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That should not distance you or socially distance you from the truth don't ever get socially distanced from the truth friend you can get socially distance some of you probably should be socially distance even without the Covid of course, I'm kidding. I I've met most of you I. Think I bet almost all of my listeners and ninety nine point nine percent of you bathe on a regular basis. Just in his view I beg your pardon. The question is, do you feel a little self effacing humor? Yes. Yes. I do. Anyway we would like you to join us as a backstage pass member regardless of your feelings toward Ms Duly regardless of whether twenty percent off because we think you'd have a great time. We have a backstage pass family comprised of people that are over on our BSP's and more page on. Facebook, we have our we have Friday night chats and our BS P board where you can take a look and see if you're up on the board we have a variety of other little goodies few all of them contain to the website with our home movies. We have newspaper articles and TV and radio interviews that have been done about us through the years about us around us an under. there's lots of stuff to enjoy the Phil. Hendrie. Show websites do join US please become a backstage pass member today. And you'll be loved by God and Man. We have to be blessed like that folks welcome to the show. Today is an encore show today is you know is the twenty seventh of October we're going back to the eighth of October Twenty nineteen last year. When we came on the air and brought on with US Maryland Donnelly Maryland A. Well known transgender female who has been a part of our program various roles down through the years she drove her car through the front of a liquor store. When she heard that Brent Cavanaugh was confirmed after getting sheldon game three of the two thousand eighteen national league. Divisional Series Jack Armstrong charges his changes his mind about Walker Bueller. So, this from last year as you know, the National League divisional series, the dodgers and cubs it I don't know whether it's not just got out of that one. They're doing better this year. But let's go ahead and listen in here. Now as we listen to me, myself I me over you know it's all me. Listen to me and Margaret, and you know all the cats here on this show featuring the very interesting notion that What was I don't even remember what this is about. You need to get some sleep Phil Lazier but wait wait ladies and gentlemen filled needs to Maryland donal donnelly drives her car through the front of a liquor store when she hears the cavs been confirmed yes. After Getting Sheldon Game Three Jack Armstrong. Bind about Walker, bueller right. That's sure. You're gonNA say that yes. On the world famous. Phil Hendrie show. Standard got the news that Kevin had been. Confirm. She drove the car. She drove to the front door of a of a liquor store. She drove her car get to do it on purpose built. But. Over to the front door of liquor store. Yes. She drove her car through the front door with liquor store. And my understanding is. That when she got out of the she was stunned obviously and she was shaken and the owner of the store was shaken. Was Anybody hurt? No, there were no no customers at the place. No. Boy is she lucky? Well she may be lucky I don't know but the fact is. There were a no customers and she was fine but she got out of the car. and. This is the kind of I love. The cool calm collected thinking of Maryland. She got out of the car. And then said, are you open for business? I'll say they're open for business. Well, you know. Obviously the man probably at that point could have gone home. And after some discussion he said, yes, and she bought a bottle. Of Twenty Eleven Silver Oak Cabernet. Okay. She bought a bottle of wine but not just. Twenty Eleven Silver Oak Cabernet. You guys are looking at. She's what are we supposed to know battle? Margaret you don't know what general. No I don't is that a good what do they call it a good year? Yes. The twentieth. The also. The two, thousand, four, Mondavi. Look at you boy I mentioned Margaret we're not wine aficionados here I mentioned a two thousand four. And you guys sit there. You, settle down comfortably on your thumbs just go. What a disgusting thought well, you're doing Margaret I don't anything about why and I don't think that means that I've got my. Parked you know. So what about that? The fact that she had the presence of mind to say, Hey. By the way if you've got the two thousand four. All right I mean she's a cool calm and collected customer. Nobody ever said we're talking about Maryland Donnelly who's a friend of the show she is I don't think. I'm talking out of school when I say. transgender. Yes. But we don't talk about that anymore. Okay. Maryland