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Episode 504 - Goodbye Bernie Sanders


It side gentlemen who come to the rocks by KGO SPENT DOT com at the breaking news. Kids Bernie is out of the election and give me really Sunda Seattle case. A Lo- is very Ronan now. Brown bag Adam. And it might be one of those things where he's got to go into quarantine. It was just like Shit. I gotta get ahead of this before it's leaked to the press and then he doesn't want to drop out because of the Rona No. I mean complete speculation by the way even though I have a little tinge of like feeling bad for the guy right well look at them over years and like even with Hillary as much as I hated her. When you lose the last time that you can ever do something right. Whatever it may be ever you are. There's some things so sad about that especially when you're getting older so like Joe Biden GonNa lose right and it's sort of like you know so last time and you've been working for this your whole life yes so in the spirit of just a good by saying goodbye and I don't see a world where he can run again. No boy if he did he would be twenty twenty years that I will say though. I will not put it past that motherfucker. He really did do all the shit look is the thing with burn. Dogra anybody running for Public Office. It is fucking hard and yes. I will acknowledged that. I genuinely think he got fucked over in sixteen and who knows what would have happened because I was crazy. Race you have. You had two people in there who were with completely radical ideas in sure. We'll find out what happens right. Shum he did have a very passionate base and it was all young voters in. I don't see a world in which all of these young voters go out and vote for Biden who is falling apart before a very is. Did you see the viral clip? The that the Clinton viral last night of Biden. Now what was he doing in a thirty to forty seconds speech he fucked up maybe seven times and it was. It was so far in front of people know he was on TV. It was like an interview and it was so hard to watch that it just kept getting ripped on everybody's instagram accounts. Over and over again it was like God damn it man i. I saw an interview he did yesterday. It's at miss and that's the thing is like really fun. That's what's wrong with dementia. It is hit and miss. And you don't know when it's going to happen and the clip that went viral yesterday. Was that the only thing you can possibly chalk that up to this point right and Yeah Man I fucked. The democratic. Party's fought as a whole and there is no recovering. I think I think right now. The Democrats which they could go all in on. Cuomo to be honest with you but that's not a reality for president just behind the scenes. They've been drafting this petition. That allegedly fifty thousand people have signed. And you know in case Joe Loses it fully by the convention they are GonNa Pop. An incorrect drew cuomo out of New York. And you know look. He's been getting almost as much screen time as the President. During this pandemic his brother is one of the lead anchors on CNN which is an all left network so you can certainly get the message out there every single God damned if he wanted to write. I don't know how you trot out Biden every single day like they've trotted out cuomo because there is too big of an opportunity to fuck up. There's too big the opportunities to big where he's going to fuck up. Whatever interview you saw yesterday yeah. I saw a different one yesterday. But these guys are doing. How many interviews a day? Yeah I didn't know by many but yeah you have to know podcast. I just saw that so biden. What's the name of the podcast called? Here's the deal which is so great. Here's the deal. Here's the deal. Which is his thing. And it's just show Biden interviewing Different people in office or just any kind of political figure that he wants to and then crenshaw has did this as well and he did a crossover episode with us for his new podcast and drinking brose and I think it is a smart idea. However Joe Biden is seventy nine years old trying to do a podcast right clearly for the election. Someone's going to go on for the next chance but thing do world we live in right And here's the deal if you're trying to get your message out to people. Is there a better way than podcast right now? Probably not because you could go on a Sirius. Xm or Jimmy Fallon or something like that and it's like what are you gonna drink and Bro? We've higher ratings in them right. We've higher ratings than every single show essentially on basic cable right now and drinking. Ross Patterson Revolution is getting close to that points. And it's like I think it would serve you better to go on podcast than it would to go on Stephen. Colbert what is that? GonNa do for you anymore. Right what is Stephen Colbert? Because you can't get to as many eyeballs and if you didn't tape it once it airs that's it. You can't go back so it's not sitting there in a queue like a podcast is where you can. Just scroll through itunes right in Joe Biden and look for all of his interviews. You can't do that with the Stephen. Colbert Jimmy Fallon Jimmy. Kimmel can with podcast. And it gives you more of an opportunity to go back and somebody's catalogue and find these interviews and learn more about the candidates but burn doc. Washburn dog did well his supporters gangster to why I'd be be a little wary these days watch for the next wave of hatred towards Biden on twitter. Just from Bernie Broza. I don't think it's going to be from trump trump people to be honest. No I mean look they if you are a trump supporter you never really saw. Bernie is a huge real threat anyways. You wanted him to win right Wanted Oh that he wouldn't win right so it's like. I don't think anyone's on that side is going to kick Bernie at this point because they're like well. Yeah it was going to be now or it was going to be a in a debate. Whatever you know like I don't know yeah look I just think I think with Bernie it eliminates the young voters who were passionate to go out and vote for Biden. That's not going to happen now. Promise you that's not going to happen. Because of this pandemic there isn't a way to go out to rallies meet and greets all that other stuff that is another hindrance for Biden. There is no way he can win this election. Besides a hail Mary with maybe Michelle Obama as VP. That is that's it. That is the only person that I can see. That would move the needle enough to win and and is is Obama. Going to endorse. What'S UP IS IS OBAMA. Going to have a choice now burns out. That is your candidate. That is your democratic chananeen. If he doesn't endorse with Biden being the guy now then what does that say about Biden and I think I think Obama knows it would fuck over the Democratic Party if the most beloved democratic presidents maybe of all time besides FDR US came out and just said. I'm not going to give him my support right. I just don't know why he hasn't yet. I think he was waiting for this race to shake out. I think I think there is a couple more surprises. And you know. I'm not entirely sure. His health is going to stand up. For All of this Biden's I think there is a small possibility that someone else could squeeze in the other weird thing that