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Laya Barak: On Broadway Bares, BrothMasters & Saying Yes!


You're listening to a fit. Plus love production. Of course at once again you always say then you figure it out from there that was lay Iraq. This is Marnie Salip. Thanks for tuning into my podcast. Marnie on the move each week I will be inviting interesting innovative movers and shakers to join me on the show and share their story. You will discover and hear from thought leaders experts influencers and entrepreneurs from the worlds of wellness. Sports beauty fitness fashion. And more Marnie on the move will feature an eclectic mix of people I know work with and thank are generally doing cool things. On each episode I sync up with my guests about life career and training and showcase their expertise and story. Hi Marnie on the move listeners. I'm your host Marnie Sal. Thanks for tuning into today's episode with Layup Rock. I'm pretty sure after listening. You are going to be dialing into all things. She is a woman of many talents and titles. Doing what she loves. Layer is an well known choreographer Dancer Pilates Instructor and entrepreneur on Romans. Layover off has been dancing since the age of Tooth Passion for choreography. Dad's brought her to New York City from her home town in Detroit Michigan where she learned from some of the most talented people in the business. She made a quick pitstop in between at Indiana University where she ended up developing the modern dance major and curriculum. Because there wasn't one at the Time Today. Leah is the director of Broadway Bares where she was a choreographer prior to directing the show. She is a hip hop dance. Teacher at steps on Broadway where she has been teaching for over a decade and Leah is also the CO founder of Broth Masters. A boom breath company. She launched with her mother. Dorothy in two thousand fifteen. It began after injury. An ankle surgery triggered her. Crohn's disease in two thousand twelve Leah and her mother turned to homemade bone broth to help her reduced inflammation and get the nutrients. She needed into her body to help her heal. It was a true game changer for her health and her career on today's episode. I think up with Leah. Her Passion for Choreography and dance her journey from Detroit to New York City pursuing her dream career building a business with her mom how her battle with Crohn's disease inspired innovation the healing power of bone broth and the delicious nutrient dense ingredients in broadcasters. And of course we talk about her philosophy around saying yes and the movement and wellness routine fueling for success. You can learn more about brought masters at Brock Masters Dot Com and Routemasters on social also head over to Broadway Bares and learn more about twenty twenty follow lay Barack on Instagram to sign up for her hip hop or pilots. I hope you enjoy what you hear on today's show. 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I've been dancing since I was two years old. In Detroit Michigan. I grew up at a net in company school of dance which is where a net loss and her two sons. Josh in Mark Bras where my teachers in Josh Forgot? Actually to be very big time choreographer on Broadway and he quit for the show smashes well that was on television. I think he wanted to emmy for that. I grew up dancing in Michigan and then when I went to college I was unsure of what I wanted to study but dance always was a very big draw to me and so at Indiana University. I actually ended up doing an individualized major. 'cause they had individualized major program. I there wasn't a dance major at Indiana University at the time except for ballet which was not my strong dance ability so I started in individuals major through there individualized major program that I got a dance sponsor and a business through the arts sponsor and together. We came up with a curriculum where I could both steady dance dance history but also business in marketing and development through the arts world. And then after I left Indiana I took a year off. Actually go backpacking across the world. Nice as one does. And then I immediately moved to New York City to try to become a choreographer and a dancer. I had always had dreams to be That was primarily what I was trying to pursue when I moved there and within the second day of moving to New York. A fellow friend of mine did the individualized major program with me. There was six of us that did this individual major that basically we actually created the dance. Major for Indiana University that. They implemented the year after we graduated. Yeah it was really cool to be a part of something where the modern dance program was a minor at the time and because of the way that we were able to develop this individualized major from six people that were interested in it. They were then able to take that curriculum that we kind of made with our sponsors and developed into the dance major at Indiana University so that was really cool to be a part of that way that when. I'm basically one of my friends that I dance with Indiana that I did the major with she was working at steps on Broadway in an administrative role there and they had just lost one of their hip hop teachers to a Broadway show and they were starting their