GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 113: Will Manchester United Stay Afloat?


Want to know the latest than soccer. Then listen to the golden state media concepts soccer podcast of M. L. S. is the world of the Premier Eardley. We've got you covered a latest update. The hottest matches news on the League's top players. It's the golden state media concepts soccer. PODCAST ask listen impose in another Friday on. BGS MC soccer podcast. Big Welcome in. Does that have been here before I'm your host Lucas more. And we've got a fun day of conversation won't be as fun as perhaps Monday as most you know today. Transfer deadline day around the world. The soccer unfortunately the realities of podcasting have made me want to change the topic for today to where we are not going to be discussing any potential transfer news or rumors. I think I got one topic in regarding the transfer deadline. But that's because things will be changing all throughout this day and you don't want to speculate on something and then three hours later it'd be true or false where we might be the middle of producing this podcast and it's the news is completely different so transfer deadline day. We'll go over all the big happenings on Monday from transfer deadline day. One thing though I did want touch on is Anthony Robinson. The defender from the United States. Men's national team. We do have the finale of his transfer. It's for deadline day. Really interesting stuff happening there. And we'll circle back around to continuing example of United States players being able to compete at the the highest levels of international soccer will preview Leicester City versus Chelsea this weekend Manchester United. They've got a big matches. Well because every match is this big when in your entire fan base is ready to Burn Trafford to the ground and Real Madrid and Barcelona absolutely huge weekend in Lalita. Real Madrid drid facing Athletico Madrid tomorrow morning and Barcelona with an interesting match right now for them. Every match is interesting. It doesn't matter. They're playing athletico or severe Real Madrid because they are apparently capable of being beaten by anybody with the way they're performing as a unit. The WAYKIKI said siennas managed in his first couple of games. Coming off a loss to Valencia. A last minute win against a third -Til Spanish side in the Copa Del Rey. So interesting time for Barcelona will preview an predict that match a little bit later in the show but transfer deadline day. It's one one of those. Just exciting fun. Beautiful Days of following club soccer. It's it's like nothing else in sports to where you have have five to six to seven to eight leagues participating in transfers in rumors. You have all different combinations. Permutations are mutations about. What can happen how it affects each League Standing Howard affects the future of these leagues? It's really one of the more exciting. Earning and thrilling ways to do a trade deadline in sports. And if you've ever played the fief of video game the clicking clock like like twenty four style it gets to you it makes it exciting and that's exactly what all these clubs are going through today. Just do we make a move do we. We do we have an opportunity to make a move. Should we make a move. Should we spend this money. Are we good enough to compete in. The champions are good enough to make a run at the final four spots table in all the import leagues throughout the world are in the midst of their runs to determine whether they get into European competition to determine whether they're going to be league champions outside of the Premier League so it's a really crucial day for everybody this year. Early rumors doesn't look like anything. Major is going to happen. But that's Oh I don't want to talk about it and say that it's not going to happen because literally as we speak a major major transfer deal a star could be getting done and we could have some serious change change in world soccer but it is an extremely fun day and it's unlike anything else in sports truly I mean the NBA trade deadline can be interesting. Major League. Baseball trade deadline can be interesting. But it's usually two or three to four teams that need to make a move are are going to affect the league standings if they make a move but in in club soccer. It's the permutations are unbelievable. And there's so many star players in so many guys Who could fit in better places really interesting time interesting time for one of our own United States? Men's national team back Antony Robinson younger guy reported to have agreed on terms to join. AC Milan's lots on Ebrahim of each in aside. That's really come into form. Recently in Syria Over a ten million dollar transfer paid out to Wigan athletic that was all rumors and it came to an end and he will not be heading to Waseem. Alani will be staying at Wigan Athletic. What happened find out on the other side of the break you're listening to the MC soccer podcast? The suicide love silence break the silence. Don't be afraid to ask questions talking about thoughts of suicide. Maybe a source relief to the person at risk. Listen to them let them talk and let them know you care are concerned. Suicide is preventable. Learn how to discuss your concerns recognize it talk about it act on it. Learn more at recognized Talk Act Dot. Org a message from the Virginia Department of Health. Are you looking to your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite schools team. The Mc College football podcast is your tickets to all things college football doing us as we talk college football from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which this conference is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. ATC and everything in between download the GS. Yes in C- College football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud Google