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Full Show - Pats v. Rams, Cowboys coach?, LeBron + Kyrie, NBA All-Star Game


One. Welcome to first things first we made it to pry day on general that is the hall of Famer Chris Carter, this is Nick, right. And got a great show for you today. The NBA all star captains were announced. Antonio Brown is ready for a trade, but we have to start with the big game next weekend the Super Bowl so ram's head coach, Sean McVeigh celebrated his thirty third birthday yesterday. The youngest coach to lead his team to a SuperBowl. Mum. The other ways he celebrated game planning against the best coach quarterback and NFL history that coach Bill Belichick. He's sixty six. He's sixty six McVeigh's thirty three that age gap Balare just ever between Super Bowl, head coaches. Here's what McVeigh had to say about facing New England. It's a great shown for football team because these guys are the appear to me of really the standard that consistency at which you operate, and I think coach bell check, you know, he certainly has had a lot of success on defense, but he's been instrumental offense special teams. So. His success speaks for itself. And I you know, like I've said before I'm a fan of coaching. I have so much respect for the patriots organization. The way they operate the way that he consistently leads puts his players in positions to really have success. And then you know, that that's something. That's it's it's an incredible opportunity for us to compete against them. Our players have earned the right to be able to play in. This game are coaches have done a great job. And really it's about the Rams versus the patriots doing an excellent job with that. But to get a chance to go against a team an organization like this is something that works cited about, but but you have a lot of respect for them. Guys. How many press conferences would it? Take Bill bell. Check to have used that many words in answer to any question ever ever. See what is the biggest challenge facing, Sean McVay and the Rams as they now get set and face the patriots, not one challenge bigger than the other. But there are a series of challenges when you're playing Super Bowl, especially when you have the drastic difference in experience that you have with the patriots versed Aram. So from an organizational standpoint, the biggest challenge is how do I get to the weekend and get some of the business that has nothing to do with the game. All these players got four players guide experience all their families, everyone they went to high school with college with all these new fringe you pick up. How do they get that organize because New England we'll have that part organized. So their biggest challenges how do I get through the first week? And I don't lose the game in the first week. You know, your wife wants tickets her her auntie wants tickets how many people can go to the game hotels in Atlanta. All these things I have seen teams lose the soup. Bowl in that by week leading up because they couldn't get organized. All these things became a more important how they're gonna get their suit made. What are they going to do after they win all these things? And then besides that his next big challenge. I believe is as a play caller. How does he generate big plays for Jared golf against that rush that New England has which is the least town that of the four teams that we had left and they generate the most amount of pressure with the least amount of talent. So yes, orgnization apart from an organization that is very very key. But from a football standpoint, how can you generate big plays against that pass rush of New England. And I believe they're gonna have to do it a variety of different ways. But a lot of that's going to have to make in Jarrett golf, comfortable giving him some things that he likes to look at. So we can deliver the football down the field. Believe that on the field is the biggest key with the other key off the field. Do they lose the Super Bowl in the prep weekly? Up to the super even after you get through the prep week. How do you make sure that media day, which is unlike any media experience you've ever had in your life? You don't have any pitfalls there. Once the game starts, the patriots know how to deal with that elongated halftime with a thirty minute halftime show because they've been there. So many times the Rams do not. So they're all those non-football things that the patriots are better equipped for than any team in NFL history. And the Rams are a basically as unequipped as you can be with this little of experience, and then there's the Xs and os part. And there's the fact that Sean McVeigh has to be ready for Bill Bella check to present him with something that they have not shown on film at any point all year. I last night was thinking one of my good friends who I caught up with him Forever's. Ted Johnson played middle linebacker for the patriots for the first three Super Bowl wins of this era. So he and I were talking about Bella check last night about things they did when they were in the final Super Bowl of. Zero the four-game against Billy. And he said all year long. They played a three or four they hadn't played they hadn't come out a single game where their base defense was a four three and in the Super Bowl against Philadelphia. They switched up in the leak in the week leading up to it. And they came out in a base four three defense. And they could see that the eagles had to throw out their initial script. They had throat what they were planning to do because they hit him with the curveball. They were not expecting like we saw even in these playoff games. The chargers were never able to adjust. What the patriots were doing the chiefs took hat needed halftime to adjust and their inability to get ready to get going in the first half cost in that game. Can the Rams adjust to whatever wrinkle Bella check is planning to throw at them earlier than the chargers or the chiefs were able to that to me is an exit an oath part that's going to come down a lot to Sean McVay in Wade Phillips. I was gonna say how much is Sean McVay rely on Wade Phillips not just for his Super Bowl experience. But also for the Xs knows that he doesn't have to really. Worry about every little detail. He knows Wade's been there and done that and he can lead on him for the intangibles not sleep enough to but the game itself. Absolutely. That's one of the things about Sean McVay and talking to people who know him like, he's a guy who's very very bright. But he doesn't he doesn't shun against having other bright people in the room. And that's what won the keys to his success him in the general manager been on the same page as far as men, we need certain things here, we need certain coaches here, I need certain players here and normally less need or another general manager. They will be like, wow. This guy's too young. I can't bring in guys like in Dhammika. Sue, I can't bring in guys like Peters. I can't bring he's not gonna build control those guys. So they have made all the right steps to build a support this young coach because you know, what you know, and that offense of side of the football men. That's the side. He should be concentrating on. Wade is the voice of reason, he's the older guy in the room and that whole. They have such tremendous respect him. No matter where Wade has been. So Wade has had success against Bill Belichick. I believe that McVeigh will lean on that success and try to figure out the offense of side and how I can generate big plays for Jerry. And I know we're going to talk much more about Wade Phillips Pacific later in the show. So I'm going to stay on the Sean McVay side of things can he create a wrinkle that throws the pats off a little bit see talked about using Jared Goff as a runner having Jared Goff. The pats wanna play but to man with their corners turning and running away from the quarterback Kanter Goff. Use his legs to add something as we know. There aren't many things the pants had trouble within the past. But a quarterback that can do that that can cause them to make an adjustment. They don't want to make is there something that Sean McVeigh has been able to almost hold in reserve that the patriots one of been able to study that they wanna been able to see this is what they like to do in this spot that can throw them off. Because one of the strengths of the Rams has been. The Jared Goff is played well, and they have a ton of talent. But there's also been plays that we have seen especially after Cooper Cup got hurt where they are where they are scheming guys open. We're guys that are whether it's Taylor hit the little use tight end the backup slot receiver, whomever. It is. It's like, okay. That guy got open on Wednesday when they installed that play against this. Look are they going to be able to get a few free first downs. Because of what they do schematic -ly or is Bella chat going to have the answers to the questions before his ask them how much can McVay pull from what Doug Peterson did last year with the eagles too is is that one of the games that he'll go back and just watch to see if the patriots changed anything up for that nothing to do the same thing. But the way that that game plan was changed typically in in patriots in the super they get off to a slow start any information as far as watching film is valuable when you don't know anything. So I think that the big games that they've been in in the last couple years if you look at the Super Bowl, Philadelphia and Atlanta neither. One. These teams had experience New England had the same type of experience edge over them in the coaching and in the player. So there is information from these previous meetings. But ultimately it's about blocking and tackling New England plays very very conservative. The start off these games that try to figure out what you're going to do can the Rams get off to a fast start because New England will be feeling out process. That's the way they play in these big games. They don't get off. Too fast starts like they do in those playoff games Super Bowl. They get off to a slow start. If you want New England play them in the regular season early in the Super Bowl if you wanna score some on man score early and to your point about what Philadelphia Dade as we've discussed before in the last decade. The patriots have only lost one game in the playoffs where their offense was great. And that was last year SuperBowl they when they have lost been because their offense has been stymied or held down. So obviously the Rams don't care how they win. Right. They just wanna. Win. Wade Phillips try to hold down the patriots offense on McVay side of things he has to figure out. How can we win a game? Like that. If our defense isn't great. How can we do what Philadelphia did which was despite their offense was as unexplained? Philadelphia winning wasn't upset Philadelphia. Winning the way they did was a massive upset when we talked about that game. It was if ilise gonna win it's going to be caused that front. Four is going to get to Brady they're going to force turnovers. It wasn't going to be they're going to win a forty one thirty three shootout. Which is what they did. Let's take a break coming up one of the patriots. Julian Edelman has been the best wider Cevers this post-season. That's next on first thing. We'll get to the patriots. And you second put I thunder pelicans from last night AB. I mean, I'm tool Nater, sorry, drives baseline dunks. All over check the two handed off the baseline. Thought it was going to rise up with one job. It's an end Chuck Diablo. Didn't know if he wanted to contest take the charge and said, he gets boomed on more NBA warriors in DC Steph curry with some fancy moves before hitting the shot over auto porter. Steph had an almost identical play in the first half on the other end of the court where he just dribble dribble dribble. And then little mid range jump shot. He was spectacular last night. A great day for the warriors. They stopped by stop buying solve the former President Obama spent some time with him finally basketball. You say, that's Jalen hand. Oh, this the nicest don't get a year. That's nasty right there. Now, the only thing that competes with that John Marantz had won the kid from Murray state and that high school kid that we saw a few weeks ago with the endgame, man. This is UCLA this is in Pali with this short shorts. These I do the short living lay going Nepali plan basketball. Over at the other direct Jim day. I used to have like to the patriots. The storyline has been the rotating cast of wide receivers that have come in and out of New England since returning week five Julian Ataman has been a constant though. The folks over pro football focus ranked Eshelman the number one receiver this post-season two hundred and forty seven yards on sixteen catches and postseason. Best. Fourteen catches for first downs artsy. What makes adamant such an effective weapon in the patriots offense? I think the first thing you need to understand in the patriots offense. That is the tech position. That's what they're