classes that Monday and it was Saturday so she called me up and told me that she told her whole office. That her friend from Indiana that was hip hop choreographer. Teacher just moved to New York that they should give me this job and I walked into the office wearing like my hippie skirt. Coming off traveling backpacking for a year. And so like hippy. Slowly and one of my friends. That's teacher there. Later like years later he told me that when I walked into that office. He told my boss. You can't hire that girl to pop hip out the answer wearing that outfit. You people totally judge dance by you. Know what you're look is like. You're you know a white Jewish girl. You can't possibly a hip hop dancer of. You're wearing a flowing skirt and like a hippie outfit. It was pretty hilarious. I was I was. I was a different personality at the time. That's so funny. Yeah it was pretty. It was pretty hilarious but they hired me based off of that recommendation and that was pretty incredible to me because I grew up doing dance conventions and steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center. These were like staple really high up there dance studios that I had known about my entire life and dance teachers that I looked up to since I was a kid taught at these institutions. And so then you know here. I am my second day. New York City and I get hired to teach in the pre professional program at steps on Broadway which was at the time called the school at steps. Yeah I mean. It's one of the best dance schools in the world's definitely in the city. Yeah and you know th that has been my home now for Has such touch with many years. I've been in New York City. Yeah you're two years. Yeah it's so funny because you know it's like we met through Broth Masters. Yes my bone broth company. Yeah I honestly like you totally downplayed the hip hop. Let me just tell you that. You Athletic Athletic. And I was doing a tasting event for the BRA. So in like my broth- masters mode I not really like you know even talking about the fact that I am hip hop gray referring to teacher direct. You know things like Robbie so it's a totally different hat but also within the same world of like health wellness fitness. Will you do it well? Because honestly you know it's like now that I've discovered your dance and hip hop and all the amazing things you do with Broadway Bares. I mean that's so cool so tell me we're GONNA come back to Broth Masters because I want you to continue on the dance trajectory and steps. I think it's pretty incredible. So so you're teaching steps. And how did you get involved with Broadway? Bares it actually anyways all ties together with the Broth is well my dad's career into my wealth wellness and broth career? So I've been teaching at steps on Broadway now for I would say if teen years so it was my first job in the city and it really like help me get my foot in the door as far as just meeting other teachers other criag refers other artists and I met some of my closest friends that know in New York City at the versus some like La People. Really help each other out so one of my best friends. Jonathan Lee actually. He helped me get a few jobs teaching around the city at the same time I moved there so then I started teaching at Dance New Amsterdam. I eventually had class at Albany lead so I was kind of all over the place teaching and choreographing and just trying to put my stamp in the dance world and I was having a lot of successes with teaching all over the city choreographing for different up and coming artists showcases and unfortunately as many dancers encounter. I really injured my ankle and had to get a really severe ankle surgery. So that took me out of dance for minute al. Come back to that because that really hungry much to the broth story but basically I had been still teaching in doing but I was doing a little bit less Craxi because of my ankle and my injury and a good friend of mine. I'd gone to see a show at the Joyce. And my good friend. Nick Kinkel he was directing Broadway barriers at the time and I had sort of been out of choreographing for like a year because my ankle and he used to take my class at steps in dance new Amsterdam and he approached me and said I love your coffee. Would you ever be interested in Choreographing for Broadway bears? And of course I said yes because I was always taught to say yes to everything and figuring out later you know even though it it totally scared me because I hadn't choreographed for as big of show as that before and I'd only seen the show at Roseland ballroom and they were changing over to Hammerstein ballroom that year Because Roseland was closing and just quickly about legacy Broadway Bares for some people. Yeah don't know. Listen Yeah so Broadway is Broadway cares equity fights AIDS. It's their biggest razor event of the year so it is basically a time of year that two hundred plus dancers come together from Broadway Broadway national tours and we put together a one night only show that raises money for Broadway cares equity fights aids and it's just such a magical time of year because you have literally every single Broadway show coming together to volunteer their time and energy and talents to raise money for this organization. That does so much good for you. Know they. They