play or anywhere you find podcast just type Diaz empty in the search bar you're welcome back in GS MC MC soccer podcasts. I'm your host Lucas more and it's a beautiful day actually haven't been outside yet so I can't say it's it's a beautiful day in Chicago. I'm guessing it's cold usually just have to look at the calendar. Not Weather Afford to figure out whether it's colder tonight in the Mid West. MLS is getting closer and closer. That's going to be really exciting. That'll really help Here in the United States that pre opening day baseball all sports zone after the Super Bowl ends your college football's over pro football's over the NBA heads towards an all star break. and honestly it's at the point of the season where it's hard to really lock into it and there's just this big gap and the MLS. The start of it fills it very nicely for for people that enjoy the MLS in the United States. And it'll be certainly exciting. We'll dive all into an MLS preview and all that fun stuff a little later on this podcast not in the show but you know a couple of weeks from now once we get a little bit closer beginning of March when the major league soccer season kicks off sticking working in the United States I mentioned Anti Robinson. The United States defender athletic good young talent apart a really strong group of young players that it plays for the United States. That I've mentioned on the show are going to continue to be more common in Milan. was looking to make a deal to bring him in. As only I think the tenth tenth fulltime American in Syria. Something the Italians never really liked to do. And they paid over ten million dollars for them to acquire Robinson from Wigan Athletic back and he had seventy two hours to get together report for the physical clear medical to be sent to Milan and that fell through so in uh not finished medical by Anthony Robinson will keep him at Wigan Athletic. I don't know if this is a purposeful move or what the motives behind this are from Robinson if there are motives at all perhaps it's a paperwork error. Perhaps it's it's a myriad of things is story just broke Couple of minutes before we started the show. So it's it's tough to really say off the top it's interesting though it it's Certainly a shame. Because you you'd like to see a player that's participating in the United States men's national team to make that move to be in a high class lead to a high class organization play with and learn from high class. That's players that are at AC Milan. Now I know there amid to your team so far this year in Syria. But they're always within the top five and I'm sure they'll get there by the end of the season. especially the way they've been playing since the acquisition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic but interesting stuff that Anthony Robinson will be unable to join a super lon in this transfer window. We'll see how that plays out for him in the summer. However it is another example of what I continue to tell you is happening? It's happening putting right now of the young American soccer balls to where so many young American players are starting to be transferred are starting it'd be bought are starting to be believed in so many young American soccer players are starting to figure this thing out and I think that the the time is here. We've been waiting for so long. At least those that are above thirty years old have been waiting for so long those that are soccer fans for soccer to catch on in the United States. Enough to where just the general athleticism of the country. The general belief in love of sport boards in the country creates soccer players without any sort of advance developmental system. And that's exactly what's starting to happen because you can turn on the TV at any time around the country kids can turn on the TV anytime and watch about any soccer match from any league in the world. I've got a buddy who's a queens park. Park Rangers Fan there in the championship and yet he can still find a way to watch their matches. Can connect with the team on twitter right can see highlights of all the goals scored. The Modern Age has inspired a generation of youth in America. To be more interested in soccer has taken over basketball. No as it taken over football. No but it's gotten popular enough that a kid that falls in love with the game we'll have more access to it or more access to it allows them to fall in love with the game. I mentioned scenes like we see in Portland in Seattle. Imagine if your seven year old in that crowd how you'd be inspired word to go play soccer when you're among fifty five thousand fans cheering at the top of their lungs. And there's a high quality product on the field. All these things we'll create soccer players create great athletes in the United States. That are worth ten million dollars that are worth like Christian Pulisic almost a half of one hundred million dollars. They're going to be players. That are worth it in the United States. Even if the United States men's national team and the United States program continues to step on its own toes continues to harm its own development. Even with all of that the United States is going join to have talent going to have a lot of a lot of it playing all across the world. And we've seen it time and time again and that's why the best five or six players on the roster right now the best five or six players are young and that will be the trend moving forward now with the goal being twenty twenty six. You need the young players that are there now to reach their peak and be effective players internationally at their twenty eight twenty nine year old season and hope that these youth the youth players continue to develop continue to play in bigger leagues. And then they'll be that depth. They'll be the young excitement. That's on a potential twenty twenty twenty six team and obviously the twenty