is one hundred fifty thousand percent woman. All right. We're just double checking on that. So she was so shut she we've got her on the phone here. So I don't know what she can hear me in Maryland it's Margaret Gray and Phil, Hendrie and everyone, and we're. Talking about your accident, the other night. Well. I'm very. First of all I believe it no one on earth It actually happened to Saturday afternoon. When you got the news when I got to the US. Yes about. justice cabinet had indeed become justice on and it was a shock what were you doing Margaret's? Excuse me Maryland. When I don't think I sound a bit like Margaret. Right Maryland. Absolutely? No not at all. Well, what is this going to be? Now it's going to be some kind of a bust the no the no longer existent balls Maryland Donald. Shut up Maryland worse. I'm sorry. Can I just ask you this question? You were in the car on your way to the liquor store. Yes. I was just parking. I was getting a couple of bottles of wine for a dinner party that I I had on Saturday night I'm the newest came across the radio. And they said that Brett Cavanaugh was now justice count on. And how do you like that and stick your pipe and smoke it something like this? Commentary shows while I was still. outraged. Where are you surprised I? I can't say I was surprised. No. The first feeling I had. Was One, of outrage. And the need to take revenge on something or someone, but I certainly did not mean the drive by car to the front door that liquor store but was hostile. Yeah. You WanNa. Do. Damage. Yes, I wanted to do some damage but not near as bad as the damage that was done to your head. You know with. All right let let's get off a let's not make fun of but okay every time we got a chance to just be pissed off into rag on somebody I'm not ragging on him. I'm saying that the damage was was. You know significant but I I'm prepared to make amends by Insurance Company was called the police took a police report. Well, how did you explain this? You're not you thank God you went under the influence of drugs or alcohol no I thought. The officer asked me what happened I said? The gas pedal stuck in advertently hit the gas by mistake. I had a bit of an emotional I was on I was very honest with the officer. So in other words, the office took this report now, he could very well. Did it on purpose well, no, he did not He felt that it was a a legitimate You know accident as they say, Oh, the insurance companies have certainly deliver that way. So we're getting a little bit of background here from Maryland Donnelly folks on. She was in Sierra Madre California where she lives the other night when the afternoon Saturday afternoon yesterday afternoon right When she got the news, the judge of buzz confirmed you suddenly just yes. All of a sudden my foot depressed gas the accelerator by car I hopped the curb. got a little bit of rubber on the sidewalk and then right straight through into the Into the liquor store right through the tube to plate glass windows that they had there. been a damage. There was quite a bit of think came around seventy, five, one, hundred, thousand dollars. Well that's just the structure and then about the one. The presence of mind to get, and this is what I found. Admirable. You had the presence of mind to exit your vehicle somehow were you able to get out easily? No I was I had to call had across the window. And and I was wearing a skirt at the time. So it was it was very awkward. The man behind the counter was staring not at me but at a at a at a space somewhere behind me, that's how study was. Well I I approached the counter and I said, I'm so sorry this was entirely an accident. Entirely my fault by insurance company will be informed. Then you hadn't said anything. I I'm sorry it was an accident. And he said to me well, it's all right You know I you didn't say anything he was he was starting to mini said. It's OK gradually came around I. said this. This is an awkward moment to ask you this but are you. Are. You in business to. Make a sale to me I'd like to buy a couple of bottles away. And that's when he said well, you just purchased an entire. Store. I. said I understand then. Good for you, you got your shot in being very serious. You to buy. A. Do do some business getting done. Yes. Absolutely. and. He finally said you really want to I said. Yes. Well, that's what I was telling the boys you bought a twenty eleven bought a twenty eleven silver Silver Oak, and the two thousand four Mondavi reserved by. God Yes. Outstanding bottle. Of the Button W reserve along about a hundred and fifty dollars. So you were going to get these bottles of wine when I knew that I wanted a couple of good cabernet as because. We were going to have A. Quite an expensive Spanish. And, by Spanish, I mean Spanish European meal with a Paiva. Pipe