give money to actress fund which helps dancers in actors. That don't have health insurance. Get the medical treatments that they need or see doctors. They help fund the Phyllis new women's funds they obviously helped the AIDS initiative. But since. That's not as prevalent now as it was in the ninety S. They've now branched out to helping all sorts of different things. They have a Kobe Fund right. Now that they're doing to help out people that can't afford health care right now. That are struggling so they just do so much amazing work and this event become kind of a staple in broad unity as a time of year. That kicks off the summer. Brings everyone together and we all are doing something for the greater good so you know last year. We the most amount of money as In our funds for the dancers we raised over a million dollars and collectively for the whole show. We raised two million dollars. That's amazing though. Yeah it's really like a very special show and so the first year that I did it. I choreographed a number and I was terrified but it was the most incredible experience I've ever had and I some of my best friends have come out of working on this show and that was the year they moved from Roseland. Hammerstein ballroom correct. Yeah that was the first year they did Hammerstein ballroom which Hammerstein is such a big space that it became just like a massive show production value. Is You have two hundred dancers you have about twelve to thirteen choreographers. You have a costume designer per choreographer you have projections designers per choreographer. You have about probably seventy five MAC makeup artist and hairstylists that come in to do everyone's hair and makeup and it's just a massive production like putting together the stage the design the concept. Everything sounds amazing. I can't believe that I have not been yet. Oh my God well. Twenty twenty one because we can't have year you have to come because it's the thirtieth anniversary and I will be directing the show once again next year that's incredible. Yeah so I choreographed for it for four years and then nick approached me to co direct. The show with him so that he could pass the baton on to me and then last year was my first year. Solo directing the show which entails basically coming up with the whole theme. Finish show picking all the choreographers and you know kind of everything. The the set designs everything. Kinda goes through me. What the vision of the show is so it was. It's a massive undertaking. And I learned so much about you know. Just obviously directing but just working with all different types of people all different branches of the Arts. Whether it's the costume designers at the projection designers of the stage crew or the lighting design and it was an amazing experience and I was the second female director in the last twenty nine years to directly show. So that's pretty and I actually know a few people who are aspiring choreographers. And I have heard that is one of the hardest jobs to get because people don't leave the jobs and also there's no women very few women is that that is very true. I mean there are more women that are starting to get recognition Brown. She's offering a ton of stuff and she's incredible But it is definitely a world where kind of a lot of the same. Greg refers that. Make it to that point and have a name for themselves. They're the ones that kind of getting jobs. Because they're the the big names that producers WanNa put on a show so it's it is hard it's very challenging it. All kind of just happened to me with a getting to be director. I never even. I never even put my name in the hat as like. I want to direct this show so it was extremely flattering to me. When obviously Nick and Broadway cares and Jerry? Mitchell gave the green light to ask me to do this. You know. These are all people that I look up to and all the choreographers that I work with that. I've chosen to be a part of the show last year and this year. These are people that are just so inspiring to me and I've looked up to so much through my career and get the chance to work with these artists and to hear their ideas and to help their ideas and to get that kind of response from everybody is just. There's there's nothing more rewarding honestly. It's really cool. I mean that's incredible. You should be so proud of yourself. Thank you. Yeah sometimes it feels like you know a little schizophrenic here in New York and you're doing a bunch of different things to sort of like with deer career up at it can feel a little bit all over the place but at the same time that I do things like this and I talked to people like you and you're like Oh yeah okay cool. I am doing the dancing and the pilates thing and the broth saying you don't realize when you're so in it like what you're doing you know what you're not meeting like you don't know what you're doing you know what you're doing but you're not like sitting there like oh. I'm so amazing and I'm doing this and I'm doing that. You're just like doing the work like you're making things happen and you don't take a step back to say like. Wow Look what I've done right. I mean it's so important to do that. So what are you doing now with Broadway Barra since? Obviously there's not going to be show this year. Yes so