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Stormi Jenner, Gina Rodriguez and Richard Curtis?


Today's episode of WHO weekly is brought to you by the CW watch new episodes of Madwoman on Sundays at eight seven central and Nancy drew on Wednesdays at nine eight central or stream both for free on the CW APP THEY WANNA know rise and shine Arianna `Grande has made fun of it on her instagram Kim laughs at it they've always owned ridicule you know they always flip it back in a way that I don't think Kylie had when she recorded this I think there was an authenticity to Kylie saying rise and shine shine think about it as I'm like who's going to say at first I will spend the entire recording house why is it so funny because it's it's humanizing I mean it's like humanizing she's Oh I think it's the funniest member of the month so is it funny that it's not funny but because of our culture being we're just hilarious now because of how funny teens are bad it's not bad it's real and raw in a way the Kardashians are never real and raw I think I think that's a big part of our real enrolled but like there are moments as we've seen memes can be a little bit destructive when there are not nice the rise and shine pallet coming soon to Kylie cosmetics now I hate it but I also don't mind it at the shine shy and then like it immediately cuts to her like carrying around the office teams latched onto it and made memes of carly singing of what this is but in case you don't know Kylie Jenner released yet another really long video about like a day in a life but it's a tour of her Kylie often is to them where they reveal things that they're truly truly bad at for Kim it's also singing like Kim Kardashian's a terrible singer like horrendous singer and not the Kylie's a bad thing sure but rise and shine the way that he thinks is so tone deaf harassing shy Kim has embraced her badness at singing you know that isn't typically there and Kylie content and I think it's sort of jarring but then it's really funny the way that people instantly latched onto it and turned it into the funniest of the month scully cosmetics office and at the very end she goes into stormies around which is just like the conference room without windows but the Caribbean and it looks like a torture Chamber Kinda like ll we are embarrassing that's always been the Kardashian Mo and they're doing it now right which I guess for for me makes it even more enjoyable because now the funniest thing that's ever happened shine right I'm not even sure if that's a lucid explanation window dies it dog if you fire and did a little bit there's like a broken air conditioner a toilet doesn't work they're they're terrible they're terrible terrible there's worse things than talking my favorite one is is nothing up my at SOM- Varna testing my custom Kylie Jenner rise and shine alarm ringtone this is my favorite one and it's just it's just a screen recording of an iphone just looking very selected thirty-seven maybe I used to find that annoying like oh they've could they like it so it's like bad now but now I'm kinda like it's comforting in a weird way you know that's the joke people actually died Inter Noble Lindsay Okay but Chernobyl. Hbo Aired last last month on HBO Minus my favorite is bitches in Chernobyl waking their family up to tell them about the explosion smells like this it's just a they're like let's see let's see stormies room and it's like a crab and a huge room looks like an inhumane illegal prison solid without link silent then suddenly the notification appears in the top and it scrolls down says alarm and it's just a repeating harassment green I clicked and I was very worried because you know madame view she's in the middle of recording mad about you the new season she's fine that's why I was like why'd you put this the menu I thought would be funny but it's actually not very funny story my life they have a it's like normal Koala's don't eat bamboo I just had a brain fart like if you were also telling quote unquote jokes off the cuff for hours at a time really good TMZ meter fish which I suppose to click this I don't want to click this in here she's fine lipped and fine okay but the video TMZ got got a hold of the video and it's like and flipped Helen Hunt was in a car accident and I really freaked me out it was one of the first things I saw on twitter this morning it's Helen Hunt is now recovering after her car flipped over in a traffic accident and I clicked all do you know what they're up their main course options are either would roasted fish with herbs and lemon infused butter or five week age leg of beef with forager sauce I love that you were like okay okay we have some comments this is who's there this is our weekly call in show where we take your questions comments concerns at six one nine who them the stupid thing is I'll find this funny for forty eight more hours and then I will never forget about it w nine at the end of the night whatever it's worth it it's worth it you gotta do what a bitch I do another job for her in a heartbeat you know beaver Fin Okay Coscia loves surfing she's kind of Emmy I don't even know why you put this in here because it's our show we can do whatever was Kylie's them I arise and shine razzing shit sure because you see that's double topical the as a waiter at J. Laws wedding that you get here I bet she pays her caterers well she probably as well as a really good timber like called in and were like you should even be mad about that you don't need you don't need that don't let that stress you out and I don't worry it's not threatening us out moving here because there was so many trees and everyone was too lazy to dig the stumps out so people were just living around they cut down the trees just stumps Galore all over town and it's Kinda funny and I'm kind of surprised that people no that's dumb town for Nj transit will be smoulders I grew up in Portland and still lives there and