I find is Hillary Clinton has been very active on twitter lately especially about her disapproval of of obviously trump handling the pandemic and everything else and a lot of people are commenting. Why do you care you have no no skin in the game? You're on you're not running for president by the fuck. Do you care so much. Because you're not in any political office right now. Is there a trance? She tries your chance. Excuse me she tries to weasel her way in later in this thing I mean look. The Convention is pushed back now. A month So it's pushed back to August. There is a long time between April eighth now between now and the Democratic convention so I think there is a few more surprises out there. But if I'm the DNC from Tom Perez and I sit down on huddle up and say all right if Biden is our guy. I don't think we have a shot to beat trump unless we get a strong VP. I think they've got to go to Michelle Obama and after that. He said he's going to pick a woman so you're kind of stuck with a woman of color. He said. Oh did he. You're you're you're either stuck with Stacey Abrams out of Georgia or Kamala Harris. Neither one of them have really any political experience. She Lost Abrams. Lost Kamala Harris Lost. But she is a should make a good attorney general on the Democratic side. So I don't know if you go with her. She's too unlikable so I don't know who you go with. Stacey Abrams to me is untested and she's boring and I think if you're if your biggest problem is trying to stir passion out of your base you'd have to throw a hail Mary to Michelle Obama Right But yeah it's it's one of those things where again. It's April eighth now it's over. It's trump versus biden. That is it. It gives you almost seven months to prepare no elections November third. It gives you seven months to prepare now for what's going to happen and run those numbers and see what they're like. Is I can promise you this. The polls are not correct. They had Biden winning. They've still got Biden beating trump and all of these polls. There's no way in hell that is going to happen unless he gets his strong. Vp In there. But with Bernie. Out All right buddy. Yeah you know you really. You really went as far as you could go. Yeah he really took it to the limit and fought his crazy ass did and still have the very least. I'll respect that. Yeah and he's still the most people at his rallies over Baden. I know all the way to the very end and rivals trump in that way as far as like how big his rallies or rallies are in. That's an interesting indicator that you know when people on Bernie side would say. Don't underestimate him. The only thing that would make me even think that is the rallies well F- so now you're you're down this. He can't go out by can't go out and do rallies meet and greets anything else. I'm assuming now well not assuming it's going to now cancel this debates. That was supposed to be next week. Yeah so that is over. The primaries are over. You don't have to worry about that anymore And you know you can kind of prep for it. But until this is the lockdowns are are lifted. what are you? GonNa do to promote yourself. Besides a podcast and something else like. I don't know what he can possibly. Yeah nobody can possibly sanders has had a podcast for a really long time though as he really. And Look. If you're Bernie support you guys it all you could two thousand sixteen you got fucked over by by Hillary. Look Twenty twenty the DNC themselves literally took you out after that South Carolina victory. That was the turning point in this race South Carolina victory for Biden. That was so huge and it was. You know let's face. It was the black voters there in South Carolina because all the other states were white voting primary wise for that Iowa New Hampshire all this stuff that took him out that changed the momentum. That was on a Saturday night. Sunday nights mayor dropped out. Klobuchar dropped out and Who's the third one? But yeah I mean he's mayor so it was mayor Pete's Clovis Sharp and then one more. They knew that one more person star. Tom Steiner was out of there. Yeah and he was gone. I mean Bloomberg stayed in it until after Super Tuesday and then he got out of there threw his support towards Biden and if they didn't collectively get together on that Saturday nights the DNC enforce. These other people to drop outs. I think this is still going on and I think this is very close between Bernie and Biden because Buddha judge enclosure would eat up all those other votes and you still would have had about four people left Elizabeth. Warren has gone as well. That's right yeah yeah yeah yeah and I think those votes would have eaten up and it would have taken you all the way down to the deadline and I don't know if Biden would have had enough votes to push him over the top at that point I think it's still would have been neck and neck with him and Bernie with all these other people eating up the votes but by the DNC eliminating all of them. It kind of forced you into you a socialist as our candidates or do you want Biden. Do you want boring true or do you WanNa Socialist and and that got everybody out of there. The hardest thing for me to reconcile with is for the Democratic Party for the last three and a half years is just the bitching of you know we don't want in. Twenty twenty is another old white rich man to represent our party. We're done with that. We're going to put on her pussy hats and run around. We're GONNA make some noise. We gotta get somebody of color and there we gotta get a woman we gotTA DO X Y and Z. You did none of that. You pick the most boring traditional older rich white candidate that you could possibly come up with. He explained that to the nation. Your base of saying. Hey guys. Let's let's poor Dick's together and rally around this guy. Because he's the guy that we we've railed against for three and a half years. Yeah if you want change. You didn't get it. You picked another safe white old rich candidate on your side So how do you how do you? How do you gain excitement for that? I don't I don't know fatter now. See later Bernie Burns. It was bound to happen. It was obviously going to happen. I didn't think it would be honest with you. I thought he would have stayed in it until the convention to see if something happened to buy something old mannish you know But maybe something old mannish is happening to him. Old manish happening to him arouna. He might have that okay. So we'll see well you know who doesn't have the Kristen Cavalry. Really Chris Cavalieri Fan. You know her husband. Smoking Jay Cutler Jay Cutler. They're finally home after their three three week. Quarantine in the Bahamas really and they are getting all the backlash from what people. 