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Hello giants fans. I'm Ed Valentine. And you are listening to the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. Thank you for joining us. And on today's show, we will have special guest jeans York o- of the locked on box podcast, part of SP nations bucks nation, and he will be joining us a little bit later on to preview Sundays giants Buchan years game at MetLife stadium as your New York. Giants look for a second straight victory after Monday night's win over the San Francisco forty Niners before we get to that though. I thought we would talk about a couple of other topics two things I really wanted to discuss today are. The return of Jason Pierre. Paul former giants first round pick to MetLife stadium and also wanted to talk a little bit about the importance or what I see as the importance of winning football games for the giants. Despite the fact that they are two and seven and they're not going to the playoffs. So let's let's start with a discussion of the return of Jason Pierre. Paul. I don't know if you saw the quotes from from JP on Wednesday, but he basically he's fired up for his return to to MetLife stadium, and no one can blame him for that. He spent eight years with the giants. Former number one pick one a Super Bowl in New York was a was a Pro Bowl player for the giants. Played a lot of good football for New York. The giants traded him to Tampa Bay in the off season getting back the third. Round draft choice. Pierre Paul said, basically, I think is quote was I'm coming man, I'm gonna burn the house down. And you know, I don't blame J P P for being for being fired up about this. Maybe for being a little bit bitter about being traded by the giants, you know. But as I wrote at big blue view, I have to look beyond PP's eight sacks this season. I have to look beyond the fact that he's played. Well, when I consider whether the giants did the right thing by trading Pierre Paul to Tampa Bay, I believe that they did I believe that the cap savings that they will get over the next two years. I think something like twenty seven million in cap savings in two thousand nineteen in two thousand twenty combined is going to be well worth wile. I think that helped them sign Odal Beckham. May help them sign Lind and Collins long-term J P P is twenty nine. He's having a nice season. But that was a massive contract. Four years sixty two million dollars that the giants signed him to getting out from underneath that getting a third round pick that turned into defense of linemen BJ hill who looks like he's going to be part of this team's future. I think was a very very good. Get very good move by Dave Gettleman. You're getting a player with a future versus a player with the past. You know, what I always say is it's better to move on from player. A year too early than a year too late. And I believe that what we will see over the next couple of seasons with Jason Pierre Paul is a player who does not play up to the level of that contract. He is right now, I will not argue with that. But I do not believe that he will continue to do that over the next couple of years. I think that over the term of that contract moving on from him. We'll be proven to be the correct move by the giants. It was a move that. I applauded when the giants made it, and I will continue to stand by that. I believe that they did the right thing. What I also want to talk about today is the fact that the giants wanna football game on Monday night. And I see that as a really good thing. I mean patch Dermer said on Tuesday that he saw an e felt in the locker room he felt real joy from the players was his quote after they had won the game. And I think there was a there was a a gift on Twitter of ally manning, and and sterling Shepard running off the field, you know, smiling and patting each other on the back, and and fill in really good about themselves, and to be honest with you, you know, as much as people talk about getting the higher draft pick all of that. It's important for players to feel good about what they're doing. It's important for them to believe in the coaching staff that they're working with it's important for them to believe that they are doing the right? Things that they are making progress that they're doing things the correct way and the only way to validate that the only way to continue to believe in yourselves to win at least occasionally, and I think it's important for the giants to win some football names. That's why I was I was happy to see not only ally. Manningly two game winning drive on Monday night. But I believe that it's good for the young players on the roster to learn to win some games to learn what it takes to win versus how to simply lose games. You know, how to show up every week and lose it's important that that you don't simply accept losing game after game that you learn how to win that you learn that there's a difference when you execute properly when you do things the right way when you take advantage of opportunities that you can be rewarded with victories. So I find you know, winning to be an excellent thing when you when you look at patch Germer, he's still a first year coach with the giants. He still has things to prove. And he's done a good job in a lot of ways. But to validate what he's doing to Vella d. The message. He's delivering the way that he's coaching this football team. Eventually they have to win. And so I was glad to see them. Win a football game Monday night. Yes, it was against a weaker football team. But a win is a win at this point. Yes, it knocks them down a