I had to pause time you would also forget the quality do eat eucalyptus bamboo we really I we apologizing as someone called me you thought she was like unique and interesting cool but turns out like all interests are not that so right fine I just also it's great TMZ art it's really it's not funny or good and then you click to read it to me okay that's Normal Fisher meet I guess they're gonNa have a bar I mean what's so remarkable Jennifer Lawrence is that also Portland a musical and there was a song about the stumps and it goes like this some town stuff town can I clear me when Jennifer Lawrence job offer comes in I accept et everything was to tell you guys the craziest shit about this town so Portland was called stumps town in the like when white people started got to say I like that Song Rise and shine in Oregon doesn't work as well a lot of people called about this it's really great to know we play some of them we don't play all of them but we love each and every one of them let's start with this before you play it kind of just say one thing announcement announcement I know that will to do both new construction and stump removal so the stumps just stayed there for a long time until they had the manpower to get rid of them Fascinating I love history I love to learn Josh going to love this episode it's about History Yeah Love Ios at sold out now have to go to New Jersey and I'm sorry I didn't make the rules this is how we're doing it goes on rules you get to go to New Jersey the day before its Jersey City it's nice there policing gotta generalize. It's just all about humiliating waiters but compensating them well like she wants to put them to the ringer but she also you know slips them an extra hundred he was laughing like it's honestly fuck that Josh listens to weekly at all it is like it's totally fucked released so unfortunately die quality version of that you'll just have to focus on this wonderful callers interpretation I love it next call no it doesn't mean Osha we also say that tickets to New Jersey are on sale our tour guide the guy who does our tour was like you do show a New Jersey that's not actually what he sounds like sounds like 'cause the Brooklyn show sold out and he was like I can get you a venue in New Jersey we know what's so great about New Jersey show is that people who didn't get tickets to the two New York's every time every time I'm like you don't have to do this yeah like it's not it's not your your burden to bear you don't get enough I did try to find out because when I said we listened to all your calls don't stop calling and don't be upset they were like you sounded like Halsey tell them you did entered really sweet people ah yet because it's just not it's nonsense anyways right like still it's still she walks in and turns on the light and storms in her crib and Kylie says rise and but economic growth population growth so they needed to clear the land quickly but when they were in the land they didn't get rid of the stumps because they didn't have enough people oh he was listening to who weekly like at one point five x icon I heard I heard like a Julian heff be retirement Julian dogs and then I could hear occasional like I who weekly longtime long time this is your room in history correspondent I wanted to call in because I am thirty nine weeks pregnant which makes me effectively heavily pregnant maybe even the coffee which is great and it's a lot better than being known for being too lazy to dig a stump out of the ground also in thirds eight my elementary school we did a play winded on the phone I'm like losing my breath right now so ever I could sit in a chair and I could commit a social media crime once per minute and I could not be soft and I have a lot of more pregnant than Rebecca Vardi I just say I absolutely cannot do any of the normal things that normal women can do such as walking up a flight of stairs Julianne House Dogs I remember while ago you guys talked on one episode about how in is are more funny when you're laughing about them with someone else and it wasn't until I was on the phone with you that I was revisiting them and being like wow this is the funniest thing I've ever seen and it wasn't funny to me until last night like ten at ten pm when I sent Avalos voice note that was like me snorting laughing being like this is a really good team I feel like you enjoy it I'm going to send him a voice note right now on to do it right now happy birthday US singing throughout it like it's it's in my head it's it's taking control my brain and it wasn't until this morning because I had seen over the past couple of days but it's I don't know me people's pets like all the time and Jennifer Garner at least claimed but if that was how her then Regina George died I think we I believe that Jennifer Garner and just killed her chicken but Julian how lives in La And perhaps that is that we knew the answer all along which is a hundred and ten percent Jillian have lives in the hills Hollywood hills and the most pregnant that has no it has no standing on how I can commit social media crime proud of her this whole episode got a hold of the DC the suburban just like Oh flop it doesn't do a full one eighty does a ninety but still a ninety scary member and Helen Hunt Directed a movie about surfing it common way that they lose up there as two coyotes the end that actually now that you say that that is the answer that makes way more sense than anything the only reason it's L. Bulgaria I'm sure that's one of those things but it doesn't it does make it makes the most sense it's true why wouldn't you share what happened maybe she feels guilty about it maybe maybe there's there's a sensitivity there could see her but I could also see her wanting to be like attention world coyotes Def Julian huffy dogs dot MP3 hey you know gotta get to the point I just calling to pitch a theory about read on the show it'll be very meta here we go it's his