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If nineteen ninety was anything it was a year of incredible change sure it was the beginning of a new decade but more than that much more it was the start of a new era in human history the decade that followed ushered in the end of communism and apartheid. It saw the beginning of technological wonders that would both bring the world together and divide it along the way and it changed the way we communicated hated with each other. It was also a time for some of the greatest achievements in music television and sport. I'm Cathy can Zora. In this decade comes to a close history of the nineties looks back and counts down ten of the most memorable stories of the very first year of the decade. That changed the world forever. This is nineteen ninety in the number ten spot. The Milli Vanilli Anneli scandal. which yeah we start with the world of music we'll sort of when milli vanilli released their debut album girl you know it's true crew in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine? The German pop duo were made to rule the charts. Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. Were almost too good to be true true. They were good looking and their album with its catchy. Synthesizer songs was a massive hit that topped the charts for weeks then. In February nineteen ninety. They won the grammy for best. New artist Want to say thank you very much. We want to say a lot of artists here in in this room that all artists outside in the world who could achieve the same of what that'd be achieved today and it's what all artists Newark. Thank you very much. Just a few months later in November their German record producer. Frank Ferron held a news. Conference is to tell the world that the guys didn't sing a single note on their album. He said he'd hired the unemployed models to lip sync in videos for songs already already recorded by three studio musicians. The dream for five more van and Rob Pilatus was over because days later later the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences revoked their grammy. It was the first and only time any artist had ever been stripped upped. Grammy the tarnish stars held their own news conference and they didn't blame it on the rain. They blamed it on fairy who they said co the worst them into lip synching and keeping the lie as secret sadly for Rob Pilatus. The lip sync scandal was the beginning of a spiral into substance abuse. He died of a drug and alcohol. Overdose in Nineteen Ninety Eight FAB. Morvan put out his first solo album in two thousand and three and and is still making music in the years since Mel even Eli's fall from grace lip synching has become more advanced and more commonplace in so many anymore artists have suffered through historic performances. That have ethically flopped. Like when Ashley Simpson flubbed her performance of pieces of me on Saturday night live in two thousand and seven and who could forget Mariah Carey's trainwreck New Year's Eve performance 2017. She blamed a faulty not earpiece for not being able to sing along with backing vocals. Carry eventually gave up and paste around the stage for two songs while complaining to the audience. Ladies and Gentlemen Let's get ready to in the number nine spot. The fall of Mike Tyson twenty-three-year-old Mike Tyson was undefeated when he stepped into the ring in Tokyo on February. You're eleventh nine thousand nine hundred ninety two fight buster Douglas. He was the overwhelming favorite to win the title match because he truly had never lost a fight. Eight as a professional boxer Tyson locked fire and intensity right from the start. Douglas on the other hand was quick and explosive. In the ninth round Tyson's left is swelled shut from the number of hits yet taken from Douglas then in the tenth round everyone watched in disbelief. Belief as Douglas landed a right uppercut followed by a left. And then a right to Tyson's head iron. Mike dropped in a heap to the floor landing landing on the ice by tape. The referee stood over Tyson. Who Lay flat on his back encountered him out? It was one of boxing's all time biggest upsets. What's this crushing defeat? Marked the beginning of the end for Tyson's career and his public persona over the course of the ninety s Tyson would fall further from grace with a series of bizarre violent and often criminal acts including when he was sent to jail for sexually assaulting an eighteen year old contestant at the Black Miss America pageant once. He got out after serving just half of a six year sentence. Tyson attempted a comeback that came to a crashing halt. When he bit off the tip of Evanger Holyfield's ear today? He's a podcast host a movie star and a cannabis entrepreneur. You're an Aficionado on his podcast. Hot Box in with Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champion shared that he spends forty thousand dollars a month on pot and they smoke ten tons of weed at Tyson ranch. The boxers forthcoming forty acre marijuana farm and resort. Show about. It's about nothing scoring gotTa have a story says you gotTa have a storm mm-hmm at the number eight spot is the debut of Seinfeld. No one in nineteen ninety. had a clue that a Sitcom built around around a group of Fussy self absorbed people who obsessed over the minutia daily life would go on to become the most influential show in TV. History in the history of pilots. Seinfeld has got to be one of the worst of all time in one thousand nine hundred nine. NBC stand up comedian. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his writing partner. Larry David to write and produce a ninety minute late night special instead they wrote a thirty minute script for the pilot. NBC aired the Seinfeld Chronicles on July fifth. One thousand nine hundred eighty nine as a special in prime time though they pulled a decent audience. NBC Wasn't sure if they wanted to make it into a full-fledged series the audience just didn't seem sold on the show and that scared the network it could be because the show at the time didn't include. Elaine and Kramer was called Kessler but Warren Littlefield President of entertainment at NBC. Really liked what Jerry and Larry were doing. It made the execs laugh so they cancelled a two who our Bob Hope special and stuck with Seinfeld the show about nothing and ordered a five episode season and pretty soon. Jerry Elaine saying George and Kramer were household names not only did seinfeld usher in a new era of TV comedy. It also introduced a lexicon lexicon of catchphrases and seinfeld `isms no soup for you. Sponge worthy. These pretzels are making me thirsty. Shrinkage regifter double. We'll dipper close talker low talker serenity now festivus for the rest of us not that there's anything wrong with it and master of my domain. It eventually spawned one hundred. Eighty episodes across nine seasons outside of Seinfeld. Nineteen Ninety was a banner enter year for TV because it also saw the premiere of two other legendary shows fresh prince of bel-air and the world's longest running Sitcom from the simpsons four main inches. Start you mind six five four three two one and and liftoff of the space shuttle Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope Window on the universe in the number seven spot the Hubble telescope. Let's go the world's first space telescope started circling the earth in April one thousand nine hundred ninety marking the most significant advance in astronomy. Ronnie since Galileo's invention in sixteen o nine the eleven ton Hubble telescope which is the size of a bus cost one and a half billion dollars and twenty years to develop and that's why scientists were pretty devastated. When the first pictures taken with the telescope came back as nothing more than a fuzzy blur they soon discovered? There was a problem with Hubble's camera that couldn't be fixed from Earth. It was another three years before the space shuttle took astronauts to hobble to replace the camera but it was worth the wait. The first picture sent back to Earth were breathtaking since then. Hubble has provided more than a million out of this world photos from new galaxies far so far away and produces much more than stunning pictures. It's scientific instruments have revolutionized our understanding of the universe. And it's history now almost thirty years old. Hubble is set to be retired a new telescope replacing it is expected to be launched in twenty. See twenty-one the James Webb Space Telescope will provide greatly improved resolution and sensitivity over the Hubble and it will enable a broad audrain of investigations across the fields of astronomy and cosmology including observing some of the most distant events and objects in the universe including including the formation of the first galaxies well on Wednesday December twentieth I ordered US troops to Panama with four objectives to safeguard the lives of American citizens to help restore democracy to protect the integrity of the Panama Canal treaties and to Brig Gen.. Manuel Noriega to justice. All of these objectives have now been achieved in the number. Six Spot Noriega surrenders on January third nineteen nineteen ninety Panamanian dictator. Manuel Noriega stepped out of the Vatican embassy in Panama City and surrender to US authorities. He taken refuge in the embassy after the US invaded Panama Noriega who ruled Panama from nineteen eighty three to nineteen eighty-nine spied for the CIA and tell drug trafficking and his brutal regime sparked the invasion once captured. He was whisked to Florida where he was charged with accepting four four point six million dollars in bribes to turn Panama into a waystation for Colombian drug traffickers. He was also accused of giving refuge to wanted cartel leaders like Pablo Escobar in one thousand. Nine hundred. Two Noriega trial marked the first time in American history that a jury convicted a Foreign Oren head of state on criminal charges. He stayed in a US prison until twenty ten. When he was extradited to France on charges of money laundering mm-hmm he served seven years in prison there and was then extradited to Panama where he remained behind bars until he died in two thousand? Seventeen before Noriega died. He tried to sue the creators of the call of duty video game. He claimed that his portrayal in black ops two damaged his reputation Asian. A judge dismissed the case in the number five spot. USSR in turmoil. Uh Soviet president. Mikhail Gorbachev's ambitious