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1881: Lt. Whitefolks


I listened to the black guy who tips cast because arrive in care in our hot, the Dom p watching God detail of charge and writing books in my book around out words passed the Mogae to hold the mic and thrive in mechanical movement. Understandable, smooth shit the murderers move with these themes play me night. They won't act right. The fina. Hip. Hop has got me stuck like a crack. Pipe the mind neck Asian react like face time. Like, pappy Mason depends embracing wipe the sweat off Donald, but the flim on the streets swayed Tim's on my feet, keep my stifled complete where the cruising in cab of Montero Jeep. I can't call. It to beats made me fall in the sleep. I keep falling but never follow six feet. Deep presidents to represent me say, hey, welcome to the blackout test podcast host rod Ed carrying that. We're live on a Monday. The are right after game of thrones. Yeah. Of course game throws are recap will be. Wednesday this week gas will be just in. Who you guys are knowing left? So we'll be going over outta predictions and different angles and jokes and stuff. I was lit on black Twitter last night. And my time line was lit my mentions were lit everybody was running around HBO official account tweeted out dim thrones. I will shocked. Me if I thought it was talking about it. And I was like from like just that nigga shit too. HBO VM without. Out and in of course, I had a pin or tweet to my top of my profile. It'd be like, hey, five star. Them because everybody was doing the thing on Twitter where like. Somebody don't get a check. And I'm like, I I don't mind people about the right? Nobody not natch. It come on. A Ray check y'all about the fallout over nothing. Of. Hours. I you know, that's why I started. So check if any credit outta she should go to jail because that's where I heard it. And I'll say it all the time. But you know after the stuff that happened two years ago. It was like definitely want to keep the hammer on being like, hey, guys is down, you know. But that doesn't mean we can't all use to have fun. And it was so Doug to see it. Trending the same people having fun to see Jemayal hill and people like jumping on and it was just back to having a fun time. And it reminded me of when the show, you know, it reminded me, it wouldn't have hashtag was smaller. And it was just like the people that are fans of like the stateless arket podcast kinda right? Everybody just being like black people over in the small corner, but has gotten so big now that you see people doing it. But it's still had that feeling like the cookout, and that was dope, man. So I hope it continues. Oh. All right. Let's see. What are we got? So you can find us on items, Stitcher. Paramedic leave us pasta star reviews. I'll see I have left. I think we did this show so early yesterday that the reviews hadn't populated on jet. Okay. Because I saw some yesterday proper. So. Hopefully, that means semi out. Still got time y'all still got time to put five on it for next week. And then what else did I say? Oh, yeah. The website. The blackout tests dot com. You can of course, vote in polls there, you can, you know, leave comments on the website. You can Email us the blackout who tips g mail dot com. You can leave as long as they're two minutes or less seven four five five seven zero one eight six this leave less than two minutes or you will get cut off. Yeah. Divorce mail. Don't play does not play with you guys. All right. Let's get into the news. We won't to guess by Otit. You're right. You're right. Can I totally forgot now going allot like we've been doing a lot? It's really about time for me to do one of those posts. That's like, hey, I'm changing the password to the RSS feed and also for the premium people and also. We've been busy. We've been on these guests house right now to guess BAAs. We've done last. Yes. Last night, we were on a DJ blaze radio show podcast, which is a very fun time that we had a great time. I think it was Brandon and Courtney that are the host there. And we just chopped it out with them. It was fun. Got com series about pars. You know, it was kind of like, you flow in and out of fun and serious to lighten funniest stuff. And I enjoyed that. And plus it was it was it was fun to happened on podcast, the two other people from the south to other black people from the south so swag. I'll see South Carolina, we'll shit. What's up my name? Yeah. So that was fun. You guys go check that out is already out. So. Oh, and then you know, we have our premium stuff. They did balls the Saturday. Neurons friday. And afri. Yeah. What else am I gonna say? Oh, and then we did a movie review. And then I'm doing another movie review sewn for hell boy because nobody else saw that. But me and air from the black astronauts by so I'm gonna hear him up soon. Just busy busy busy, man. Yeah. Pass by two three weeks. We would have been going for everybody has been forced to do. Everybody has an opportunity for us. And I can't say I can't really announce it, but we will be going somewhere on a panel for conference soon. So we'll let you guys know soon as we can drop that information for y'all can drop it. We'll let you know. We'll let you guys know all the info at that. Yeah. We we work. We're working working working guy me working day and night. So now that's the Fisher weapon get as unofficial for. What about the boulevard extreme now is getting to the podcast who so much news? The is first of all the biggest news is a big tragedy today. Probably guys probably heard about it a scene. It was everywhere you really couldn't escape it. A lot of people was really mourning the loss of one of the biggest structures of and establishment that that has been around for a long time. And which is watching it. You know? Just watching the burn right in front of us. Is a cure is not coming back in twenty nineteen storming. Storming. Twenty twenty. That's what we will get season. For guys is a cure will not be back into twenty twenty because Easter is big time movie star. Now, she do what she hit. Jeez. Producing shows. I'll be. Imminent Lennon coming back to them. Yeah. I mean, it's like they don't want me and bossy to do this too much is really. Really like an attack on our season. They new book was coming out. And they said we don't want to give you any reason that kick it and hang out. So is taking a year off and same thing with Atlanta. I don't know. I guess they want us to watch other blacks shit. In the meantime, which I refuse. I'll just be sitting here waiting my Easter was wait no net. Lice gear man last year. Come on. I'm gonna go to HBO housing. Some house goes slippers and looked at computer, and they trash. Let us happened. Oh, the Notre Dame cathedral burned out. Yeah. That was crazy when I heard I was like what that's the very very extremely Neo building. And one of the pars that was burning was I made of wood bed dated all the way back to like the twelfth century. And they were saying that the would that was us. It was like basically it took a whole forest to build like one piece of it. So yeah, you know, not gonna rebuild it. But it's going to be one of those things with some of that stuff. You just never going to be able to duplicate it again ever. Yes. Oh, two when it was constructed Morgan Freeman was young child. That's how. Slovak's that have been eight hundred fifty years old nearly nine hundred years it was engulfed in planes and massive amounts of smoke billowing from his roof today say what calls defy they don't know yet. They haven't released or they haven't released it to the public yet. I don't think so. That's crazy. Like when it first I thought they meant acre fedral at the university of Notre Dame saying I win. And then I went to the because I'm such I'm an American guys. Okay. Ignorant american. And then when I went to the ova and saw it on the TV. I was like oh shit. They meant Notre Dame. I it like over there. Sorry. Silence. Her phone. Me. I keep silent. You know, you'll find was ringing during the guest appears on other parts. Right. Okay. Some of us know how to keep our phones to sound like threshing those go ahead. Did you say? Okay. That's why we have problems. Anyway, I know Notre Dame. It was constructed in eleven sixty three and then completed. Thirteen forty five. Oh, it's a almost two hundred years to complete the construction of it or jog gray says this why is an it's more of a partnership. No, you gotta invest into Bill to further. So the polka have is his side. Check a nice Lamborghini. So yep. They go that building has been around there, very long as times generations and generations and generations of people and and shit like that. I'm like, wow. Yeah. Let's see what else is happening. Alexandria or Casio Cortes quits Facebook caused social media a public health risks. And I understand completely. Listen. Because I have to say it. Okay. I told you how. Car. I've been trying to help people. Okay. Most recently SAD yesterday, but this social media shit, and he's are coming up on social media as a marketing tool, but also as a tool where you share a lot. But what everybody forgets is you take in a lot, and the people that have those check Mars, the people that had a lot of followers, the famous people to rich people. They really are not that fucking different than anyone else. Not most people lose sight of those people's humanity. Once they get online, right? Maybe they just lose it all the time. But online is the first time mostly you can interact with them directly come on. Whether it was puff. Daddy, responding responding to those people that was talking about his dead ex, right? Like if people are going to own no to see him respond and talk about the guilt. And I'm like, that's because he's humid. What is it in all of us that makes us even want to like contact him? To tell him you should are married or then nigger like, you know, what I mean? Like, what's in you to make you feel like you need to say that right? And then were Ilhan and the death threats and Trump being like this this this egomaniac? Monster vs offer this attention, and they make you reevaluate shit to thrives in that cesspool. And a lot of the ways that he is because people could think giving him attention is is somehow like gonna take him down when it's the complete opposite. And there's a lot of people's inability to understand that dunking on Donald Trump doesn't matter to him. No way. Does not good battling difference. He'd like you looking at me. That's all that matters. Right. Will you look at like Donald Trump says stuff, and then the time on Leisa what people quote tweet him is trying to say something snarky, and it's not just why people especially why people, but it's not. Just why people, but I see it all the time people doing that. I have had to meet him black him mute. The word Trump and all this shit because I am so disinterested. And I think is also playing right into his hands. And he wants he wants to be the kind of person that says, something and changes the entire conversation. How to him? He doesn't care that is good or bad. Right. So all that to say if you are a person that thrives in that environment. Then you're thriving in the same environment that created and like really Imboden, Donald Trump and his ilk. So what about that environment? Seems like it's going to be healthy to be the person getting the most attention. It's not really a healthy place. Not in you know, he has no more lines. If you're a person that has any more line any conscious, any empathy or sympathy, you any compassion for anybody, particularly if you're at the place where she is where. Where anything you put out there on social media is instantly going to get thousands of response to it. That can be a lot in. We'll continue to say this. The human mind is not designed to take in this massive amount of information on social media all at once. It's not it's just your mind. You just can't do it, particularly if you are which sounds like she was you actually reading