birthday also you should wish him a happy birthday it just birthday today yes buck calendar your Lens stumps on the bed so men are too lazy to pull their stumps out laughing stock of the West happened formulas or do Julian how it's a thank you for actually using past episodes of weekly to remind death is sad now let's move on to questions Oh my God it's so exciting to get a new mattress. La coyotes are everywhere and maybe about my and I think it's kind of I don't know but they're everywhere and they killed thank you for calling and you know getting our ass in gear because we should have speculated about that I think that is the answer I mean that makes I may maybe we were kind of in common it's maybe she's still processing and maybe she's waiting to give people the exclusive you know maybe she's going to partner with the the Coyote mauling prevention department of the Elliott People in Los Angeles keep your little dogs inside when you're not supervise like you know including some sort of PSA right like why not educate people about I I my mind didn't go right there because we talked about coyotes killing dogs so many times in the past as you said but many times how many times I think the only reason just what we said she's not being heavily pregnant so I mean you can't cut social media crimes caller is like not only am I gonNa give birth tomorrow I will fuck anything up they tried to find audio of that Portland Song it sounds like it's very Nisha Varia my answer unlike rise and shine it's really prevalent original cast album was war-time in my bed than the normal person because just like hanging out there and now we're about you all the time and so it's bad but it I do it and now I have this commode although this is not funny in terms of guessing but that's the most reasonable answer that's what happens in Los Angeles and also it's a reason why both of them would be taken from us at the same time didn't believe it when I didn't I did not believe it at first and then I googled it and I was like Oh this is actually true this is very true they went through a period of extreme and quick route jared goff dancing into them so it was actually Julianne accidentally dancing into them being being the motive their quiz so it knows exactly what I needed for my body because they have a quiz that takes two minutes to complete and matches your body type and sleep references to the perfect mattress for you like soft hard but like very love history I heard so much for that information I'm Josh about time this morning and I stories about Josh in the bath go there is because when when that happens to a celebrity they just tell the world like like he's killed by coyotes so that she didn't include that in the caption hi who weekly longtime medium time so big Gina Virgin Fan but can we talk about g chapter of the ASPCA maybe she's waiting to get her partnership with them that the the Harley unlike safe anti cody foundations next it'll be many levels of soft and hard whether you're aside sleeper a hot sleeper like a plush or firm bed with Helix there's no more confusion and no more compromising on average edible new helix mattress it's just like so comfortable so comfortable I'm really Jealous Suffer Helix mattress you sent me the video of you setting it up because when you take when you take a foam mattress Rodriguez thinking she could get away with saying the N. Word on instagram she has since deleted the instead of story about like come on Gina like like what are you thinking let's discuss okay women don't belong does mostly good work she is an advocate for you know lat next actresses and actors getting work because it really does you spend like what forty million hours sleeping I don't know if that's the exact number life but you spend so much time sleeping like a mattress is just every and I actually spend women for you guys at Helix sleep dot com slash who that's helix h e LAX sleep dot com slash shoe for up to two hundred dollars off mattresses you should not compromise on average mattress are you kidding me respect oh you will you should always spend money on a mattress helixsleep was even awarded the number one overall mattress pick negate other people as she raises her own platform which is not great and I don't know what's going on here like she literally posted this directly and being in things which is rate getting paid well yes somehow she always steps on herself because she will say things that that's too memes like I got it The hooligans love combining memes the sciences yes I'm heavily pregnant quote unquote and I also could do a social media crime we of your life there's even a ten year warranty and if you try out for one hundred nights and you don't like it you can just return it they'll pick it up so helix is offering up to two hundred dollars off all matters I should typically do there's plenty of parts of that song that she was singing that don't include the N. Word that she could have said saying enjoyed depression yeah crime I don't really care to was out she was singing along to a Fuji Song that included the N. Word but she did not include a beat of silence when the N. Word appeared which is what the car wreck actually will play it here but but my impression of it is is this I'm sorry that you were offended by me saying hunt car flipped and scary wreck and and sort of a nice visualization of Gina Rodriguez Lo CICERO's first attempt at apologizing for saying it was incredibly who is very Kospi we talk about her as like almost them frequently is them to be honest with you yeah like the way that this covered I'm like that of two thousand nineteen by G. Q. In wired magazine so just go to helixsleep dot com slash two with take their two minute sleep quiz and they'll match you to customize mattress that will give you the best Iran Contra nch another social media crime posted by Gina Rodriguez who who has a history of this bullshit the N. Word I love the Fujii's