do think getting in a powder form is convenient easy. But really to me, they're they're completely equal footings. I will say this one of the unique things we do when we make our bone broth protein as we do a shorter. A higher temperature for a shorter amount of time. And what that does is it actually the only thing that changes with that is we have a little bit lower levels of glutamate and higher levels of Hyler onic acid, which is a good thing. Some people are sensitive, especially if people have severe reactions to things, and maybe they're even have problems with broth people tended to have problems with our broth because of our fashion of cook time of cooking it for shorter periods. But outside of that, they're they're pretty much identical in so why chicken over beef for Fisher, pork or excuse for us. You know, when we were spent time reading and looking at the our data as we analyze the different types of broth, we really thought. Now, I think beef Ross can be great. But the reason why a lot of our products we use chicken because chicken broth has both collagen specifically collagen type two type two collagen is what makes up your ligaments tendons. All those areas of your body, your joints, your connective tissue and also really supports the gut lining. But the thing that broth has or chicken broth other bras. Don't have our family of nutrients called Cosa Gleich ins, which include glucose Amine conjoined in Hyler, onic acid, and these are collagen boost or so like heireann acid is amazing for your joints amazing for your skin. So so again with college with with the chicken broth, and this is also why thinking about this when somebody is sick with a cold or flu nobody ever says go drink beef. Broth, right. It's always chicken soup, and the reason is collagen. But it's those like Cosa me, no Gleich support, the gut the supports the immune system, which makes it even more powerful for gut and immune system health. So what parts of the chicken using just the bones using the whole carcass and skinned. Well, we we kinda take off the muscle me and use most of the carcass. But it's it's a lot. Of the skin, ligaments tendons, and then the feet and the chicken necks. That's where the largest amount of collagen lies. So that's what the feet specifically is what we we use a largest amounts, and then so obviously, there's no way you're going to be able to afford fully Pasha chickens because my butcher here in Austin this like seventy eight dollars for a fully Pasha chickens. Oh and about what we do with art with our chickens, actually as we have. We have two types of chickens. We have actually none of our chickens are they're all cage free. Okay. So across the line, there cage free and their non GMO, and they've never been an any sort of chemical. So and we've done testing to show we get the test of our broth, we ran three hundred different tests and show them they'd be completely clean impure. So just you know, I consume every day my mom who I love more than anything fought. You know, battled life threatening illnesses. She takes it every day. So we know it's that good. We also do have or. Ganic which is more expensive that that were, you know, we're pastured would've what about the the argument that, you know, even if it's cage free. They don't really actually have access to pasture aren't really eating real things or like bugs and things like that or more so feed and concerned that feed is then into the tissues, especially that skin in feet napkin in that pass along, you know, again, the feed that we have people using is from you know, is. Again. So here, here's what I can tell you. It's you know, the best feet available. But is it them eating worms and crickets? No, it's not, you know in an ideal world. That's what they'd be eating. Yeah. Hitting completely cost prohibitive. There's no way. Like, I don't even by Pasha chickens because it's just input raising is insane. Yeah. Well, you couldn't take a single chicken or fish or a beef product. It's done that way religious not even possible. So it's fish, I guess you. But for the most part if you're talking about beef and sugar any college in product on the planet. I mean, we have we have the best sources that are the most environmentally friendly. But yeah, for to get actually wild where they have like a hundred acres the running around and just eating off land. It's not actually just people can buy chicken like that. But it's anyways all that being said. But again, we we get we get our third party testing and were worksite about what we have especially compared to compare to other companies. Yeah, it's awesome. And then as far as breath oil and stuff down to me price is that kind of a similar process. You guys using the power. It is. Yes. So we take the oil that rise. This is an all of the oils from the organic. So we have certif- from certified organic chickens that are pastured and will that rises to the top just like you'd make broth at home, we gather that and and we use that oil. What's really unique about that oil is it actually is almost the identical makeup to the oil of our own bodies. And when you look at this. It's pretty interesting years ago saturated fats such a bad rap. But we know today people that are falling more paleo or traditional diets that people are cooking with chicken fat with, you know, duck fat with with lard. You know, I'm not a fan of. I mean, sorry