Poop Poop Papa. What what is Papa and Paiva? These are things you can understand general their. Spanish dishes nonetheless. Spanish wine no, I wouldn't drink Spanish wine I don't know anything about Spanish way. So in any event, what I decided to do well, do you have? Any staggered over and he got the one. We're talking here with Marilyn Donald who the other night the other afternoon keep saying the other afternoon yesterday afternoon drove her car right into a the front door of a liquor store right through the literally through the door and took out both sides of the display windows and the car was about halfway into the store. And then you crawled out through the window win over to the owner and the owner the man behind the counter and I asked the part owner. And that his partner was being apprised of the situation. But I, he didn't get into any of it really for the first. Fifty minutes he was just staring into space. Probably wondering what's happening? something. Yes I- alleged that he was. So that's what I I called out through the window I approached the Out through the window of the car approach, some you bought a couple of bottles of wine. Understanding is the security camera at the store has. Of this. Audio podcast but they do have the video of this. I was told by the police that they would have to review the security camera. there is audio. Here's the of Maryland. Going through that. Window. That Maryland. That was scary. That was unbelievably scary. It sounds as you said, you got rubber. But you're spun the rubber on the sidewalk I did because. Let. Let's be honest The news that the justice cabin was confirmed came as a shock to many millions of American women myself included. I like to think that I'm an individual who has her emotions under control. But obviously that moment I did not and when the news came. To a new station. Yes I was one of the talk stations. I heard the man say. Justice cavenaugh has been confer. He's now justice cabinet that was that. Brad capital has been confirmed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court and then I feel, okay, we'll play this. Here it is. H. How many different yeah. Different versions of this you you're saying bitch and. Having a variety of reactions to this thing but how many different versions of this do they have I l I know that I had a couple of reactions as the car I was angry more than anything else angry that I might have heard someone angry that I've done what I've done angry obviously that I damaged my car. Let's talk to the man who is in the store at that time. Gentleman by the name of Hilton's Zach, WHO's part owner? Of The store and Mr Cooke, we're talking to to Maryland Donnelly who drove her car through the front view. The part you're part owner of the store you to collect them up one of the partners well, three partners. Hello he'll. That's Maryland I again many many apologies. It's okay. For Time. Cable to get all you must have been very, very frightened didn't happen. Leading sports page I was leaving. For. Don Nita to see the horses. And I looked up and I saw a lady coming to talk Cobb and I thought this was what she was. Doing yes. That was what by intention was but then I heard the crashing I look up and I see a car and automobile in my store. And I felt for a moment that I would faint. So starting it was it was scary but. The Way, but I felt for a moment that I would faint. The blood leaving my head to my Blaine Elia, Dyke I could do was to sit up like and to try to focus. Trying to focus on what happened right not only that. But time to focus on their figure I saw was crawling through the window. Of the car I realized this was mistakenly on speaking to now, but I didn't know I I thought cop in my liquor Staw-. I. Saw a woman in last call out of the window. and. Sort of than to come over to me. And I was still sort of studying. You did have a foreign look. You're looking somewhere behind me about you had what I what I call and anyone that's been through any as we used to say, excuse, my language feel anyone who's been in the shit you would i. called Thousand Yard Stare. Yeah I could've been I've not had that Vietnam turn. Yes. But it's term anyone anyone who's been endanger is used to looking for danger and a far away place. Yeah So. So he had the thousand yard stare and I came over to you and you've seen to. I felt like I felt the blood of attending to my head when I had. You say, do you have the bulk of course as a nice bottle and we did for ninety nine dollars and then you ask for the Mondavi for one hundred and fifty and the blood fully. Fully Return Your head when you find out how much money you're GONNA make. That is uncalled for. I I suppose that. Makes my dad would. Come back of my head really when we should try it because we've been waiting for years for that