it. You're actually going to what you're actually scrolling through it. You know, bursaries having a buffer having a staffer a somebody else do that on your behalf. Yeah. And even then they got Florida right by how you're hoping that they can detach themselves because it's not about them. Correct. But the other ones being you get death threats rate all this shit, Facebook, even the people they use to filter the stuff have to get counseling. Right. Many of them. They have turnover and shit because many of them quick 'cause they can't handle seeing all this stuff. I mean think about the kind of stuff you can send to somebody on just adding them on Twitter. You know, I kind of send you a video of someone being beaten sexual assault videos of of of death in our. Three stuff like that. Obviously death threat, obviously threats of sexual assault for women in many cases, racist stuff. Like all this stuff. Is that a fingertips of just any anonymous person some people who specialize in doing this and harassing public figures. Just what they do. And keep in mind. She is become the target of a Fox News. She is become the target of these conservative radio shows and stuff. So now Republicans log onto Twitter, and she's a person to go target. She's a person to go find and argue with and and that keeps her away from the people who root for her the people who are like I wanna watch breakdown your policy proposals on Instagram live. I wanna do a Snapchat. Does she it was cool eight just a year ago? Now. No more Fox News machine flick, stole her and now she's like I need to get off of here. Right. Because before when you did that people would come and you would it will be more positive environment. Yeah. You do as a negatively. But not to it is now, you know, she going in. Now, you probably 'cause that's the thing. These people actually probably do follow you. And and and all on all of these platforms to see when you go live, and when you do anything, and immediately, you know, you get bitches in the continent. I kill you instantly, own your feeds. So as one of those things where like you saying once stood the machine kind of goes at you. This is kinda the result of the negative machine actually going at you. A lot of these people and in my opinion. A lot of them have a lot of hatred in their heart. A lot of them do not happy. And so this is just something to kind of release a lot of anger and also tweets are not protection. No, they're not. So for all those people that, you know, like tweet gone, Facebook and say that sinus pay this a petition that the only thing. So my Lai ails. He can really do to protect them. You know health is probably log out. Correct. 'cause it's gonna follow her wherever she goes. Because people are sheet they're being told to hair, they don't even know why they have to hate her. But you, and I think a lot of people will go, you know, so policies or she socialist. Or look a lot of this. She is an outspoken attractive. Right. Brown woman. Even if she's slot kind of white pass into some people or whatever she's Brown enough. She got a a last name about Cossio Cortes, right? It's all the little check marks that those people. Are triggered by a dog. Whistle and be lying. They don't even have to say any anything the completely races. They can just be like a Casio Cortes, and is like the racist poke perk up and they're saying, basically, go harass this woman. This is our new number one target. She is in like, I said the playbook is easy because and I I I wonder if and maybe they already have, and we just don't know it. But I wonder if at some point we'll see deference shown to Nancy Pelosi from people that are like the Justice Democrat's New Democrats. I wonder we'll see deference shown to Hillary Clinton. I wonder what else we deference shown to Brock Obama from these people because a lot of them kinda made their name by being like these like Pelosi Obama Clinton, they're not real. They're not good enough there there. They might there's interest to me. They're they're terrible. They might you know, I wonder if they'll go, oh, you were dealing with this the whole. Right. Because it's different when the shoe was on the foot, and you've got to do with the bullshit because that's the thing. Everybody thinks they understand shit until until the plate is priced upon them. Everybody thinks they understand the things that you have to go through when people have been playing a game as long as they have Donald that on Ben through some shit. They're not notice it is known might not know, everything and know, they might not be perfect. And no, you might not agree with everything they say, but they are not got down worthless. But tweeting shit at somebody's not going to stop it. And then also you're not going to like whether Bernie Sanders says something or not it doesn't necessarily speak. It doesn't help your mental health to see these things that you've been hit with these attacks. So yeah, it'll be interesting to see what comes of this. But yes, she stopped using her Facebook account personally campaign still sponsors several active ads on Facebook her masters. Social media's helped drive the national conversation. This shed light on the inner workings of congrats. No power and has given up the most popular social network in the world. She is now giving up the most popular social network in the world in interview Sunday with the I who knew podcast, go Duggary, the New York Democrats say she stopped using a Facebook account and was scaling back on all social media, which she described as a public health risk because it can lead to increase 'isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction and escapism. Yes. Yes. Yes. Maybe people listening now that she's saying it does. But and the thing is the way a lot of these platforms are designed the average person your into action on social media, you'll be fine. But the people that has the millions of followers in hundreds of thousands of followers their interaction and their experience on social media Inc. Insane. And unless you've been over there, you Lilly, don't and never will understand. And that's why it's a big in a humongous disconnect between your average personal internet and the person that receives the hundreds of thousands of death threats. In the rape, threats and them all kind of bitches and whores and all that other stuff like the average person would never deal with that. So it's the disconnect was really easy for people to say would just don't say nothing when you and you'll hundred follow was the first time, somebody breathes hard your way, you going up down your time line, but you're human dough. And that's okay. But you almost liberty and I'm supposed to be super human and just ignore. The these things is not very unrealisable. Also, I'm not sure you're fine. You're right. Like, we're saying regular people. They do get less. You know, less of the worst parts, positively. But I'm not so sure that you're okay because we've seen regular people that aren't famous have complete fucking meltdowns. We have you seen people that are on there. And it's so obvious to everyone around them. This is some sort of outlet for you. Right. Like like, you're angry every day, you're attacking people every day. Right. You're dragging people for any time and every day the comment. Nominate are being you like you're consistently waking up being some sort of level of troubled every single day and social media does give you like that escapism. It does let you not focus on yourself for bit. And be like this is what's wrong with everyone else. What's wrong with the world? I don't like this motherfucker right here. You know? But the, but the thing is there's always got to be a mother fucker and to to not go to hate and social media provides that motherfucker daily to your right to eight doorstep. Sure done and for a lot of people like a see she's become that motherfucker to some people. Whereas like, ooh, let's go see what she's doing Tele sheen shit, you know. But but I've seen it with people that they're not the people they met ain't famous or nothing. They just they can't help it. You know? So I think is true. Scotty at the study, he's telling people this. But it's it's so weird because you need it in certain lanes. Anyway, we couldn't do this. Podcast. We didn't have social media, right? We couldn't we have to promote certain things on there. So you can't inserting ten escape it. Yeah. Well, certain things it's beneficial. It is right is how do you use this toll essentially, right? But we are still figuring it out is still. Wow. Out west out here. You know, we might be on TV because of a hash tag that we use on Twitter. Right. But that doesn't necessarily mean that every experience that I've had with Twitter is good now. Croydon order that counteracts the experiences that I've had that were bad with the same with the same saying to correct? And also, I think the common factor is people. And there are a lot of hurt unhappy miserable people online, it's a lot of people on social media, and they use social media, and they don't have these problems. They just mind the business like like. Social media can be a very wonderful impossible to it. Really? Can it's all in. How do you use it? And how do you, cultivate, it to benefit you and people do this in different ways because I know for Ming. I'm telling you right now on my dearest best friends right now, I found online like I really find them online. If it hadn't been for that. I don't think I would have ever met these people. So I know that it is not this horrific thing is just it a lot of people have used it. And we'll did has had a lot of people have have taken social media and have made it such a negative place for their targets whatever the target is for the day. And like you said that becomes the problem. Everybody is this. It's a lot of miserable people. And instead of you folks to know, you fixing you getting you together social media allows you and escapism and like you say find the fire to either start bonfire to pull gasoline on of mother fucker to let them know damn motherfucker today like it's always something out there. But I think that the internet will also grow with it will also. Evolve in it a change like what it is. Right now is not going to be the same thing five to ten years from now. So it's going to be interesting to see the changes in the internet. But the come infective, they come in fact, an expect to our people, and you have a lot of people with a lot of that a lot of different stages in their lives and a lot of different. Personalities because personalities like narcissist. And in particularly they shine on on these particular platforms because he is designed to be about me. I mean, it's kind of like if you look at how sociopaths operate. You look at our narcissist operate social media really is kind of based around that personality. Correct. Me me me me me myself into this thing. What do I do? I see myself. How do I this part? I don't I block this forever. How do I ban this from my life? How do I disconnect from this? How do I love bomblets parts? Go everything they say, I love, and I like until they become my best friend is that kind of thing is common on social media is is kind of par for the course. And I don't know that most people should be operating like that. And the kind of people take to like a fish out of water you have to look at it and be like oh fishing in water. I guess you have to kind of look at it. And be like, whoa in my exhibiting, these tendencies that I'm so good at this. But this is great. What about people that essentially, you know? Have monetize how to be a sociopath? I know for me, you know, that like today there was a guy who used our hashtag naive is how he used a thing for the show to be like. Last six episodes of game of thrones. And last six episodes. I listen to the blackout tips. And so I was I wonder where this is coming from. It's like that's kind of backhanded. So actually went and searched his name my name on on Twitter to see like we had interaction