Talla. I'm not a fan of pork fat. But I think it's actually bad. Whether the pig is, you know, wild or not. But actually, but but all that being said, you know, you know, ourselves if you look like every cell of our bodies as a cell, membrane and half of it as made of a saturated fat and the other half has some Pol. Omega threes and others. But a big part of our bodies are made up of saturated fat. So it's really cool looking at, you know, in historically, you know, today people tend to use plant oils for even hydrating their own skin. When actually using like beef fat like tallow or chicken, fat lake. Schmaltz is actually more effective hydrating your own skin. If you have dry skin, but same thing internally in your body for your cells. I do think people should be getting some saturated fat. So when we did this bone broth oil we were really excited because of just sort of the makeup in the fast that are very similar to our our own cellular fat. That's cool. Yeah. I've seen that too before a lotion, it sooner. Well, we talked about it right now. It's hard to get that much organic. So right now, we just have it in in our Kito supplement line. If people are Kito protein that we use that bone broth oil in there. But we talked about doing a skin care line with. And in fact, we even had samples made. But right now, we're trying to work with farmers undoing larger scale because right now, we really only have enough for this internal. Addicts and not enough for the skin care. But, but we think at some point we will be able to interesting skincare these things I'm sure we could do a couple of sits on about. How scary most brands are. There's not right now. Yeah. Right now, we're using it. You know, we haven't essential oil on we source some really unique essential or certified organic the whole line from around the world. But we you know, that that's what the r line that we're looking at making his made out of it's almost pure essential oils coconut and then some unique animal fats. So number two spices any difference for you between fresh and dried should people be very niece thing. Just a more tips up. You'll can incorporate them, you know, I think a lot of it has to taste and flavor when we're talking about, you know, when you're getting the biggest concern people have is what about enzymes, that's that's one of the larger questions people might have when you're having a fresh. Herb you're going to have more of those enzymes when you have a dried herb, they're actually more highly concentrated herbs when when something's dried. So they're actually going to be higher antioxidant per what somebody would typically consume. But you know, the enzymes if somebody's eating vegetables and salads, or juicing and even a lot of times because it's dried or broken down a little bit more. It tends to be very easy. Typically, we don't need many enzymes to digest herbs. So really, I really think both are fine. I don't the big thing for me. It's just that story of you know, it's like it's the same thing. If I tell somebody spinach should eat raw or should they cooked? Cook sometimes a little better because people can eat a lot more of it. It's a lot more dense. But I'm great with raw too. So honestly, I just want people to eat it. I don't care if I don't care if it's as a tea or a capsule or a dried or fresh, I just I just want people to eat more herbs and then number three for the product. So you mentioned soya-based organisms SEO, I think again, something that we don't get enough of just because of how our food system is. Don't understand it. There's pretty much three categories SPO's Sacramento Lardy, I in lactobacillus or blends in like, you said if people are eating minted foods probably getting third category. What's your opinion inbound using a sacrifices blurred ers and Mike that? Yeah. I like soccer issues Ballade I and stark unleashes Blerta's a yeast and actually clinical studies are on show. That's very good for actually it's kinda coward. Counter intuitive thing too. It's actually used for is can Dida which is Ye it's for yeast so yeast fighting east or pushing out east, but you know, it's very good for acne, especially so that's in the clinical. Studies have been shown to be most effective is with your skin. You know, so circa Macy's Ballade. I as a awesome yeast base, you know, probiotic, and and then as you mentioned you've got like the bifida lines. You've got the, you know, some of the different forms of acidosis that are more, you know, some of those. Dairy food based. And then you've got as you mentioned like sauerkraut locked pesetas planetarium that was really great. But, but you know, we do a lot of like you mentioned the bacillus bacillus coagulates bacillus subtilis bacillus close I and those are more of those soil based. But but I think people do want to get a range of those probiotics. And when we and we have, you know, if people do a Google search and wanna find a good Espy just search Dr acts Espy oh probiotic. But I think that you know, even SPO probiotics yet, you'll find like Sark Amies Ballade, I in some some of the other. But I think they're just more dominant in the as you mentioned, the bacillus strains, but I agree with you. I mean, people should just get as many different types of microorganisms as they can. Yeah. I mean, good top three and one of these talking about as far as kind of intuitive ways to