little bit in terms of the NFL draft order, but I'll live with that to watch a football team that makes some progress over the second half of the season to be honest. I wrote it big Lou Vural you're in the week. That's what you want to see you want to see the giants. Get better. No matter what that takes. No matter. What it includes? Whether it includes a long-term change at quarterback. You know, whatever it includes you want to see the giants put a better product on the field. You want to see them improve? It's been ugly now for a year and a half. And you just want to know at some point that it's getting better. And you have some hope heading into the two thousand and nineteen season. That's really what I'm looking for over the final seven games now of this current season. Okay. Giants fans, let's switch gears now, and I will bring in James York o- of locked on bucks. The next segment of our show that you'll hear is a segment that James prerecorded in interview looking at the at the giants bucks game on Sunday. So we'll take a few minutes now and play that interview for you. Okay. Giants fans. Joined now by James York o of the locked on bucks podcast. And we're here to talk about Sunday's giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. James? How are you? Thank you for joining me. Oh, thanks for having me. I'm doing great. I appreciate the opportunity to come on and chat, a little bucks. Giants with you. Oh, we always liked to talk to someone from the from from the opposing side, get a little little different perspective. And folks, I get tired of listening to myself talk. Anyway. I like to hear myself talk every once in a while because I always agree with me. And I tend to think that I'm a smart guy. That's actually a good point. Because when you're talking to yourself. Nobody disagrees with you. I hadn't really thought about it that way, exactly. So so giants fans, let's let's get into this James. Let's talk a little bit about about Sunday. And I have to start with Jason Pierre Paul who came out today in a conference call with with New York media. And basically he said he said I'm coming. I'm going to burn the house down. And you know, he's looking forward to Sunday. So I guess I'll start with J P, and I know he has a sex. But how has he been for Tampa Bay? He's been incredible. There's no other way to put it. He's been absolutely incredible. The leadership that he is brought both on and off the field after after the loss to the bears. Which was one of the ugliest losses. We've seen in the past few years. And that's saying something you're covering the bucks. He was beside himself in he ripped the team up and down and said he'd never been a part of something like that in his in his entire career. He doesn't he doesn't take to the losing. Well in the problem within the confines of the buccaneers facility is that that's almost become the norm. You can you can go back the past couple of years, and you can find these blowout losses that have just become a regular thing. And so many guys have almost almost become numb to it. So for for Jason Pierre Paul to be part of a defense that allowed Mitchell Trubisky to look like someone who's a first ballot hall of Famer year that that got to him and he and he ripped into the defense. And he said, I don't want to be part of something like this, and we have to turn it around. But bucks fans for your first. As the season has gone now. Six losses in the last seven games after starting off to in. Oh, JP has been one of the few things that they can point to. And they say, you know, what this is something that we can be happy about this guy that we can be excited about because he has a motor that just doesn't stop in. I I mentioned it on the locked on giants podcast yesterday. That is a problem. Now, we're seeing which AP in these past couple of games. He's been battling through injuries. So he's moving a little bit slower. He's not as fluid he hasn't. He hasn't been quite as destructive along the defensive line in terms of playing, but that is opened up the door for Carl NASA who has four sacks in the last four games. He's really stepped his game. Because now people are so worried about Jason Pierre Paul so JP might go down as the best acquisition that Jason white made in his tenure with the Buchan ears. Whether that continues on or he's part of a full house clean. Along with your cutter in coaching staff. That's a really interesting take on JP to be honest with you. I mean, I wrote today at big blue view that it's really easy to look at JP's. Eight sacks to look at the fact that the giants haven't had a good pass rush. This year. And to think that the giants made a mistake, but considering his age considering the injury history considering the money that the giants were able to unload, and considering the fact that his production was all over the map the last few years with the giants and he's playing better with Tampa Bay right now, or at least putting up better numbers than he has put up with the giants in in a long long time. And and the only other thing I will say about J P is it's very interesting. You know, Dirk cutter made the comment today talking to New York media about his leadership, and you just made it as well. And it's very interesting development. It's really interesting for me to hear for the simple reason that J P P wanted nothing to do with being a leader in New York. He they were begging him to lead and his response to that was I just wanna play. And if people wanna follow me they follow me. But I'm base. Basically, I'm just going to do me. Yeah. We've heard those rumblings