to happen I don't know I. I. Don't want you. You're talking about I'm just saying. I but what I'm saying is that. As soon, as I had missed, only say do you have the Mondavi two thousand and four I said you liked this way I I immediately just kicked into my old school because my family's from handled by. The German family. And I clicked into my own schooling that like this them And I still felt a robotic I feel I was holding above my body over and above your body. Yeah. I. Felt as if I was wondering about my buddy at directing the lady to. Divine, you know they said to yes. Ma'am right this way to the deliciousness of demand W., two, thousand, and four. And she said okay. But I was not in my body I was about five feet above my body looking at me doing this. Is Jazz. It was frightening. It was de fighting yeah. Well I am so thankful that no one got hurt. Hey Man and that while there was considerable damage to your store Sir and I know the store that that I used to live Serum Andrei. That don't they know you I don't think I've been in there since but because I've moved out many years ago but. Because it's been a liquor store, but also somebody told me Tina at one time. I don't know I'm just. Very. Grateful that there was no damage where where did you get your close that I? Can I don't know Sir never bite about that okay. But again I'm glad that there was nobody hurt there was considerable damage. We could tell by the sound of that. Now let me ask you how many different. Security cameras do you have? Sir. We have therefore in the front of the store that pointed and we have a the plea that pointed outward. and. That that was that the police access though is because I'm wondering because Maryland, you had like three or four different. Reactions. Well I reacted and there was the initial reaction I had three or four reaction because I had time to have three or four reactions. The whole sound like they're happening when the car is hitting the. You know when McCarthy know what? When hitting the front of the store? Dear it sounds like I said the F. and then you said. The S. Word and then you well, I had a couple of. Yeah I. I don't know that we took all the film footage and so the police have all that they have all the tip accordingly how much. Damage I think. You told me Maryland seventy five to one hundred thousand dollars. That was my that was my insurance companies. Probably more. Always going to be more. Monthly Wednesay? 'cause there was a lot of stock you took out you know. I got out of the car and approached you. I didn't know at the time that you were not functioning properly. I asked you for the and for the silver because I knew they were expensive bottles. I appreciate what you're trying to tell me. That's GonNa make up for you smashing. I don't know how many thousands of dollars. Not, making up for, but it was a goodwill gesture. And now you're gonNA nickel dime this you guys don't want argue about this. Now I don't want to talk about it now, I have to talk to. Long as trying to nickel and dime me, I'm not trying to nickel and dime. On. I wanted to make sure I know. You don't want to argue about this here folks this is something your attorneys for your. Insurance Company attorneys. What do you mean my attorney? We're not talking about having to sue anybody. We're just saying no point in you guys talking about this here on this show. I. Did I. DIDN'T I was spending my own business leading funny papers. Are You I. You said You were reading the sports page. This is interesting. Wait a minute. What are you trying to hold on Maryland? What are you doing what he said he was reading your E. Lee racing for him I know I was leading the comics. You're reading the comics yes. Sir I heard you say you read the Racing Form Santa Anita. I might have okay. No. Because I've seen the funny papers I said I gotta get. I. Always ever. See the funny papers because we get the any time today the Daddy. Yes and the funny paper is obvious on the top. The funny. But you've read the comics. Yeah. Yeah. Yes so do you send your? Sports. What did I say I said leading sports you said, you're reading the racing form. Yeah, you read the racing form because. I don't These are the discrepancies that I think insurance company. Maryland excuse me I. Don't think the Insurance Company's GonNa care whether this guy was reading the funny papers. I can insurance companies not going to because they're going to say that is suffering from post. Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Give me a break? No, no, no, no, no no no. No. You have to be on a feeding into that mcdonagh need to find how you feel and a reasonable Maryland. I'm glad you think Mr Henry but you're not an insurance adjuster What are the police say police told me that if it is an accident then ice ugly. The police did say it was an accident. And I said to them. All right. Thank you. I said, does that mean I have no culpability they said, no, you'll have to talk to your insurance companies about that. But they they didn't cite me they check the car I believe that is going to probably do highway patrol probably look at it. Highway look to see is anymore die any was that any the existing damage to the car you know because if they've been pleading testing diamonds and that means that the car was was was it it was going to. have. An accident. Right. Yeah. What what he's that. I don't point spun it. We're talking with Maryland Donna me at Donnelley, and we're talking with a Hilton Zach. Part of the liquor store that Maryland's car. Inadvertently by accident drove through the door of after, she heard that Kevin had been confirmed. When I heard that that you love your car. Movement for Justice. They should get the secret service. For God's sake but no no no. No. Then I realized she was by an accident, but I thought you were going to like to try to take him out with a cars something. Oh no no I was shocked and stunned, and it's almost as if you you you said, you almost fainted it's almost as if I almost fainted then I leaned forward. And as I leaned forward, my foot hit the gas and into the store Michael. Went. Well. That sounds reasonable. Enough it was a shocking day for a lot of people Mrs God, show you understand now. People don't like. Everybody. Else breath pretty normal. have been been nor even for a guy like be who voted for Donald Trump I realized what a weird day it was and it's just been kept off by you driving your car to liquor store not that I intended to do that general but. I don't think so I'm happy to say that and I totally policemen. And and how are you sir? I. Feel Good. I had. Some headaches and blurred vision I don't know what they tell me that I had ptsd to. What is with this PTSD everyone heading? It is very common. It's a common metal barrel two things to. You know to people who suffer these kinds of traumatic events. You know I've talked to a doctor said, I should go to the doctor to make sure that I'm not. Crack you know like, I'M A. Like I'm case or something whatever. Happens to these No No. No it's not that kind of thing and all you. Yes you did suffer a shock, but it's not like you came back from a war zone killing babies or something I don't know come on William Maryland. Well, that's what most people think ptsd is that's what they. I mean I wouldn't know. Well, thank you very much Mr, Hilton up and Maryland Donnelly. I'm glad that all's well that ends well, try not to make a problem where there isn't one that is the truth you guys are trying to. See. You're both trying to poke and prod and find out where the other person's a weakness. It's only natural when so much money's involved I can tell you I was I almost fainted and I was I had the thousand yard stare you say but. I'm jump. You know you comes to my money man, you're GonNa have to get yourself. A whole lot of not you're GONNA have to get a whole lot of gleese and get hold of elbow grease. You know and a lot of Greece sounds like inserting. Talking about loosening something thank you very much barrel and and and Mr. Suck. That could have been a very, very dangerous event and it shows you I think well, let me ask you something doesn't that speak Maryland Donnelley's mental condition than it does American women well, why do you say that because not every American woman was driving a car through the front of the liquor store we don't know how how people reacted to the news. Obviously, there are a lot of people are happy. There are a lot of people that were angry. In Maryland's case it was inadvertent and involuntary. That's the word. Right there involved involuntary reflex yeah. We've been involuntary reflex catch moon to, but it made it do it. You know what do you mean it made it to it but carr the Carr. The Carr. No. The car didn't go. Yeah. She had the involuntary reflex and then and then made the car and made the car go into the big store. Margaret mock him. Well, what are we talking about here saying that she goes? Yeah radio GEICO's yeah it's justice. Is He's been confirmed and Miss Donnelly. A. Lean forward in car just goes yeah. What is it with you with a man of? The decision, but it didn't but once knew what she had decided and it went along with it and it went along with it Yeah. The corden go yeah. But in its own way when he? Dickman I. Wish however Hugh because like I said You live in Candy Clown came candy clown can be Ken Clown. Candy clan. Yes you live with the Candy Cloud clan. WHO's at Kennedy? Cloud. That I kill some wait a minute man. We'll be right back world-famous Fillon reshow. Fill. Every show has over thirty, five, thousand hours of archive material going all the way back to