before. I what was this coming from? Because I didn't really know him or whatever. Right. And I looked in me. I looked in this conversation that we had a couple of years ago, the one and Bill Maher had Milo Yannopoulos on this show and Mallow says some transphobic shit and Bill Marconnet agree with them. And then the other people on a panel kind of, you know, kind of tried to say something, but Bill was really on on that on Milo side, in my opinion. And I already don't talk with Bill Maher. So I was like, you know, kind of fucking them. Just well, I don't watch that show in the first place. You know, this was going around online. I'm like, I see nothing's really changed and. The guy was kind of saying we'll Bill Martin and say nothing, but the guests check don't. So he just moved on. I was like, nah, it's not good enough. All blah argument over the this the details of this exchange. Right. And I'm like all of you agree with him. Or you think that that show was okayed and to me you might as well be transferred with your trainers. Probably and. And I said, I have no time for this blocked. You know, so I'm looking at this exchange from two or three years ago and thinking like that may ruin our podcast for this guy. Right. He was a fan of our show. I don't even know that that means he was transphobic because he didn't he thought that it was addressed well enough to move on in. And I didn't I don't know that that makes him fuck any transfer over. I don't know it makes them a transport. I I I know that day. I remember that day on Twitter is because anytime you talk bad about Bill Maher a bunch of people show up like are they do, and my guess is I'll probably was arguing with multiple people. You know, probably getting upset by all this attention at the same time arguing with all these people and not being able to even check myself and be like, why am I arguing with these people? It doesn't matter ended up blocking this do that ultimately was not significant to me, but it was significant to him. Now does say something about our show is so good that he can't quit these recaps. Three years, and he's like man's motherfucking. I guess I'll go back for the recaps recaps if they lost they lost these these off shows, what do you? I'll be back. Right. He's going to be back. I don't know what you're gonna to. But. Actually read that exchange, and I've thought about it, and I was kinda. Disappointed in myself for the way that I handled it to be honest. I there was a way to disagree with him. And not make about calling him a name. We're not being like, well, you must be just like my low 'cause that doesn't necessarily there's a bunch of room between black and white on that, you know. And so I apologize to them and said, I I'm sorry if I ruined our podcast for you. Because that was not my attention. Right. And that's sucks to be honest. If you're a fan of somebody you hit them up on social media, and they basically like block nigga, I don't agree with you. You know, I'll say, you know, I still don't necessarily agree that mar handled it, right? But I know that I didn't handle that shit. Right. Talking to you that way, he was like, that's cool. That's big you wherever I was like, you know, my bad, you know, shit. I try to get it. Right. When I can't. But I don't always get it. Right. I'm human being to and Sundays. I'm at my wit's end some days. I'm plucking up some days, I'm on there for a distraction from something else. But but the temptation in the easel wish to be like. Can I ask you out? You know, all social media, so strong it is and I'm not famous so that is to say what accounts Cortes or Ilhan, what Clinton would Trump word Obama? What celebrity what tough daddy the shit. They go through is probably way for getting worse and much more mean much more. You know, we've had some mean people come at us and stuff. But like we've just had people where it's just a misunderstanding. Always just don't where we could talk it out. And it ends up in that way. You know, and I'm not, and I'm not a person that really plays those games. I we've gotten a couple of emails and Alaska with days been like a I don't play these guys don't do this. I'm not gonna call you out to name not gonna make fun of you. But don't you know, let's not go down this path. You know, but I don't need to make you the bad guy or the villain or call you evil stupid or whatever the fuck just because we don't agree. So. Agreed. And I think it I think that nobody is above heaven and. Off day when you do get wrapped up in it. Because I know I've had it before. And you know, was one of those things to particularly 'cause I tweet, but I don't I don't tweet as much as I used. I used to be a blood heavier tweeter. But I could dairy on. And I realize that the the high that you get this shit is real because I felt the before like that high. Hey, I can say what I want to say. And I know people are going to groove me or you know, like like that shit is real. And so you have to check yourself and actually yourself. Why am I doing a why am I saying the things that I'm saying, hey, I'm here for the jokes like everybody else? Please don't get me wrong. But you know, there are some things where you go. You know, what it might be best just not to respond to it might be best to think about it before I do respond and also because you have compassion, and you kind of analyze your thoughts and your actions, you know, you could go back and be like, you know, what I'm bad all, but a lot of people don't have that thing in them. And they're always right and everybody else was always wrong. And that's a lot of the problems coming. A lot of pride and a lot of ego in people when it comes to social media is what I said. Okay. You saying what you say cool. Nobody got a problem with that. But if you own that, I said what I said you're going to have to constantly be on that. And a lot of times those people ignore people when people get in there fucking up because everybody's gonna put up one day. It does make you feel powerful. Correct. So back to this though when things I thought was interesting young people are actually leaving Facebook. So I think it was in twenty fifteen seventy one percent of young people teenagers in America had Facebook. Now, it's about fifty percent. So lost twenty one percent. And just like four years. I agree with the rescind. My thing I don't know what happened to me to me. To an extent I understand that. And because you have to think particularly with Facebook. Facebook is that thing to where it's not like we were in school is almost like when we were in school. Let's say you fucked up at Joe high school back in the day Yoshida stayed until high school now where you fucker desert is all around the world in his brands like wildfire. You do something somebody put something somebody said something I go to school. I'm looking at everybody. Whispering flipping out tapes. And all that stuff recordings, you know, people 'cause children are mean, so, you know, people you know, teenagers might have sex tapes with them out there because people just do cruel shit will not have Facebook doesn't really mitigate that that kind of stuff can happen to you the way I think the I think it's more in my opinion, is is less about the rar onus of Facebook's experience in videos are going to get out and not and it's more about now. We know the downside, right? Like these kids have now lived there's been enough time of social media in our society to know, it ain't all good. And like I said, we cannot we cannot keep skipping over these studies. The studies keeps talking to this depression is this is isolated is that like we've been out long enough to study the effects. I can see how some kids will be like, I don't wanna do it. And then hopefully. Is also probably getting a little bit wack to kids around. Might not be the one. Now, it might be Snapchat or might not be Snapchat. And might be some new Shia. So it's not necessarily that. They're not online. They just may not be there, you know, because also your family's there. Now your mom's there, right? Like is not necessarily the thing. It was when it first started. This young hip happened in place, you know, that's not that virtually anymore. I do agree with you on that. You know when you own it. What your grandma and like, you know, what the hell am I doing here with grandma, right? Yeah. I'll see June say, maybe it's the data and the way they use folks personal data and shit. Maybe. But I my guess is not that to be honest. I don't think he's really giving overclock about that that we did. I I really just think is probably not the best place to be online anymore, and then even when your own line, or whatever is not always a healthy place to be there. And now these kids are kind of getting to know that, you know, agreed in a way to a lot of us did. This is just new a new thing. Let's hop on. It, you know. And now, it's like, did, you know Twitter makes people want to kill any. So it was like, oh, wait, wait a minute. What do you know? He told me. Yeah. Yes. So this is a lot of stuff yet. And that's not to say this. You know? The hacking 's the. The the the fake Arctic news articles misinformation this shit like that like all that stuff adds all that stuff counseling. I bet these kids are kinda fucked up off of it. And they're seeing how fucked up it is what it does to the news cycle people. Basically a lot of people saying be election is because of the Facebook, essentially. So yeah, I'll see you as the blackout chairs guest. Oh, that's why. Okay. Come back on that. Makes more sense. Now. I didn't know my bad. Okay. All right. Well, but yeah, I'll invite you when you get back. So and it still has a ton of users and stuff so but yes, AFC offer there. I'm not surprised man literally was just talking about it. She said actually think the social media poses a public health risk to everybody there impacts people take children age of three screen time. But I think he has a lot of older people think as everybody increase isolation depression, anxiety, addiction escapism. She writes, all her own Twitter, Instagram posts. I'll tell you don't have a teeny. They don't these people are doing this like maybe they run it through somebody. So there's no spill errors and shit. But right like they don't have a team. That's why you know, like that's why I'm like it has to be wearing them down because they are seen this shit. Like every once in a while you see me on Twitter on the weekends. But for the most part taking sexual content when it comes to consumption of reading, I take the weekends. So. Yup. All right. Let's see what else you got. Oh so shout out to Nancy Pelosi. Everybody was demanding all these statements and. All this stuff from from Nancy Pelosi. They wanted to write Montana tweet, the hashtag stand on and all this shit, which you know, that's cute, but Nancy Pelosi actually went and got Johan some actual physical. Security right following the president's spoke with the sergeant ours to ensure that capitol police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard congresswoman, Omar her family air staff. They will continue to monitoring address the threats. She faces. The president's words way at ton his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric. Creates real danger. President Trump must take down this disrespectful. Dangerous video. Yeah. And this book in the so while because and this while saying also yesterday because he's motherfuckers exist only on Twitter, they have now in their level of self importance is so great ever grand themselves so much that they think fucking tweet is actual work. Like y'all I hashtag ill Il. So therefore, I am protecting her as a woman, and it's like you didn't do shit you Leo house. You didn't help nobody if Bouma get shot so Matica what a knife that tweet is not going to protect her. Yeah. It was it was such a ridiculous thing to even say and try to to put out there as in. If a politician won't say this, then he isn't. It's like dog. That's not real notice. Not. So what are you doing like, this is real like, let's get some actual security people up here. 