twenty two team. It's I think exciting stuff to see players like Robinson involved in transfer rumors being want for ten plus million dollars. I think it's all positive stuff for the United States. Men's national team for soccer here in the United States and I think it's another example of the Games growth here in the United States although it has been bad headlines recently I think from a broader point of view if you take a step back. The United States is in a better position now in terms of talent raw talent than they've ever been in world soccer. We'll step aside on the other side of the break. There's a lot of big matches the previous weekend. Leicester City versus Chelsea the biggest premier league match the weekend plus. We'll talk about Manchester United and could only gunny sold scar. Dr Be out the door with loss all that and more on the other side of the break. You're listening to the G. M. C. Soccer podcast. Some secrets are meant to be kept. 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Follow us on facebook and twitter download on itunes soundcloud and Google clay breath MC soccer podcast. I'm your host Lucas more. You're welcome into the show we've got Leicester City versus Chelsea on the docket this weekend fund fund match two teams near the top of the Premier League and although it might be overshadowed by transfer deadline day it is one of those fun important matches that the Premier League continuously continuously tosses up time and time again. And that's why we love the Premier League so much because there are quality teams from places Ford about eight that create some really interesting match ups. On a day. When there's not necessarily top of the League teams competing Leicester City Right now in third Chelsea and forth? Then you have. Man United and Tottenham those teams have been jumbling but Leicester City at forty eight points. It should be a really interesting matchup against Chelsea. It's why we wanted to preview. It went for those who you on the East Coast. You'll have to wake up pretty early. That's a seven thirty. Am Kickoff on the East Coast for those you on the West Coast. Yes you probably going to have to stay up to watch it. At least most people sleep schedule. I Dunno years but Leicester City Chelsea this is the form. These teams are in right now. Lesser coming off a tough to one loss in the Caravelle Cup and then a win in the FA Cup. Their last three premier league matches one win two losses losses Burnley in Southampton so. It's been a rough stretch recently for Leicester City for Chelsea win against Hull City. That's in the FA Cup. They drew against Arsenal lost lost against Newcastle United. Back on January eighteenth but a win against Burnley on January eleventh is kind of rounding out Chelsea's form Um I think Chelsea is the better side here in terms of raw talent although Leicester City is ahead in the table in his hat a better season but Chelsea's Chelsea and I know they're coming off that transfer for band but I really liked the youth and their squad I like Chelsea in this one over Leicester City when you look at Leicester City's form and just they. You haven't had enough time as an elite merely team to build the type of youth and organizational depth that a Chelsea will naturally have even after a transfer ban so so Chelsea's real problem here is finding consistency right finding a way to bounce back after being disgraced on the international stage for kind of fudging the numbers hours in terms of transfers. And they have a little more of a I think backbone and that's why you're seeing them still at the top of the table even after that whole mess even after not being able to go out and sign elite level players. They're still finding away. The top of the table they have. They have a little more of an organizational backbone and organizational depth plus. They're in better form. But it should be a really fun match. It's a toss up match really. Leicester City could certainly find a way to straighten their form out. Figure this thing out and for them they just want to find a way back into the Champions League and if they can hang around the top three they're gonNA gain more money gained more recognition. I should gain more popularity. And if they can establish that consistency Leicester City in the premier league. They'll be able to really start. To round out that organizational death roundout roundout really young good players and be consistently within the top five of the Premier League and maybe even start winning them like they did in that miracle miracle season a few years ago. But this weekend I like Chelsea I like it to tighten up in terms of the teams following Liverpool and Manchester City. At the top the premier league table I don't think Leicester City is going to be in position. Catch Man City and I would just like to see the three four five six seven even with Wolverhampton. Tonight thirty four. I'd love to see that really tight race to get into the one of those Champions League spots down the end of the season. Because that's really our only hope for the premier league being exciting citing down the stretch if Leicester City comes out wins. Maybe that fourth spot becomes is interesting but you'd love Leicester City to fall back to the pack with with a Chelsea win this weekend if you're into exciting finishes obviously if you're Lester Fan. Probably don't want to tap but got Chelsea this weekend on the other side of the break. Nick we'll talk about Manchester United and what that match could mean for the future. Their manager role although they've been staunch in defending him the philosophy. This weekend happens. That story could change. We'll talk about that on the other side of the break. You're listening to the G. S. M. C. Soccer podcast. This is your ultimate stopper. Everything sports the Golden State Media Concept Sports PODCASTS. Should