trying to do. Either. Throw the ball to that slot receiver has nothing to do with Elon has everything to do with what they're trying to do. They figured out the passing percentages. We're Tom Brady likes to throw a ball. They liked the throat of ball straight down the middle of the field. And they like to throw it to slot receivers. Why? Because when you put guys in the slot. They have a three way read that they can make at the top of the break. So it's more confusing for the defy. Vendors. It's the easiest position to play inside of offense. If you want to build to get a guy open it's harder to build the double team on their Bill take things away from he's the blitz hot. So in doing that that guy is going to catch a lot of balls guess who used to catch a lot of balls from Choi Brown he played in the same position. What New England he was the first guy in this Brady era to build a take over that position. Then they went out and got a guy named west Welker. And he did it at an all time high. And then after that, you know, what they did they move gronk in their Aaron Hernandez and now because he's not there anymore, then they went to element to build develop him. So they're always going to have in this offense, a guy in that position who has very very reliable hands very good short area quickness where at the top of the break, they can't get bogged down and can get in and out of the break. So typically, that's a smaller guy and. You need to be smart football player. Adamant coming from his days as a quarterback at Kent state understand coverages being on the same page Brady him and Brady spending extensive time together. So I wouldn't necessarily agree that with pro football, focus. He was the best wide receiver in the playoffs. But that position in the patriots is going to generate a lot of attention, regardless. What number who the body is an element is that guy, and it has been a seamless year to your transition for the four names. Chris Mitch and Troy Brown was there. The first year of the Belichick Brady era was there through six now midway through that. He started playing some defensive back one season because they were short handed, but the year they won their first Super Bowl. Troy Brown was nice player but one hundred plus catches twelve hundred yards. That's what they that is way over what any realistic production for Troy Brown would have been in typical offense. Then what's Welker who Miami Dolphins? Couldn't figure out a way to us. Welker views take a snapshot of his six years with the Pat you'd say, well, that's a hall of Famer just if you just look at the stat sheet, you say it. Okay. So we average what oh twelve hundred yards receiving and one hundred ten catches per season while they Wes Welker was finishing up. That's when they drafted Hernandez. A nets win. It was a little different because you actually had an athlete play in that position when you hadn't in the past and then Italy, and so it eighties. When Chris says ninety nine percent a geyser system players. This is the definition of a system role that of Julian men were on a different football team. He'd still be on the football team. But the idea that we'd be talking has even better receiver this postseason and Michael Thomas than Brandin cooks that it's would never happen. Now, we're Elman deserves credit is he has I think elite toughness, and he made a catch that might have swung a Super Bowl. Not Atlanta game and incredibly difficult catch while getting hit. When the ball looked like should've hit the ground and it didn't. But guess what? If Brady does wanna play till forty five. And if in a year, they move on for medal men, we'll find another guy the they'll be another guy that puts these similar numbers. And so I just think this is they they're able to scheme them open. What they do. And this is on the explain far better than me what they do as far as motioning him and the way that puts the defense in a tough spot and the way it makes the defense tip their hand as to what defense they're playing that. If you tip your hand to Brady, you're drawing dead. And I feel like that's one of the ways they use that omen the best. Yes. A high percentage of the time they'll convinced the formation as far as tight ends and fullbacks and otherwise receivers they'll line element up at the numbers are two yard outside the numbers because when he lines up out there it gives radiant indicator wet the coverage is going to be so on the defensive. I'm facing a defense. If they put the cornerback from this side over. On that side. I know it's man to man, if they put the cornerback who's supposed to be on the left, I know at some type of own so I put him out there just as an indicator. I can't leave him out there. Why doesn't have the height doesn't have? The speed doesn't have the skill level to build get open at the numbers are outside the numbers. So I'm motioning inside grunk is the number one wide receiver on New England. So out put him inside the getting hiding so I can release people often then he can come in behind him. So he can use his short area quickness and Bill to read the coverages. That's New England tries to do time in time out when you watch the highlights watch how many times feel Brady's looking straight down the barrel the defense because that's where they want to build a throat of all, and that's where they tried to manipulate to get these smaller receivers into that part of the defend those third and tens against the chiefs, the three third and ten in overtime. You had HOGAN made a big play prior to the overtime in that spy. They just which to responsibilities grand the same plate at element guy. Them for twice Hillman hit him in Hogan's Swiss HOGAN, beats him on the I mean, it's the same thing. And it also plays to the strengths and weaknesses of Tom Brady. One of the reasons that they liked to do it up. The pump seems as you would call it is because Brady for our Grady is he's not of these strongest arm in the league, certainly at this point in his career true. So the we think about passing only in yards vertically, but the fields fifty three and a half yards wide fifty three and a third yards wide when you are trying to go to the deep out. I mean, you can do the geometry equation. Like you got to throw it a lot further. So what they will do not only you have to throw it further. You have to hold it longer. So part of their design is to get the ball out of town Raitis hand, he's ninety dropbacks in the playoffs hadn't been sacked one time why because it's all part of the system that they run, and this is where the patriots and the college graduates and the smart players come into play where and this is why my partner was the most devastating slot receiver may. NFL history. Because once you got moved the slot because you understood you could you had options. It wasn't just you are running the eight yards and going left. It's you're running eight yards. And then you can choose reading the defense if you're left right or I soon just turning around. Yes. And so you have to have a player that can know where the defence is soft spot with how they're covering him. And then you add it to Brady who can see the same thing and that where the sink synchronicity, I think is the word. That's when the being in sync. Let me say it like that he knows he can trust element is going to read the same thing. He's reading so he can throw it to him before he's even out of his break. And then you're basically drawing dead. That's why you don't have to have a four speed guy. You don't have to have a six three guy you'd have to have a guy who can read that defense. It's why it's so tough to be. Ten coming up on our the Cowboys getting rid of Jason Dair for Sean Payton, we discuss national person. February the greatest event motor sports is back. The Daytona five hundred kicks off the twenty nine thousand NASCAR season February seventeen on FOX time. Now for us to go viral. The Pro Bowl kicks off in Orlando on Sunday showcasing best of the best in the league. But before them legends of the game pave the way with eleven time. Pro bowler Willie nasty row tweeting out a picture of our guy CC in two thousand one representing the NFC warned sample moustachioed Warren Sapp is that Jessie Armstead being clipped by one Willie rope in the back there. See? Yes. Look at that. That was I feel like that was right after a moustachioed Chris Carter like you had gotten rid of the stash warm sapid picked it up for you got no clue big. Daniel all Randall McDaniel between the two of you guys. I didn't even recognize man look at he's got a six pack as left guard. Or no. You don't need a six pack, but he's great. The only no six pack only doing he case belly bumping Willie wrote had the roughest weekend his team saints and chiefs in the Super Bowl gets neither AT and T. Wakeup call. We start with Antonio Brown who continues to make headlines earlier this week Steelers. Captain Markey's pouncey said the team would welcome back AB. However yesterday AB tweeted that he is open for business. All right, C C seeming that he is which team would benefit most from AB, man. I don't know these good receive. There's a couple teams out there. The people talked about San Francisco, I think he should go to Jacksonville with Tom. Call just some good old fashioned is a Noah Pat, Cam both your feet on the floor. No hoodies. All that. No for cold all go, Tom Coughlin. Call pittsburgh. We got one of the best deal receivers for you. This is version of your kid misbehaved all school year. So you. Send him to the grandparents ranch for the summer. I gotta teach you some work sandy grandpa Coughlin. I think that's one of those rich people kids are going away. Six weeks going nowhere. Yeah. I know about that. I got Franson do that to the kids all the time. I think sending away for the siting San Francisco does make the most sense. And I think if it matters it'd be the happiest there. I know that's not your concern. It should be happy in Pittsburgh yesterday was reported that Cam Newton Ned and Arthur Skopje procedure done on his right shoulder. This is the second shoulder surgery in three years now for Cam Newton. He had surgery to fix a partially torn rotator cuff in March of twenty seventeen. Nick. What did you make the news? Listen, it confirms what we all knew watching Cam Newton play in reading the reports after the season. He was shortly after they got off that great start. He was playing with a hurt shoulder. J T J watt, really exacerbated the problem. I'm glad they're dealing with early. I think that you don't have to be too concerned yet. But to me, you know, how I feel about these things. He's one shoulder injury away from it being a significant concern for his career moving forward. You just hope Cam can get back to full strength because we know how good he can be when he is. I'm glad they were able to go in there compared to just trying to rehab. That's something Andrew luck. Try to do a number of times it didn't work then they eventually went near surgically repaired. Happy for. He's one the best. Indie game. No game is better when he's planning to high level moving onto the NBA where yesterday the starters for the all star game or announced in the west. It'll be LeBron K de Paul George harden and Steph in the east, it's Jaanus Embiid kyri Kemba, Nick, what do you think the fans get the starters? Right. Nine of the ten. I'm very happy for Kimball. Walker by the way, he's getting some just deserved credit and notoriety even playing in Charlotte. The only one that I take issue with is. I would have said Anthony Davis over Kevin Durant. You could argue Anthony Davis over LeBron because lebrons miss time. But you knew LeBron was going to get more votes than anybody. Like, I think Anthony Davis had a better year than Kevin Durant, but enlarge part. These are these are nine of the ten I would have picked given the two conference makeup. The pelicans was to record right now. They're struggling, okay. Are they in the playoff? They're not. But it's not the MVP. It's the all star race. I didn't ask you to explain that this. Okay. Because fans you have to have two starters off the best team. NBA? Now they've won nine in a row. It's right sued be a starter. So it's a good problem to have in the west. You don't have a center when you don't have a center eighties going to miss out. I'm moving on last week. We learned that kyri Irving reached out to his former teammate LeBron James among topics discussed how hard it is to lead a team. He also apologized for not listening to LeBron when he was a younger player now Kevin love is suggesting that kyri could potentially reunite with LeBron in LA Nick could kyri actually team up again with LeBron James the summer. I do not think people should dismiss this. As a possibility I would have dismissed it as a possibility three weeks ago, but that phone call was an important phone call, and there were elements of that phone call that have not been publicly reported and will not be public publicly reported, but it was it was a legitimate reconciliation. And there was. I've been led to believe there