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is there something that interferes with their happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counseling is there for you connect with their professional counselor in a private online environment schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with their therapists listeners get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash nightline good evening thank you for joining us with summer beach season in full swing new ways of concern after a series of shark attacks and scares tonight the stories of survival and the scientists who's not afraid of take a deep dive with a dangerous creditors here's abc's diane macedo every beachgoers worst nightmare coming face to face with the seas most feared apex predator now it's fate of recent shark encounters are generating terrifying headlines across the globe one killed in hawaii the sixty five year old grandfather was swimming about sixty yards from shore when he was viciously malls three bitten in north carolina like that like please help me fishy awaken breathing a she is she's barely in bad shape commanded her legs all let's go a young woman tragically killed in the bahamas jordan was fatally attacked by three sharks according to police severino harm her mother just away from the water and then this haunting drawn image captured by a florida father showing a shark swimming toured his three kids the kids were standing in the water and i would like get out get out get out and you see that short coming right at are kids it was terrifying i was like ripping them out of the water and trying to get him out of the water when my mom was telling us a get out the power of sharks has long terrified end fascinated people but for marine biologist jeremiah's sullivan his decades long study of shark says let him in a personal was get even closer to these dangerous predators in his word documented in tv shows you have to figure out a way to to work with the sharks without disrupting their natural behaviors in a cage in the water or safety divers were a bunch of other people don't alter the behavior reynolds forty years ago he created the sharks to protect him armor that allowed him to safely study them free of cages the suit is now used by researchers all over the world how did this to involve the majority of sharks are responsible budget on humans you're generally kark ryan it's less than ninety years of the reports when i was young rainbow destroyed so i looking them thinking okay fine will fix the worst problem you know first being the one the destruction of buttoned up let's take care of that exposing people safely to these kinds of animals in the right structured circumstances and what the right information i think is a there's a wonderful way to expose people to the other creatures we should see but so far has sued hadn't been bull unable to understand the biggest shark but now he's putting his latest generation to the test in that gio man vs shark we titanium and various other things you'll notice the difference here when you're making sean when you're baiting sharks in the bottom frequently the sharks iser silvery you know they look just like this if you've got a piece of fishing you're hand it looks very similar to hand so is that chart comes the traditionally chew on you i will never wear silver bathing suit against me chainmail after meeting jeremiah i got up close and personal with sharks at the long island aquarium protected by kane most people never again disclosed a shark and the reality is shark bites are even rarer about the fifty times more likely to be struck by lightning and kill venue off to be bitten by a shark you're about a hundred times more likely to get in a car accident i get injured on your way to the beach shark bites were incredibly rare but gavin naylor is among the world's leading shark attack experts he just returned from ocean x is one big wave mission in the bahamas that's where his team set out to tag deep water if we look over the long title friends we see that there is a very slight increase over the last fifty years and we believe this is largely because there a lot more fearful fucking recreational sports however two years ago a resource substantial dip in the number of shot by globally oh he says we have a rational fear of sharks cultivated debated over the years by popular culture with films like jaws defining are image of animals her generation shark bites a horrific event and they're very tragic events like this sort of wave of i spread throughout the local population of it is it's it's very violence and birds vermont but a lot of things in much at all a lesson that recent shark bite survivor page winter knows all too well we were all telling we're hanging out the seventeen year old told told her story to my colleague robin roberts is just days after she was attacked off the coast of north carolina for wasn't sure what you mean the deepest they got look like way steve page were swimming in the waters off atlantic beach with her family when the shark attacked sometimes you gotta the beach with their family and they grab your leg underwater as a joke like really funny so then i start struggling and i'm like pushing this foot away and i like start feeling around and i like feel it i go from front to back and it's kind of moves only 'cause it's like a snapping turtle like what's happening and then it just starts like you know how like a dog they get a room and you grab the under the under the rope and they just thought going like what their what their whole body you know she lost most of her left a leg and sustained serious damage to both her hands i told her that i was gonna anything between her like she's okay can i get a really cool prosthetic get whatever you want despite the life threatening encounter page doesn't blame the shark this situation has urged me to learn more about sharks 'cause even in the back of that ambulance like don't get mad at the shy like the shark is fine canoe help people understand why you feel that way i've always like animals more than people you know i think they don't do anything to people unless people do something to them and you know i didn't do something directly to the shark but i was in his water you know that's his house she's using experience to raise awareness about the impact humans have on sharks i love sharks and let me tell you eleven thousand sharks are killed in our ninety seven million chart or killed eight here most to the world shark populations are in decline as a result of overfishing habitat loss is now estimated that may be called a double shot spacey's 'em off threatened with extinction by contrast that are up perhaps on average six people were killed a man shot every these days page is undergoing therapy to learn how to walk in her new prosthetic leg i was aware from the beginning nothing's gonna be the same ever again like i'm still baby just a little different i got