'cause it's a new thing that we're doing we've turned a corner Of being like we're now we're quarantine judging okay. So now it's a thing of like now we've entered the realm in Cova. Did where we now are. We've settled into our roles whatever they may be for. Whatever you're deciding to do for your family and now we are bored and we are now judging how other people are social distancing and quarantining so right and that's in the neighborhood that in life that with celebrities you know so what people are realizing with her Bahama Quarantine. Oh we got stuck. We just couldn't get back. I mean that's how the chips fell. Hard knock life so when people Kinda went back through the timeline of when she actually left for the Bahamas she posted that she was in New York the Twelfth I think or the thirteenth which was the day that New York went into hardcore lockdown. She lives in Nashville so she somehow was in New York for the crazy lockdown shot. Her last got once she found out. Everything was going to be quarantined then. Flew out to the Bahamas. Just basically had the same vacation. She was always going to have scrapes. And then we judging them because of how she's how she laid it out and chose posting every day about like. Hey so we can't get home. Whatever you you flew there on your private jet so this everybody's talking about because we have nothing else to talk about right except for to judge how and get pissed for me. I don't know why they couldn't have just done this. And not posted about it right. Yes so I sorta just like put your fucking phone down like I don't care how you did it like you got out on the last flight you'll have a private jet but whatever semantics you got on your last flight by the way in Bahamas. At that time they were telling everybody. If you're not from here get the fuck out. And they were like no basically and now wouldn't leave either the Bahamas greats. The Bahamas is great. Why why would you leave and if you have the money to go and quarantine in the Bahamas with your by the way hairstylist and trainer this his family? Three kids husband awesome. So you're doing workouts every day. You're still able to get your hair done Karen makeup. Hello Ma'am I know. We're pissed because we all want this but it doesn't mean that she shouldn't have this right so I'm just kinda wondering that's how you sell yourself though. Yeah Establish Your brand before that and I. I have to give her a little bit of shine for this because she has gotten backlash for all different kinds of things like she posted in front of. She posed in front of the nine eleven museum and said something completely tone deaf and ridiculous right and everyone was like up in arms about it and she made no statement whatsoever which I love now for this. We'll see what she does but my guess is she doesn't say anything which is to say that she doesn't really care what the fuck you think. Look I again. It's establishing who you are and what your brand is beforehand like me. I started off this whole corona virus thing saying this fucking bullshit and we should all go back to work therefore I can do whatever I want so all the posts that I'm making this shit. I was on the beach today. What's the fucking grocery and with my life? Sure so I guess. Maybe the difference with her is that they're being like they post every day about how their social you know how they're being safe with their families social distancing whatever and then now they're back in. Nashville they're going to quarantine for two weeks and like really follow all the guidelines so I would have. I would have flipped it if I were her. And just come out and said stuck in the Bahamas for three weeks on the on the corona virus. What am I going to do and then just take sweet beat shots all day long owned? It's and said Dude. You know what else? Rodman trainers here. I've got a professional hairstylists here. I'M GONNA post all kinds of crazy shit because I can and I'm in the fucking Bahamas and it's red. But she doesn't have to like she can just do that. That's that's the other thing is just like all posts. Why don't you just go out there? Like if if we were to ever do that right I would not be embarrassed but I would just be like this is what I wanna do and nobody else needs to know about it right. Look you can do whatever you want you can do. Whatever you want But I guess I don't know this one's like it's sort of a tough one for me because it's like if you can do it do it like do. I was for a moment thinking like Shit. Like is there somewhere that we may our beach house or some? Is there somewhere that we can go? Change of scenery. Were all still together. We're not gonNA leave or anything. Is there something we do know because you still have to travel? And then you're being a Dick Right unless you have a private chat. Then you are social distancing in doing the right thing. I look at it like this. If you WANNA come out known it own it just say hey. I'm fucking rich and awesome and shits shits Red Lake. Then that's fine. Everybody will go along that ride with you when you were pretending to be like. Oh my God him a really care about the UK there. Yeah exactly like. Don't tell me to stay safer like. Don't tell me that you're thinking about everyone back home and what they're going through like. I think that's the thing right of like. Don't act like you give a shit and then you don't have to yes That's sort of sort of where I find myself caught in between right of lake. We're not politicians. We're not doctors. You and I we literally the only thing that we know how to do is tell you guys how we feel like how we're feeling right now so some days. It's like Man Che from a Saturday night live Jay. What's his lesson Vera? I'm kidding it's Michael Michael. So he his grandma died of Corona virus right. Yeah so like you go back and forth between like man. This sucks to like man. This sucks you look. I wanted to be fucking over. He loved to really weird instagram posts about it. It was I think it was. It was a grief post apparently but it was like shit. Why Post that go back and read it. You know what I'm saying like you. So here's here's what I understand. You take somebody like Michael J. Guy. He's a writer one of the head writers for fucking. Snl read this weird postman goes back and forth and he's answering his own questions in his own thing and it was like. I can see fucking editing that on your phone we hosting any of it. He's going back and forth between being like it's like grief post like I said so he's like Kinda Funny. He's pissed he's sad. He doesn't understand jokes about it. Being Five G. Just can't comprehend that his grandma died from this shit from an N. Word eating bat like he goes through all the things grief post. So they're calling it. No I'm just saying like when you're when you're going when you're going Alex thing. Yeah like when you're going through something you're going to go through a bunch of different emotions. Why he posted it. That's up to him. I don't get yes. You're going to go through different emotions when your grandmother dies rent from Corona virus but why posts about it like go through your emotions. Then come back later. No need to do that on the the last thing I thought of when he was on. I don't know if it was on the day it appeared to be Last thing I would think of after a relative dies is like is going on and you know I'm GonNa go on Social Media and then writes a weird fucking thing where I'm angry and I'm pissed and I hate the president and I hate this and the corona virus like young man take a few days off the social media. Yeah definitely post. That doesn't understand why anyone post anything ever to be honest with you. But that's just me. My Shit mostly comedy select. I don't really give a fuck like go at St James. Se James Instruments on planet. I