was a little bit of a man. Remember win going on there. Little nostalgia about because in spot right now where you know, what type of player he could desperately use a Cairo guy like, Kyrie Irving. And you know, what learning and Boston? Yeah. Having another veteran having a guy that can really take on the full leadership mantle, which may be kyri isn't quite cut out for at least at this moment the way he thought and so we talk about the pending for agent this off season. And we've just never included kyri is one of the leaker targets because of the way he and LeBron ended I don't think people should dismiss this idea. I don't think right now, it's the likely outcome, but it is not an impossible outcome, and I can tell you. It's not one LeBron would stand in the way of it's not one where LeBron would say man, he left before there is the there is the odd interview after he left that would not happen and the Lakers as we are seeing right now have need. Is everywhere. Like, it's not like you can say, oh, well, he doesn't fit because we have Lonzo. Nets of it. Absolutely. Makes sense for the worst free throw shooting team in the league. One of the worst three point shooting teams in league team that really struggling to score to add one of the best and most unique scores in the league. I think LeBron ultimately realizes to regardless of what Katy decides to do this off season. He's going to have to be able to beat the warriors. And in beating the warriors LeBron has a comfort level with only a certain number of players kyri being one of those very few players. Now, there's players that he would like to take to court with guys who aren't in Los Angeles Kawai and some other potential free agents. But what if they don't get them? I mean, what's what is the Lakers playing be of Kawai decides to go to the clippers are do something else? What if they can't trae for eighty eight already said, I'm not going to man to trade? So that right there makes it problematic for the Lakers right there that he's not demanding a trade early. So that's going to take it to the summer. There's going to be other people trying to trade for AD Boston's got more assets draft picks, and or players that I think would if I'm if I'm the pelicans that I would look to instead of looking to trade with the Laker. So I think Magic Johnson and LeBron they need more than one plant, and I do believe that kyri could be a part of those plans. How good would the Lakers beef these team back up again because it seems like I don't want to say given up on the place, but they have definitely not met played up to expectations. Listen, we know how good a team can be with LeBron Cairo. They win the championship. They can beat a Seventy-three win war your team, they can be when those two guys are both playing at peak capacity. I think they can beat the warriors. Again, I don't know that anyone can beat this interruption of the warriors. But to seize point, even if Kevin Durant leaves the warriors will probably be the favorites out west. And so yes, like the ability for them to add they have. Dad another superstar for LeBron's year seventeen the guys that are free agents. Here's the list of its clay, no one thinks he's leaving. And I would be crazy. It'd be wild to me if he left there to go to the Lakers Durant. A lot of people think he's leaving. But not to go to the Lakers Leonard who could go either leave still going to Los Angeles. But there's two teams there and Kyrie that's the entire list. So for crossing off clay if we're crossing off K D, I think collide will be there top target. But you can you can pursue both at the same time. I think people will hear this in dismiss it. I'm telling you right now, you should not dismiss this as a possibility. All right. Let's move on to the Dallas cowboy still in the news that will happen. When your owner is still seemingly on the fence about your head coach Jason Garrett has yet to receive an extension or chew endorsement from Jerry Jones. Now reports are circulating the Cowboys might replace chasing Garrett with saints head coach Sean Payton, keep in mind next season will be GARRETT'S last year of his deal. Chris with the cowbys Cowboys be better off with Sean Payton than what you've seen which Garrett. I don't know. I don't know what Sean Payton can get one of the variables is how they get along with Jerry, Jerry son Stevens is right hand guy. So if someone can answer that I would be like, I don't like to do this type of speculation. Right. Trying to put one guy who's doing a great job. And where do we get indication? Sean Payton is going to be available. Why would the saints? Gale Benson wife of of the late. Tom benson. She's been running that team for a little more than a year. You think she's going allow the the best coach in franchise history to walk out the door. Like, I don't think that's going to happen. And excuse me. I don't think there's a person that knows if Sean Payton is a better fit with the Cowboys a lot of distraction that go with the Cowboys. I think Sean Payton has done a marvelous job there in New Orleans. I think that him Mickey Loomis general manager Jeff Ireland what they do from a front office stamp. As far as drafting players with with with with Sean Payton in mind as far as coaching them playing in that culture. I think Shawn's done a great. I don't think he's going to be available. So to think everyone thinks they can do a better job than Jason Garrett because people don't respect him as a coach I start with. I respect Jason gear as a coat. I know that's the toughest job in sports to be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. So my answer would be no initially because I I got a lot of respect for Jason Garrett. And what he's doing? I think you can have respect for what Jason GARRETT'S doing and still believe Sean Payton, if he were of coaching free agent, which he's not more on that in a moment would be an upgrade. Like, I think Sean Payton is one of the very best coaches in the entire NFL. I think you could make the argument that the four best coaches in the league or the final four coaches that we have left in the playoffs this year to go along with the four best off into certainly four of the top five or six and as far as his relationship ability to get along. We don't know. How he would fit in the role of head coach of the Cowboys. But he was in Dallas before he went to New Orleans. He was the assistant head coaches to quarterbacks coach there. So there is a relationship with Jerry Jones at that point time. Stephen Jones didn't have the role he has now and Stephen Jones more in charge of the day to day. But this is this is a weird instance. Because the there just seems to be all of a sudden a lot of smoke surrounding this when contractually there would be no fire Sean Payton is going into year four. So he has two years left of a five year forty five million dollar contract with the saints of what has to happen for him to be able to leave he'd have to request. Well, they would they would have to the two organizations would have to come up with some type of agreement either. It'd be drafted compensation or cast cash compensation or collection of both and Sean Payton to be down for it. There are a lot of reasons why on its face. I believe we'll of course, the Cowboys wanna get Sean Payton almost every team in the league would wanna get shown Peyton. But for. The same reasons you feel like the saints would be hesitant to move on from Sean Payton, especially when the team much like when we talk about drew Brees yesterday and about his retirement window versus Brady's. Why would breeze wanna walk away? Now when they finally have the defense. What why would Sean Payton one change things? Now when he I'm no feels if they get that call right? We're going to the Super Bowl where the favorites in the civil. We're the best team in the league. But people close to the situation seemed to think this is a real possibility, and it's been odd to me the way Jerry Jones has been he's always been a backer of Jason Garrett. They just came off one of their best years they wanna playoff game. And he is yet to publicly commit to him that part to me is there has to be a reason there. So if we're going to compare the two coaches this little kit year by you how many losing seasons shopping at three in a row three. I think one before that. So I'll get back to that. And how many Jason Garrett one losing season? Oh, okay. So I'm just going to if Sean Payton was the coach in Dallas. He would have already been fired because he's already done something. Jason wouldn't do. He wouldn't have them three losing seasons. You'd think he would've survived those three losing seasons in Dallas. Jerry is donor. No. But do you think he necessarily? Would have had losing seasons with the full team. They hadn't house you're gonna show where are they getting the players from the draft them from the same pool. They're putting the team out. He had drew Brees had losing season. Yeah. Dow's you think Dallas is going to have a losing season when they had of the Marquis franchises. Like. So I just think that Sean Payton has done a good job in New Orleans. It hadn't been job where you've been like, you know, I'll take him over any coaching elite. He has had his own struggles. And if you had them same struggles in Dallas that would have cost him his job. So how we look at Jason Garrett is totally different. How we looked at Sean Payton, I agree that Jason Garrett when you look at his coaching resume if you take his name out of it. And you look at the win loss record. There are a lot of things you'd say this guy is the the public view of him is very different than what his win loss record should say. The fact that they only bottomed out the one season when Romo got hurt, and they didn't have a backup that they have been at least eight CM or better seemingly every year. But the other reason why if he were available. It would be very attractive to me is the Cowboys over the next four five years are going to be determined in large part by how good can be because he's not going to be making eight hundred thousand dollars anymore. He's going to be getting a long term extension. We all think this off season. And I don't know that there's a coach there's not three coaches in the league certainly that. I trust more to help Dak reach his full potential than shown Payton. And if we think part of the problem with Dallas is the meddling of Jerry Jones part of the problem. Okay. So Sean Payton would only I would imagine agreed to come to the team. If there was an understanding in place that he would have much more of an open pathway and much more say and may Topaz similar to what Parcells had when he was there. Now, he wasn't there. A long time for parcels. I would I would argue the parcels time did work while he was there. They got they had a really good one. Really good season the Romo fumbled snap that preventative warning that playoff game and moving on. But that's why you get a divorce been like how long were you married? Twenty five years shit was working while I was there. Yeah. You end up getting divorced because it didn't work. That's why Bill Parcells left John. No Bill Parcells he's a very very good friend of mine. And there's a number of things about Dallas that are not attracted Sean Payton is Bill Parcells number one guy. Right. That's his like his son. I don't see Sean Payton. I don't see Bill Parcells given Sean vice you should leave New Orleans. You should leave the Benson family and go partner with Jerry in Stephen see. I just don't see it happening. It's not the first time, Sean Payton's been rumored to be going somewhere else. But I think people have forgotten Jason Garrett one losing season. Sean Payton three in a row with drew Brees. Well, what a gearhead drew Brees whom? I think the conversation a little bit different. We gotta take a break coming up. Hey, how can the Rams defense slowdown Tom Brady and the patriots? That's act suffers things. Things. I would Super Bowl champ. Chris Pennie in studio. Love having you here. Chris all good, all good. Let's talk some Super Bowl despite many. Throw. No problem famous, nor that was great. Wow. Like watching the baby taker for. No, all they know, Geno. Her son obstinate show. They I think that was more like a number two. Thank you. Move on to real words despite many coyness down year for the patriots at least in the regular season. The team average twenty seven points per game fourth most in the NFL this postseason there averaging thirty nine points. Good luck defending against that in less your weight Phillips, even though this is the first trip to the Super Bowl for the majority. The Rams team. They have a calming force in Phillips their coordinator who has won a Super Bowl Bill bell. Check spoke about Wade Phillips and the Rams defense yesterday. Think they're going to you know, we're gonna see like three new fronts and three new coverages game that he hasn't run in last thirty years. I don't think that's going to happen. But that does will adjust to. But that that's they do what they do in their system. They