our days. Well, we've got a couple of hours from W Minneapolis. Go back to our days in Miami and those archives are getting loaded in as we speak, and of course, are nationally syndicated show local show in Los Angeles at Kfi. It's a beautiful thing man. So get over and get backstage pass with for a month with the FI. Yeah. But get when it filling reshow dot com that's philly showed dot com. Your ticket to fun. Absolutely have now Jack You. Lately, we've been doing these part twos and threes which I find really interesting in talking to different guests, and still on the line with us here is Jack. Armstrong is likely received. We do these part two's. Guy On the next day bring him on either breaks cast and well I know it's a little bit of a follow up. I think Jackie wanted to come on and talk about this. Didn't you want to come on and talk about? A couple of things that I think need to be talking about first of all field. you know I was on your program talking up Walker Bueller who the Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher who has been phenomenal in day lake going at the season. He's also been very good very strong in the playoffs against the rockies and so I thought that. He was going to do and I've talked about him like You know I think that he's one of the best that was kids a pitcher. Lookie pitcher Walker Bueller and he's been people have been talking about him like he's the neck, the second coming of San. Colfax. Well, I was one of those people. I was one of those people and. Then comes the game on Sunday 'cause I know that what we're doing here is. Too Short another time, right? Yeah. It's cool. This is Monday for intensive purposes. Okay. And Flip on the radio Tuesday I flip on the TV to see and to see. All. Right. I'm having a little bit of hard time. Gets water something. Glass of. Okay give me some water daisy. I flipped on. The dodger game to look at this guy Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller. Pillar. So. I see him. I look I say. What's going on because it's a five nothing braves. And Busy mcgillicuddy here, who does my nails? I was getting a manicure at the time. That's why that's quite a nice luxury I get a manicure once a month you know that's that's I just do like I don't like the look of I don't like the look of jacked up nails either. So I'm with you on that one Jack Thank you. Guys do that they I don't care I. Let's get on the subject again here. Is Walker Bueller. At. I said the daisy who is doing my fingers I said that might are my. I need more water. You're you're obviously a little emotionally overwrought I feeling. Thank you? I feel as if my credit could. Delete your credibility yesterday my really been. Wrecked because what happened was I looked at his five to nothing dodger. Excuse me five nothing lente. Now, by the way I, see this the Games now tied up five five right. But the fact is this guy who I told everybody was going to be like God. You know you know he's going to be great. Well, what were you? Just some performances I was basing it on the fact that yeah I sent some performances, but now I should tell you. That I also was listening to ESPN radio in Los Angeles Day were saying that Walker Buehler was, and so I sort of went along with that. So now, that's their fault get stuck there. But I was listening to ESPN radio and they said they thought that that was you know what they they thought he was going to be good so I I. Went along with that and you start telling all your friends. I put a lot of guys in the business you watch this Guy Walker Bueller and then I turn it on tonight. And he's getting his he's just getting his rear end kicked all over the place gave up a dinner maybe two. I don't know it's five nothing like I said right now it's five five I don't know if he's still in the game you know general no I don't know he was in five two and then the dodgers stranded right now it's the top of the sixth because again, we're a prerecording this on Sunday night folks. Well, I be interested to see if he's do you know if he's still in the game daisy. We don't know. Here's what here's what I want to say is that. It is. It's him at Bat. Goddess. Bueller. He's a debt. No, that's Beller it's been. Oh, it's. What who cares if he's back pitchers are lousy hitters that's true I. I forgot all about that I just want to come out and say to anyone who heard me talking this guy up like he was the second coming of Sandy, Koufax and lefty Grove Lefty Grover and grover Cleveland you know in. Cleveland Grover Cleveland Alexander was a pitcher. That yeah, I thought he was good. But I don't think I said he was hall of fame. You know what are you trying to get yourself out of here we're talking about. Jack his I'm not trying to get myself out of nothing I. Don't have to get myself out of nothing. You're coming