posted a fucking Mike Pence as a bondage queen like last night. Those funnies great great video late night late night getting midnight. I was writing a posted Mike Pence with full bondage on my instagram and it was read I posted iota. Boy The iota boy with black midgets working out next to a small dog and then it's a hard cut in suggest graphic. Gay Sex from brokeback mountain. Yeah sounds good. Yeah if you establish who you are and all that other shits then you're good to go I can't the grief post and the other thing like like Kristen. Cavalieri the trying to figure out what you're going to post if you have to try to sit there and fucking think about it all Goddamn Day. Don't Post Yeah. No she she didn't. She was just like quarantined. Po Posting pictures of workouts. We're getting workouts in were staying healthy. Were just updates like that. The real problem with this trip was her trainer. Hairstylists that she brought. That's not used to any negative comments. Where Kristen Cavalry Cavalry Right? She is used to it. She handles it with a big fuck. You basically. She's just like cool. You guys can think whatever you want heard negative comments about myself. Since the hill days right she the hills or the OC whatever. It was one of those things to help him. God Damn Laguna Beach. Whichever one she was on hills dealing with it. So it's this guy that she was with. You brought along with her and his family. That wasn't able to deal with the backlash Kept Lake. Tweeting stuff like hey guys can't handle all the negative negatively like we're doing what we need to do beloit so she had a. She had a little leak. You know what I mean. She had a leak in her boat. You know what I'm saying. We're like if it had just been her family. She posted her shit posted her workout. She would have posted her hair getting done and been like. Hey Fuck you bitches. I have fucking money. I work hard for it and this is what I'm doing with it right. But the leak in the boat kind of made it so that people turned turned on her because this has been happening for three weeks. She's been posting for three weeks. Why are we now just now being like it's on everything right? Page six everything like A. There's not a lot going on and then be the leak in about the problem for her. It isn't it isn't you. Know come out and make a weird post about that guy and then I think that would probably solve it. I think people are afraid to do that as well. I think way too much thought is going into people's social media during this time because there is no entertainment in the outside world so therefore everybody is going to social to find some form of entertainment. We've all turned into a board. Lookie Lou Gram Oss. And that's what's happening like in our neighborhood. That's what's happening in the world like we're all just like. Oh what did you see? It's like get a fucking life. I can't get a life because we're quarantine so I will say you are going to be my life. There is some pleasant surprises though. No me what's not a gigantic watts. Fan You're not you're not in the squad do have been for years not a twenty one thousand Gigawatts Fan Club at a should be her. Instagram has been fucking hilarious. Dude really her all over. Yeah turnout for Watts. Dude the watts riots. If you will yeah go on for days too on. The nose wasn't yeah. She over appliances broke yesterday in her kitchen like three appliances. She scored herself screaming to Godzilla. She put the actual Godzilla scream of when he smashing through the village wearing no makeup. And it's really fucking funny and you're like Holy Shit. Scroll back to fifty one now which I haven't seen it in a few years your theory about old white women and it's not a theory. Just facts is facts facts. Not as coming true she gives Zero Fox not wearing make any of these. The the next post is her digging a huge handful of red velvet cake and smashing it into her mouth Quarantine Times says. She said it's all it. All counts during that fucking. Lots is pretty funny. A bird shit on her leg just took a picture of that she was like what do you think? Is there any meaning to this? You know should I do something or not just like bird shit right on your leg you just took a pic posted it. Yeah what can a watts way to go? Is it funny or is it funny? Because it's Watson you don't expect yes that's what it is because when you're saying it to face value funny name means you gotTa Take Nazi. Yeah because you think what's traditionally and you're like. Oh are you Nicole. Kidman's best friend. You've wondering an Oscar and all that shit like what do you do in your real life. I was married to Ray Donovan for a long time right. No more no clearly. He's onto his second wife as he probably and I guarantee you. She's probably twenty years younger. Yeah that's that's the guest starts now. You're just starting that train at the at the front sort of but look if you look at his age. He's probably fifty. Let's say that other marriage goes another twenty. He's in his seventies at that point right yeah he's GT G. gingy into what of WHO do you have? Throw lots on the screen throw? What taints tae-wan Watson Asia eating that cake dude? I'll go back to that kick. Jamie is yeah. She's really digging into that fucking thing. No no makeup either. You're just like wow what's didn't give up. Can you actually play the video? There's the Burchett on her on her. Yeah go to the top left one. Can you play the Gods Zillow and averse screaming? That's it the one and on the ran BELVA. Oh No God. I can't but played put on your headphones for this one. The noise is so violent allowed. I've never would have guessed gone. Godzilla wait overtime. Jamie. I'm all right. What's Dude who knew who knew? Kristen Cavalieri though look did the shocking thing about her she's married to Jay Cutler Jay Cutler is not giving a fuck for years either the two of them she should have been like look. We're rich. Were beating the fucking quarantine. We're going to by the way. I'm just saying everyone has a problem with it. They're not saying Shit but they should get the trainer in line and be like hey bro and really make a meal out of it for the whole thing. It'd be like dude if you wouldn't you? Fuck Yeah you would. You would take pictures of the fish. Fry You fuck and driven hundreds on the wait staff you know. They're like this really nice house like they're all they're they're private. Yeah of course you know what I mean like. They're not resort to go out to eat something though No I think they probably had the private chef situation all the food. They're already like I really think they're doing it right. Fish fry though how do you I? You can have a company you can have it in you can order. You know what I mean. You could order in January. I like though I think they're great for that very reason. Like because they don't care. Jay Cutler was a mediocre quarterback Charon. He was quarterback for a long time in Chicago bears. A lot of people hate him. Bears fans hate them because they can win a title. Cher and just never looked like he gave his shit. But he doesn't that motherfucker racked up probably a one hundred fifty hundred and sixty million his career. I mean he made the the most out of his situation and then give shit so the two of them