handle medicine twenty minutes in in something like that where I mean, some some wisdom that we've lost along the way you fasten your talking about is. Different plant netizens, so people I think there's been a little bit of resurgence around things like psychedelic, mushrooms and LSD and things like that. We have Oregon coming in playing Cilla Simon on the ballot for legalization soon. I'm just curious. Your thoughts on syllabus been if you've experienced anything there that has been transformative the yourself or someone else. You know, it's funny because I was just. Talking to Ben Ben greenfield. Yeah. So I was just recently talking to Ben. And and and you know, Jordan Rubin and myself, we, you know, are always very reading the latest research on the cutting edge of a lot of these things, and we actually have a mushroom farm in Missouri. And we we own about we own five thousand certified organic acres of land there. And that's where we source. That's where we manufacturer in bottle are bone. Broth products are essential oils r- actually, growing the spring. Our first line of hemp, we're launching a CBD line here very soon as well. And again growing a lot of our own at certified organic which were excited about so we actually have a mushroom from entail facility in Missouri where we use different colors of lights. And we actually this is pretty cool. We grow are. The new mushrooms were starting to grow were growing them on hemp stocks at CBD. So we're so we grow reshi court assests mytalk easy Turkey tail in Lyon. Made all out of Iran's. So we are big big fans of of mushrooms, we haven't dove into using these yet Ben hasn't gotten you guys on the dosing. He's been. No, he hasn't. And they'll what we'll continue to look in the research, and we will, you know, maybe even test them products and see how they do. But but we we aren't right now. Our big focus is actually on hamp and CBD. But but but we may dip our towing there in the future. As far as the CD goes, what are the things that you've noticed people can benefit from CBD? I I think the big thing is this and you'll really understand this, and, you know, having your background as a DC. But it's I think it's biggest effect is calming the central nervous system. You know, it's whereas THC tends to be more, you know, having the site of those psychoactive effects. CBD's really helps balanced, and I wanna compare it to this. If you look at calf it coffee coffee be naturally has caffeine in theory in if somebody's ever drinking coffee and got jitters from drinking, it it tends to be because you had caffeine, and it was a low grade coffee bean, not organic and so as Lowthian eating in. So you get jittery if you have really high quality organic fair trade coffee, you have this energy. But it's the sort of balanced energy where you're not jittery. That's because Theun is coming in a me. No that helps balance out the caffeine. It's the same thing with cannabis THC is that more, you know, thing that really affects your your body in the can have hallucinogenic effects where CBS the calming benefit of those to help balance out how works on your body. So CBD is really a regulator of your para sympathetic nervous system. And it helps you know, people that are in that fighter. Fight response. People that have a dream fatigue, anxiety, those types of issues CBD's to me is the most effective herb on the planet for calming the central nervous system. And that's why I love it. That's why clinical studies it's been shown to be effective for anxiety. It's been shown to help improve sleep. It's been shown to help improve gut related issues. It's been shown to help relieve pain, especially that's excited. Tori pain? That's where your nerves or fire over firing. And so I'm a huge fantasy be de especially if people can buy in organic form, just like anything, you know, coffee beans or sprayed plants or sprayed CBD hem hem plants or sprayed just as much or more than a lot of other plants. And so I just think it's important that people go on find organic, but against CBD I suffer with it pretty frequently especially at night just for sleep or when I'm traveling. But I'm a big fan. I wonder if there's a something to do with the reception for CD because I've tested it with an aura ring in every time. Take an appreciable dose. It's just like if it were to have maybe two or three drinks. So not terrible sleep. But certainly less quality in it's pretty consistent. So I don't know if there's a also if I take any amount of THC, like, I lose my mind never been able to handle any sort of THC. So I don't know if I just have really sensitive receptors or what the deal is. You know, I think some people less dose makes makes a difference. And so what I what I recommend for people is just start out with that small dose of or dose of about ten milligrams. I think that's what people should start off with ten milligrams and see how their body responds. Some people takes more some people take twenty milligram. Some people may even an ultra of forty and then there's some clinical studies showing people with you know, things that struggle seizures. Or maybe have schizophrenia action even higher doses. But I think like anything I mean, like getting example, my wife could drink. Three cups of coffee. My mother-in-law could drink eight. If I have a half a Cup. I am wired. Unlike I feel like I could run through a wall. So