do it. Well. A lot of confidence in which showed. It's he's been successful management doing it for thirty years and multiple organizations with multiple groups of players against every offense. He could see. So I remember dealing with them when I was in Cleveland. Basically, you know, and his credit. There's not many not many of us that have a system that can last that long and. Certainly changed a lot in last thirty years. Schematically? Wade really hasn't really hasn't. All right. Chris Kenny, what do you think what should the patriots except expect from Wade Phillips, and that defense can expect I wave Phillips is going to change it up a lot on Tom Brady when you're planning against the quarterback has that much experience in that has a reservoir of information. You got to change up the looks on them. You can't remain static as defense. Now. That's by the pre snap disguises that they have that secondary will will try to confuse Tom Brady based on what they're trying to do. But also being able to change up the calls when you look at that AFC championship game going back to twenty fifteen in Maha stadium. When Phyllis was the defensive coordinator for the Broncos. He did a lot of that changing it up on Tom Brady they came out and that game in zone covers that was something that was unique for that. Broncos defense just because they were so good in the secondary in that game. And that was the same thing they did to New Orleans last week the first meeting during the season they. This them play man to man New Orleans ran up and down the field on Mike at Thomas destroyed in this game NFC championship game. They went back to that conventional defense that he played in Denver. Absolutely. It was on coverage. He came out with Manfried straight man covers then he went to mad. So he just kept changing it up on Tom Brady. But in the first half you had a lot of zone coverage and the second half, they went back to a lot of straight man to man, maybe a little bit of man, free one single high. Yes. That's the thing that you have to do with Tom Brady, you have to continue this which the looks on him because he's got so many answers based on defenses that you try to present to them. If you remain in the same look he's going to pick you apart. So you have to switch it up on Tom Brady that defense can't be static and that conference championship game that you're referencing is one of the worst playoff games of Tom Brady's career he completed less than fifty percent of his passes had more interceptions than touchdowns. Head of quarterback rating. Sub fifty five one of the playoff games that actually might be worse than that was a divisional round playoff game against the chargers. That was another. Wade Phillips defense in two thousand six like that was a game where Brady had three interceptions two touchdowns. They lost that game. Lost on a Tom Brady. Interception until guy. We're talking about earlier Troy Brown. Forced to fumble got the patriots the ball back. There would come back. Win weight has had some success against Brady in the playoffs. Now, he's obviously also taken some losses in the regular season and the playoffs. But the reason that I think this matchup is so interesting is because Wade Wade at Bruce Smith, wait at JJ watt. Wade now has Aaron Donald if you give Wade Phillips with what he likes to do dominant front four guy to go along with some legitimate corners. There's so many things he can do defensively schematically. That's what he was never able to actually fully have in Houston. He had JJ, but he didn't have the two corners. You could trust that you could switch that you could run different fronts and coverages with I'm also curious to you candy. What you think he's going to do as far? As soon Donald where they line up where they switch. If one time their next reach other one time was on the end ones on the guard. Like how you think they're going to use those two players with sue coming off the best two games. He's played all year. Well, pick a lot of it's going to depend on the down and distance. But played for weight. I kind of understand how he thinks how he likes to call the game. What is going to do is try to present opportunities for his difference makers to be in one on one pass rush situations. You gotta think that Bill Belichick. We'll have some kind of plan to deal with Aaron Donal double team try to do some things to make sure that Tom Brady has the opportunity to step up because Tom Brady likes to operate from the well he wants to stay in the pocket. But those other guys have got come to the party. That's Dante Fowler junior. That's Dhamma consume. They will have one on one opportunity in Wade. We'll steam it up to make sure that those guys have one on one opportunities. It's just a matter of will be able to take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves. I expect from Wade is and I'm gonna go back to Philadelphia days. And that's when he had Reggie, White and. And what I think he's going to do in this game is I think he's gonna play with the great, buddy. Ryan coin is forty six defense. And that's what you cover up to center and the two guards the difference in this defense in Denver's defense. And why I don't think the Rams can be as successful. As Denver was Denver's most of their pass rush. Even though they had some very underrated defensive tackles it came from the outside. So when you get outside pressure like that it makes Brady Bella check that offense. It makes the tidy either stay in more. And or it makes the running backs chip or stay in men the running backs a Tom Brady second favorite thing to build to throw too. So when you have defensive tackles, you can mushed align scrimmage have the guards and the tackles, take those interior. So your backs can get out, and you can get rid of the football part of the attack to earn. Donald is going to be we're going to double team by force numbers. Other things we're going to get the ball out of our hands. He's going to be single. But we're going to get the ball out of our hands. So that's what I believe. Wade is going to go to as far as change of pace. He will go to that Kansas City game Kansas City at the end of that game. They're defense was awful. It was totally predictable third and ten what did they decide to do? They're gonna go to man every single time and Tom Brady picked out that matchup own that slot receiver. Now when they tried to change their coverage when gronk went outside of his normal traditional formation and went outside Kansas City, check to cover one and Tom Brady guarding both times Fayed down the sideline of Eric berry and setting where he ran a slant later in the game so way will learn from that and wait has had some success. So I spent him to have of a riot of three or four coverages at the end of the game that he can go to to try to have success. He said a segment two segments ago that Tom Brady is as precise in a smarter quarterback. As there is in the league. Probably the smartest quarterback. Wade is going to defend against this season. How hard is it to confuse a guy like that? Well, I think it has to be at the. Last-second right. It's got to be that you show them one thing. He he sees it. They may be check out of the play. They do whatever it is. And then you switch it late. Like, I feel like that's the only way to even temporarily convenience. I think people need to remove confusion from your from your dictionary because you're not going to get into game plan this game. There's no coverage. You can give me this going to confuse me. The thing is you want to shorten the time. They have to react. That's what coverage is about. I want to show them something else. And when he goes under center, and when he starts to focus to get the football. Then I wanna give him the luge in of something else. Now, unless you physically feel like you're better than them. Von Miller was absolutely just physically better than them. Aaron Donald is better than them. They're not going to allow it to get to a physical strength battle or skill battle. They're going to help them with numbers. So it's about giving them less time to be able to carve. You part? That's where we should be conversational. You not going to confuse any of the Jared Goff is not going to be confused. Now, can you take away his time to adapt? Now he hasn't seen what Brady seen. So he will be a little more alarmed when he sees certain things. But Tom Brady he just wanna take away that time from him Kim. Absolutely, right. And the other part about this Wade Phillips ultimately wants to do it's going to Pendle on those corners being able to hold up whether or not the game plan is going to be effective because ultimately whether zone coverage or man coverage and certain point down. It becomes man. Coverage and Ken those guys on the outside. Hold up against those patriots receivers. Let those interior defenders being able to match up against those those routes that they like to run in between the numbers Chris stick around gotta take a break coming up. How are the pats Cevers always? So for jumping that's next on first things first. Chris Kenny we are going viral Patrick Mahomes is the presumed MVP this season. But with the chiefs getting eliminated from the AFC championship Mahomes has time to work on his off season craft hitting absolute bombs at a driving range. Not surprisingly with his guy. Garrod deeter the receiver on the chiefs. Like the six receivers Erica cheater Gehrig deeter the person beneath him on the level beneath him is hitting bombs as well that are a lot straighter than Mahomes, if you see him when his his drives come through right there. You saw it for a moment. Look at patting homes, man. These guys is not can't a you golf golf sound. Like you hate Pat Mahomes because he's not hitting the drive straight. Not a straight as the guy beneath a little shade. There's a lot of things I do on this television show hate on one Patrick Mahomes. The second is not one of. That was a little sideways. Hit and draws that are more straight Patrick Mahomes beneath them was seem to be doing about the fella beneath them about Pat Maha, high canning. Okay. Well. Welcome to the great replacement for me slide on over. Happen. Why just my commentary? You have your own commentary. What do better? All okay. Oh now. Jarod told you ain't going to mind light to me back today to you. Tutor number team has been a rotating cast a wide receivers that have come in and out of New England since returning week five Julian Edelman has been a constant the folks over pro football, focus, I've ranked element the number one receiver this post-season. He has two hundred and forty seven yards on sixteen catches and postseason. Best fourteen catches on first downs. Chris can how are the patriots wide receivers always able to succeed with so much turnover at that physician stars Bill Bill took general manager and being able to find smart football players, and you alluded to a little bit of this early about how you have to be smart football player, especially in that attack position for the patriots in their offense. That slot position. The ball is going to go there. And a lot of how Tom Brady is going to execute in terms of being able to get that receive the ball depends on looks that the defense presents. So that slot receiver has to be on the same page with Tom Brady. Now, the other part of the probably won't get talked about a whole lot as the patriots ability to be able to. Protect tolerate in. God. That's the that's the that's the basics in the essence of what they're trying to do offensively with their passing attack. Because Tom Brady is not a mobile quarterback. You have to make sure that you have a clean pocket for him to be able to step up and throw the ball. The patriots like throwing a ball in between the numbers in the middle of the field. Your quarterback has to be able to step up and has to have a clear window to be able to deliver those passes. And so if you look at what the patriots have done in the postseason, they haven't allowed Tom Brady to be sacked in two games that they played so far and during the course of the regular season, they allow the least amount of edge pressure of any team in a National Football League. I think the pressure rate is right around ten percent. So I mean that tells you the job that they're offense of line coach Dante scar Nikki has been able to do with that group. A lot of question marks about how they were going to replace the loss of Nate solar and free agency Trent Brown step right in. They haven't missed a beat. So a lot of their success in the passing game. And what these wide receivers have been able to do from a productivity standpoint starts with the offensive line be able to protect and speaking. Of the loss of Nate solar and Trent Brown step in and that wasn't their initial plan. Their first pick this draft was not Sony. Michelle, it was a left tackle who popped. His achilles in prison. Win is Ahah win. And so because of that now whether win was gonna play left tackle, right tackle, I'm not certain. But they were clearly the their initial plan. They