together. I can a brother. Yeah let them live their life now the trainer. He's gotTa get his bitch ass in shape. Get somebody else who doesn't give a shit who's richest fuck you know. Don't get some little game who's not used to this. Some little geek off the street. Because if so don't have a fucking social media account brother you know yeah Take your take your digits off that put on if you were feeling you were concerned about it. Then don't go. It's not like you fucking paid for it. Don't go do you know what I mean. Yeah don't go don't go. Don't go if you really care about the people on the front lines back here and you really want everyone to stay safe. Yeah Speaking of staying safe both Malone states save by not having mean that beer pong tournaments he stayed safe from losing. Stayed safe from losing sweet. We got some we got up we have. We have an update on that as of last night and I can tell you. Now on Post Malone their camp reach out to us he wants a rematch at his house. So I will be all this nonsense all this nonsense area. Yeah I'm not he's not going to PJ although if he would. I would travel by the way I'd fly tomorrow if the meeting was important enough and you'd probably post post the whole time. Goddamn writer would and you'd say things like already had it. I had it shaking. People's hands fucking pilot already had it absolutely. I don't know when you know I don't know what I'm not contagious anymore. Already had it. Arkady hug bring it in. Yup Bring it in you know what I what I would ask for for the stew. They love when I when they call them. Stu The stewardess. Hey why don't you? I'll take the chicken. But some mega mega uncooked of already had it. It's though some Salmonella and the old beak and unless you know what I'm saying we are now really weird. Get Salmonella after having it and I do it so he said look when all of this shakes out we're going to have a rematch at his at my house and we can go go for broke. The only thing that concerns me about this is if you are a longtime listener to the show. You know that I want twenty thousand dollars off of personal loan in a tournament. Hard to believe that was less. It was three and a half weeks ago at this point. The Fuck. It seems like right. When Cavalieri flew out almost on the day. I think on the day to be honest with you and I was twenty k. Off of me paid immediately and it was it was read. My biggest concern is I saw another video. Pop Up with tyler was`IA Asia. Yeah the guy who opened up for him and he posted a video and said hey man he was doing an interview the other day and he goes there were like. How did you guys in the tour and he goes well? I lost fifty thousand dollars plus Malone in beer pong like shit and the guy who was interviewing him it was it was rap because Amen can you afford to be dropping fifty thousand dollars because we made a bunch of money on tour and it was great and he goes? I understand that but right the fifty count bond. Beer Pong okay. So what's your concern that you're gonNA leased for a lot of money where it's like you know jets because now he's going to be even more pissed about the twenty. The twenty grand is not going to be twenty grand anymore. I'm assuming he's probably going to set that at fifty knowing my skills at this point It's probably going to set that at fifty and who knows where that goes towards the end of the night? You know what I'm saying. No I'll tell you where it goes doesn't happen. You don't tell the my pillow rap on the beak as I'm having my eighteenth bud lights but yeah. That's the only thing that concerns us shit because you always in the back of our good is. I think I am. I have to worry about it. It's not going to get I continue. Oh you got that with did pull it up with tyler. I know if you got it up. Pull that interview up where. He lost the fifty K. It's only about a forty five second clip. Is that what it is? Yeah throw that in there for the audience. It's my only fear man how did you lose? Decatur Post Malone played some beer pong and it was the end of the tour rely. We just made some money. Listen about let me just give you lord of Advice. When is like Yummy basketball? I mean no one is basketball and things like that. That's that's us this beer pong. That's asked dome. That'll be to. Be Confident. We play beer pong day every single day. Yeah lead yeah. That's fire. Yes what is your team. What is your name? Y'ALL WAY TOO. So we were with him before the show started. Nice guy in the world. He wants to drinking birds podcasts. Right after he got off stage he was cool. Cool Shit and there's a picture of him on my instagram nicest guy in the world. He was the one who wanted to take the pictures ago. Man I want to be on your browser. Fuck you get a picture and I was like yeah of course man but seeing that clip yesterday of him losing fifty K. Shits if they've been playing all tore you know yeah am I is good as I think. I am Japes. That's the question that's the question I don't know I I know I know the answer. I'll tell the audience because I have no problem saying this. I've ordered my own fucking table. I've ordered my own personalized beer. Pong table it will become in my house and Hugh if you think for one second. I'm not going to be training for this. You're out of your coal hombre. Yeah this is going down so I had a our graphics designer. There's a company that makes personalized tables and shit like that so there is one in route to my house and who might have to have some of the boys over there and Play you know so I can. I can get some work in you know Problem is along this fucking quarantine bullshit. They'll just get better on because you cannot lose the money. Yeah Yeah I hear all that. I don't know if you're hearing it. It's one of these and Out The other and acting like you're done find out but I tell him I gotta gotTa get some people over the house. Get some work in some of the old man. It's just the it's the two fingers these guys these guys Yup elbows elbows out gotta get that in. Got To get that work in the backyard. Put my six year old to the task? You know. See where he's at. We'll see how it goes born beers out for him. You know you can never start to. You can never really start on. Can you imagine? He's like a champion everybody else's so scared of quarantine. I'd have anybody over play beer pong. That's what I need man. What do you imagine me going to craigslist? Put up ads looking for beer pong partner. I missed connections ultimate viewpoint partner Brahmins. It's for a good cause I'm trying to be both Malone again and beer. Don't WANNA LOSE MY MONEY. Semi some video of your. Your previous work sent me some highlight reels of your previous work or actually this Kadena. If things were open I just roll down the UNC. W and just go old school fraternity. Because that's where you say. Look kids. Let's go. I'll donate some money to the house and just need some some put in some work here because that's what the UFC fighters are doing. Right now yeah. The article came out. We talked about this yesterday of Dana. White buying his own private island. Apparently that has fallen through. Because they're having a hard time with customs so they are doing it at an Indian reservation in California. So they're going to the whole all the fights in in your reservation California Khabib who dropped out the guy who filled in said Haymon. They interviewed last night and they were like. You'RE GONNA be ready for this and he's like actually the guys that I've been quarantined with just fought in the last. You see so he goes. Luckily I've been able to train. He's like I'll probably be like ninety five percent by the time it gets to fight night not one hundred right because they've been quarantined with like two guys who fought on the last card so it's good and it was like man that's getting last night's phone call like. I wish I was Corn Team. Some beer pong champions in all right. How am I going to get my work in? So we'll see we'll see little nervous a little nervous not nervous though about our sponsors shaves but this whole show on the air talking about go sped dot com forward slash drink and Bros. What the deals on on ghost bed? Japes was fifth or twenty five percent off. 