there might favored ban sorry I can't sing my favorite band freely on my instagram it is let me play here offending video had a better angle than the Apollo was straight on she's filming from the bottom she's in a some sort of terrible wig which feeling I'm allowed to say to someone who we can talk about it directly it was everybody I just wanted to reach out and apologize I'm sorry I'm sorry if I offended anyone by saying being along to the Fuji's to a Song I love that I grew up on I love Lauryn Hill and I really am sorry offended you first of all bad angle learning not me Louis stormies the who okay let's what else did you put here Jennifer Lawrence getting married wedding cook moroder about that there's no passion behind what she saying even her facial expression is like over it tired you can sense this sort of like she's offended by the fact that people her own media it's not like somebody caught her which is so strange to me was supposed to be on on close friends only was supposed to be the for the fence data what happened here this is a social me actually talking about it for this reason I think what I found interesting was what happened after way more interesting was that twice that she liked the song it's just crazy to me that you would I I really don't understand like what is in her brain. I really don't understand what Gina Rodriguez Lo CICERO was thinking Wash time is such a huge fail that it's obviously unbelievable to think that it if you would like to picture the first apology there's a video TMZ with the headline hell in song or in real life. The words that I spoke should not have been spoken I grew up loving the foodies and Lauryn Hill thoughtlessly sing along to the lyrics of a favorite song and even worse I posted it true good time to do that so yeah just I'm just by thinks it is about me Andrew dice that's a good one it's mattress out it's like wow amazing open the plastic and it's like it's crazy and then it becomes an amazing match that I got my mattress was that I there's a fundamental disconnect between in her brain what she thinks she's doing so it's it's like this Santamaria she was accused of being anti black and then she was like don't call me anti-black that's like saying anti-family crying on sways show like people have been mad at her for mm-hmm yeah you know and you you want her to be good Jane the Virgin is a good show she funny when you go to the cut right now the fourth most viewed story on the cut is unpacking the Gina Rodriguez controversy but guess what that's the old controversy that's not even the new controversy apologies even less valid even though it never felt valid in the first place because it's coming from such a such a clearly a place of of dishonesty but she's an idiot for doing allow this is not surprise anyone which is even more upsetting it's like there's so much more than just singing along to your quote unquote favorite song near you know Oh have been telling her to apologize all of that is extremely palpable this video so because of that she apologized again but I'm using her words with a notes APP screen in addition to like her own like like racial insensitivity this points out like her ignorance enter stupidity for for doing this once again the other thing that I will chop which is what she should have done the First Place Aka here's what her pr person wrote for her to post she deleted the first one though so it's gone but you know nothing's ever really deleted so she wrote in she's telling us who she is she's dumb you should know better than to number one film that but number two to posted on your instagram and the number three and given a lot of listen you know whatever like the larger implications of what that means for who she is our which feel like aren't even worth speculating at this point like Asmat training course like these mandatory courses that you have to take your like oh I got to spend you know half a day watching a powerpoint answering questions why are people who has just done something like this and she's performing like she's at an audition for a role she doesn't really want you and she's not going to get there is no in the screen actors guild not required to take a mandatory yearly refresher course on apologies own video playing back AMIS has shaken me to my core it is humiliating that this has to be a plus but it doesn't eat a much deserved lesson I feel so deeply protective and responsible to the community of color he knows cancer genus cancelled no but this has happened before you referenced whenever you Google when you go to the cut right now I thought this was really say is that how many jobs have we had just you me all of you all of us that included some sort of you know sexual what were recorded by someone else or did it which is like that's still bad but this is like full-on thing you know this much is this just points out like in yes and you just just and this just happened to her you know posted to your own instagram like I'd be one thing if it was like she was called gas apologies it's like how doctors have refresh like their their doctor skills every year like they have to learn about new stuff I just don't think at this point seeing all seeing her of you know times to repair you know she's been giving a lot of chances people forget super easily you know and only some people remember cook monk I like she didn't even spell nine tales right in this ad trying to Fisher didn't want marina bacher and didn't want recognize that the word I sang carries what the legacy of hurt pain that Kennedy of imagine whatever consequences I pay for my actions today none will be more hurtful than personal remorse I feel watchmen do you know meet up in some ugly ass conference room in a convention center in San Antonio Texas once a year fill the room and have let this community down I have some serious learning and growing to do and I am so deeply sorry for the pain I up there she is bats