as well. And and I'm not sure what kind of made that turn. It seems like he takes the leadership approach that we've seen recently with lavar anti David and before that with with Derrick Brooks. Now, of course, the outlier was win. He ripped into the team after the bears game. Like, I mentioned. But he's that that quiet leader that lavar that Rhonda Barbara that Derrick Brooks lead, by example. He's not going to he's not going to take the Defillo rivers route where he's he screaming and guys faces play after play after play. But I think that really has helped with some of these young guys he was he was staying after after practice and working one on one with feta Vega who missed all of training camp due to injury. He didn't get activated until after the bye week. It's a he he was really really far behind to start with. And we've seen those struggles. Especially your your. Already going to struggle as as a rookie. But missing all of that time. So Jason Pierre Paul kind of taken him under his wing and try to help him develop some of these pass rushing techniques that has made JP so affected. So you see the leadership from from that aspect? And maybe it was the fact that he was shipped out of town. Yeah. He said that he's had this game checkmark from the get-go because this is a guy that probably figured that. He was going to be a New York giant for life. And and to be just shipped out of town, whether it was defining decision or or the age, or whatever it might be that probably had to hurt him personally that that a team would just ship him off the way that they did. So there's a little extra fire under GP, and he's been the model of consistency. He, you know, he tied a franchise record for most consecutive games with a sack when he got one against the Cincinnati Bengals he had at least one second six consecutive games. So he's he's really just been a bright. For this team. And for this fanbase interesting, let's hope that he's nice to ally. Manning on Sunday, at least we'll hope from this side. We'll hope he's nice to ally. Well, you you can set guys and still be nice about it. Well, and if you're not you get flagged anymore, but. You're all those years ago and up against ally in practice and not being able to touch him. I'm sure he's going to turn on the afterburners for this one. Oh, I'm sure he will. And that'll be interesting to see James I need to ask you about one other former giant who's now on the Tampa Bay roster. The giants have had lots of issues at the free safety position this year. One of the guys that was in training camp with the giants competing for that job is Andrew Adams who's now with the buccaneers. And I was looking at the stats, and it looked like in your last game looked like Adams played his most significant role of the season. The most snaps that he's played means. He guy whose developing into more of a more of a full or more of a significant part of the Tampa Bay defence. I don't think it has to do with his development so much as necessity. You had Justin Evans go out of the game for a few plays due to injury. They were already missing MJ steward, Ed corner. So they've kind of shifted him around in Houston where they could. But I think it has more to do with with the availability of atoms in the necessity to have bodies on the field more than anything else. So it's not like, he's really, you know, stepping up and becoming a key player for Tampa Bay. He's there and and basically he's filling in. Yeah. Definitely more. So that now that's not to say he can't develop into a player that gets more of a role with this defense. But as of right now, you know, the the safety positions are pretty well locked up with Justin Evans in Jordan, Whitehead, and you have your growing pains with Whitehead who's a fourth round rookie and Evans. Only in his second year. But with the injury problems that they've had it corner of Joe they lost Vernon Hargraves in the first half of the first game. He was out for the season. Nj Stewart has missed the past two weeks with injury and then throughout the games yoke Carlton Davis has heavily for a few plays. Justin Evans is heavily for few plays Whitehead as well. So he's he's filling the role that they need him to fill right now. Maybe with a little bit more time another offseason in in the system, or if the system changes with a with a coaching change, you might see him a little bit more on the field. But right now, he's just ease the role player. He's playing the role that they need him to let me ask you a couple of quarterback questions and we'll start with a simple one. I mean, I know that that Tampa Bay's been losing games lately. But but are you enjoying it's magic? I am. But I'm not. You know, it's difficult to see a guy like Fitzpatrick who is he is a journeyman. He he's never been. You know, the the the starter that the teams have wanted him to be that that circle of fits Patrick where he plays. Well for season gets the big extension, then he's bad than he gets benched in the starter gets hurt. And then he's back at any place. Great over and over and over. But you're also looking at a guy that has now taken the starting role from a guy who was drafted number one overall in James Winston was playing horribly. There's no way to get around it. And you watch him in preseason. I understand it's preseason. But Winston was going up against the number one defenses, and he looked incredible. And then he he goes through the spent the suspension he's away from the facility he can't interact with the team. He can't work with the team. He comes back his mechanics are all his there's