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So just see what's going on. Talk to them what you're dealing with And tell him that you talked to Ross about your cubes. Pubis growing up and see how see if they can get a little chuckle out of that. You want to Brighton every day. You know at this point you WanNa put it a little rough behind the green there. You got a bit up. But that in their look some people are into that as quarantine times you know what I'm saying. Everyone's bushes reverting back to the seventy S and we're working on a with landscape. Actually and they're going to be on the show soon. That's GONNA help you. You Trim up down there so that's GONNA be coming up so watch that those brother but if you're losing them help them keep the ones you got and all the hair on your head. First month you get for free so I'm not even asking you buy anything put for free. I've been using for month. I told him. Look I'll give shots at the end of the year and they got a full all guard head of salad on me and Cam. 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When there's a girl in the feed I have to say I need Brooke is here Danielle was here You Know Robin D. I medical which is always weird for me to say. I hope he writes bagging. That's actually my real name. My real name like last. Yeah Great Jacob Nicol Obviously Nico the Greek. Oh we've been dealing with a shadow ban on YouTube. That just keeps going doesn't it? We get hacked history Iran during the middle of that interview. Yesterday did you. We did everything. Shut down seven minutes in every literally everything shut down and froze and then today we had to change all their passwords. All that other bullshits we terraced Brown last night on during a robot guests would you change Bernie? Sanders is twenty twenty Cocoa Mark Yep. It'll be yes so yeah I mean maybe you did. That's cool did you. Yes look we. We should have fucking total honor network. We've twelve million now twelve to thirteen million audio listeners. Yeah definitely on Youtube. We have like fucking forty thousand like it's a joke dude and everybody writes in every day and this is for you guys the die hard homeys because you have to you have to turn on notifications. That's where all the messages have been getting video all the dire at home. You know we know what's going on because everybody's like man it's hidden if you just do a search for it. I was like look I get it. I guess it was probably Alex. Alex Jones episodes. We did or my leg now. How many are terrorists? Terrorists was burs different story man so he's got people on the ground in Iraq and Iran. Who were giving him Info and he's got pictures of all the shit that's been going on so we've been putting it into the episodes so if you've seen it that's what it is and it's a it was a strange occurrence yesterday. That's all I can say. The episode fucking exploded today audio. Why so what are you GonNa do about it? What do you do about Dennis Quaid? Having his own podcast. Now Jacobs. What's the name of Dennison's? What did I say to you when you when I heard that said Kim? Somebody called himself. I said that's bold. If you say it's a like a Jesse Jesse Assan. Jails assange like you aren't able to do that. It's like giving yourself a nickname right. Other people have to say like Kiana Sants. Kiono didn't come out and say hey guys I'm having a real moment here. John Asuncion what I mean. It's the other people. Were noticing that he was really just coming back and everything was great news. Just doing so well. Students will split and he was just everywhere in like the perfect amount of way. Unlike thinking the other day Tiffany Haddish. One of the biggest. What do you call it when you draft someone that just does not meet the potential rate just a bust? I it's weird. Tiffany haddish though like it's hard to struggle for years and then not take all of that money by doing all of the things. It's knowing anything well at this point but you're getting paid for it and that's the thing is like behind the scenes. You know who you are and your shipment. I've limited talent limited amount of talent. Do I just max it out. Now go for broke and try to get rich and call it a day if you guys see on Netflix. It's called the Kennedy Center honors or something and they were honoring Dave Chapelle and she for some reason was doing a the intro to it like giving him the honor and was just so bad and I was reading off. Teleprompter couldn't really read. The jokes weren't like Anne thing landing at all. It was just really really bad. Sure so you're saying that's because she's just taken to taking on too much much and look you can see it with. What was she doing that day that she couldn't just like read the monologue much? Here's the thing so typically daylight that starts off with interviews and they'll block out two to three hours of interviews throughout your day. Your work suffers because of it. Because you're doing a million fucking things and zone out by the time you get there and everybody's gashed you up so hard at that point that you're the funniest fucking person on the planet that you get out there and you're like I don't need to rehearse and just read a teleprompter and whatever reading off. A teleprompter is is a very unique of skills. Not Going on people butts no but like eight or jokes. If you know your why not have ever writer for most all of that everything you see on television typically has a writer for something like that no you should write your own. Shit. I agree that or just like read it over a little bit like try and not be on the teleprompter the entire time and just I never found her. Stand up funny not for one second. Not Ever didn't. Her book is really good though. Her book is really good and I guess in movies. She's pretty good actor. Okay and interviews. She's kind of fun anyway either way. It's a hard it's it's one of the hardest conundrums in Hollywood. Do you take the money all out and just say fuck it and gasset or do you try to stretch it out over the long run. Because I've seen the other side of that where people fail and they're just like like a meal. Hirsch is one of those to me where Emile Hirsch is a fantastic actor He wanted to do serious dramas Oscars. Although the Shit's he waited in between projects and didn't do the big blockbusters. And