had to go to a plan B, and they still have been able to keep Tom Brady upright, particularly this postseason when he's only he's been sexy times only even been hit three times. The other reason why the patriots have been able to go from Troy Brown to Wes Welker to Julian Edelman with a little Danny amendola mixed in is just like we talked about the pats being able to reinvent themselves the style of team they are they recognize how rule changes affect football as well. As any team in the league when Chris was playing the guy Wes Welker or Julian elements size would have a lot more trouble being that effective in that role because you could hit guys differently. When all of a sudden await we don't have to. You have to be tough. But the the ability for us to repeatedly go over the middle. And it's not going to get you killed. You're not going to be knocked out of the game. Because guys can't hit you in the head anymore. They took advantage of that as well as anybody, but with respect to Julian Ataman to me this is plug and play. This is a guy that there was a guy before Julian domain name. Wes Welker is actually a little bit better. There's a guy in Troy Brown was very similar, and there will be a guy after a toy was better than them absolutely ground sitting have the numbers. Those other guys had because they didn't throw the ball to the level. They do now. But they'll be Julian Edelman we I mean we saw last year, by the way he missed the year with an injury the first four games this year. He was suspended and if he were to go somewhere else next season if Julian and we're take the coal Beasley route of I am not respected enough. I need guess what? Kobi's could come into this team if Julian right like absolutely and I'm not in. So that is it is what the patriot system is built on. And you got to be smart. You got to be tough. And you gotta have good hands. But Brady and mcdaniels will do the rest almost with regards to Julian Edelman, Jerry Rice was asked what elements biggest asset. And he said, oh, it's easy. It's the chip that he carries on a shoulder. All the time. We talked about this this week that he's always sort of played angry a little bit. And I wonder how much of being a little under sized has also helped in that position within the patriot system. I mean, he does with a great deal of intensity is a very smart player player. I I could understand what Jerry would say about that as far as having that type of attitude and how he would respect that. But to me if you can't get separation at the top of the route. If you don't know what you're supposed to be doing. You can't play all five receiver positions. That's number one asset is brain played quarterback in college at Kent state. Now, he's converting over being a wide receiver his ability to build a separate the most short areas, be sure handed be physically tough have that chip on his shoulder. Because when I'm on the route, I ain't got no chip on my show. I got my technique, and I got my brain. So for me, those are the number one attributes in him being very successful. And Nick wouldn't try to hate on them. He sent it. Like, it is there are people that are products of the system. And I would argue that knowing them receivers, they're not efficient. They're not very good. That's why thirty three of them have come through the door in New England since the spring Philip door. Set is a former first round pick. You think they're satisfied with HOGAN what he's done since he came over from free agency. No, that's why they keep bringing all these other people. Josh, Gordon, they went out and traded for him. So I would argue everyone but element has been totally inefficient and New England last five years news flash. Their number one receiver is grown. So their product of that system. They're going to plug someone else in f- element is not there. So they have gotten everything from the talent at the position. But they're one of the least talented why receive in groups of the thirty two teams in NFL. No, you bring up a great point, see. But one thing that Julian Eshelman does know and the rest of those guys on that patriots team, though, is that if you don't do your job Bill check, we'll replace you. So when you run a nose routes, especially in the middle of the field. There's going to be some contact that goes without saying those guys they don't have the luxury of being able to make a business decision. They have to go in there, and they have to catch that pass. And know that they're gonna. A big shot. But that's a part of the culture that Bill Belichick has been able to build in New England. You don't see that everywhere else? So you might not have a player. That's the most talented. But that guy's knows that he has to go in there and take that big shot because that's a part of him being in that role. And that's part of why he's employed by the patriots New England receivers have a luxury very few other groups of wide receivers have the balls only come into them when they have a great match up. You won't see the ball come into them when it's bad up. And I watched film, I watched all twenty two those guys aren't open. So Tom Brady's not thrown to. So we don't even see film of them being covered, which they're covered a lot. Tom Brady gets the best match up. So every time you see New England wide receiver. All you're seeing them at their very best because Tom Brady has selected them, and he selected that matchup based on what he knows about the fan because there's precision and accuracy he so rarely putting his guys in a bad spot. When you go over the middle that often if you have an Radic quarterback that's going to lead you into a big hit the balls. Not going to speak to you on the eighties hard to be as productive and aside from the ACLU as healthy AS Roma's been as productive URS, healthiest Wes Welker were because they are undersize they are more susceptible to getting walloped. But Brady if you need to be catching the ball going low. He's gonna throw it to you low fuel open spaces on throw out in front of you like, I I think that'll is really really good at this specific role. But we have enough history to tell us if Brady keeps flying they will find another guy who can be really really good at this specific role. All right. Chris cannon. We'll see little bit later on in the show coming up. It's time for the saints to just move on from that blown on and the NFC championship game. That's next or things. A welterweight title is undefeated Keith Thurman defenses belt against those ITO. Lopez live from Barclay center. Tomorrow, eight eastern only on FOX and the Fox Sports at all we out there cannot wait. We'll get the saints players still complaining in a second. But I thunder pelicans ABC donator driving baseline dunks. All over check Diallo. I can't believe he got up for two hander here. One. It looked like he was rising up for one hand same deal with throw this down with two hands just chick. Should I contest over the charge? Stuck in the middle ends up getting boomed on same decision. I had to make last night, man. Do I go with one or two for the league? Oh, okay. All right. I was waiting. I was like I'm gonna lives are told ear more NBA warriors in DC Steph curry with some fancy moves before it and the shadow rod reporter Steph did this exact same thing from this exact spot on the court on the other end of the court and the first half. Where's just mixing the guy up a little mid range. Mid range is dead will not when you're Steph curry eat that gave me a foot of separation. Nothing about the bottom of the net. Step thirty eight last night. I think maybe a little closer game in the wars would've liked great game by him. I finally college basketball UCLA, Sarah, Zona, stay this chalian, hands taking off rocking the rim. I'm telling you this was the nicest dunk of the season. I mean, and that's impolitic. I know you too. Is little nostalgia doesn't it? Sitting you all eat on the Woodall man watch. So more so plan to John wooden. Jim. I love that. I miss LA, man. I just missed going to those games man beautiful campus life, I'll go to Saint John's this week and check it out just the same. Back from welcome back with you onto the now famous missed call the NFC championship game. Not surprisingly the saints are still not over it that grudge led by tight end Benjamin Watson who took to Twitter yesterday. And had some strong words for Roger Goodell. Watson tweeted, quote, your continued. Silence on this matter is becoming of the position you hold lead lead. By example, we are waiting. So you see time for the saints to move on from this miscall begun choice. I mean, what are they gonna do? I mean the last couple us. What's happened to them Minneapolis miracle where they lose on a hail Mary to a deep out this safety is there before the play decides, I don't wanna be pass interference. And they lose that game. Prevent them from going to NFC championship in Philadelphia Phillies up winning the Super Bowl. And then this year a blatant pass interference at home critical point in the game was at the biggest call in the game. Yes. Abso. It was the biggest call and I believe because on Peyton and what happened I believe it affected him. What he did afterwards? Because I still believe mentally. He was still on that play trying to get the referee's attention trying to get them to look. So I believe it mostly he hadn't moved on from it. I believe it affected them. What they did after they overtime. You're talking on the plate on over absolute every place from that play. I was affected and he would not let it go as a team organization. What do they gain? What do you gain? Would you want some announcement by Roger today? What is that going to hell question? What do they want? Roger Goodell knowledge is an acknowledged that it had been acknowledged. But it hasn't officially been knowledge by the league. That's what he's talking about been wanting wants the league to come out and say, we blew the call the referees already. Renton call the lead office. Listen, they won't what similar what happened. If you guys. Remember, there's another playoff game decided by a blown pass interference. Call giants. Forty Niners everyone talks about the bad snap. This was back in two thousand two you remember that there's a bad snap by the giants long, snapper. Poor guy got pulled out of retirement for days before the game because they wanted to be the long snapper, and then he has this huge gaffe, and they it's a bad snap. They throw the ball deep downfield. The guy gets tackled and the league next day said it should have been to pass interference. You shoulda gotten another chance of feel our bed. My guess is the reason he hasn't said anything because this has gotten too weird places. You've got members of the US house Representative from Louisiana saying we wanna call Goodell in to testify you have people threatening to sue like. So I'm sure there's lawyers saying we shouldn't say anything right now. But enough like listen, what happened here is the referee had a one in one hundred awful moment. This is no different than to me would Renzo Vikings fan. Wanting to sue Blair Walsh. When he had a one in one hundred awful moment missing a twenty six yard field goal to win a playoff game. This happens. I feel terribly for the saints that had happened. It didn't in my opinion decide the game in this way. They had opportunities after that way went to eight again. Okay. So it wasn't last play of the game may could have stopped them on defense in regulation. They didn't they won the they won the coin toss in overtime. They could've not thrown interception to stop to start overtime. They had opportunities. And I obviously at issue their plate going on first down on that Dr set that aside this happens man, I feel badly for the people of New Orleans. Drew brees. It's the legacy change. I get all that. But with human beings in pro sports guys are going to screw up. And I don't understand why we hold the the referees to a standard of you cannot make an egregious mistake. When. We are watching football players who every week. There's someone that makes an egregious mistake. We're not saying, no, maybe it's because those guys can be cut in the referees. We feel like don't get penalized. I'm not certain. But this happens it'll happen probably again in ten or fifteen. It happens from conversation standpoints far as what the league did why they didn't make a formal announcement. I don't know that. But they did go through a process of this. What happens on the field? Sean Payton talked to the league office on Sunday. He talked to the league office before his press conference after the game. So he had mentioned that Roger and Sean Payton, I know force four fact that they talk on Tuesday. So they personally rise Goodell, and Sean Payton did have a conversation. People are wondering, well, why doesn't want Roger release something athlete? I don't know that. But I do know the tip of communication happens on game day that happened with the league office on game day with Sean Payton, and he talked to the Commissioner. So I don't believe that