'cause I only thing y'all going to do hashtag memorialize once I'm happy for eight. And what do we do to keep from having her as a tweet night? It all these weird as litmus test, and it's sad because they I saw people kinda like going on Twitter acting like no, I'm being the one who is really concerned when I was performing at shit, but it's like and going like the rest of you. You know, if you think that this is actually care about this because the primary time started, whatever my dog this about the primary come out the fact that you turn her safety into a litmus test for who to vote for is the fucking problem is so here self absorbed. Are you do you actually? Or do you just think you can like make this a way to hate on your least favorite candidate? It's so stupid. Yeah. End is one of those as well. Oh, you missing the point right? Our C you onscreen the screen. No. Okay. Okay. All right. Let me go to the next thing. So someone sent a. Comment to us about Michael Jackson, saying that, you know, we need to get the real facts and. You know, we don't. We shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. And that the never land leaving Neverland documentary was proven false and HBO ticket down and Oprah Winfrey. Backed off of it. So I watched the daily last week. They interview Oprah Winfrey. Yes, they did. It was after the lies came out about this documentary being taken down, which it wasn't. It was HBO go right now as is the inventor was another documentary just put out and not on the two week. The next two weeks of HBO, which you can go searcher TV guide to see if it's coming back on inventors not coming back on leaving. Everyone's coming on it already ran for the month, or whatever it was out. But you can still see it on demand on HBO, go away, whatever. So they're not backing off the documentary there didn't they didn't say we're done with it where this was wrong. Oprah is not backing off of it. She got interview to ask. About this about Trevor Noah as she doubled down. Okay. Now, the biggest thing it seems that these people are trying to harp on with the you've just got a whole documentary away is my didn't do nothing is that one of the accusers is. He said that he was sexually assaulted in a certain area the house, and according to paperwork that area the house wasn't fully constructed until like two years after the abuse was supposed to have stopped. And so clearly this is all is the article that was being spread funniest three three areas. Here was a news station as not very credible. Another was a hip hop website. That's not very credible. And the third was this dude this author who wrote this piece to be like see he's innocent. My Michael Jackson, do these things, and I wouldn't find a YouTube video of that same author CNN as a talking head, and he was also proclaiming innocence of another celebrity accused of sexual assault at the time. Jerry, Sandusky who's in jail right now who definitely. Did that a he will saying this man is innocent? So is one to me what people will accept as the facts. You didn't even fact check the thing that is. Clearly didn't happen. He had a we had one misrepresentation here. We have won miss remembering clearly this man is innocent. Michael Jackson mind, his own worst say he slept in the bed, which Hilden CD, boys. There's no other human being on this fucking planet alive today as a grown ass man that you will say did that ain't go. But there's nothing predatory about that. At all. There's nothing just like scandalous about that at all. He's the only human being I ever seen people. Make that dumb ass argument for that's ridiculous argument. There's nobody trusts like that would Joe here lessons you unless it's like, oh my husband's sleeps in the bed with our kids. Okay. If some strange nigga wanna sleep in fucking bear with clear you could. Yeah. Like. I've found that to be so ridiculous. No, I do not see me either. Honestly, the camera option thing on saying. Okay. Let me let me turn it on. I don't know. Why went off? Okay. But yeah, it was just it was just so such a ridiculous thing to see to receive as a comment. I don't care the child niggers like Michael Jackson. I'm being told you listener through our you on that's your conscience. And I'm not saying as a loaded term like you'll conscious book, you a bad person. I consume things by people who offered. Yup. All of us. Do anyone tells you different a mother fucking live data? Oh, so just accept that. This person is fucked up and you happen to be a fan of their work, except it is easier for everybody. If you do because if not you find yourself saying foolish shit like this man who admittedly sleeps in the bed with fucking children. That aren't is is completely got them innocent. It makes no sense. So I've found Argos ten undeniable facts. About the. Michael Jackson, sexual abuse allegations in Vanity Fair, which I think is reputable you are on camera now care. Let's see one. There's no dispute that as thirty four Michael Jackson slept more than thirty nights in a row in the same bay with thirteen-year-old Jordi Chandler at the boy's house, which mother president he also slept in the same bed with Jordi Chandler at Chandler's father's house. The parents were divorced. Number two. So far five boys. Michael Jackson Cher bit with have accused him of abuse five. We saw two of them. And people went these fuck of the line just because they could not have they think if we can handle everyone that comes forward because let me tell you a little surprised because some people go. Well, no, these two are lying. But you know, he may have done it with the other ones yet. If those other people do documentaries come out with their names. Guess what's going miraculously coincidentally happened for every last one you because I think these guys are line. You think they lie to right? You are you just like the people that go some of the people that accused Bill to be lying. Why why do you even know that which was why why would you even say that? What would they have anything to do with? I mean, just is of it. We'll go on about an odd. Mozilla Gatien's are true, not just most. But the vast majority truth vast majority are so then why are we having? Why are we parsing that means he definitely did a bunch of? So now, what are we even talking about? Now, you wanna get caught up on the semantic? So you can like this person. Telling you, you can't like him like him, right? It's okay to like this shit. There's somebody does and go you're a piece of shit, right? Number three Jackson, pay twenty five million dollars to settle Chandler lawsuit with eighteen million going to Jordan two point five to his parents and the rest of lawyers Jackson he paid to avoid something long and drawn out France. You also receive two point four million from Jackson would probably why they don't have documentaries. I'm sure they had paperwork on that shit. Number four, Michael Jackson, seven from scandals discoloration disease. Like, go Jordi Chandler, drew a picture of the markings on underside of Jackson's penis. His drawings were sealed in an envelope. A few months later Gators photograph Jackson genitalia. The photographs match the drawings. What the fuck are talking about. What the fuck y'all talking about? How would that kid? No shit. That's so ridiculous. And the fact that that a kid spent that much time around someone general to be able to fucking draw it and be like this blotch goes here. What are you crazy? But but but these big frame of job they just trying to get money from something. The hallway lean to his bedroom was seriously was a serious security cover by video and wire for sound. So the steps anyone approaching would make ding-dong sounds. Is in the documentary. But also. Proven innocent guys. He clearly didn't do it. Jackson had number six. He had an extensive collection of erotic material. He kept in a suitcase next to it's bad include including internet bondage, photos and study of naked study of naked boys for Riddick experts with experience in the secret service, pound fingerprints, the boys alongside Jackson's on the same pages. Jackson also have bondage coaches of women with ball gags in their mouths on his desk and view of the boys swept there, why is that in your bedroom grown man who has children in his house? You're the one I'm so child like why don't you like matching race car bed or bunk beds or some shit? Why does your house the inside of the mansion from toy? Like what the fuck this? Don't sound like a kids play house. What is this? What is this? Like, I hate to go into these details and be honest because it's really should be readily apparent to everybody. This is not. Okay. But yeah, we are don't Email me when no stupid shit come on. Now, we not this show. This isn't maybe he didn't do show. He did this shit and people go I mean affairs came back to him, and they didn't get them. So I mean, if the fans don't get, you know, I don't know he's fucking billionaire. I don't know. I love that shit. I mean, clearly like. Oh, yes. Well, obviously rich people injustice Justice in court goes one in one if you rich it doesn't matter. Number seven, according to the Netherlands staff interview by Santa Barbara thirties. No one ever saw or knew of a woman spending the night with Michael Jackson clued in his spouses, Debbie Rowe, or at least Marie passively row. The mother of two Jackson's children made it clear to the Santa Barbara thirties that she never had sex Jackson. So I'll know he got some kids. That's he number eight the parents of boys. Jackson share bands worth were courted assiduously and giving a myriad of expensive gifts. This wanna talk about groomed. A family. Yes. You know? Yeah. The way rob his mother tests fine two thousand five trial that she funneled wages through Jackson's company. And it was given a permanent residence visa Jimmy say checks parents got a house. Jordi channels mother got diamond bracelet. Never not two of the fathers of those who accused Jackson committed suicide both were strange when the sun's it's time and number ten in two thousand two documentary living with Michael Jackson Jackson told Martin share. There was nothing wrong with sharing his bay. We're boys. So. Yeah. Man. Please get off that bullshit. Hopefully that's enough. That's ten things that you can't view. Hopefully enough we ought to be like just because Negga may human nature. I don't have to sit up here and right in emails the people's podcasts. Like, y'all need to get the facts, there's some facts trying to spare you the facts earlier just accept that. When we say some shit, I'm gonna need people. They said that we have thought about it. Sometimes you just gotta be like, I think right. Like, we said this ship on the first time ever ever, not all the time. I got a long Email today about Bernie Sanders because we talked about him yesterday's pointing people went. I knew you were going to get their Email, and I'm like right because they can't help themselves his fans cannot help themselves. I won't read it on the air is way too long. But then too I didn't come to my conclusion lightly. I the way I feel about Bernie Sanders has been formed over the last three to four years not just as of yesterday. Right. And not gonna see Roger is a lot more reasonable than I. I am I'm somewhat reasonable. But I'm very unreasonable when it comes to him, I got my feelings about him because of of of other things, but that's just me personally. Well, we've been lying on him since twenty sixteen really like I've been light on that, man. I don't talk about that dude, very often. And when I do talk about him, I try to be like this was happening him yesterday. It was just such a hypocritical moment where he somehow gets to be a millionaire and then the one percent, but it's different than all these other people and we got to trust his motives because it's him. But all these other people even questioning their motives calling them corrupt just for being rich. Nobody