EPISODE #801 "Running Out Of Time!" - The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Eh? Once again show, the radio would Loyd. Brought to you by dot com. As our newsies and opens, we find hero, the world's most brilliant. Scientists talk to Floyd his young apprentice, Dr grant, and their fateful Roebuck opinion, chips out of breath in Chicago in nineteen twenty nine thank huddled together in a darkened room. Deep underground, I think what we shave here. I don't know Dr Foy was right behind us. Tom don't we should have not team. We just need to lay low for a bit. There's no way he sh-. So once coming jam get ready to run. Do you tree doing in my vote? It's it's L O. Vigneault, Mr. Capone. Why if it isn't Don floaty on Don Floyd, John? Time. We all right as nice as this reunion may be again, I ask what are you doing in my volt trying to steal my valuable possessions. No, No, MR Capone where being changed and we needed a place being chased by ho by me. Doctors are three euros push by startled Capone. Dr Steve watch it as they run past. Dr Steve pulls out an ominous looking weapon and fires at Dr fully last from the gun hits a spot on the basement wall. Dr Floyd had just run past miss that whole section of wall. Just vanished. Did you do that? No time to explain I must go after them Dr Steve Russia's to the street just in time to see Dr Floyd ship taking off into the sky. He turns to his own ship. Follow them as Steve climbs aboard his ship. We catch up with Dr grant and chips who have landed in Elgin, Illinois in eighteen sixty nine they run up behind a long haired man in a cowboy hat who's overseeing the packing of several wagon logos barrels where burden day let we need to get a move on by five quick jump into the Reagan three get at their. It's buffalo. Bill, cody. We're in desperate need of a hunting. Please. Care goal is chasing. You you ain't taking refuge in one of my Wegener. We just need to hide until we're sure we've lost our pursuer. I've got bad news. Oh, you again our heroes runoff and again Dr Steve fires his mysterious weapons. Last just narrowly misses Ducker Floyd and strikes the wagon wheel behind where he stood just moments before your firearm. They're just made my wagon wheel disappear. Where'd it go? I'd love to explain Mr. Cody. But really has no time I've got him on the run. Dr Steve runs off. Again, we jump through time to catch up to our heroes who are now running across a cow pasture eight miles northeast of Dayton Ohio on September twentieth. Nineteen four goalie Dr Floyd is that who I think it is. You're sure it's the right brothers by this time in nineteen. Oh, four perfected their airplane a bit more and we're making longer flights. I'm hoping we'll get your right? No, much chips. Excuse me. Mr. Orville rates here. Can we playing there and take a ride? Well, I reckon you could how much baggage you checking. No, baggage just us. Good because otherwise I'd have to charge. You a baggage fee? Hop aboard or tips get on welcome aboard the flyer to my name is wilder and I'll be your capture tonight. These make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened here. Weaken the flyer to takes off with our heroes on board. They soar up the pasture. We're flying with the white others. This is great. Wilbur sure making a hard, right? Turn. Which means Bill. Two. Rug further shan't as we make our final descent, please make sure your tree cables are in their full upright and locked trae tables. I don't see trite tables in Akron, duck grant where. The inaugurals dash off as Dr Steve run stored them they run through a herd of cows grazing in the pasture as they sprint towards their time and space ship. Dr Steve takes April this weapon and fires Dr full the blast. Again, narrowly misses Dr Floyd and hits one of the counts causing. Fast. Dr Steve heads back to ship and we again zoom through time the catch up with Dr Floyd, Dr grant and chips who are now in Philadelphia in seventeen eighty three banging on the front door of a modest house. Think he's home. He's going to be. We're running out of cameos. Who says now boogie Mr. Franklin, but we need a place to hide our heroes pushed past Benjamin Franklin and dive under a table in his house. So hold on just a minute. You just can't come barging in here. Like this. Yeah. And it's not a pursuit of happiness pursued by who by me. Jeez. What how do you keep finding us? So easy enough. I follow Dr grant on Twitter, don't your grant. And you've been twittering location. Well, that's what Twitter's four gang bless how ironic that this old again that day at the end of season seven at a library and ends here. In the house of Benjamin Franklin the men who came up with the idea of a social library or did. Who who? No. I remember. I did book quick what have to make a break for the back door show. He is the back doors flocked, he she. That's where symbol. Oh. My stove. Sounds like a fire hazard to me wheel. I got a good the fire department something to do she and his I invented them to is Eze. I thought should have another fires at Franklin. I've been waiting for this moment for far too long to be waylaid by your dribble. Sacob by doctor. Dr Steve aims and fires weapons blast hits. Dr Floyd where the chest and crumples to the floor. In a flash. Dr Floyd is gone. Yes. Yes. I did didn't I? And as Dr Steve last maniacally, we must wrap up this episode. What is the nature of the weapon that Dr Steve has just shot void with where has gone after being shot. And is this any way to start off season? Eight eight started off with a real. Find out next time on the radio adventures of Dr. Episode number eight, oh, one of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd starred more quirk as chips, WWW dot more work dot com. Ryan Smith alka prone, WWW dot Ryan Smith actor dot com. Frank connett as buffalo Bill, Cody, WW dot cinematic, Titanic dot com. Chris and Tim waffle has Wilbur and Orville Wright, WWW dot hot waffles, music dot com. And Chuck McCann as Benjamin Franklin, WWW dot Chuck McCann dot net music for this episode by Jody white sides, WWW dot Jody white sides dot com is episode was recorded at Dr studios in beautiful downtown Burbank. California episode number eight, oh, one of the radio adventures of Dr Floyd is copyright two thousand ten Dr Floyd industries LLC. All rights reserved. You're the airwaves clear the airwaves. It's now time for Dr Floyd's immagination nation. Ranger's secret message for you members of the Dr Floyd imagination nation. Remember kids only official radio adventures of Floyd imagination nation. Rangers can code Dr Floyd secret message with the secret Dakota ring available only from WWW dot imagination ranger dot com. All right. Grab your secret Sokoto rings and a pencil and paper and prepare to set your imagination to fund. Remember? Dr Floyd is counting on you. And here is the radio adventures of Dr Floyd immagination nation, right? Your secret message for episode number eight zero one running out of time twelve twenty three twenty five eight one fourteen to seven five three four three. Twelve seven one fourteen twenty five twelve seven seven fourteen to eighteen seventeen twenty four fifteen sixteen three seventeen. And that was a message from Florida himself to all his imagination Asian Rangers. You can join imagination ancient and become an imaginative nation ranger only at WWW dot imagination ranger come. And until next time set your imagination to further. Hey, fidget. You know, what I'm totally cool. Because I've just signed up for a Twitter account. Yes. It's at WWW dot Twitter dot com slash evil mastermind. 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