you know. It's honestly been one of the more devastating parts of the coronavirus for for my time this time of year for outside of also supposed to have my wedding weekend and that's also canceled but basically we want to still be able to fundraise for Broadway cares because obviously a lot of their events and they do the red bucket collecting at every show and the national tours. And there's no shirts happening right now. So there's no collecting for them right so it's really important and it's important for our community. This is such a beloved event in our community that just yesterday was supposed to be. What dance orientation where we all come together? I basically announced the theme. Jerry Mitchell does his whole speech about why we're here why we're doing this and basically the whole community comes together and we kick off. This may June of rehearsals and just community and being together and then the show would have happened on June twenty first so obviously with everything being shutdown in helping safe to have large groups together. That has all changed this year. And it's heartbreaking. Because we've I've been planning this show now since October where I came up with the theme in October we went through a lot of iterations of it and then I reached out to Craig refers I built my whole team. We've had meetings since January. And then we had a photo shoot for it or the marketing materials which is all part of the process and we are going to take all those assets. And we're GONNA take this team and we're actually going to use it for twenty twenty one for the thirtieth anniversary show but basically yesterday was kind of amazing. We had a virtual dance rain teaching Where we had a hundred seventy-one dancers on zoom call with that We sort of were explaining to them. How we're going to move forward with Broadway. Bares virtually this year. I can't give too much away at because it's not really out all good let's rewind. We met at athletic two years ago when you were there for a fitness wellness event with your bone broth company Broth Masters. How did you go from pursuing a career in dance? And Choreography being the director. And choreographer at Broadway Bares and teaching hip hop classes at steps on Broadway to launching a bone broth company. Yes so I had Crohn's disease since I was fifteen years old and it has kind of been a thing that flares up for me every summer since I was fifteen and Pleura while in my twenties it was much better but I actually had a really severe going back to. I think I mentioned this earlier in the podcast that I had a major ankle injury through dance and believe it was in two thousand twelve. I WANNA say and I had to have a pretty severe surgery on it. It was osteochondrosis region. And they tried to do arthroscopic Louis. And right after that surgery with everything they pumped into my system. It flared krones to an extent that I've never seen in my life and to the point where I couldn't eat foods I not go out and enjoy just like a drink with friends. I was in constant pain and inflammation and at that time. There wasn't that much about bone broth. But my family's always very much been a healing food family so I was seeing an integrative medicine doctor because I did not want to go on some hard drugs like Medicaid or Humira because I heard a. They're just awful for you. They might not work and they can cause things leukemia. And I didn't WANNA put anything in my body that can do that. So re basically started researching foods that were anti inflammatory and became across a few blogs that had to do with Crohn's and they described a lot of stuff about bone broth. And how you know the gelatinous the gelatin from the bone bras really helps heal. And the guy that there's a lot of anti inflammatory properties that when consumed right to the the gut can really help because your gut is like your second brain and if your got is not functioning while you're GonNa have inflammation in the rest of your body. So obviously I had inflammation in my ankle from the surgeries and I had inflammation gut my so I was in pretty bad shape and I've never been really like a chef in New York City so the idea of getting the bones in slow simmering it for at least twenty four forty eight hours and then breaking it down just seemed like impossible for someone like me so my mom is a great cook and she can do all these things and she lives in Michigan and a big kitchen and so she started making the bone broth and overnighting it to me in New York. One Michigan's amazing. Yeah she is really like the best mom ever and so I started kind of giving my got a break from other foods and I was just really consuming like the broth and soup and it was the one thing that sort of calms my got down and about six months into like using the bone broth in my diet on a daily basis. My inflammation. Calm down I was started being able to eat regular foods without severe pain every single time and I could get back to semi normal life again fast forward a few years. You know my mom and I were talking about. How much bone broth helped me. And we both wanted to do something bigger than ourselves and my mother's always wanted to like you know heal. The world helped people. It's just like in her nature. It's in mind too but you know she's just