Perestroika Program of economic and political reforms floundered in nineteen ninety mm-hmm instead of making things better living conditions within the once great superpower continued to deteriorate with shortages of bread sugar remediate and cigarettes in February. The Communist Party gave up its monopoly. On power lifting the Iron Fist revived old ethnic and religious rivalries and it kindled separatist desires among some Soviet republics one by one Soviet countries grease declared sovereignty. Lithuania was the first when in March it proclaimed the restoration of its prewar. Independence next came. Estonia and Latvia. Moscow declared a state of emergency in Azerbaijan as Armenians and Azerbaijanis answer by Giannis clashed in the capital of Baku. Despite these problems at home Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October Tober. Nineteen ninety for his role helping to end the Cold War free the eastern bloc and slow the arms race and just over a year later Gorbachev stepped down as leader of the Soviet Union and that same day the hammer and sickle flag of the Soviet Union was lowered outside the Kremlin for the last time it was replaced by the tri color flag of the Russian Tion Republic. It was the end of an era. Morale up here is tense. Everybody's scared but with the negotiations happening I think we have some hope into Resolving the situation number four the oak a crisis in the summer of nineteen ninety all eyes were on the small town of Oka Quebec where land claims dispute erupted in a dramatic format showdown between Mohawk protesters police and the army. It started when negotiations broke down over plans to expand a a golf course and condominium on the disputed land a group who called themselves. Mohawk warriers set up blockades to stop construction after an order came down from the mayor of Oca- Quebec police in riot gear. Stormed the barricades using tear-gas and concussion grenades to cause confusion. During the brief gunfight that followed a thirty one year old officer was shot and killed both sides claimed the other their side. Shot I the seventy eight day. Standoff that followed became known as the Mohawk resistance. Eventually the army was is called in to patrol. The area and finally an agreement was reached when the federal government purchased the land to prevent further development the expansion of the golf course I was cancelled. The Oh crisis was a turning. Point in Canada catapulted indigenous land rights into the spotlight and it led to the establishment publish -ment of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. The commission's Nineteen ninety-six report highlighted many issues including the ongoing effects of the Indian residential central school system. The picture has become a familiar one in the past two weeks frustrated Indian bands blockade. HCP AND CNN rail lines in northern Ontario to force a swift resolution of their land claims OCA- also set the tone for indigenous resistance resistance throughout the nineties and inspired many people and communities to take action for years to come in protests o'clock. What sound an ear wash as well as the idle no more movement? It was an awakening for an entire generation and helped change the course of Canadian history country. It helped clear the path for the government of Canada's apology to residential school survivors and the creation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and which has laid the first few steps towards reconciliation in Canada two. AM local time. Iraqi troops crossed the border into Kuwait. Number three the invasion of Kuwait when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion and ocupation of Kuwait on August. Second Nineteen Ninety. It set off a dizzying sequence of events that would eventually result in the first Gulf War. Her first the United Nations ordered a worldwide economic and military embargo against Iraq. It required all all member nations to stop importing oil from Iraq and Kuwait and to halt nearly all exports to the Baghdad regime including weapons. Then there was a build up of American and allied forces in the region and finally the U N authorized use of force against against Iraq. If it didn't withdraw from Kuwait by January Fifteenth Nineteen ninety-one Saddam Hussein steadfastly refused and that led to the launch of Operation Desert Storm. US President George H W Bush made the announcement now and the twenty eight countries with forces in the Gulf area have exhausted. All reasonable efforts to reach a peaceful resolution have no choice but to drive Saddam from Kuwait by force. We will not fail. The International Military Coalition of countries included Canada Edita Britain France Germany the Soviet Union Japan Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Incidentally it was the first time. Canada sent women to war in combat roles after a five week bombardment from air and sea. A ground invasion took place and within one hundred hours coalition forces drove Iraq from Kuwait. A ceasefire was declared on February twenty fifth nineteen ninety-one and Saddam Hussein was allowed to stay in power. This was a controversial decision that would eventually lead to a second Gulf War in two thousand and three read