I stay say more from the NFL the NBA MMA all in here state media concepts sports. PODCAST ask listen the big welcome in. GMC SOCCER PODCASTS casts gives a follow at GMC underscore soccer like us on facebook. GMC soccer check out all the great podcast on the GS MC podcast odd cast network fun. Friday might not be a fun weekend though for Manchester United. If they don't find a way to grab a win in the Premier League. Well listen we've talked about Manchester United a lot on this show. There are big brand. That's fallen off their big brand. That I've told you to lower expectations for they are no longer the type of team that they once were. They are no longer this powerhouse. This heavy hitter this Champions League contender they could. It'd be in a single season. They could be now and again but it will take a long term radical change of the way they run their organisation to get back. Act being what they once were and then you'll need to find. A legendary manager. Likes her Alex Ferguson. To fill that role again. It's just a large gap to overcome. And they had that opportunity right when Sir Alex Ferguson left they were at the pinnacle enough talent enough money if they would have adjusted their structure. Lean lean into the theories that have gone Liverpool Manchester City so far and in stopped relying simply on their brand kit to get things done. It really really could have been interesting for Manchester United and it's so interesting. How Manchester United's fall in terms of relying on the old way of doing things? The old way of thinking. The old way of winning were just buying players relying on your brand using analytics using less structure. It's so interesting interesting that they're fall at the beginning of this. Decade and throughout the decade coincided with a lot of other big brands around the world having the same type of attitude falling. We saw the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. Have that type of fall. In the beginning of the two thousand ten the New York Yankees had an interesting fall right after Derek jeter at the beginning of the twentieth tents there's two frontline organizations that fell off the Dallas cowboys have not been able to get out of their own way for much of the same reasons that Manchester United has struggled to find success. Why is that? It's called technology. It's called growing of money in these. Sports has emphasized to billionaire owners to billionaires across the world that hey it's a valuable investment vestment on a sports team the more money put into it. We have all these technologies and all these systems and all these ways of doing business that are so efficient that if you utilize them you're gonna be able to take major leaps forward in terms of value of acquiring players saw an article this week. Liverpool Pool has the most value per dollar per transfer. So they aren't just simply throwing money around as Manchester United often does there's a purpose to everything they do. And we saw that in baseball we saw moneyball take a leap wants. Technology really got rolling there the beginning of the twentieth tens and it just started enrolling in favor of teams. That were doing it the right way. We saw the astros of the cubs in so many of these analytic based teams. That ran their front office properly. Start to have the major success while the Yankees of the beginning of the decade could not get out of their own way. And that's the same thing we've seen with Manchester United and now how they'll have a match at home in the Premier League against Wolverhampton. Right they come off of a three two aggregate defeat against Manchester Sister City. Yes they won one nil. But that's in the care about cup. I'm not sure how much you can put that on Manchester City sure you win an FA Cup match on a muddy field six-nil l.. Nobody cares the last time. You were the Premier League you get bounced to nothing by Burnley at home and now the next time you come back to Old Trafford only GonNa Solskjaer still the manager. You have lost more matches than you've won since he became the permanent manager and although the organization is saying the right things doing what I would do is stick by your guy that you believe in and then instead of firing him blaming blaming him. Change your structure. Change your way of doing business to be like Manchester City and Liverpool. Although I think they're so far behind that it would be a long-term room change but showing patients understand who you are now understanding that you have fallen behind and you need to make it up and make it up slowly changing your manager. Every three seconds probably probably is going to help but they can say all the right things and do all the right things but if there are fans leaving the stadium with fifteen twenty twenty minutes to go in the match as they did against Burnley tomorrow against Wolverhampton. It's going to be a real problem Manchester United because is these fans at Old Trafford there. Unlike anything we can experience here in the United States truly they will be vicious. They will be unforgiving forgiving. An unrelenting towards Ole Gunnar Solskjaer so this is a high pressure match this weekend for Manchester. United they've got a young team a team. That's really not ready team that was poorly constructed and put together. But if this team doesn't find a way to stay afloat in at least get a draw against Wolverhampton. I really think that they could pull the trigger and make a firing that they said they weren't going to make a week or two ago. It's just too much stuff. It's it's too much pressure. It's too many losses and it's not even that I would agree with the decision. It's just your fans are GonNa go absolutely crazy and you're not close enough enough structure wise to give this guy a finding opportunity. Now who do you bring in. What interim guy do you bring in? They'll