This week Roberto Carlos returns, Pogba declares admiration for Zidane, Hazard tells the world Zidane is the reason he started to play, plus more on Mbappe, Icardi, Kante, Skriniar, Vinicius, Jesus,


Hello. And welcome back to the rail Madrid podcast is international week buried speaking far from a quiet week as the media hooping feasting on an almost daily died of quotes and interviews from players way on international duty. You have this tendency to be somewhat more candidate they replied to questions on that current situations with clubs and potential transfers, so which names of being in the news start with Rafeh Veran. He's been occupying plenty of editorial space. He was riskiest today when he was asked about his future at Madrid. I don't feel like talking about my future. I'm not in the habit of talking publicly about my future on Zee dancer, turn he said, I appreciate him as a coach. And as a person he's been very important to me in terms of his leadership skills. Well silence. The critics on many occasions and shown or great ability. He has to lead this club. Also added a few comments about embattled as that I've seen some incredible players in my career. Here is the first time I've met such a talented young player. I'm impressed by his intelligence his maturity and his monstrous talent vary. Veran goes in. There aren't many people who believe he will one of the replacement screen screener could come in his agent was quoted in the last few hours of saying Ramat wanted so to to boss alone. They have to convince inter to sell if they do it will not be cheap remember intimate twenty eight million four him when they put him off Sampdoria back in two thousand seventeen Mansur to city had an offer of fifty five million down about eight months later knows contract runs until twenty twenty two. So it looks as if it would take around ninety or one hundred million minimum to get into to even consider discussing a potential move. Good. Another Brazilian star of the future be arriving this summer. No desire to unearth, the next messy order Now, Dan Madrid. It continue to scall- South American looking for talent remember Vanessa's, of course, already on board as indeed is Rhode Riga. They've been back in Flamengo looking over rain yet. Hey Zeus the seventeen year old forward. Who's already made a big impact with the academy team. Now, whether Z Dan wants another four the future flat who wouldn't become a cheap. Either sixteen million is is released closed as a clutch of other clubs looking at him from the primarily and indeed from Setia. But whether as he down wants is the big question, and of course, he still has to try and find room to accommodate road. Rigo four next to season or may well actually leave him with Santos for the remainder of this Brazilian season. Lots of pictures and video hearing over the last twenty four hours sharing Roberto Carlos in trading with Z, Dan, he's joined the technical staff of the custodial team we on from. Knowle's arrival he will continue with jewel roles, and he also works remembers the compensated with round the trade TV. Now doesn't yet have a full coaching licence. But that is something that will be forthcoming very soon. What are they Rodney matchy think of his arrival there and this new role that he appears to have Petrie? Sanchez said is a legend this guy, but he doesn't play all act light one. You wouldn't know it unless you knew a new what he achieved in his career. He's always happy, and he's always smiling Coty and wife on never far from the news with internet answering that they met to discuss renewing his contract. There is still no sign of agreement there his contract runs into 2021. Remember at present, the most likely destination is set to be eventers. But Real Madrid remain an attractive proposition to him. The hierarchy VO are aware of all the baggage that comes with him. But. Dan sees the Twenty-six-year-old in the prime of his career with one hundred nine goals in one hundred seventy nine Saturday games into someone that he would very much like to have on board and with the fi between fifty and eighty million. He's easily affordable wonder narrow by the way, his agent of wife was actually in Madrid this week. But it was set to be on personal business is not node if she met anybody from Madrid now iskoe's resurrection to a first team play isn't for the long term. And as we expected, many others. Do it's primarily to build some form with view to him being sold in the summer, weight issues continue to dock in the view inside the club is that. This was a quote is four and a half kilos overweight. Vide- simply refuses to weigh himself. He's remember our allegations that he has strenuously denied more. More on Veron's potential move away. Pierce g will pray between one hundred hundred ten million to sign him short of the release clause. But acceptable Z Dan's list of replacements is being led by the licks and screener, but also Makino's is still in there. Too late. Remember is a big target of boss alone. Now, there's been lots of revelations in the last twenty four hours about agile raviolis relationship with PS g his future looking very cloudy. Remember, he turned down a potential Remmy lead moved to Tottenham and Barcelona's interest has cooled off significantly as well. He's looking to Madrid the Z Dan comes to his rescue present. It said that he's banned from the club's training facilities. It looks like he's training with the youth teams is mother and agencies being very vocal. She said he's training. Yes. But I don't want to say where or with who. She added they tried to control his live off the pictures. Well, they don't actually want to play adding as well. They want him in his pajamas. She said ready for bed by nine o'clock bene- sleep by eleven he hasn't actually committed any crime at all is like a prisoner or a hostage soon. They'll be feeding him bread and water. Throwing in the dungeon eat and has audit managed to stick clear of comments that could be misconstrued. He said we have two months left of this season. We have to win Europa league or finish top four. That's all I'm thinking about an amendment and that was that. But white up an interview in Belgium at Eddy Merck's, where he was quoted as saying I have a lot of respect for Zinzi, Dan. He is my idol and thanks to him. I actually started to play football. Just stay with Chelsea here for a moment and another of Dan's targets and golick contact now mindful