else got that pants democrat Republican didn't matter to him. Everybody was corrupt except for him. Didn't matter how they came up on that money. You got some money. You don't vote for them. Both for me. And it turns out most of us just fucking framing. You know, blocking tell you a bunch of other reasons, I don't really fucked with that do don't turn our podcast into the fuck Bernie Sanders podcast because he can easily go there, and then feelings going to be hurt because my really take it serious that for some reason attachment to that dude is so fucking serious, and I'm not one of them negroes industry. So let's keep it. Nice. If you wanna know how feel about and go listen to all episodes. We got plenty of any of them. Plenty motherfucking of them NTR them and a lot of my issues. I'm gonna keep RIA is not probably last with Bernie Sanders, and his ideas and shit like that a lot of my problems with Bernie Sanders stems from these stands, and my anger at them. Coincide makes me mad at him. Because I get mad because I get I was harassed by them right docks by them, you can still search my government name on Twitter and see. M talking about me. But you know, when they talked about me a few years back. No, I'm not doing that. No. We don't so. Yes. So I if it in the bud. I'm like, hey, don't do this. Please don't do this. Maybe you know. And and like, I said, we're just we're being rid of many nice like this right here is us being really nice is we'd and cordial, you know, because you know, we get on a row it won't be pretty. So it's fine. If you want to vote, a burn ain't nobody telling you, you can't. And that's the thing. Nobody's telling Bernie Sanders fans, you can't support him. Nobody's telling you that. You can't have his back. And you can't that's not the problem. The problem is that large percentage of people in that group is tells you why you should vote for him. And then acts like there's something wrong with you. If you have a problem with him, and that's the primary I don't smack me. Just because I don't like you can't I don't want to turn our park as into any litigating any of those fucking Candida. Here. Right. Him included. No, no, no. It's funny. How that giving Nord is funny. How me saying I'm gonna vote for whoever wins that primary guessing Noord when it comes to in him. We talked about Kamala Harris to anyone emails. No, everybody. Understood. Hey, this is the topic of the day. They'll be moving onto some shit tomorrow. We don't need to be stuck here. I don't know if it's just some in the water and just like now's the time to Cape for Michael Jackson. Now's the time to write in disagree about Bernie Sanders. Hey, man, less night. Let's keep having a fun time. Yeah. Because I don't want to turn this into to the less roast, our I know there's a lot of people that enjoy that shape. But I really don't be. So anyway, good luck to him. Right. His I mean, he starting on us nowadays millions of dollars and whatnot. I expect the probably like maybe iron a shirt now, you know, maybe go to actual salon. I mean, you can afford it. You got it. Now. Go ahead and step your game. Bernie, maybe you you. It looks like you get to get some extra votes with racist. Trump people you've got to go campaign to on the Fox News. Fox News soon. Right. Don't look so disheveled. Didn't like I say my thing is if he wins the candidacy, my black areas will be voting for him. I don't give a fuck is anybody? But Trump I say it, and I mean, it I said it, and I will say again, I don't give a fuck. We can actually get to the end as far as I'm concerned right now. But none of these are above reproach, and none of them of criticism including him. So everybody else seems to be able to take it with day candidate. Don't do. Don't don't do. This don't do this. Because that was my thing hill anytime, we have some say about Hillary good or bad. We didn't have to get a whole bunch of emails shitting on us is only where Bernie that we become so misinformed, and we just need to understand. No, we do understand. We're just here's another thing. Because people always do this. I normally you guys are. So we are. Okay. Normally you guys are so fill in the blank. Right. You so intelligent you so nuance. You so thoughtful so educate you so articulate your so, but but today on the thing I disagree with you about no, let me tell you something. If ninety nine percent of the time, you listeners showing you go those mother fuckers, at least know what they talking about. They don't just get up there. Half ass. It. And then on the one thing that you disagree with us about all of a sudden, we're no longer those things issue. I am just as smart as I was yesterday. And I'm Jesus Mars. I'm going to be tomorrow. They've not smarter. That's smart. She it works. You get a little smarter. Everyday ovhly is not us. We don't come to this shit lightly. So it's okay to disagree and move on. But just understand we didn't get stupid overnight and go under when it gonna burn onto the dumb has. No thought about it read, it understood what I find to be fraudulent about that, man. And I'm keeping it light. If we're being honest, a light on Mike, then we had to go to these banks. Let's keep it light. Trust me. If don't if you don't trust us just think we stupid and don't write in be like, oh, they stupid and don't writing didn't you can keep your ego and feel smarter than us that way, they knowingly smart, but I'm smarter than today. Hey, take the win. Right. And also fight about it. And also there's a lot of people that disagree with us. They're right in the actually disagree with us reasonably and rationally, and we can kind of have a back and forth with them. Yeah. But I don't know, man. I don't wanna I tell people before not with these candidates. No, no, not what the candidates I cannot infra Cise enough. I'm not doing twenty sixteen again, and baby. See it's funny. I sent you this Email. You'll be like, I what am I supposed to read a chapter of a book? What is this? Oh, no. I'm not renew chapter is is is something with being you make you the right all that shit about this man is not worth it. Now, it's not. Yeah. Yeah. And my thing is. Raises? Amir my talked about this. I I don't want a repeat of the election. Last time. We will talk about things we will discuss things. But when it comes to certain things, we're not going down certain rose. We've already determined that. Because there are more important things to talk and discuss about that people actually care about. And the thing is, you know, if something happens we have to talk about Bernie Sanders, so be it. But when we talk about him to say, we're not coming from an ignorant place would not come in from a dumb place. You know, there are. Things about him his penalty. We don't agree. Like right to say. I'm filtering myself a lot to actually keep accu- into keep it. Nice. But yeah, like say don't write us chapters chapters chapters and chapters and chapters start your own fucking, Bernie, podcast and move on. The every episode of our regular fee show has a corresponding post on our website where you can go. Look it up and episodes are free like you. Listen to them is not like the premium stuff. But it's it's free. You have to stream it from the website shout marketing Koga traffic, need them clicks, come on. But the point being you can get it from our website the blackout dot com. We've covered this already. I'm not doing twenty six again for nobody. Everybody's gonna have to get over our opinions on shit. I listen to podcast probably more than anybody that listened to us. I listen to more podcast and pretty much any of our listeners thing and at the same. Time. You know, what I don't do spend all day writing in. They'll be like I heard what you said about Kamala Harris, and what about their opinion them. That's their opinion. They get up there to give their opinion to the listeners, and that's fine. It's not I'm not trying to educate their opinion on what ten days, they like, you know, it's not really how this shit works. So yeah. And then Email wasn't mean or anything, you know, but a bunch of these emails star that kind of condescending you guys are normally so smart, but not like outta here. Just get to the point. And tell me that you disagree with whatever. And let's move on you know, anyway. And I'm sparing the people on the listeners these log because they don't like listening to us read fucking ten minutes of long as like diatribes on shit either. They don't like that shit either. I'll be saying them in the chat like Daniel. How long does this crazy? They don't like it. We don't like doing it. And it kind of brings everything down. And it turns into like a mean, a mean thing where we're being mean to the person, and I don't wanna do that to have your opinion is cool. College grass sales stakes themselves to Wall Street, speaking, burn. Get on this need some help. So people are now apparently college graduates who become like stars in their field and stuff are selling their future by letting people invest in their education, and then they give them a cut of their earnings for the rest for however long, they, you know, for a certain amount of time almost like a car payment. Yeah. If the twenty three. Twenty three oh becomes a star field. She could pay twice as much as she lose her job. She wanted to pay anything. Investors will be out of luck until she pies work. Wroblewski ski is one person struck this unusual dealers undergraduate public Purdue University in west Lafayette, Indiana to find part of the concert agree in strategy and organizational management. She sidestepped the common source of money. A student loan debt. She agreed to hand over Potter future earnings through a new kind of financial instrument hobbit in Tom sharing agreement or I say is since finance years are transforming student debtors into stock investments with much of the same risk. And ideally return. And while street turns. Row row. Blew sqi. A first generation college student is more small company stock the Microsoft. Her mother words the waitress. A father's a quality control inspector the car dealership body sharp shop with a strong work ethic. Wroblewski always held down at least two part time jobs at school working as a teaching assistant a target cashier and Amazon and the worker showing potential for leadership not to mention Ernie. She rose the vice president of delta sigma pi a business return, those qualities in in press, a company called VIN education, which bet students at Purdue and a handful of other schools on behalf. Potential investors. More important perhaps row blues. Rob loose key. Believes herself her ability to make good on the contract, even with all my other loans. I knew I can make it work. This is like how bombing was like, no more selling credit cards on campus kids. This is like if your future was the credit card, right? 'cause nobody knows what your future going home. Maybe not even you. Wow. That's wild, man. An ACA seat is going terribly wrong. Yeah. Why is she sound real good to the economy turns you can't find a job that means they don't get their money back? Like, you know, can they do like like like how does this? How does this work? Holy crap. Man. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. I'm sorry. Oh, yeah. It just sounds wow. To say, I have enough confidence in me that I know, but I'll kissing that. Right. Right. Right. Who wouldn't take this do if you were kid? That's why we all got those credit cards seventeen eighteen right away because it's like critical, and I've gotta get one. And they're like what interest rate is a billion percent after this time, but no interest, but I'll have it. There's a credit card. You don't you don't actually know. You're not really thinking about future. Who said you're going to get a job. Like, how do you know, John market could change anything? Happy your degree in feel could be hot nab, I time. You graduated. It could be cold. Right. I mean, I can't imagine a they don't want you to be able to sign up for credit card at this age on your campus because they know you're gonna make a bad decision. Right. How is why would you allow this is basically predatory lending? But now you're doing that with education is educational predatory lending, and let me tell you when. And let me tell you what sparked up about this make it where more people can get grants and scholarships make it when people can pay student loan. But at as you wouldn't have this problem for Wall Street, that's not a return on investment for an investor. Why would I set up a grant or scholarship fund? I don't get nothing for that. No. No. No, no. The system is broken. And that's how you end up getting this. Oh, yeah. Yeah. What the system is broken with student loans to correct like they're not giving anything away for free. You know, you gotta really get lucky to get these scholarships and stuff speaking of which I forgot to tell you. But. Sunday night. I actually made my last payment on my student loan. So now. Yeah. Paid off your student loan last year mind this Sunday night, so talking about no more student loans for us. You know, Natta we forty now do we motherfucking forty some people man, we still fortunate it some people that don't even pay them off before. You know, some people are gonna have that that they are alive is some people that say ball more than us. They count school costs more than us. So we really lucked out to even be able to do that at this age. So I'm thankful for right yet. When you think about just what a burden it was paying that. I'll losing jobs and having to get deferments and money, and then turn around and be like, okay, we paid it off by overpaying like every month for X amount of months, and then to think like there's people that are really going to be getting their check date. By somebody when they get a job is going to be like, all right? Three hundred dollars goes to us every month like fucking child support without a child. Yeah. So I don't man. This is crazy scary. Yeah. I say is where he's all kinds of questions. How many students will lose their jobs and being able to pay how much Wall Street demand is compensation for the risk investors. Typically, ask for a smaller slice from the student with more lucrative majors. Purdue for example, English majors barn ten thousand dollars pay four point five percent of their future income over the nearly team years. Chemical engineers pay two point five seven in a bit over seven years. What if you wanna switch majors, right? Right. I mean, you college students this shit changes. You won't do this. You can ownership to haunt. I don't like this shit next thing. You know, you know, the medicine all of a sudden y'all got going to renegotiate do. They be like, well, we've invested this much we won't on money back. They also they've tried this before the last big ISA experiment at Yale University in the nineteen seventies ended up as a cautionary tale yell pulled pulled all borrowers, and they the school the percentage of their incomes for thirty five years or to everyone pay back what they owe. The idea was that graduates who end up with a high paying job in finance will subsidize those who chose probably service, but many students defaulted leaving the remaining bars on the hook longer than his it. Other wealthier students exited depose via large one time by payments, the remaining students tended to be lower income. So I'm stop paying all together. Yell alternately build out the borrowers winding down the whole program in two thousand one right? It just sounds like is. Something that would crash 'cause you're talking about young people who make bad choices make bad decisions. They people. I know I changed my degree in my field. You change your field like and a lot of people default because they can't afford it. Like, you just nobody knows what the future is going. Hold yet. Other thing I think is interesting is in two thousand one they said fuck it everybody, you know, building you out that's still potentially thirty one years. Those are held over people's heads the stress that that induces and all that stuff. Like, I thought it five year long doll that longer than what they do for homes. Right. And that means because most of the people that were left were the lower income people y'all deducting out at checks for thirty years or whatever until the outside. Okay. Fuck you can just don't worry about it. So yeah, I don't know. I just thought it was interesting students have more protection under the newer plans. Do for example, cats total payments two point five times when the student borrowed. So the most successful ones don't get don't feel gals two point five times what they ball. Wow. And students making less than twenty thousand dollars a year won't be charged at all as long as they're working fulltime or seeking work those who are working part time or not seeking work will only have their payments, defer. Would it means that they'll oh for a longer period of time also twenty thousand dollars or less that's actually not that low of floor. You know, like pretty much any job you get with a college degree from Purdue you're probably gonna make more twenty. So there's probably not going to be very mean people that follow to this category. And and the thing is. Because of how American America functions. I wonder how many wish demographic of people who are you targeting you targeting based on sex race like Utah like like, my you know, 'cause they're invested. So then Besters now's the great question on like to no to an incident that to Vince is going to it's like anything else when I'm looking and I want to invest in something I go. What thing do I have the higher possibility of getting a return on investment or white straight male? Well, then that's when my money's going to go. Well, see that's the thing though. So I'm thinking opposite of that. I don't think that they were gonna just let's give these deals only white people white, man. I'm more worried that they go. Let's get deals to a bunch of Brown people that we know won't be able to pay it back. But if they can't pay back, we're essentially balloon payment in their their education where they say to they even said they cap it at two point five two point five times. The value of the education of the money. They gave you so they're saying you will not have to pay you will never pay more than two hundred and fifty percent of what you bar that's still alive. So's like, oh, don't worry. If you borrowed a borrowed one hundred thousand dollars will you won't have to repay us more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That's a lot of money. That's a fucking house. Imagine if you're black, and you're like, this the only way I can afford college is through this book in like, you know, high interest loan right until you get an situation like that. Maybe you stand with Joe mom for elbow because like your lily paying house payments and car payments shit that you will never fucking own like, I didn't read that wrong. Perdue for example, caps total payments at two point five times. What a bar student burrowed. That's ridiculous. What does that mean wasn't difference between this and the check cashing places? And of course, the people that have money can just kinda pay a balloon payment right away. And be like, I'm out. Right. And that's what they were saying people aren't people's I I just pay one loop. Some you either take leave it holy shit. Man. We are so much shovel in this country that that's not gonna end will at all. That's why we need Bernie to get in there and challenge wall scree and help people give free education and MCM student loans. Okay. I mean, if he can do it. I'm being I'm here forward. Okay. We lo Bernie over here. Stop don't write us. No more. Okay. Been very nice that this man this year. Now hate to have to bring the evil out in me. We don't want that somebody do want that. I don't want that. All right. Let's let's say you, you're nice about it. You know? You keep saying educates. Man. Pinault which putting down. All right. Let's get to the next thing. With us. We're just talking with people. That's why guys trying to play the game. We all hate the play with black people the game, we go all around the globe front articles make us feel fucked with the wheel signed for sports DOT two hundred twenty five today's contestants everybody. Hey. What about their kids in Chicago? What about them? Chicago prosecuted Kim, FOX could begin expunging minor cannabis convictions in coming months. Come on Kim, FOX said I'm driving the charges on Jesse. She said the mother in. Fraternal order police ain't shit. And now she's trying to get is everything. Alright with her she going to be ok, okay. Because this is a lot of shaking. I mean, she need protection. I noticed cog. Oh, so somebody going right in and throw them and tell us why she ain't shit. But I mean, I guess this is some of that good prosecution that people be wanting to hear. But yeah, they're still questions. Exactly how offers will intend to go about executing the plan was she acknowledges herself is still being worked out, but they will pursue the expunge -ment of all misdemeanor marijuana convictions. You know? So we'll see I hope she's able to do that. I'm sure the devil's in the details, and we don't know the details yet. So maybe we can go back. We'll see how far this goes back. Like, you know, you'll be letting people out from the seventies. Or is this like the last few years and all that type of stuff, and how's it gonna affect policing cause hopefully, you won't prosecute any new misdemeanor cases either. So that the police will stop arresting over nickel bags. Zero two hundred zero I'm gonna give zero for now is well, speaking of Chicago. Representative Bobby rush their cargoes police union is the sworn enemy of black people in defense of prosecutor Kim FOX u s Representative Bobby rush activists Jamal green and other supporters defending Cook County prosecutor Kim FOX against the city's fraternal order of police who they believe is on a witch hunt to take her down the F O P is gone enemy of black people. Sworn enemy of black people say rush, the F O P has always taken the position that black. People can be shut down in the street by members of the Chicago police department and stuff and no consequences. I said let's be clear Kim Her battle is with the F O P and all of their cohorts FOX has been heavily scrutinized for her office handling the small allege fake hate crime case, which resulted in all sixteen felony criminal charges dropped the decision. Angered city's fraternal order police believe superintendent and the mayor look shit. All right people pissed off. I don't know how I'll tell me. This worry is that she's whack. But whatever it is must be amazing because this shit sounds exactly. Like what the fuck? I would've voted for right drop them charges against Jesse. No. I don't care that. He did it don't give right. Since about take it to court. Like, she looked like I saw what y'all gave me in. No, we can't prosecute this like, I know black people still holding out hope that it's an elaborate said on Jessie. I don't care. No. I don't think it was set up or hoax on him. I do think he was involved. But don't I don't think you need to go to prison, right. He lost hint thousand dollars. He got community service ended discussion hand raw manual, the governor sucking Takagi talking about like this nigga never work again, any company hired him will lose taxes entrance. Is that even Lee what is wrong, which I why this new the it's like both ad on the right time, and they just wanna make show. No black person ever gets. Away with anything. That's the main thing they concern with Kim. Fox's out here. Like, Israel like problems and shit that I have to deal with real problems y'all bringing his bullshit to my desk. Keep the same energy with these murders and solve these crimes in in the city keep that energy. And also to other optics of this that I appreciate is. These black men activists and politicians coming out to the fair and be like, yo we all her side. And