such an amazingly giving person so we had sort of danced around the idea of like what if we took this Bra. That helped me so much and you know made it more for the masses to help others and at the time there really was not that much about bone broth it was. This is still really early. This was in twenty fifteen when I had read an article about bone broth in the New York Times and it was right when bro opened and they were like the first ones to just open that one window in the East village but I sort of read that article and I had been giving bone broth recipes to like my plots clients and people that I knew that had Crohn's disease for a while because I was like this helped me so much and a lot of people don't WanNa make it. Most people are like okay. That's awesome but I don't WanNa cook this for forty hours smell in the house and all these things but I started to realize if the New York Times is picking this up then people are going to start to know what bone broth is. Because at that time I would say bone. Broth is helped me so much by bone. What what is it like it? Wasn't I love that that's like? I love like wait. What is that Oshawa? What Gonda on adapt? You're taking mushrooms to eat bones like what I one random Sunday in February thousand fifteen i. My parents were in Argentina and I remember at actually was on facebook and I saw a friend of mine who had started a lava cake company from her grandmother's recipe in France. And she was doing it in Detroit Michigan and she had been doing it for three years and she had just gotten a partnership with Air France that her cakes were going to be only business class for for flights from Detroit to Air France. On how? That's insane that's and I was like. Wow she really did this with a advocate that you know three years ago. She making these in selling them and look at her now and I thought to myself you know she can do this with a lava cake. That's not something it's like a luxury item for people to just enjoy. Why can't we do this with the boombox so I wrote up a business plan I send to my mom. She was like in Argentina at the time was like. Can we talk about this when we get home? But yes I love. The basically she got home and within a week she started talking to some friends about wanting to wrench kitchen space and she wanted to get the broth tested by food scientists to make sure that it had components that we wanted in it and a week later her friend who is a caterer called her up and said a friend of mine who is writing a book about bone broth. It turned out to be Dr Kellyanne. Protrude she who is writing the bone broth diet book. She has an office in Detroit and she was writing the book at the time and they needed one hundred quarts of bone broth a week for their patients. That didn't make it on their own and basically my mom's friend said you know. I don't know how to make this this is you just told me about this this week. Do you want this job and so we had literally just had this idea a week before but of course once again you always say yes you figure out from there? Yeah and that's been our motto always so it forced us to get our ducks in a row at set up our LLC find our bone sources finer kitchen space and we started making this bone broth and That's sort of where it all started and then from there. It was experimenting on how to ship frozen and the different packaging and containers. And how do people order online and not just through writing that they want to place an order and slowly but surely five years later we are shipping nationwide? We have two products. We have the original beef and chicken bone broth and that we have the chicken only and my mother is still making every single batch. It we call it artisanal bone broth because we are one of the only companies. That doesn't have a CO packer. We're not cutting corners. Were still doing it. Forty eight hours and we've worked with food scientists to maximize all the nutrients that are in that broth even down to the garlic and onions not over cooking our vegetables to make sure that people get that. So what are some of the amazing healing ingredients in bone broth typically? Yes so you know we. We obviously like to say that there is no one trick for any healing. Obviously there's no medical proof of anything with Always always have said. We believe that there is healing through food. Food is medicine and some of the key nutrients in the bone broth are a the amount of gelatin and college in that Senate so when you cook the bones for that many hours you're getting all the gelatin out an ecology out of those bones and we use things like the be the marrow bones in the rib bones in the chicken feet. So you're really getting the most gelatinous bones and all of that for your body when consumed is acts like a glue for your gut so anything from leaky gut to Crohn's disease like I have. It really just helps hyun seal the gut from any kind of inflammation that you might have outside of that. It's really high in protein so for just a liquid. You're getting fourteen grams of protein per cup so usually I do want whole pow to two cups in. That's twenty eight grams of protein. And so for someone like me with Crohn's disease people with Crohn's don't process proteins that well so breaking down proteins much more difficult