something wrong there, mentally it looked a lot of times. Like, he was questioning himself, and he would hesitate. It's like I wanna throw this ball. But I might turn it over. He hesitates any throws another ball in it leads to another interception. He's inside at his own head. So you have Fitzpatrick now who they basically talked out of retiring because they knew a suspension was looming. And he's lighting it up, which is great. But now again, they've lost six of their last seven games. And at this point, you need to see what you have with James Winston, whether they retain this coaching staff, or you're putting together film for future. One Winston has twenty one million dollar option coming up for next year that the bucks can get out of if they bring in a head coach. And they say look do you want James Winston or not if the coach wants him, great if not fine you can move on. But you need more than thirteen quarters in this season to have a coach go in and break down. So the other issue with fits is. He's been so good. And he's been so impressive with Todd monk in calling the place then Dirk cutter takes back play calling and they get five hundred one yards of offense in three points against the Washington. Redskins. An amazing record of of ineptitude. So why would you if you're coaching to save your job? Why would you take away one of the factors that has led to success with this particular quarterback under center, just it doesn't make any sense? So, you know, a long winded answer to to a question is I've enjoyed seeing what Fitzpatrick can do. But at the same time, it's to the detriment of the future of the franchise. That's an interesting way to answer that question, James. It really is. And it leads me to another quarterback question, which is actually about James Winston. Now you obviously understand the situation. The giants are in with the thirty seven year old quarterback with the losing record lots of speculation about whether this will be Eli Manning's last year at the helm of the giants and all of that. And I get the question every so often should. The giants go after James Winston if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, let him go in my answer to that is you're absolutely kidding me. I want nothing to do with the guy. I mean to be honest with you as a franchise guy bringing him in and pay the money. I want nothing to do with the guy. Am I wrong? Or is. He a guy that you think, you know, in a different circumstance, you could could become a quality quarterback for someone. I think the wealth of James Winstons talent can be put up against just about any quarterback in the league. This guy is just bursting with athletic ability. The problem is you have a coach there who didn't want him dirt cutter yet. He said all the right things afterwards. But Dirk cutter was the last guy on board for James Winston. He wanted Marcus Mario. So they get rid of lovey Smith and keep dirt cutter for the development of James Winston, and it hasn't developed the the question is that you know, none of us are really are. Really sure when we probably won't be until James get somebody else in there or he goes somewhere else. To be coached by another coordinator is is cutter. Trying to force Janus Winston into being a quarterback that he's not in. You're gonna have your mistakes with James. It's part of is gate. Yo the comparison that I've always used his Brett farve. He's gonna make those plays where you're you're holding side your head screaming. No, no, no. No. No. No. No. And then all of a sudden it works in your jumping up and down screaming. Yes. But then have those plays where you just you don't know what to say you're dumbfounded. How could make a decision like that in turn the ball over because he's a gunslinger he feels he considered any football through any window at anytime. So deterrent is there. And the big issue, of course, is going to be the off field concerns. We saw the accusations of Florida state. He was suspended for acusations for an Uber ride in ariz-. Zona? Now, those those accusations came to light towards the end of last season. But the incident allegedly occurred way back in the beginning of twenty sixteen. So whether he did it or not nobody knows it's he said, she said there were two people in the car Janus and the driver. So the only people that are ever going to know what really happened are those two people that being said since that James Winston has gotten married he has had a child anyone who has had a child knows that soon as your first child is born it's almost like you flip a switch. There's a you reach maturity level that you didn't even know existed because you have to care you're you are putting somebody else's life literally in your hands. If that changes James Winston time will tell but there is a maturity issue with him there. There is a mechanical issue with him as far as on. The field. But under a different coaching staff. He might be brilliant. You know, I could I could definitely see Bruce Arians coming into this into this facility and taking Chena centers wing and turning him into a van Rothlisberger. A Peyton Manning in working wonders with them. So giants fans that may want Jamus Winston should he become available. I wouldn't say that they're wrong and the ones that don't want him. I wouldn't say a wrong. But the talent is absolutely there. Interesting James one last question, let's talk specifically about Sunday, a m- not necessarily going to ask you for a prediction. But what are your thoughts on what we might see on Sunday? Just in terms of the matchup itself. A lot of that is