this is obviously an attack on her. And this is clearly what's happening and to an extent they kind of have documented proof for Kerr's. They pay billions of dollars last year to a lot of black families because out here fucking. Right. I'll Saturday during the speech Reverend Jesse Jackson seniors rainbow push coalition FOX adjusted that the rap has much more has much to do our REIs. I've been asking myself for the last two weeks. What does this really about? This is personal. There are rumors that during the protests that where hundreds of people attending white nationalist, the makes protests along with the police union the injection of white nationalism in this conversation for me. I will tell you personally, I was afraid I would certainly hope that the F O P A, weta, whatever their disagreements will mean may be. Whatever concerns. They may have my -bility on lead or leadership would at least expect the people of their union to not inject racism or white nationalist into the conversation. These are the people that are policing or supporting the police of Chicago this black city and people wonder why the exit of black people from this city. Anyways, the one hundred hundred I don't know much, but it's probably expensive fucked Lear there anyway. Yeah. That one's one hundred but I will say for the headline for the people that are talking zero for them zero for the people that are fighting back the brothers that are have her back zero for them. But obviously a hundred fucked with because she just trying to her job just trying to job and voting. Populace of Chicago seems to have spoken getting Rahm outta there. They don't want him and his corrupt policing and that force over them anymore. And like, I said, I don't know all the details about this woman. I'm sure something's going to pop up, and it's going to be like, and this is why she's this why we came for hers because it happens with every black politician or prime minister figure at some point. But my point being people clearly are getting what they voted for in this situation you getting. Somebody who's like I don't wanna like put Nichols in jail. Over penny. Any crimes and the police's like you are shock to the system. Fuck you. And fuck our this. Chicago's new mayor changes her tune on jussie smollet case. This doesn't rank as a matter of important now this important because she is a openly LGBT mayor of Chicago black woman, the first and people were like y'know her first statement on jussie smollet was kinda like harsh as what what are you doing? You know, are you really? Are you really agreeing with Rahm Emanuel on this? And I guess the backlash was so strong. She backed off. Friday. She released a statement. She said I'm not going to comment on any pending. Let it get litigation. Obviously. This was a decision that was made by the current mayor Rahm Emanuel. We got a lot of things on our play a lot of pressing issues that are truly effective people's lives. Doesn't rank as a matter of any importance to me. So I guess he eased up. Yeah. 'cause people's like we voted for you for reason. Yeah. 'cause earlier she said the state's attorney office here which made the decision unilaterally dropped the charges has to give a much more fulsome answer explanation. We cannot create the procession that if you're rich or famous or both that you get one set of Justice and for everybody else is much harsher that won't do. And we need to make sure that we have a criminal Justice system that has integrity. What I got him as the bitch. We just put you fresh in office the funk, right? She could tell you believe everybody's entitled to a presumption innocent. But I saw as I'm sure you and your listeners, Saul a very compelling case videotapes, witness statements and other information that look like here stage to host, and if that happened he got to be held accountable. Yeah. I will say this much man because I think people are being a little too harsh on the black folks who are offended that he would have done something like this. I do understand the people that are like supremely offended because people take that very seriously, you know, and it's like, you know, people are really out here being hey, crowned and you out here plucking like playing at it. I get why people would be offended. I really do that being said if you're thin if your solution is and then I need to throw you in the prison system. Get you'll you lost me. You lost me? I don't mind you being upset if Chris rock's wants to Chris rock was the joke him if there's people walking around like man Justice mall. I get how they got there. I I don't say those things I don't really necessarily feel that way. But I get how they got their. Agreed. I don't feel like you Akhoon because you think this is like what he did was so agreed. I totally see how you. Get that way. What I'm saying? Is that next step of? And this is why we gotta make sure he goes a prison is kind of fucking ridiculous. Even he was charged with was a class four felony is not a serious crime. Oh, yeah. It's not class for is low is not why class wanted. So it was just kind of ridiculous that people were trying to turn it into something else felony avenue. I owed serious, right? I mean felonies are series. But yes, all right. So that was two hundred trying too hard to. Fifty. Yeah. I think I'll give it a. Yeah. I guess I'll give it a fucked with this was even saying in the first way's right now because I state the second statement should have been the first day those incisions regardless how you those decisions will maybe full I came into office. So I'm here now, and we're going to take moving forward. All right. Let's see do some guests race. Whereas my guest race music. That is time for some guests though. Right. That's right. It's race time. Now that is time for some guests though. Right. That's right is race time. That's right. It's time for. Stories the number one game going across while a podcast, man. We read the play news articles from all over the globe. And we asked our contestants today. Caring and the chat rooms to guests. Race. And of course, everyone playing is a racist. All right. Let's get into the game, caring. If you toss police on Facebook reveals whereabouts and then gets arrested. A woman wanted by police is behind bars at the revealing her whereabouts in an online spat on the forces Facebook page, khloe Jones, twenty three of Wayne's Berg, Pennsylvania. Was arrest was added to the Greene county. Shares of his top team wanted list last month after she failed to appear in court in connection with an assault charge. After spotting herself on the list in a Facebook post as officers hunted her Jones commented. Do you guys do pick up or delivery? Her message was followed by four crying, laughing emojis. Jones, then became embroiled in the argument in the comments section over why she hadn't shown up for court in the first place defending herself against Facebook users who accused her of immaturity, there's nothing funny about seeing yourself on a one poster it's imperative one person wrote turn yourself in be responsible. It's not too late to turn your life around Jones replied on the public page. She hadn't made it to court because she had been in Ruben Morial hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. At the time. The few added that she had posted her initial comment from their Jones was arrested at a residence in Morgantown earlier this week. Interim Greene county sheriff market spins described Facebook as valuable asset and bring it one person to Justice. She did everything, but I checked at the hospital. Right. Check my. Yup. Fast view of this hospital. His office also posted an update on the case on the site. Monday night to be thank thank members of the public and Pennsylvania West Virginia along with many others for sending them to miss khloe Jones, and her witty comments are taking this from our Facebook comment section do the jail not having internet for her to us. I guess the rice a khloe Jones chlorate Jones is why apparently they do pick up in deliver. They picked up and delivered to jail and hit the button. Tip black profoundly black a dumb bitch. Why she thought she was being cute white black? You never catch me coppers. But white crow is a bowl flay blow-black. Black chicks khloe Jones is extra white has a collection of Merck shots, white white most shot shy white sugar used black planet white and black the correct answer. Guys split down the middle on this. When things care went with white mimic. Correct answer is white. Many of you missed it though. And that's her. She kind of happy for much. She's like I beat that bitch airs serve jail. Okay. I do it again on Facebook messing around right? Location. You're gonna come get me accident archivist hold on. Let me go. Let me go back. Bring up the next one a former Utah squat vice squad Lieutenant is arrested in a prostitution sting. Oh shit. I guess you gotta know your vice. So did you can. Can really get those John's, okay? How you expect me to catch these people? I'm not out his sampling. The rockets. So a former police vice squad Lieutenant was arrested Tuesday found the prostitution staying at the investigators say he offered to manage women manage. Sound like pimping to me? Right. I might be wrong. But that's that's not like, I mean, I'm not saying, I'm the most street wise savvy commercial. But when you say manage, I'm assuming that the money's gonna go to you, you go manage what happens to it? Right. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying I've lived the most streets life. Okay. Because I have not right. You don't have like there's a lot of people. I hear that. Probably. You know, lived a lot a lot harsher life to me. Values going up to this. The rise lady. Oh, hold on. Let me turn out the fire. Which one of you bitches is coming with me tonight. Okay. Which one of y'all is named peach is I got a job for you. Call me officer Deti. Okay. I'm out the data, sir. What you can't be the vice squad president and the pill. I the girls in recognize you kind of these over that all the time arrested people like, you know, what? Oh, it's a way to do. This. You could make way more money and not even get caught. Man. That's crazy. And local Bishop has been arrested. Of the church too. Tires to a little visit pivot administration to I know. Ain't nothing holler at me. After the service. You wanna ask your Lewis on spraying trained? You know, mention money. I notice that you ain't been tired and lately because you've probably got the extra money, but didn't they? Wouldn't they like me you can get some this money since having a whip box broke purse? Drom hers. But yes, petition and sexual battery after he was lured into an undercover off. This was on Valentine's Day. With the store. This Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day veto. Again cheese. Right. Your family doing something found felon tines day special singer Adams. He was out looking for love all the wrong places on Valentine's Day. I don't know. They might be the right places rocks lives of box of chocolates. Indeed his. I sit in the house. It gives us second loading and will now with the story. Again as a trafficking sting in Utah county. To you who will seeking services of a prostitute soon. Cops were in contact online with username pilot initiated discussion about managing them. Investigators say the arranged meeting involved a demonstration do what he called a cop check and do something that he believes that police couldn't do or wouldn't participate in and he he grabs the arm and hand of one of the cover detectives and place it on his genitals. Detectives. Yeah. Yeah. He must have too much blacks through hookers doesn't not real life. Turn off the movie, sir. You got down vice squad. Lieutenant you ain't no that's not you know, you can recognize your own work to report it to you. Let me see them titties. If you really a cop. I'm in. Okay. Sergeant. You do know that you going to jail. Right. Oh, damn. I didn't redrew book. I thought that you could do that