you're gonna get all. All the calls. Right. So there are calls more critical because of the time you don't have time to recover from them. Because the later in the game. I don't know what else the league can do besides admitting the ref Mr. call we knew that I knew he didn't do it on pert. Right. But the way the ball was thrown the route of the running back the defender being lost in coverage being in the wrong defense making a beeline for a guy who didn't cover all those things added up to a guy missed it. He was a little bit late on it. I believe they were in position to make the call. But by the way, the ball was flighted the contact of the white receiver. He thought simultaneously. They got there at the same time. But we have all these different angles. We can slow it down. Of course, we're going to get it. Right. But I understand why he would miss that in real time. I think even a by miscall standards. This is this is an extremely this is a really bad one. And it's obviously an extreme. One given. Oh, we're inside two minutes of tide NFC championship game. But in the AFC championship game. They and I I I've not raised this complaint. One time. There was a horrendous Cole made as far as roughing the passer on Brady that did not exist that hurt the chiefs ability when that game, and then the patriots fans would say there was a horrendous miscall on an obvious eight yard down the field. Pick on the Sammy Watkins touchdown that it looked like the chiefs scored the game winning touchdown on. There isn't a perfect way to officiate professional football. Now could the NFL be better? Are there just they should make are there things? Should we may be having discussion about is there? An ideal age in fitness for referees. Then have to run up and down the field. Like are there things that we should look at absolutely ain't none of that? Putting the saints in the Super Bowl. None of it. No statement from Goodell. No congressional inquiry. And I just it is it is on to me that we are at Friday. Ben watson. One of the to me, the most smart, one of the smartest most respected players in the league is he's putting that out on Twitter as if that will make things better. There's not one saints fan in America. That's like, okay. Good L admitted they blew it. Now, filling canal I feel better about what they could do what the committee say put out there that would make them. Go. Anybody started do over saints ball? First and goal inside the four of the minute forty left like come on nap. And I take a break coming up can Aaron Donald than the Rams defense lowdown. Tom Brady stumper things. Starts. We are going viral look Donges well on his way to rookie of the year honors. But before he was on everyone's radar. He was training with the best of the best with leaked footage of Don chin Steph curry train to back in August. All maybe there's dodgers develop that step that step back from Steph. I like this. Now, I always always liked to players working out with the veterans. The so much information that they can get this stuff. That coaches Ken teach you man, NBA players NFL players major league baseball, a guy has done it. Oh, man. He's capable of teaching you how to do it love it and one of the reasons Donncha which came into the league. So polished is he's been working out with pros, maybe not Steph curry level. But pros since he was fourteen years old and playing against them since he was fifteen years old, which is why you can come on and instantly be as a teenager one of the thirty five best players legal ready. He's been all. Knicks list thirty five best players. Thirty four. He just why not thirty four what? What do you mean his head headline knives? See I was I actually think he's probably thirty one or thirty two, but I could be leaving someone else. I gave my little wiggle room. Thirty nine. This top. There's I don't think he is top thirty seven and a half. Dude. You know, what I just because I'm into precision and accuracy shouldn't be laughed at God is Friday you. Hey lion. Time for stories Siri TNT wake apart down stake in with the NBA. We're starters for the all star game were announced into west. It'll be LeBron. Katie Paul, George harden and Steph curry the east, it's Janos Kawai and bead kyri and Kemba. Walker? Naked the fans get the starters right nine out of ten. I would have included Anthony Davis at the expense of Kevin Durant. Now, obviously, Anthony Davis going to be an all star in my world would have been all star. I don't look at all star team the way I look at in VP where how good your team is has a lot to do with whether or not you're an all star to me, it's an individual award based on your individual performance, not valuable proposition. That's two team winning. So I would have probably. For conventional line. A real center. You have been be at one something. We only have a few centers when you start eliminating that you're going to miss someone Katie them being the best team in the NBA two time MVP, I think that they should have to starters him and step. So it's hard. It's a good problem to have eighties. Been outstanding though on a team that had been very good last week. We learned that kyri Irving reached out to his former teammate LeBron James now Kevin lavis suggesting that kyri could potentially reunite with LeBron in LA Nick could team up again with LeBron this summer, I would not say it's the likely outcome, but it is not an impossible outcome. The way it would have been a month ago. And it is something that I think people should add to the list of possibilities for Lakers off season targets. So you're sensing from that conversation, maybe some things came out of that that aren't out there public night. That's what you're reading correct. That is I know there are things that we have not been. Reporting won't be reported about a level of reconciliation between the two and that would make this an actual possibility. If kyri wants to leave Boston if the Lakers, don't get Kawai. There are a lot of if they would have fallen to place but a month ago. This was impossible. It's no longer impossible though. I know you're going to tell me that information 'cause I know you you'll see squeal, but in the sense. Today was reported. The Cam Newton had an arthroscopic procedure on his right shoulder. This is the second shoulder surgery in three years for Cam Newton niche surgery to fix a partially torn rotator cuff back in March of twenty seventeen. See what do you make of this? I'm glad he's able to get it done. I'm glad that you know from the time they put him on the shelf the last couple of weeks of the regular season between then. And now he's rehabbed it, obviously, they feel the rehab is not going to be significant enough that they must do a procedure. This is something like, Andrew luck. He thought he didn't need a procedure try to rehab it. Then ultimately put it off. Then they had to go in and correct. This on glad early in the off season. You can get it done to get him back healthy. The NFL is better when Cam Newton is healthy playing his best football. And I fully agree with that last part. And also, I'm glad it's arthroscopic surgery. It's not some major surgery where we're talking about multi-month time line. This is more of the way, I understand it. From reading local reports what they think is it's more of a tweak in. Thus -ment then some type of reconstruction. What are you laughing about? I was getting ready trick you into the orthoscopic. No. Arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder seat. You can't trick meal. Now, you got something common with him. Oh, and are fashioned sensor and with the Antonio Brown saga. The all pro whiteout at the center of trade rumors after Iraqi ending with the Steelers and Brown took to Twitter to weigh in simply tweeting open for business see which teams should try to deal for Tony Brown. This off season. Got it. Nick. I was just messing around earlier in the show. I really got it. I was trying to send into com- Coughlan a little correction. My son about seventh eighth grade. I was like listen, so get your act together. I'll send you the military's. That's all. Do I don't sit in that little camp in the summertime. Other people's six weeks up in the mountains of that plane with the but no I'm not going to sit in the Jacksonville wouldn't be that's the NFL military school. But they do need a number one receiver. They can run the ball put him in Florida with those personalities on that defense. I do believe that can work, but the best spot form Cleveland Browns. Go getting oh, I like that. I go to Cleveland with Baker Mayfield. And man, they would make some things happen. They need an outside number one guy. Jarvis Landry has been recruiting everyone in and he's been sitting on Twitter gel, ever go Cleveland Cleveland needs another wide receiver with the way. They ran that ball with kitchens Baker Mayfield. That defense is underrated. And you get them Steelers twice a year. Now that would be good for business. And so I know some people would say you don't trade within your division. You've had this discussion before I. Think you make the best trade possible? I think that you can't worry about in my making this other team better. You have to say what is the best return? I can get which is why my initial reaction is if I'm Pittsburgh, I call up San Francisco, and I make them have a meeting about the number two pick of the draft for in Tonio Brown straight up. No multiple picks. Short conversation. San Francisco says not goodbye, no. I took a lot of hits to the head. But not that many. So you you think that's given up too much. If you give me the top pick or that second pick in the second round, you can have see. So I you and I and I'm very curious if he gets moved what his actual value is because Antonio Brown with his talent level and his contract, which is going to be a great either. The contract is going to help him. It looks like a good contract on paper. But when you make that transaction Antonio who was agent news. It was at Tom Khandan about drew Rosenhaus. Okay. So the only way they can make money is by renegotiate Nutting stench in so in that contract, you're getting a thirty year old receiver who's walked out on the Pittsburgh Steelers. And he's going to want a new contract. No guys getting trade, and San no, I'll come they're under this current garment. So that right there keeps the price. Down. That's why he's going to be a second round. We haven't prepped this yet. I I'm right now. Kevin Colbert, your John Lynch. I'm gonna call you make the offer. Hey, we'll send you a beef for the number two pick. What do you say? No, okay. How about this? We'll send you a be. If we can swap picks. You we get the number to you get the twentieth. So you're keeping you're saying in the first round you're dropping back eighteen spots. And you're getting Antonio Brown. Does that entice you gotta give me a little sweetener? I like a little sweeter. I need. Third a third. I can't give you can give you can give you v v. I can give you the twin fourth. If you've move me back down and give me a fourth. I would take two players. This is a fake conversation. Right. But Amy, John Lynch almost tweeted, I was like big news just happen to the train. I saw John Lynch go from working for FOX on television to the GM booth with six years guaranteed. I'm just I'm just saying. Yeah. I'm just putting out there. I feel like negotiation. Good talking deal. We'll we'll call back more those it should be segment role play train to weaken segment. Oh, oh, dusty like that one back to the Super Bowl. The patriots offense has been hot this postseason. We don't usually get that from for me never ever any crime. Impress got plenty of heathen. Averaging thirty nine points. This far. Five nine he raised the lion. Jin defending against that patriots offense unless you are one wait Phillips, even though this is the first trip to the Super Bowl for the majority of the Rams team. They have a calming force in Wade Phillips decode Nater who has won a Super Bowl Bilbao. Check spoke about Wade in the Rams defense yesterday. I don't think they're going to. I don't think we're gonna see like three new fronts and three new coverages in scam. That he hasn't run in last thirty year. I mean, I still think that's going to happen. But that does will adjust to it. But that that's they do what they do in their system. They do it. Well. A lot of confidence in which they showed. It's been. He's been successful management doing it for thirty years and multiple organizations with multiple groups of players against African offense. He could see so. Yeah, I remember dealing with them when I was in Cleveland. Basically, you know, and his credit. There's not many not many of us that have a system that can last that long. Certainly changed a lot in last thirty years. Schematically? Wade really hasn't really hasn't RTC. Which of the patriots expect from Wade Phillips in that defense. I think it's difficult for way the last time he was in a match up like this had a Denver Broncos team very very similar as far as the corners actually won the corners