probably be worse than the guy you have now. At least there's an excuse for the rest of the season and then you can make a strong financial commitment to a structure to a new manager. And you give him some time to get get it right like Liverpool did with your club follow that model Manchester United Follow that model. I think you should move on from Seoul score at the end of the year but honestly for the President Manchester United and I look out my beautiful stadium or the most historic stadiums the most vibrant and beautiful beautiful fan bases in the world. And I look out at the stadium in a Premier League match against a team. That's in the top eight and fans have cleared out with fifteen or twenty minutes to go in the match. Hey what am I supposed to do right. It becomes almost an easy decision for Manchester United United. Although I don't know if I make it I could understand why you would make that decision high pressure match for Manchester United Against Wolverhampton. I actually think they'll figure this thing. Wolverhampton was competitive against Liverpool. Last week gave it their all and I know man United's is in bad form but to me I just. I think the pressure is going to be at such a level that Manchester United will be focused enough to just be the better side. Although I'm really nervous about that pick I think probably to one maybe they start a little tight. Wolverhampton Hampton gets a goal and then they just understand that they have to win this one or they might not be able to walk around Manchester with their Chin held high. It might I became. It might be not glamorous but I think they'd find a way to get it done because there is still talent. There is still quality on this Manchester United Squad. But we'll see interesting stuff this weekend will only gonNA soul's scar make it through the weekend that's really one of the most interesting questions facing the premier league facing Basescu United and I think it's one of the more interesting stories of the twenty tens. The fall of these large brands in credit. To some of those large brands the Lakers and the Yankees N- keys for finding their way back but they're in leagues that are structured to help teams find their way back to help small-market teams find their way. Back Right. You get high draft picks you're able to get more prospects funnel to you. But the thing about European soccer thing about premier league play. It's not structured. Richard for you to come back if you if you're structure falls off you just have to keep throwing money at the problem and that might help in some years and you might get lucky but you'll consistently only fall behind so it's rough times for Manchester United Interesting match coming tomorrow. We'll talk about Real Madrid. They've got a real opportunity to get a win against Atletico Madrid. A big time match this weekend. Barcelona talk coming as well. That's next you're listening to the G. S. M. C.. You soccer podcast. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team check out the GSM see fantasy. Let's see football podcast. Get today's best advice on who to start who to sit even who. You should draft from sleeper picks. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you that's vets. GSM SEE PODCAST DOT com back slash fantasy dash football dash podcasts. We'll cover traditionally dynasty PR. Even I DP leaks weeks when you need fantasy help. There's just one showed up. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on. Twitter is MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Pat's IT s big welcome in back in. GMC soccer podcast. I'm your host. who gets more gives a follow on twitter at GMC underscores soccer facebook GS MC soccer like it? If a like you find this podcast Real Madrid. They have an advantage manage in Lega over Barcelona. We've talked about the reasons about this on this show. Barcelo fires that are manager then can't get out of its own way against Valencia. Kiki said tens on rough patch. You can't go and fire him after you fire the last guy because you're going to run out of bodies that can actually run this thing rumors that Barcelona players are running practices. Players are making the lion. Now you can deny those rumors all they want but they're bad rumors to have around your team in that puts rahm adrift in a really interesting position this weekend. Athletico Madrid who struggled this year currently in fifth behind severe and Guitar. riffing thank. We'll head in to the Bernabeu in face. Real Madrid. Who has won its last five matches while Athletico only one win in the last five that came over Barcelona earlier this month? They drew in the Premier Division. The LALITA ATHLETICO couldn't get a goal against right now. The nineteenth team in the league on the table so Athletico and not good straits right now three losses before or that including a penalty loss in the supercup in Saudi Arabia against Real Madrid and Real Madrid. To me is a team in for. This is a team that is absolutely rolling this is a team of Zenit Sadan at the forefront this match kickoff ten am eastern. On Saturday morning. This is a team that has tons of talent. They're organized they believe in their manager and they understand how big of an opportunity this is this weekend. A Win Against Athletico means you pick up wins against severe. Who's right now third and league? You pick up a win against Athletico's fifth fifth in league and your rival in Madrid so you would be at forty nine points. Maybe Barcelona wins but you still have a three point advantage against them. You have way more momentum van them your schedule will be software. Moving forward Dan Barcelona's and with the way Barcelona's going. They might not have this. This thing figured out yet if you can find a way to get three points if you're Real Madrid tomorrow in Barcelona slips up you're talking about a six point lead in