the Iraqi government and military collapsed within three weeks of that invasion and on November fifth. Two thousand six Saddam Hussein was found found guilty of crimes against humanity. He was sentenced to death by hanging. He died on December thirtieth two thousand and six and the crowd getting excited. There's was the Mondello Mr Nelson Mandela Freeman shaking his first steps into a new South Africa number. Two Mandela's walked to freedom. Read them with his fist. Raised in the air anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela walked out of prison and into freedom on February eleventh seventh. Nine thousand nine hundred ninety. It was the first time he had been seen in public since one thousand nine hundred sixty four when he was sentenced to life behind in bars for a charge of sabotage at the time of his trial Mandela was a rugged young man in his forties a former boxer who let full cheeks a beard and a moustache now slim with greying hair. He looked like the distinguished elder stateman. He would soon become Mandela was taken by car through crowded streets to city hall where he addressed thousands of cheering. People are Marin in You're in a speech. Frequently drowned out by roars from the crowd. Mandela said today okay. The majority of South Africans Block and white recognize that apartheid has no future it has to be ended by our decisive of mass action. We have waited too long for our freedom following Mandela's release he led the ANC in negotiations with South African president. FW declerk to end apartheid and bring about a peaceful transition to a non racial democracy Mandela Ella and declared were awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in nineteen ninety-three for their work in one thousand nine hundred. Four Mandela was elected president in the country's first free elections as president. He established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that investigated historic human rights violations and gave they vent to grievances. The commission allowed the country to heal and brought closure to a dark chapter of history. Mandela Bella left politics in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but he maintained a very strong international presence as an advocate for peace reconciliation and Social Justice Justice Nelson Mandela died in two thousand thirteen at the age of ninety five and in the number one spot. Germany is reunited at midnight on October. Third Nineteen Ninety fireworks exploded at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Germany over a million some people danced and celebrated the birth of a new country east and West. Germany were officially reunited after forty five years of the Cold War separation. This was the dramatic climax of a dizzying year change. The map of Europe had been redrawn drawn. Something that many believed would never happen. The path to a new Germany began a year earlier in the fall of nineteen eighty nine with pro democracy rallies in major cities throughout East Germany as the mostly peaceful revolution continued to grow the Communist. Meanest government was forced to open the Berlin Wall allowing East Germans to pass freely into the West for the first time since nineteen sixty one. Once that Boorda was open. There was no turning back the chancellor of a united Germany today called the fall. All of the Berlin Wall. Proof dreams can become reality. Doesn't I adds. Nothing has to stay as it is. She says no matter. How high the barricades czar two months? After reunification. All German elections took place and Helmet Kohl became the first chancellor of the unified country. Although this action came more than a year before the dissolution of the Soviet Union for many observers the reunification of Germany effectively marked the end of the Cold War it also cleared the path to a European Union. which would unite the nations of Western Europe in a spirit of economic cooperation? After centuries of bloody conflict nineteen ninety truly was the dawn of a new era And that's rob on nine hundred ninety and the top ten events that kicked off a decade. That changed the world. We'll be going deeper on Seinfeld. NFL Nelson Mandela and the crisis. In Two thousand twenty. So make sure to subscribe to our show so you never miss an episode. And while you're there don't forget yet to rate and review us it helps spread the word and get more people to find the podcast. Were available for free at apple podcasts. spotify Google podcasts and everywhere somewhere else you get your streaming audio you can also listen at curious cast dot CA. If you're new to the show that's where you can go back and listen to some of our older episodes. You have show ideas or topics you want to cover in upcoming episodes. Please reach out to me. You can find me on twitter at nine hundred ninety history. I'm also on instagram. And facebook book and you can always shoot me an email at ninety s at curious cast dot CA. That's nine zero s at curious cast dot CA. This show is hosted hosted and Co written by me Kathy Zora and deal of Alaska's our producer sound design and final production is by ROB. Johnston see you next time for more or history of the ninety S.

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