is still the same into lead. But most of his pressured he get from the outside and von Miller, and that's what New England feared in an in doing that. We know Tom Brady likes to step up. So if you have outside pressure typically it becomes harder on offense because you have to have a tight end stay in and help chip block. And or a running back, man. Those are two Tom Brady's favorite targets how they want to run their often. So I believe what the interior pressure that the Rams present that I believe that Tom Brady, he's only he's single block sue and no more than you think because he can get the ball out to tighten are the running back to alleviate the pressure. So I think ways should go back to an old forty six Buddy Ryan type defense he played that defense in Philadelphia with Reggie White where you cover up the. And the two guards let them tackle stay on an island because if you do that each one of those guys is single block New England interior center. Enter two guards, I would say the best interior offense of line in the NFL in two thousand eighteen but you make them single block compared to combination blocks, which they allow the would say love to do ninety dropbacks in the playoffs not sack one time because that great interior pressure. So if I'm wait on line up in some bear fronts, Buddy Ryan style, I'm covering up all three of those guys because that is the strength of that offensive line. Now, not allowing them to double team in dominating. And sue and Aaron Donald ninety dropbacks no sacks against Melvin Ingram. Joey Bosa Chris Jones, Justin Houston, deform only hit three times in the in the chiefs game. The patriots are in ninety eight plays ninety four plays pardon me. They had one negative play. It was the kneel down at the end of the regulation. They I mean, they their ability to keep not only Brady upright, but prevent any penetration on running place was spectacular. I have a question about this forty sixty fence that you just mentioned the things that allows you to do anything that has some advantages has has some drawbacks. What are the downsides? What's the potential reason? He wouldn't play a forty six like you're saying his line exploited linebackers have to play man to man and identify one high safety. He knows you're going to be in man, I like the match ups on the outside of the corners build a locked down the wide receivers. That's the reason why like forty six one of the plus minus one of the linebackers is going to be blitz in net forty six so you taking out of coverage. So there's a big plus there, and there are few minuses. That's why a lot of teams don't play forty six defense on a regular in the NFL. So I think the audience might know this list, I'm partial to wait, I know way weight, and I used to radio together when I was in Houston, and I think Wade some gotten a bad rap about. What a good coach he's been at every stop including a head coach. This guy's eighty two and sixty four is a head coach five sixty two winning percentage. Went to the playoffs. Five of his eight years. He was a fulltime head coach only at one losing season as a fulltime head coach owners white ones assess was a head coach didn't have postseason success and Wade is not going to win the press conference. No, he is not going to be. We think he's funny as players and other coaches, and those who get the know him, but a lot of times when you have that type of coach he doesn't win those press conferences, people take away from his football IQ for some reason. Just because he's not he's not demanding. He is not that kind of speaker on a daily weekly base. And the way the way he sounds people judge him and think he's not bright, and he's incredibly bright. It says not fair just whether it's his drawl or the way he kind of carries himself, and by the way, the lack of playoff success. I mean, he was the victim of the music city miracle. Yes. That was a good team. So so I'd say that about weight. Because he also has if we're listing pantheon defensive lineman of the last thirty years how many of them have been coached by Wade Phillips. Reggie White is maybe the top of the list through Smith might be second on the list JJ watt in the modern in the more modern era. And now are Donald all four of those guys? Wait his head. The reason I think he can have more success with this Rams team against Tom Brady Jenna, then he had when he was when he was the coordinator for the Texans, and they got lit up by Tom Brady is he didn't have the corners in Houston. They Jonathan Joseph was a good corner. They couldn't find the complement to and have to leave in Peter's who we've now seen them both healthy what they can do with with a motivated dominant soon. We know how good Aaron Donald is. If that linebacking core can just hold up. I think Wade can do some things. Now, I think this defense can prove present real problem for a patriots team that just annihilated the charge. In the first half won the game there and hung thirty seven on a chief team that hadn't given up thirty at home in four years. So I think Wade is well positioned for this matchup, assuming the weakness of the team that linebacking core can hold up just a bit. All right. Let's take a break. Sean Payton headed to the Cowboys. That's next person. I. Superbowl chaim. Chris canny, we're talking about one of his old team's the Cowboys. Jason Garrett the head coach has yet to receive an extension or a true endorsement from Jerry Jones. Now reports are circulating that the Cowboys might replace Garrett with saints head coach Sean Payton keep in mind next season. We'll be GARRETT'S last year of his deal. Canny both of these guys coach the Cowboys while you were there would Dallas be better served with Sean Payton at the helm over Jason Garrett. Putting better co. So the obvious answer is yes, not know of this situation is going to happen shot is very fond of the Cowboys organization. He was the assistant head coach. When Bill Parcells was the big guy down there making all the decisions. And so Sean is very familiar with the organization and believe there's mutual respect from that Jones family to ward, Sean Payton in the kind of coach that he's developed into that being said, I know Sean Payton signed the contract extension within the Orleans Saints a couple of years ago and years left. That. And I don't think they would be in a hurry to let him go especially with the young core players that they've been able to develop. Now, drew Brees. We don't know how long he's gonna play. But I mean, you gotta think that Sean Payton has a pretty good situation down there in New Orleans. I don't know if this marriage is actually going to take place, but I know there's been a lot of posturing back and forth. And there's the old cliche that you're only as loyal as your options and that's both for the Cowboys. And for Sean Payton, I know that there have been scouts and people close to shop eight said that that is a job that he would love to have. It's an iconic franchise. And of course, everybody knows the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. So I know that that is factoring in there. But I don't foresee Sean Payton leaving Wallin's to join a Dallas Cowboys and be their head coach. Listen, I think two years eighteen million dollars left on his deal with New Orleans because signed a five year forty five million dollar deal before the twenty sixteen season. I think this is unlikely that New Orleans would make him available, by the way, if they wanted to trade picks form the Cowboys keep mine don't even have their for from this year. There'd be some type of cash. Compensation? But I also think that the only reason Jerry Jones has not publicly committed to Jason Garrett and given Jason Garrett a contract extension going into the final year of his deal, which is wing coaches get their extensions almost never have a lame duck coach in the NFL is because he thinks it's possible is because he thinks that this is he doesn't want to slam the door shut on this before he knows that it absolutely can't happen. Because even if you believe Jason Garrett is underrated underappreciated as a head coach. I don't know that anybody thinks he's a better coach STAN Sean Payton, and if the future of the Cowboys is going to be dictated so much by the progression of Dak Prescott. Especially once he gets five years one hundred and twenty five million bucks. I would rather that be Sean Payton leading that progression. They and Jason Garrett. But there are a lot of moving parts here. It's just odd to me that after everyone got a sign of endorsement from from Jerry, Joe. Zones the quarterback wide receiver the running back. Jason Garrett help this team rally from three and five to a playoff win that he's the one guy when Jerry's always been loyal to him that Jerry won't go on his radio show him when he's asked about him like because he was he was asked about three in Dallas. And I have no there's no reason for me to make some statement about that right now when he said when things could open up like what does that mean other than he thinks maybe they could get chomp Aiden, I'm sitting over here. And I'm brainstorm trying to think what do I make this? And I think as temendous amount of irony too earlier in the show, we talked about Sean Payton and the call NFL not making the statement about them losing. If some painting wins that game. Do you think we have the same subject as Sean Payton potentially being Dallas cowboy coat if they win that game playing? They're still going. There's the plan though. Oh, I'm wondering like I mean, would we do? I don't think we would have the conversation started. Before the game. And so the conversation about Sean Payton, potentially leaving New Orleans started. I think it would be happening irrespective of whether the saints win the Super Bowl losing super losing the NFC championship. I think there's two people that can end it. You guys hit the first person Jerry Jones. They asked him on the show. He didn't say anything, John Payton's the other person. There's a reason why Sean Payton hadn't dismissed this. Right. He likes his name to be out there. Also, Sean Payton lost that game that responsibility in New Orleans against the ram. It's on him. So if I am able to move the goal post a little bit. They won't be talking about me throwing the ball on first down. They won't be talking about my decision making. I lost that game. In overtime. Let's talk about something else is a little more distraction. I don't think it's a real possibility right now making nine Ming in a year working for gale Benson. Her. Late husband Tom Benson died less than two years ago. Mickey Loomis Ness, his right hand, man. That's what he's. Communicating with compared to doing business with Steven Jones Jerry Jones compared to what he's doing business with now. I just find it hard to believe as long as I've been around this league to believe that there's a lot of truth to this. Let me ask you this real quick. Sorry. Kenny. Because I know that Bill Parcells is one of your guys. And there is nobody that bigger Bill Parcells guy than Sean Payton, obviously built ourselves was your drafted me. Absolutely. So you guys what do each of you think Bill Parcells would say if Sean if Trump eight and had this opportunity shown today what's being the head coach of that team? Like, what are the positives? What are the negatives? What do you think Bill Parcells would tell them when Parcells was the head coach in Dallas? They pretty much let him run the show. I mean, he ran the draft. It wasn't Jerry. You're Steven Jones. They gave him full autonomy. Jeff Ireland was his right hand, man. So I think a part of why Parcells walked away from that Cowboys Donna this because Joe Ireland is still the right him and Mickey Lomas in New Orleans. So there is some combination connective tissue. Absolutely. And so I think a part of why Bill Parcells decided to leave was because Jerry Jones was trying to insert himself in football decision. So there always is that that tendency for Jerry to get involved in full. Business. And that might not be something Sean is interested in what Bill Parcells also believe that it's better to leave a job early as opposed to leaving a job a year late. And that's why Bill never stayed at any job longer than eight seasons. Bill would go in there. You turn a franchise around and move on. I mean, he's been the head coach five different franchises, and he's always left early. So I look at this situation and say because they've done such a good job drafting in wall is the last couple of years and developing a young nucleus. Even know drew Brees probably going to walk away in the next couple of seasons. I think Sean Payton feels good about where this roster is right now. And of course, they gave him the contract extension. So it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense for me for Sean Payton to leave that situation to deal with the Dallas Cowboys because that is one of the jobs in the NFL that does have some moving parts because of the owner just quickly if Sean Payton came in would he be more Jason Garrett and