Lalita and Real Madrid who. I sat on this show. Four weeks ago should be the favorite moving forward even though these teams were tied at forty points halfway through the season. Real Madrid will be very much in the driver's seat in Lalita. If those things happen this weekend it's a massive weekend in Spain. Hoodoo I think's GonNa win this match up. I think it's Real Madrid. I think they understand the importance there against a team. That hasn't been good as years. Passed passed a team. That's not informed in Athletico Madrid. A team who athletico honestly be more focused on their Champions League draw their round of sixteen in a couple of weeks then they are this match against Real Madrid in a league race that they don't think they can compete in their ten points behind Real Madrid and that's a tough tough thing to make up with about thirteen. Fourteen matches left so athletico might not even be fully focused on this one and if you drop one to Madrid athletic will be able to recover athletico finish in the top four. They're not really worried about that. And obviously common rival but I get Real Madrid at home too so this feels this feels like a Real Madrid win. This feels like a team that has a manager has a culture has a way of doing business. This is the type of game were teams that have all those things tend to take care of business and I expect I expect that from Real Madrid this weekend and it will put Barcelona on skates. If they find a way to lose. That would be rough Dow. It'd be awfully rough for Barcelona rougher. Their Fans Madrid has a real opportunity opportunity. Right now to make a run in Lalita. Let's take a look at the five thirty eight league standings in terms of how they you think this is GonNa play out. We look at the standings so far they think Real Madrid will win the league. They have them winning the league. Sixty four percent of their simulations with Barcelona celona winning thirty three percent. It's Vienna Madrid coming at one percent. And that's yeah. That's that's looking pretty pretty good in terms of statistics in terms of projections and those projections will widen very far if this weekend. Real Madrid were able to beat Athletico. Let it go. FIVETHIRTYEIGHT has Real Madrid fifty eight percent favorites against Athletico Madrid. Barcelona there eighty six percent favorites and they should win. Will they win though. We'll talk about that match on the other side of the break you're listening to the MC soccer podcast. Are you looking for the very best. NFL and college football podcast. Then check out. GMC FOOTBALL PODCAST get the latest football bold move both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GSM see podcasts dot com slash football dash podcasts. GET UPDATES I'm college. Rivalries kindy insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it this. This show eats sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GSM See podcasts. Dot Com for more info breath the final segment of the show the GS MC soccer. podcast follow on twitter and GMC underscore soccer like us on facebook. GMC soccer is things. How about the program are celona cleaned up a little bit in the middle of the week? Five nothing win in the Copa Del Rey. After the embarrassing performance formation's about a week and a half ago and the loss against Valencia. This past weekend so maybe you feel a little bit better. If you're Kiki set tean and Barcelona but I still think it's on the Fritz at Barcelona and that's why I think it's going to be an interesting match this weekend against Levante which right now. Thirteenth eighth-place Inland Lita. This is a match that at any other time in most other situations in most years. I'd pick Barcelona every single time. I mean this one's easy. They are more talented at every position. They have a much better culture. They are at home against the team. That's in bad form and at the bottom half of the table three straight losses right now for Levante a two nil loss three one loss one zero loss and none of the opponents are impressive in those three matches in right now. It's still hard for me to come out and say that Barcelona is certainly GonNa win this match. Because of how chaotic. They've looked if five nothing. Nothing win against a team. That's at the bottom of the league table and the Copa Del Rey. Where you wake up you realize you can't have that same type of performance like you did against a beat And he wake up a bit and you're better but I'm still nervous about a team in thirteenth. You're at home. You'll feel a little bit of pressure in the the key to this match which is going to be the first twenty minutes if Barcelona boots rough looks like they're not playing together again looks like they really don't have a plan or aren't listening to the managers integer plan which that's what it looked like against Valencia. It looked like a one team was a managed team with a formation a plan of attack and another team that was just eleven talented dudes that got together on eleven o'clock at a Sunday and started playing together at eleven thirty. That's what Barcelona look like against Valencia. So the first twenty minutes is crucial because listen we all say that playing it home. It's an advantage and it certainly should be but there are certain certain situations were playing at home can become a disadvantage. When there's a lot of pressure like for example? A team that has consistently recently failed at home that has an aggressive fan base Cincinnati. It's more difficult to play at home in the playoffs in Cincinnati. Why because because that's city hasn't won a playoff game at home since nineteen ninety-five so as soon as things go wrong? They're going to get nervous. And there's going to be pressure and the entire team. We'll feel that nerve. Feel that pressure and that's exactly what could happen to Barcelona you come out against the thirteenth