you know, I I really would compared to caffeine. I think that everybody's doses. Very very different one of those freaks who can't have more than half a Cup when it comes this stuff as far as from business affective how you guys going to sort of like the legality around that and like nervous start shipping. Rest state lines. No, we're not no the farm Bill is passed, and it's not really regulated in terms of the so Sona as being said health food stores are shipping across the country. We see big companies like Pepsi and coke actually are waiting to get in the market. And so we've had conversations with large companies. So we're not no, we're really we're really not to to concert cool, and then just four it'd be sensitive. You time here before we finish off just a few hot topics in Kito just want to get your perspective. Is this stuff is always gonna controversial but stains of protein Akito? There's people who say, you know, you need to eliminate because Google Neha Genesis. And then there's other camp that say that's can happen any ways and actually improving Harz can be helpful. So what do you think about protein levels on Keita joint that? Yeah. Number one. I think it depends on activity level. I think most people twenty percent of their diet seventy five percent fast. Five percent carbs, right? If somebody's active very active, I think twenty five percent is probably closer to the ideal number. And from what I've seen is. I've tested Kito level Kitone body levels in people. They can do moderate protein. Not high definitely not high the more that model moderate dose, and I think people do very very well with the moderate dose from from what I've seen and how my own body is worked on. I've tested myself, my wife and other. So I so I feel good about that more of a moderate dose got Reuther toll and sugar alcohols nuts. I don't really like him. I think they're hard on the gut especially due in large amounts. Xylitol. I think he has small amount is fine. I think the body can tolerate small amounts, but it's like anything. Hey, I- blueberries for breakfast. I had you know, right? Twenty grams of sugar in the book because blueberries just have those fruit does, but. You do eighty or one hundred. That's that's just too much. And so I think hey, using sprinkling it on things is probably fine trying to bake with xylitol or do just pure sugar, alcohols and large amounts. It's very hard on the gut. And I I'm not a fan. Speaking of thoughts on guar gum or as Anthony go. The identical thought compared his toss small amount in a product, you know, that's naturally occurring. Like a lot of it's pulled from seaweed. Hey, you know, what that's a normal amount? Your body can tolerate but you go overboard in start baking with it doing large amounts of it. It becomes a problem. So have you have a if a company uses just a bit for smoothing out in an almond milk? Hey, your body can can deal with that. But again, if somebody's doing bars and snacks, and like all this stuff that has all this anthem Gummer. Let's say a milk assume they try and make it all tra- creamy and do larger levels, which it's hard to tell because there's just listed on the label in done say the exact Mao, but that starts to get heart on the gut as well. All right. Awesome. Thanks for today. Doc, so you new book Kito diet is out soon as well. Sure. It's going to be hard to Nazi over the place. They're looking for health information. But just if they want to get in touch with you on Instagram website. Yeah. So yeah. So my new book just came out. It's Kito diet. And if people wanna learn sort of that plan that I created for my mom and her beating cancer naturally that's in the book. In fact, I've got six plans in the book, we have a Kito cancer plan in their Akito plan for vegans Akito intermittent fasting plan, we've Akito collagen plan, we've a plan called Kito cycling where people can move in and out of ketosis, and we also go through a lot of Chinese medicine, and I have a whole thirty day plants if somebody wants to experience, a health breakthrough and do the Kito diet, the right way, I go through everything in the book, in fact, right now on Amazon got a ten dollars off the normal price. And then also it's in bookstores all across the country. So yeah, check it out the books Kito diet, and you can just go on Amazon or go your books store and just look up Kito diet, Dr acts and then. Yeah. Instagram on there. Dr Josh axe ideal lot of posts on Instagram and my wife's on there too. If you want to see, you know, a lot of our personal life. My wife is a yoga instructor and a doctor as well. She's Dr Chelsea axe. She's a great person to follow. There too. But Dr Tony west, thanks so much. I really appreciate you having me on. And you're great interviewer so loved love your questions. Thanks. Thanks again. Thanks jets in all right. All right. Everyone thinks into another episode of the Kito podcast, you enjoyed it. But even if you didn't I would love review just over items wherever you listen to your podcast popping review. So we can get found by more people you'd better guess now. The information that you need to please go to wherever you listen your podcast of review, if you need to keel over perfect dot com slash podcast and into emailed for all our top tips and guys getting start with Qizheng. Dia. Thanks next time.

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