of the fact that taking two of Chelsea's best players with them on. Able to sign any replacement has frankly, no chance of success. Well, they're looking at other angles. So censio bail, HAMAs Rigas and Casimiro are all potentially going to be offered as bargaining tools to try make Chelsea consider the futures of both county and has odd. Now, also making communication to gauge the level of interest in him is at incident Cavani now, he recently celebrated his thirty second birthday is contract is up in twenty twenty seven. They want any meaningful money for him and PS g of good asylum. This some of the fee that they're looking to accept is random sixty million. It looks extravagant for a player of that age, although they will simply point to renowed for price guns. Anyway, is it a good by what he continues to school goals seventeen of this season? And in all one hundred thirty three in one hundred eighty one at PS g seventy eight. In one hundred and four at Napoli and thirty four nine hundred nine polenta goals have always been scored thirty two stepping back up a level to a more competitively is still going to be a risk for any buying club on the face of it Spain seems the only viable destination as from Madrid. It's unlikely that they will spend big on a player is older than Bensimon, regardless of his reputation as a goalscorer zoo. Dan is a big admire of the year glide. So the possibility does remain Madrid's valuation around in about forty million. It may just be enough to tempt PS g Abbas Rigas future gain makes news with early Hernaes. Remember announcing a huge investment in the buying squad. This it's looking extremely unlikely that Rodriguez will stay have returns and buying full fits the chance to buy at forty two million that Madrid. We'll put him. Up for sale at around seventy million and said that they will accept between forty five and fifty five may while nNcholas pepper who's in the midst of his best ever season with Lille seventeen goes in eleven assists, seven of those goals. Remember there are penalty kicks is now not only Madrid target by Munich or also said to be interested in taking this some of the cost well Lille one eight million for him, which is very big money in Deepa happens for player who it's twenty three has had one excellent season. So far staying with those with potential Martin Odaguard a star in the making for some. But not for everybody. We know that salon was keen to welcome him back. But few words have been spoken by anybody since Ziggy Dan's return, the play himself broke his silence on Zee dancer, turn this week as well to offer a few opinions. He said, I know him very well. We have a great relationship. I had him as a coach with the juniors. And indeed with the seniors for me, it's a very positive step to have him return to the club. He still remember just twenty years of age is now in his fifth year as a professional player remember made his debut back in April of two thousand fourteen he's being in the Netherlands lost two and a half seasons with head him vein and Vitanza where he is an rave reviews again this season for Madrid keeper ikuko C S, of course, porta gave his view on the signing of military. He is a great deal. He set for Madrid. They have a very good flare here with a huge future. I'm convinced he will shine in Madrid on Sudan's return. He said, he's return is a reason for hope an energy for all Madrid fans. It's not been a very good week as it for Tiba COO trois dropped from round Madrid made an. International blunder as well. Mid week. The smile is still very much on the face of Keelan Ayvaz how he felt when he saw his name on the team sheet last week candy said it was a very emotional moment for me on so Larry he said, I did get the impression whatever I did in training. A wooden matter. I wasn't going to play, but I always remained professional on his relationship with Kurt y he simply said, I have absolutely no problem with him at all her nieces, of course, is currently out of action with injury even talking about his season at Madrid and working under three coaches. First of all he said, I was hurt by Luptak dismissal. He helped me a lot during preseason on saliva. He said Salah then gave me the opportunity to do my job. I have great affection for him on zoo. Dan, I've seen many videos as a player. He was amazing. He is a legend on his. Injury. I'm approving he set date by day on these move is that I always wanted to live and play in Madrid and offered more money. But I made the best decision the fans of being brilliant. A treat me very well. People stopped me in the street and tell me, I'm good. I'll be here for a long time on the players and the best players, and who is best at the moment. He said I do wanna play alongside the best in the world and has for who is the best. Well, maybe said it is neymar I'd asked what he thought he needed to do to improve. He said well I've been a bit anxious in front of goal. But with time it will improve in the future. I see myself winning the golden bull by the time. I'm twenty five or twenty six now all the world's media were quick to pick up on the comments off pull pug when he was asked about playing for wral Madrid Madrid. He said is a dream club for everybody to play undesired, Dan. Is also a dream today. Manchester United, and I'm happy we have a new coach, and we have a new system in place as well. Then just when you think he's all over he concludes with, but we don't know what the future holds the one thing we do know, though, is that the relationship between pug, Burs agent beano Ryo and rail Madrid is frosty to say, the least finally today Carlo Ancelotti added his views on zoo, Dan's return. He said zoo, Dan and Madrid all the perfect marriage. She has returned with full knowledge of what he's doing where he's going. He of course, worked with him. Remember at Venice's, worry said Z, Dan changed. Everything is built the team random. I changed. My style of football in short. I own him everything. Well, that's it for today. Remember you can catch up with all of the news in the season. So far by going to rail Madrid podcast. Dot com where you'll find a selection of featured episodes, plus links to all of the others. You can go to Spotify. I tunes Google Stitcher or indeed anchor FM, and you're the rest of the weekends into nationals. And we will be back early next week for me Tim capable till then Bye-bye.

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