place team in the League and this match is at two. UPS So we'll know the result of Real Madrid Athletico Madrid and if Real Madrid has one earlier that day in the first twenty five minutes of this match it appears. Barcelona is again not organized. There aren't able to attack a team. That's clearly going to park. The bus clearly gonNA sit back. That whole field advantage advantage turns to a home field disadvantage about twenty twenty five minutes in the whole crowd's going to be looking around like what are we doing. Why did we fire that manager? We've looked awful. We're really GONNA fall six points behind of Real Madrid or even if we get a win will be five points behind if we if we find a way to draw raw this one and all of a sudden it turns into a homefield disadvantage it becomes really difficult moving forward as a player especially in a sport where you are awfully close to the fans and it's a sport finesse. There's a lot of touch to it right. In the sport of football you can kind of just start. Start running through people but when you're soccer player you need that I touch to be crisp. And it's an awfully hard thing to do. It's a lot less muscle memory in terms terms of you have to be moving a lot of times. There's a lot of things going on. You need your focus and you can't feel that type of pressure because you're touches will be heavier. You won't be as crisp. You won't be as clean. And that's why the first twenty five minutes I think will determine whether Barcelona finds a way to lose this game if they don't score the first twenty five. I think it's a draw or a Barcelona loss if they score the first twenty five Barcelona could win this one through four nil because then the pressures taken off in Levante will start a press trying to draw and then it just gets rough because Barcelona has talent more talent all across the board but this is the problem. MM with firing managers. This is the problem with putting pressure on your own organization by making a change like that because when you make a decision when you say it's not working even though you're tied at the top of the league table and in the round of sixteen of the Champions League when every outside perception look at it and say well it's it's maybe not working the way. Barcelona should work. But it's working and you bring in a guy and you say this is GonNa manage us the way we manage at the beginning of the decade when we were by far and away the best soccer club job in the world we were. What Liverpool is now winning Champions Leagues Winning our League and defining a style of play for a couple of years where everybody's going to follow that style of play the Ticky Toc right and you go from that? You say you're going to bring that in then you're going to bring that back replace. What was kind of working? Not all the way working but kind of working you just put a lot of pressure on the new guy because if he makes it worse well what were you doing. Maybe you just weren't good enough. Maybe you weren't ready to dominate like Liverpool is. Maybe you should've believed in the last guy. That's why you don't want to put pressure on yourself by making changes like that that Arash and I. It's so interesting in soccer because these teams will just keep throwing around money and they will be competitive at the top and they will find a way to win another Champions League and more league titles but I really think the way to get to dominance in world world. Soccer is DAB consistent. Plan be able to spend money spend it smart efficiently and tie that all together into a cohesive. He's game plan and a team that believes in itself believes in what it's doing believes in what its managers doing is proud to play for that club. You combine all those things. That's how how you get a winning product. That's how you get a product like Liverpool where you're winning Champions League's you're winning your League Cup winning titles and you can go back. Every team just has a consistent manager. It's tough to find years where it was inconsistent in little rough and rocky and we can have the chicken or the argument in terms of well they were bad. Were never going to win. So they made a change and then they didn't win it but I think if you stick through rough patches you build cultures that's on a winning all sports in an all businesses and I I have a belief in that and I hope Oh. Barcelona finds its way again finds its way back into having a good culture a good system in a good team that make Lalita lot more interesting thing but it could be decided this weekend Madrid finds a way to bring it home. That's going to do it for show. It was a fun one. Lot of fun. uh-huh previewed a lot of matches dove and a lot of good topics. And we'll see what happens. This weekend it will recap on Monday. Really excited that you're able able to listen to this show please rate review and subscribe this podcast as it is presented by the GMC podcast network. That helps US helps the entire network work. Please check out all the other. Great shows from the talented hosts across the G. S. M. C. podcast network so much great stuff stuff stuff. You might not even think you want to listen to you. WanNa go check out that page. You'll find yourself a podcast that piques your interest. I hope we picked your interest today. I'm Lucas more at thank you so much for listening. We'll see on Monday. This has been the G. S. MC soccer. PODCAST you've been listening to the golden state media concepts soccer podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it eh. WWW dot Jia stem see podcasts. Dot Com download our podcast on stitcher sound clock and Google play assist type in the US embassy to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports voiced entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope the of joy today's Tokyo.

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