so getting that amount of protein in a liquid form. That's very easy to digest in. Its very soluble into your system. Helps to get that protein into your body better the hammock protein and then we have in our bone broth thirty percent of your daily calcium intake. In one cup so for women especially. They're now saying that. Getting calcium through food is much more important than taking calcium supplements. There there has been some studies that getting calcium through supplements can cause heart heart disease as well. Now so they're saying getting calcium through food is the most important way to do it so in our bone broth you know you take one pouch if you do it as a meal. You're getting sixty percent of your daily calcium intakes six hundred milligrams of calcium which especially for women in their twenties where they start to lose a lot of their calcium in their body and it doesn't produce as much. It's really really important to get that calcium through food and then one of the main things to that. We found in our bone broth through the food scientists that we worked with. He was testing. Different Bra for anti-inflammatory properties. And he called this up when he got all results and said I understand why this helped your daughter so much with her krones because there are a lot of anti inflammatory properties and one of the main ones is this soul faded Glucose Amino glide cans which they call located. Ghg's and that it's very anti-inflammatory for for your body. So the fact that our broth has such a high amount of these is why it helps people with Crohn's or inflammation and is just really healthy for you and working with him. He's the one that also taught us that if you cook certain vegetables at high temperatures for too long then you lose some of those nutrients anti-inflammatory properties. So that's why when my mother is doing our Bra. Because she's still cooking every single batch. She puts everything in in scientific stages. So those vegetables that she's putting in at the end. She's putting them in at a time and temperature. That's going to maintain the anti-inflammatory properties. So that people that drink are brought are still getting those anti-inflammatory properties problem the garlic from the onions. The different nutrients that you're getting from the carrots and the vegetables that are in there so that those are not overcooked as well. That's amazing that she's pretty incredible. My mother I mean. How big is your company? We're still a really small family business though. I'm basically doing all the development and our outreach to get the product out there we do a lot of trade shows here in New York and we've done a few in Texas and we were supposed to do in Phoenix Arizona last month but it was moved obviously because current virus to next year. But then my mother's kitchen we have one other person that we've hired to help her in the kitchen and then my father is in there doing the cooling and packaging process and my little brother is shipping department so we are a full family run. That's amazing that's so cool. Have you seen an uptick of sales as a result of yeah absolutely we in March right when everything started happening we had a huge uptick? I think we were almost fifty percent sales from the march. The previous March. Yeah because eight people were super stocking up and be people. Were you know scared and needed foods that were immune-boosting and bone broth is an immune boosting food? If you're most most winters when I'm drinking it every single day basically because of microns but also now. It's just really healthy doing that. Taking Algebra ECHINACEA. Winter has staved off. You know colds and Flus for me for years and so we did see a huge uptake in March and then again last month we were definitely up in sales from April of last year as well so we have seen like a big uptick in that because people obviously with Cova even were using our bras. We got a review. The other day that someone had written that are broth was the only thing that she could shrink cure her kobe process and she had she had ed and she said it was the only thing that she could drink it. I've heard a lot of people talking about how they have a can't taste in Quaid's so that's a huge thing with the bone. Broth is because the way that we make it. It's it's real food. It's not like a box soup that you know has been processed or irradiated or anything like that. That's on a shelf. So you're getting the nutrients that your body needs to help. Fight any kind of thing so whether it's Kobe or whether we have cancer patients that are fighting cancer and going through chemo treatments in their bodies in such a weakened state and they also can't consume solid foods because it makes them nauseous. Or it's too hard. We've had unbelievable stories of people that have said your bone broth get through this because it gave us the nutrients to fight the fight. Our bodies need those. The protein our bodies need that the calcium. Our bodies need the extent laboratory properties. And if you're not able to consume food because you're feeling sick you're feeling nauseous. You can't taste anything so this is a really unbelievable alternative to getting that nutrient in those nutrients in your body's that's incredible. Yeah we've seen some