liberties are at apologizing and broadly they're not getting better at it you know it blows my mind now okay next call off with their pokemon lookalikes bobby I could totally kill this campaign and now we'll do it now we'll la now we can start I mean just we don't have you're just across the board here I don't see any podcasters on this the spread of pseudo celebs in celebs that you have the crunch crunch before we like go in on this I just want to say pokemon if you're out there would love to do this ad it seems like you re it's not clicking something not click game sorry you were offended his though worth is the worst oh I'm sorry if you were offended Latte is Jenna Fischer for office office but for all of these thing that you always have to remember when they're these sort of like blanketing social the number one real I mean how to apologize and what she did are two very very separate things in this case I would say there are things that you can genuinely apologized talk about these insane pokemon go as Hillary's are doing I just saw in with tyra banks that like obviously tired things this again and again than any apology is going to make any difference for like her saying these words like appalled quote unquote apologizing is it's not even the spread of celebrities they chose for this is amazing because what I love about this as you can totally just see the board meeting in which the marketing company presented who they were GonNa go after and it's like we or and then apologized poorly for and there are things that it seems like you're not even sorry for don't really understand why they're a bad thing just like fake apologizing then then you Paul Management Pr I know and you imagine being genus per person you're seeing this first apology and you're like no they should like sag members thank you so much it just keeps happening it's fascinating though and it's always surprising that US are stupid podcast all these people are noticing about this guy from Youtube we've got this girl from soccer we've got this young person we've got got Kiki Palmer we've got Zach Braff for the millennials we've got I'm looking at the camera one January one in January she was sort of saying all the wrong things about representation and pay was interrupting people she was left that should be part of being a celebrity where we even pay for you know for people to do the apologies for them they pay for these places and and Marina Bacher and does not play put Manco are these to hear them he is pokemon go with them still in twenty nineteen welcome to the podcast wheeler and everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't bobby finger Lindsey Weber some shy successor cetera singing but she's singing ready or not she was right yeah sure yet the whole chorus is available to you we're not really media campaigns with celebrities is that for every celebrity who actually completed the spawn they're probably three or four who were also on the list who either said no or couldn't afford like these these advertising people had to come with many many tears celebrities and these are the ones that ended up taking Jordin sparks I liked Jordan's because I believe Jordan and I believe that Kiki Palmer has at least played poker Mongo you know sure Chris Ullivan has that sort of I find it very hard to think that Krissy met said no to this I could see her saying not flashlight pokemon problem in general which is that they're always a little bit behind the time they're a little bit behind the curve which explains why they're picking these celebrities and why they're doing this now golf them fame or whatever yeah that's the most random one aside from honestly Zach braff and and honestly is called a melodic or something melodic and the response the run of the reprises you're telling me Victoria Justice walked feebis for twenty kilometers unna Mandy no I know you're impulses yes but no you gotta single said Yes but then decided to be nice and give it to her to give it to Chris Oh yeah Chris Sullivan a little longer to do everything so it doesn't surprise me that they're like perception of celebrity is a little off base they finally made a Mario Kart for IOS everything about it is but she's spelled the name Rod delicious wearing yellow the funniest thing is that for Victoria Justice's she her pokemon is this pokemon called characters Victoria Justice certainly did not do that but I'm going to answer one of the callers questions which was about like wow celebrities doing this like why did they hire these celebrities and this may be something that's more of a Josh question but I feel like I can speak for him because he wisely Josh question because I think this is emblematic of like Nintendo's incompatible like why does it poke him on lick it took them make cokie Mongo right like it took them forever to make this APP when they should have gotten in the world successful yes but it takes he said nobody wasn't asked I let's say let's Mandy Moore said many more consulted with their agent and the agent was like no and like agent did the little thing across the throat like you said yes who said no but I just want to know who you guys went after because it feels like some of these are trickle down but I wanNA know who and somewhere first choice but for days at your favorites is neo because that's totally random and Morena backer in fro caller mentioned that I love bucket Mongo's so when the gamers find it is wild that you have to keep your eye open and walk like twenty kilometers to get Sir you've got people who probably aren't all that like in tune with what's actually going on they're really bad at like making things cross platform you have if somebody out there has the original list of pitch celebrities for this just like I want it I wanted to go dot com. I want to know who so overly complicated they don't understand that things should be simple like

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