is gonna be based on whether or not Dr cutter can swallow his pride and give the play calling back to Todd monkey. You know, this is a head coach that says we're a running football team were a running football team. We're going to run the ball to open up the passing game. Well when Todd in was calling the plays. They weren't running the ball at all in. They had the number one offense and football because nobody could stop the weapons that they have Mike Evans, Chris Godwin. OJ Howard is a human mismatch. No matter. What defense he's going against the speed of Sean Jackson, the the underneath ability of Cameron. Brayden Adam Humphreys, I mean, who do you who do you guard because it's nothing bought weapons. But then you have your cutter takeover playcalling. We're going to run the ball. We're going to run the ball. We're gonna run the ball. Okay. Well, you had five trips inside the red zone against the Washington Redskins. You had. A running back that was averaging four yards per carry. And there were two run place in five red zone possessions. That was that was the downfall. So if Todd Moncton gets the play calling bag I fully expect the buccaneers to be able to win this game. Now if they're cutter is still calling plays. I think we're gonna see something very similar to what we saw against the Washington Redskins. The defense feel can do enough to keep them in the game. Despite the fact that Odell Beckham junior another human mismatch against virtually any defense saquon Barkley who I was very wrong about heading into the draft yet. He is tearing things up in starting to get your out in space more. And then you have Ingram at tight end who you know, if he can hold onto the ball could be a huge mismatch against a team that's already down quality, Sander and might not have avanti's David who who has an MC L rain. So it's. One of those things where it should be whoever has the ball last. But it might end up in the giants are just going to run away with it because of the red zone ineptitude. Interesting. You know, I I lied to you while you were talking I had one more question that I need to I need to back up. An ask you mentioned, Mike Evans, you mentioned Odal Beckham. If I offered you Beckham for Mike Evans, straight up are you saying yes, or no, no? Explain I won't even hesitate again. Odell Beckham junior is amazing talent amazing. But to me, the the money that he got I think is is too much for a receiver that. To too much Terrel Owens for me. If that makes any sense, you know, the the interview that he did with ESPN when he was sitting there with little Wayne and basically throwing his team under the bus saying he wasn't sure if he wanted to be a New York that that kind of stuff rubs me the wrong way, the temper tantrums rubbed me the wrong way any did with Mike Evans. Mike Evans was a hothead early on in his career. He got a jacket from game against the Panthers. Because he he was screaming at a referee that he was interfered with on a pass in a in a game where the Panthers are up by thirty one points with two minutes left, and he sent her screaming at the ref. You know, if it's a penalty in the first quarter SRI penalty now, and he gets jetted, but he's really calmed down a lot. I like what Mike Evans does is. He is he as talented in all facets as Odal Beckham junior. No, he's not he doesn't have the speed that hotel Beckham JR. Senior does he doesn't get the yards after catch dodo Beckham junior does. But personally, I would do I would rather have a guide that can win those windows jump balls into all those things that Mike Evans does without the headaches. Thank you very much for for that answer. And James, thank you very much for spending. Some some time with me today. Why don't you tell the folks where they can where they can find your work before we let you go. Yeah. You can you can check out everything that I'm doing over at bucks nation dot com. I'm one of the co host of locked on box. It's myself and a fellow bucks nation member. David harrison. Yeah, we do our shows five days a week, of course, and you can follow along on Twitter at locked on box at JR co underscore box and at bucks underscore nation in. I really appreciate you you giving me some time to to talk Buchan ears giants. Hey, thanks for coming on and good luck. On sunday. Just, you know, send J P P A memo to be nice to ally. And we'll be fine. All right. Sounds good. Thanks, james. Thank you. All right. Giants fans. That's our show for today. We think James York o of locked on bucks for giving us a few minutes. Please. Remember to subscribe to big view radio on all of your favorite podcast applications? Also our next episode which is scheduled to air on Friday will feature Dan position. And Chris flam talking NFL draft. We hope that you'll tune in for that. All right. Thank you. We'll talk to you again soon. Bye bye. Now. My name is Spencer home. My name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan Manny every week. And by we've form, the shutdown full Tron, keep telling you the set now focused technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about hair disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman homeowners association. Bears in video games. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having huge contracts coaches making terrible decisions coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dumb, beautiful sport. Sometimes we talk about football games allegedly. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like this one this book Kath, it's not voltron.

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