pretty amazing stuff with what bone broth and things that we never never knew it could help with people have Britain S. It helps with their gout people with gall bladder issues one woman. There is a testimony on our website. She was supposed to have gall bladder surgery because her gallbladder was not producing enough vile and she was in a lot of pain and she was a Vegan and she said okay. Let me try this broth. One Cup in the morning one cup in the evening for an extended period of time and a month into her doing that. Her pain went away. Her her gallbladder started producing the violent needed and the doctors told her she didn't need the surgery. So you see stories like that and you're like okay. We're doing something good here believe it. It's pretty amazing. The things that your body could do if you're giving it the right fuel to succeed and especially for inflammation which is like so hard to identify where it's from and like what it's doing in your body so you're doing all of these things at once you're teaching steps your hip. Hop Dance. You're the director of Broadway and you're running this hugely impactful company. That's providing people with solutions through bone broth for wellness. Yeah Awesome and so what do you what am I did a yeah I mean I'm what are you doing now to stay fit and healthy during I'm applies instructor also so I've been doing a lot of police on my own and then I've been taking a few of my my friends. Classes that are applies instructors and teaching two classes right now on zoom one could the pre professional program at steps with my advanced kids and then one I just started an open adult class through their the steps on Broadway. Virtual classes so. I'm doing that every Wednesday from four thirty to thirty for the time being head of both open about class and then. I'm very lucky that I got out of the city and headed up to the catskills right when all this happened. So I've been up here for two months and I've been hiking peaks. I've done ten thirty five hundred peaks since I've been era as you know. Just that's been a a real outlet for physical activity when you can't really do that. There's honestly not that many people out here. This town is like five hundred people and the trails are vast and many and so you can find trails that nobody is on. It's kind of amazing. The awesome have you. Could you see coming out of every considering I've spoken to you if you times that I'm always is but I chose young? I've been posting like into stories on my hike. My piques everyone's like your quarantine is agreeing. Yeah you're living your best life but normally go to is dance right. Yes and no yes. Because I'm always creating for class so like the choreography process can is like you know a little bit challenging in the kind of standing in my room with a mirror and just putting music and seeing what comes out of my body for hours and then obviously when you teach class. I think I used to do it a lot. More in my twenties and late Twenties early thirties. But ever since I I've had three ankle surgeries on his ankle and my knee and yeah it was a osteochondrosis. The last one they had to actually cartilage. Outta my knee break a bone in my ankle. My my meals and put the cartilage in there and put some screws in so for a while. I had to kind of cut back. How many classes? I was teaching. Just because hip hop is very hard on your body and it was getting it. Sounds like it's worth. Yeah it can be and so you know. Hence why a started the bone broth business and started laud's clients so I could kind of diversify myself a little bit more and not. Just be completely reliant on my body in choreography because you know you never know what cheer body and so now. I really only teach advanced classes so that I do agree. I don't have to do it every single time over and over and over again like I would have to do with like young kids. Classes and when you're choreographing with professional dancers you don't also have to do everything over and over again because they really pick things up pretty quickly so I try to do. More project also was in Dallas Texas for two months doing the associate Craig refer for production of in the heights of the Dallas Theater Center. So you know when you're doing stuff like that. I really love that because I'm working with dancers and working with artists that are you know you put the movement on them and then you rehearse it and you make sure it looks great and clean and put it out there onto on the stage and I love that aspect of it. It's much healthier for my body and I just love that whole process so yeah normally especially this time of year. When I'm directing inquiry rafting for Broadway Bares we are usually in like a million rehearsals plus night classes at steps and so physically. I'm doing a lot and then you know during the summer anyways I usually like. I'm big biker. Biking and hiking. Yeah me and my fiance do a lot of biking and hiking and I love plays and Yoga. So that's kind of like all over the place with my workouts. I don't I don't really love like the whole you know. Hit classes and all that stuff because sometimes it can be too much for my knee. The my body. I like a little bit more. Just core work. I totally get it. 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