on Hilton. I just want everyone to know that when I talked to him up. But you know he's not that great. He's not that great I don't think I said he was great. I said he's you said Colfax I, know, not quite Well, who did you say I said he did say Colfax but I said. Not. Colfax like through his career, maybe in one of these years or something like that. If he loses a playoff game. What are you talking about? Man Seven Colfax lots world series games but we're not talk about Sadie Colfax do you think this guy? Bueller this this Walker Bueller is a great pitcher or not. I mean I. You the other day you said, he was great. Do not feel that though I said he was great the other day and today. Today you think he's great today I think he's I, don't change my mind on nothing folks. Let me tell you something Jack Armstrong makes up his mind cause this up forever and there's a shot of them right now in the Dugout although they have somebody up in the bullpen. governor anymore would do you know who that is? No I don't know the guy you know and I. I think I think he's great. Not. He's great. Not always he's great. Not Always Jack what exactly. You're afraid of I want people to know that I know one's poke. I got a bunch of guys I walked into the right room today, which is. This little talk the allows it a lot of the sports guys hang out a lot of online guys and the first thing I'm hearing people saying, hey, genius this that this that you're still picking that Ferris? Bueller I said the guy's name as Walker. Bueller. Yes I am. I said and you know what? Go ahead let's put the money under barrel head my God you bet I did yeah. Well, that's why you're having a hard time man. Okay. That's why you're having a hard time your your what what did you bet I? Bet The kids would go. Like. Eight innings. Well it's the top of the six and they got somebody out of the bullpen I. Know that I see they get yourself some water I need more water. Here's my position. This is the position of Jackson Armstrong on on got damaged locker buehler's the guy's name Fucker Bueller I think he's great. Yeah You said the other day was great. It was a great pitcher. He is a great pitcher. He's a great pitcher. ship a man right now he's I don't know he might be might not. So. There's Jack Armstrong Jack a little bit of advice for you man. Oh, here we go. No this is good advice. Get concentrated on being sports reporter. Before you go into the world of opinion, making before you go to the world of writing columns and giving your analysis of things just make sure that you are reporting it properly band I am reporting properly tell me that guy's got a great pitcher. He's a, he's a great pitcher in certain. We don't see that for this guy to say that he's a great pitcher in terms of his. Longevity you know is a hall of fame pitcher. We don't know there's a lot of guys that start out hot arms go bad. And they don't have a career. Who you're talking about now, there was a member of the team Fitch Yeah that kid mark federick never forget he was a world beater for the Detroit Tigers Idaho for two three seasons. Now, who is this guy by the name of markets in the seventies? and. Then all of a sudden his arm went dead. Coo Mark Federick okay. The bird think I think they call them the bird something like that. And federal hissed all of a sudden went nowhere man. So you can't really say you don't really know you have to see a career at work. Okay, I mean. I don't understand they appreciate that but I don't think I need no advice. Yes, you do jack you do because the last time you were on the show you were you you're all upset you were defensive. You really were very defensive about a lot of things and you need to be in to be able to take some advice I'm taking advice I'm saying that I think that Walker? Bueller. Stinks always great. He's great. He's great. Well, which is. A hard time breathing. That's the only thing that you're. GonNa. either. Great. Pitcher. He stinks. So he stinks definitive opinion. No. Thank you very much. I. Think I've had enough of this I got to a woman to. Jack. Armstrong. With another meaningless appearance on our show. Great Money fantastic live encore show tomorrow. and. Today I'm off into the wild blue yonder and God house brand doing look good. Old Lady Cat is not doing good Manso. I don't know maybe I'll have to border today at the vet and. I gotTA. Give her a pill. A canape not me. It's not easy. I know it's not easy. A dog. You can just open it is don't be mouth in put the pill channel vitamins. Should be okay. I hope. So we're famous philander show executive produced by Phil. Henry for Samper Incorporated all rights reserved on podcast one we'll see you. See You. On Wednesday with a show, but the encore show is. Just rolled off the tongue.

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