the other thing. You didn't do the one for one thing that everybody else does right. And then he just Kinda Zapped himself out and I'm not sure how much money he actually made in his career and if it's enough to sustain the rest of his life to be honest with you 'cause named something gigantic that he was in that got you those big paydays and that's the toughest part of it so looking at the industry the way it is now man. It is hard not to say all right back up the truck. Let's get everything that we possibly can now like an NFL player. And just because you don't know what your life span is going to be especially in the age of social media where you a fucking Lily Pons. He's got twenty five million followers and it's like he's probably making more than most Logan Paul's making more than ninety nine point nine percent of Hollywood. Yeah he's making like almost the rock money a year where you're just like Jesus Christ as Logan Poll. That's who you're up against now. So it's hard not to take all those gigs and I don't necessarily fault her for that. But it's rough all right through another random thought. I had so along with the Dennis Quaid podcasts. So all these celebrities are just starting podcast because like it's hard. It's not hard right Mike. You don't have to work for five years just to get like a certain amount of following like now if you're famous easy to show produced easy what are you guys. You've been talking about so. I thought the guests that come on their show must like love it so much because they're like. Oh thank God. I can talk to another celebrity and I don't have to deal with these low. Lifes the have so many followers. But I don't know them. You know what I mean. So they don't have to like do that anymore. They can just go on. Justin Long's and talk to another celebrity and it makes them feel better. Sure anyways people that say especially Say That someone has done a complete three sixty like they change so much. They did a three sixty right. It's actually not that right. That's one eighty. I heard it on like today show or something whereas like you know that means you're right back where you started. In Full Circle Bulls are go and now your shit. Yeah Breaking news here from Biden. Just released statements. Ooh I know Bernie well. He's a good man. Great Leader one of the most powerful voices for change in our country and it's hard to sum up his contributions to our politics in one single tweet so I won't try and he's left a link that is manned Joe Biden. You're still just not getting it. It is joe dot link slash thirty four lower case upper case you C. is just not on. Joe Biden Dot Com. I mean I don't fuck doing dude. Where's the link on twitter? Why isn't it? Just good at least Bernie at least Bernie on twitter if you go to it was literally Bernie Sanders Dot live should be. I mean it was like he has the youngest techie people working for him right. It's all smooth. He's gone live on Youtube. That was his whole audience though. Yeah so it's crazy. It's just every day you read something you're like. It is not the nineteen fifties like I I. I almost expect to hear. Joe Biden riding around core the horns on the top out. Fungi Alvin anti gun out onto the poll. Although it'd be so artisanal it wouldn't it. I would like it wouldn't be so bizarre thing And then breaking Taj Post Malone as well. He's getting sued for the song circles. They always do but other. Somebody claims to written half the song with him post suing him. Yeah I don't buy it. I don't buy at night with Post Malone. I don't buy it for a second. 'cause locked in many. He's got the same producers. Seem right now my everything together. I don't buy that either. But that sucks. These mother fuckers. Dude jests jazz leave it just leave it? You know if you're that great if you're that brilliant and you think you wrote a song or whatever then you can write eighty more. That's what I always tell people. If you're trying to sue somebody for some stupid shit like that. If you were that brilliant shouldn't just have one thing you can have a million things right. Yeah if you think you were that. Brilliant to write a number right but like if it was a blatant like blatant stealing your shit then let's talk about it right or just. Don't see post doing that. And it will all shake out. I guess but in the end they just sort of pay because they don't WanNa fuck and deal with it right. Yes this money will change hands. It'll fucking suck and you'll have to pay somebody something as we can draw drag out for three years in court. He'll probably give him your bare Peng money. Which will be fine during I mean so. It's like no he's not GonNa win. We got a bunch of people in the message board here and drinking grossing I will come down on a rose podcast page. That's where all of our youtube channels I mean. Our all of our PODCASTS are on drinking Bruce podcast page on YouTube. Ross Patterson Revolution included so subscribe. A bunch of listeners are saying I will drive down I will train with you. Pretty confident quarantines. Yeah One guy says Dr on this weekend going on there anyways telling you man. There's a lot of people out. There just are over this the same way as I am where they're just like we should get back to work Including that guy the coach of Oklahoma state yesterday Mike Gundy. He came out and just said. Look Man. All of our kids are eighteen to twenty two years old. They are young enough to fight off disease by. May We should be back practicing football because if it does not go on by August when the college football season starts the state of Oklahoma. He's GonNa lose his shit on the money and he's right and he got destroyed for it last night and I agree with him. Look at the collegiate level especially with with Oklahoma state or a high state or big program like that. You have the best training staff and doctors. You could possibly imagine if something were to happen you again. You're young dude who's fit and all that other shit like they'll be able to patch up. You know Z pack and get on about your day three days later. I kind of agree with them. I'll be curious to see where this goes here in. May because right now they're saying that the the curve is starting to peak and things might return like finally some doctors said yesterday things should return return or might return to normal as of May so hopefully that stands and we back. Our Shit's Not that it matters to Tom Brady. We'll say practicing. He did an interview last night where he was just like. Hey Man I've skipped. Ota's which is the off season training workouts and he goes because Giselle. She made me. She said it was a fucking terrible husband. And that's she was going to wash my not crazy. Just go up. Just move onto Patty Boonchu man in Gisenyi leaves you. There's still patty yeah You know he goes What did he say here? This is exact quote. He was on Stern Howard stern so he went on stern which is Weird Brady. Shit like that strange. And he goes She didn't feel I was doing my part for the family. She felt like I would play football season and she would take care of the house and all of a sudden the season would end. I would be like great. Let me go to all my other business activities and then let me get into my football training. And she's