some pieces of the puzzle messy but it's okay the shirt this century spirit it for nightline i'm diane macedo you could catch jeremiah sullivan testing out his suit in men versus shark or july seventeenth on nat geo during shark fessed up next the man would move forward their fit better help offers licensed professional counselor specialized in a wide array of issues like depression russian anxiety in grief connect with your professional counselor in a safe private online environment it's a truly affordable option and listeners can get ten percent off your first month by going to better help dot com slash perspective fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a counselor you'll love that cashback for shopping you were already going to do racket ten is a free member base loyalty program that lets you were in cash back on shopping at over twenty five hundred stores stores like macy's best buy nike and more shop online entering a percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid by pay pal or another method sign up today at roku dot com that's r h k u g e n dot com what does it take to slay it'd be on saint performance it's chris grant has an idea choreograph in some of the stars most stunning lose by bringing her vision to life tonight and one on one with the man behind some of the sharpest acts the hit the stage here's abc's kevin brooks chris grant is a man in motion a man in formation the man behind some of the young things most iconic dan holiday now the thirty one year old is stepping out of the shadows the headline his own show spotlight his own voice you go man man there's a lot that i do that people have no clue i feel like i can say hey i couldn't do this on my own i can give me some credit he deserves that credit grant has worked with queen bee now for years what is beyond say representing because everyone else season icon i think she represents the same thing but she's also family to me you know a look at her as a big sister i have learned so much from her so so so much in a force behind the scenes he was there last year as a superstar got back in the dance studio after giving birth to her twin depressed for coach challah what is the choreography process was like oh my god it's a long process and i'm they're working hard she was right there in my neck and we will do it fifty times like literally over and over and over like i would push two women when he landed on beyond say's team about ten years ago he was just twenty years old what is it like the teacher it's amazing i love favorite the best he's been there from the super bowl to the netflix documentary home bringing black culture to the math and like what were the conversations about what's her she want it to do and show the world like look this this is art this is not just some you know country black thing that shouldn't be praised like we have to embrace this he started dancing at age to in the bronx music always an inspiration nation while my cousins and friends were outside throwing a football playing baseball doing all types of support our locked in my room watching videos all day now he makes those videos like working with jennifer lopez in on the floor and made appearances with brandy teasha coal in mariah carey do you feel the pressure or responsibility to make something for someone who is so great what is that feeling astros but you just push through it you know you find a positive in it and i think what keeps me going is the fact that i love what i do in two thousand and nine grant gothi opportunity to work with one of his childhood idol cast in what would have been michael jackson's farewell tour this is it he was my first audition i never ever ever despite all his work with music's biggest icons grant says he's not trying to be anyone other than himself i told someone that's earlier like if i wasn't a journalist i would definitely be a backup dancer specifically say backup dancer what do you wanna be when you were growing up a singer no one's means insane yeah i just knew that's what i wanna do as such he striking out on his own returning his success and dance music sons already made any money his latest single wristwatch going viral popularity earning him a spot performing on the main stage at pride in new york last weekend grant inviting me into rehearsals for the big show where he put his team to the test with new korea i mean you could win filling in his his has become my brother i literally couldn't be any closer to him then like blood ashley ever it is beyond things dance captain and it's been working with rent for years what do you think of his work ethic well we always call them boy on say he was he's literally like beyond say and boy form and watching him be like the artists and these are those it's like really beautiful and it is well deserved reuss boom boom ruthless one an after an eight hour rehearsal took a minute cut me tell me about your pride live performance i just feel like i've been preparing my whole life for this you know and i just want people to see a different side of me is something different when you're up there and you get to let your magic just sean big moment in more ways than one what is the lgbtq plus community mean chris equality i'm so closely involved in it i'm giving myself you know what i'm saying and i wanna embrace that i want i don't want that to be something ashes potty is this the first time you're saying anything about it yeah i mean i feel like going back to say as the pride performance arrives grant the whole team is top tier his it's sprint anthony burrell another choreographer to the stars it's helping execute the grand vision this is the fiftieth anniversary of crime shows again about it because it's about love and support in in breaking breaking breaking barriers breaking boundaries every single time i watched show it's a it's it's inexperienced i cannot explain i witnessing britain the birth of a legend it's the final moments before taking the stage even chris rehearsing he eventually walk out at one eight in a massive crowd deal electric performing the greatest hits of the choreography from beyond say monitoring those risks were some money into much rolling stone which june because they shot play you gotta play some flooding no no they were legal surpri performance i'm sorry brand brandy andrew grant grateful for all the support including from what is next after this performance of my career my my just me with my music taking control of it because i just like this time amazon check the resource for nightline and kimberly brooks in new york he finally tonight go team usa thousands of fans in a frenzy leone french team usa running let's go to pro usa captain tina goalkeeper listen mayor held in check preserving the two one victory next world cup final gorgeous see you sunday morning urging what a victory that's nightline for tonight you could always kickback with our 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