dance to bring the net. You. Yeah. I know you I knew you kind of a mill you. I was watching episode. A why they say it did. Kenny, you can't show you push it to me rested, the mandated moss who turned out to have a notable history. This distribution center was here in southern Utah. Moss was a Lieutenant over Saint George PD's vice squad in two thousand twelve but was forced to resign over sexual misconduct allegations, recently, he resurfaced he's the director of the west valley city animal shelter that we're going to have to take in for medical care. But most of them. Shape. Maas was also a Bishop in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It wasn't long after we knocked on his door. A neighbour rushed over to usher away from his house in seething. But they're not home. Anyway. So the news was still too fresh to react. I'll reserve comment. Thank you for now. Topsy the trafficking investigation continues just forming when you find somebody who either is or wasn't a position where they should be enforcing the law and protecting the public doing just the opposite of that, man. That's a neighbor year coming over to talk to the news by napalm got top. He probably and coming up all day. And it was like he's focused on Monday, y'all got to go. Let me go ahead and escort them off his property. Real quick fuck around get a set of my house. You got to go. He's not here guys. Okay. Just leave him alone. Please. Well, the same moss denied doing anything more than offering a business opportunity to the women. Meanwhile, west valley. Moss resigned there on Saturday and Steven from the church Jesus Christ latter-day. Saints says moss has been relieved from his role as Bishop drabs live did not answer. Thank you. A business opportunity that did is that what we call this. Now, I'm just trying to a business opportunity. What is call now is on just try a little bit of money, baby. Okay. I'm just saying role with a play like me, I'm going to take. What is really a business a joint investment in you? Okay. That's all I'm trying to say. I'm just trying to help you out, David. All right. I'm gonna be five. I wanna I wanna be old. I want to be doing. I wanna be your best friend. Okay. I want to be open tech. You'll business you'll invest baby. I'm just trying to help you out. Out of this situation and looking to scout sky. What are you see two stalls? You see this funk? See the moon, but C K minimum shine without the sun's light over the baby. And I'm just trying to be the sunlight and let us down a little bit of game and you'll ear real quick. What do you mean? Can you see my bad? Guess rice. Why can't go? Let's chat room. I'll sorry. I noticed probably all over the place. Hold on. Let me bit guy. You know, it a start. They say him in his day is not dead the causes doing. Okay. I can't even get to this. I don't even know what you asked. Let me just scroll to the bottom of the Mr White, folks. The prophet name me Bishop Don block. Oh, hawaii. Nice pretty young be. It's. Science just reheat it Joseph Smith should have stopped his Gooby ads. White Bishop moss moss. Don, you understand me? The green is for the money. And the goat is what one hundred vista Dawa white. No, Mark of Cain is a white, man. You guys all basically went white. I don't think anybody say black. Can you went white? All right. What are the correct answer is white? Maybe it's maybe it's don't worry about this badge. Whereabout this baton going up as okay, if you don't get my money, right? And if not we'll be back to arrest everybody. Don't worry about these hands. Oh my God. You can meet girl, you won't get Hank. You ain't gotta worry about me. Bailing you out because I'm just going to sign you out. Okay. You'll get released on your own cognizance a whole setup. I got. I'm not trying to be fun. What ho will follow that? Don't even go. Come down on Lieutenant white, folks. Okay. Yeah. I'm me. I may you pose a be protected me. I mean, what is your going to come out there about else got caned? You're going to have to backhoe Bishop Don detective one. Come on to be cool and shit. You know, come out doing that ham a chainsaw. Why trying to be slick? Pippin saw. Come out. They're gonna come up there talking to you and outta he own off. They're going to be with the cool music. I choose you didn't near near near near near near the Dow. Oh my God. All right. The pause how he hotdog. They don't he. So we were only not the country row come out playing got the horses in the back. I know you better have my money. That's what I know. Okay. That's going to be his jail guy. I cannot imagine the hose he was trying to speak this business proposition to come home. And that's not you end up getting the ones into the police because I guarantee you any whole worker assault was like, that's that's a police officer. Right. He looked like police did they have to stain him. And he wrote right up on the other. Cops. Don't we see you at the softball game? Right. That's what I'm talking about. You don't even look cool. Right. All right plant Trudeau on some sheet is the mom jeans. Because he Michael Jordan jeans own right? All right. How do we go to Nick section? How it on? Yeah. I know he was a heels by rolling up on the house of some different music. Come out. Bitches up to the night. Anybody wanna hop in the bag his truck this F this Ford f three fifty and go get some Jones. Let me get this money. Got a business proposition for him and other pimps plight and go I told my whole day cannot go wet answer with John. I'm just trying to I'm saying ladies. Okay. Get a no reason to have a wet in an address statue. Okay. Get out here and put on some Spurs. Let's get this money. Mama list. Bedia? The pencils? They're going to him. I know. Oh, I got a horrible looking pound. Right. That's what I'm talking about. Most women that have worked the street with him immediately. But I know net you hear rest haven for hose, I know that much. All right. Let's get to the bonus round. Can't it's to two so far going. Right. That's right. A man I mean that would points w raised in a bonus round or guest the race. So far can't is. Two two. Kanshi? She finished Drome. I hope I can't think grouse take up whole rooms see things she can finish Drome. Creep convicted of breaking into a home sucking on a sleeping woman's toes. Oh my God. The Tomo sexual striking. A California man convicted us second on a sleeping woman's toes at the break into her home claiming to be a zoo slight God sent to earth to seduce women. Why don't you break it in my home? I just feel only as God Zeus who was mostly ripest would think seducing the woman with star. What does you know? Like, I think you just wanted to suck from Toews there. Okay. I don't think that's in the playbook was deduction at all. See you star by second on total sleeping, then Ness one name. That's when they know they won't you. Kicked in face. What was mixed? You start with toe-sucking in. Towel second. Like when you put somebody's hand in warm water. Like are they going to be like? A california. Make the second on a sleeping woman's toes at the break into our home claimed to be Zeus like guys into our dues women, Richard Michael Parkhurst, twenty nine of Norwalk was convicted of one felony burger you count one count appearing into an and inhabited building and to council indecent exposure for a while chain of events that unfolded at the exposed himself to a woman walking her dog October two thousand seventeen. Nice. Dow he told the woman's a main so peering into a building that me looking into it. Just you just at bit of looking at it looking for my windows from I should be a crime. Yes. Yes. I just never heard it described like that you may be take somebody like own appear just gazing. Okay. Nice. Doggy told the woman I walk in mind to he said before exposing his penis against his own. Yeah. Yeah. My hotdog later that same day, he snuck into a sleeping woman's home. What a woman says she woke up and found the creep sucking her toes DNA evidence linked him to the fence. Oh, she had to not watch the toes. The cops showed up to be lying. This nigga was second. My toes looking steals spic. God. The next day Parker's Pete into an apartment through the mail slot and told a resident his girlfriend was attractive. He was awesome other shit. I hey girl talking to me down here. Amy. Amy. So bad bitch. Door. I'm just saying all right while in custody later that day of female jail guard him touching himself while looking at her the prosecutors, he also wrote an inappropriate note to a jail guard while he was staying in Orange County jail. Peekers tiny say class crimes part of a delusion. Mr. Parker's developed a delusion that he was Zeus like guy who was sitting down from the stars. Do a women. Well, he's not good at it. Is that sexy? Ladies you look look over your show. There's a negative jacking off looking at you. I mean is that like the is that the move. Now, I gotta take him home gave him in my house where he can do anything to me. It was his destiny to seduce women. They would willingly have his children Mr. Parker's believes they his progeny will create a super race. There will save the planet. Tardy Parco stopped taking his medication for schizophrenia at his girlfriend die. He said power cars are Royces coming from his television tele- him to do things. And then he was homeless. Oh, there you go. That makes much more sense. Yes. It does sort of live with that. He will scare you'll scheduled to be sending April fifth. Karen guess the race of Mr. richer. Michael Parkhurst, white Karen's going with white. Let's check the chat room and see what they believe. No, we got a lot of freaky toll Tomo sexual in chat room. So they probably know super as white. I am a Portia 'gas. God of toll Paul guy for Daggett is. I don't know. I say that is Greek was why what white NAS is this day Japan. I'll show trailing spouses white white white honky. Let me how white his mental illness was diagnosed so he's white. That's a car white because it went beyond whipping out his penis. White penis Mr. Whitey Wiggins a poor dia guy Gus. That Pitt from Utah white to create this is he was white. Not that he might be Greek white, you know, because he's kinda darkish look into me. But he y. But yes, sir. Vander waking hotels and some mother motherfuckers mouth. You don't know. Right. That's crazy. All right. Let's get to the debt. You thought you was. Let's get to the last floor rats. Why didn't apply? Let's see. Mas latches boyfriend was soared after catching him molesting five year old daughter. Iraq news, I can support. Right. I mean, whatever you got handy. Okay. I'm not a absolute on this Georgia come on a judge Georgia went after boyfriend with sore at the she walked in molest five year old daughter. The woman who has not been identified deputy she grad soil when she caught her boyfriend John Warren Williams, twenty five. Well, she reportedly flies Williams on one of his hands. As he crashes gave her home Williams managed to run away before deputies responded to the mothers, not one Colorado midnight. The mother child will take it to the hospital, but the girls conditioned remains. I know Williams ran into police next mornings treated for minor injuries Williams being charged or aggrava- child molestation to cows of colty. Children Jesus Kreis lock them up for which he would have got his neck or some other vital organ and indeed his ass. Because what else do we need him are for? All right. That's why yo on vote for hours. All right, talk to you. Henry again, we'll probably talk Wednesday depending on what schedule is tomorrow. I know I'm hosting. Or not house that I'm asking questions of jail co van on the making podcast great again podcast today. That's gonna be fun. So it'll depend on when we are how we feel after caring. I work and stuff and wanna do the show tomorrow. If so we may do a short show and and before eight if not hey Wednesday is to game of thrones recap, Justin. So until then I love you. I love you too.

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