more Bill Parnell, Omar as Bill Parcells he would only he would only come in with full with full control. And that's the that was going to be the next thing. I asked which is you wonder if this is. A possibility if Jerry Jones is looking back and saying, you know, what we had a good thing with Bill Parcells guy should won that playoff game with the Romo. Fumbled. I apologize people. Like they had good teams. They could've gone on a real run. Maybe Jerry when he is desk in Super Bowl would say I'm gonna I'm gonna hire a guy who I can empower more. So than I've empowered any coach since Bill Parcells can't stick around coming up. How a challenging Sean McVay facing Super Bowl fifty three. We discuss next on Percy's. Vacuum. Chris canny time for say. Rob gronkowski will try to eliminate all distractions during the lead up to Super Bowl fifty three. But his cell phone could keep him from his third Lombardi trophy say. I was reading this group chat you want. See what it was. Oh, you'll lose your mind. Expels to no different group chat. Yeah. Pretty crazy. Kinda wanna show you. Probably be in trouble. Gronk would if the NFL for gronk phone. He's destroying it. Like Brady Boothroyd preference. But nothing about deflation. No, not that. That this could be could be the last football game. We see rob gronkowski playing. Maybe a week from Sunday. I'd say it's a fifty fifty proposition at best like, I I'm sure that that's out there one of the hundreds of profits for the Super Bowl. I don't wish that opponent. But he when he thought about retiring this off season. Yeah. Late another year. I wouldn't be surprised at all. If he retired after. Yep. Wayne said coach, Sean McVeigh celebrated his thirty third birthday yesterday. The youngest coach lead his team to Super Bowl. Among the other way. See celebrated game planning against the best coach quarterback in NFL history that coach is Bill ballot. Check bell. Check is sixty six years old McVeigh is thirty three years old that age gap is the largest ever between Super Bowl head coaches. You saw what I did there, Nick. I'd just split that in half. And I do math in my head math. Thank you guys. You're the best. Here's Sean McVeigh had to save facing New England. It's a great show for football team. Because these guys are the pit ame- of really the standard that consistency at which you operate. And I think, you know, coach bell check, you know, he certainly has had a lot of success on defense, but he's been instrumental offense special teams. So his success speaks for itself. And you know, like I've said before I'm a fan of coaching. I have so much respect for the patriots organization. The way they operate the way that he consistently leads puts his players in positions to really have success. And then you know, that that's something. That's it's an incredible opportunity for us to compete against them. Our players have earned the right to be able to play in. This game are coaches have done a great job. And really it's about the Rams versus the patriots doing an excellent job with that. But but to get a chance to go against a team and an organization like this is something that works cited about, but but you have a lot of respect for them. I Chris Kenny what is the biggest challenge that Sean McVeigh's gonna face come? Superbowl time other is a couple of things Jennifer's foremost, it has to be the exit. And Bill bell. Having the experience on Sean McVay Bill check has been around pro football for four decades. So I mean, he's just got more information. He's got more answers for his team. And you got to believe that Bill is gonna throw something at Sean McVeigh that he hadn't seen the patriots do all season long. So you have to be ready for that. But also from the distaff just how to best utilize these next two weeks to get you a football team ready to go on Super Bowl Sunday because it is different because you do have a buy week in there. How do I best prepare and get my guys ready to go by the time next? No, I don't mean Xs and os. I mean from a schedule standpoint, how do you handle the week the game plan in the install I felt like one of the big advantages that we had on that Super Bowl forty sixteen with the giants was that the core of guys that we had for that team was the same core from the Super Bowl forty two team when they beat the undefeated New England Patriots in Arizona. So those guys understanding how to handle the week knowing that we needed to install the majority of the game plan before we traveled to the Super Bowl site. Those types of things are important because once you get to the Super Bowl city, they're going to be a lot of responsibilities for that. For those players. You've got media day. You've got people pulling you in a bunch of different directions. The best thing that you can do for your football team is to make sure that everybody is familiar and comfortable with the game plan. So when you go there, you're just shopping and everything up and just trying to build to get to the big game. See we talked about that and Super Bowl forty six when you guys interviewed me, Indianapolis, and we were just talking about the importance of making sure that this week was more of the. A week the preparation week last week. We got all the physical work as far as our game plan install done. So I think that's going to be something that's important for Sean McVeigh how he handles the next two weeks with his young team. Because a lot of guys on that team for the Rams this is their first rodeo. So they don't understand what this is all about the patriots got a lot of experience when their fourth Super Bowl last five years trying to recall some of those things we also talked about I do I do vaguely remember you and your teammates, though, y'all came up with the pack as far as which our going to Super Bowl week as far as what y'all weren't going to hang out. Actually, I can remember. We have saluted did that was one of the things that we had discussed the guys that will want that giants team. They said listen the parties after you win the Super Bowl or a lot better than the parties before the Super Bowl when you're doing when you're there at the city during that week. So it was a situation where we had a little bit of fun right before we left to go to the Super Bowl site. But when we were at the Super Bowl city, it was all business. Nobody was hanging out. And why was that Sorolla Nablus in Annapolis? Not as much. Lanta whatever tour exactly, but that was is this. Spirited night. But that was one of the things that was important to us as a team like we wanted to be accountable to each other because we knew in order to play our best football. We couldn't be hanging out during that week. So I'm gonna go to the biggest challenge and Sean McVeigh. He's really done a great job. They attacked free agency him and less need the general manager there. They'd done. A tremendous went up some veteran players and to me they didn't go after guys who had the wrong characteristics to bring into the locker room all were hard workers all of them were high achievers, and there was individual skill that each of them could do that was a great asset to what the Rams needed from either Sioux to Peter's to leave all of them cooks. They were all blue chippers as well. All first round picks all concerned about these do they have do they have the brotherhood that I heard you talk about I interviewed. And I saw how it worked on the game. I watched a Buffalo Bills, and I can tell you how they lost four Super Bowl. It wasn't scheme. They tried to party too much every single Super Bowl believe in that they could treat that Super Bowl a lot like they did the regular season and what they did in the regular season they party, and they want a bunch of games. But in the postseason, you can't do that can Sean McVay get these renegade one a year Renna cops mercenaries he can he get these guys focus for that first week. And that's the week. They were in Los Angeles when they flew back from New Orleans when people were meeting them at the airport and all the distractions because I saw the New York football giants. I saw the commitment. It's different than a game plan. I'm committed to you, man. I'm going to not do those things this week. So that we can lift up that Lombardi trophy to me that's the biggest task that Sean McVeigh has in trying to control them to get them to Atlanta. Right. And so cast so that all of what you guys are talking about the majority is everything up until around six forty eastern a week from Sunday when the game. Kicks off. And then once the game actually kicks off the questions going to be for show McVay in that offense. Can they adjust to whatever it is those wrinkles those things Bill Belichick's putting out there hasn't shown all year quicker than the patriots. Previous to Ponant. Did chargers never were able to just game was over thirty five seven and a half time. Good night. The chiefs took took old first-half to adjust eight runs sixteen plays for thirty two yards in that first half. Now, they made a game of it the second I've actually took the lead, but they dug themselves alternately too big of a whole how long will it take for the pats the Rams to adjust to that? And to the Rams offer up. The patriots anything they have to adjust to because the Rams offense has been a predictable one. We know they're going to be an eleven personnel. We're not gonna have three wide receivers one tied in one running back. We know that so much of what they do pre snap is really just a setup play action. And we have to assume girlies going to be a full go world three. Ramseur and really rough shape. So let's just assume that he's healthy, then we know so much setup around their best offensive player Todd Gurley. And we also know their next into player Brandin cooks. The patriots got a book on him. Now. Now, maybe as a book on their corners to go along with it. But he was in that building a year ago. So they know what he does and doesn't do. This is another time whereas far as how you deal with the long eight at halftime, how you do some things you guys are about Sean McVay will have to lean on the guy one of his first hires. Wade Phillips who's coached in Super Bowls who's been a part of teams that had that one is few years ago with the Broncos that team did have some Super Bowl experience from their loss to to the Seattle Seahawks. The couple years prior yet that that challenge of that first week that is the number one challenge. And then as you said Knicks seriously about the Xs and os in Gaul New England Patriots have won eighteen straight games against quarterbacks twenty five and under Jerry golf is twenty four. So those Xs and os become very very important. They're not more. Portent than that. I lead up to that week of practice in the in the host city, Chris Kenny how much can the Rams learn from what the eagles did against the patriots in the Super Bowl last year. One of the formulas for being able to beat a Tom Brady led team is being able to get pressure on Tom Brady in the middle of that offensive line. And so I think the Rams are quick to do that with Aaron Donald and indomitable sue. But it's just a matter of how they're going to be able to just because Bill is going to have a plan and terms of trying to neutralize what those guys do a big part of that plan will be that patriots passing attack. Getting the ball out on time. Tom Brady is going to get the ball out of his hands in two and a half seconds. That group for the Rams they have to be patient and understand that we've got to continue to come at him knowing that there will be a -tunities eventually in the game. You just got to be able to capitalize on that was one of the things we were able to do with the giants. We kept coming at Tom Brady we had waves of defensive line. We ate deep that year. And that's been we were able to able to wear down that patriots offensive line. So once we got into the fourth quarter when those critical. As needed to be made much like what happened with Brandon Graham last year, and that two minutes real we were able to make those plays and the way you guys did it and not that there's a great recipe for beating the pats in the playoffs. Then lost ten games. Eight. It's been the more duplicate one L trying to get after Brady and hold down the offense. That's how the pats of lost eight of their ten playoff games in this era, which is an amazing number that only twice as team said we're gonna outscore you last year Super Bowl and the six AFC championship game. When Peyton Manning executed, a spectacular second half comeback. All the other ones you've held the pats to twenty one or nothing, and you've really been able to choke out their offense that that I think will be what the Rams attempt to Chris. Thanks for hanging out with us today. Thank you for listening to the first thing Spurs podcast. Remember leave us review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on f s one Monday through Friday, six thirty AM Easter for Chris Carter, Nick right on general song. Everybody.

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