sitting there saying well. Look when are you going to do things around the house? When are you going to take care of? The kids can take him school and do all that stuff. And that was a big part of our marriage and He said he had to check himself because she said I have goals and dreams too and things things got so rocky actually actually wrote him a letter explaining him all the problems in their relationship. They went to therapy and he started skipping the offseason workouts. Which is what Mike. Gundy wants kids to do And most of the NFL teams have off season training skipping them to work on his marriage which I was surprised to hear I thought he was so gangsta that he was you know doing all this shit the fact that he skipping. Ota's covered. I win the super. Bowl's might make the greatest of all time. Yeah that's gnarly man shit but it was kind of. It's odd because Brady isn't anybody in to hear this about their relationship is is is strange and then the fact that he went on Howard Stern Strange Brady didn't do shit like that. What is he doing. I don't know maybe it's finally out of the Patriots Organization is we'll have a lockdown of lake. You're not doing. Oh yes we say so. Maybe he's like look out of there now and I can start to live my life. 'cause spreading his spring has done. Yeah because he signed it to your deal. He's forty three now. That'll put him at forty five. That has to be the end of it. He plays past forty five years old that that would be credible. Yeah wouldn't it a forty five year old dudes playing quarterback? Yeah Yeah I don't you don't like forty five years old. Is that the oldest of all time of all time. Yeah Dude like Jesus Christ. Nfl is a three year league where you're in and out in three years so should be out now so I don't know I know how fuck is he's still playing. How old was Peyton? Peyton made it thirty eight and that was that was a real thirty eight cm forty five cm ninety ninety the last time he was playing scars on the neck although the weird the weird gate and lamps and all that Shit like yeah he was damn near death and he was still out there even in the super bowl like that was his last game when he won the Super Bowl. He had a terrible game in that. I mean he was just hanging off the ball in the defense in that game. He was getting duct taped back together to win that ship. Brady though like if you see have you seen him recently. Looks like he's stepped off the cover Q. Yeah it doesn't look like a football player though he looks good but excretes and a non non gay way I mean Jesus Christ. He's he looks like he's thirty years old still. I don't know what besides the TB twelve died. I don't know what he's doing but he looks amazing. Amazing but look good on them shit. I'm surprised he came out and said. Oh this yeah interesting. Yeah Images L. Howard Stern. We'll just get it out of you. He's a he's one of those mayor and where it's like if you don't say something. That clip will run and hurt you more than actually saying something. You know what I'm saying. The clip of you like not being like. Oh I can't and him being like why you can't. Why'd you come on the show? You can't fuck and talk. You know what I mean. That cliff would be more damning than if you just say whatever he's asking you right stearns the very best to do it in my opinion of all time and we certainly wouldn't be here without him. I mean Shit. I've loved him since God knows man. I can't even remember grandparents were in New Jersey and stern was always on the radio. They always had the tri state area. Stern would stretch out to the tri-state area. And I got to hear him as a kid and it was so fucking wild man all in pretty natural way and he's still still keeps shit young. You can tell he keeps up with pop culture and all that other shit and his interview. He's one of the very best interviewers. There is on the planet. If not the best to be honest with you. Think probably the best. I think so for sure. Oldest quarterback is forty eight years. Old from the raiders. That's right that was really play did. And that was that was back in was going to say it was back in the seventies. We're like people. Were still smoking in the locker room and it was just like you weren't making that much money and you were like great. Let's go let's get on out here but like shouldn't that make it worse like if you are able to just like smoke and drink and not take care of yourself. It was one of those wells. They would fucking laugh in your face. It was one of those things where you didn't have a choice but to play that old because it was like what else are you going to do for a living so we can we tape it up and get out there for one more season? You kind of had to back then same with baseball players. How old are we? I guess we can get get back on out there duct tape it up. Throw a little Little Ben Gay on the old ding-dong and all hop on out to the mound throw some spitballs would play C. C. While day today Goodbye Bernie Sanders. Good night sweet prince. Good night sweet prince for years you might be dying which is why you're ending the fight. We're not sure so. People on board are saying that and I'm getting text messages over and over and over again are like hey man is he. Is He dying dying? Yeah I for me. I thought that was the only way he would quit. Oh if he's died he's dying died. We'll find out we'll find out what happens. But thanks for tuning in go to itunes and rate the show give it a five star and just a quick little one liner the advertising agency loves that Shit and it's like become necessary. We've never asked for it. And we are now started asking the last few weeks and pick the one Friday. We're going to pick the best review on Friday. And then send you a book you're choosing or some strikeforce and wherever he wants to be honest with you whatever you want. We'll get wet you with good I tunes into rate the show Russ Paterson Revolution and subscribe. You can also turn on your notifications on Youtube. So that way we're going everyday until this quarantine bullshit ends. I think we're going. We're going to do in every day at noon. Yeah we're GONNA try new. There's no more eleven thirty ish. Eleven issue I think twelve on the nose just so everyone can jump in and hang out with other which I love that. You guys are doing Chris. Beer Worth Jacob. Nicol a Brahmin David Morris Brahmin or finance Marfan. That's that's the weirdest may be new. Branko Basque's up in this motherfucker. Capelle ski yeah. Now you can Stephen Hawkins' Hawk Hawkins there. You're not hockey no wheelchair. The Hawk forgot you on the On the BRO. Shout out in the beginning. Sorry about that one wheelchair on Stephen Hawkins' The rubes up in this bitch join us at noon for the West Coast like we got a bunch of messages saying. Hey Man I love the show love the live shows. Can you do it for the West Coast on nine? Am in Illinois Ram and coffee in my yeah makes sense. Yeah and like once. The quarantine is over. We can reassess time wise because people will be at work and whatnot but no if you guys like it. We might keep going. Keep doing it for the remainder for the remainder for Jesse. Wise Maneka. I'm Ron Patterson. This is the revolution could do no longer.

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